Currently – July 2016

Hi all,

I write these posts at the same time every month. It’s all scheduled in my diary. And I am very good at always doing it each month. But do you ever get those things in your diary that you always schedule but never actually do?

It’s so far from my personality type to not do something I have scheduled in. If I have said I am going to do something, even if it is only to myself, then I will do it. But lately I have found myself changing up tasks, swapping days for things and even (gasp!) not doing something at all. For some avoiding or not doing tasks would be a bad thing. For me, I like it, and I think it has been a long time coming!

Now don’t get me wrong, if it was a ‘responsibility’, a deadline or someone was depending on me, I would be finished with time to spare but when it is my work, I’m becoming more relaxed. Still getting it done, just when I feel like it or when the inspiration comes. If I want to write, I write. If I want to study, I study. If you had told me even last year that I would become more ‘go with the flow’ I wouldn’t have believed you. Maybe it’s the Australian culture or my environment. Maybe I am changing as I age. But all I know is that I feel so much more relaxed and in control of my feelings and actions than I have ever done before.currently - chase the red grape

As you can tell, I felt my inner writer today and it’s a good job as my ‘currently’ posts are always fun! Linking up with Amanda @Runningwithspoons for ‘Thinking Out Loud’!

Let’s check out what’s going on in my world this July!


Book – Harry Potter and The Order of the PhoenixHarry Potter - Chase the Red Grape

Almost finished and on to The Half Blood Prince. I think I am enjoying this one the most so far. Every chapter is gold!

Craving – For the CrossFit Games to begin!

Technically they started last night but I can’t wait for the weekend when I can watch it! Probably not live sadly, they all start around midnight – 1am our time! The time difference was so much more bearable in the UK.

Couldn’t predict a winner though, too many potentials this year. Could give you my top 8 though! Ha!

Food – Fresh local milkmilk - chase the red grape

David and I have been eating yoghurt for the past few months with no ill effects and wanted to try bringing small amounts of milk back in. We both decided if we were going to do that we would go for the best and each week pick up some delicious full fat milk from our local farmers market. It’s incredible! I have some in my coffee and occasionally with cereal (normally almond milk) and my tummy seems to love it.

Drink – Precision Coffeecoffee - chase the red grape

David and I were lucky to snag some freshly roasted local coffee beans direct from Nic at Precision Coffee here in Perth. We tried both the signature blend and a small batch Brazilian and both were outstanding. Freshly roasted brings out so much flavour and there were so many different layers to each sip. One for savouring at the weekend for sure! #eatlocal

Procrastination – Restaurant Research

We come from Scotland, where good restaurants are limited, to Perth, where there is somewhere amazing to eat around every corner. We don’t eat out very often, but when we do I want to make sure it’s somewhere good! As it is my birthday next week we are heading out for lunch on Saturday. I have lost so much time this week in menus but hopefully it will all be worth it! Thank goodness for Yelp!

Blessing – Reading time

Lately I have been trying to make time to read and every day I do it makes me feel so happy and relaxed!

Excitement – Cocktail Cruise

chin chin - chase the red grape

Mmmmm cocktails…

Saturday night David and I are heading to a Cocktail party hosted by his work. Not just any party, a cruise on the Swan River! Although I haven’t really had any alcohol in a while… unless you count the 2 boozy truffles I had on Saturday… so this might be interesting! Ha!

Bane of my existence – Meal Planning

What what what! Jen, meal planning, an issue?? Yep we are changing up some of our eats over here which means working on some new meal plans. Trying to narrow things down and work on a budget for 2 folk who are training and always eat in? Tricky business!

TV Show – Orange is the new black / Will and Grace

We have just finished watching the new series of orange is the new black… my review? Meh! I think I enjoyed the last 2 episodes and the rest I felt was really poor. Are they clinging on to something that might not be working? Maybe.

Now we are finally finishing Will and Grace. We only have 1 ½ seasons left, I don’t know why it has taken so long to finish it!

Mood – Tired

Fire alarm just as we headed into bed last night. We weren’t outside for long but it knocked my sleep out of sync for sure. Early night tonight!

No Friday Fav’s tomorrow, due to the above, but hope you all have a fun fab weekend ahead!

Do you plan, schedule and produce results or are you more ‘go with the flow’?

