CrossFit – Is there anything better than seeing yourself and your friends progress?

Hi all,

Welcome to another week of fun, good eats and laughs!

Where did September go? It has certainly been crazy busy for me, what with blogging here and for my CrossFit box, but it has been so much fun! Going to bring you a fab recap of my Paleo posts on Wednesday, don’t want you guys to miss out on all the action!

For now though, it’s time for a recap of last weeks CrossFit!

Monday Morning (22nd)

Monday WOD












Back again to do another WOD from the next CrossFit Team Series. This was not at all as bad as the OHS and deadlift one we had done previous – instead a nice, quick sprint of a WOD you could work through as a team.

There were 3 of us and we took turns to do the wall balls, cleans and pull ups 10 at a time. I used a 5kg wall ball, 25kg bar and did jumping pull ups. We completed in 16 minutes 38 seconds.

Tuesday Morning (23rd)

Tuesday WOD












New 1RM attempt time after the programming we have been doing the past few weeks. I did manage a new PB on my back squat 47.5kg up from 45kg. A small increase but every bit counts!

Coe was nasty! We had a 12 minute time cap on this one. I did my thrusters at 20kg and bar press ups instead of rings and it sucked! I managed 6 rounds altogether – everyone was around that amount – holy thrusters!

Thursday Morning (25th)

Thursday WOD












I really really REALLY enjoyed this WOD!

We worked on obtaining false grip on the rings (the hand hold gymnasts use on the rings) – which is a lot harder than it looks, the rings basically rest on your wrist bone and it seems so unnatural, but is the best way to do it, less pressure = more strength.

We then used the false grip to do some muscle up tekkers. No one is there with muscle ups yet – they truly are the most difficult move in CrossFit but we are all getting stronger and improving in our own way. I hope we do some more of these as although very tricky, it is so rewarding when you just ‘get it’ and can see progress. Is there anything better than seeing yourself and your friends progress?

The 21-15-9 of KBS and deadlifts were great fun too – we had a time cap of 6 minutes so had to go FAST! I finished in 5 minutes 7 seconds with using a 12kg kettle bell and 42.5kg on my deadlift bar.

Friday Morning (26th)

Friday WOD












More 1RM’s, this time front squat. Not as successful as back squat though… I have a 1RM front squat of 40kg but today my best was 37.5kg. And I only got that on my 4th attempt. Major bummer. But I won’t dwell – every squat felt heavy even at 50% 1RM so I really don’t think I was in the zone mind or body wise for doing it. Next time I got this!

The 14 minute ladder was a bit dull to be honest. By the end I was so sick of air squats (we did it for a warm up too!). But I chugged on, completing 6 rounds plus 5 burpees overall. I was so pleased when it was over, not because I was puffed or tired, just because if I was made to do one more burpee or squat I may have screamed!

You win some, you lose some. One persons favourite WOD is another’s foe! (Back at it today though, (Monday Morning (29th)) and it was an awesome WOD that I really enjoyed! But you will need to wait until next Monday for a recap on that one!).

See ya Wednesday!

Thinking Out Loud!

Hi all!

Finally I am back and able to chat and ramble with you all! Seems like forever!


Huge massive shout out to Amanda over @Runningwithspoons who enables this crazy link up each week for like minded folk wanting to reveal all their rambles to the world!

It’s time to THINK OUT LOUD!!!!

1) Fitfluential







– Folks, I am delighted to say that I have been accepted as a Fitfluential Ambassador!!! So excited and can’t wait to work with Fitfluential on all this health, fitness and fun! For more info on what being an ambassador entails, click on the link HERE.

2) School

– Yep thats me officially started my years study to become a Health Coach! Week one was awesome and so far week two is the fantastic too. The reading and lectures have constantly got me agreeing and yelling ‘YES FINALLY PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT THIS’ at the laptop screen! Long may it continue!

