Friday Favourites – Oct 21

Hi all,

It’s the first full week back to normal after being away on holiday and you know what, I feel great!

It shows me that the holiday was exactly what I needed, a chance to explore, let my mind wonder and above all a rest from my daily life and routine.

You bet I’m tired after this week, but I’m also energised and enthused by all my potential work projects, my training, upcoming social activities and of course some good old summer fun!

It also helps that a few days ago we booked another holiday down south in December! Same place and I cannot wait to explore more. We aren’t one for being spontaneous with booking holidays but David still had some leave left to take and the pull to go back was just too great!Friday - chase the red grape

But back to this week – here come my weekly ‘Friday Favourites’!

Favourite… Moment – Recapping the holidaybeach - chase the red grape

I know this is a bit of a cheat but it truly was one of my favourite moments of the week. Recapping everything and sharing it with you all, whether it be in a ‘Week in Review’ or a ‘What I ate Wednesday’ post, just brought so much happiness.

Favourite… Feeling – Excited!

Tomorrow David and I are heading to the BeauVine Food and Wine Festival here in Perth (as if we haven’t had our share of those already! Ha!). Wine, beer, cider, spirit and food producers from all over Western Australia will be ascending upon the festival to share tastings of their delicious creations with those lucky to attend. Weather is looking stunning, we get our ‘tasting’ glass as we enter… fill us up! (Oh and I will be snapchatting – chaseredgrape)

Favourite… Purchase – Greenday Tickets

When David and I first met, we bonded over our love of Greenday. We were at a friends birthday party, ‘Basket Case’ came on and the rest is history! So when I saw they were doing a world tour… and then found out they were coming to Perth, I freaked out! 10am Tuesday morning I bought tickets as soon as they were released. Cannot wait for April!

Favourite… Food/Drink – Appleachia Sparkling Apple Cider VinegarACV - chase the red grape

I picked this up as a road trip snack and have already tried another flavour. This stuff is amazing! Water, ACV and some fruit pulp is all it consists of and I am already addicted.

Favourite… Link – Allow yourself to be humanhuman - chase the red grape

I LOVED all your feedback from this post – it really seemed to resonate with so many of you and it was fantastic to read all your comments and thoughts on the matter. Check it out if you haven’t already and let me know what you think!

Favourite… Workout – Fight Gone Bad

Usually 3 rounds of the following, our box decided to do 5 rounds…

Every Minute on the Minute

Max reps wall balls (14 lbs)

Max reps sumo deadlift highpulls (25kg)

Max reps box jumps

Max reps push press (25kg)

Max reps row for calories

Rest 1 minute

Repeat x 5

Oh I do love a bit of Fight Gone Bad! I tend to do best with these kind of endurance WOD’s and loved being able to do this RX for the first time. Gaining strength every day!

Weekend Plans – Saturday – Farmers market and then the festival! Sunday – Pancakes and papers, beach coffee and maybe a little work… you will find out soon enough 😉

Hope you have a fab weekend folks!

Do you have a holiday coming up?

ACV, love or hate?

What kind of festival do you like to attend?

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What I Ate Wednesday – Oct 19

Hi all,

Well as you may have read from my post on Monday, last week I was in paradise.

Along with crystal clear skies, sandy beaches with indigo waters and an abundance of wineries, my definition of ‘paradise’ has to include a selection of foodie delights. South West Australia is on point when it comes to wine, beer, ciders and spirits but it is also high up there when it comes to food. Real food, produced right there. Food that people are proud to produce and serve – and I totally believe that food made by happy people tastes better. Am I right?

So of course I had to do a ‘What I ate Wednesday’ post highlighting my eats from one of my days ‘down south’! I chose Tuesday, which was the day that David and I went on a ‘Bushtucker Margaret River Tour’. It was the best way to see a selection of highlights the region had to offer, after all we had never been before and there are over 100 wineries in the area!WIAW- chase the red grape

So sit back, relax, and enjoy my recap of eats!