Have you ever been to a party on a boat?

Are you a cows milk drinker or other?

How to get out of your head #5TTT

Hi all,

Do you ever sit quiet, gaze into space or hide yourself away? You tell everyone that ‘you’re fine’ or just away with the fairies/ daydreaming… when the reality is that you are anything but?

Instead, you are ‘in your head’, mulling something over, worrying, predicting working out different scenarios or reviewing something that has just happened. You can’t stop thinking, you can’t seem to escape it. It has all of your attention. And the worst thing is you can slip right into it without realising.

I spend more time that I should ‘in my head’. Yes I am more susceptible to it due to the mental side of my ED (no it doesn’t always have to be about food) but I also think my personality drives and encourages it – always seeking to be better, always trying to figure out where I went wrong or right etc. Working out a way of dealing with it has been my solution. More often than not living in our head takes up so much time and energy, leaving us exhausted with very little progress to show for it.How to get out of your head - chase the red grape

Below are my tips on how to tackle this head on, if you excuse the pun! These are tactics that I still use in my everyday life.

Acknowledge it

If you are ‘in your head’ then you have to admit to yourself that you are. There is no use hiding the fact that you have something buzzing around your head that just wont go anywhere. Acknowledge those emotions, feel it and work out exactly what is going on/ worrying you. Only then will you see how big/ small the issue is and potentially move onwards.

Talk/ write it down

It might not make sense to you, and therefore may be tricky to explain to someone else but talking can be a big sense of release, helping you to let go of the emotions. Find someone you know and trust who will listen to you – often their questions in clarifying what you mean will provide you with a solution. If you can’t find someone to talk to, write down what you are thinking in a journal. You don’t have to keep what you wrote but once again, the sense of release often provides clarity.


Being ‘in your head’ is very stressful. Anyone who has experienced it on the long or short term will understand the pressure it can put on you. It can make you irritable and fatigued and your body will struggle. Try and take some time to acknowledge your issues by resting and relaxing. Take a bath and talk it through with yourself. Tackle the issue head on in meditation or partake in some gentle exercise like a walk.

Avoid alcohol, food, high intensity exercise or work as a means to curb it.

Change direction

Once you have acknowledged what is circling your mind, talked it through and calmed your body down, then we can look at moving on. Sometimes we have an answer or a clear action and that is how we will proceed to move on. Other times we just have to get on with life and leave the issue where it is. Find something new to occupy your mind that makes you laugh and smile. Play some games with your friends, go dancing, make a nice dinner for you and your partner.

And remember…

Life isn’t complicated. It can be simple and easy if we allow it to be. We cannot control the actions and emotions of others but we are in control of our own. Sometimes I have to admit to myself that the past is the past and cannot be changed nor can I control the future. The only thing I can do is be alive and free in the present.

If you feel that you are not in control of the thoughts in your head very frequently, please seek out professional medical help. You are not alone and do not have to struggle on a daily basis. Talking not suffering is the answer.

Do you have moments where you feel stuck ‘in your head’?

How do you deal with them?

What is your favourite way to de-stress your mind?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Friday Favourites – July 15

Hi all,

So I come to you this Friday with a mass of thoughts in my head. Big and small, impactive and meaningless, but trying to figure them all out into a nice tidy introduction today just aint happening!

So, instead I will condense all my thoughts down into one very simple happy one…

Happy Birthday Carmel!

It’s my Mother In Law Carmel’s birthday today and I wish to send her lots of birthday wishes and hugs from the other side of the world! Carmel has been such a wonderful support to me and my blog from the very beginning and I know she particularly enjoys checking in and seeing all the fun David and I have been up to. I hope you have a fab day and have a bit of weekend birthday fun in store!Friday - chase the red grape

And now, on to my Friday Favourites from the week. Let’s dig in!

Favourite…Moment – Breakfastbreakfast - chase the red grape

Training this week has been pretty heavy and pretty intense. Cue the hunger monster when I get home. I have my pre workout on the way home from CrossFit at 7.15am but by the time I send David off to work and have a shower, my 9am brekkie is much needed and wanted! And it always satisfies that monster. Best meal of the day!

Ps, old pic – I have 3x the amount of sriracha now!

