Thinking Out Loud!

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Hope you are well and ready to rock Thursday!


Time for some ‘Thinking Out Loud’ action with the fantastic fellow date loving Amanda over @RunningwithSpoons!

1) Rising Up! With the Falcons


Yes the time has come! On Saturday, David and I will be heading down to London to see our NFL team, the Atlanta Falcons play at Wembley Stadium against the Detroit Lions. We are beyond excited! We both love the sport, David especially so, and we never thought we would ever see our team play (unless we moved to the states) and to see them play on home ground, wow it will be awesome! Fingers crossed we win!

(Cant wait to see Matt Ryan in the flesh… sorry David!)

2) London Baby!









Getting to see the game means another trip to one of my favourite cities in the world, London! We have a few other bits planned while we are there –Borough Market on Sunday (the best day!), shopping at the Westfield Centre, seeing the poppy display outside the Tower of London and Chipotle to name but a few! I would love to do so much more but we just won’t have time – is there ever enough time to see everything in London? Doubt it!

3) Documentaries

hungry-for-change-oct-2( Source

I have spent some time this week watching health documentaries on Netflix – for pleasure, for extra learning as a health coach, for writing inspiration and to just see where different folk come from on the stance of health. There are 2 that I wish everyone would watch though –

  • Hungry for Change
  • Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Both highlight the problems in today’s society regarding health and both suggest ways to tackle it. Hungry for Change in particular is amazing for breaking down the why’s, what’s, how’s and potential solutions. Would recommend to anyone, especially those who may want to start a healthy lifestyle but are confused on which way to go and why.

4) Artificial Sweeteners






While we are talking about health, I just want to mention one bit of information that I came across in a podcast I listened to this week. Did you know that there is a ‘daily safe recommended limit of artificial sweeteners’? Did you also know that the safe limit is equivalent to 2 diet sodas or 3 sweet and low packets? And that’s it!?

Now I have cut artificial sweeteners out of my diet and feel so much better for it, but I was still shocked at how low the safe daily allowance is. How many of you out there, or know folk out there, who drink more than 2 diet sodas in a day? Or use an abundance of sweetener in their tea or coffee, beyond those 3 little packets?

We have those traffic light diagrams on our food packets here in the UK, indicating foods high in sugar, fat, calories and all the easily manipulated stats, but why doesn’t it indicate high sweetener content? It may be ‘low in sugar’ but it certainly does not make ‘high in sweetener’ safe/ healthy!

5) Persimmons / Fruit

20131103 - Food






Yep these bad boys are back in our stores! I was a bit obsessed about them last year… ate one every day! Bought some this week and although I enjoyed it, I think my ‘sweetness’ level has definitely altered since last year – the ripe ones are now far too sweet, and they used to be my favourites. Now I prefer the harder, crunchier ones. Or maybe an apple instead! Glad to clamp down a bit on sweet foods, even if they are from natural sources. I actually have been going the same way with bananas – maybe the green ones aren’t so bad after all!

And there we have it folks, some of my rambles from the day!

Sorry it’s a short one, but I have an online health conference to attend to! Such a sponge for knowledge, I love it! #Youcanneverknowenough

Do you support a sport team?

Are documentaries your thing?

Have you ever changed your mind on a fruit?

The Joy of Apples!

Hi all,

Hope you are well this fine Wednesday! It’s a bit cold blustery and wet here today but it is the tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo so to be expected!

I normally don’t like to do a recipe post one week after my last one but as soon as I heard yesterday was ‘National Apple Day’ I knew I had to do something to highlight these beauties.


For those in luck, apples are in peak season right now and are delicious. We sadly don’t have the ‘apple picking’ culture over here but we do have some of the most amazing, delicious British apples and they are just so yummy right now. I picked up a bag of 6 English Windsor apples at the weekend for £1! Unheard of!

So get out, buy some amazing seasonal apples and either eat the delights on their own or make some of the wonderful recipes below which helps them to shine even more!

