Crossfit – You want me to climb an 18 foot rope?!

wods and all

Hi all!


Happy Halloween!


Hope you all have some spooky fun plans for the day. I hope to write about ours tomorrow!


Time to recap my latest Crossfit workout. Normally David and I do Monday and Thursday Crossfit sessions but this week, due to Halloween plans, we decided to switch to a Tuesday workout.


I must admit, my body did struggle slightly with 2 sessions in a row, nothing too major and my energy levels were still high, it’s just that I felt a bit sore on Wednesday. But then again, it could have just been what we were doing and the fact that I am upping the intensity/weight now and my body is just getting used to it. Either way I am feeling fine now so no problems – foam roller does work wonders, even if it is painful when you do it!

tues wod 2


We began with some general stretches, burpees and muscle holds to warm up which did the trick and got us going. Then we moved on to something I never done in my life before – rope climbs!


Some of us had done it before, other novices but it was just rope climb tekkers so an ability to learn the techniques and practice them. We were taught 2 ways to do it by our coach, one the more common, the other a bit more tricky. In my eyes, the 2 options were the ‘sensible’ one and the ‘crazy stupid, why would you try that?’ one! The first option gave us all more control over the rope and really showed us how we should be using our legs 100% to do the climb, not our arms. I tried my best, the whole concept of climbing the rope does scare me quite a lot so I think I have to get over that fear first before I will be able to move any higher. However, I did, on my 3rd attempt did manage to climb slightly so I was pleased about that, showing that I understood the technique and process. David was amazing! Like me he had never done it before but he managed to climb to the top of the 18 foot rope! Hidden talent there!


I was glad to move on to strict presses after that! The strict press is so difficult – simply because you cannot use the ‘dip drive’ technique to move the bar, instead totally reliant on what your arms can do. We had to do 4 rounds of 10 and I managed 15kg. I was very pleased with that though – another example of my arms getting stronger!


The main WOD was a combo of thrusters and pull ups in a 5-4-3-2-1-1-2-3-4-5 pattern.


I really wanted to continue with pushing myself out of my comfort zone so although a weight of 12.5kg felt more ‘do-able’, I decided to up it to 15kg – and very glad I did too! The thrusters were tough and felt so heavy but I did it!


I did the pull ups with a medium band and was really pleased on how I did with them. Considering I have only done band pull ups once before, last week, and found them tough, I was zooming through them during this WOD! I really enjoyed them too! My arms must have been pumped!


A good workout, felt pleased with my progress afterwards and look forward to hopefully more improvements!


And, as it’s Halloween, another wee visit from Jack Skellington!

20131027 - Pumpkin Carving



Recipe – Roasted Fish with Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Olives and Basil!

Hi all,

Happy Hump Day!

Thought I would share with you the recipe for the roasted haddock that we made last Tuesday. It really was divine, super scrummy and so easy! Why not give it a go – you can use any white meaty fish you like so it’s very versatile too.

Roasted Haddock with Cherry Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Olives and Basil

20131022 - Baked Haddock-2


2 pieces of white meaty fish – your personal preference!

Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper

4 cloves of garlic – chopped

12 cherry tomatoes

6 mushrooms

8 olives – or more if you fancy!

2 handfuls of fresh basil


Take a baking tray and cover with foil. We then added a non stick reusable parchment paper sheet but you could just add a sheet of parchment paper. Place the fish on the tray and lightly drizzle with oil. Then season with salt and pepper. Rub all over the fish to make sure it has an even coating.

Then slice your tomatoes in half, mushrooms into chunks and tear your basil. Sprinkle with the garlic first, then the tomatoes, mushrooms, olives and basil over the fish.

20131022 - Baked Haddock

Place in the oven for 10 minutes, turn the tray and then cook for another 10 minutes. Keep an eye on the fish, depending on your choice and size it could require more or less time.

And voila! A delicious and nutritious dinner for two with so much flavour! We served ours with green beans but you could serve it with any vegetable of choice or salad. Or make left overs, break up the fish and serve through scrambled eggs the following day!

You could also mix and match the veggies in the dish – we were thinking of trying some courgette (zucchini) next time in the mix and maybe some red onion with some capers? So many options!