Favourite… Feeling – Happy puppy chatspuppy - chase the red grape

My mum is a foster puppy walker – aka she continues on Guide Dog training whilst their current trainers can go on holiday. It’s a tough job training a guide dog and to know they can leave the puppy in safe hands whilst they enjoy some R&R is reassuring. Right now my mum has this little cutie, Raine, who is 14 months old. Such a beauty, and I love making a fuss of her over Skype on Wednesday!

Favourite… Purchase – Arrabbiata Saucesauce - chase the red grape

I love it when I find gems like this – real ingredients, including lots of extra virgin olive oil and actually made in Italy. It was perfect! I had it with some zoodles, other veggies, chopped up veal and a generous sprinkling of cheese. Yum!

Favourite… Food/Drink – St Dalfour Wild Blueberry Jamjam - chase the red grape

I am addicted to the strawberry jam, it’s always present in our home, but we always have another jar too and we are rotating through all the available flavours. This one is delicious. Not overly flavourful on toast but if you stir it through plain yoghurt all the little blueberries are like flavour bombs in your mouth!

Favourite… Link – 59 things we all do that are kinda weird when you think about it – BuzzFeed

A silly one for today, after all it’s exactly what we need on a Friday! I do so many of these things… no shame!

Favourite…Workout – Sumo Deadlift

Turning your 1RM from December into your 8RM in July (70kg/ 155lbs) – feels pretty darn awesome! Sumo deadlifts are my favourites as it gives me a great position to lift from with my height. Feeling stronger is such an amazing feeling!

Weekend Plans – Saturday – Farmers market, weekly shop, maybe the mall (gah I hope not…) and a trip for some hot chocolate with friends. Sunday – Pancakes, newspapers, beach coffee, food prep and chill – a typical, blissful Sunday!

Happy weekend everyone!

Do you do anything that’s actually kinda weird when you think about it?

How do you feel about breakfast?

What one jam or other ‘mix in/topper’ do you always have on hand?

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5 realities of moving abroad #5TTT

Hi all,

Have you ever dreamed of upping sticks, breaking away from the norm and fully immersing yourself into another culture? That is to say, have you ever dreamed of moving abroad?

We did. We knew we wanted to see, do and live more than what was the ‘norm’ for us. We wanted to live in a place where for the majority of the year, it was sunny, warm and the outdoors was so inviting. We knew we had the passion to turn our dreams into reality. And in August 2015 we did it, moving from Glasgow, Scotland to Perth, Australia.

And we haven’t looked back. The decision to commit to moving was one of the best we have ever made together and every day I feel really blessed to call Perth home. But it was not a decision we made lightly, nor was it easy. Moving to the other side of the world is an exciting adventure, but it is also a highly emotional roller-coaster of events.

For this weeks ‘5 Top Tips on a Tuesday’ I bring to you 5 realities of moving abroad and all the ups and downs that come in between!5 realities of moving abroad - chase the red grape

You need a job

First things first, if you want to move to a country you need a visa and in order to get a visa, you need a job. This may be the hard way but a company sponsored visa is quicker and more secure than moving first, job second. Also remember that you will have to be flexible. David and I always went by the mantra ‘job first, location second’, meaning that David had to be 100% behind the role, company and his responsibilities before we even considered the location. This really rang true for us as we actually had America on our sights! But when your dream job is offered to you in Perth Australia you do not say no!

You have to say goodbye

This is the hardest part. You have to say goodbye to your friends, family, clubs, city, favourite coffee shops and restaurants, the views, the language… and on and on it goes. Skype makes the move easier but not any less emotional. Everything you have known, your comforts, your surroundings are all going to change, are you prepared for that? I hate goodbyes but the pull towards the adventure that was to follow with my husband got me through it.

You can’t bring everything with you

Have a lot of ‘stuff’? Yeah, you are going to need to sort that out. Moving your belongings to another country is expensive, very expensive. We were lucky to only have 20 medium sized boxes and they were able to go by air which meant that they arrived in Perth about 3 weeks after we did. But that comes at a cost. Most have to go by sea which can take approximately 3 months (from the UK to Australia).

We had to sell all of our furniture and so many of our belongings including items we thought we would have for many years to come. You have to be prepared to let go.

