Week in Review

Hi all,

David and I sat down to record this weeks episode of the podcast yesterday. We called it ‘The week of unproductivity’… and oh boy does that sum up our past week.

Energy, fine. Amount of things to do, a plenty. Desire to do anything, ziltch, nada, zero.

I stared into space more times than I would care to admit last week. Who knows what was going on inside this head of mine. It did help to know that David felt the exact same way… means I’m not the only odd one out there.chase the red grape

I am determined to make this week a good one though. How’s it going so far? Meh. Yeah that says it all. Meh. But onwards and upwards! And there is no more fitting a way to begin than with a good old ‘Week in Review’!

Favourite moments


David and I only exchange cards, but it’s always super fun and something to look forward to. His card cracked me up this year. Loved it.

Podcast edits

I’m really enjoying this part of the podcasting process. The more episodes we do, the more I am getting a hang of the software we use etc. Don’t let anyone tell you podcasting is easy or a quick process! I also love listening to what we have discussed and always being very surprised at how impressed I am with each episode! Ha!CTRG


After the week we have just had, can you blame me for putting bedtime each night as one of my favourite moments?

High 5’s and brownie points

Library time

I pulled myself to the library on Thursday to get some work done. Was it a success? Hmmm, I think I literally got the bare minimum I needed to get done, but I at least took myself out and tried!

The usual… and more…CTRG

Banking, meal planning and food prepping. But we also bought a water filter jug that we have been researching for a while (they put fluoride in the water here…) and we finally upgraded our dropbox folder. Those podcast episodes take space! Oh and we officially signed up for the CrossFit Open. One tick after another on the to-do list. #winning

Jen Eats

I’m gonna eat you little fishy!CTRG

I am all about tinned fish right now (not tuna though, that stuff is bland!). Tinned mackerel and tinned salmon is my jam! The one above is salmon mixed with mashed avocado and the one below is mackerel mixed with homemade mayo. Plus all the salad! So good!CTRG


Valentine’s Day – I celebrate, so what?CTRG

Tuesdays post looked at Valentine’s Day and how calling someone out for celebrating or not celebrating is just another form of shame. Read here. 

Episode 59 of the Chase the Red Grape PodcastChase the Red Grape Podcast

That time of the year where David and I get a little crazy with our predictions for the Open. Always such a good laugh and great for a CrossFit gossip! Listen now on iTunes, Stitcher or here on the website. 

The week ahead…

Friday is the day when the first Open workout is released. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little anxious, but this year, more so than ever, I’m pretty ‘go with the flow’ and see what happens’. I ain’t letting myself get stressed over something that is meant to be fun.

Have a fab week folks!

Do you ever have big spells of unproductivity?

How was your Valentine’s Day?

Tinned fish, yay or nay? If yay what’s your favourite?

Valentine’s Day – I celebrate, so what?

Hi all,

Every single year, I give my husband a Valentine’s Day card. I enjoy going to the store and finding the ‘husband’ section. I read the front and inside of probably 10 cards. Some make me laugh, some make me cry. Sometimes they are just exactly what I want to say. Sometimes they aren’t and I buy a blank to create my own. But every year since we were dating, I have given David a card.

To this extent you could say that we ‘celebrate’ Valentine’s Day. And that’s ok with me.CTRG

Some send cards. Some give flowers. Some make their partners favourite breakfast or dinner. Others leave a note in their packed lunch. Some go out for a big romantic meal. Others have a cosy night on the sofa. Some give jewellery, gifts wrapped in the perfect packaging and teddy bears. Others a single red rose. Many do nothing.

Everyone, on the other hand, has an opinion.

Maybe it is just commercialism at it’s finest. Maybe we do put too much pressure on the ‘ideal’ of the day. Maybe it does make others feel unwanted. Maybe, maybe not.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect whatever yours may be. That respect only exists however, if it isn’t accompanied by a hearty dose of shame.

We used to shame those who didn’t celebrate. Now we shame those who do celebrate! Over and over I hear people talking about Valentine’s Day, shaming others by asking, ‘So why this day?’, ‘Why not throughout the year?’, ‘What makes this day special?’, ‘You are just a fool, conned into the commercialism of it all’, ‘Showing your love shouldn’t just be for one day’. These questions? These questions you pose to a person or write as a comment online… they are just another form of shame.

Shame is not fair. Shame is not cool, Shame is being a bully.

So this year and in the years to come, you do what is right for you and your partner. Cards, gifts, big gestures or even nothing at all. Whatever you choose is fine by me. What you decide to celebrate is not up for discussion, debate or review. Keep the shame at bay, own your choice and simply have a wonderful Wednesday whatever it may bring!