Crossfit – The Zombie Crew!

wods and all

Hi all,

Hope you are well. I’m having one of those Tuesdays when I feel like it is later in the week than it actually is! Never a good start!

My Crossfit session yesterday was slightly different than normal. As David and I were unable to book into the evening session (fully booked) we had to rethink our plans, and decided to try the morning session instead. Nicknamed the ‘Zombie Crew’ the session starts at 6.30am! That meant getting up at 5.45am, when it was still pitch black outside! Gotta love Crossfit to do this!

It wasn’t as difficult as expected. We had an early night on Sunday and as David and I are both morning people, getting up really wasn’t an issue. We also decided that due to the fact that we both do morning workouts/ runs without fuelling beforehand, a cup of hot honey and lemon and a shot of beet juice was all that was needed – meaning we didn’t need to factor in breakfast or a snack. This worked a treat by the way – our bodies were simply ready for breakfast (and a large cup of coffee) by the time we got home at 7.45am!

But on to the session itself! It was great as we were able to meet some new Crossfit folk who we normally wouldn’t meet as they tend to stick to morning sessions – no zombies here, just bright, friendly faces!

We began with a warm up of alternating skipping/ double unders for one minute intervals. Still no luck on the unders but I feel like I am almost there – more practice! Then we moved on to some stretches with the pvc pipes – especially good to get those arm muscles pumping for what was coming ahead.

CameraZOOM-20131028074101316 (1)

The first segment focussed on power cleans; to hang squat cleans to a clean. I was a bit nervous about returning to cleans after that crazy WOD the week before that took it out of me, but it really was the best thing to revisit it again and focus on getting it right. We were supposed to do 3 sets of 3 straight, then 3 rounds that we could break up, building on the weight. I wanted to really get some focus on my technique and moving from one move to the other so I stuck with a weight I was happy with but still heavy for me (12.5kg) and did just that. I do feel better and happier on cleans now, not there just yet on the confidence front but getting there and coach is doing a great job of honing my technique and showing me where I am going wrong and how to improve.

We then moved on to back squats – 6 rounds of 2 reps at 80% RM. My previous 1RM was 25kg but it was also my 5RM so I decided to start with 25kg and work from there. I needed to do a few rounds of 25kg to really get into it, my arms were sore from the cleans. By the end I was at 27.5kg, would have liked to have tried 30kg but ran out of time, next time though!

The main WOD was an 11 minute AMRAP, consisting of – 30 ab mat sit ups, 20 box jumps and 30 kettle bell swings (step ups for me and a kettle bell of 8kg). It was a tiring WOD but really good fun too! The ab mat sit ups were fine – feeling it in my abs soooo much today though! The step ups were good too but the kettle bell swings really were my favourite! I love the thrust and movement, strange I know but I always dig a workout that involves them – 30 in one go though was tough! I managed 2 rounds plus 20 step ups in the 11 minutes.

We then finished with some stretching and general chat which was great.

Overall David and I really loved the morning session! We arrived back home in plenty of time for David to get ready for work and get his breakfast, he actually left slightly earlier than normal! We both felt really pumped the rest of the day too – it didn’t tire us out any more than a general day does. I think the only thing we both noticed was that we were slightly more peckish throughout the day but that makes sense considering what our bodies had done in the morning plus with being up a lot earlier in general. And it was fab when David came home in the evening and we were able to just chill out – it definitely was less of a rush in the morning than in the evening. And hardly any traffic on the roads – score!

Will definitely be doing a mix of morning and evening sessions in the future!

Culture, Food and Fitness – My Weekend!

Hi all!

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend and had lots of fun/ chilled out/ went crazy/ whatever you wanted to get out of your time!

I thought I would share with you today my weekend. Crazy and packed as usual, but great fun!

On Saturday, David and I were heading off to Edinburgh. The reason being we had managed to get tickets to see ‘Power, Pop and Politics’ Andy Warhol exhibition at the Scottish Parliament. We were so excited to get tickets in the ballot – David and I really love art, both contemporary and traditional, and although novices, love expanding our minds and learning more and more as time goes on.


We headed on the train to Edinburgh (about 55 minutes away from Glasgow) and picked up some lunch on the way for us to have. One of my favourite salads from Pret a Manger – crayfish and avocado, along with a tomato we picked up, a banana and some pistachios to share. A yummy, tasty lunch! You can tell I was happy with my banana!


