CrossFit – Let the Open commence!

Hi all,

Yay it’s Friday! But not just any Friday, today marks the first day of the CrossFit Open! One of the biggest, if not the biggest date in the international CrossFit calendar!


Today is the beginning of 5 weeks of the Open – the workout was released last night in the States (early this morning in the UK), and participants have until Sunday evening (late Monday afternoon in the States) to complete the weeks WOD and post their scores.

Everyone can enter and everyone does the same workout with the same weights etc if applicable.

I just love the fact that the WOD we were doing today is the same WOD that Rich Froning (current CrossFit games champion) will be doing and the same WOD that thousands all over the world will be doing. Everyone can be involved – and that’s one heck of an awesome community spirit!


Once the Open is over, then comes the regional’s for the top athletes and then, for those who qualify, THE CROSSFIT GAMES! Exciting times!

main wod(source)

So today’s CrossFit Open WOD

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible within 10 minutes of

30 Double Unders

15 Power Snatches 35 kg men/ 25 kg women

(Snatches can be done as a strict power snatch or clean then jerk)


First of all, before I comment, I have to state that I did not register for the Open. Not because I didn’t want to but because I felt that, as I don’t really do any workouts at the moment as prescribed, that I really wouldn’t be able to achieve much from it. Instead I will be there with David (who has registered), every Friday at our box, completing the Open WOD (scaled) and then cheering on the others. I may be doing a scaled version of the workout but I will still be putting everything into it and performing at the best of my ability!

And I am so glad I didn’t register, double unders!!! I have yet to get one!!!!

So my scaled version was double skips and I went for 17.5kg for the snatches.

The skips were fine and the snatches were fun! I went for a clean then jerk but was pleased to only be 7.5kg under what the other girls were lifting. In fact, if I could do it again I know I could lift 20kg.

I managed 202 reps in total.

David nailed it too – managing 56 reps in total, the double unders being tricky but he did it!

Below is a video which gives you more information on the Open/games/ Rich Froning etc – just a fun 7 minute watch! 

There was such a buzz about the box this morning. We were all ready, all pumped up and eager to perform and cheer everyone else on!

Oh and I am taking my judges course early next week so fingers crossed, as of next Friday, I will be an official judge! I may not be competing but I still want to be involved and this is the perfect way to do it!

Bring on 14.2!


Thinking Out Loud – On my road…

Hi all,

Hope you are well and enjoying your day so far!

Today I am linking up with Amanda over @runningwithspoons for –‘Thinking Out Loud!’


This week is National Eating Disorder Awareness week and Amanda has done a wonderful job of highlighting this important issue and inspiring us all to include this topic within our Thinking Out Loud posts this week.

I didn’t know how to approach this to be honest and I have been thinking about it all week, it is so difficult. The amount of times I have written and rewritten this post so far is insane (with a few tears along the way). This is because this was me. This is because this was all I used to think about. This is because I too suffered from this horrible illness.

And this is the first time I have mentioned it to you all. In fact, the first time I have talked about it outside close friends and family.

It is not that I wanted to hide it from you all; I just didn’t want it to define me anymore or the beginning of my writing journey.

Moving to Glasgow and creating this blog was a new chapter in both David and my life. It marked my long road to recovery and I can honestly say I feel the best now that I have ever felt in my life. I am still on that road but now I am sprinting, not crawling. And I feel both physically and mentally healthy. I am truly, one of the lucky ones and I appreciate this Every. Single. Day.

So for my approach on today’s thinking out loud post, I am going to dedicate it to my recovery and all those who have made me the strong, confident, healthy person I am today. Included will be some general information that everyone should know, these are in capital letters.

1. My husband David.


The honest truth is, I don’t know if I would be here today without him. He was my rock throughout the dark times of my illness and really was the one to pull me through. He understood that this was not just about losing weight and that it was a mental health illness – a key issue that most people do not realise. (LOSING WEIGHT IS A SYMPTOM, THE ILLNESS IS WITHIN THE MIND).

His complete understanding of how this was affecting my mind meant he could fully help me hour by hour, day by day and his support was endless. I know it must have been so difficult for him at times, I really do. His love really does have no bounds. But together, we did it. We kicked it’s butt!