3) Christmas


– Saw this sandwich board outside a hotel in Glasgow yesterday and it made me smile so much. Not only because it reminded me of the fab film that is Elf (can you believe when I first saw that film I hated it!?) but because it reminded me that Christmas will be here before we know it! Only 90 days people!!!

4) Vintage Diet Books













– I came across this article on Buzzfeed (LINK). My first thought when I read was ‘oh my goodness, that’s crazy and kind of hilarious they thought this way’! But then I started to realise that these exact same issues/ thoughts/ principals/ approaches to diet and health still exist today, just in a different form. It’s still all about this concept of ‘perfection’ and not ‘health’ as it should be. Sigh….

5) Netflix






– David and I finally got Netflix – swapping from LoveFilm/Amazon Prime. So after binge watching the latest series of Arrested Development, we are wondering what to move on to next. My choice, either Orange is the New Black or House of Cards. What do you think?

6) PSL


– Ok, so Starbucks is once more PSL daft. The only place in the UK that is! I once adored a PSL, but now that I don’t drink cows milk and after knowing what is in a PSL (google it, unless you want to remain blissfully unaware!) I am now reluctant to have one. But blow me down the genius Diane Sanfilippo has come up with a clean ingredient alternative that’s easy to make and tastes THE SAME! No joke! Reveals all in the pic above. Just place in a bullet or blender to mix. And I used almond instead of coconut milk and skipped on the ghee. David used grass fed butter. 

7) Wood Pigeon

– One of my fellow CrossFit Zombie crew members gave David and I some wood pigeon that he had caught in his latest shoot. I cannot wait to cook it up this weekend, what a treat! Going to keep it simple, thinking pan fried with some red onion gravy and wilted spinach. Mmmmm!

Are you looking forward to Christmas?

What should I watch first on Netflix?

Have you eaten pigeon or any other rare meat before?


A Photo An Hour!

Hi all,

Welcome to hump day, the next best day in the working week after Friday!

I have sooo much I want to chat to you all about, good job tomorrow is Thinking Out Loud – the perfect outlet for all my rambles!

Today I am brining to you another edition of ‘A Photo an Hour’ – a little insight into my day on Monday, from beginning to end! Enjoy and note, timings are approximate!

(Oh and on a side note, am planning on hopefully getting an iPhone this weekend – goodbye blurry photos! This should be the last of them! Ha!)

5.30am – Alarm goes off, get washed and changed for CrossFit. David makes our protein shakes for post workout and we fuel up on a shot of beet juice and 2 dates – David says ‘peace out’! (Yes my snowman timer is present throughout the year…!)


6.15am – Off to CrossFit – it’s so dark outside now!


7am – David getting his first chest to bar pull up, then doing 25 after that!


8am – Prepping breakfast for David – he seems happy!


9am – After coffee and seeing David off, I have a shower and then time for my own breakfast! All the ingredients needed for a tasty banana scramble!


10am – Read blogs, check social media and do the washing!


11am – Head to the post office to post my Foodie Pen Pals parcel! Isn’t this polka dot package bag fab?!


12 noon – 2pm – Work in Starbucks on my blog post and the Omnipotent CrossFit Paleo Experiment post. My view…


2pm – Lunch – mackerel, beet, egg and guacamole salad –a favourite!


3pm – Read blogs, check social media.


4pm – Food prep. Prepare bits for dinner and make zucchini patties for breakfast tomorrow.


5pm – Write up last weeks WOD’s in my WOD book.


6pm (well more like 7pm) – Dinner! Chicken Cauliflower Rice – nom nom nom!


7 – 8.30pm – Watching the first episode of the new series of Downton Abbey! Yes, finally something us Brits get first! First episode = so good!


9pm – Bedtime! Setting the radio alarm clock for the morning. I love waking up to the sound of the radio…


Linking up with Jenn over @PeasandCrayons for today’s shenanigans…

See you tomorrow!

Do you have a set routine every day?

Like Downton Abbey?

Do you prep meals for anyone else?

CrossFit – Working on weaknesses to turn into strengths!