You have to be social

So you have arrived… and then you realise you know no one. This was quite a jolt to the system for me. Everyone was a stranger, at least David had met and was getting to know work colleagues. So you have to be prepared to be social and step away from the shadows. Joining our CrossFit box here in Perth was our best move, we have met so many wonderful people who we continue to get to know more and more each day. We belong to a community here and that is gold. It’s so easy to feel lonely in a new and strange place – you have to push through that.

Life will be different, but you will feel more courageous than ever before

Even though we moved to another English speaking country with the same types of foods, pastimes, music etc, life couldn’t be more different. You are now the odd one out, with the different accent and different experiences. We learn new words here every day, life is generally more relaxed, people are very very friendly (as a Brit, this sometimes takes you aback!) and, as I have mentioned once or twice, the seasons are back to front! I don’t know if I will ever get used to Christmas on the beach or it being winter on my birthday, not having any family here or never watching the snow falling outside my home again. But you develop an incredible form of courage, a courage that you have never known. It makes everything ok, it makes ‘different’ and ‘unknown’ a positive rather than a negative. It makes each day feel like another exciting step on your journey.

Life only happens once and if you really want this then go ahead and grab it with both hands. Shoot me an email if you want any more info on the ups and downs of moving abroad. (

Have you ever thought about moving abroad? If so where would you want go?

Could you say goodbye to your current world?

What one belonging would you be sure to pack?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Friday Favourites – July 8

Hi all,

Ok, so just when you think the seasons being upside down couldn’t get any more strange, Australia brings me this little doozy…

Christmas in July

I kid you not. This is actually a ‘thing’. I was walking home from the library and saw posters with Santa on them… SANTA!

Winter wonderlands are popping up, fake snow is everywhere and lights are dazzling buildings all over. I have yet to see a tree… but when I do I have a feeling that will be the last straw!

I am quite happy with the mulled wine, it makes sense as it’s winter, and I can understand the appeal of wrapping up cosy warm to go ice skating. But Santa. No, just no.

Then again if any of my Aussie friends want to invite us round for a little turkey dinner, a bit of Christmas pudding and some festive cheer and would not be turning them down. Actually turkey and Christmas pud sounds quite good right now…Friday - chase the red grape

Anyhoo, enough of the crazies, it’s time to get down to some Friday business with my favourites from the week!

Favourite… Moment – Talking to my Mum on Skype

I haven’t spoken to my Mum in a few weeks as she has been on holiday but it was great to catch up and chat on Skype this week… we talked for an hour and a half and could have gone on for longer! I don’t get homesick much but gah what I would give to just head out for a coffee with her right now!

Favourite… Feeling – Finishing The West Wing

Yes we are done! I promise no more West Wing ‘OMG it’s the best thing ever’ from now on! But it ended perfectly and I was so happy. I honestly think we will be trying to find an older series to watch next, the writing is just so much better! #backinthegoodolddays

Favourite… Purchase – Foley’s Kim-chikim-chi - chase the red grape

I have always wanted to try Kim-chi but was on the hunt for a good one, done right, fermentation for the win! I was delighted to find this one in my local health food store and it’s so good. Can’t wait to try the others in the range – there is a beet sauerkraut calling my name!

Favourite… Food/Drink – Thomas Chipman Kale and Spirulina Corn Chipscorn chips - chase the red grape

I first picked these chips up when we were in Melbourne and had to snag another bag of them this week. I love the extra hint of flavour that the kale and spirulina flavour bring but it’s not overpowering, in case you like neither! Also they are a circular chip which is a win in my book, the best shape!

Favourite… Link – Chase the Red Grape is on Facebook!Chase the Red Grape!

Ok, shameless plug here but I have finally brought Chase the Red Grape to Facebook and would be so incredibly happy if you could head on over and like my page. I promise you nothing but post updates and some awesome link shares, it’s going to be fab!

Favourite… Workout – 10RM Front Squat

So today I PR’d my 10RM front squat – that nasty rep amount that seems ok… until about rep 4 when all you want to do is drop the bar! But I kept going and got 10 at 40kg. The main reason I am super pumped? Well when I left Glasgow last year my 1RM was 40kg… all my hard work has certainly paid off!

