Foodie Pen Pals!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and had a fab weekend!

We certainly had a fun filled one! It was our CrossFit box’s 1st birthday party on Saturday and we had a wonderful time with all our CrossFit friends, celebrating not only the box’s success in its first year but also the end of the CrossFit Open! Most of us were still sore from 14.5 (thrusters and burpees)!


Then on Sunday, we did nothing and that was about all we could do! :-S The clocks went forward too, that does nothing to help a hangover I tell you! But a breakfast of smoked mackerel and sautéed kale, along with a massive mug of coffee certainly hits the spot!

Glasgow City-20140330-00434

Today I was hoping to bring you a post about what I had received from my Foodie Pen Pal – however there was a delay and I haven’t received my package yet. So instead I thought I would show you what I sent my pen pal instead!


First of all, a brief introduction on what Foodie Pen Pals is all about.

Basically on the 5th of each month, you are sent a name and email address of a pen pal. You then contact that person, find out a bit about them, their likes and dislikes and then compile a foodie package to send out to them (the spending limit is £10/$15 including postage).  Someone different then does the same for you. It is open to everyone – US pen pals will be signed up with other US ones and Europeans with other Europeans etc, helps with the postage!

My assigned Pen Pal this month was Annette in Austria. After receiving an email of her likes and dislikes, I headed to some of my local stores to find some unique treats I thought she might like. And this is what I sent…

nakd bar




eat natural

I based my choices on what I knew Annette liked and I also went with British companies, finding unique treats that she may never have seen before.

I also sent Annette 2 of my recipes. She doesn’t eat much meat so I sent her the recipe for my Aubergine and Red Cabbage Casserole and my Veggie Mousakka.

I’m really pleased as Annette loved what I sent her! If you like the look of anything, simply click on the name and it will take you to the website.

I will let you all know what I received when it arrives in the post. Isn’t it great that even in this day and age we can connect via the internet and then do something traditional like send a personal package! Combining the best of both worlds I think. Why not head over to Lindsay’s blog and give it a try!

CrossFit – Open 14.5!

Hi all,

Welcome to the wonder that is Friday! Big cheer for the week just gone and the weekend ahead!

Hope you all have something fun planned. Our CrossFit box has a party on Saturday that David and I are going to – celebrating the boxes 1st birthday and also the end of the Open!

And without further ado I present my last post on the CrossFit Open – WOD 14.5


Yep, it was, as I predicted and so many others, thrusters and bar facing burpees. Oh the joys!

Many were prepared for this, but we weren’t prepared for the breakdown of the workout, this was going to be one heck of a challenge.

Thrusters and Burpees – 21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3 (for time- with no time cap!)

Ok so I thought it might be like a Fran ladder (21,15,9) but I wasn’t expecting this! The worst part was that it was for time with no time cap. So you either carried on and on until you finished or you stopped and inserted a score of 0 for this workout. Not fair and not cool. Don’t understand why there couldn’t be a time cap, of say 40 mins, and then if you didn’t complete the WOD by then you simply entered your reps. But then again, it’s the Open and this year has been so incredibly tough, it was always going to end with a killer WOD.

(Here is a video of the ‘greats’ doing the WOD when it was announced last night in the states – insane! Main tip from watching them – they all pace themselves – key!)

We warmed up with a block run, some stretches and practiced some squats, thrusters and burpees.

As I am not signed up for the open, I was able to do the WOD scaled. Looking at my previous thrusters weights, I went for 10kg. Light, yes, but it meant I could do the workout as intended, at high intensity.


Tough was not even the word! I managed to keep going with minimal rests and barely any breaks between my thrusters (breaking them down into sets when it got tough). But I think the real killer for this workout was in the mind. You really had to mentally persevere with this workout – you were using every part of your body, every muscle eventually ached and it seemed to last a lifetime. The amount of times when I was lying chest face down, doing a burpee, and I didn’t want to move was endless!