2. My parents


My parents have always supported me through everything and anything and this was no exception. It was difficult for them being a few hundred miles away from me and therefore it would have been easy for me to hide this from them. David was paramount in keeping them in the loop and letting them know my progress, even if at times, at face value, it didn’t look like I was making any. All those little steps add up.

The big thing my parents did was just to be there for me and give me their constant support and love. My mum was always there to talk, she wanted to understand and never gave ‘her opinion’ on anything. Some people are convinced that an eating disorder can be cured by ‘EATING A FEW GOOD SOLID MEALS’. Once again, simply addressing the symptoms, not the cause. I always did eat! I never stopped eating, I just wasn’t eating enough and my mind was fueling bad thoughts surrounding this. (NOT EVERYONE WHO SUFFERS FROM AN EATING DISORDER DOESNT EAT/ EATS TO EXCESS). Luckily, my parents were never these people.

My Dad was the perfect person to go to when I simply didn’t want to talk about it. When I just wanted to speak about something else, smile and have a good laugh.  Some people didn’t understand that Jen was still there, still able to talk about lots of different things, instead they simply didn’t talk at all (WE STILL NEED OUR FRIENDS, AND NO, THE TOPIC OF CONVERSATION DOESNT ALWAYS HAVE TO REVOLVE AROUND BEING ILL).

3. Paleo


Some may think it strange that I thank my recovery to a way of eating, but it truly has been one of my saviours. Paleo has encouraged such a good relationship between myself and food – I had to start again from scratch with my head when it came to eating and therefore I did loads of research, Paleo just made sense. I am not addicted to Paleo, I simply worked out what my body could and couldn’t tolerate and what made me feel good and bad. For example I can tolerate small amounts of dairy, so I eat greek yoghurt. I can tolerate small amounts of white rice, so I treat myself to sushi now and again. I didn’t particularly like cakes etc before my illness and don’t miss them now. Same with potatoes never liked them! Grains just make me feel yuck so I don’t miss them at all and David is the same.  I now adore my healthy fats – bring on the guac, almond butter and coconut! I eat loads of meat which I previously avoided. And I even now enjoy dark chocolate, something I hadn’t eaten in years! The best way it has helped me is that I know, nutritionally, everything I eat is good for me and is helping me and my body for life. Oh and it helps that it is all so amazingly delicious too! I now love food!


4. CrossFit

20140201 - Ogar WOD

During my illness I was such a gym bunny, but using it as a way to burn up all those calories my body needed just to survive! When we moved to Glasgow we decided to begin CrossFit, mostly because it sounded like fun and also because we wanted a change to the gym. I still kept a gym membership during my recovery, doing this along with CrossFit. But then, after a few months at CrossFit, I realised that it was making me strong. I was no longer skin and bones, I was finally growing muscle and damn it looked good! But I was also burning it away combining it will insane cardio at the gym. So I took a brave decision at the end of December to finally end my relationship with the gym and focus on CrossFit –best decision ever! Now my muscles are sticking around and growing – down to CrossFit and paleo.

CrossFit has been more than just getting physically stronger. It has given me more mental strength than I ever could have imagined and I can take this strength and apply it to anything. I feel strong and strong is beautiful.

I must also mention here the CrossFit community at our box. They welcomed David and I to the box and Glasgow with such warmth and we really feel like we have some great friends. Feeling like we belong has helped me so much.

A big shout out must also go to my Coach. I don’t know if he will ever realise the strength he has given me. He makes me feel like I can take on the world!

5. And finally…

If anyone and I mean anyone, needs help, advice or just someone to listen– I am here. No one should be alone through this. Please email me at In particular, Paleo and CrossFit have been two big pillars of strength in my life to help me regain true health so if you would like any advice on the who’s, what’s and how’s, again, just simply email.

Please head over to Amanda’s page for more information or to link up with other bloggers who have decided to talk about this topic today.

Everyone is different, and the way everyone is affected by the illness is different. Therefore everyone’s recovery will be different. But recovery can be achieved; you too can feel strong again. You simply need to find your road.  

CrossFit – Annie and Diane!