Hi all,

Hope you are well! Gosh it seems like ages ago I was chatting to you all, what with starting school, David guest posting and all the fun and games in between!

But for now, it’s time for a little bit of CrossFit recappin’ – another crazy week!

Monday Morning (15th)

Monday WOD












Coach had been to a gymnastics seminar/ training over the weekend, so you know what that means… time to get gymnasty!

We spent 20 minutes working on core conditioning which was awesome! Lots of moves, exercises and stretches to really strengthen up our core. Get a good strong core and those muscles are vital to everything we do in CrossFit.

After that we worked on strict pull ups. I have yet to get one on my own so I worked with David assisting me on the lift – and I did one! Finally got that chin over the bar! It was great to work on pull ups this way as you could really feel the relevant muscles working as you went up and back down again, unlike when you use a band. Also David was able to indicate to me where he could feel I needed help and where I was stronger and probably capable on my own = working on weaknesses to turn into strengths.

The final WOD was fab! A good burner got some metal music on, uber pumped after! Sometimes you forget how much of a workout a body weight WOD can be!

Tuesday Morning (16th)

Tuesday WOD












After the wrist mob we went straight on to the push jerk (from rack). I got up to 27.5kg, tried 30kg but think I just psyched myself out of it to be honest. #oneofthosedays

The back squats felt good, working on the 2 seconds down, 2 second hold and explosive up technique. I completed at 40kg for 3RM.

I wasn’t looking forward to the final WOD – wall walks… urgh!

But after looking at videos online, I have picked up a few tips to at least get a good ‘line’ when doing a half wall walk – HEAD THROUGH THE WINDOW! So this helped, just had to take my time on the walks and did 16” on the jumps.  Got a total of 3 rounds plus 2 wall walks.

Thursday Morning (18th)

Thursday WOD












I may not be great at a lot of the gymnastic moves but give me a set of rings and I seem to be quite good! I love ring dips and these ring l-sit holds were fun! I was quite consistent over how long I could hold them for throughout the 6 attempts and they felt good. Just need to work on strength to be able to hold for longer and keep my arms locked out.

Front squats, totally not feeling it today. I got to 37.5kg for my final 3 reps but my elbows were down and it was pretty nasty to be honest. I was feeling it so heavy today…

I think going from that to 30 squat cleans at 25kg was a real tough cookie for me. Most of my squat cleans ended up being power cleans into squats (sooo not allowed but was the best I could do at that point). You know sometimes you just can’t get your body to do what it’s told?

Friday Morning (19th)

Friday WOD












Felt a bit more refreshed this morning, until I came in to find we were doing 2 of the team series WOD’s– ahhh!

We did the deadlift one first. I went for 50kg for my bar and we did 10 each at a time (there was 3 of us in our team). Normally ok, but holding 50kg while your partner does his 10? Tough!

I did a box handstand hold whilst the other 2 guys did either push press on handstand push ups depending on level. Coach wanted me to try 30kg for my push press (never cleaned that before), it wasn’t happening, I was attempting it each time but no luck. Felt gutted. In the 15 minute time frame we got 1 round plus 10 deadlifts. Not bad!

The overhead squat WOD… geez! I only went a bloody did 17.5kg on the bar (a new 1RM for me never mind the rep sequence here! Ha!). And Coach originally thought the rep sequence was the same as RX- 21-15-9. We only realised when I was 10 reps into 15 OHS… and he still made me do the 6 rep set! Haha! That’s my coach for you – but I’m glad he did it.

So 37 OHS instead of 27… Sure showed me what I can do!

The other 2 guys were awesome at theirs. And thanks David, Chris and Coach for cheering me on through this. In CrossFit you are never alone.

Back on Wednesday guys! Have a fab day!

Thinking Out Loud…with David!

Hi Everyone! David here!








With Jen starting school this week and all the hectic-ness that it entails I’m going to help her out on her post today. I liked the idea of doing a Thinking Out Loud post, get some of these random thoughts I have bouncing around my head out on the page! So without further ado, here I go!