But I completed the WOD in 21 minutes 55 seconds. The word ‘workout’ doesn’t even cover it.

David went for the WOD as prescribed. He was so nervous beforehand as his 1RM for a thruster was 30kg. During practice he did a thruster at 43.5kg (the prescribed weight for the WOD) and gained a new 1RM. 84 of them though….?

I am super proud of my David. In 40 minutes he managed 21 reps of thrusters, 21 burpees and did another 16 thrusters – all at 43.5kg. Beast mode indeed! Both David and Coach called it a day for him at 40 minutes which I was glad about as any more than that would have made it unsafe. But he went so far beyond the boundary of what he thought he could achieve. To do this he had to have both his body and mind in check – and he reached for the stars.

meme kid(source)

(Because we all would…!)

The past few weeks during the Open have been fantastic. The community spirit of CrossFit all over the world has been insane – everyone getting excited, speculating, discussing, sharing stories etc. That is what makes CrossFit so great, the community.

My personal highlights…

  •  RX’ing my first WOD during 14.3 and getting 12 reps at 61kg!


  • Becoming a judge and seeing another side of CrossFit – learning more about the sport and more of the technicalities – to which I can apply to my own moves!
  • David and the Overhead Squats in 14.2 – managing 3 reps at 43kg when his 1RM was 20kg!!


  • And last but not least – just having so much fun with everyone at my box and seeing us all make incredible achievements.

14.2 (1)

Thinking Out Loud!

Hi all,

Can you believe it is Thursday already! I think when you take a trip mid week or have to travel it definitely makes the week go faster.


Thought it was time for another Thinking out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda over @runningwithspoons for some random blogger thoughts!

1)      Breakfast

eggs, kale and almond b

Ok so I began my last thinking out loud post commenting about breakfast but after this mornings breakfast I felt like I needed to do it again. While visiting my Mum yesterday she gave me some fresh free range eggs from a local farm so this morning I had them scrambled, with sautéed kale and a spoon of almond butter. Oh. My. Goodness. It was so delicious!

Sometimes I find just keeping things simple often make the most fantastic breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Oh and if you have never tried this combination, I would highly recommend it. Even simply kale and almond butter – who knew!

2)      The choppy pixie

20140326 - All Smiles

As I mentioned, I went up north yesterday to get my haircut. My hairdresser from back home in Inverurie, where I grew up, is absolutely amazing. She is so up to date with trends but also knows what suits people and I completely trust her. A good hairdresser is so hard to find!

I have had short hair now since the end of December and love it! But yesterday I decided to have it the shortest since getting it done; I went for a pixie cut! And I love the results!

Not only does it look great but I love the fact that washing my hair now takes next to no time, as does blow drying it. Styling it involves some wax and just going crazy with my hands through my hair – simple! I think short haired people have been keeping this wonder a secret for too long!

3)      Oranges


I will be so sad when citrus season is over. I mean can you imagine Christmas without Clementine’s and tangerines and then comes orange season. They are so juicy and full of flavour at the moment and £1 for 6 at my local supermarket is incredible – and did I mention they taste amazing?! So lets embrace the season while we can and eat them all up!

4)      CrossFit Open

14.2 (6)

Tomorrow is the last WOD of the CrossFit Open! Although I wont miss the craziness of the WOD’s and the constant predictions, thoughts, hacks, re-do’s etc I will miss the community aspect of it. I love the fact that so many of us, all over the world, were taking part in this together – sharing the experiences (and often pain!) of the WOD’s and coming together to celebrate how wonderful CrossFit is! But we can all support athletes who will go on to regionals and then we have the games themselves in the summer! I will also miss judging – I loved doing the course and taking part in another aspect of CrossFit. Good times!