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Do you find it hard to keep your opinion of it at bay?

Week in Review

Hi all,

The week just gone went by in a flash. Yeah I know it’s a huge cliché to say that, but it did. After David being off for the Super Bowl on Monday, the week just zoomed by. Maybe it’s because it’s summer, it always tends to do that in the summer… do you find that?

Either way, I will finish my rambling and get down to what I came here to do, share my ‘Week in Review’ with you all!chase the red grape

Favourite Moments

Coffee timesCTRG

We have 4 great coffee moments out during the week. Wednesday morning 6.30am (our day off from training) where David and I take a slow walk to one of our favourite coffee shops and start the morning. Friday where we have a coffee post workout to celebrate Friday. Then on Saturday and Sunday, David and I take a stroll mid morning for a coffee. Sometimes somewhere new, sometimes an old favourite. They are 4 times of the week where I know I can just breathe and be in that moment. That makes them very special.

Dad update

My Dad is now home from hospital! Thank you all so much for the well wishes. It will be a long recovery at home but he is committed and so is everyone around him so he will get there! On Wednesday I was able to skype him and my mum and it was a lovely time talking and laughing. Just so good to see his face!

High 5’s and brownie points

Big clean

We had to do the ‘rental inspection’ big clean. Nothing was particularly dirty or messy but it’s always a big thought. But it’s done and now we have everything pristine again!


Saturday morning we went to Ikea. We got pretty much all of the things we needed and a couple more that, well, we did actually need but I needed David there to actually encourage me to buy them. I am such a weirdo. High 5 for Ikea and the purchases, 10 brownie points for wearing a band t-shirt to Ikea. BTW The Faim… you are going to hear BIG things!

I didn’t force a post

I was going to write on Thursday… but I didn’t know what about. Previously I would have hurried through my notes for inspiration, but I didn’t. Write when you feel inspired Jen. 10 points to 2018 Jen.

Meal prep


Who wants some breakfast sausage patties??

Another meal plan, more tweaks, no stress. Followed by a meal prep sesh on Saturday afternoon that was easy and relaxing. The way it should be!


Jen EatsCTRG

Winners this week include 2 seasonal fruits, figs and big bum plums – so juicy and perfect right now.CTRG


Episode 58 of the Chase the Red Grape PodcastCrossFit Open

CrossFit Open season is away to begin. You’ve signed up, now what? One for all Crossfitters out there! Listen on iTunes, Stitcher and here on the website.

The week ahead

One thing I want to do this week is watch more of the Winter Olympic coverage. We are only one hour behind South Korea time zone wise so I should make the most of the live events, right!?

Have a fab week folks!

Do you have regular coffee moments in your week?

Ikea, love or hate?

Are you watching the Winter Olympics?

You’ve signed up for the CrossFit Open, now what? Episode 58

Hi all,

If you are a CrossFitter who is Open mad, trying to figure out whether or not to sign up or are a seasoned veteran, you need to listen to episode 58 of the Chase the Red Grape Podcast! CrossFit Open

What do you do once you have signed up for the Open?

How do you get your mind in check now and for the weeks ahead?

What can you take personal responsibility for to make sure your body is ready?

And as always, remember to calm the fuck down!

Listen now on iTunes, Stitcher or here on the website!  

Let Open season commence! 

Week in Review

Hi all,

Just dropping in for a quick Week in Review this week. David took the day off work to watch the Super Bowl (it started at 7.30am here) so we are taking the rest of the day to chill out together.

The main reason I wanted to do a quick post was to say how positive the past week has been. As many of you know, this time last week was very difficult. My dad was ill in hospital and I felt like I was a million miles away… which I pretty much am! However I am so happy to say that he is on the mend, treatment went well and he should be home very soon! Thank you so much to everyone for their well wishes.chase the red grape

Quick fire Week in Review!

Favourite moments

Coffee Roaster TourCTRG

We were invited by Nic from Precision Coffee Roasters to come and tour his facility on Saturday morning. 2 hours of drinking the best coffee I have tasted paired with lots of lots of coffee chat, we had a great time! If you are local to Perth and want to try some amazing farm to cup beans head on over to his website. A real local gem.


We are totally into watching documentaries on Netflix right now. They have released a chunk of PBS doco’s that are really interesting. I am hooked. We have watched everything from programmes on Hampton Court Palace, Highclere, the British Secret Service and my favourite, underground London!