Pre breakfast coffeecoffee - chase the red grape

Every morning David headed into town when I was in the shower to pick up coffees from a wonderful cafe called Albert and Nikola. I went for a long black each day and it was stunning, one of the best coffees I have ever had. (For those local, I preferred the Nikola blend)

Breakfast – eggs, sourdough toast with jam and fruit toast with butterbreakfast - chase the red grape

One of the first things we did when we arrived was to hunt down the Yallingup Woodfire Bakery. In the middle of nowhere, this small bakery opens for 2 hours each day to sell freshly baked sourdough, rye and fruit loaf. I have never tasted anything like it – it may actually be the best thing I have ever ate. Both the fruit loaf and sourdough, straight from the oven… heaven.

We were picked up from our airbnb by the wonderful Greg and met two other couples who would be joining us on the tour. We visited 3 wineries before lunch and a deli. The deli was outstanding and had an enormous selection of various vinegars, oils, tapenades, dressings, sauces and salts.tour - chase the red grape

deli - chase the red grapeLunch – selection of local meats, cheeses, chutneys and picked vegetableslunch - chase the red grape

My kind of lunch! Lunch was provided by the tour company and I could not have asked for a better spread. The local meats consisted of beef, kanagroo (which I love), chicken and crocodile (which tastes like rubbery chicken) and the chutneys etc were all made with local, traditional ingredients, many enjoyed by the indigenous people.

We then headed off to a winery which also made liqueurs and spirits. They were delicious! And I was very surprised with the quality of the local whisky – well, as a Scot I had to try it. I was blown away!wine - chase the red grapewhisky - chase the red grape

A trip to the Margaret River Dairy and Chocolate Factory was enjoyed. Purchases, of course, were made in both!dairy - chase the red grapechocolate - chase the red grape

Our final stop was at The Cheeky Monkey Brewery where David enjoyed some sample ciders and I enjoyed a large cappuccino! capp - chase the red grape

After we returned home we had a nice walk along the beach and came home via Peace Pizza. It was a delicious handmade GF crust topped with sauce, local mozzarella, smoked mushrooms, Italian sausage, roasted peppers and kalamata olives. Cooked in a woodfire oven, it was tasty – could have done with one each though! Ha!pizza - chase the red grape

And to end the night, the chocolate we bought from the factory. We got one cashew cluster and one macadamia cluster. Simply chocolate melted and mixed with the nuts. And they were huge! So good!choc - chase the red grape

What a day!

Are you a wine, beer, cider or spirit drinker?

What food is your region most famous for?

When you go on holiday do you like to hunt out the local produce?

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Allow yourself to be human #5TTT

Hi all,

Do you allow yourself to be human?

I know we are all individuals and should be treated as such. We have our own thoughts, ambitions, lifestyles and dreams. But deep down we are all the same. We are all human beings.

Our bodies have similar traits. Our minds have the same tendencies. Our programming, if you will, is so in line. There are many things we could connect ourselves together about.

For today’s ‘5 Top Tips on a Tuesday’ I want to break away from the details and get down to some of the deep set connections that we all have. Factors that connect us all as human beings. Sometimes seeing the bigger picture of humanity can help us hone in on what really matters and how we deal with various situations in our lives.human - chase the red grape

Humans make mistakes

We have all be there, as a transition into adulthood, learning the fundamental lesson that we will all make mistakes. Big or small, sometimes we will take the wrong path. But how we deal with the acknowledgement of the mistake is key. ‘To err is human, to forgive divine’… so why don’t we forgive ourselves for the mistakes we make? Why do we find it easier to forgive others than we do ourselves? Next time you make a mistake, own it, learn from it and move on.

Humans like to play

Like every other species out there, we have a desire within us to play. What you define as ‘play’ is up to you – it could be experimenting in the kitchen, playing with your puppy or kids, joining a club, frolicking on the beach (or in the bedroom…), or even, like I did a few weeks back, going to your local play park and having a shot on the swings and slide! Switch off your mind, release and enjoy time with others smiling and having fun.