5)      Massages

snail massage(source)

I guess this is the perfect topic to spur on from CrossFit! Both David and I know how restricted we are now with CrossFit until we get these knots out of our backs/ shoulders/ neck/ hips etc. We both do mobility at home and this has definitely helped but in order to really get at those knots we will need to go for some sports massages. When I was at Blythswood Square a few weeks back with my Mum I had a deep tissue massage – I could feel all my tension. The masseuse even said she barely scratched the surface I am rock solid! Eeek! So I think a couple of massages a month may have to happen – sound good? – Nope, sports massages are like torture, that you pay for!

6)      Happy Mother’s Day!

mum (2)

And to end this thinking out loud post, I would like to wish my Mum a Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday! (Don’t panic, it’s Mothers Day in the UK and Ireland – not until May for those in the States and Canada!).  I gave my Mum her card and present yesterday but want to send her lots of love via my blog and let her know how wonderful and special she is!

Seasonality – Aprils Finest!

Hi all,

Well it’s mid-week already! Time for a bit of hump day posting!

Just a short one from me today as I am heading up north on the early morning train to Aberdeenshire to briefly see my Mum and get my hair cut – yep I still go home to get my hair cut but I give no apologies, I have an awesome hairdresser and you know how hard that is to find!

So I thought I would link up with Jenn over @PeasandCrayons for What I ate Wednesday and do a wee post on Seasonality!


Spring has now officially sprung so let’s take a look at what goodies will be in season over the next month – I love eating food at its best and notice such a difference in taste. Also eating seasonally isn’t only good for your tummy but also your wallet – foods in season also tend to be cheaper as they are more in supply! Double win!

Meat and Fish



Check some of these foods out at your local store/ supermarket – especially ones you may not have tried before. You may find a new tasty favourite!

Anything you are particularly looking forward to coming into season? 

I love kale and asparagus! Pineapple at the moment is amazing too!

CrossFit – Practice!

Hi all,

Time for Tuesday’s 2 in 1 CrossFit recap!


Monday Morning (24th)

It was so cold this morning! I mean below freezing –so a block run as a warm up was not fun! But hey, it made us run faster, never a bad thing!

We then continued our warm up with 3 rounds of 10 jumping jacks, 10 mountain climbers and 10 tuck jumps. Jeez, these seemingly innocent warm ups are such killers! Especially when they involve tuck jumps…!

The first part of the workout today was focussing on more gymnastic moves on the bar. Something I know that coach wants us to improve on and make our strengths. To be fair, he is right, I don’t really enjoy working on the bar, however is this just because I haven’t gained any strengths on it? We tend to only like what we are good at (a general observation of society) but we can only become great at something through practice! So I intend to give my all, and hopefully, due to this, will see gains in the future.


The workout was

5 pull ups

5 dips

5 wide grip pull ups

5 dips

5 narrow grip pull ups

5 dips

5 reverse grip pull ups

5 dips

5 mountain climber pull ups

5 dips

5 mountain climber pull ups (the other way)

5 dips

I did my dips using 2 kettle bells either side. Definite progress with this one as a few months back I couldn’t even manage one dip. The pull ups were to be strict and as I am not able to do that yet (not many of us could) you either worked on doing negative pull ups (jumping up and slowly lowering down) or  15 jumping pull ups (jumping from a raised box and trying to slow on the way down – going from full extension). I definitely see small increased with these – coming down I am a lot slower, not much but still something. Also I am jumping higher to get my chin over the bar. I surprisingly found the narrow grip pull ups to work best… odd but interesting!

The final part of the WOD

17 minute AMRAP

6 shoulder to overhead

9 toes to bar (high leg raises scaled)

12 burpees


I went with a 20kg weight, which I was pleased about as my 1 RM for push jerk is 20kg!

My arms and shoulders were killing me after the work on the bar but I managed 3 rounds plus 7 burpees in the 17 minutes. Then wanted to crawl into a corner and sleep!

Tuesday Morning (25th)

Still pretty sore from yesterday but I woke up with a smile and ready to rock!