Hi all,

Time for more mid week madness, this time in the form of a 2 in 1 CrossFit post! (Monday and Tuesday morning).

But before I begin I must give another big shout out to Holly over @EatGreatBEGreat for letting me guest post for her again yesterday. I really did have so much fun writing the post and reading everyone’s comments, you were all so kind!

And if anyone else is looking for a guest poster I am always happy to help! 🙂

CrossFit time! (Oh and apologies first up for the photos, David must have been pretty wobbly after the two WOD’s!)


Monday Morning (24th February)

Good old block run in the rain to start – never a good beginning to a Monday morning! It was then followed by some mobility which, yes, was a killer but you know you are a CrossFitter when you know that pain is good!

The first part of the workout was front squats – not my favourite but good to revisit them again as we haven’t done them in a while. We had to do 3 sets of 5, then 4 sets of 3 and finally 5 sets of 1 rep max. I began with 20kg on my bar and just worked up and up in weight with every round I did.

Front squats definitely show me where my weaknesses lie in my shoulders, however I have seen an improvement since the last time I did them = mobility works!

My last 2 1RM reps were no bueno but I gave them a shot, they were at 37.5kg. But in simply just upping the weight each time I reached a new 1RM without even realising it! 35kg! Brilliant!

We then worked on some double unders. Nope I still didn’t get one but coach said I was close! It was good to break down the moves again and I think my main problem is I don’t jump high enough – always an issue when you are tall, further for the rope to travel and therefore a higher jump required! Seriously is there anything (apart from being able to reach the bar without the need of a box) that being tall in CrossFit is a benefit!? #tallpeopleproblems


And then we went into the main WOD – one of the girl WOD’s –Annie.

I haven’t done Annie before and it was just as tough as the other girl WOD’s I have done!

50, 40, 30, 20, 10

Double Unders (or triple skips scaled)

Ab Mat Sit Ups

We had a 9 minute time cap on this one. I didn’t manage to complete within the cap but I managed 490 reps (up to 10 ab mat sit ups within the ‘30’ section). It was tiring and my abs are still sore today! Oh and major butt burn too! (Those in the know will understand!). Not nice!

Tuesday Morning (25th February)

From the first look of the board when I first got into the box, I knew it would be tough. It was called ‘Kippin’ Hell’ after all!

We began with a warm up of squats, while lifting 10kg plates (from ground to overhead) – 8 rounds of 20 seconds, with 10 second rest in between. Then we went on to 8 rounds of 20 second jumping lunges with 10 seconds rest in between. Those two were killers!

We then moved on to the bar and had a kipping pull up revision session – starting from taps all the way to kips. If you don’t know what a kipping pull up is like, please see the video below.

I have my taps on the right level now and am working on my kips with a band. I doubt I will progress more with this until I gain more strength in my arms but I am improving each time I do it and can feel myself getting stronger.

It felt like we had 2 main WOD’s within this session. The first part being…

150 pull ups / 75 pull ups (dependant on level)

EMOM 8 plate lunges

(15 minute time cap)

I went for 75 pull ups with the band and a 5kg plate for the lunges. Oh boy was it tough. I managed the 75 within the time with the max effort pull ups I could do. In fact, I did reach 75 earlier than 15 minutes but felt guilty that my pull ups weren’t ‘proper pull ups’ so carried on until the end. Yes I know I am strange!


We then went literally straight on to the next part of the WOD – a girl WOD again – Diane

(Although I never realised I was doing Diane until right now when reviewing the pictures!)



Hand Stand Push Ups (with box scaled)

(12 minute time cap)

I went for 30kg in my deadlifts (with my 1RM being 42.5kg). I probably could have gone slightly heavier (35kg) but I was pleased with the result (my 3RM was 35kg – ha!), completing the WOD in 9 minutes 26 seconds. The hand stand pull ups are still such an issue, I just hate being upside down = instant headache, so doing mass reps of them is no fun whatsoever. But I know the answer – keep doing it more and get comfortable feeling uncomfortable!

crossfit (source)

Next CrossFit session is Friday and marks the beginning of the CrossFit Open! Eeeek!