Humans want to be liked

We all inherently want to be liked, admired, trusted, looked up to. And that is perfectly ok. It is natural to wanted to be liked by the others around you, and you will adapt to others when spending a lot of time together. Just don’t let another’s opinion of you reflect how you feel about yourself. You are going to be a lot of folks cup of tea, but some, you wont be. It doesn’t make you a bad person – believe in you and keep your chin up.

Humans make noises, sounds, actions…

Breaking news! Every single one of us farts, burps, belches, makes weird funny noises, have phlegm and bogeys. Phew, now we have gotten over that we can move on! Take away etiquette from the matter, we all have these things that we find ‘gross’. Life is sometimes too short to pretend that you never ever have to do a number 2 at work.

Humans need to rest

We work, we play, we rest. No matter if you have a high flying corporate career or if you are Mr ‘stone age’ Caveman, it’s the same principal. The difference is Mr Caveman actually allowed himself to rest. Make time for ‘you’. Don’t feel bad about chilling out on the sofa instead of being a social butterfly. Use your annual leave entitlements (I know for folks in Europe and Australia this seems like craziness but I cannot believe the stories I hear of folks in the US feeling bad about taking their leave). Remember that we are not programmed to be in ‘fight or flight’ stress mode 100% of the time.

What makes you feel ‘human’?

Do you forgive yourself when you make a mistake?

Do you have trouble allowing yourself to take your annual leave?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Week in Review – Paradise!

Hi all,

Well what can I say apart from ‘wow’!

Last week David and I headed 3 hours south of Perth and found what I can only describe as paradise.

Crystal clear beaches, bright blue skies, wineries upon wineries, local produce in abundance, friendly people – a distinct sense of calm. We saw lots of whales, dolphins, seals and native birds including huge parrots! We were surrounded by dozens of varieties of wild flowers all in full bloom. Is there any more I can add to define it as paradise?

Well why don’t we let the pictures talk for themselves, along with a few brief words. One thing is for certain, this ‘Week In Review’ (linking up with Meghan @CleanEatsFastFeets) might just be my favourite of all time!

I went on an adventure.beach - chase the red grape

david - chase the red grapeI explored, climbed, crawled and ducked.caves - chase the red grape

me - chase the red grapeI drank, tasted and - chase the red grape

whisky - chase the red grapeI breathed, pondered, reflectedpools - chase the red grape

I sometimes had no words.beach - chase the red grape

beach - chase the red grapeI felt like one very lucky girl!love - chase the red grape

And we are already planning on going back soon!

Would you have hiked the cliffs of the beach or sat in the sun?

Have you ever been to a winery?

What are some of your local wildlife?

Does knowing your data make you healthier? #5TTT

Hi all,

Fitbits, Garmins, jawbones, pedometers, anything and everything apps for your phone, it’s amazing how much data we can now correlate on ourselves.

Whether or not these mobile devices you can wear actually result in a healthier lifestyle is certainly to be debated – and a recent study highlighted last week in the media has shown them to have little effect overall. Regardless, they are only becoming more and more popular as people seek out data on themselves and their lifestyle.

But what do you do with the data once you have it? Does it lead to change? Does it make you healthier? Happier? More stressed? More aware?

For this weeks 5 top tips on a Tuesday I am going to show you how you can take the data you have from various aspects of your lifestyle and turn it into a positive action step. If you want to seek this kind of information out you have to be prepared for whatever it may show!Data - chase the red grape

Your weight

Do you weigh yourself regularly? A little too often perhaps?

Knowing where you stand roughly is a good starting point, but daily weigh ins can lead to stress and anxiety. You will naturally fluctuate in weight – based on a variety of factors and the sooner you accept that fact the sooner you will have a better relationship with your scale. Try weighing yourself once a week at the same time, say first thing on a Sunday morning. Your weight may change throughout the week but you will have a ball park to work with.

Just remember, the number does not define you, instead let it guide you. And if you don’t want to weigh yourself then don’t! I find the best way to feel if you are gaining or losing weight is how you feel in your clothes.

