Thinking Out Loud!

Hi all,

It’s Thursday, it’s time to write = Thinking Out Loud style!


Linking up with the beautiful blog birthday (yesterday) gal Amanda over @RunningwithSpoons for all the crazies!

1)      It’s a coffee kinda day


I normally limit myself to one cup of coffee a day, in the morning and that’s it. I completely believe that caffeine takes 6-8 hours to pass through your system so try to avoid it after 12 noon. Today however, I arrived in Stabucks and my body screamed AMERICANO PLEASE! So I relented… killer WOD this morning, absolutely shattered!

2)      M3 Update

M3 update

As I mentioned last week I have decided to start taking a magnesium supplement by Pure Pharma to try and help me achieve a deep sleep/ promote muscle recovery. Week one update – Getting to sleep great, deep sleep for the first few hours and then I start to dream again. However I am feeling more energised in the morning- win! In terms of muscle recovery, that has been awesome. Done some crazy workouts which would have resulted in major DOMS previously – now I have some aches but nothing to write home about.

Still only a week – and a week of my ‘time of the month’ (so British that I can’t say Period!) in which I always tended to have disrupted sleep/ more dreams anyway, so week two may be more representative.

3)      Flies

Another update! The flies, touch wood, are pretty much gone from the kitchen! Yay! Went with Amandas advice of ACV and washing up liquid and being patient. You were right Amanda, being patient was the key! So pleased!

4)      Phat Ball reaction

Phat Balls

Loved the reaction to my fat ball recipe I posted yesterday! I didn’t know what the reaction would be – would most shy away with me calling them fat balls and the majority of folk still thinking that low fat diets work (!??!!!??!) or would folk embrace their nourishment. Seems like fat, or ‘Phat’ is king! Yay! Missed the post? Check it our HERE.

5)      7 Reasons you need a nap (or at least some downtime)


Read this great post by MindBodyGreen today about the benefits of a nap/ downtime and why we need it. I should probably read this over and over – do I always practice what I preach when it comes to this? heck no. Do I pick up my phone/ipod/ ipad when I should leave it be? yep. Do I try to keep going when I should shut my eyes for 10-15 minutes and rest? oh yeah! But I am trying to get better and reading articles like this proves to my head exactly why I should! Click HERE for a link to the article. 

6)      Schedule/ New Project

So this is the first week of my new blogging schedule – was it odd not blogging on Tuesday? oh yeah and will it be odd tomorrow? probably. But I am also looking forward to all my health coach training/ schooling!

I am also working on a project for the next month with my CrossFit box! All will be revealed next week but will keep you all posted and connected to it – want you guys to see what I am up to!

7)      Moustache













(Oh holy guacamole….)

My husband David wants to raise money for male health awareness this year by taking part in Movember… that’s where males for 1 month grow a moustache…!

Love the fact that he wants to support the cause, but cant help but cringe every time I think ‘moustache’! My dad rocks one, David I’m not too sure. Even asked him if it could be a beard, the answer was no!

(You do realise David now I have blogged it you have to do it!)

8)      And last but not least… Off to the Expo!







Sunday is the day David and I are off to the Scottish Fitness and Nutrition Expo! Cant wait! Should be really good – there are some stands/ suppliers I am looking forward to meeting. Expect a recap…!

And there we have it! Back on Monday – seems so far away! But always present on Twitter @ChasetheRG – you following me yet?

Do you allow yourself to disconnect or nap?

What do you think of moustaches?

How many cups of coffee do you have a day?

New Recipe! Phat Balls!

 Hi all! 

Back with a new recipe I have been working on for a while, getting on the energy ball train – well everyone else seems to be on board so I thought I would give it a go too! But I wanted to try and do something different! 

Phat Balls

You read right, Phat Balls. 

Phat, with a PH, because they are cool and awesome! Cool because of the protein hit, awesome because they are full of fats! Healthy Fats! 

Do not fear the fat! Fat is our friend and we need it in our lives – very much a misunderstood nutrient. Fat is an essential source of fuel and is here to stay!

Balls 2

We need healthy fats in our diet and these balls are excellent for a energy boost, a filling sustaining snack or a pre or post workout boost. David loves one or two after work to tide him over until dinner… The perfect sized morsel for a lunch box too – goodbye hunger!  