The Scottish Parliament building was completed in 2004 and some love its unique architecture, others not so much! I must admit, I’m not too keen on it from the outside, but from inside, it is incredible! Considering its use and purpose, it feels warm and cosy, inviting and intimate. It’s modern, yet feels like it has been there forever. Hard to explain why but definitely fun to explore! And you can, entry is free for all with tours taking place all day, or simply self guide. Will definitely return when we have more time to take a tour – it will be so interesting!


Anyway, more about the exhibition! The Warhol exhibition was part of a bigger exhibit on Andrew Carnegie, celebrating his legacy and 100 years of the Carnegie Trust. We had some time to spare before our time slot for the Warhol exhibit, so decided to take a look around the Carnegie one too – oh boy are we glad we did! I spent some time, briefly, looking at Carnegie and his work when studying for my degree and knew he made such an impact on the world, especially in the UK and USA. However, I did not quite realise the extent to which he has touched so many lives – truly inspirational. It seems crazy that we do not learn about Carnegie and his work in school, children should really be aware of his work – he could be a role model for so many people. For example we have a Carnegie library in my home town. I never knew until I went to university that it was paid for with an Andrew Carnegie grant. We have hundreds of Carnegie libraries in the UK, yet I wonder how many people know… We both loved learning more about him though and the exhibition was a real treat.


After this we headed to the Warhol exhibit – which as expected was just wonderful! David and I could have spent all day looking at the art and discussing it. There was information on each piece too which was great for a bit of background knowledge. This along with the book we purchased in the gift shop should boost our knowledge on this style of art! (No pictures I’m afraid of either exhibit – not allowed!).


We caught the train and when home, treated ourselves to a green tea with lemon, spiked with Jack Daniels (we had just spent 20 minutes battling the rain on the walk home, hot drink needed!). Very tasty!


Our usual Saturday cook–up then followed – doing all our food prep and cooking up the bits and bobs needed for the following week, along with dinner. Boy was I glad when we were done, I was exhausted! Cauliflower Crust pizza along with Strictly Come Dancing made up for it though, followed by an evening of Xfactor!


Sunday was just as productive! David headed out for his usual Sunday 10K run while I did an at home workout. I mixed it up a bit doing one round of fellow blogger Lauren’s @Ihadabiglunch ‘The Anywhere Workout’ and then one round of my own mix, followed by some foam rolling. My round consisted of

–          25 squats

–          10 triceps dips

–          Dumbbells – 15 vertical mid arm raises  – 15 side arm raises – 15 overhead shoulder raises

–          50 underleg passes with dumbbell

–          50 crunches

–          50 mountain climbers


I was ready for breakfast after that- yummy banana scramble with some oats for me, banana scramble, granola and Greek yoghurt for David… with coffee! (Oh and yes, could David get any more almond butter on his scramble!?).


After breakfast with news and cartoons (an eclectic combination!) we then headed out for our usual Sunday walk around our local park. Yes it was cold and wet but it didn’t stop us! The park was beautiful.


In the afternoon we decided to carve up our pumpkin for Halloween! We tried to do a Jack Skellington pumpkin (from Nightmare before Christmas) and I was so pleased on how it turned out! Looks good both in light and dark!

DSC0366720131027 - Pumpkin Carving

While making dinner we watched a bit of the London NFL game – poor Jaguars didn’t stand a chance. Then sat down with dinner and a childhood classic film – Casper! Such a blast from the past, I knew so many lines from watching that film over and over growing up. Brilliant end to a brilliant weekend!



Crossfit – Seeing my Ability!

wods and all


Hi all,

It’s Friday! Yay!

Got another action packed weekend ahead of me but most of all just really happy that it is Friday and I get to spend the next few days with my David – big smiles J

So to finish off the week, a roundup of last night’s Crossfit.

wod 21

I began with a warm up of a 440m row – I love the fact that at this time of year a warm up is literally just that – a chance to really warm your body up! Our box is freezing!

