CrossFit – Just a cleanin’ and a snatchin’

Hi all,

Thursday is finally here!

Yesterday was a bit of a blur – major DOMS after the WOD on Tuesday. You think you are fine, just tired and then bam! You can’t get up/ walk!


Luckily yesterday was a planned rest day, work out wise. I did some stretching and mobility in the morning but really struggled by the afternoon. Resting, writing and a couple of walks with Buddy was the best medicine though – I managed to get out of bed this morning…result!

As I was able to move, I was able to CrossFit this morning! Time for a recap!

Thursday Morning (29th)


As our main Coach/ owner of the box is on holiday (volunteering at Boston regional’s this weekend, woop woop!) we had a new Coach today, one of the box family – recently having completed his level 1.

Good session Coach Iain!

Anyhow, we began with a warm up in doors – 3 minutes of 10 burpees and 10 med ball squat cleans. I swear as soon as I heard burpees… after Tuesday… I tried to hide my scowl, don’t think it worked!

By body didn’t like me but I did it and actually, felt a lot better, less sore and more stretched afterwards! Isn’t it strange how sometimes when you are sore, working out makes it better!?


The first part of today’s WOD was hang cleans – 3 sets of 3 and 5 sets of 1 RM’s.

Yep those pesky cleans and me. Could I break that 20kg barrier?

I did 15kg, 17.5kg and 20kg for the 3’s. Then attempted several times 22.5kg for the 1RM. I would get the bar quite high but just couldn’t get under it quick enough – still can’t explain why or how, I am able to do the difficult part, why can’t I just finish it off!

On one of my last attempts I did it – I think I even shocked myself! (Oh my god the bar is on my front rack, how did it get it there! LOL!). So now I know I can, next time I can work on the reps and nailing it every time.

Then we moved on to push press – 5 sets of 3 RM.

I was quite glad to see this as I have wanted to test myself on this for a while. My result was a new 3RM of 26kg – not bad considering my 1RM is listed as 22.5kg!

The final WOD was as follows

7 minute AMRAP


Power snatch

Sumo deadlift high pulls

After the arm heavy work previous, I decided to go with 15kg – to be honest, others were scaling it down too.

The 7 minutes went so fast and it was definitely one of those sneaky WOD’s that you need to push yourself to get through it – the weight feels so much heavier as you go on and on. I managed 1 round plus 3 power snatches in total and was pretty pleased with that! Glad to be back to my favourite ‘buzzed up’ feeling after a WOD!

Tomorrow’s post

Sadly we have to attend a funeral this weekend – travelling down south tomorrow. Therefore I will not be posting tomorrow – but back with a bang on Monday!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Say Cheese!

Hi all,

Today I am posting to celebrate British Cheese Week! A whole week dedicated to one of our best and tastiest foods!


So take a hike processed slices, cheese whizz and cheese strings, I am talking about all things REAL cheese, the big boys, the real deal, the big hunks of cheddar, stilton, brie, edam, mozzarella, feta, goats cheese etc that grace our tables every day.

Here’s to cheese…


So, where did it originate?

They don’t know! It could be Europe, Asia or the Middle East but one thing is for certain and that is they have records of it being made widely during the Roman period.

The assumption is that cheese was probably discovered by accident. They used to store milk (and other food stuffs) in the stomachs of deceased animals to keep them fresh. The enzyme in the stomach lining caused the milk to separate into curds and whey – they would then remove the curds, salt to preserve it and tah dah! Cheese!

(Note- the word cheese comes from the latin ‘Caseus’. When harder cheeses started to be produced in the Roman period they used ‘caseus formatus’ (moulded cheese) hence where the Italian ‘formaggio’ and the French ‘Fromage’ derives. )

How is it made?


It can be quick, it can be lengthy – all depends of what type and style of cheese and how long you wish it to last for.

However, they all follow the same 4 basic steps – Curdling, Draining, Pressing, Ripening.

Curdling – separating the curds and whey.

Draining – draining to remove more or less whey dependant on the type of cheese required.

Pressing – pressing the cheeses into desired moulds or forming them into desired shapes. (At this stage it is common for additions to be made to the curds – salting, herbs, bacteria added etc).

Ripening – allowing the cheese to mature. This ranges from hours, days, weeks or months depending on the required result.