Paleo Apple Crisp – Primal Palate

(Yes I listed them last week, however, I made this dish on Saturday and I don’t think any dish has made me so happy before! I was grinning from ear to ear it was that yummy!)

apple crispApple Spinach Chicken –


Crock Pot Apple Sauce – Against all Grain

apple sauce

Grain Free Mixed Nut Muffins – Cotter Crunch

(To use the apple sauce in a different way!)













10 Minute Sweet Potato and Apple Sauté – The Lean Green Bean

sweet pot and apple



Stuffed Double Pork and Sage Baked Apples  – PaleOMG

pork and sage

Autumn Kale Salad with Fennel, Honeycrisp and Goats Cheese – Cookie and Kate













Enjoy! Eat those apples while you can!

Linking up with Jen over @PeasandCrayons for What I Ate Wednesday!

How do you like to eat apples?

Do you prefer them in sweet or savoury dishes?

Favourite variety?  

CrossFit – Grin and Bear the Grind!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and had a fantastic autumnal weekend!

We had the sunshiny crisp blue skies of the season one day, then wet and windy the next! Luckily the day we had to go out was the nice one so that worked out well!

Oh and guys, we made the Paleo Apple Crisp that I mentioned in Wednesdays post… holy guacamole it was awesome! I was so full afterwards, full of apply goodness, my tummy was happy! I beamed all night – dont you love it when food puts you in such a happy good mood? (you can see pics on my Instagram page! ). 

Anyhoo, on to today’s topic, last weeks CrossFit recap!

 Monday Morning (13th)

monday wod












After a block run, we had the joy of listening to ‘Happy’ by Pharell – doing a burpee every time he says happy or happiness. Burpees = happiness = I don’t think so! Especially when there is a part of the song where he just sings in the background ‘happy, happy, happy, happy’. Don’t try it.

I love Romanian deadlifts – yep, I know I am an oddity but I like them. Love that feeling of a stretch in my hamstrings (hate the DOMS after…). Got up to 40kg, pleased with that.

We had to superset these with push press – I worked up to 22.5kg and felt good doing it.

The WOD was a good – front lunges (25kg), the more I do them, the more I like them. The press ups, well, I struggle with them to be honest but I am aware that the more I do them the better I will be at them so just got to grin and bear it! I finished in 9 minutes 49 seconds.

Tuesday Morning (14th)

tuesday wod












Power snatches are up! As I mentioned a few weeks ago, the next time these were to come up I was going to go low and right and that’s what I did. I worked up to 17.5kg quite quickly and stuck with that, feeling what was going right and wrong and working on it. Definitely feel better with them.

The WOD was a killer – the 21 kettle bell swings (12kg) were alright but the clean and jerks felt so heavy after the snatches and the not mentioned insane mobility session beforehand, my arms were smoked. I began at 25kg but after taking so long just to do 3 clean and jerks I dropped down to 20kg and that was still hard! I finished in 13 minutes 5 seconds.

Thursday Morning (16th)

thursday wod












Loved the first part of the WOD today.

Back squats felt heavy but good. Crazy Jen went for all sets at 80% of her 1RM – 35kg. I tried to swap but Coach encouraged me to stick. Glad he did – it felt awesome turning my 5RM into my 8RM!

The squats were superset with kettle bell strict presses. You use 2 bells, bring them up to clean – knuckles touching, then strict press them up. I went with 2x 8kg bells and it was tough but a great way to really feel those presses and improve technique.

The final WOD was ok – after the block run (500m) I had approx 2 minutes left to do a wall walk and hold for as long as possible (my scale). I managed a total of 1 minute hold in the first round and 45 seconds in the last. Gotta get used to being upside down!