High fives and brownie points

No stress and changes made

I knew on the Whole30 that I didn’t just want to make the same meals week in and out. So we took what we loved from the first week and what worked, made some small changes and voila! A different set of eats but without the stress!

Being the best daughter I could beChase the Red Grape

I wanted to be with both my parents last week but I knew there was no point on dwelling on the fact that I couldn’t. So instead I just tried to support them both in the best way I could. I think I did a good job.

Jen Eats

Whole30 favourites

Friday was a crazy day, but this meal came together in no time. Pesto marinated lamb, beets and sweet potato mash.CTRG

Blue Dinosaur Bars

Eating loads of fruit and nut bars on the Whole30 isn’t really encouraged, but on Saturday I had one as we were out and it was the ideal situation for one. I love these bars as they are predominately coconut based, not date based. This one actually tastes like banana bread… it’s so good.CTRG


The Whole30CTRG

As I revealed last week, David and I are doing a Whole30. Find out more info via the blog post I wrote on it or listen to us on episode 57 of the podcast – available on iTunes, Stitcher or here on the website.

The week ahead

Calming down after the week just gone! No stress, no pressure, just calm…. fingers crossed!

Did you watch the Super Bowl? Enjoy JT? (I found it really ‘meh’. Good game though!)

What was your favourite meal last week?

Do you like watching documentaries?

The Whole30

Hi all,

If you have read the title, then there is really no shock in me telling you that David and I have started a Whole30!

We have recorded a podcast on the subject which went live yesterday all about why we are doing it and what we hope to achieve from it. (Find now on iTunes, Stitcher or here on the website) But I thought it deserved it’s own blog post too!

From reading my posts over the past few weeks it is pretty evident that I am trying to change up my routine. From writing when I feel inspired to write, posting on random days and just having a general overhaul of things, I knew what was next.CTRG

David and I had been speaking about doing a Whole30 since the end of December, No, not because we ate too much over the season. No, not because we feel we don’t support our bodies through food. No, not because we have bad habits with alcohol, chocolate or other treat. Simply because we wanted to shake things up.

The Whole30 for us is not about saying no. It’s about saying yes more.

Yes to change.

Yes to new things.

Yes to growing.

Yes to more, not less.

Yes to listening to what my BODY tells me it needs, not my HEAD.

We have had the same weekly meal plan for well over a year. Same shop, same food prep and even though we never got tired of the food we ate, I was getting bored of making it all…Well if I’m changing everything else up we might as well change up our eats too!

This way of eating (check out Whole30.com for all the information) is not uncharted territory for us. Some of you may remember that David and I ate Paleo for almost 3 years. It was awesome, it helped so much in my recovery and we really enjoyed it. And talk about being able to listen to your body and what it needs! So we know how to cook this way, what flavours we like, what can be done quick, easy and fast – it really seemed an ideal way to get back to basics, figure out what we craved and didn’t crave, what we needed and didn’t need and most importantly, get the ability to listen to our bodies back.

In the podcast we talk more about the aftermath of counting macros, how it affected our weekly meals and mind set and getting out of our comfort zone. We needed to start from scratch again. It’s a great episode even if you never ever have any intention of doing a Whole30.

It’s just 30 days. We are only on day 4 and I already feel excited again about what I am eating. Every new recipe I try has always been followed by ‘oh my this is so good!’. (I made tostones for crying out loud!!) And as for when it’s over, well, we will see if there is anything we have felt we missed, try bringing it back in and see how we feel. Simple.

I want you to follow along with us! From today until the end of the Whole30 I will be putting on Instagram and Instagram stories pictures and videos of what we are eating, what recipes we are making, what food we are prepping and generally how we are feeling. So come on over and check it out, even if it just gives you some inspo on what to make for dinner tonight! (chasetheredgrape).

Would you ever want to do a Whole30?

Do you tend to eat the same foods week in and out?

Is food a part of your routine?

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Week in Review

Hi all,

The past few days have been the hardest we have experienced since moving over to Australia.

As we have mentioned before, the most difficult part of being on the other side of the world is being apart from your friends and family. But this becomes unbearable when one of them take ill.

This weekend my Dad was rushed into hospital when a nasty kidney infection actually turned out to be renal failure.

As you can imagine, going into the details is quite upsetting and right now so full of uncertainty, but I knew I couldn’t do a Week in Review without mentioning the biggest, most impactful part of my week.chase the red grape

I can’t do much from here. I wish I could be there to support my Dad, Mum and family. But thank goodness for Skype, Face Time and WhatsApp – I can stay in touch and we can all support each other the best we can.

The week just gone however was full of lots of happiness too, and in true Week in Review style, we must take joy in highlighting them!