What are the different types?

cheese on it(source)

I could list for days the variety of cheeses on our planet! The British Cheese Board does a fab job of breaking them down into categories – see below – however if you want more detail of which cheeses fall into these categories, check out this LINK.

–          Fresh cheese

–          Soft cheese

–          Semi hard cheese

–          Hard cheese (firm)

–          Hard cheese (crumbly)

–          Blue cheese

–          Blended cheese.

Why is it good for us?

20131020 - Good Food Show-2

Apart from tasting yummy and making us smile?…

Nutrient wise it is packed with – protein, calcium, zinc, vitamin A, omega 3’s, vitamin K, vitamin B2 and B12.

Keep to full fat (yay for healthy fats) to keep it packed with nutrients and keep you fuller for longer.

In order to get the biggest nutrient bang for your buck, seek out raw, unpasteurised cheeses based on grass fed dairy. These cheeses are packed with an even higher level of omega 3’s, the natural enzymes remain intact and contain even more of those vitamins listed above. This is the type of cheese that David and I seek out – easy to find at farmers markets or we head to our local Whole Foods and ask the cheese-monger for his advice. You will be amazed on how many wonderful raw, unpasteurised cheeses there are out there. Oh and I can promise you, once you have tasted cheese made this way, you will never go back – insane flavour!



Do you like cheese? If so what is your favourite?  – I love a cheese made locally called Criffel, but then again there is nothing better than a good hunk of Gouda or Emmental!

What is your favourite way to eat it/ pairing? 

Linking up with Jenn @peasandcrayons for WIAW – why not head on over and check out what other bloggers are drooling over!

CrossFit – These things are sent to try us…

Hi all,

Well, what a morning I have had!


Shattered, tired, beat, bewildered, zoned out, sore are some of the words I would use to describe me right now. Let me explain…

So the post begins as per my usual Tuesday posts… a CrossFit recap!


We arrived at the box a wee bit early and managed to catch up with some of our friends there. When the clock struck 6.30am we went for our block run to warm up.

In addition to the block run, we did ‘Dead Bugz’ as a warm up – basically you go on all fours and move your arms and legs up and down, scurrying like a bug. Then once 10 seconds are over you fling over on to your back with legs and arms in the air for 10 seconds like a dead bug. We did this for 15 rounds – 10 seconds alive, 10 seconds dead. Fun warm up!

After that we moved on to some shoulder mobility which was great as after a chilled out weekend you do become as stiff as a brick!

And then came the WOD…



In honour of Bob Kalsu – a hero who lost his life in the Vietnam War. 

For time

100 thrusters

5 burpees EMOM

Yep you read that right, every minute on the minute you do 5 burpees, in that remaining minute you do as many of the 100 thrusters as you can. Carry on until you have done all 100.

This was the toughest WOD I have EVER done.

I went tactically, as Coach Matt suggested, doing my 5 burpees followed by 5 thrusters for 2 minutes then on the 3rd simply doing the burpees then resting. In doing this you should finish in 30 minutes.

I’m glad I did this only because my head was so all over the place I would never have managed to count accurately.

For the first time at CrossFit, I was honestly contemplating stopping and quitting the WOD (which is not in my personality at all). After about 10 minutes I didn’t know if I was going to pass out, cry, be sick or all 3. The end was not in sight.


How do you get through something like this?

Mentally I was so confused and dazed. I genuinely didn’t know how it was going to end.

Physically I was done, my body was screaming at me, every burpee hurt, getting up from them required so much stamina and then to pick up the bar?

But I kept going. My muscles were shaking, but I kept going. I wanted to stop, but I kept going. Everything was a daze, but I kept going. I kept going until it ended. And it did end – 30 minutes, 7 seconds.


I hated this WOD. It floored me. I may have succeeded in completing it but it was a mental and physical battle. I still want to cry. But that’s ok.

Just like life in general, do I have to love every moment? No. Did I have to feel buzzed after this WOD like I do so many others? No. Was it ok to complete a hero WOD and feel like I had gone through an emotional struggle? Yes. Am I glad I persevered? Yes.

And will I learn from this WOD and be a stronger person from doing it. Yes.

Have you ever stopped and quit a workout?

How do you keep going when your mind and body says enough is enough?

Two Hundred!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and had a fab weekend! I know for a lot of you the weekend is still rocking with various public holidays happening today around the world!

