Friday Favourites – Feb 12

Hi all,

And welcome to Friday! The best day of the week, in my opinion, as you know you have the whole weekend ahead of you!

I am super excited because I get to go to the beach tomorrow! Throughout this whole heatwave I have been day dreaming about the sea… I swear the amount of time I have lost this week, away in my thoughts… good thoughts to be having though!

I never thought I was a fan of the sea and swimming in it (or treading water, splashing, wave jumping as I tend to do!). I actually wasn’t that fussed about the beach side of things when we first moved here. But all that changed once I finally got into the crisp blue water… and was completely taken out by a wave!

I was shocked, couldn’t speak, was completely drenched and gasping for breath… but once I realised I was ok I then realised how much fun it actually had been. It took ‘being thrown in the deep end’ to realise that the water was nothing to fear… and now I adore it. (And I just forget about the whole Australia/ shark part of things :-S )Friday Favourites - Chase the Red Grape

To continue on the theme of things I love and adore, lets check out my Friday Favourites this week!

Favourite… Moment – Zoolander 2blue steel - chase the red grape

David and I won tickets to see the special screening of Zoolander 2 in Perth on Wednesday and it was everything I had hoped it would be and more. If you were a fan of the first, go see it! We spent the whole day practising our ‘Blue Steel’ and took this snap on the way home! Haha!

Favourite… Feeling – Cold

Yup I don’t feel no shame in saying that my favourite feeling this week was on the rare occasion when I felt cold. The only way to achieve this was to stand in a cold shower. And I did.

Favourite… Purchase – My desk fanfan - chase the red grape

David bought this for me as a present on Wednesday – I love him! Who knew such a little USB fan could provide everything in terms of my cooling needs! And it’s a pretty pink colour too!

Favourite… Food/ Drink – Frozen Cherriescherries - chase the red grape

I bought these for the first time last week and I am hooked. I eat them frozen as you can easily chew them – like little mini fruit ice pops! If it’s not too chilly where you are I seriously recommend going to the frozen section of your supermarket and picking them up – next on my list is to make them into a smoothie!

Favourite… Recipe – Chilichili cold - chase the red grape

So I was cooing over this chili on Monday in my week in review post and I am still loving all the leftovers now. I remembered Juli saying in her recipe post to try it cold – so I did, with butternut squash, salad and cottage cheese… I think it’s my favourite way of eating it!

Favourite… Workout – This little doozy…

Against a 3 min clock

10 deadlifts

10 hang power cleans

10 front squats

max effort double unders in remaining time

rest 1 minute

Repeat for 4 rounds in total (score is total double unders)

It was not easy but I loved it. I went with a weight that was heavy and 2/3 weeks ago I would have been scared of… but I nailed it!

Weekend Plans – Meeting David after work for some drinkies with his colleagues. Beach tomorrow and then the weekly shop. Sunday we are having a Valentines Day out to Fremantle – breakfast followed by a wonder around the market – will snapchat it so check me out! (chaseredgrape)

Happy weekend everyone!

Linking up with Heather over @LifeinLeggings

Do you like swimming in the sea?

Are there any foods you eat cold that technically should be eaten hot?

What are you doing for Valentines Day?

What I ate Wednesday – Feb 10

Hi all,

I have become one of ‘those people’. The people that only talk about the weather. And it gets worse…

I’m one of ‘those annoying people’ who complain about how hot it is! I am so sorry but I cant help it!perth - chase the red grape

It’s crazy here right now. Perth was THE HOTTEST PLACE ON EARTH yesterday = mind blown. We are going into our third day of temps over 42 degrees (108F)… this is how crazy Western Australia is. Still want to come visit? Haha – no worries we have air con!

Speaking of air con, that plus ice are my new best friends right now – I don’t know what I would do without them. Melt probably…

But for now, lets take a look at ‘What I Ate’ on Monday – day one of the heat- fest. Linking up with the ever fabulous Jenn @PeasandCrayons and today’s host!

Monday Eats

Pre CrossFit 5am – cup of hot water and lemon (unpictured). Train fasted.