 (Linking up with Amanda over @RunningwithSpoons – J x)

1) How ‘bout them Falcons!


Come on, you didn’t expect a post by me based on my random thoughts not to include some football action! Haha! Great start to the season against the Saints but it kind of fell apart against the Bengals on Sunday. I’ve worked out the problem though… I didn’t wear any Falcons stuff on Sunday, obviously this is why we lost! So am all set for tonight’s game against the Buccs, Falcons cap ready to wear tonight, sorted!

Can’t wait to see them at the end of October in London against the Detroit Lions! Rise Up!

2) Independence

vote (source)

I know Jen covered this a bit last week but it would be crazy for me not to mention it again, seeing as today is the day that everyone in Scotland, aged 16 and over, has the opportunity to go to the polls to answer the question “Do you think Scotland should become an independent country?” Yes or No? I was always a No voter from the very beginning. I am British, born and raised in England until I was 18, but have lived in Scotland for the last 10 years. My Mum is English and my Dad is Scottish. I am married to Jen who was born in England but grew up in Scotland. She has a Scottish Mum and an English Dad. We really can’t get my more British than that! I don’t want the countries to split up, I think at this time in history the world could do with sticking together not creating divides between one another just to prove “Aye, we can go alone!”

It is genuinely scary for us both that the outcome might be independence.  We’ll know tomorrow!

3) Socks



(David’s special socks for today…)

Now this is a random topic for you! I love my socks to be really colourful and funky. I don’t own a single pair of plain socks and I often get comments at work about them (doesn’t help I often wander around with no shoes on so it they are pretty obvious!). I’m always on the lookout for more to add to my collection, including knee high ones, they are great for CrossFit! I must add that I must be the only person that likes his mother-in-law buying him socks for Christmas. She has just as mad taste in colours and patterns as me!

4) Phrases



Us Brits love a good phrase, instead of actually saying the actual words just as easily! Jen has mentioned a few previously (like last week’s – “beat around the bush”). I’d like to share with you some of the random phrases or words I have had to understand since I first came to Scotland…

  • ‘Where do you stay?’ = where are you from? This was my first insight into the weird world of Scottish vocabulary when asked in Fresher’s week at uni. I assumed they were asking where I was staying, which halls of residents. Nope, where I was originally from of course!!??
  • ‘I’ll meet you at the back of 9’ = I’ll meet you just after 9 o’clock. This one still catches me out. I hear the “back of” to mean the “end of” so assume the back of 9 would be near 10 o’clock! Yet again, that would be too obvious!
  • ‘A piece’ = a sandwich or snack, ‘a fine piece’ = a cake or similar. The first time I went to Jen’s parents’ house her Mum asked me if I would like “a piece?” Then just looked at me… I was waiting for her to finish the sentence though so looked blankly at her. She persevered though, “you know, a fine piece….” There’s me still waiting for “a fine piece of….[insert specific thing here]”. Got there in the end though!
  • ‘Geez-Oh’ = Glaswegian version of “Oh my gosh”. This one I love actually and picked it up fairly quickly when we arrived here. I tend to be quite good at that, picking up the accent of the area. Wish I’d recorded what I sounded like after 2 weeks in the Deep South in the US, probably horrific! Haha!
  • ‘Messages’ = shopping. This one I quite like too (now I understand it). If you pop out to get your shopping people will sometimes say they are off “to get their messages”. I just thought they meant they were collecting something from the post office!

See, it’s confusing! All the Scots reading this are probably just laughing at me now!

5) Street Art

As you know from my previous posts I love my photography and living in Glasgow has let me try my hand at more urban photography. One amazing asset Glasgow has is the amount and range of street art you see literally everywhere around the city. The council have even commissioned several pieces to make some areas more attractive (e.g. under bridges). Below are some of my favourite examples that I have found so far – always on the lookout for more though!

mitchell lane street art


















Hope you have enjoyed a little catch up with David and his thoughts for the week! Back on Monday with some CrossFit love! Until then, have a great weekend! Jen x

Do you like street art?