Your steps

The most popular form of data folk are collecting on themselves! If your step counter is making you move more throughout the day then great. Movement is key to a healthy lifestyle and even apps like Pokemon Go are tracking how much you are walking, encouraging you to do more.

Just remember, the golden ‘10,000 steps’ was a number created by the device companies… it is not the definition of a ‘healthy active lifestyle’. Meaning, don’t sweat it if you don’t hit that number! Just try to get a bit more movement in. If you only walk 3,000 steps, try getting in 4/5,000. There is no pressure, just enjoy moving.

Your calorie intake

First off, ask yourself why you need to track your calories? Do you know you eat too much? Are you not eating enough? Does tracking calories give you all the information you need?

A low calorie diet is not the answer to any issues you may have. A calorie is a calorie… but not when you put that calorie within a human body – that is when it reacts differently. You need nutrients – protein, carbs and fat along with those much needed micronutrients. Eat real food, listen to your body and the hunger/ full signals it gives you and try to get as much veggie goodness in there. If you must track then look into tracking your macro nutrients to make sure you get the combination your body needs.

Just remember, what everyone needs in terms of calories or even macros is very very different. As a 6ft, crossfitting female in her 30’s, I need a much different diet to you. Look into what you are basing your numbers on.

Your training

Keeping a track of your training is a fantastic data set to have. How will you know if you have improved or gotten stronger if you don’t? Of course for me, keeping track of my lifting weights or WOD times seems like an obvious winner, but it can be great even if you don’t train as often or in the same way. A runner can track their times, a tennis player their wins. A walker can even make note of lengths and times taken, especially if they hit the same routes. Gym bunny? Then try keeping a note of your weights and see if you can slowly increase them over time. Keep track of how each form of exercise makes you feel.

Just remember, this relates to your training and the competition you have within yourself to be a stronger and healthier version of you. Don’t use it to fall into the comparison trap.

Your sleep

Tracking sleep is a new concept but is the data set that most folk find the results to be quite revealing. Do you feel like you get enough sleep at night? Tracking helps you identify the hours of restful sleep you have had, any breaks of that during the night, keeps a note of your bedtimes as well as your rise time each morning. With this data you can see if you are developing a good routine, getting enough sleep and where changes can be made. Are you sticking to a set bed and rise time? Do you need to make sleep more of a priority? How is your environment affecting your sleep – temperature, natural light etc.

Just remember, the hours a person needs to sleep vary. 8 hours is a good starting point but can go from 7- 10 depending on the person. Try going to bed at the weekend and seeing what time your body naturally wakes up at. Trust that it knows what it needs.

Do you have a tracking device? How do you use the data?

Ever tracked calories? How did it serve you?

To weigh or not to weigh?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Friday Favourites – Oct 07

Hi all,

I’m going on holiday!! Woohoo!

Can you tell I am just a little bit excited?!

On Monday David and I head down south for a few days. Wineries, beach time, wildlife spotting, long walks and hopefully some sunshine in the mix too. All of the pictures I have seen of south west Australia look incredible and I cannot wait to show them with you all when I get home (although if you follow me on snapchat (chaseredgrape) you will definitely see everything as it comes!).

Most of all I am simply looking forward to switching my brain and body off and letting adventure mode set in. No training. No work. No macros. Just go with the flow beach life…

But never fear, I have a cracker of a 5 top tips on a Tuesday post all set for you next week so you will still have something to read, get you thinking and hopefully provoke some personal discussion!Friday - chase the red grape

For now though, lets get on to today’s post – Friday Favourites!

Favourite…Moment – Hair cuthair - chase the red grape

Time for a trip to the hairdresser! I am still growing out my hair but it had lost all sense of shape and the ends needed a good trim so I booked an appointment. Always makes me feel great to have a bit of a pamper and I have even learnt to relax and enjoy the head massage – incredible!