Post WOD refuel 7am– Protein shake and 3 dates in the car… car = air con!post workout - chase the red grape

Rushed back home to make it in time for the Super Bowl kick off! Showered first though, no one likes sitting around as a sweaty betty!

Breakfast – Super Bowl breakfast tacos!tacos - chase the red grape

2 corn tortillas, beans, salsa, Brussels sprouts, scrambled eggs and cheese. And some salad… yummy! Definitely did not miss out on super bowl delicious eats with that one!

After all the football fun was over, David headed to work and I grabbed a snack whilst writing…

Snack 5pm – iced coffee, much needed water and a mix of macadamia and pistachio nuts.snack - chase the red grape

(can I just express my confusion as to why my spell check dictionary doesn’t recognise macadamia??!!)

Lunch – Chinese stir fried rice/ cauli rice with pork, mushrooms and peasstir fry - chase the red grape

Easy to whip up and so satisfying!

Snack – Home made kombucha and a rice cake with PB.PB - chase the red grape

For when you want to eat but can’t be bothered to make anything fancy… PB to the rescue!

Dinner – Slow cooker kangaroo chilichili - chase the red grape

I adore this recipe! I have been lusting over this recipe from Juli over @1000lovelythings for too long – now was the time to make it! I simple adjusted it by using kangaroo and popping it in the slow cooker on low for 7 hours. Perfect – and so amazing on top of a sweet potato with feta!

And one more before I went to bed…

Some natural yoghurt with a couple of figs and a peppermint tea. Perfection!figs - chase the red grape

And now, once this is posted, I will be going to grab another portion of that chili for lunch (which by the way becomes even nicer the following day!), topping it with lashings of cottage cheese and seeing what carb wants to join the party!

Happy eats everyone!

What is the hottest place you have been to?

If you watched the Super Bowl what was the best thing you ate?

Do you like a spicy, smoky or mild chili?

5 Top Tips on a Tuesday – 5 reasons why you should take rest days!

Hi all,

Whether you have been with me for a while, or just a short period, you will know that I love CrossFit. It’s my sport, hobby, major interest and I love participating, watching, reading all about it.

I get up 4 times a week at 5am to train and literally jump out of bed looking forward to it.

I could do this everyday. I could extend my membership to unlimited and have a choice of going to open gym as well as training sessions. I could. But I don’t.

Why? Because I fully understand the importance of rest days. Day being plural. As much as I love my sport I love and need my body more. Part of the reason I do sports in general is to be a healthier person – this would not be the case if it was not for rest days.

For this weeks ‘5 Top Tips on a Tuesday’ I will be talking about why we all should take rest days. Even though I relate this to sport, quite a lot of this could be applied to a rest from ‘life in general’ – work, school - chase the red grape

To build and repair muscle

You train, workout, walk, run etc to be fit and healthy and to build a healthy layer of muscle. But the exercise itself is only one part of the puzzle. Training, especially weight training actually makes small tears in your muscle that then, afterwards, repairs itself bigger and stronger. But your body cant do this without 2 other things – adequate rest and fuel. If you do not allow yourself to rest then these tears, over time, can lead to injury and pain. Resting actually allows you to get stronger!

Relax your cortisol rate

Cortisol is our stress hormone. We all can feel it rise within us when we are manic at work or when family tensions are on the rise but this is the exact same hormone that increases when we exercise. High cortisol levels can lead to poor sleep, a weak immune system and poor bone and collagen development (muscle growth) – but wait, don’t we do exercise to prevent those things?! Giving your body time to lower your cortisol levels are key and rest days are very helpful in doing just that. They are even more in need if you have a stressful job for example, or any other factors which may be contributing to stress in general. Do sport to be healthy but it is not the best medicine to de-stress your body.

Rest your mind

This one relates to so many things, not just sport. It really is important to take some time to rest your mind. I can tell myself for days that CrossFit allows me to ‘be in the present’ but today, when I had this post going through my mind I realised that I just don’t stop thinking – stats, numbers, reps, even my to do list! This is why I love taking rest days at the weekend. Spending time with family, friends or even on your own, resting your mind. And you know the best way I have found to rest my mind? – the TV. Yep I am a Health Coach advocating the use of chilling out with the TV!