Nut free, Gluten Free,  Paleo and most importantly tasty. 


Phat Balls!
An energy snack ball full of protein and healthy fats!
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Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
5 min
Total Time
10 min
Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
5 min
Total Time
10 min
  1. 1 cup of sticky dates (medjool are perfect)
  2. 1/4 cup of protein powder (I used banana flavour, vanilla or chocolate would be perfect too)
  3. 1/2 cup coconut flour
  4. 1/4 cup tahini
  5. 1/4 cup coconut oil
  1. Blitz the dates in a food processor or blender (remember to remove stones!)
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients - blitz until combined
  3. Remove dough like ball and roll into small balls - approx 12.
  4. Chill in freezer until solid. Then remove, store in refrigerator and enjoy!
  1. Balls taste the best a few days after making - coconut flour is able to absorb all the oils.
  2. Keeps well in fridge or freezer. Fridge approx 2 weeks (if they last that long!) and freezer indefinitely.
  3. Swap dates for figs or prunes.
Chase the Red Grape!
 Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you try them out!

Linking up with Jenn over @PeasandCrayons for What I ate Wednesday!

Do you like energy bites/ balls?

What are your favourite mix ins? 

Ikea Inspiration!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and had a fab weekend!

On Saturday David and I went to Ikea! A nightmare for some, a fun trip for us!

I was there to restock on a few bits that I frequently get and I realised that you guys may want to know some of those hidden gems that I have found over the years that I now couldn’t live without! With there being so much at Ikea, I know it is quite easy to miss things – but here are a few of my favourites – all from the ‘marketplace’ section.

First of all, begin your trip with a visit to the restaurant! Yes you head me right!

Meatballs, hot dogs and fries aside, there are some delish finds there – and of Swedish decent, so maybe you could try something new!

I find they always have a great selection of salads, David and I had the hot smoked salmon with a pea and green bean salad which was so tasty!


They also had a crayfish salad, gravadlax salad and tomato and mozzarella salad which looked really good!

But on to the merchandise!

These plastic bowls are perfect for snacks around the house – yoghurt, small bowls of oats, mixing eggs etc etc.


We also have the small cups, not pictured, for fruit juice etc. The plastic cutlery is perfect for food on the go – sturdy, wash well and are adult sized mouthfuls!

Plastic Tubs


We bought a set of these 7 YEARS AGO and they still look and perform as good as new! Everyone needs a good set of plastic tubs – great for carrying lunches or snacks, perfect for storing food prep in the fridge and these ones all clip inside one and other for easy storage.

Reseal able Bags


These plastic bags are the most hardwearing I have found – you can even wash them out and reuse them – dont chuck them out!  They come in 2 sizes and the seal is very tight. Better than zip lock bags in my opinion.

Ikea 365 Frying Pan


This pan is my staple, go to pan in the kitchen. Non stick stainless steel, washing amazingly and is so hardwearing. The handle is even steel which means I can put it in the oven when making fritattas!

Bag Clips


We all love our snacks, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, chocolate etc etc – but what we all really want are usable, wearable clips in order to seal those bags back up tightly! (sorry, takes away our excuse of ‘well, I needed to eat them all otherwise they would have gone stale/soft’!) . These are fantastic and last so long!



Storage for so many things – food and otherwise, these jars come in a variety of sizes and have a ‘kilner’ style lid, meaning a proper air tight seal. We use them for nuts, dried fruit, coffee beans and so much more.

Oh and regards to all of the above, did I mention they are all incredibly inexpensive!? Win! Everything bar the pan comes in at under £3 each and the pan comes in at £15 which is a steal for something of this quality.

And last but not least, visit the food store before you leave – it has some hidden gems too!

We always by some herring – went for dill spiked this time – and also picked up some delicious 70% dark chocolate!


Do you like Ikea?

Any favourite buys you would like to share?

CrossFit – Getting Explosive!

Hi all,

It’s Friday! And I certainly have that Friday feeling!

One of the main things I am looking forward to this weekend, watching Despicable Me 2! Only saw the first one a few weeks back (yep I’m late to the party) and I thought it rocked! Hope number 2 is just as good!


This week’s CrossFit workouts were crazy! I certainly felt it all week – phew!

CrossFit Recappin’ Time!