Friday Morning (17th)

friday wod












The bar toes to bar were difficult for me as I find it very tough lying on my back and holding the 15kg bar above me (off the floor) – never mind then lifting the legs to reach the bar. But I worked though it, and tried to use my core to the best of my ability. And yep I had to do my share of bar pull ups! In 10 minutes I did 35 reps of the 50.

The EMOM was a toughie but a goodie. Thrusters suck but I managed to work up to 25kg and keep my form good – always the main thing.

The rest came and went and we were on to wall balls. Thrusters = jelly arms. Jelly arms = no use for wall balls! We were to test how many we could do in the 3 minutes at the end of the WOD compared to when we did the same on the 3rd of the month. I managed 33 wall balls, how is that compared to last time? Exactly the same! Only I could do that, a complete fluke (I couldn’t even remember what I did last time until I checked my book!).

And then on Saturday, a great ‘Yoga for CrossFit’ session… it felt really good!

Thinking Out Loud!

Hi all,

Yay it’s Thinking Out Loud Thursday! I can’t be the only one out there who secretly but vocally admits that today is the best blog post day!

Cause for me, it’s always random and unplanned – such a blogging release! Thank you Amanda @Runningwithspoons for allowing us bloggers to have a space to BREATHE and major congrats on 100 TOL posts!


1) Culzean Castle

Remember I told you David was off on vacation last week? Well last Wednesday we went on a wee road trip down the West Coast of Scotland to visit Culzean Castle (pronounced Cul-leen). It was beautiful and such a wonderful day with my love. Here are a few of my favourite pics…


















2) Starbucks

A few days back I read that the first call made on an iPhone was by Steve Jobs – he called Starbucks and prank ordered 4,000 lattes. I told David this and, as the geeks we are, we tried to workout numbers – could one branch of Starbucks really make 4,000 lattes, how many drinks does one Starbucks branch actually make? So I decided to do my own experiment.

As I sit here now I took a half an hour period and noted down how many customers came to the desk. I then times that by 2 to get an hour and then multiplied that by 14, the number of hours it is open in a day.

In half an hour they made 24 drinks. That’s 48 per hour. So approx 672 per day.

Now I know my stats are full of flaws and there will be times they are busier than others but as an average, 672 is quite a lot. But it also makes 4,000 (unless it was a Starbucks factory) extremely impossible! Ha! (What a geek…!)

3) Inspiral Kale Chips


I am obsessed about these chips! They taste so good – the kale is baked with cashew cream and nutritional yeast… holy yum! Then have some other flavours like cacao, baobab and onion and wasabi. All gluten free, all tasty! It’s a good job I can only buy them from Whole Foods and it’s not nearby… I want a bag every day! I <3 kale!

4) Yoga

These past 2 Saturdays, David and I have been heading to Yoga for CrossFit at our CrossFit box. I am hooked! I love the mental de-stress, I love the mobility work and general stretching. Also our instructor Cat is so calming and engaging, helping us to get the most out of our session. We hope to make it a routine, what better a way to start your Saturday!?

5) Christmas Shopping










Yep I am in fact starting my Christmas Shopping! It’s so great to spread out the cost and it also means that you never have to ‘panic buy’ for anyone. I think in the UK our stores start to get Christmassy earlier than elsewhere because we don’t have any holidays in the running up to Christmas. Halloween isn’t that big a deal and obviously we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. So if it means we get a little bit more Christmas love then I think it’s well deserved!

6) T K Maxx


I think this has to be my favourite store! I love hunting out bits and bobs here. Surprising, I rarely buy clothes for me, but get so many home items, gifts, clothes for David etc. I also manage to find wonderful tasty goodies, like vanilla nut coffee and avocado oil cooked crisps (chips). But yesterday I found these. Kettle Popcorn. Cooked in coconut oil, which is such a rarity, I snapped them up! Guys, they are lethal. One taste and you want to eat the whole bag! And I know if I wasn’t around to stop David, he totally would have. They won’t last long!

Are you a closet geek?

Found any good products recently?