We do have a public holiday here – Spring Bank Holiday – which means David has the day off! Yay! So combine that with looking after our furry friend Buddy, means a short post and the rest of the day off with my 2 men!


Today also happens to be my 200th post! So in honour of that, I have decided to do a short and sweet post based around the number 200 – its fun fact time people!



  • A quarter of the worlds wealth is controlled by 200 companies
  • The Roman numeral is CC
  • Each dandelion head produces 200 seeds, so does a strawberry!


  • The number of dollars/pounds you get when you pass go in Monopoly
  • Typhon the Titan from Greek mythology had 200 eyes! And 100 heads! (and I’m not putting a pic in of this as I googled it and it freaked me out!)
  • A cow produces 200 times more gas a day than a person


  • Is an unprimable number (for the maths geeks out there…David!)
  • In Latin (ducenti)  means both 200 and ‘to the leading man’
  • 200 million hours a day are spent collecting water in the world
  • The Milky Way contains about 200 billion stars

milky way(source)

  • Half of all adult Facebook users have more than 200 friends
  • Jen has written 200 awesome blog posts, and has loved every moment of it and connecting with you all! 🙂



Oh and speaking of fun facts, why not head over to @thebigmansworld, where the Spill it Sunday edition this week was created by me! Check out my post from yesterday and check out Armans blog for more blogger answers! It was so much fun and I loved reading everyone’s response!

Do you celebrate any blog- anniversaries?

What would you love to do 200 times?

Enjoy your day!

Spill it Sunday – My Edition!

Hi all,

Hope you are having a super Sunday!

Yep I am blogging on the weekend – you have to when this weeks Spill it Sunday is the Jen edition! Well I posed the questions; I had better answer them too!


Thanks Arman for asking me to participate! I loved coming up with the questions below and reading peoples answers – head on over to Armans blog @thebigmansworld to participate or to simply check out how other bloggers have answered!

Here we go!



1)      I am coming to visit! Where would you take me and what would we do?

20131124 - Welcome to My World

Glasgow is buzzing right now – in 2 months time we host the Commonwealth Games and to celebrate there are so many festivals and parties! To start the day we would just in the car and head 20 minutes north for a lovely walk around Loch Lomond – stunning. Then we would head back into the city for some lunch and a walk around the West End – park walks, amazing architecture, boutique shops and ending with a cocktail at my favourite bar and dinner at my favourite restaurant – Viva Brazil!


2) What is the one thing you never leave the supermarket without buying?

banana jen

Grapes, apples and bananas – especially bananas, who could live without them!

3)When I say burpees, you say…


Lots of swear words with an evil look on my face – I will do them, but you will be sure to know that I hate every single moment!

4) What is the first website you check in the day?

Facebook and my emails.

5) Tell me about one act of kindness you have done recently?

20140524 - Buddy

We are currently looking after our friends dog Buddy for the week – he is so beautiful, kind and loving!

6) You have a carton of eggs, what would you make with them?

20140429 - What I Ate Wednesday-5

Ah eggs, you really are the true light of my foodie life! I would make a Brussels sprout, bacon and cranberry omelette for breakfast, some hard boiled eggs to go with my lunch and would whip up a frittata for dinner – oh my goodness this sounds like a good day!

7) Tell me about a sight you have seen that took your breath away.


So many to choose from but I am going to go with Ruby Falls when I was visiting Chattanooga Tennessee as part of my honeymoon. The cave is incredible and then you get to the falls (in pitch darkness) and they switch on the lights…magical!

Alternatively any time I see fireworks I beam inside and out.

8) Your an elephant, what would you never forget?


How much I love my husband David!

9) Reveal to me a ‘slang’ word or term that you use where you are from, and what it means!


We have so so many in Scotland – honestly it would surprise you, its like a language of its own! But this time I will go with ‘Dreich’ – meaning cold, dark and miserable. To put it into context – ‘ah the weather is awful dreich today’. Pronounced dree-k.

10) Tell me a corny joke!

What did Jay-Z call his girlfriend before they got married? Feyoncé

(haha! I am still laughing now!)

Why not try these questions out yourself! Don’t worry, it can be after Sunday, anytime you like! Just link up with Arman @thebigmansworld.

Or pick a question and answer below!