Favourite…Feeling – Nap Time

On Sunday I finally lay down during the afternoon, closed my eyes and rested. 2 hours later I woke up – and feeling great! Normally if I nap for that long I turn into the grog monster but I guess I must have needed it!

Favourite…Purchase – Baker boy capcap - chase the red grape

I am always on the lookout for caps that sit above my ears. I don’t know why but it’s always a struggle and it makes my hair stick out the sides, not a good look. But I found this one last week and it’s perfect. A colour that will go with everything and only $5 (AUS) from Kmart!

Favourite…Food/Drink – Lindt 70% Smooth Blendlindt - chase the red grape

Sometimes you want a bitter dark chocolate and sometimes you want something a little smoother. For the latter this is definitely your thing. I can only explain it by saying it’s a combo of everything you love about super dark blended with everything you love about milk chocolate.

Favourite…Link – Meg @CleanEatsFastFeets Soup Round-up

Have you checked out yet? If not what are you waiting for! Her recipes are insanely good and always allow veggies to shine their heart out. From the northern hemisphere then her soups are for you. Joining me in the south? Then check out Meg’s array of salads, they are amazing!

Favourite…Workout – 1000m Row

Please don’t tell my coaches I said this was my favourite…

At the end of one of our WOD’s this week we had a cheeky little 1000m row. How we had the energy I do not know but I ended up PR’ing by 25 seconds, coming in at 4:11. Maybe it wouldn’t have been my favourite if I hadn’t PR’d… but nonetheless, wahoo!

Weekend Plans – Saturday – Farmers market, mobility/strength class, weekly shop and cleaning out the car for our road trip! Sunday – Pancakes, newspapers, beach coffee and packing!

Have a great weekend folks and don’t forget to check back in on Tuesday!

Do you like getting your hair cut?

A naps a winner or loser for you?

When is your next holiday? Where are you going?

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Life is too short to be a ‘grumbler’! #5TTT

Hi all,

Are you a secret, or not so secret grumbler?

Do you mutter under your breath? Do you look around and see things that you don’t like? Do you let small things become big things in your head?

I am a grumbler. Maybe it has something to do with being a Brit, we are notorious for that… Or maybe it’s because I am a pretty perceptive person, I always know what is going on around me.

The other day I found myself at training and grumbling away. I was in the middle of a WOD and noticed that someone was skipping out on reps. I hate that, hate it with a passion. So for about ten minutes I was working away and grumbling at the same time. I ended the WOD unhappy – with me, with them, with my score. And I went home still grumbling, Not exactly a great way to start my day.

So I decided enough was enough. Life is far to short to be a ‘grumbler’!

For this weeks 5 Top Tips on a Tuesday I am going to help you work through those ‘grumblings’ when they appear in our lives. Thus having the overall aim of making us all happier people in the process!grumbler - chase the red grape

Why does this annoy you?

The main crux of the matter really is ‘why does this action annoy you’? You have to ask yourself this question. Does it really affect you and your day? Maybe if it’s an issue at work then it does, but do you really need to stew over the fact that one guy didn’t keep open the train door for you this morning? Assess your priorities. Is it really worth the effort and time?

A grumble vs complaining

There is a difference between a grumble and a complaint. Grumbles tend to be minor and a complaint tends to be a bigger issue. Figure out which one you fall into right now with the issue you are currently dealing with. If you are finding you are grumbling a lot about a variety of issues maybe it is time to look at the bigger picture. Are you grumbling about your job often because you have a bigger issue you aren’t dealing with? Do you find you are grumbling about your partner never doing the washing up when the bigger issue is that you wish he would do more chores around the house? Does it deserve/ should it be a ‘complaint’?

Speak up

If it really is an issue then you have to speak up! You can grumble to yourself or even others all you want to but unless you speak up then nothing is going to be done about it. I’m not talking about getting into an argument every time someone does something you don’t like but if it goes to that next level then you have to say something or it will inevitably eat you up.

Wait, so this is really MY issue?