We began with a block run and then some much needed foam rolling. It definitely felt good to get the rumble roller into my back and shoulders. #StrangeThingsCrossfittersSay

Then we spent 15 minutes working on our 1 RM for Hang Power Snatch. This is such a new move for me and one that is difficult for a lot to master. The technique (and the feel of using the technique as power) is so hard achieve, never mind perfect. We broke down the move into stages before looking at weight. I find the speed the hardest part to master so Coach wanted me to go down to a lower weight and work on that before trying to gain a 1RM.

(Great video on how to do a hang power snatch)

I definitely feel more confident on the move now than I did before and have learned so much. Just need to practice and it will come. Speed and locking out fully overhead in one move is my issue but I will continue to try my best to succeed. Oh I finished on a weight of 12.5kg, not heavy but I definitely feel I gained much needed knowledge from this session.

20140325_074740 (1)

The main WOD was a recap of one we had done 3 months ago. We were to revisit it to see our gains!

Dead Bear Overhead

bear deadlifts(Ok that bear is definitely alive but who wants to see a dead bear!?)

6 rounds for time

6 deadlifts

5 bear complexes (power snatch – front squat – overhead – back squat – overhead)

4 overhead squats

Last time I did this at a weight of 7.5kg – very light for deadlifts and the complexes but it’s those pesky overhead squats!

So I upped my weight to 10kg – still not heavy but the max I could do for overhead squats for this many rounds. I decided to challenge myself with the other aspects by focusing on getting technique spot on and really powering through the WOD. I made sure every squat was below parallel (something I know it wasn’t last time I did it – especially for the overheads) and tried to perfect the overhead squat – taking my time with them but getting it right.

I finished in 17 minutes 20 seconds and was really pleased with my result. I upped my weight by 25% from last time and used my mental as well as physical strength to power through the WOD. As for the overhead squats – I definitely have gotten ‘comfortable feeling uncomfortable’ with them!

Oh and just to mention David’s progress with this WOD – he increased his weight by 71%! Crazy! For him it was nailing those overhead squats by working on them for 14.2 that led to the increased ability. Well done! Proving that practice really does equal gains!

Last Open WOD on Friday – totally predicting thrusters and burpees, leaving the ‘best’ until last…urgh!

Spill it Sunday…On Monday – Carbohydrates!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and had a fantastic weekend!

David and I followed my own advice and actually rested! Yep, we didn’t go in the car, didn’t plan, organise, sort out, tidy up – just rested our bodies, including a Saturday afternoon nap! Woop woop! We cooked our favourite foods, drank some wine, watched our favourite TV shows and just relaxed together – it was brilliant!

Next few weekends will be a little more crazy…!

Anyway, on to today’s post – the final post in Arman’s three part Spill it Sunday. We had fats, then protein and now carbohydrates!


Spill it Sunday…on Monday – Carbohydrates

Carb-y Selfie…

banana jen


1.What is your all time favourite carbohydrate based food/dish?

20140302 - sunday_foods-2

I LOVE sweet potato hash! You can have it with anything and everything as a side dish or make it into a main dish! I follow Nom Nom Paleo’s recipe which you can find HERE. Favourite way to have it? With a smoked kipper and a sunny side up egg! Fantastic!

2. What is your favourite fruit?

th (1)

The fruit I use most often is bananas and I do love them! I love the fact that you can have them with eggs for breakfast and whip them up into a soft serve for a snack – can you do that with anything else? Also bananas and almond butter – absolute heaven.

20130711 - A cherry on top

However my favourite fruit would probably be either ripe, juicy mango or cherries. And not just any cherries, English cherries when they are in season (around June). Nothing beats it, rich in colour, full of flavour.