I am not competing in the open but will still be taking the open WOD session on a Friday with the others that are. David has signed up and I am so excited for him. Will be there not only cheering him on but experiencing it with him and that is pretty awesome!

Spill it Sunday…on Monday!

Hi all,

Happy Monday!

Hope you are all well and had a fab weekend! David and I tried as best we could to just relax and chill out and it worked to a certain extent! But even though at times we were cooking or pottering around, we were still both having fun and having fun together which is the main thing!

Oh and the kalua pig was amazing in case you were wondering! Just like last time! And yes a pork induced coma did follow… and it was good! But I promise that is the end of meat talk and now on to my post for the day…

Spill it Sunday on Monday! – Linking up with Arman over @thebigmansworld for more fun questions and ways to get to know our fellow bloggers a little better.


This week’s theme – Books! Something I haven’t really spoken much about in my blog before, so I was keen to link up for this one!

1. Favourite novel of all time?


It has to be Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. It is such a classic! I have read it so many times now that I can just pick up the book, open it at any point, read one sentence and know exactly where I am and what is going on!

A classic love story some may say, well yes and no. I see it more as being a true indication of society at the time. Many see the Georgian period in such a romantic way, all sunshine and roses. However, Pride and Prejudice shows us that life was hard, even for someone in the upper ranks of society and the pressure put on these women to marry, and marry well, was intense. Their whole livelihood, and often the livelihood of their families too, depended on it. Immense pressure.

(Sorry for the deep analysis, a bit intense for question one!).

2. Favourite genre?


I think it has to be cookery books! Especially recently!

I take so many recipes now from blogs, websites etc that more often than not it is my ipad that rests on the cook book stand! However, there is nothing better than buying a new cookery book and going through it, deciding what you are going to make and even more difficult a decision, what to make first!

My favourite cook book at the moment (as my readers probably know too well by now) is Nom Nom Paleo by Michelle Tam. Insanely good recipes and the book itself is so well written with hints and tips and just a fun read!

I have so many other cook books I want to buy – Well Fed 1&2, Everyday Paleo and one that I have only just discovered called Beyond Bacon….!

3. Favourite childhood/teen novel?


Ok, this one is a tricky one, I mean there are so many to choose from! But I think I have narrowed it down to two.

The Jolly Postman – I used to get this one out from the library over and over again, it was so much fun! A good story with actual envelopes inside with letters in them! Even though I had read the letters many times before, it still felt amazing! And if for some reason The Jolly Postman was out, well I could always get the Jolly Postman at Christmas of course!


My second favourite childhood novel was Mr Christmas. Yes a Mr Men book! It has such good memories for me, my brother and I reading it together all the time, even out with the festive period. I can just see my copy of it now, all battered and beaten = well read and well loved! The best Mr Men story for sure!

(And coming in at a very close third (believe me, it was so hard to make this choice!) was Georges Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl – all of his books are just genius!).


4. Favourite series?

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone book(source)

No question, this was an easy one. Harry Potter. Incredible books that struck the hearts of so many over the world. I was glued completely and can read them over and over. With the last 4 of the books, I was there at midnight on release day to get my copy. I went home, got comfy and did not stop reading until I was finished. How often are you struck by a story like that? Even my Mum was addicted!

5. Which book would you hope future generations will continue to consider a classic?


This has to be the Harry Potter series too. I want kids to read them in school – it got so many children into reading in general, I know it will continue to do so. However, the main worry I have is that children of the future may come to see Harry Potter as a ‘film franchise’ rather than a series of books. I started reading Harry Potter long before the films and have such a vivid picture in my head of what everything looks like down to the last detail. As a result, I refuse to watch the films – I want to keep these images in my head as to me that is where the magic lies. Some people can differentiate between what they read and what they see on screen but I’m not one of them. I don’t think children shouldn’t watch the films, I just think they should be encouraged to read the books first to feel the spark, magic and wonder of the story.

6. Worst novel to be written?


Gosh now that’s the most difficult question of them all? Is there such a thing as a bad novel? One persons love is another person’s hate and vice versa.