Started your Christmas shopping yet?

You’re Invited To Dinner! (Recipe Love!)

Hi all,

Welcome to my home! You are invited to dinner!

As I want to be the ‘hostess with the mostest’, I want to cook a meal I know you will love!

So come dine with me and let me know what you fancy!

(Click on the titles for links to the recipes…)


Here are your options…



Vermontucky Lemonade – by SmittenKitchen OR

mulled cider












Mulled Cider – by Jamie Oliver?














Basil Pesto Part Almonds – By Cookie and Kate OR


Spiced Pepitas – By Melissa Joulwan?


pumpkin soup











Pumpkin Soup (actually made in the pumpkin!) – by Pure Wow OR










Slow Cooker Smoky Braised Chicken and Fennel – By Real Simple?


apple crisp

Paleo Apple Crisp – by Primal Palate? OR

maple pumpkin

Maple Pumpkin Custard – by Danielle at Against All Grain?

After Dinner, with GREAT coffee of course!

almond butter







Inside Out Almond Butter Cups – by Peachy Palate OR


Salted Chocolate Coconut Pistachio Clusters – by PaleOMG?

Choices Choices!

What do you want me to cook? Let me know below!

(Linking up with Jen over @PeasandCrayons for ‘What I ate Wednesday’)

And if I could invite you all to dinner, I soooo would!

CrossFit – Just get to work!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and had a fab weekend!

Sure is getting cold here in Glasgow, but seeing all the leaves change colour and being able to wear scarves again is making it all worth it! Anyone else love wearing scarves?!

Anyhoo, enough on the weather (it truly is ALL Brits talk about…!), time for some CrossFit recaps from last week.

Monday Morning (6th)

Monday WOD












(We have been continuing our pull up progressions and been doing them all week. Going well still, will let you know when I have made a big leap!)

Time to snatch! The power snatch clinic was useful, but the main thing I told myself a while back was that when snatches came up again, I was going to go low and get technique spot on (i.e. not having to ‘press’ that last section out). So that’s what I did and it worked. For the first time it felt great doing hang snatches. I only got to 15kg with the weight but it was worth going down and knowing how they should feel!

The AMRAP was fun! I did jumping chest to bar pull ups and for the first time was able to truly hit the bar with my chest. I had always been a bit ‘funny’ with whacking my chest into a steel bar! But I trust myself a bit more with it now + added strength made it more controlled. I completed 5 rounds plus 5 C2B in the 8 minutes.

Tuesday Morning (7th)

Tuesday WOD












Back on the squats! I got up to 35kg for my 80% and worked on a progression of 2 seconds down, 2 second hold and explosive up. These progressions are awesome, honing in on technique and making you feel stronger and more in control of the weight.

The strict presses were relatively light as I need to revisit my 1RM. But I got up to 20kg and was pleased with that.

The WOD was a killer as it was freezing outside and the box is roasting. So every time you came back in from the run it was like walking into a sauna. I did not want to do lightheaded lunges! But I did it – with 25kg on my bar in a time of 15 minutes 46 seconds. Sometimes you just gotta get on with it!  

Thursday Morning (9th)

Thursday WOD












Some gymnastic action today! Focusing on quality over quantity.

The ball ups were done from the floor with a barbell behind me, simulating the rig bar. I reached my arms back to reach the barbell and brought my knees up until they were touching my ears (get me?). Coming back down from this in a controlled manner was where it was really tough!

The rest were the same, focusing on quality and keeping things tight and controlled. Felt better especially with the KB ring dips – could knock more out in a row than previous.

The 45 thrusters, well, who loves a thruster? Ha! But with a 5 minute time cap you just got to go to work! I went with 20kg on my bar and completed it in 4 minutes 53 seconds!