CrossFit – Fight Gone Bad!

Hi all,

Hooray for Friday!


Let’s all finish work, drink of choice in hand and toast to the weekend!

But first get some CrossFit recappin’ on the go!

Thursday Morning (22nd)

Ah, to wake up to the sun shining and to head on out when the roads are quiet and the city is just waking is wonderful. Arriving at CrossFit we warmed up with a block run – perfect!

Then we came indoors for a wee 16 round tabata of hollow rocks and hamstring stretches – I was glad when those rocks were over – whoever came up with them is cruel! (Possibly the same person that invented burpees?!).

Hollow out(source)

(OMG doggie hollow rocks – so cute!)

We moved on to some more mobility focussing on the hamstring and glute area (a bit of a hint on what was to come!).

The first part of the WOD was 4 rounds of 10 RM Romanian deadlifts. Similar to normal deadlifts but once to pass the knee to go back down, you keep your knees static – holy hamstrings!

Here is a video to show you exactly how it works

Sore – yes, difficult – yep but sooo good at stretching those muscles that are used during regular deadlifts = better deadlifting technique. I also was able to focus more on keeping my back flat, again leading to better overall technique. These deadlifts are done at a much lower weight than regular deadlifts (try them out and you will see why) so I gained a 10RM of 30kg.

The main WOD was as follows


Fight Gone Bad – 3 rounds of 1 minute stations for score (total reps)

Wall balls

Sumo deadlift high pulls

Box Jump

Push Press

Row (calories)


Phew what a WOD but so much fun! With having so much variety and only being at each station for 1 minute meant that it was constantly varied and you could focus on each station at a time. We all worked like clockwork moving from each station to the next – it was a crazy session but we were so pumped up afterwards! I got 177 reps in total – and so did David – spooky! A great way to end my CrossFit week!

Hope you have such a great weekend everyone! Bring on the sunshine!

Thinking Out Loud!

Hi all,


Every second Thursday I open up to all the random bits and bobs that are inside my blogger head – It’s time for Thinking Out Loud!! With the lovely Amanda over @RunningWithSpoons!

1)      Summer ice lolly action!


I bought these amazing ice lolly moulds online the other month and they finally arrived! They are made of silicone which makes it easy to get your ice in and out and also have a fantastic ‘stopper’ on them – which I can testify, provides a great seal (no leakage in the freezer!). I made some simple lollies last night with pineapple juice and water and they were fab! Can’t wait to freeze some smoothies though and make this recipe from Diane over at Balanced

2)      Wishful thinking vs. Reality

dressOR hmprod

(source) (source)

Doing a spot of clothes shopping tomorrow – I really need some new summer clothes! CrossFit is changing my body (for the better) and I need some bits that accommodate my new shape. Only one problem – do I buy clothes that reflect what the weather will actually be like or do I get some shorts/ maxi dresses/ skirts/ rompers etc? The last thing I want is a wardrobe with clothes I am never getting the opportunity to wear!

So maybe I will mix and match  – t’shirts etc with ¾length trousers and then the odd couple of ‘summer’ items, just in case pigs start flying and it gets hot!

3)      Such a wonderful sight


I glanced lovingly at my table today – several ripe, speckled bananas just perfect for eating. And the ones that I don’t get to in time – freezing for soft serve! (Tip – freeze really ripe bananas for your soft serve, they give the most intense banana flavour when blitzed!)

4)      Time to vote!


Today is polling day for the UK’s European elections. We are part of the EU (European Union) and as a result each area has a designated MEP (Member of European Parliament) – and it’s time to decide who our next one will be! I think I know who I am going to vote for when I head to the polling station later on today – but the main message I want to send out is ‘please vote!’. If you want your say, if you want to make your mark and if you want to comment on current and future issues that relate to us all – VOTE! Embrace the fact that we live in a nation where we can…

5)      Moving on…


I think our meal plans are in need of an overhaul. You know what it’s like, you get some favourites and then you tend to stick to them  – they are easy to make, you know how much the ingredients are going to cost etc etc. However I am starting to think we need a switch up – prime example, we still make a big pot of soup every Sunday for the week – it’s May, almost June, time for some summer foodie loving!

I do have a bucket load of recipes saved to choose from though – just need to break out of the mould! Wish me luck!