Indulge in other interests

I love CrossFit, but it cant be my everything. It already holds such a big part of my life and I love it for that – but I also want to be more than ‘that girl who does CrossFit’. I’m sure there are many of you out there who can relate if I remove CrossFit and add ‘running, swimming, cycling etc’. Taking a rest day pushes us to do other things – for me it gives me time to go to the famers market on a Saturday morning or hit up the beach. Catch up on my blog reading or enjoy making a more complicated breakfast rather than whipping something up quickly to hit my refuelling window.


Sleep is the most important way we can rest – after all it is when our body does most of its repairing and healing. For me, my rest days really do allow me to gain that much needed extra bit of sleep. Sometimes I still wake up at 5am after sleeping 8 hours but knowing that the alarm has not been set/ set for a few hours later gives my body the freedom to sleep as much as it needs. Listen to your body with regards to sleep. If it’s the weekend and your body is screaming out for a nap, try to indulge in one. Along with good fuel it really is the best medicine we can give our precious bodies.5 TOP TIPS ON A TUESDAY

So let’s all try and get a few rest days in this week. I guarantee your body will thank you for it!

Do you take a rest day?

If you are a sporty person, what other interests do you like to indulge in?

Does TV help you rest your mind?

Week In Review – Feb 8

Hi all,

Just finished watching the Super Bowl – good game this year! I must admit it was pretty odd to be watching it at 8am in the sweltering heat (seriously, it’s the heat today is insane!). But hey it meant we got to go to CrossFit beforehand, David had a late start to work, and we came home and made breakfast tacos! Definitely a winning morning in my book!

week in review - chase the red grape

So as most of you go to bed right now after watching the game, I hit early afternoon – time for a much needed iced coffee and some writing – week in review style – which I guess cant really include the Super Bowl as it’s Monday here and technically the start of a new week! Ha!

Hey ho, I know my gal Meghan @CleanEatsFastFeets wont mind – no rules for the week in review – unless you are too harsh on yourself, and then she might come find you! 😉

So what did I get up to last week?

The usual suspects

I meal planned and food prepped for the week

Currently rethinking all our food combos to make sure we get all we need in our meals throughout the day – tough and a lot of work but had some of the best meals this past week with ingredients I absolutely adore! So all worth itoats - chase the red grape

Speaking of food logging and work being worth it, it has been the most evident at CrossFit. We did our usual 4 training sessions last week but I kept on getting PR after PR and even hut another one today! More of the right food = more muscle building + more strength = a happy CrossFitter with a happy tummy!

And to continue on from CrossFit – I signed up for the Open…!crossfit open - chase the red grape

We did the weekly shop including a visit to our local farmers market for some in season stone fruit (nectarines are my favourite) and freshly made gluten free bread!

I cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner for David and I all week – except when we had sushi on Saturday… and I wish I had cooked…dinner - chase the red grape

I managed to meditate 3 days last week – good but could be better

I wrote and published 2 blog posts and replied to all my lovely comments

I did the washing and ironing – including the sheets… hate when it’s time to wash the sheets but love the feeling of getting into a fresh sheet bed…

The extras

I went to my favourite store in Perth to stock up on pantry staples – tapioca flour, sultanas, oats etc… but also bought these beauties – so good!tortillas - chase the red grape

We went to the beach yesterday and had a lovely walk with some iced coffees – sunny Sunday beach walks will never get old.

We had drinks in a new area of town – lovely to spend some more time with the CrossFit crew but also to find that Perth has another hidden gem full of amazing bars and restaurants… and a gelato shop…!Leederville - chase the red grape

I wrote my first article for another website! I applied to be a writer for the Green Goodness Co and was accepted, very exciting times. Handed in my first piece last week but will let you know when it’s on the site.

I unfortunately witnessed the aftermath a rather horrific accident (or we hope it was an accident) early Thursday morning. But I know I did everything I could and have met with the police to give a statement. One of those moments that shakes you to your core – but emphasises how you should always live life to the full.

I wrote a work plan for the month ahead. I am always organised but lately I have been feeling that my work is a little week to week…. so I made a plan and it makes me feel super happy. Plans and lists make my day!weather - chase the red grape

And I survived the heat for another week – but with temps over 40 degrees (105F) all this week who knows how that will work out! Hot summers are great, apart from when its simply madness to even go outside!