Friday Morning (10th)

Friday WOD

Imagine it’s 6.30am, you are standing in your CrossFit box. Sometimes brains do not function to their full potential at this time. And as result, we read this WOD completely wrong. Coach thought we had to do ALL the reps each. So 100 DU’s/skips, 100 FS, 100 PP EACH and so on and so forth.

In actual fact, it was only the double unders/ skips that had to be done each, the rest could be shared amongst the team of 4. Sadly we did not realise this at the time….

So, after we had taken it in turns to do our skips, the four of us went on to completing our front squats and push presses! Holy guacamole it was tough!

Mentally we all thought ‘how are we going to get this all done, how can anyone get it done without being here for hours’. Physically we were all pushing ourselves. We called it after we had all completed our sets of 100. It took us 55 minutes and 9 seconds to do that.

Luckily, it was realised that a mistake had been made before the others did the WOD later in the day. Who knows how long it would have taken to complete if that was the case! I do believe the four of us could have completed the correct WOD in 55 minutes though…!

Well if our brains weren’t working at that time at least our bodies were!

On a side note, the past few CrossFit sessions have got me thinking, when is it time to try when there is a high chance you know you might fail? There have been a few WOD’s recently where I have been left thinking that maybe I could have gone a bit heavier? But could I have completed them? Is it better to go lighter and complete a WOD or heavier and know you probably won’t? What would you do?

Dealing with Anger and Frustration!

Hi all,

Hope you are well!

Today, I want to Think Out Loud! But in a different way…

Today, I want you to think about Anger and Frustration.

angry 1






What makes you angry or frustrated? – People, situations, choice or lack of?

Why does it make you angry?  – Is something not going your way, has someone said or not said something, did you are someone else do something wrong?

How do you react? – Do you bottle or burst? Do you let that anger turn into stress, do you yell, do you get upset?

There will of course be areas of your life where you will be angry or frustrated. Your emotions are always valid – but it’s how you deal with them that counts.

angry 2(source)

Next time you feel angry or frustrated, try these exercises to help you deal with/ control the emotion.

  • Take 3 seconds to think before you respond.

– Doing this means you are less likely to say something you will regret or something rash.

  • Write down what and why something made you angry.

– Revisit this the next day. I guarantee 8 out of 10 times you do this, you will realise it did not require the emotion you gave it.

  • Talk

-Talk afterwards to someone neutral, when you have calmed down. For example if it is a situation at work, wait until you get home and speak to your partner about it. Don’t necessarily ask their opinion on the matter, sometimes just speaking your frustration out loud to someone is enough. No matter what their opinion, you felt this way about a situation and those feelings count.

  • Vent in another way

– Do a WOD, go for a run, sing, listen to music etc, something that will allow you to release rather than simply bottle it away. If you do not face your emotions they will return.

anger 3






Now, I’m not saying I have this in check, far from it! This is a reminder to myself more than anything! But if we deal with these emotions, rather than bottling them up or getting outwardly angry maybe we can learn to deal with the situation better. Managing stress levels as a result and hopefully being happier people – which of course is what we all want in life!

How do you deal with your anger or frustration?

Do you bottle or burst?

What is making you angry at the present (if anything!)?

Linking up today with Amanda over @Runningwithspoons.


CrossFit – Pushed to the Max!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and had a fab weekend!

I am so excited as David is on holiday! Yay! Lots of fun!

Off to see Gone Girl at the cinema this afternoon – haven’t read the book but know it’s going to be good! I love the cinema in the afternoon, so quiet!

Anyhoo, fun times for just now, my CrossFit recap from last week!

Monday Morning (29th)

Monday WOD












We are starting a new pull up programme at our box – starting on our max and then working up on reps each day. For example, I am on box pull ups. Today I did 5 sets of one rep. Tomorrow I will do 1 set of 2 reps, then 4 sets of 1 rep and so on and so forth. Great way to improve strength. Gosh even doing these box pull ups I can see how much strength I have gained in the past few months, couldn’t do one fully before!