Monday Morning 18th

monday WOD

My snatches are getting there – I really do think it’s my ‘explosiveness’ I need to work on. That and getting down! I can multi task to the max but ask me to throw a bar up whilst going down into a squat – ahhh! Got to 17.5kg but I think if I lower the weight and focus more on technique that will help more.

Front squats were good – I like using this technique – focussing on taking 1 second to go down, no hold and then 1 second to explode back up. My 1RM is 40kg so I went up to 35kg.

The final WOD was a beast but a goodie. I went for 25kg on the power cleans and did high knees on the rig. Finished in 9 minutes 45 seconds.

Tuesday Morning 19th

tuesday wod

A squat clinic is always what the doctor ordered! A great way to warm up and get that key area stretched out!

The 5 rounder specified quality – i.e. focus on technique. We had a time cap of 8 minutes (I think it was!) and I managed 3 rounds in that time. Press ups still an issue but slow slow progress is still progress nonetheless. And for some reason I cant do arch rocks! Ha! I think it’s because my body is so out of proportion (my legs are so much longer than my body) I just can’t rock, so did pulses instead!

Romanian deadlifts are great for stretching out those hamstrings – something I need to do. Any deadlifter will know however that being tall aint great when it comes to doing them though! And with having to keep those legs straight on the way down, the ground seems like a long way away! So coach got me to only go so far, equivalent to where others would reach (shoulders below hip crease) and then stop. This made such a difference and actually made this quite enjoyable! I got up to 55kg.

Then came the ladder – skips, not a problem but those thrusters! My arms were smoking by the end! I went with a weight of 20kg and I’m glad I didnt go higher, they were getting tough by the end. I managed up to 150 skips (so 480 reps – skips + thrusters).

Thursday Morning (21st)

thursday wod

Scapula mobility hurt. Period. I must have a million knots in there. Anyone ever actually pass out during mobility? I was close…

This EMOM complex was a killer. We were supposed to do it at 70% of bodyweight. That’s 42kg for me! Sooo not going to happen – my 1RM for these bits are 27.5kg!

But I could see it was meant to be heavy and tough. So I went for 25kg. And lived to tell the tale!

It pushed me. I had to go fast, I couldn’t overthink the lift and get all messed up in my head. And it worked – I made all of the lifts (bar the last split jerk) and quite a few of them were awesome technique, using power and explosion. Split jerk in particular has not been a favourite for me but I did some fab ones – proving to myself that I could do it, just get your head in the game and DO IT!

The back squats were done taking 2 seconds to go down, with a 2 second hold and then 1 second explosive back up. They felt good and I got up to 40kg. Good to get used to that feeling of being down there with the bar, meant I had to explode to get back up, using my hips – always the main aim.

However, after the above I was toast. My arms were like jelly. And then came the final WOD. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t nice.

I did the HSPU with a box. Did my head touch the ground, nope. Jelly arms.

The overhead squats I did at the same weight as Nancy 10kg – and I nailed them on Nancy. Today I could only do one rep, occasionally 2 at a time before dropping the bar. Jelly arms could not lock out. The bar even fell on my head at one point. But when I took a look around the room, we were all in the same boat, all struggling.

I managed to complete 1 round plus 5 of ‘my hspu’ in the 12 minutes. Geez.

But even though that WOD overall was so tough, I am focusing on my progress on the push complex. Major progress and development there and that’s such a fab thing! I can forget about the final 12 minutes…!

Hope you have a fun filled weekend doing something you love!

Over and out!

Thinking Out Loud!

Hi all,

Today is Thinking Out Loud Day! Linking up with Amanda over @Runningwithspoons!


Also acknowledging Jessie over @Jessieloves2run for letting the world know how hard it is for us bloggers to write introductions – seriously the hardest part of blog writing! #truth

So today, it’s straight on to the randoms!

1)      Sleeps


–          You remember last week I mentioned about how my dreamy sleep is affecting me? Well, time to take some action! As I have tried pretty much everything to gain deep sleep, one of the last problem indicators could be low levels of magnesium.  Recommended by many trusted bloggers I follow and my Coach, I went with the M3 supplement from Pure Pharma. This hopefully should help promote deeper sleep and aid my muscle recovery after CrossFit (which of course had been hindered by my sleep). Started last night and will keep you posted on my progress.