3. What is your favourite grain?

East Renfrewshire-20140301-00381

As a Paleo peep, I don’t eat grains. However, I am quite lucky that I can tolerate a small amount of white rice and my body copes quite well at digesting it. So every couple of weeks or so, I will treat myself to some proper sushi! It doesn’t fill me up very much or give me a lot of energy but I really enjoy it! Favourite roll – avocado and prawn! Yum!

4. What is your favourite starchy vegetable?

20140301 - sunday_foods-3(they are in there, honest! along with carrots!)

I think it would have to be the parsnip! I was going to say sweet potato and to be fair I have them quite a lot. But if you told me I could only have a portion of one starchy veg it would be roasted (to a crisp, in coconut oil) parsnips. Nothing fancy but so sweet and unique!

Oh and I also have to mention here the wonder of beets! Beets and guacamole = winning combo!

5. Which carb receives unfair flack? Which carb is most overrated?

20121227 - Leftovers

Most flack, has to be the Brussels sprout! Hello, does nobody else realise how amazing these little cabbages are? Most people in the UK can’t stand them and only have them on Christmas Day because ‘they feel they have to’. I actually fear for the Brussels season being over, I can’t imagine a week without them, especially in my Brussels, bacon and cranberry omelette!


Overrated? Refined carbohydrates (processed foods). Is that one moment of taste really worth it?

6. Link up a favourite carb embracing recipe (it can be your own or another bloggers!)

20140227 - Deconstructed Huevos-7

One from me this time – I love my version of Huevos Rancheros – Paleo style!

7. What is YOUR perception of this macronutrient?

Carbohydrates = energy. Energy = strength. All part of the fuel I NEED!

8. What benefits do CARBS play in YOUR personal eating habits?


I am a CrossFit athlete and I need carbohydrates for energy. Along with protein and fats they are a necessity in my diet (Paleo does not equal low carb!). It’s all about choice and choosing the best/right energy sources for your body. For me, as someone who follows the Paleo lifestyle, these come in the form of fruit and (mostly) vegetables. And I love it!

Thanks for the link up Arman, and for getting us all talking!

CrossFit – The Open 14.4!

Hi all!

Hope you had a super happy Thursday (see yesterdays post) and are in the midst of a brilliant Friday!

Lots of Friday fun so far with this morning being the CrossFit Open WOD 14.4!


I say fun, it is a toughie! Known as a ‘chipper’ in the land of CrossFit, it is a selection of disciplines that you work your way down. The ‘wonderful’ Dave Castro selected the following for 14.4:

14 minute AMRAP

60 calorie row

50 toes to bar

40 wall balls

30 cleans

20 ring muscle ups


Many of these disciplines we predicted would come up (well them all really, except no one actually wanted to see ring muscle ups, they are so difficult to master and require so much strength!). In fact I kept on saying to David all week – wall balls and toes to bar!

(An excellent video showing how to do toes to bar by kick ass CrossFitter Jason Khalipa)

We arrived and got the equipment sorted out. It was going to require strict timing and a lot of team work as we only have 1 rowing machine at our box so everything needed to be staggered.

I went first, with not being registered and not needing to be judged, therefore giving the others a little more time to practice specific moves.

wall balls(How I feel when I do wall balls…! Source)

The row was fine. I did 60 calories, not in my best time (so rusty with my rowing, it was ‘my thing’ when I was a gym bunny), however I also know that before I started CrossFit, my rowing technique was so wrong therefore I wanted to focus on rowing correctly – rather than using my arms to power every row.

I finished the row and moved on to the bar. I cannot do toes to bar yet so went with knee ups (getting my knees to my chest as best I could). 50 was tough and both my arms and legs were straining (especially my legs after the row) but I got through it and on to wall balls.

Pretty pleased with my wall balls, a much better performance than when I did them on Monday and my 14 minutes were up 2 seconds after my 40th wall ball. Pretty pleased to have done 150 reps, even if they were scaled.

muscle ups(Muscle Ups from the first athletes to do the WOD after the announcement –source)

The others did fab! David managed to get as far as 11 toes to bar and his strength with them has come on leaps and bounds. I don’t even think he thought he would get as far as 11. A few got on to cleans, I think the max was 5 cleans. But no one got on to the muscle ups. I think maybe 2 or 3 people from our box may get as far as that if they are lucky.