6)      Blog to do list


I really need to start working on my new site – things have been a bit crazy this week in the Fotheringham household and therefore I haven’t been able to work on as much as I would have liked. I need to look at themes (although I quite like the one I am using), Plugin’s (which ones to use?  How do I get them/ insert them?) And a general ‘What else can I do now’?

I know I will get there – it is all so new to me on how I go about doing all the techie bits but I am learning – and when you do something yourself it is so rewarding! Three cheers for learning new skills!

7)      Big Weekend!

big weekend(source)

One of the main radio stations in the UK (BBC Radio 1) are hosting a massive music festival this weekend in Glasgow. They choose a different city every year and this year picked Glasgow to tie in with the Commonwealth Games in a few months time. Tickets were free – you just had to go online at a specific time and date to try and get some! Unfortunately, David and I didnt manage to get any – but I still think it is awesome that something like this is happening, the party really will be alive in Glasgow this weekend! Oh and just to mention some of the acts appearing – Pharell, Katy Perry, Coldplay, Kings of Leon, Ed Sheran, One Direction, Calvin Harris… have fun if you are going! David and I will be listening to it live on the radio from home!

And those are my ramblings for the day! My Mum is arriving later on today for a short but sweet visit – cant wait!

Do you take the opportunity to vote?

Do you go for wishful thinking or reality when it comes to a summer wardrobe?

Soup in the summer, yay or nay?

Salt n’ Pepper

Hi all,

Ok, lets get the Wednesday party started!

Two words – Salt and Pepper.


No I’m not talking about the 90’s super talented band of that name (although I will have ‘Push it’ it my head all day now…) – I am talking seasoning!

You hear these words and dozens of questions come to mind – do we need them? Why do we use them? Why does food taste better with them? Where do they come from? Etc etc.


So today I am going to answer a few of those questions to get down to the facts behind 2 staple ingredients that no household or restaurant is without.



Salt is necessary in our diets – period. The problem with salt is when people are primarily eating processed food, of which will contain on average 75% of peoples salt for the day, they over consume on it – leading to problems such as high blood pressure. Keeping to a clean, healthy lifestyle? Then you need to add it in!

Our body needs salt (sodium) for the following reasons

  • Sodium is the predominant factor in extracellular fluid – which controls the movement of fluid and electrolytes throughout our body. In other words – it is needed in order for us to sweat and pee!
  • Sodium is also used by the body to help us digest food and fight bugs in our digestive track – super salt!
  • It also keeps our muscles and nerves working.

A lack of salt in our diet can result in increased hormones, type 2 diabetes and loss of blood volume in the body.

Lack of salt is particularly dangerous for athletes – sickness and tiredness being the mild symptoms – heart and liver failure the more severe. Remember guys, you lose salt through sweat. If you do a lot of exercise where you sweat, you must replace the sodium lost!


Ok ok, so we know we need it, how can we add it into our diet?

First of all look at what you are eating – does it contain added salt? If so, don’t add any more. 1 teaspoon of salt is all we should be taking per day (you may need more if you are sweating a lot/ are ill and need to replace lost fluids).

Salt is added usually to food to enhance the flavour – so season those steaks, eggs and sauces – just not too much or it will disguise the taste! Salt can also tenderise meat – no more chewy pork chops! People tend add salt before they boil vegetables, however this has nothing to do with flavour – instead it keeps the moisture inside of the vegetable. It will absorb very little amount of salt however – so not a great way to add it in!


As an athlete I find that adding a small amount of salt to my water bottle keeps me on form – you don’t taste it but my body sure does benefit.

Craving salty foods? Yep there is a reason for that! Our body when it needs salt will start craving foods that are high in sodium – listen to your body! (Just don’t go reaching for the potato chips – try salt in your water, some salted nuts or a HB egg with some salt on to satisfy).

Pepper (black pepper)


Ok so unlike salt, it isn’t essential in our diet. But it certainly provides some benefits, including…

  • Increases your metabolism (contains manganese – activates enzymes in your cells which helps them metabolise nutrients)
  • Aids digestion
  • Promotes bone health
  • Can help prevent cancer (fights cancer producing cells)
  • Helps fight inflammation in the body
  • Oh and have a cold/ flu? Try taking in more pepper – it loosens phlegm which will help your runny nose and contains antibacterial properties to help fight the rest!