Weekend Plans – Saturday – Farmers market (in the rain, boo!) and weekly shop, cinema (due to said rain) and then a chilled out evening. Sunday – Pancakes and newspapers, the beach for a coffee (hopefully), food prep and chill.

Have a fab weekend folks!

So tell me, what do you think of Christmas in July? Up for two in one year?

Dare I ask, any recommendations for an older TV series to watch next?

Do you like going to the cinema when it rains?

Linking up with Heather @LifeInLeggings

Top 5 Health and Wellness Podcasts #5TTT

Hi all,

I was looking back on the most recent ‘5 Top Tips on a Tuesday’ posts and I realised that these have been some of my favourite to write. They have also been the most thought provoking, requiring both myself and the readers to really assess what they think of themselves, their self confidence and their hopes for the future. Pretty deep!

So this week, I wanted to lighten the tone slightly, step away from the motivation station (well to a certain extent!) and share with you all my recommendations for the best healthy living and wellness podcasts out there.podcasts - chase the red grape

Whether you eat a certain way, train a certain way or none of the above, these podcasts are real winners in helping to promote long happy lives, inspiring you to learn new things in a relaxed and chilled out manner.

So get out your phone, hit podcasts and download some episodes from the amazing array of talent below – you won’t be disappointed!

Balanced BitesBB - Chase the red grape

This was the very first podcast I downloaded years ago and I have been a subscriber ever since. Diane and Liz are wonderful women who can inspire you in so many ways to live a healthier lifestyle both in mind and body. They love real honest food and are a joy to listen to – feeling like you are a part of the friendship gang! And not just for women… David’s a listener too!

The Simply Human Podcastsimply human - chase the red grape

Do you want to spend an hour learning new health and wellness facts whilst holding your sides together as you are laughing so hard they might split? Yeah? Then this is the podcast for you. Mark and Rick are old childhood friends on a quest to make life as fun, happy and energetic as possible – living like a human should… with a couple of ‘that’s what she said’ jokes thrown in for good measure!

Barbell Shruggedbarbell - chase the red grape

CrossFit or do any form of lifting? Then the Barbell Shrugged gang are your heroes. How to train, lift, move, eat, sleep and everything in between is up for discussion with some of the most knowledgeable guys I know. Inspiring interviews from CrossFit athletes and other major players in the weightlifting biz along with many accompanying videos available on You Tube for you to watch.

Eat to PerformETP - chase the red grape

Training but want more info on how to fuel yourself adequately? Then this one is for you. Yes I am an ETP coach, but I have been listening to this podcast long before I was involved with ETP and it really made me focus on my nutrition for training, whilst feeling like part of a community. The topics range from Q&A sessions to guest speakers, macro nutrition and debating general diet (aka what you eat) advice. A niche one for sure but I had to add it in my list.

Nom Nom Paleonom nom  - chase the red grape

Please discount the word ‘paleo’ in this title because it is not, I repeat, not, just for folk who follow a paleo lifestyle. Michelle Tam and her family host this podcast and talk about their love of food, how to cook it and just general all round fun with an extra dose of nom. Currently on a podcast break right now but if you are new to this one, download some of the older episodes, they are fab!

Do you like podcasts? What’s your favourite?

Do you prefer to learn by reading, listening or watching?

What topic do you love to learn about? Food, health, fitness, photography…?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Week In Review – July 4

Hi all,

Happy Monday! Hope you are all having a good day, especially those lucky dudes who have today off as a holiday. Oh how I would love for today to be a public holiday. I had one of those Sunday ‘moment’s yesterday where I just thought on how brilliant it would be to just have ‘one more day’ off. If I am being honest, it’s not because I’m tired or feeling glum, it’s simply because I have 4 more episodes left of The West Wing to watch and I am freaking out. I am so fully immersed in this programme right now that I am even dreaming about the characters. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for the original viewers at this point, seven years in the waiting, only being able to view one episode each week…

Come to think of it, how did we used to do that? Everyone is so used to the ability to ‘binge’ watch a show now that I think back to the days of watching one episode per week in fear. And then came that feeling, of knowing something you loved was going to end… and waiting for it. No wonder we all cry at final episodes. I remember when ER ended… I had been watching it for over twelve years, it was a part of me in some way. And then there was the year of hell when Friends, Will and Grace, Fraiser and Sex and the City all ended. Don’t even get me started.week in review - chase the red grape

However I promise that I have done more this week than just binge watch The West Wing! Time to get listing, ‘Week In Review’ style, linking up with Meghan @CleanEatsFastFeets for all the horn tooting love!