I don’t think I could pick one really, I mean books like 50 Shades of Grey and the whole Twighlight series don’t really appeal to me (now if it was films that never should have been made…?!).  However, if I have to pick something, I will go for the only book I have ever given up on and that’s Lord of the Rings. The language in it is so intense that I found I had to read pages four or five times just to understand what was going on! It was not a relaxing read so I had to pass on it! (Please note that I am very glad LOTR was written and I am by no means saying it was a bad story!).

Hope you enjoyed reading about my reads! What are your answers to any of the above?

CrossFit – Mental Strength!

Hi all!

Can you believe it is finally Friday! Yay!

Hope you all have something great planned for the weekend – I do, chilling out with my David! Aren’t some of the best weekends the ones where you have nothing planned at all? I think we all need some time to just rest and recover, something that is a lot easier said than done most of the time!

Biggest plan for the weekend, making Kalua Pig in the slow cooker… oh holy guacamole! #isitwrongtobesoexcitedaboutmeat

Anyhoo, time for a 2 in 1 recap of Tuesday and yesterdays CrossFit!


Tuesday Morning

We began with a block run and some mobility stretches. Oh yes and a 5 minute squat hold… I did it… it was not fun!

Then, after some practice with the pvc pipe, we moved on to having 15 minutes to achieve a new max squat clean.

I am not the biggest fan of cleans. I haven’t done them very often and find them very tricky – a combination of the movement itself and my shoulder mobility issues. But in doing this on Tuesday I realised that my biggest hold back when it comes to cleans is my mind. In order to do cleans you need to be aggressive, you need to throw power into your lift, you need physical and mental strength, you need to know you can do it. I lift with the mindset that I ‘should’ be able to do it, rather than ‘can’ do it. And there is my downfall.


The main WOD included cleans and was as follows.

20 minute AMRAP

80% of 1RM clean

1 Deadlift

1 Clean

1 Front Squat

1 Jerk

My 1RM from the previous was 21kg so I rounded up and went for 17.5kg for the WOD. And I enjoyed it! I think it was because I knew I ‘could’ lift 17.5kg, it being a lot lighter than the 21kg I had just done and it meant both my mind and body were in check. In the 20 minutes I completed 22 rounds.

I really must learn from that. Feel confident, feel aggressive and know you CAN do it. Because if your mind isn’t on board, you never will.

Thursday Morning

Warm up for today… block run…yes. Fair enough. Block run backwards??!! What the?

I think it was the most unnatural thing I have ever done!

We then moved inside for some mobility and general exercises. More foam roller fun!


The first part of the WOD was a weighted pull up. I can’t do a strict pull up yet but gave it my best shot. I then tried to do negative pull ups (where you jump up, grab the bar and slowly release yourself down), but my arms still can’t hold me up there. So instead I did some jumping pull ups – I have done these in a WOD before and they are still tough – I managed 36 in 2 minutes but probably could have done more if I hadn’t put all my energy into trying to do 1 strict pull up! I will get there with the bar, more arm strength will help and I’m definitely working on that!

We then moved on to floor press – like a bench press but you do it from lying on the floor. Total arm and core workout here! We had to start with 5 reps and then continue to up weight until we could only do 3 reps.

We practiced with the empty bar bell (which was heavy enough for me!) and then added some weights. We put 2.5 kg on either side of the bar and I gave it my best shot, but could only achieve 3 reps. How could I be at my 3 rep max already!?

Well as it turns out, the 15kg barbell we thought we had grabbed was actually a 20kg bar, so I had just done a 3 rep of 25kg! Score!

I went down to 22.5kg to try 5 reps, which I did and then upped to 23.5 to try 5 of them. But I couldn’t do it. My arms were just so tired, they managed 3 reps once and then struggled to do 3 in another 2 attempts. I was just pleased that I managed to lift 25kg when I still had the strength! So in a strange way thanks David for picking up the wrong bar!

The main WOD was as follows

3 rounds for time

In 3 minutes perform

1 block run

In remaining time max pull ups

Rest 20 seconds.

I wasn’t looking forward to the run but I was determined to get that run in 3 minutes. And I did every time. With time to spare for 3 pull ups in the first round and 2 pull ups in the second and third rounds! I was so pleased and so was coach. The last time we did a timed block run in a WOD I did it in 3.05 minutes. So this really is something!