How has your week been? Tell me your triumphs!

What is your favourite stone fruit?

Did you watch the Super Bowl?

Friday Favourites – Feb 5!

Hi all,

Ever have one of those moments when you doubt yourself? Of course you do, we all have, that little voice in our heads telling us that what we are doing is wrong or right, you should do this or that…

But have you ever looked back on a moment and wish you had reacted a different way? You know what you did was right, but maybe you could have done more?

I had one of those this week and even though I know I did the right thing, I cant help but think I should have gone further to do more. Maybe it’s just my personality – I always want to do my best and give all I can give – but sometimes you just have to say no and back away.

I’m sure I will toss this around in my head for the next few days but the outcome is always the same – I did the right thing. Damn those little niggles though, they sure do keep us on our toes in life!Friday Favourites - Chase the Red Grape

Speaking of being on our toes, time to dance around to the Fri- yay sound and share some of my favourites from the week with you all! I may have started this post deep but I assure you the rest is a fun, chilled out read for the weekend!

Favourite… Moment – Going to the Trampoline Centretrampoline - chase the red grape

I never had a trampoline growing up, heck I think when we were kids no one did! But I fully intended to make up for lost time on Saturday when we went bouncing! It was so much fun, for a whole hour I bounced around, I especially loved doing double unders whilst jumping, so hard but loved the challenge!

Favourite…Feeling – Sharing the love

It always makes me smile so much when you guys share my posts on social media! My 5 top tips on a Tuesday this week was ‘how to have a positive mindeset around food’ and I was stoaked with all the likes, comments and shares! Thank you!

Favourite…Purchase – Plantain Chipsplantains - chase the red grape

Always love finding a new brand/ new product and I often find them when I go hunting in speciality supermarkets! Found these in a middle eastern one in our local mall, even though they are from Ecuador…

But these chips are crunchy, full of flavour and not greasy in any way like some plantain chips can be. Also they are pretty cheap and cooked with good oils! Hooray! Now pass the guacamole…

Favourite…Food/Drink – Chickpea burger with sweet potato fries from Health Freak Caféhealth freak cafe - chase the red grape

It has been a pretty awesome week of food. Changing up or diet has felt amazing! Top of the list this week was the burger and fries from Health Freak Cafe. I love a good veggie burger but often they aren’t gluten free. This one was just perfect – spiced and seasoned – and served in an amazing GF bun. Those fries were delicious too and just the right portion for me!

Favourite… Recipe – Cauliflower Rice

Not so much a recipe, more a tip. Chop up your cauliflower roughly (the stems need to be a little smaller than the rest) and blitz for 15- 20 seconds in your food processor. To cook (and here is the secret) sautee in a little coconut oil for 3- 5 mins. This way you still have a beautiful nutty texture to it but you also have a lovely fragrant coconut flavour through it.

(I eat rice and cauli rice…. cauli rice is just a great way to prepare the vegetable in a pinch!)

Favourite…Workout – PR’s!

This week at training was a toughie but a lot of fun! And the energy spike David and I have been feeling due to our change in eats has actually resulted in some major PR’s!

I PR’d my 3RM front squat, 10RM back squat, 400m run time and saw a strength in so many other areas… it was incredible… and I love it!

Weekend Plans – farmers market and weekly shop tomorrow followed by a leaving party for one of our CrossFit coaches in the evening. Sunday it will be crazy hot (42C/ 108F) so will probably take a short walk on the beach, have a chilled out day with pancakes and the newspapers and maybe sit under the air-con!beach - chase the red grape

Happy weekend everyone!

Linking up with Heather over @LifeinLeggings

Do you ever doubt your decisions?

Veggie or meat burger? (I literally love both!)

How well do you do in the heat?

5 Top Tips on a Tuesday – How to promote a positive mindset around food

Hi all,

When I say the word ‘food’, how do you feel? Excited? Overwhelmed? Worried? Stressed? Happy?