On the home front

Banking all complete

Washing and ironing – check!

Meal planned and food prepped for the weekbreakfast - chase the red grape

Cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner for David and I each day.

Brewed a new batch of Kombucha and bottled the old batch (averaging one batch every 2 weeks now due to it being winter).kombucha - chase the red grape

Emptied the shredder and started on the monster shredding pile… until it overheated!

Did the weekly shop along with a trip to my favourite place, the farmers market

On the work front

I wrote 2 blog posts including this beauty on exploring your talentsExploring your talents - chase the red grape

Completed 2 modules of my level 2 Eat to Perform course plus I passed the accompanying tests.

I replied to emails and comments on my articles

Caught up on my podcasts, including many which have inspired future blog posts

Worked 3 days this week from the library – feeling much happier as a result

library- chase the red grape

My happy place…

Had an amazing chat with David regarding ‘my path’, making me wonder why I didn’t talk to him sooner about my work! He was full of brilliant ideas and inspiration of new and exciting things to do – I hadn’t realised just how quiet I had been about things. A wonderful chat over coffee has got me all raring to go though!

On the chill front

Went to ‘Nostalgia Box’ with David and spent well over an hour playing old computer games… until we had to stop as our eyes hurt! Ha!nostalgia box - chase the red grape

I had a bath Tuesday morning after CrossFit as my shoulders and legs were very sore – listening to my body and properly resting (even though I HATE baths!)

Trained 4x this week (as per usual) and actively tried to recover in between each session.

Stopped and ordered some delicious, warming, much needed mulled wine – definitely a first for me in Julymulled wine - chase the red grape

Got some needed ‘sea air’ with a beach walk and coffee – bliss!

Have you ever been upset at a TV show ending?

Are you good at keeping up with your shredding?

Do you talk to your partner/ friends/ parents about your work?

Friday Favourites – July 1

Hi all,

Can you believe it’s Friday? And not just any Friday, the 1st of July!?

I know I talk about time flying A LOT but it really did feel like yesterday we were in Melbourne. Now the sun is coming up a little later, the light lasting a little longer in the evening and I see new flowers and leaves popping up everywhere. It’s like no season I have ever experienced!

Does it feel like July? Nope. Do I need to redefine what July is? Oh yeah. Living in a back to front world isn’t getting any easier. Maybe once I start to revisit the same months I have already experienced my body and mind will get in sync with the seasons. I really do hope so…

Until then, I have a good excuse for wanting to hibernate, drink mulled wine and eat mounds of sweet potato under a duvet. All while I look outside at the crystal clear blue skies…. Australia, you confuse me!Friday - chase the red grape

What I know for sure though are my Friday Favourites for this week! Let’s get on it!

Favourite… Moment – Finding Monopoly on salemonopoly - chase the red grape

Having a wonder around the toy department at K Mart on Saturday (as you do) and I came across my favourite board game, on sale, and it’s never on sale! Heck yes! I love a good board game and we are stocking up on them again now we are in Australia. I do get a wee bit competitive though…cough cough… massive understatement…

Favourite… Feeling – Right nowFriday - chase the red grape

Sometimes that ‘Friday Feeling’ just can’t be beaten. Got a weekend of fun ahead of me, some good coffee by my side and the sun is out – what more could you want!? (Ok maybe some wine…)

Favourite…Purchase – Mayvers Dark Roasted PBPB- Chase the Red Grape

This. Is. Amazing! I always want my PB to have a really strong taste of peanuts and due to the dark roasting process in making this PB, the flavour is on point. It really reminds me of the freshly ground PB I got in Melbourne. Thank you Kristy for recommending it to me, you were right!

Favourite…Food/Drink – La Zuppa Soupssoup - chase the red grape

Finding a range of ready made soups that a) are enough food and b) have an ingredients list that you would use yourself to make soup, is really difficult. That’s why finding these soups by La Zuppa was such a great find! They are ideal on a Saturday when we want something warm in our tummy, quickly after doing the weekly shop. I just add some leftover cooked chicken to it and serve it along side some corn chips and winner winner!