2)      Banana Chips


–          You guys, these are the bomb. I love crisp banana chips but every time I find them in stores I look at the ingredients and find they are fried in nasty vegetable oil and are sweetened with sugar. Not these ones though – coconut oil and honey! Woop woop!

They taste amazing! I bought them on holiday and forgot we had them! Not like me at all! Incredible on their own but dipped in almond butter…. holy guacamole! (Actually, speaking of guacamole, they would probably be amazing with that too!).

3)      Himalayan Sea Salt


–          I have been wanting to trade my regular sea salt for Himalayan sea salt for a while now, so when I spotted this in Costco – complete with grinder – for £3.50, I knew I had to pick it up!

Why Himalayan? Well it is a purer form of salt and therefore has more health boosting minerals, helping your body even more so than regular salt. It can be absorbed quicker into your body and is free of toxins. Simply a higher quality product. Better quality = more nutritional benefit!

4)      Mystery Holiday


–          I spotted this offer in one of my emails – would anyone ever purchase a mystery holiday??!! I would never have the courage to do this, mostly because I would worry it would be a waste of money and precious holiday leave. I know technically you could get an amazing bargain but there are certainly a few cities in Europe I wouldn’t want to visit – why not plough the money into one you do want to visit? Crazy!

5)      Rewarded for exam results?


–          I was listening to my favourite news debate show this morning and they were talking about parents rewarding their children for getting good exam results – is this good or bad? I thought back to when I got my standard grades – I got £10 for each A I got, then it went down to £5 for a B and £3 for a C. I was so chuffed with that – it wasn’t motivation (fear of failure was enough of a motivator for me) but for some kids I guess the temptation of a prize or reward would be. I don’t think that’s necessarily bad, do you? Doesn’t have to be money – some of the folk debating got bikes, laptops (to promote future study), a family meal out, tickets to an event. However, what I was surprised to hear was that the average reward in the UK for good grades is now £600! SIX HUNDRED POUNDS! WHAT!

Now I know I was in school a long time ago now and with inflation and all that jazz kids would now get more but THAT MUCH more!? Lucky kids….

6)      Posting

–          Starting next week, I am going to be posting 3 times a week instead of 5. I want to do a lot of prep work before starting school on the 15th and don’t want to be cramming up my days or having to make a choice between school and blogging – keeping things stress free over here (or that’s the aim anyway!).  So will probably go for posting on a  Monday, Wednesday and Thursday – see how it goes. Eeek!

7)   School Books!


–          And speaking of going back to school, I got my school books in the post this week! YAY! Can’t wait to do some pre- school reading and then crack on with the work books once school begins!

Have you tried any new foodie products recently?

Would you go on a mystery holiday?

Were you rewarded for good grades?

My Food, It’s the way I like it!

Hi all,

Happy Wednesday!

Took a day out yesterday to work on some pre-school reading and prep work. Going to be doing some more of that over the next few weeks but don’t fear! A post will never be too far away!

Today I wanted to do something fun that we can all take part in – linking up with Jenn over @PeasandCrayons for What I ate Wednesday!

My Food

So, without further ado, I present a fun foodie quiz that focuses on our specific foodie preferences

My Food, It’s the way I like it!

1)      How do you take your coffee?

20140330 - Refuel

–          Black if I am in Starbucks or out and about (an Americano). If I am at home I will have almond or coconut milk in it. Always strong, sometimes iced!

2)      How do you prefer your eggs?

blythswood 3

–          There is not one way of cooking eggs that I don’t like! This is so hard….! If the eggs could have mix in’s, it would be an omelette. If they were on their own it would be poached.

3)      How do you like your steak cooked?


–          Rare. Always.

4)      Truffles, one bite or two?

–          I will always try and get as many bites out of a truffle or piece of chocolate as possible. Honestly, David will eat something in one bite, and I will take 4 bites. Savouring the flavour for longer in my eyes!

5)      Oats, mixed with fillings or plain and topped with goodies?


–          I am so funny with this one – I have an exact way I eat my oats! A banana is mashed with the oats, some chia seeds and water to cook in the microwave. Then once done I put two spoonfuls of greek yoghurt in the middle and then one spoonful of almond butter in the middle of that. And I HAVE to have it this way!

6)      What is your go to salad leaf?

–          I do like crisp iceberg but it literally is all water and has no nutrition! But I eat a lot of spinach and love its taste – in salads, mixed in to soup etc. Rocket has an amazing bite too and can give a lot of peppery flavour to a meal.