20 rep back squat – aka breathless squats! You either love or hate high reps. I don’t mind them – think I would rather do low weight for high reps than high weight for low reps, but that’s just me! I did my 20 reps at 30kg –and was huffin’ and puffin’ by the end with jelly legs!

The kettle bells were fun – 15 minutes was a long time but you just had to focus – this girl does not want burpees! I used a 10kg kettle bell and completed 15 cycles in the time.

Tuesday Morning (30th)

Tuesday WOD












Pull up progression – 2-1-1-1-1 – looking good!

Glad to be revisiting 5RM deadlifts, been a while! Managed to get 5 reps at 65kg – which, oh yeah, just happens to be my current 1RM! Boom! Attempted 70kg but could only manage 1 rep so guess I have a new 1RM too!

We had a 7 minute time cap on the main WOD – tough as after 10 push ups, my arms were jelly. But I pushed through the push press (20kg) and tried my best to keep only my chest touching the ground in the press ups but as the WOD went on that got harder and harder. Completed 3 rounds plus 10 push ups in the 7 minutes.

Thursday Morning (2nd)

Thursday WOD












Ok we started with listening to Rhianna’s Diamonds – every time she says ‘diamond’ you have to do a burpee… what’s worse doing burpees or listening to Rhianna???

Pull up progression – 2-2-1-1-1

20 rep front squat time – before this we did some killer mobility. I mean killer – I was tearing up! But I guess it did the trick – 20 rep at 25kg!

The WOD? Well it was going well until the second set of high knees – I didnt have a grip on the bar so used my leg to balance myself at the side – not allowed! So I got a score of 0 high knees for round 2. Rules are rules…

I completed in 11 minutes 30 seconds and my high knee reps went – 20, 0, 22. Gah so frustrated at myself for that 0!!!!

Friday Morning (3rd)

Friday WOD












The CrossFit gymnastic totals were a great way to see our progress. On my scale level I was tested on max box pull ups (3), max box handstand hold (1 minute) and max plank hold (3 minutes 15 seconds – oh yeah!!!).

The front rack lunges! Holy glutes! Everything burned, everything was being pushed to the max- it was awesome!

But my butt, arms and legs were not happy with wall balls –anyone happy with wall balls? I managed 33 in the 5 minutes – what a workout!

Pushed to the max this week – but that’s what CrossFit is all about. I look back and realise all my strengths this week and take them forward. My weaknesses? Nah, more like works in progress.

Thinking Out Loud!

Hi all,

This week has been crazy! Loads of ups and downs and randomness in between  – please hurry up weekend!


But first I have my blogging highlight of the week – Thinking Out Loud!

Linking up with the ever awesome Amanda over @RunningwithSpoons

1) Chilly







Only day 2 of October and already the temperatures have plummeted and we have had rain! Not had significant rain in weeks! Yesterday it was on and off and on and off… Today I went to CrossFit and it was 7 degrees C outside (44 F)! Normally its about 12-14 degrees – and yes, those few degrees make all the difference! Sign of things to come? Hope not! There is still so much ‘green’ around – maybe now really is the start of autumn!

2) Holiday

20140426 - New Lanark-5






Holiday time! Well, not really but kind of… David is on holiday/ vacation next week, for the whole week! Yay! I will still need to do my school work of course and I will still blog on 2 days but I just cannot wait for some company and for him to be with me at home! I miss him during the day! I will post Monday and Thursday next week but am taking Wednesday off to go on a little road trip! I know you guys won’t mind, we all need a break. But I do promise some gorgeous autumnal Scotland pictures in exchange… how does that sound?

3) iPhone







Yes folks I finally did it, I got an iPhone! I got a 5s (gold, if you are wondering…) which I am super happy with and David and I spent most of last weekend setting up our new phones, downloading apps and taking everything off our old phones that we wanted to keep. People, I had over 450 photos on my old phone #bloggerproblems. Still to transfer over my music but that can wait, mostly listen to podcasts on my iPhone (old Ipod) anyway. Which leads me on to….