You remember my example above of people cheating reps? Well guess what, I am the one who is letting this affect me. Whether those folk are missing reps by accident or doing it deliberately, my grumbles are my issue and I and I alone are raising my stress levels. Unless I want to say something, which I don’t think is my place to, then I am the only one who is letting this get to me. And if I talk to someone external about it then it becomes a moan… and who wants to be a moany minnie!?

Let it go

So what do we do if we don’t want to speak up? In order to be happier people we have to let it go. Life today is full of stressors and it is so easy to be caught up in a myriad of issues and thoughts. When something becomes a grumble, put it through your own personal filter. Does this really affect me? Is it worth my effort and stress? No? Then let it go.

Are you a grumbler?

Do you find yourself moaning about the little things?

How easy do you find it to let things go?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Friday Favourites – Sept 30

Hi all,

Happy Friday to you!

Got much planned for the weekend? I could…. but I don’t want to. Ever have that feeling?

So here’s the thing, David and I need a holiday. Like now. We both have just enough energy to get by, but definitely need a break away. Our last holiday was Melbourne back in June and even that was only for 3 days… excluding the weekend.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am still motivated, excited by what each day brings here but boy oh boy do we both need a chance to switch our brains off! A chance to think about adventure, rather than work. To sit and watch the world go by and know that’s the only thing we have planned. And that’s exactly what we are going to do… in two weeks time.

So until then we have planned to treat our evenings and weekends as major chill out zones. Making life completely easy for ourselves. And knowing I have a weekend of that ahead is utter bliss.Friday - chase the red grape

So to kick off the weekend lets begin with some Friday Favourites!

Favourite… Moment – Beach Coffeecoffee - chase the red grape

Every Sunday David and I head to our favourite beach for coffee at our favourite cafe. Here we just sit, chill and chat while people watching and doggy spotting! Any frown can be turned upside down spending time here. Above is a selfie from last Sunday of us goofing around – love it!

Favourite… Feeling – Bicycle! Bicycle!bicycle - chase the red grape

‘I want to ride my bicycle…’ (Queen will be in your head all day now, you’re welcome!)

Monday was a public holiday here (The Queen’s birthday… well not actually her ‘birth date’ just the day Western Australia celebrates it on…) so David and I had the perfect opportunity to get out on our bikes. I love the feeling of cycling away without a care in the world. We have fantastic bike paths here that run alongside the river and we simply took our time and enjoyed the view!

Favourite… Purchase – Strawberriesstrawberries - chase the red grape

Strawberry season here at last! And they are plump, juicy and oh so sweet. Such a bargain too but well worth paying that little extra to get them direct from the farmer at the market. We had hoped to go picking again but so far no luck with the weather – coldest spring here so far since 1944!

Favourite… Food/Drink – Gelato!gelato - chase the red grape

From the cold to… well… gelato!

After cycling around on Monday we were in need of a holiday treat so headed to our favourite and very authentic gelateria here in Perth, Gusto. I went for a scoop of marscapone/ cocoa and pistachio – my favourite! Oh it was good!

Favourite… Link – What does a Health Coach do?health coach - chase the red grape

I loved writing this weeks #5TTT post and your comments were really fantastic too – so much support! Check out the article HERE if you missed it, oh and don’t forget to share!

Favourite…Workout – Mobility Class

Every Saturday David and I are taking a mobility class at our CrossFit box. Although ‘mobility’ is not really accurate, more a strength and movement class. It is amazing how much strength you can build up through simple movement patterns and bodyweight. There is no huff and puff but always we leave hot and sweaty! I have noticed a major improvement in my training too – my body just seems to move better with a lot less restriction. Cool beans!

Weekend Plans – Minimal… Saturday – Farmers market, mobility class, weekly shop and maybe a trip to Aldi (those in the know realise how exciting that is…). Sunday – Pancakes and papers, beach coffee and whatever else we fancy!

Have a fab weekend folks!

Do you ever plan to do nothing?

Favourite gelato flavour?

What produce are you most looking forward to coming into season? (Stone fruit are just a mere few months away for me!)