(Benefits relate to freshly ground pepper)

How do we use it?


As a seasoning of course!  – To bring out the taste and flavour to a meal. Also it can add a kick or tang to a dish without being ‘spicy’ – great for soups, meat and other more delicate flavours. Just a wee tip – heat can affect the taste of pepper so if you really want that flavour, add it at the end of cooking.

So next time you look at your salt and pepper pots, you may just give them a bit more love and appreciation!



Do you tend to add salt and pepper to meals etc?


Linking up with Jenn over @PeasandCrayons – check out What I ate Wednesday for more bloggin shenanigans!


CrossFit – Where is my water?

Hi all,

Time for a bit of sunny CrossFit action from the past 2 mornings!

CrossFit 2 in 1 recap!

Monday Morning Session (19th)

6.30am Monday morning CrossFit – is there a better way to start the week? I think not! Now that the summer is well on the way and the sun is clear and bright in the sky, everyone seems perkier in the morning. The block run warm up actually feels like a warm up, rather than a wake up!

The second part of the warm up was not so good – 10 laps of bear crawls and then 100 skips (or 50 double unders if you have them). Long legs = tough bear crawls – by the end of it my knees were killing me – hooray for skips though – I bombed through those bad boys!


Bears… they make it look so easy! 

The first part of the WOD was a new technique – Klokov hang snatch high pull drills – working up in weight to a powerful 5 reps.

Here is a video to show how it semi works – we tended to stick to the high pull rather than, on the last one, going into a snatch (although a few tried).

It was tricky – a good way to see how we should be tackling a hang snatch. I still think my problem when it comes to moves like this is that I break it down too much – I focus and over think on attaining all the different elements of the move rather than just ‘doing it!’. I know it’s just the OCD part of me wanting to make it perfect and get it spot on – but on focussing on this, I struggle. I got to a weight of 17.5kg – could have gone higher but didn’t see the point in going up unless I was doing it right!

As we have spent the past few weeks on heavy weights, Coach has decided to ease off on this for a while; instead focusing on reps. Our next challenge was 4 sets of 10 rep max deadlifts.

bear deadliftsGrrrr!

I don’t think anyone has done a 10 RM before so we just had to wing it slightly and see how it felt. I worked up to a 10RM of 45kg and was pleased with that. My technique also seems to be improving  – down to getting my bum down further before I lift I think – once again, tall people issues!

The main WOD was as follows

12 minute EMOM

10 kettle bell swings

10 box jumps

Oh these simple ones always end up being the hardest – especially EMOM, it’s just you against the clock!


I went with a 10kg kettle bell and 14 inch plates for my box jump (still working my height up). I managed 4 complete rounds and for the other 8 rounds I got up to 7 box jumps, so not too far off! We were toast afterwards! No one in our group got 12 complete rounds and it really pushed us to our limits. We all enjoyed a little floor time afterwards – water please!

Tuesday Morning (20th)

Again, a lovely bright sunny morning and a nice block run to get the juices flowing! We then came inside to do 3 minutes double under practice. Still no luck but each time I practice I do feel like I am getting closer and closer. I will get double unders if it the last thing I do!

First part of the WOD was 5 rounds of 5RM clean pulls. The clean pulls were to be done at 120% of our 1RM cleans – so I rounded up and went for 25kg.

Here is a short and snappy video showing a clean pull.

Finally getting the shrug! Once again I could have gone up in weight but I was able to actually do what I should be doing with this weight so went for practicing the technique over upping the weight even more. Good to get the feel of it with the thrust and jump shrug, I know the shrug has been tough for me previously when the weight gets too heavy (i.e. no shrug!) but it was good to get those shoulders working!

Then we moved on to some more repping with 4 x 10 RM back squats. Once again we had to wing it weight wise but I was lucky enough to work on my own with a rack and really focus.


I was on fire this morning! I stayed strong, kept my chest up, focused on my breathing and depth – the result, a 10RM of 30kg! Certainly not bad when your 1RM is 40kg! MAJOR GAINS! ( I also think I need to take another look at my 1RM…!)