But the real winner of the day, my hubby David, for the first time being able to do strings of unassisted kipping pull ups! Check him out in the photo below! So proud and I know I will get there one day too, with him as my inspiration and rock!


Enjoy the weekend everybody!

New Recipe – Simple Easy Frittata!

Hi all,

Hope you are all well this fine Thursday!

First off I must apologise if anything I write today doesn’t make sense – had a killer WOD at CrossFit this morning and had to take some Ibuprofen for the pain in my shoulder and knees. Ibuprofen makes me very drowsy and pretty much ‘away with the fairies’!! So who knows what I will end up writing!

(On the plus side though, although I am in pain now, I really enjoyed the WOD! Recap tomorrow).

As promised, today’s post is a recipe, and a simple and easy one at that. A Frittata!


There is one thing you must have in order to make a frittata, a skillet/ frying pan that can go in the oven. Don’t want any melted plastic handles happening!

The picture below is the one we use and is perfect.


Ok, so your main base for a Frittata is

–          6 eggs

–          ¼ cup of almond milk (or milk of choice)

–          Salt and pepper

–          (optional – 2 tbsp of salsa, pesto, marinara sauce, dash of fish sauce, siracha etc)

Combine together in a bowl or jug with a whisk, and whisk it up real good!

Then comes the fun part, deciding on your fillings!

You can use absolutely anything! But here are some ideas that we have used

–          Stir fry veggies

–          Broccoli, pea and stilton

–          Zucchini and spring onion

–          Cabbage, mushroom and tomato

–          Chicken (or any cooked meats) and root veggies

–          Bacon, spinach and red onion

–          Sweet potato, spinach and peppers

20140429 - What I Ate Wednesday-5







–          Cook your veggies/ meat in a pan with coconut oil (or fat of choice).

–          Then add your egg mixture.

–          Let bubble on the stove until the centre is almost set.

–          Use your spatula to loosen the eggs from around the sides of the pan.

–          Add cheese on top (if you desire)

–          Place pan under grill (broiler) and let cook for around 10 minutes.

–          The result is that the eggs puff up and go crispy and brown!

–          Remove from grill and loosen eggs again from around the side of the pan.

–          Tip pan on to a chopping board (have faith, sometimes it takes a little tap on the pan to drop down!). And cut into 4 pieces!

–          Enjoy with a nice side salad!



–          This serves 2. If you want to make it for 1 you will need a smaller pan otherwise it won’t rise in the same way.  Or just make it for 2 and have as leftovers!

–          Delicious cold too, perfect for lunch the next day.

–          Have it hot for a winter dinner and then cold in the summer for a brilliant picnic. You could also make mini ones with a muffin tin!


What I ate Wednesday!

Hi all!

Its hump day time!

First of all I must say a big thanks to Holly for letting me guest post on her blog EatGreatBEGreat yesterday and for all the lovely comments I received. Glad you enjoyed the post and stay tuned, there is another one next week!

Now on to today…

Normally I try not to follow a routine with posts, but I have been getting such good feedback from my ‘What I ate Wednesday’ posts that I thought I would do another one this week! To be honest, WIAW posts are some of my favourites to read so I think we must all think alike – loving being nosy at what we all eat, getting ideas and lusting over other pictures with jealousy!


So as per my other posts, here is a recap of some of my favourite foods from the past week!



Sunday Morning – Kippers, sweet potato hash , coffee and the Sunday papers

Absolute bliss – love my kippers, warmed under the grill, partnered with crispy hash, oh so good and a perfect start to a chilled out Sunday with my David

20140216 - Sunday Breakfast blog

Brussels, parma ham, cranberry 3 egg omelette with almond butter

Perfect post CrossFit breakfast


Zucchini patties with cured herring and hard boiled eggs

Another perfect post CrossFit refueler 



Mac and Guac Salad

Similar to my one from last week but with guac instead! So tasty and yay for healthy fats!


Sweet Potato – half with tahini, half with cottage cheese

For those days when you want both and don’t want to choose between them!


Chicken, veggies and guacamole

So delicious but yet so simple – juicy moist chicken, crisp veg (just mixed frozen veggies #keepingitsimple) and a quick guacamole!