Linking up with Heather @LifeInLeggings

What does a Health Coach do? #5TTT

Hi all,

Have you ever wondered exactly what a Health Coach does?

Recently I have noticed that many people have the wrong idea when it comes to Health Coaching or they simply just don’t understand how having a Coach in their world could enrich their lives.

Where does the confusion/ negativity come from? The comparison. Nutritionist, Dietician, Personal Trainer, Doctor – all these people can play important roles in your life. No one is better than the other. It simply depends on your needs and what you are looking for.

There is room for all of the professionals listed above in this world and their ability to help others. You know as well as I do that we all vary as individuals and therefore where we may need support must vary also. There will be over spill within all of them – for example all could help in some shape or form with your diet – but you need to look at the details to know where you may ‘fit’.

For this weeks 5 Top Tips on a Tuesday, I want to give you more information on what a Health Coach actually looks at when working with a client. This of course is a broad generalisation so please keep this in mind. No two processes are the same – everyone needs different types of help in different areas of their life. health coach - chase the red grape

Accountability for goals

One of the first things a Health Coach will discuss with you will be your goals. What do you want to get out of your sessions? What do you want to achieve within yourself? Then we can break them down – why do you want this? How would you view yourself differently if you achieved these goals?

Goals are broken down to make them achievable. To make them accessible and no longer overwhelming. Your Health Coach will be your guide, your mentor, your own personal cheerleader. They will help you figure out the why and how, challenge and motivate you to gain success, whatever those goals may be.

Perception – how you view you

A Health Coach will go deep. They want to know the why’s and the reasons behind the choices you have made in life and the choices you continue to make on a daily basis. Why? So that you can understand yourself better. Cracking into your inner self and realising why you make certain choices is key to developing as a person and achieving your goals. Positivity achieves and if you are not kind and generous to yourself then we have some work to do.

Being heard

Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘I just want someone to listen to me’? No judgements, no ‘tips and advice’ given, just silence and a time to release. Your Health Coach is there to listen. Talking is such a gift in life but only when you know there is someone else on the other side listening to you. We will listen, ask questions in order for you to delve a little deeper but ultimately you will figure out your own path. Trust me, you often don’t need me to tell you what to do, you just need me to listen.

Health is so much more than diet and exercise…

Want to be a healthier person? Well a Health Coach is going to go way beyond the realms of food and exercise. Yes both are a component, and we can help you with that, but there are other massive pieces of the puzzle that must be taken into account. Sleep, stress and your relationships all have an equal impact within your life and are areas to which we will dive.

You know what is best for you

And this final one is key. No one knows more about you, what works and what doesn’t than you. Nothing a Health Coach does will be imposed upon you – in fact most of your action steps will be set by yourself. We will be there for support and guidance but will not be there to do the work for you – that is all in your hands… but it also what makes it so rewarding when you succeed.

You are out there running on the track – but you are by no means alone. Your Health Coach will be your biggest supporter!

(If your issues are medical, please seek out your Doctor in the first instance. A Health Coach can be a great support network along with medical help but they must be your first port of call.)

Please send me an email if you would like any more information on Health Coaching.

Have you ever worked with a Health Coach?

Do you have a Coach in any area of your life?

Shoot me any more questions/ comments you may have!5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Currently September 2016… with a twist!

Hi all,

Today marks the day for Septembers edition of ‘Currently’. Now I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t know where September has gone to – most of my ‘Currently’s’ still apply from last month because a big chunk of my mind still thinks that was only last week. Gosh I think that’s going to be the caption to sum up 2016 – ‘The year everyone thought went really fast’…currently - chase the red grape

Anyhoo I spotted this survey/quiz on a few blogs and thought it looked like super fun. I love reading these on other blogs about various different writers/ healthy living folks and thought you might like to get to know me a bit better!

So here we have some random questions and my answers!

  1. Do you like blue cheese?

Yes. And I miss real blue cheese so badly. The UK has the best cheese on the planet…!