How do you like your socks, plain, bright or crazy? 


Don’t Regret, Live Life!

Hi all,

Happy Wednesday!

Today I want to make you think…




What would you do if you could?

Anything and everything…

Me? Off the top of my head, I would

  • Have an amazing career
  • Live abroad
  • Be an amazing CrossFit athlete
  • Spend more time experimenting in the kitchen…

So, what’s stopping you or me?

Nothing. Only ourselves.


Find a way of achieving that ideal career (go back to school like me!).

Make a schedule so you can have more time to see your family, work on projects, start a hobby.

Keep focused if you want to improve – your passion will lead to progression.

Start saving a little at a time so you can make that big trip.

Make small steps towards a change, a leap, a goal, a dream.

Just take some action – big or small, then you will never regret and never ask ‘what if’. Take steps to make it happen.

Let’s live life – don’t say ‘I can’t’ – instead ask ‘how can I make this happen?’ Live a life of ‘I tried’ and ‘I did’ not ‘what if’s’ and ‘I wish I had’.










It may sound scary, it may be easy to say ‘I don’t have time’ or ‘I can’t afford it’ – but it’s fear that should push us to achieve. It’s the fear that makes the achievement so worthwhile in the end.

Don’t let fear stop you – we can all do anything and everything – start your journey, live life.

Do you let fear stop you?

Have you taken that leap, faced the fear and achieved?

CrossFit – Push It Up!

Hi all,

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend full of lots of smiles and fun things!

Time for some CrossFit recappin’ – last week’s WOD’s – Lots of fun as ever!

Monday Morning (8th)

monday wod












After the mob, we moved on to the strict presses. These are tough but I am improving every time I try these – getting heavier and with less strain. I don’t tend to hyper extend my chest anymore to get the bar up – brilliant as this was not good. I got to 22.5kg with that.

The back squats were awesome – doing a pattern of 2 seconds down, 2 seconds hold and then explosive back up. I know I need to test my 1RM again but I got up to 30kg with this. Could have been heavier.

The WOD was a burner but just a matter of getting it done! We had a time cap (can’t remember what it was) but I was so frustrated as I was only 51 skips away from completing it! Grr, got tangled in my ropes at one point so could have done it!

Tuesday Morning (9th)

tuesday wod












We had 10 minutes to complete the 3 rounds – I managed to do all bar the last 1 min back extension. Those narrow press ups really slow me down but hopefully through focussing on quality they will improve.

The deadlifts, woah, 85% 1RM!? But I love these ones that test what we can do – I was so surprised to get to the end of the 10 rounds. Did them at 57.5kg

The hand to hand kettle bell snatches in the final WOD were the problem for me. In order to properly snatch I had to go down low in weight, 8kg – boo! I know I know ‘do it light and do it right’ but it’s frustrating to have to pick up ‘that’ kettle bell again! Completed in 14 minutes 35 seconds.

Thursday Morning (11th)

thursday wod












Woop Woop Ring Dips! I love ring dips! Yes I do them banded but I seem to have the balance required for them down to a fine art. It excites me that once I get stronger and stronger I could really get these!

Front squats, same as back squats, I know I do need to revisit 1RM’s. But was happy doing the same pattern as the back squats at 32.5kg.

Phew this push jerk WOD was tough. That minute passed so quick but not as fast as the rest time! ha! But it does show me that I need to work on ‘going down’ on my jerks to get that bar up there. Did the WOD at 25kg and my score was 7,6,5,4,5 reps.

Friday Morning (12th)

friday wod












The push presses went well – got up to 22.5kg with them. Need to work on using my core power to get the bar up!

Bear complexes, the bane of every CrossFitters life! But I got up to 25kg. It’s getting the bar overhead after being on your back thats the issue for most. Used some spare time to work on doing a push jerk from behind the neck with a low weight – need to get comfortable with them.