Favourite moments

I won a competition! A local coffee roaster here had a Instagram competition to win some beans and an Aeropress. I had bought David an Aeropress for Christmas (which he uses at work) and knew it made amazing coffee so entered with glee! And I won! These guys know their beans too.CTRG

Friday was a public holiday here for Australia Day. We spent the evening with friends on their wonderful rooftop overlooking the entire city. The view became even more magical when the fireworks began (a 30 minute display Perth pride themselves on). It felt like we had front row seats to the biggest show in town!CTRG

High 5’s and Brownie points

We trained, including an insanely difficult hero WOD on Friday for Australia Day. We do Gallagher and McDonald each year and it never gets any easier.

Meal planning and food prepping was crazy this week. Our routine is changing big style… more details on that in this weeks podcast (out Wednesday). In the mean time, check out our food prep fridge.CTRG

I have taken a nap (a huge nap) every day for the past 4 days including today. I might have picked up a bug, it might be the stress but whatever it is my body is tired and I am listening to it!

Jen Eats

We made bone broth from our Christmas turkey bones (they had been put in the freezer, don’t worry) and made pesto and mayo from scratch. Look at the colour on that mayo… #eattheyolksCTRG

Acai bowls for Saturday lunch. These are all I want to eat when it’s hot!CTRG


Scotland to Australia – Breaking the bond with your belongings. This post looked the journey of looking at all of our belongings and working out what to take and not to take with us to Australia. Decisions that needed to be made very quickly. Read here. CTRG

Episode 56 of the podcast looked at defining success. What does the word success mean to you and what role does it play in your life both positively and negatively? And, most importantly, why you shouldn’t measure your worth in the world by your successes. Download now on iTunes, Stitcher or here on the website. success

The week ahead

To be honest I think this week is going to be a quiet one. I feel exhausted. We are, however, going to see American Idiot at the theatre on Sunday which I have been looking forward to for months! And then of course there is the Super Bowl (Monday here) which we always enjoy over breakfast!

Do you like fireworks?

What does success mean to you?

Are you watching the Super Bowl?

Scotland to Australia – Breaking the bond with your belongings

Hi all,

Not so long ago, even thought it feels like a lifetime, we had to make the move from Scotland to Australia.

We had two months. Two months to figure out what we need in Australia. Two months to figure out what we need to do with everything in Scotland. Banks, housing, insurance, medical… I could go on as the list was endless.

Never have I ever had such a long to do list. And I very much doubt I will again.

One of the most important tasks we had to do was to go through our belongings. Our possessions that made a home our home. Two months to work out what role every possession played in our lives.

How do you do that? Do you just take everything? Do you put all bar the basics into storage?

We had to decide and we had to decide quickly. I have to disclose here that we did have a relocation package that included a budget for shipping over our belongings, but we didn’t know how much these things cost! And it depended on so many factors, boat or aeroplane? Mixed sea container? Choice of company. And according to custom laws everything had to be packed by our shipping company to strict regulations so that was going to take a chunk of the budget too. As you can imagine, we erred on the side of caution. We knew we needed to be strict.CTRG

I stood in our apartment on day one of sorting and I couldn’t work out where to start. I was lost. David was at work, this was my task and one I needed to focus on. I had read tips about not letting yourself take too much – but what if you go too far the other way? We knew we weren’t going to be able to take any furniture so I began with that, documenting everything and working out where we could sell it, when and what we would like for it. Easy part done first.

So I was left with personal belongings. Things with a story to them. Clothes with a history. Wedding gifts, kitchen tools, beautiful crockery and glassware. Board games we played for years with close friends.

I hadn’t read Marie Kondo. The whole ‘spark joy’ movement wasn’t well known. How do you choose?

Well my girl Marie was definitely on to something. You work out it’s value in your life. It’s meaning within you. You listen to your gut.

Those board games? Gone. The memories are the value. The wedding gifts? How do they make me feel, do they bring a smile? Books can be borrowed from a library to reread. Clothes can be passed on to others who need the warmth. I found being ruthless to be easy.

The key to being able to complete such a huge task was simply using my gut to decide. If I had used my head at any point I know we would have had such a different outcome. For many it might need to be the other way around. Do you become too attached when your gut is involved? I knew my gut would help me choose the right things. In all honesty, my head probably would have given away or sold too much.