We then moved on to an extended warm up – 3 rounds for time of 5 wall balls, 10 push ups and 15 air squats. The wall balls weren’t fun but at least there were only 5. The push ups were frustrating as I really can’t do them very fast so they slowed me down. Tried to catch up with the air squats though, I do love a good squat! (Gosh only a Crossfitter would say that…!). I finished in 3 minutes 42 seconds. Not bad, not great but then again it’s not a race!

Next on the agenda was 5 rounds of 10 kipping pull ups. Kipping pull ups are way beyond my reach at the moment, in fact I hadn’t even really done pull ups – whenever pull ups are in a WOD, I normally do gym rows. Everyone was paired up and coach wanted to work with me, to really get to grips with pull ups before anything else. This was great, I love working with coach and soaking in all his advice. I worked with a medium strength band in order to pull up and was so pleased with what I was able to do! Considering I hadn’t done them before I was able to do all 5 rounds of 10, with a short rest in between and I really surprised myself on how strong my arms had become! They were tough, don’t get me wrong, but I can see my progression which is always fab!

David and I then paired up for 8 rounds of 4 front squats at 80% 1RM. I don’t have a 1RM for this at the moment so went with a starting weight of 17.5kg as this was my max 5RM. My collar bone was still quite sore after Monday’s WOD so I didn’t want to push it too much. In fact 17.5kg wasn’t actually far off my maximum – I reached 20kg and was happy with that.

The main WOD was another ‘arm heavy’ workout – which is great as I know I need to work on my arms to get stronger but always tough, especially with most of the session so far being arm focussed.

5 rounds for time – 12 push jerks and 12 sumo deadlift high pull (time cap of 12 minutes)

I went with a weight of 12.5kg, heavy for me and in the practice beforehand I was really unsure if I could do it – 12 of each for 5 rounds? But I knew I needed to get my weights up and thought to myself, ‘well I would rather only achieve 2 rounds at a heavier weight than finish 5 at a lower weight’.

It was tough and challenging, but I persevered with the weight and powered on through – learning continually how to use my core to help me drive the bar up and my form and ability improved as I went on. And I did it too – 5 rounds in 11 minutes 10 seconds!

I was so pleased after the WOD. I think upping the weight is something I must get used to and really step out of my comfort zone. I won’t ever push it – I know my limits but if I don’t try then I won’t find out what my body really has the ability to do. And this ability will only get higher as I get stronger. Now that’s exciting!

Happy weekend everyone!


Laughs and Smiles!

Hi all,

Hope you are enjoying your Thursday so far.

I think one of the most important things in life is being able to smile and laugh. Don’t you just feel so much better after a good giggle!? Therefore I must conclude that it is good for your health and wellbeing!  But this really is no joke, smiling and laughter lowers your stress levels which is good for your health!

So today I did a bit of research to find some good pictures and jokes to make us all smile and laugh together. Of course I tried to find ones with a health/ food/ fitness/ blogging twist!

Oh and by the way, I must warn you, I laugh at everything and find the silliest jokes hilarious, so sorry if they seem lame! Or they give you a ‘tumbleweed’ moment!

Hope you enjoy!

th (1)

What did the salt say to the pepper?

– ‘Hey baby, what’s shakin’?’

Why are bananas never lonely?

– Because they hang around in bunches!

abs joke


How do you know when a head chef in a restaurant is a clown?

– When the food tastes funny!

Why did the gym fire the new trainer?

– Because he didn’t know squat!

walk the line

( So true! Especially after a Crossfit WOD!)


Two TV antennas fell in love and got married

– The wedding was terrible but the reception was great!

What is a chickens favourite vegetable?

– An egg- plant!

blog 2


th (2)


And some funny Crossfit pictures – the baby below cracked me up!






A man drowned eating his muesli the other day…

– He was pulled in by the currant!

What is orange and doesn’t belong to you?

– Nacho Cheese!



And my favourite food joke on the planet that always cracks me up…

Why did the mushroom join the party?

– Because he was a fun-guy!

Finally a couple of Halloween inspired jokes to get you all in the spooky mood! Can’t believe the big day is next week!


What desert should be served at Halloween?

– Ice-scream!

What is a mummy’s favourite type of music?

– A Wrap!

Why was the ghost a messy eater?

– As he was always a’ goblin!

What type of food do vampires hate?

– Steak!



Big Thursday Smiles! 🙂


What I ate Wednesday!