IMG_20140321_082508(A very strong member of our box getting as far as cleans)

These moves on their own are fine, but combined are really tough! I know my arms after the bar and wall balls could never have done one clean, never mind 30 of them! I truly am in awe of those who get as far as the muscle ups and then have the strength to do them. I don’t think anyone could say that the 2014 Open was easy!

Hope you all have a good weekend and best of luck to those doing 14.4 over the next few days!

International Happiness Day!

Hi all,

Today I want to bring your attention to the fact that it is International Happiness Day!

Brief background on the day itself – A day that is to be celebrated throughout the world on March 20th, it was created in 2012 by the United Nations. To quote the UN resolution (66/281) the day ‘…invites Member States to pursue the elaboration of additional measures that better capture the importance of the pursuit of happiness and well-being … conscious that the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal… recognizing the relevance of happiness and well-being as universal goals and aspirations in the lives of human beings around the world ‘. Wow!

So in honour of this, I thought I would dedicate this post to the things in life that make me truly happy, after all it really is what life is about – the pursuit of happiness!

  • Glasgow

20131122 - Worth standing in the freezing cold for 4.5 hours20131124 - Welcome to My World

I love the city I live in! It’s so exciting, interesting, historic yet modern and full of the friendliest people. It has such a buzz to it and I feel like a part of the community here. Just look at some of our pictures to see why Glasgow makes David and I so happy!

20140310 - Charing Cross

  • David

IMG_20140121_140525( can you tell I love this pic of him!)

My husband makes me the happiest person on the planet! He knows how to bring a smile to my face when I am down and his hugs cure everything – honestly, everything! Happiness is waking up with him every morning and having him in my life. I found true happiness when I found David.

  • CrossFit


Doing CrossFit makes me happy! And I know you all knew it was going to make the list! I write twice a week about how much happiness I gain from CrossFit so I don’t feel like I need to elaborate too much. Kick ass workout that is making me physically and mentally stronger with an awesome community full of great people that we now call friends.

  • Travelling

Me! Soaking up the rays on the beach in Muscat, Oman. DSC01891

Both David and I love to travel. In recent years we have been to America, Paris, Italy, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Oman. I love being fully immersed in a countries culture, people and spirit. Oman is truly the most incredible place I have been to. The people are incredible, the whole place is stunningly beautiful and they have such a good attitude towards life.

But we don’t need to stem far from home to enjoy new experiences. We live in Scotland; such a beautiful country that I know many people would love to visit. I have lived here all my life and have still so much to see and do! Our next holiday is a 6 hour drive away – London! Such a beautiful city that I never ever get tired of visiting. 2 weeks on Friday we head down there for the London Coffee Festival! So excited!


And don’t forget the little things in life…

  • Cooking – whether it be following a recipe, creating something new or making an old favourite, I love to cook with simple, healthy ingredients. I especially love spending time in the kitchen with David and love it when we can sit down afterwards and savour a dish we have both created. Nothing more satisfying.

20140217 - Nom Nom Burgers

  • Having a dance – Give me a good tune with a fab beat and I will dance around like a loony! And I don’t care who is watching! It makes me smile!
  • Receiving a letter or parcel in the post – nope not a bill but a proper handwritten letter! I do love receiving emails too – communication rocks!
  • A glass of wine or a crisp G&T on a summers evening – bliss!
  • Breakfast every morning – hands up the best meal of the day.

20140302 - sunday_foods-2

  • Meeting up with friends and family and having them in my life.
  • The sunshine (and warmth!).

20130608 - Fun in the Sun



  • Poochie Cuddles 🙂
  • The thought of the future and what it may entail – so many opportunities out there, which ones will we grab!?