7)      White or sweet – how do you prefer your potato cooked?



–          Well it’s always a sweet potato with me for sure! I do like a sweet potato crisp (chip) and sweet potato hash but you know what, I just love a simple, tasty, baked sweet potato!

8)      How do you eat an apple?


–          If I am out and about I eat it as it is! But if I am at home I cut it into quarters, remove the centre then cut each quarter into 3 slices. Skins ALWAYS on.

9)      What is your preferred method of cooking veg?

–          I will eat veg any way, boiled, stir fried, sautéed – but isn’t it amazing when roasted?! Roasted vegetables are the best – carrots, beets, Brussels, parsnips, cauliflower… autumnal food right there!

10)   Do you lick, suck or bite an ice lolly (ice pop)?


–          A bit of both really. I suck then bite then lick the drips! Freaks David out the thought of biting an ice lolly, his teeth are too sensitive!

11)   How do you eat a muffin?

–          I cant remember the last time I had a muffin! But added this question in as I was in Starbucks, watching so many people eating muffins but all in completely different ways! I did, however, always used to pull the bottom section off, eat that first and then leave the top (the best) until last!

12)   Bananas-  green, yellow, speckled or black?


–          Speckled is the minimum for me – otherwise they just aren’t bananas! Haha!

And there we have it!

Please feel free to copy this quiz and do it on your own blog (feel free to use the pic at the top!) – I would love to read your answers!

Or let me know below? What are your preferences on any of the above?

Look at what YOU have achieved!

Hi all,

Hope you are well this Monday and had a good weekend!

Thought I would talk today about bucket lists, to do lists, to achieve lists… whatever you want to call them!

We all have them, whether written down or not. Those set list of ‘must do’s’ that we have to achieve before we pass/ turn a certain age.

to do(source)

Marry the man of my dreams – check

Own my own house – check (but then sold when we moved to Glasgow!)

Visit America – check

Have a degree in History – check

Become a teacher – em… well I dont really want to do that anymore

Visit Disneyland – em, no but would I really want to go there over everywhere else?

Travel Europe – I have seen parts but not even a dent of it in reality – but who can afford to up sticks and travel nowadays?

Live abroad – working on it but not yet…

Own a dog – not really fair if we are then going to move abroad….

I could go on!

Some yes I have achieved, others a possibility, most of them who really knows, maybe if I am lucky (or win the lottery…!)

When I think about it, my list is actually a set of goals, pressures, deadlines a cause of disappointment that they have not all been achieved, some not even close.

Why do we do this to ourselves? A  to- do list for our jobs, daily chores, work around the house maybe they are essential but life goals? Life demands?

When I focus on what I haven’t achieved, I like many, get down and frustrated and stressed.

quote 1(source)

So that is why, I am tearing up my bucket list and instead going for an ‘Achievement List’.

From now on, I will focus on what I HAVE achieved, the amazing, incredible, wonderful things I HAVE done.

Big things, small things, memories, recaps, journeys, events, people  = life and living.

I am married to my best friend, living in a city I love, supported my incredible friends and family.

I have seen so many west end shows that have brought tingles to my spine. I am an athlete. I have been in a hot air balloon. I have sunk my feet into the Arabian Desert. I have seen a praying mantis (such an amazing sight). Tasted the most flavourful Gelato in Italy. Spent 4 years of my life studying and completing a degree in History and loving every moment of it. I am pursuing a career I am passionate about. I have dinned in the Emirates Palace. I went to the 2012 Olympics in London and the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. I have been surrounded by wild dolphins. I have touched a baby Giraffe (their skin is so rough!). I created a blog.

I could go on and on. I want to go on and on. This list gets me excited. This list gets me inspired. This list gives me drive.

This list makes me smile.

So why not try it out too. Instead of focussing on a ‘must achieve’ list, let’s all look at what we ‘have achieved’ and get excited about that. You may just surprise yourself on how awesome you are 🙂

Tell me something you have achieved?

CrossFit – 3 or 4?

Hi all,

It’s Friday! Party – WOD style, with a CrossFit recap! Woop Woop!

Monday Morning (11th)

monday wod

Second week in the box of athletic testing… and today was a rowing kind of day! Yay!