Hi all,

Happy Wednesday!

It’s been a while since I did a conventional ‘What I ate Wednesday’ post so I thought I would take the opportunity to let you delve into the wonders of my eats yesterday! As always, thanks to Jenn @peasandcrayons for hosting the link up!

Breakfast – Banana Scramble and OJ


I am doing quite well in my challenge to get away from the dreaded cereal and am enjoying some pretty darn tasty breakfasts. I know this is a firm favourite but I only normally have it on a Sunday so was unsure on how it would keep me going through a normal weekday morning. It certainly did the trick! Not only was it incredibly delicious, it was the perfect fuel for a session at the gym, keeping me going all morning.

Post gym snack – Cox apple and nuts


I was peckish when I came back from the gym, as I normally am, so was looking forward to tucking into this lovely crisp apple (British of course!) along with some almonds, pistachios and a sole cashew (poor cashew). I may have also put some pumpkin seed butter on a few pieces of the apple…!

Lunch – Sweet Potato with cottage cheese and broccoli


Sweet potato and cottage cheese, always a winner – tasty, sustaining, nutritious, all good! I also love the fact that I can steam broccoli in the microwave so can easily have it as part of a quick lunch – yay! Starting to get to that point in the year when I don’t want salad with things but veggies instead. Could eat broccoli all day!

Snack – Greek yoghurt and grapes


Yummy as always.

I also had my daily 4 prunes as a snack but forgot to take a picture – whoops!

Dinner – Roasted haddock with cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, olives and basil, served with green beans.

20131022 - Baked Haddock20131022 - Baked Haddock-2

This was a new one for David and I. We had some haddock in the freezer that needed using up and David came across this idea online. With a few David and Jen tweaks we came up with this! Served perfectly with green beans – oh boy was it fantastic! Will put on the recipe next week!

Pre-bed snack – Persimmon

Glasgow City-20131022-00194 (1)

How have I never come across this fruit before? Currently in season, I would encourage anyone to try one. They look like a smooth orange with a big leaf on top by the way – I was already half way through this one when I remembered about taking a photo! And they are delicious – with a lovely rich vanilla flavour – oh I want one right now! Drooling here!

Crossfit – And the weights go up!

wods and all

Hi all,

Hope your Tuesday is going well. I am currently watching as deep dark clouds surround the centre of Glasgow – think we are in for a rain storm! Had one last night, it was crazy rain!

Here is my recap from Crossfit last night. Time for me to join the big boys and girls…

wod 18

We began with an extended tabata warm up which I think we were all grateful for – it was cold wet and miserable outside!

So we had 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest, times 5 for each station. The stations were wall balls, kettle bell swings and box jumps (step ups for me). It wasn’t too bad, the step ups and kettle bells swings were fun and even the wall balls were ok. I think because it wasn’t about doing a ‘certain amount of reps’ I was able to focus a bit more on technique and take things slowly. Good practice. We were all certainly warmed up after that!

After doing some stretches on the floor (sore but felt so good!), we moved on to toe to bar swing tekkers. After doing the toe to bar swings during a WOD last week it was good to revisit them again and try some more. As I mentioned last week, I understand the technique behind it and what I have to do, just need more strength to do it. I was able to swing a lot more and get my legs up further which I was pleased about.

David and I then paired up for 8 rounds of 4 rep back squats at 80% of your 1 RM. My last 5 RM was 25kg but that was really tough. I managed 25kg in the end – I could have gone higher but we ran out of time. I also wanted to make sure I was doing it correctly at 25kg as last night my chest was coming forward ever so slightly when I bent down to squat. No good! By the end however, I think I had rectified it.

We then moved on to the main WOD of the day and coach was keen for us to focus on upping our weights – rather than focusing on reps.  A 12 minute AMRAP barbell complex consisting of – deadlift, power clean, front squat then split jerk (separate but one move leading on to the other).