Doesn’t listing what makes you happy put you in such wonderful spirits?! Why not try doing the same, write down what makes you happy in life and whenever you need a boost, go and read your list! Oh and don’t forget to let me know a few of them below!

Enjoy life, enjoy International Happiness Day!

Snack Attack!

Hi all,

Happy hump day from a very sunny Glasgow! Doesn’t it just make you feel so much better when the sun is out?!


Today I am going to post about snacking. There has been a lot mentioned at the moment about whether or not snacking in between meals is a good or bad thing. Whether it indicates that your big meals of the day weren’t nutritionally enough, whether or not your body is simply craving x,y or z or any number of reasons as to why it is a good or bad thing to do.

Personally, I snack! I usually have 3 snacks a day – one mid morning, one mid afternoon and one before I go to bed. And I don’t think for any minute it is a bad thing to do! The reason? Because my body knows if it is hungry, then I will give it FUEL, REAL FOOD FUEL! Fuel to power, fuel to excel and fuel to be able to drive and energise my way throughout the day!


So in order to honour snacking, I thought I would reveal my top 6 snacks and the reasons behind why I have them (apart from them being darn tasty!) and when I would use them.

1)      Dates

20140302 - sunday_foods

–          Dates are the perfect fuel for when you need a natural sugar hit but also need some sustainability to your snack. You can mix and match to make a more sustaining snack by stuffing them with whole nuts, nut butter, cheese or even (my favourite) greek yoghurt. I tend to only grab dates when I need that instant boost of energy – hence why I have 2 large ones before early morning CrossFit. If I was really hungry, I know they wouldn’t keep me going for too long (unless they were paired up with other bits).

–          I also include other dried fruit in this mix with dates – prunes especially, raisins, dried apricots etc.

2)      Apple and tahini/ nut/ seed butter


–          I have mentioned once or twice on the blog my love for apple and tahini at the moment! I find it the perfect mid morning snack and it keeps me going until lunchtime. I just make sure I have a decent sized apple and portion of tahini, giving me the sugar hit and energy from the apple and the protein and healthy fats from the tahini/ nut/ seed butter if you prefer (tahini does have a higher protein content than nuts – top tip for you!). If I am still hungry after this/ my apple isn’t very big then a couple of nuts afterwards (walnuts or brazil nuts) usually does the trick!

3)      Roots

20140301 - sunday_foods-3

–          On a Saturday afternoon, David and I as part of our weekly cook up, chop and roast a batch of root veggies (usually parsnips and carrots but you could use Brussels, cauliflower, beets etc). We store them in a sealed container in the fridge and they last a good week. They are fantastic for when you are hungry and need something to keep you going for a while. Nibble on one or two while prepping dinner or a bowl of them if you need something longer lasting. I eat them cold and sometimes with some almond butter at the side for dipping – yum!

–          I also use them as a snack in David’s packed lunch box – kids would love them too, especially the parsnips and carrots as, roasted in coconut oil, they have such a sweetness to them – satisfying the sweet tooth in a healthy way – yay!

4)      Dark Chocolate


–          When I talk about dark chocolate, I mean at least 75% dark or above. These levels are where the nutrients lie. And I don’t mean sit and eat a whole bar – just a couple of squares! In doing this you gain a small amount of caffeine, a potential lowering of blood pressure (good to relieve some stress at work!) and a good antioxidant boost. I tend to have one or two squares with a cup of coffee, or occasionally after dinner when I just want ‘that something sweet’. It is a flavour to savour.

5)      Nuts


–          Nuts are a firm favourite in our house and we both have a portion of them every day. They can be a great mix and match snack – pairing them up with other items/ having one or two or a full portion, depending on how you are feeling. Full of healthy fats, protein and fibre a balanced portion can keep me going for a few hours if I am super hungry or I often pinch a few if I finish a meal and am not completely satisfied.  If you are a nut fiend though, you may want to measure out your portion!