Favourite…Link – Buzzfeed – 22 Tweets About Families That Are Hilariously Real

This article is brilliant! And so true…!

Favourite…Workout – Accessory workcrossfit - chase the red grape

After every WOD we do some form of accessory work – building muscle, stretching, toning etc. I always really look forward to this because I can slow my body down after a tough WOD by keeping it moving whilst also focusing on set muscle groups and making them stronger. I enjoy it just as much as the WOD sometimes, especially when it includes some kettle bell work like farmers carries, stiff legged/ single leg deadlifts or high pulls.

Weekend Plans – Saturday – Farmers market and weekly shop, then off to ‘Nostalgia Box’ – a video game museum that has all the consoles from the past… that you can play with! As long as they have a game boy (with pokemon) and a playstation (with Crash Bandicoot 4) I will be happy… no pressure! Sunday – Pancakes and newspapers, beach walk, coffee, food prep and chill!

Have a great weekend, and a happy 4th of July to all my American friends – eat something red, white and blue for me!

What is your favourite board game?

On the flip side – what is your favourite video game?

If you could have a big bowl of soup what kind would it be?

Linking Up with Heather @LifeInLeggings

Exploring your talents #5TTT

Hi all,

What first comes to mind when you hear the word ‘talent’?

I don’t know about you, but I automatically think of talent shows with people belting out ballads or doing magic tricks… but do you ever think of yourself and your talents?

I find it hard to toot my own horn, as I have mentioned many times before, but a conversation with David the other day really got me thinking – what is my talent?

My first thought was to say nothing actually (I know, I know, talk about putting myself down). But when I really thought about it, I realised I have quite a few talents – writing for one, cooking being another. And I’m sure if I really listened to what others tell me, combined with what I find joyful in life, I’m sure I could think of many more.Exploring your talents - chase the red grape

Have you ever explored your talents? For this weeks ‘5 Top Tips on a Tuesday’ we can dive head first into what makes us shine, helping us identify and promote our amazing qualities.

Entertain them

In order to expose your talents, you really do have to entertain them. I started blogging 3 years ago. Did I know I would be good? Did I know I could write? Heck no! I just felt the urge to write and communicate with others and the skill developed. All of our exceptional sports men and women didn’t start out exceptional, they just had a spark, a knack/ way of doing things that made them stand out – they entertained their talents with hard work and boom, look where they are today. You may not want an Olympic gold but allowing your unique talent to grow can promote such self confidence and pride – it’s a great feeling.

Allow them to be your hobby… and beyond

It is perfectly acceptable to let your talent be your hobby. But for some their talent really does shine in their career. If I use David for example, he is super talented in his role at work. For him, the ideas that inspire him day in, day out to constantly strive to develop new products is mind blowing. He has a genuine talent and the lucky guy also gets paid for it! It’s ok for your talent to be found within your job – embrace it and be pleased that you get to let it shine every day!

Express yourself – be an individual

What your talent may be, is up to you, but chances are developing and engaging in it will allow you to be an individual. It will allow you to express who you really are and feel. It might be writing via blogging, taking pictures or pouring love into a recipe but let your own personality shine through. Own it!

Find time

Our talents bring us joy and help us to feel unique and special. It’s perfectly ok to want to shout about them from the rooftops if you want to – it’s allowed, you’re good at it! But in order to really honour your talents you must find time for them. As I have mentioned many times before, make what you love a priority and life will love you back.

It’s not always what you think

Really struggling to define what some of your talents might be? I hear you. We can often shower praise on others, but on ourselves is a different story. Asking a friend or family member that you trust often helps… but do we truly believe them?

Sometimes your talents are to be found in areas out with the norm. As with life, think outside the box. Your talent could be in your listening skills, working with children or the elderly, your ability to organise or even in lighter aspects of life – ironing, catching a ball, doing crosswords or finding good bargains at the store! They all matter. They all make you, YOU.

Tell me some of your talents!

What is the one talent you wish you had?

Do you have any little quirky talents? – I can make anything fit in a suitcase – gold star packer right here!5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Currently – June

Hi all,

How’s the week treating you?