4) Instagram


Yes I am now posting on Instagram! I have had an account for a while but mostly to follow others – couldn’t get the app on my blackberry so uploading photos was a nightmare and took time I didn’t have. Now I have an iPhone I can do it properly and love it! You can find and follow me on Instagram at chasetheredgrape. Simple!

I have also downloaded the Pinterest app – why do I have a feeling this app may result in major battery loss!

5) CrossFit in Space!

I know! Seriously it’s true! NASA are working on a way to get astronauts working out WOD style while in space! Muscle loss is a major issue for them and keeping strong is a necessity, what better way to do it! Although strapping yourself down with a barbell sounds crazy… but no gravity, I could lift 200kg…! Nah, it sadly doesn’t work like that – check out this article for more info – HERE.

6) International Kale Day


Yesterday was international kale day, which just left me craving kale all day! I don’t think I could ever get sick of eating kale, so cliché for a healthy living blogger but I don’t care – bring me the kale! My favourite way to eat it is sautéed and seasoned with salt and pepper, then served with a drizzle of tahini on top – and a side of eggs is never a bad idea either!

7) Mint Tea

Lately I have been craving mint tea, I can’t believe I am even picking it over coffee in Starbucks (still need my coffee fix in the morning though so don’t worry I haven’t gone all crazy!). There is just something so soothing and relaxing about it… maybe it’s my body’s way of telling me to slow down and relax this week. My tummy seems to enjoy it, and as we all know, a happy tummy is a happy person!

Is it cold with you?

What sport would you like to try in space?

Love, like or loathe kale?

Omnipotent CrossFit Paleo Blog Posts!

Hi all,

Happy 1st of October! Can I be cliché and say what everyone else has been saying, ‘where did September go?’. I guess time does fly when you are having fun!

Well the end of September for me marked the end of our CrossFit Boxes Paleo Experiment – where I was writing a blog post for their webpage every week day in September on all things Paleo!


It was so much fun to do and I loved being able to write about Paleo and everything it entails. My aim was not to get everyone to convert to a ‘Paleo Lifestyle’, more to get people thinking about their health and all that entails. Diet is such a major part of your health – I wanted to show how some simple changes in your diet could lead to gaining your health back, promoting and boosting it for the future.

I hope it achieved its goal! I certainly gained a lot from it, learning as a writing, researcher and simple organisation – it sure wasn’t easy juggling blogging, writing for the Omni blog and going back to school all at the same time – but it was definitely worth it!

So, to mark the end of my project, I have decided to bring to you some of my favourite posts from the Paleo Experiment for you to click and read! There is something for everyone, Paleo or not – so why not take a wee peak and see!

Health – Exploring more into what health really means. It’s not simply diet alone. My favourite post! Click HERE to read.


Recipes – Every Friday I did a recipe post to give inspiration for a foodie weekend!  Some tasty looking treats especially in this one. Click HERE to read.

Costco Shopping List – A great post highlighting the clean eating goodies you can buy at Costco. Yes this is UK specific but I am pretty certain if we have it here you would definitely have it in say, North America! Click HERE to read.


Banana Chia Pudding – Well I had to show all my fellow CrossFitters my Chia Pudding recipe. Click HERE to read it, just in case you missed my blog post!

Banana Chia Pudding

Sweet Potato Topping Ideas – A staple for so many! But time to think out of the box with toppings! Click HERE to read.

20140227 - I'm Close to My Food

Whole Foods Shopping List – Similar to Coscto, I’m sure if we have it, you guys have it! Click HERE to read!

Sweet Potatoes – Yay or nay?

Do you shop at Costco or Whole Foods?

Do you see health as more than just what you eat?

Linking up with Jenn @Peasandcrayons for What I ate Wednesday. This IS what I eat! #practicewhatyoupreach