Oh boy was this tough. I began with a 7.5kg bar and 17.5kg of weight on it = 25kg. This was far too much. I could deadlift but that was it. So I dropped it down to the bar plus 10kg = 17.5kg. This was still really heavy. The deadlifts were no problem but to go from that to a power clean was so incredibly difficult – I had to use everything; I mean everything in my body to get the bar up there. The front squats and split jerk were also difficult but compared to the power clean I was glad of the change. Those 12 minutes were the most difficult and testing minutes I have ever had at Crossfit. It required 110% of everything I am to do it. I was however, determined to do it. I know my techniques now, I know how to do the moves properly so the next step is adding the weight. Previously I would have dropped the weight down further but I knew in order to succeed I needed to really push and do this. (I must add that I never would go as far as to hurt myself, I wouldn’t do it and coach would never let me do anything that would damage my body – just wanted to make that clear!).

It was tough, so very very tough. I was so drained afterwards, even to the point of emotional (not like me!) but it showed me what I can do. My hardwork is paying off, my practice is paying off, I never could have dreamed of lifting those weights for a power clean to front squat to split jerk, even if you had asked me last week!

Keep focused, keep strong and keep going!

The Good Food Show Scotland!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and have had a fantastic weekend. I certainly did but it was definitely one of those ‘I need a weekend to rest and recover after the weekend’ ones!

Yesterday, David and I went to the Good Food Show Scotland at the SECC (just a 10 minute walk from our house). We got the tickets a few weeks back and were really looking forward to going to an event which brought many local and national suppliers together to celebrate all that is good about food!

20131020 - Good Food Show

David and I wanted to find the wee gems, the suppliers that you don’t normally get the chance to find or are new to the market. Suppliers that focus on real, whole foods and we definitely found a few hidden around the place.

Many of the suppliers there were definitely not our kind of thing, but we expected that before we went so weren’t disappointed. It also meant we had the time to chat to the suppliers that we did find about their products and what makes them shine! It was really nice to speak to so many passionate people who truly believe in their produce.

20131020 - Good Food Show-2

It was a good afternoon and the event was definitely a success, the centre was packed!

20131020 - Good Food Show-5

Below are the items that David and I bought and some information on their products– really pleased with our purchases! And from what we have tried so far we haven’t been disappointed!

Errington Cheese – Biggar Blue

20131020 - Good Food Show-420131020 - Good Food Show-2

An unpasteurised blue goats cheese that is simply divine. David and I are always on the hunt for tasty unpasteurised cheese (in its purest form and easier for the body to digest) and when we spotted this we knew we had to try it. The flavour is just incredible, smooth and rich. They had 3 cheeses in their range to try; we were also tempted by the ewe’s milk cheese which also tasted fantastic but will keep an eye out for that one to buy in the future. Looking forward to incorporating this cheese into many of our meals, although I think goats cheese scrambled eggs/ omelette will be first on the cards!

Hebridean Sea Salt

20131020 - Good Food Show-3

Wow this product is unique! They harvest the water from a loch on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides to produce the most wonderful pure sea salt flakes. We picked up the sea salt that had been infused with seaweed (another flavour we love) which added a depth to the salt. They had 3 to choose from, the pure original, seaweed infused and peat smoked. The peat smoked was amazing and we were lucky to try it but unfortunately they had sold out so were unable to buy any (we definitely will in the future). I can’t wait to cook up some chicken drumsticks/ thighs next week, simply seasoned with the salt!

Smoked Bacon – Hopetoun House Estate Farm

20131020 - Good Food Show-4

The Hopetoun Estate Farm sell a variety of locally produced meat, all carefully sourced to the highest of standards. I really enjoyed talking to the butcher there about the products and discussing the processes behind, in particular, the curing of the bacon. He was very knowledgeable and was able to go through every stage, including detailing any additives to the product. It was very refreshing to find a butcher who knew so much about the techniques involved and the reason as to why this was so important! I was quite impressed as when I have asked other producers these questions; they have been unable to respond. Hopetoun really does take a hands- on approach to their produce and its quality. As for the bacon, well, we had some last night with avocado and it is delicious! Full of flavour!

Whole Peppermint and Festive Rooibos Tea – Miss IntegriTea

20131020 - Good Food Show-520131020 - Good Food Show-8

As much as David and I love our coffee, we do like a nice herbal tea too – especially when it comes from pure leaf/ herb. So Miss IntegriTea – a company that makes hand blended herbal teas really caught our eye! They had several blends to choose from, all unique and with their own amazing intense flavours. We were able to try quite a few of them – both hot and cold which is fab as I do love a versatile tea that can be great both hot and iced. I love mint/ peppermint tea and have a cup every night and once I had tried their Whole Leaf Peppermint I knew I had to buy a bag. I haven’t had mint tea that good since I was in the Middle East. David chose the Festive Rooibos tea – a lovely flavour that really does taste like Christmas in a cup! A great local company with unique products – it deserves to be a success.