Food has become a word that evokes so much emotion from us all. There was a time when food was the unfortunate catalyst with regards my mental health but now I see it as a very important part of my being, my source of life, nourishment and delight! I adore it!

But don’t get me wrong, sometimes it can still be a stress too. Will this fuel me for my training tomorrow? Should I really have another glass of wine? Why didn’t that meal fill me up? What if this restaurant doesn’t have any gluten free options…?

So rather than letting it bring up negative emotions/ feelings or stresses, we can instead focus on a few tips that will encourage a positive mindset with regards food, eating and our diet.mindset - chase the red grape

This weeks ‘5 Top Tips on a Tuesday’ will focus on 5 different factors to help promote a positive mindset around food!

  1. View food as nourishment

We all need to eat. Food is our fuel source, it nourishes our bodies with the nutrients we need to function. Fill it with premium fuel and it will reward you for it – more energy, less disease, stronger bones, brighter skin. Let yourself gravitate towards the food you know will help your body grow and stay strong. But food also feeds our soul too – which brings me on to tip number 2…

2. Eat only what you enjoy

Yes you heard me, only eat what you enjoy. Don’t like salads? Don’t eat them. Not a big avocado fan even though it’s ‘full of healthy fats and the whole world is eating avo on toast’? Don’t eat them. Focus on what makes you feel good rather than what you think you should eat. Never feel guilty about not eating a ‘superfood’ or ‘the newest food that will help you live to 100’ if you don’t enjoy it. Everything you eat should bring a smile to your face.

3. Do not use food as a reward

This is a biggy that will help you a lot. Yes have treats, occasion foods even that special something you have every day but don’t view it as a ‘reward’. Have a hard day at work? Enjoy a chunk of dark chocolate because you want it, not because you ‘deserve’ it. Food is not payment for a job well done.

4. Listen to your body

Some people find this easy, others very difficult. When it comes to food, your body knows what feels right and what doesn’t. Your body knows whether or not oats at breakfast bloats you to the size of a house or if it nourishes you and keeps you satisfied. Listen to those signals it gives you.

5. Don’t allow food to overwhelm you

An easy statement to make but can be difficult to put into practice. When you feel overwhelmed over a food choice or decision, try to break it down. Why do I feel this way? What would be the best and worst case scenario? Then remember that you have the choice to decide what to do next, you are in control. This really helped me when I was trying to recover from my ED but I also know has helped David a few times when he had to make a food decision whilst hangry!

So remember – eat what you enjoy, what feels good inside and what keeps you happy – you have a lot of tasty eats ahead of you!5 TOP TIPS ON A TUESDAY

How is your relationship with food?

Are there any foods you don’t enjoy but tried to push because you thought you should?

What food nourishes you the most?

Friday Favourites – Jan 29

Hi all,

Happy Friday!

First off I must thank you all for your lovely comments on my post yesterday. It really does mean the world to know that I have you all beside me, cheering me on! Diet can be such a touchy subject but I am glad that all of you are on the same page as me when it comes down to listening to what your body needs and taking action!Friday Favourites - Chase the Red Grape

For now and today’s post though, we are going light, easy and fun with a good ol’ Friday Favourites!

Sit back, grab a cup of coffee (or wine depending on the time of day) and read about my highs from the week!

Favourite… moment – Australia Day Fireworks!fireworks - chase the red grape

The best fireworks I have ever seen in real life! And over the Swan River too – just perfect.

Favourite… feeling – Beach walking…beach - chase the red grape

Sunday David and I went for a walk along the beach at Trigg – sun shining, sea breeze, feet in sand with the waves crashing into our legs… feeling so blessed to be living in this part of the world. One lucky lucky girl.

Favourite… purchase – Iced coffeeiced coffee - chase the red grape

This bad boy after today’s WOD was needed so badly! The best iced coffee in Perth at Lord Street Coffee!

Favourite… food/ drink – Oatsoats - chase the red grape

Bringing oats back into my diet, and I seem to be ok with it – no bloating etc! I used to eat them once a week but am going to bring them back into rotation more because they keep me sa-tis-fied! In the bowl here – oats, egg whites, chia seeds, blueberries and peanut butter!