After some rowing tekkers we had the opportunity to row 500m for athletic levels – I was 1 second slower that last time but 1 second?? I’m not going to get all wound up about that!

Push Press on the other hand, that wasn’t so great. For the first athletic level, we have to achieve 30kg for 5 reps, my 1RM is 27.5kg. I attempted 30 a few times but it just wasn’t happening. I really feel like I have to work on my ‘drive’ technique, really struggling to get that power once the weights go up.

Jackie, phew! I have done running  Jackie before and found this so different. Even though your arms aren’t (or shouldn’t be!) the major factor in rowing, you still use them, especially when you get tired. Running gave your arms a complete break before the thrusters.

Thrusters were going to be tricky. The weight on the board was 20kg for everyone. I decided to go for it too (1RM being 27.5kg…). Wow, this was so tough for me but I kept going and everyone was cheering me on (David being my wee coach at the side once he had finished) – I may not have been as fast as the others, but for the first time I was doing the same weight as people who are a heck of a lot stronger than me… and I knew I had it in me to do it too.

I have to laugh though, you finish the thrusters, feel like you want to collapse/ be sick and then its jumping pull up time! But you just get those bad boys done as quick as possible!

Tuesday Morning (12th)

tuesday wod

Pistols, don’t think I have found anyone that likes them! But with pistols, practice will always make perfect.

They frustrate me; I have great mobility in my ankle and a good sense of balance – which are most people’s issues. My problem, no power from my knees – but if I work on them, using a box/ bench behind me, those knees will get stronger. No pain which is good.

Back Squats were good – my 1RM is 45kg so I went with 30, 32.5 and then 35kg for my reps. We were to use a particular method to do them – for my level it was 2 seconds ‘down’, no pause and then an explosive 1 second ‘up’. Great to promote that explosion for coming up and I was pleased on how I did.

We had a 15 minute time cap for the WOD – I dont think coach expected anyone to complete it, simply see how far we could go. Most of the folk in our session were on the 20 rep section when time was called. I did 2 rounds plus up to 20 AMSU.

Holy abs the next day though – still sore today (Friday) – those darn ab mat sit ups!

Thursday Morning (14th)

thursday wod

Had no idea how ring dips were going to go – only having done them once previous. But you know what, I aint bad!

Ok so I can’t do them without a band, but with the medium band I managed to knock out 10 unbroken reps – and probably had a few more in me! Looking forward to more practice on them, going to use the lightest band next time!

Overhead squats.…ahhhhhhhh!

Ok, so after some practice, trying to get the right arm positioning, getting deep enough in my squat and making sure I was fully locked out, I tried the first level for overhead squats. 15kg for 5 reps (I failed this last time). This time? I did it! And it felt good!

The thought of Nancy did not feel good – running AND overhead squats – geez, could it be worse?!

If my max for 5 reps was 15kg, I knew I needed to lower my weight – so I went for 10kg.

It was a beast of a WOD but I really enjoyed it! I think having that confidence and strength in my overhead squats really did help – I always managed my 15 reps unbroken – sign I needed to go up in weight? Maybe, will try 12.5kg next time!

I completed Nancy in 23 minutes 52 seconds.

3 or 4?

Currently David and I’s dilemma. Do we stick with 3 WOD’s a week or go up to 4? Hmmm, lots of talk over this in our household at the moment!

I think though, we are edging towards 4! Getting an unlimited membership at our box also means that we can attend open gym, do battle royal comps at the weekend when they are on (and not pay extra) – technically can WOD every day! (that aint going to happen, we all need rest days!)

So will probably test it out in September and see how we go from there! Looking forward to it!

Have a good weekend folks! 

Thinking Out Loud!

Hi all,

How are ya this Thursday? Ready for some Thinking Out Loud action?


Linking up with Amanda over @Runningwithspoons – if you haven’t visited Spoons yet, what are you waiting for? You are in for a treat!

Anyhoo, please stick with me for now and my randomness!

1)      Dreaming


I am and have always been an avid dreamer whilst I sleep. But recently i.e. the past few months, it has become quite extreme – not in its content but in its ability to completely knock me! I will sleep all night (exception of a few loo visits!), go to bed early, stay away from media devices an hour before I sleep, avoid caffeine after 12 noon, keep the lights as dimmed as possible before bed etc etc – all the things that are said to promote good sleep. But then I dream all night, my mind in overdrive and I wake up sometimes more tired than when I went to bed! Often having to spend the first 10 mins of waking just deciphering what was dream world and what is reality – it can be that vivid.