  1. Have you ever smoked?

Nope. Not even tried it and never want to.

  1. Do you own a gun?

No way. I have never even lived in a country where I could go and buy a gun!!

  1. What is your favourite flavour ice cream?gelato - chase the red grape

Pistachio, with hazelnut as a close second. But it must be real gelato otherwise I wont bother!

  1. Do you get nervous before Doctors visits?

Sadly I do. I have an actual phobia of the doctors, dentists, anything medical… I literally am in pieces when I have to go.

  1. What do you think of hot dogs?

I am neither here nor there when it comes to hot dogs. But they do have a time and place…

  1. Favourite movie?

Too hard! Probably either The Blues Brothers or The Birdcage.

  1. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?

I wake up every morning and have a hot water and lemon.

  1. Do you do push ups?crossfit - chase the red grape

Haha yes I do. And I am also a stickler for making sure push ups are done correctly – your chest should touch the floor people! If you struggle, go from the knees.

  1. What is your favourite piece of jewellery?necklace - chase the red grape

My necklace with my name in Arabic. Wear it every day.

  1. Favourite hobby?

I know CrossFit is beyond a hobby for me but I am going to put it as my answer!

  1. Do you have A.D.D?

Nope. I tend to remember and focus on everything…

  1. What is one thing you love about yourself?

As much as I complain about it I do love being tall and wouldn’t have it any other way #6ft

  1. What is your middle name?

I have two! Margaret and Audrey – my grandmothers names.

  1. Name 3 thoughts at this moment

This is a good podcast. Yummy apple. Mmmm coffee.

  1. Name 3 drinks you drink regularly

Water, coffee and kombucha… actually add tea to the mix and that is literally it!

  1. Current annoyance?

That it’s not warming up fast enough!

  1. Favourite place to be?david - chase the red grape

Wherever David is. I know that’s sappy but it’s true!

  1. How do you ring in the New Year?

It has always been slightly different but always with David, usually going out for a meal before hand and then staying up ‘for the bells’ as we say in Scotland.

  1. Where would you like to go?

Right now? A trip back to Scotland for a couple of weeks would be nice.

  1. Do you own slippers?

Yes but I don’t wear them…

  1. Can you whistle?

Yup – just with my mouth though, I can’t do it with my fingers.

  1. What are your favourite colours?

Red and pink.

  1. Would you be a pirate?

Eh yes! Who wouldn’t want to be a pirate? #teamhonestbraveandfree

  1. What songs do you sing in the shower?

Normally whatever is in my head that day. And it’s usually something random.

  1. What is in your pocket right now?

Nothing. I don’t put anything in my pocket. I do however have a tissue up my sleeve…

  1. Last thing that made you laugh?

Random GIF’s that David sends me… damn that IOS update… just making phones more addictive!

  1. Best toy as a child?playmobile - chase the red grape

Playmobile Victorian House – I was so lucky to have this and I adored it!

  1. Worst injury you have ever had?

I tore the ligaments on the side of my ankle… it was so painful. Did it by prancing around the room whilst listening to music – not a glamorous injury at all.

  1. Where would you love to live?perth - chase the red grape

I am living in my dream location right now! It’s amazing!

  1. How many TV’s do you have?

Just the one and that’s enough!

  1. What book are you reading right now?

Still on the final Harry Potter and it’s frustrating me – did it annoy me that much when I read it first time around? Actually probably not, I read it originally in 6 hours… after buying it at midnight…

  1. What is your favourite candy?chocolate - chase the red grape

Chocolate liqueurs and Lindt dark chocolate with hazelnut (that I can only buy from the Lindt store here in Australia… and my nearest one is in Melbourne!)

  1. Who is your favourite sport team?

Atlanta Falcons! Wooo!

  1. What is your favourite month?Goals - chase the red grape

December – Christmas makes everyone happy 🙂

Now it’s your turn to tell me something!

What was the last thing that made you laugh?

What is your favourite candy?

How do you ring in the New Year?

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