Steak sausages and Neeps (swede/turnip)

Sometimes it really is the simple dinners that are winners.


Thai Green Curry

This was incredible! I took the recipe for a Thai green curry paste from Gordon Ramsay’s book ‘Ultimate Home Cooking’ and simply added a tin of coconut milk and let it render down. Then I added cooked green peppers and chicken and let it simmer until thick. Served with cauliflower rice and peas, the perfect Saturday night in dinner.

20140215 - Thai Green Curry

Nom Nom ‘Big Ol Bacon Burgers’

Another recipe from Nom Nom Paleo by Michelle Tam and once again it was insanely good! These burgers were full of flavour, moist and simply heaven! We served them with Brussels sprouts (boiled and then sautéed in the pan the burgers had cooked in for amazing flavour) and roasted root veg.

20140217 - Nom Nom Burgers


Valentines Treat Plate

As a special surprise for David on Valentine’s day, I created a snack plate to go along with a delish bottle of Argentinean Chardonnay. I made dark chocolate covered strawberries, salted dark chocolate covered roasted almonds, parma ham wrapped dates and opened our special purchase a few weeks back of venison chorizo. Everything was lovely but will definitely be making the salted dark chocolate almonds again soon!

20140214 - Valentine's Treat

Apple and Tahini

Has to be a russet apple. They are the only ones that work in partnership with tahini, and what a beautiful partnership it is too!


Jen and David mid afternoon snacks!

Two wee snack pots to go along with our coffee. Mine- sweet potato coins and almond butter, kiwi and prunes. David – one huge banana and 3 dates. Happy times!



Ah Kombucha, I love you so – why can I only get you from Whole Foods/ you are so expensive! Will try making at home one day but need the bacteria to start it all first, which isn’t easy to find!


And there you have it! My favourite eats from the week! Thanks to Jenn over @Peasandcryaons for the link up!

See you tomorrow for a recipe…!

CrossFit – Evil Wheels!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and had a fun about fabulous weekend!

I really enjoyed mine – a chilled out and relaxing Valentines night, then a rather manic but fun Saturday which included going to one of my favourite places, Whole Foods! And then on Sunday David’s Dad popped in for a coffee while up in Scotland on business and that was really nice, catching up and chatting about all kinds of bits and pieces. I really do think that the 3 of us have exactly the same personalities when it comes to our business attitude and work ethic! Work hard and work strong!

And now we are here, Monday again, and it all began with an early morning CrossFit session!

Recap time!


Warm up was a block run and then about 15 minutes of mobility. A lot of cracking, stretching and groaning but all very much needed!

We then moved on to some tekkers of a new move – Evil Wheels. Sounds nasty doesn’t it?

Well it isn’t easy that’s for sure! I don’t think I could do it justice explaining it, so take a look at the video below for a good example.

Definitely a major workout for your abs! Also it works out your shoulders, arms and lower back – we all felt it in these areas in some varying form. I managed to get the technique (yay! Coach even used me as an example! A first but let’s not hope last!) – The aim being not to move your hips at all and keep a straight line. More difficult than it looks and no one could go all the way down and back up again, you need some amazing core strength for that!


The WOD for today was simple. But why oh why does simple in CrossFit always mean the most tough, challenging and tiring!

EMOM for as long as possible

8 wall balls

7 kettle bell swings

6 box jumps

(And you need to complete all in that minute to get on to the next round)

I did 5kg wall balls, 10kg kettle bells and 20 inch step ups. Woah! I just managed the first round but for round 2 Coach suggested I went down to 6 wall balls, 5 kettle bell swings and 4 box jumps. It was still tough. The wall balls really got me, I think I found it tough as my arms and shoulders were still sore from the evil wheels so I couldn’t ‘ping’ up and down with the ball like I should have been. But I did use a 10kg kettle bell which I have never used in a WOD before, only an 8kg, so I was pleased about that. Others needed to scale down to a few reps later but 5 were the most rounds achieved – I got 4 scaled down.

Hmm, as I sit here in Starbucks and write, my abs are feeling more and more tense. Fingers crossed they don’t get worse! One thing is for sure they were certainly ‘worked out’ today… those evil wheels!