Thistly Cross Cider

20131020 - Good Food Show-620131020 - Good Food Show

Wow, this really is a gem!

I haven’t always had the best experience with cider. Most that I have tried in the past I really haven’t liked at all, but I have kept trying to no avail. I knew however, from what I have read, that real artisanal cider can often taste so different and I love apples so knew there would eventually be a great one out there for me! Thistly Cross Cider is it – I found you!

From their original and traditional cider through to their flavoured varieties, each one was simply divine. I love the fact that their apples are grown locally at South Belton Farm and the flavours come from natural sources. For example the Whisky Cask cider has been maturing in whisky casks to gain that unique taste and the Real Ginger comes from fresh ginger root.

I love that they were so passionate about their cider when we spoke to them, and rightly so. It’s local, delicious and refreshing and an honest real food product. I will be singing their praises for sure!

Crossfit – Positive Mental Attitude!

wods and all

Hi all,

Yay it’s Friday! Hope you all have a good weekend planned. David and I are off to do a bit of shopping – something we rarely get the chance to do so looking forward to that! Maybe a bit of early Christmas shopping – yes I know I can hear you all gasp – but it’s best to spread it all out and be organised early!

Here is a recap of last night’s Crossfit – it was a killer!

wod 16

Once again, David and I were late. Once again, the traffic was the issue. It was raining pretty bad in Glasgow yesterday and rain always equals more cars on the road. So you know what that means… burpees. Urgh! Although I don’t think David minded too much, the guys that were doing the block run looked pretty wet, cold and miserable when they returned.

So as if this wasn’t bad enough, the first part of the WOD involved more burpees! Oh boy, I was not impressed. A 21-15-9 of burpees and jumping jacks… so, including the warm up, 65 burpees in total, in the space of only being there 15 minutes! I was definitely tired and grumpy!

We then moved on to, thank goodness, some thoracic mobility with the foam roller. Although this is never fun on the pain scale, you at least know you are doing some good and the stretching will release some of the knots and tightness.

All was not good for long though as after this came wall walks! 5 sets of 4, EMOM. I tried my best with them but as with before I can get to the point where my legs are straight up on the wall, I just can’t move my arms back any further. Coach knows this though and knows I am doing the best I can so was just happy for me to work on my technique and practice. Pretty chuffed for David though, his wall walks are looking sweet!

After this came something that finally made me smile! 7 sets of 5 front squats at 75% 1RM. I have never done front squats since on- ramp training so it was good to revisit them and see what I could do! I was quite pleased that I managed 17.5kg on the bar overall. It was tough to do the 5 reps, could I have gone slightly higher if we had more time, maybe. I think next time I would build up to 20kg and see how I go with that.

And then came the main WOD of the day – Isabel (30 power snatches) plus, when done, as many toe to bar swings that can be done. 9 minutes on the clock.

As you may recall, I did struggle with power snatches the last time I did them. Such a tricky move to master. So rather than focussing on weight, I stuck with the 7.5kg bar and the training wheels in order to attack this. I just want to try to come to terms with the movements within the power snatches. I did ok – definitely better than last time but still struggling with the ‘shrug’ within the move, it just goes so fast. But practice will make perfect and in time the weight will come.

The only problem with a low weight? You go through the power snatches quicker than you would like to which meant moving on to toe to bar swings! I tried hard but just couldn’t do them, not enough strength in my arms to hold on while throwing my legs upwards. I did however make some progress. I was able to hold on to the bar for much longer, I was at least able to swing and raise my legs and I understood how the movement works and how it will come in time.

So, yes, a toughie of a workout. I was exhausted by the end of it and my arms and shoulders are still tired today. However, as I have realised, writing all this down and evaluating the session makes me see things in a more positive light and really does highlight the positives rather than the negatives. Hard work, determination and a positive attitude will only turn those current weaknesses into strengths!