6)      Fruit

5 a day

–          Finishing on the snackers true best friend! I adore so many types of fruit and change them up snack wise dependant on how I am feeling. Very hungry/ need something to keep me going for a while – a banana or apple. A natural sugar hit – pineapple, plums, mango or grapes. Just bear in mind that fruit is a natural sugar and on it’s own, it probably wont keep you going for too long. Try pairing it with nuts or nut butter or some natural/ greek yoghurt for a more substantial snack.

These are just my top 6, I have plenty more bits that I often munch on throughout the day if needed.

Simply make snacking your friend, not enemy, by giving your body real food fuel!

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CrossFit – A girl and a boy!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and full of fun and happiness this Tuesday!


Time for a 2 in 1 CrossFit post – these past two mornings have been beasts! Three cheers for a couple of rest days coming up – or mobility days as they should be called!

Monday Morning (17th)

So the WOD was called  – ‘Where’s your head at?’ – In cloud cuckoo land at 6.30am on a Monday morning to be honest!

We began with a warm up of 5 rounds of 1 minute jumping jacks, 1 minute squat holds. Sound easy? Fun even? Nope, it was the secret killer! Our quads were burning afterwards!

Then we moved on to some handstand hold tekkers. For my level I was to work on handstand walk holds – doing a handstand walk and then holding in that position for 30 seconds x 5. I know it will just take more practice with these, building up my strength but mostly learning to trust myself! I have to realise that I won’t fall down if I move my hands closer to the wall! And I also need to work on being upside down – I hate it! My mind goes all wonky! Practice, practice, practice!


Then came the main WOD, another girl WOD… womp womp womp…..


5 rounds for time

1 block run

30 box jumps

30 wall balls

And Coach wanted me to do box jumps at 16 inches, eeek! I did some practice with David and it took me a few tries to get over my fear of jumping. Holding his hands while jumping helped and then slowly I was able to do it on my own! Result!

The block runs wore us out. The box jumps ended up being my source of relief! (Go figure!). And the wall balls were tough as always. I joked to David that Coach was going to do Karen soon (150 wall balls for time) and I kept on saying it and saying it. So what ended up happening, we got Karen with extras!

I did it in 37 minutes 55 seconds and felt like shouting, crying and slowly dying in a corner afterwards. David was buzzing afterwards! Freak…! (Just joking hunny!).

Tuesday Morning (18th)

We arrived, it was chucking with rain, so what happened? Block run of joy!

When we came back in we moved on to a tabata of plank holds, skipping and squat holds. 4 rounds, 30 seconds of each. Certainly got us pumping!

We moved on to some tekkers of the WOD today – working on hang pull cleans and then jerks. We used the PVC pipes to stretch and then work on our technique. I like when we do this and it brings everything back before tackling the WOD.


Today’s WOD, a hero WOD.


5 rounds for time

12 deadlifts

9 hang pull cleans

6 push jerks

The weight level for me during this WOD was 30kg, but seen as I have only ever cleaned 20kg, I tried 25kg. Deadlifting, not a problem, cleaning – no go. Then I went down to 20kg but it just wasn’t happening either, I couldn’t whip my elbows round the bar quick enough. So in order to be able to clean and then push jerk, I went with 15kg.

I managed the WOD in 12 minutes 34 seconds. I am disappointed about the weight I lifted, I know I could have done 20kg or at least 17.5kg but today it just wasn’t happening. And above all I wanted to stay safe, and it just wouldn’t have been safe for my back which would have taken the strain. But the main focus should be that I was there. I was there and I did the WOD to the best of my ability and I put my all into it – if I wasn’t able to take the weight then I was going to make sure that my reps were unbroken and I went at full speed. Cleans and mobility just need to be worked on and as long as I am putting in that work then that’s all that matters. I will succeed!