I loved this WOD! Didn’t want it to end – is that sad?

Every time I nailed those gym ring rows I kept on remembering back to a time where I couldn’t even do one.  Gainz baby!

The bar press ups were a fab way of progressing to press ups – I focussed on keeping my elbows in and pulling my shoulder blades back. Tough but worked like a charm. In the 17 minutes I managed 10 rounds plus 5 ring rows. Woo hoo!

And there we have it folks! Have a great week ahead and see you Wednesday!

How did your workouts go last week?

Thinking Out Loud!

Hi all,

Time for some ‘Thinking Out Loud’ action with Amanda over @Running with Spoons!


No time to beat about the bush, let’s get to it!

1. Beat about the bush

-Yep I just wrote it, but had to google it when I realised I don’t know why we say it! Apparently it comes from when beaters used to beat the bushes to get the birds moving/ flying before the hunters got them. Makes sense – Don’t beat about the bush, cut to the chase!

2. Monday!













– I can finally say that one Monday I begin my studies in health coaching! It always seemed so far away and I am so excited to finally get started and begin learning again. It also signifies finally beginning a new chapter in my life, hopefully building up a successful career that I can be passionate and proud of.

3. Coyo Coconut Milk Yoghurt


– I have found a new product that I absolutely love – coconut milk yoghurt. It has a rich, creamy, fresh taste – you can’t eat too much at one time, it acts more as a topping to fruit etc but this means it last longer which is always a bonus. I also love that it adds to my healthy fat intake and doesn’t make me feel as ‘gunky’ as dairy does. They also have vanilla and chocolate versions I cannot wait to try… next time I am at Whole Foods!

4. M3 Update

M3 update

– The final M3 update I will be doing on the blog (but contact me if you want to know more about how I am getting on). For the first time since starting taking the M3 Pure Pharma supplement I am noticing differences in my sleep – I still wake up during the night but am experiencing more deep sleep and less dreams = feeling more rested. Fantastic! Also same awesome benefits as before in terms of muscle recovery. I will be continuing to take this as I have noticed significant positive differences.

5. iPhone














– So the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus. Looks good! I am desperate for an iPhone and am eagerly awaiting my contract to end so I can get one – think it will be the 5s for me though – the new release, although awesome is so expensive to buy in the UK. iPhone 6 in the UK – from £539. iPhone 6 in the US – from $199. No, I am NOT JOKING! Oh I wish I was…

6. Football Tradition


– David and I (well especially David) love American Football. Even though we can’t watch it on TV here in the UK, we have established a new Sunday tradition of listening to the game whilst preparing bits and bobs for the following week. It was fun (even though they put on very annoying music every time the ads came on). We are also loving watching ‘Hard Knocks’ which has only just started here in the UK – and this year it’s our team – Atlanta Falcons! However never fear, we get to see our team play in October when they come to London to play! Cannot wait!

7. Independence?



– This time next week I will be heading to vote – the most important vote I think I will ever make in my life – whether or not Scotland becomes an independent country. I am not afraid to express my opinion, I do wish to remain as part of the UK and believe we are stronger together. I am nervous and scared though at the thought it could go the other way. My future and the future of my country all stand on this vote. Will see what happens!

Do you have an iPhone?

Like football? What’s your team?

Do you exercise your right to vote?

CrossFit – The Paleo Experiment!

Hi all,

Can you believe it is Wednesday already?! Not that I’m complaining, closer to the weekend!

Today I thought I would share with you all some of the work I have been doing with my CrossFit Box and Paleo. Been doing various blog posts Monday – Friday on all things Paleo!

So if you are looking for more info on What is Paleo? What do you actually eat on Paleo? Paleo weekend recipe ideas or simply want to see ‘What I ate this Weekend’ – check out below!

What is Paleo?

Eat me












The Who, What, Where and Why’s of Paleo. Want to explain Paleo to someone but just don’t know how? Or fancy learning a bit more about it yourself? Click HERE to read my post!