Favourite… recipe – Thai Omelettebreakfast - chase the red grape

3 eggs, 1tbsp tapioca flour and 1 tbsp of fish sauce – whisked and then poured into some sizzling ghee in a pan, cook then flip – around 30 seconds each side. Topped with whatever you fancy! I went for Brussels, rice and sriracha. The breakfast of champions! Could be brunch, lunch, dinner…

Favourite…workout – Gallagher and McDonald – Australia Day WODWOD - chase the red grape

This hero WOD was so much fun – the movements were challenging and also the fact that I got to do it with David as my partner was awesome too. He is my best cheerleader :-)

Weekend plans – Going to the opening of Elizabeth Quay tonight- a massive waterfront project for Perth (will be snapchattin’ chaseredgrape). Then tomorrow we are going for a trampoline session (one of my Christmas pressies from David), out for lunch and then the weekly shop. Sunday is for reading the papers, beach walking and coffee!

I also want to give a shout out to the host of Friday Favourites, Heather @LifeinLeggings – You and Scott have been in my thoughts and prayers all week. X

Are you an oat lover?

What would you top a Thai omelette with?

Have you ever been to a trampoline centre?

Why I am changing my diet

Please note that this post relates to David and my personal choices regarding our diet and it reflects our very active lifestyle. I am not advocating any particular diet or way of eating over another.

Hi all,

For a wee while now, I have known things would have to change. I adore Crossfit and love training 4 times a week, like clockwork, every week. Its my sport. But it was only recently I realised that while we (and I say ‘we’ as David and I are in the same boat) were training like athletes, we were by no means fuelling our bodies like athletes. And it was taking its toll.

David and I ate a great diet that I was super proud of – there was not an ounce of restriction in sight and we always tended to gravitate towards whole food choices and a gluten free lifestyle (after eliminating gluten we both felt so much better). Yet my body was sending me signs that something wasn’t right. David always wanted more food and I tried to down play what my body was telling - chase the red grape

After tracking what I ate on a training day I realised that I was a lifetime away from actually eating what I needed. It was a big shock to me for sure – I always thought I was pretty close to eating what my body required.

Being gluten free and sticking to real food ingredients meant I was significantly low in carbohydrates – essential for fuelling my workouts! Also I was no where near eating enough protein – a problem for muscle growth. I had a beautiful diet… just not for my lifestyle.crossfit - chase the red grape

So I had to decide where to go from here. Some of you may know, others not, but I am 3 years into recovery from a very severe eating disorder and although in some ways I feel recovered, in other ways I feel like it will always surround me in some shape or form. I am stronger than I have ever been though, both in mind and body, so I knew I had to make the changes. I owed it to myself to fully give my body what it needs to live the lifestyle I want to live.

Both David and I are now following the Eat to Perform framework. I will spare you the details (unless you really want to know, then email me) but to put it simply I now have some daily targets to aim for, focussing on protein, carbohydrates and fat. It’s not about restriction, in fact for both of us it means eating a lot more! I’m bringing in foods that I haven’t had in ages like rice and corn chips and David is loving the opportunity to eat lots more nut butter and dates! Haha!

I wanted to keep you all in the loop because it’s a big change for me and I always want to be open and honest with you all. I also want to emphasise that David will be here by my side keeping an eye on me… he knows exactly what to look out for in terms of my ED and if it is leading to unhealthy stress.crossfit - chase the red grape

But I am 4 days in so far and am loving it! Eating more real foods, having more energy, learning when things work and when they don’t and simply enjoying the experiment!

I hope you will all join me on my journey – I wont bring it up often but know I could do with all your support.

No questions, just thoughts!

Thanks Amanda for allowing me to ‘Think Out Loud’ today!

What I ate Wednesday – Australia Day!

Hi all,

Well yesterday was a blast! I really enjoyed my first ‘Australia Day’ – mostly because it included a lot of my favourite things – Crossfit, David time, chilling out and fireworks!

So I thought I would bring you a bit of a snapshot of my day yesterday – ‘What I ate Wednesday’ style! Thanks to @peasandcrayons and today’s host for the link up!