Anyone gone/ going through this? Any tips that could help me dream less and rest more?

2)      Paleo Mayo


I have been saying for so long now that I am going to try making paleo mayonnaise and I have still yet to do it! It’s not hard and I have all the ingredients – just need to do it! So my thinking is if I write it down here then I have to do it, hopefully tomorrow, if not this weekend. Planning on using the recipe in NomNom Paleo using avocado oil. But have it on good authority that the recipe by Mellisa Joulwan is also very good.

3)      Scottish Fitness and Nutrition Expo


Finally bought tickets this week to attend the Scottish Fitness Expo on the 31st of August, can’t wait! Be great to meet lots of people from various backgrounds in the fitness and nutrition world, connect with brands and learn some new things! It’s the first one ever in Scotland! Check out the website here for more info – and to vote for my box, Omnipotent CrossFit to win best CrossFit Box at the Scottish Fitness Awards!

4)      Flies



(Poor lonely avocado…!)

Is anyone elses house, in particular Kitchen, full of tiny fruit flies at the moment? I am getting so frustrated! I have had to cover up my fruit with a tea towel to stop them getting to it – and it’s making my bananas ripen quicker than I can eat them! They get into my cupboards, now love it in the bathroom, urgh, I can’t seem to escape them! Where do they come from!

I have tried a cup of ACV at the side to tempt them but no luck. Do I just have to live with them while the warmer weather is still around?

5)      Mad Men


Yep back on the Mad Men train! We are on season 6 now and loving it so far – I know I am a bit behind but had to wait until it was available to rent – don’t tend to buy DVD’S or box sets nowadays – can’t be done with all those boxes lying around!

Don Draper still annoys me so much! And to be honest, it’s some of the secondary characters that intrigue me the most – I keep coming back to watch them! Then again, are we ever supposed to like Don?

6)      Mushroom Melts

20140813 - burgers

Had these for dinner last night and last week – oh my goodness they are amazing! Portobello mushrooms, stuffed with guac and tuna, topped with tomato, a little cheese and served with salad! I used to find tuna so boring, but pair it with avocado and we are on to a winner!

7)      5 second rule


Do you live by the 5 second rule? That if food lands on the floor then you have 5 seconds to pick it up before it gets contaminated by germs? Turns out it is true, according to this study! They do say at the end of the Women’s Health article though that better to be safe than sorry and bin it anyway – I don’t know about anyone else but in my house, it’s more like the 30 second rule!

Over and Out!

Are you a Don Draper fan?

5 second rule, yay or nay?

My Recipe List – August!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and feeling fine!

Today I am linking up with Jenn over @PeasandCrayons for ‘What I ate Wednesday’ in order to bring to you my monthly recipe list!

Recipe List

Check out some fantastic recipe ideas from some of my favourite bloggers! They all also have fab websites too – check them out!

Paleo Scotch Eggs – Paleo Britain


Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack and great fuel. Not difficult to make either!

Maple Pistachio Seared Scallops – The Healthy Maven


A treat, yes I know, but a treat thats a culinary delight without having to spend a major amount of time in the kitchen? Yes please!

Skillet Plantain Bread – Gabby’s Gluten Free

plantain bread

Able to hunt out some plantains? (Some Morrisons stores in the UK do stock them) – then why not give this a go – a great starch source!

Chicken Liver and Onions – Primal Palate


I made this dish last week and it is a) so easy and b) so tasty! A great way to introduce yourself to liver, as chicken livers are so mild. Big tip – dont overcook and all will be well texture wise!

Coconut Coated Fish Fingers – Peachy Palate


Now admit it, who here didn’t grow up with fish fingers or have kids (young and old) who love them!  These look delicious and a great way to serve nutritious and delicious fish fingers to your family.

No Bake Chocolate Chip Cream Bars – PaleOMG

no bake bars

Summer is still here! And on those, rare, warm days there is nothing better than a cold frozen treat! Something sweet and chocolaty that’s also full of nutritious goodies? A win win for me, you and all the family! Perfect for a family BBQ or party!

Ok, so who is now very hungry!

What would you like to make?

Do you have any must make recipes to share?