The final WOD was as follows

For time

1000m Row

100 double unders or 300 skips

2 x block run (880m)



The row I enjoyed and knew the key was to pace yourself. So I stuck to my technique and kept a steady pace. The 300 skips were ok once I stopped getting my rope caught on things – you should see the whip marks on my legs… #crossfitproblems. And then came the run and that was all about keeping a positive mindset, focussing and simply getting through it – I think the first lap of the block was worse, by the second one you knew you were almost finished! Such progress on my speed though – I finished in 14 minutes 54 seconds, not too far behind everyone else – most were in the 14 minute bracket. Running getting stronger- woop woop!

Yeah can I have my water now!? 🙂

Weekend Spills!

Hi all,

Well it’s Monday again – time to tackle the week ahead – hopefully after a nice relaxing weekend!?

A bit of a mixed bag in today’s post – 5 things I did this weekend plus a little bit of Spill it Sunday action with Arman over @thebigmansworld!

5 Things I did this weekend…

1)      We watched the first episode of the new series of ‘Episodes’


This show rocks! Set in LA, starring Matt Le Blanc but with British writers, two of my favourite British Actors (Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan) and the great British wit. If you haven’t checked it out, you must, it’s a classic. And just been commissioned for season 4!

2)      We went to Whole Foods

20140412 - Should Keep Us Going For A While

It was time for a stock up shop at Whole Foods – although to be honest, it was mostly meat! Whole Foods provides us with some of the best quality meat locally and is very reasonable in its prices. We have shopped around and know what is best bought from here (do your food hunting people!). So the freezer is now stocked for a wee while with lots of lovely things including: lamb chops, ground beef, sausages, pork chops, lambs liver, kippers and haddock.

We also happened to sit beside the Team Leader and his family at lunchtime (Sushi in case you are wondering) and ended up sitting chatting for an hour about lots of lovely things and learning lots about Spikeman – one of his sons creationary superheroes! Don’t you just love meeting new people and sharing stories!

3)      We tuned in to watch the CrossFit European Regionals

sam briggs(source)

The European Regionals were awesome to watch, and so inspiring! I loved watching the Female events in particular (which is odd as normally, with other sports, I don’t tend to like Female events) and they were amazing! The current world female champion is Sam Briggs and she is from the UK – however she didn’t qualify for the games! Major gasp! But she gave it a good fight and we are super proud of her! Back next year…!


Will now be supporting Annie Thorisdottir – a fellow European! And oh boy is she going to be good – she stormed the regionals to take first place.

4)      We bought a lot of Kale!


I am obsessed about kale at the moment – and when Costco sells a massive bag at the bargain price of £1.49 – bring on the obsession! I cook it simply – put it in wok with a little water, place the lid on and let it steam for 5 minutes. Season with salt and pepper and serve with anything and everything. Randomly, my favourite part is the stalks! Try keeping them on next time and experience the delightful crunch!

5)      I did my first blog post for my box!

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Coach at my CrossFit box asked me recently if I would blog for our box’s website – I was very happy to accept! Click on the link to check out my first post – LINK. Subject – You know you are a CrossFitter when… It was a hoot to write!

And now for a little bit of Spill it Sunday… on Monday action!  I have picked 5 questions from the 10 Arman posted – or should I say Sarah – as it is her edition!

  1. What is your middle name? If you don’t have one do you wish you did? What would it be?

I have 2! Margaret and Audrey – very formal! They are both of my Grandmothers first names.

  1. What do you keep in the glove box of your car?

sat nav(source)

The sat nav, car documents and hand sanitizer – gosh we are dull! Need to put something exciting in there stat. I like Armans idea of snacks – hmm, chocolate would melt, maybe nuts!?

  1. What was the last workout you did?


This morning’s Zombie Crew CrossFit session! It was a beast and I am pretty tired – more on the recap tomorrow!

  1. What would you do if you got 25 hours in a day while everyone else was still stuck with 24?


Sleep an extra hour – no seriously! I know how much my body would thrive from it and therefore help me to make the most of the other hours in the day!

  1. Pick a great picture of you/your family/your friends, tell us the background story of what’s happening in it.


This picture makes me smile – it’s David and I in Amsterdam on a cruise of the canal. I love Holland and Amsterdam is so beautiful. I loved sharing this special city with the man I love. More romantic than Paris if you ask me!

Annnndddd guess what guys – next weeks ‘Spill it Sunday’ is the Jen edition! Yep thats right – questions from me! So why not head over to Armans page and join in the fun! 

What did you do this weekend?