We had a special Crossfit hero WOD today – Gallagher and McDonald – so we began a little later at 7.30am. This meant I needed some pre – WOD fuel (I usually WOD fasted).WOD - chase the red grape

I began with my usual hot water and lemon and followed it up with some cottage cheese, beet juice and iced coffee (David had jerky). What a combo eh!pre workout - chase the red grape

We arrived at the box, warmed up and also got some puppy cuddles! Meet Lexi – she is 8 weeks old and I just wanted to take her home with us!puppy - chase the red grape

During the WOD I was drinking some coconut water…coconut water - chase the red grape

We finished in 55 minutes and needed some post WOD fuel action! Water, protein shake and a banana – which David photo bombed…post workout - chase the red grape

David also managed to snag some eggs and bacon off the barbecue…David - chase the red grape

We headed home, showered and then it was time for an early brunch!

Time to refuel to recover! A Thai omelette with rice, Brussels and sriracha!breakfast - chase the red grape

After a little blog reading we decided to finally watch the Rich Froning movie – it was awesome… and I kind of want to watch it again!Rich Froning - chase the red grape

Snacks for the movie, an unpictured apple and some blueberries!blueberries - chase the red grape

Can you tell we were tanked from the WOD? We decided to put on some Man Men – finally watching the last series! To toast Australia Day we decided to have a JD and tonic and I grabbed some beef jerky. I was pretty hungry at this point – should have had more food!snack - chase the red grape

Dinner was pretty simple – ground kangaroo marinara with cauliflower rice, topped with feta.dinner - chase the red grape

Then we headed down for the fireworks! We are so lucky we live about a 15 minute walk from all the action. We watched the sun set over the river… and then came the most amazing display…fireworks - chase the red grape

What a day!

How do you like to refuel?

Sriracha, a fan?

Do you like fireworks?

5 Top Tips on a Tuesday – How to live your bucket list!

Hi all,

Happy Tuesday! Or if you are in my neck of the woods Happy Australia day!

Yup today is a public holiday, everyone has the day off to celebrate all things Australia with friends and family. Our plans? A special CrossFit WOD in the morning followed by a BBQ, then home for a snooze and chill out before heading over to take part in some of the festivities in town and watch the major Skyworks firework and laser show – it lasts 30 minutes! I don’t think I have ever seen a continuous firework display for 30 minutes before! Cannot wait!5 TOP TIPS ON A TUESDAY

If you had told me this time last year that I would have been living in Australia, sunning it up on a January day I would not have believed you. However we always hoped we would be somewhere exciting and new – top of our bucket list was to live abroad – and here we are!

Do you have a bucket list? Want to learn a language? Visit several countries and see the sights? Try authentic foods? Learn how to cook? We all have different plans and hopes for life – but how can you turn those dreams into reality?

For this weeks ‘5 Tops Tips on a Tuesday’ I have some handy tips on ‘How to live your bucket list’!

bucket list - chase the red grape1. Write them down

– We all have our dreams in our heads… lets get them down on paper and take a good look at them. Take a few hours, days, weeks to think about what you want in life. Don’t fear writing anything down – your list is not set in stone and is likely to change as you age/ experience new things.

2. Get your priorities straight

– What is more important to you? Take your list and rearrange them in order of what you would like to do first. Take a look at the other items around them. Can you save for a round the world trip as well as a house? Think deeply about them and find out what is the most vital for you.

3. Plan

– If you really want to achieve these goals/ dreams then you must plan and organise. If you treat them like they will happen then they are more likely to actually happen! Want to learn a language? Find out where locally you can take classes to learn, where will you get the money from to do it? How can you allocate the time? Work out the potential pitfalls and solve them. Don’t focus on problems, create solutions.

4. Share your list with someone

– Keeping this information to yourself also makes it less likely to happen. If you are in a partnership or have a family, talk to them and create a list together – if you are single, talk to family and friends, they may be able to help you out!

5. Stay positive

– Sometimes life happens. Sometimes we cant drop everything and head abroad. Sometimes it takes longer to achieve a dream, learn a task, save the money. But you must stay positive and determined. If you want these things in your life and you are committed then you will achieve them.

Do you have a bucket list? What is at the top of yours?

What have you already achieved that was previously on your list?

Have you ever been scared of a dream/ goal?