So what was the outcome? They packed twenty boxes which went by air. Twenty may seem a lot however one of those boxes was our duvet, one our pillows and two simply empty suitcases! (custom laws not allowing any belongings in those suitcases). We took all of our wonderful Christmas tree decorations that we have collected over the years. Our fridge magnet collection and more mini minions than I care to admit! I took my favourite blanket that I have had since I went to University. We took photographs but no frames. Our Denby crockery set that we received as a wedding present but condensed it down to six bowls, small plates and dinner plates. We took the collectables from our travels but also the Lego Ghostbusters Ecto car that my brother gave us one Christmas (and it arrived in one piece!). I saw more than the practical. I saw everything for it’s value. To me, to David and the essentials in making a home on the other side of the world ours.

Do I have any regrets? Maybe one or two small things but nothing major. Mostly stretches to some kitchen utensils that I have never been able to find again! Ha!

This whole experience though was an eye opener into what really matters to me in the world. Your belongings can be a massive weight, a ball and chain attached to your ankle. They can also make you feel at peace. Let yourself feel that bond and don’t be dictated to. If it’s important to you then keep it, regardless of what others think. I may have gotten more use out of a casserole dish or more plates and bowls but those cute little minions who sit on my kitchen window sill every day smiling back give me so much more joy. They belong.

Have you ever had to have a big clear out before a move?

What is the biggest move you have ever made?

Do you sometimes treasure more random items over practical ones?

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Week in Review

Hi all,

Ok so I am changing things up! Mostly because I wanted a change but also because I needed a change!

You may have noticed I am posting on different days. Trying to write when I feel inspired and excited by a subject rather than forcing a post. So that may mean 2 posts a week, 3 or even 1. It makes me laugh because it really isn’t like me at all! I feel like I am breaking the rules… but when they are rules you have set yourself then where’s the problem?

One of the more exciting aspects of this switch up is changing my Friday Favourites to a Week In Review post. Something fun to look forward to on a Monday but also awesome to be able to link up with one of my favourite people Meg!chase the red grape

So let’s kick off the new week with a bang, recapping the week just gone, Jen style!

Favourite moments of the week

Gyroscope gig – damn I love live music. Even better when you know someone in the band. Even better when it’s a small intimate gig. Even better when you are standing near the front, feeling like you are 18 all over again.chase the red grape

Also watching the supporting act and your jaw dropping to the floor because it was literally love at first sound!

Any time I walked into a room with air con…

Biting into a local peach…. I adore this season!

chase the red grape

So good grilled!

High fives and Brownie points

What I love about Week In Review is that everyone always shares both the small and large achievements of the week. So what have I given myself points and high fives for this week?

Training whilst keeping what is best for my body at any given moment, in mind

Cooking up a storm, meal planning and prepping – aka making life easier on ourselves

Buying new headphones when I said I would – and then getting a second pair from my parents!

Breaking routines, writing on Thursdays, podcast edits on Tuesday, hell I even took a nap!

Starting as I mean to go on this year – had my monthly massage

Jen eats

Steak dinner on Saturday night. David grilled whilst I whipped up some veggies. It was melt in your mouth good.chase the red grape

Finding a coconut water that tastes good not chilled (our supermarket doesn’t chill them…). I honestly didn’t think I would ever find one!chase the red grape


What makes you ‘cool’?chase the RG

Looking at the word and what it means to me… but also why we still care about being cool even as an adult. Check it out here. 

Want. Need. Do. Read

Episode 55 of the podcast looked at the year ahead in 4 different areas. A fun way to look at goals for 2018. Find now on iTunes, Stitcher or here on the website.

The week ahead

As mentioned above, I am treating this week as a blank canvas. I am excited but also nervous about the prospect! Lets see how I get on! One thing is for certain though, episode 56 of the podcast will be ready and waiting for you on Wednesday! Also Friday is a public holiday – wahoo! 

Have a great week folks!

What was the last gig you went to?

Are you a coconut water fan?

Do you have a want, need, do or read for 2018?

Chase the Red Grape Podcast – Episode 55

Hi all,

The first 2018 episode of the Chase the Red Grape Podcast is up and ready to download! 

You can find us on iTunes and Stitcher by simply searching for the podcast… but did you know that you don’t need either to listen? Simply click HERE and it will take you to the podcast page of the website. From there you will find the link to listen to every single podcast we have done right on your computer, tablet or whatever method you want to use!

55 episodes on a variety of topics are ready and waiting for you… and there is something for everyone!

This weeks episode looks at the year ahead in 4 differnt areas – what do we WANT to do, what do we NEED to do, what is something we are actively are going to DO and what is something we want to READ

Like what you hear? Please subscribe to the podcast, leave a review or simply share with friends, family and colleagues. 

This year is going to be so good! Get in on the action!