I’m currently in that odd phase – you know, the one you feel when you are back in your routine after a holiday. I’m not ‘down’ or ‘sad’, it’s more that I am missing that focal point, that aim and the little buzz in your tummy that looking forward to a holiday brings.

It’s a bit too early to plan another holiday right now, especially seen as it will probably be a small break, staycation style and therefore not really requiring a lot of planning. And I certainly have plenty on my plate. I think the problem is, when we go on holiday, break the routine and then return to it, cracks start to appear. We start to see those things we aren’t so happy with and therefore need to find the courage to change it.

So I’m working on it. Identifying what it is that is making me feel so ‘odd’ and making adjustments. First one on the list was feeling lonely whilst writing from home. So now I spend 3 out of the 5 week days writing in the library. Just for a few hours each of those days but boy does it make me feel better. The walk there and back in the fresh air helps so much too – it’s so easy to want to stay inside during winter. Making positive changes like this one really does inspire me to work on more, lets see how I go!currently - chase the red grape

For now though, I get to sit in my beautiful library and bring to you my ‘Currently’ post for June. Linking up with lovely Amanda over @RunningWithSpoons for ‘Thinking Out Loud’. Let’s hop to it!


Book – Harry Potter and The Order of the PhoenixHarry Potter - Chase the Red Grape

On to book 5! Thoroughly enjoyed re-reading The Goblet of Fire again but would I put it as my favourite one of the series now? I don’t know. Sometimes when you read things as you are older it changes your perspective. Now book 3 (Prisoner of Azkaban) that was more of a winner.

Obsession – The Sunrisesunrise - chase the red grape

We have some seriously amazing sunrises and sunsets here in Perth. I love seeing them most mornings as we return from CrossFit. This was my view on Wednesday, It was ruby red when I woke and by the time I got my camera it was like this.

Craving – Vietnamese Iced Coffeecoffee - chase the red grape

Had one in Melbourne and been dreaming of one ever since! It’s super sweet but just incredible in flavour…. maybe my body is just craving sugar… or coffee… or both!

Food – Freshly ground PBPB - Chase the red grape

We picked up this tub of freshly ground peanut butter from the market in Melbourne, and yes, took the rest of it back on the plane with us. We are almost finished it now, boo, but it has just been so delicious and flavourful – probably due to the dark roasting of the nuts before the grind. And it was super cheap too – wish we could get it from our market here. Sadly just ‘hipster’ nut butters at our one…

Drink – All the tea!tea - chase the red grape

I love coffee but sometimes I need a hot drink without the caffeine (or smaller amounts) – hello tea! We have a nice variety at home but I always keep coming back to the peppermint and liquorice, it’s so good. And really refreshing too!

Procrastination – People watching in the librarylibrary - chase the red grape

One minute I am writing, next minute I am watching people, it’s like ‘squirrel’ for humans! But I genuinely enjoy watching people, seeing what types of books they are carrying and thinking about what type of person they are.

Blessing – Health and Happiness

After various happenings over the past few weeks, it has become evermore clear to me how blessed I am to wake up each day in good health and to feel happy. We should never take this for granted.

Excitement – Cinema

Off to the cinema this weekend I think, and as it is due to rain I am happy at the thought of being inside. Now just the decision of what to go and see… We have different releases compared to those in the Northern Hemisphere but I do know that Independence Day 2 is out, and as a big fan of the first one, I think it has to be done.

(On a plus note it will probably be kid free too as they will all be off seeing Finding Dory, which is not one for me. I love Disney/Pixar but I did not understand the wonder of Finding Nemo at all.)

Bane of my existence – Winterwinter - chase the red grape

It’s not a ‘bad’ winter by any means here in Perth, but I’m just so over it now. Winter without Christmas is dull. Christmas always brings so much sparkle and delight in those darker months and we don’t have anything. Not even a public holiday until September!

TV Show – The West Wing

A chunk of the way through the penultimate series now… this programme just keeps on getting better and better. If you get the chance to watch it, please do. It is pure gold and the best thing I have watched in a very long time.

Mood – Happy and cosy

I’m writing which makes me happy and the library is super toasty warm. Win win!

Do you ever get that odd feeling after returning to a routine?

Are you a people watcher?

What is your favourite variety of tea?