Breakfast and Snacks on Paleo?


Breakfast ideas that are simple and nutritious and don’t require masses of thought or ingredients – perfect for those on Paleo or not! And healthy snack ideas for all! Click HERE to read my post!

Paleo Lunch and Dinners

20140227 - I'm Close to My Food

A selection of lunch and dinner Paleo ideas. Again, keeping it simple and focussing on #realfoodfuel

Click HERE to read my post!

Recipe Love!

20140304 - Pancakes

Something for everyone! Recipes for the weekend whatever your tastes – meals and breakfast/ brunch… yes there are pancakes! Click HERE to read my post!

What I ate this Weekend


My breakfast, lunch and dinners for the weekend – and they were good! Lunch from Whole Foods too – tasty! Click HERE to read my post!

These were my favourite posts from September so far. Loving writing them and inspiring people to think about eating clean –and showing them how easy it can be!

It also shows how much of a community CrossFit is – so very much more than a gym…

Linking up today with Jen over @Peasandcrayons for WIAW

Anything you would like to know about Paleo/ eating clean?

What did you eat at the weekend/ yesterday?

CrossFit – Thank Goodness for Time Caps!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and had a fab weekend! I had a nice chilled out one with my hubby – well chilled out in our way!

The past week and weekend just flew past! I think it’s because I am working on the Paleo project with my CrossFit box, blogging and getting my reading done for school starting next week, so busy in a good way!

Hang on a minute…


Eeek! It has always felt like so long away! But I am so excited (and a little nervous!)!

Today, however, I bring to you my CrossFit recap from last week – and what a week of WOD’s it was! First time doing 4 in a week – loved it!

Monday Morning (1st)













The aim of the mobility session today was to find in our backs where the tension (aka pain) was. Then we all had to draw on the board where we found it most uncomfortable. I had a few areas but if it means that mobility in the future can be focused on these areas then great! So many people had the most pain in their traps though.

Hang snatch is still one I am working on. My problem, awesome with the PVC pipe, struggle with a barbell. Next time, go for the training bar bell – better to start low work up in weight and get it right!

The main WOD was a killer – one of the WOD’s from that weekends CrossFit Team Series. Each member of the team had to do those reps – one on the bar while the other did the thrusters. Neither could move on to the next until the other had finished. It was hard – I did my thrusters at 20kg and found it tough, especially when others were waiting for you to finish! We did jumping pull ups – arms and legs were toast by the end but did it in 16 minutes, 8 seconds.

Tuesday Morning (2nd)

tuesday wod

21 squats was a warm up coach did with us. 21 squats at normal footing, 21 squats at really wide footing and then 21 squats with a narrow footing. Then repeat. Narrow was hard! Try it out at home – a good stretch if nothing else!

The 3 rounder wasn’t too bad – hollow rocks the usual, leg raises tough but they always are! The burpee to handstands I did doing half handstand walks. Really is the way for me to go right now until I get used to being upside down – although after a year at CrossFit I’m still not used to it!

Deadlifts were awesome – felt good with them and did the 20 reps at 45kg.

The WOD was good – running, the usual and the hand to hand kettle bell clean and jerks were a new one for me. Could manage one arm with the 12kg but not the other (showing where weakness is!) so went for the 10kg. Really noticing a difference in being able to explode with power from my core – essential for this! I finished in 17 minutes 38 seconds.

Thursday Morning (4th)

thurs wod












The 100m max power row was fun – basically we had 100m to see how high we could get the power on the rower. My top score was 301 – something to work on but happy!

And then the WOD, oh the WOD. In case it wasn’t clear from the picture above, you went 10 skips, 10 KBS, 10 pull ups then 20 skips, 20 KBS, 20 pull ups. Then 30,30,30 then 40,40,40 etc. I dont think I have ever sweat so much in my life! We were all dripping by the end – a real marathon of a WOD! But I did enjoy it  – the mental as well as physical challenge. I skipped, used a 12kg kettle bell and did jumping pull ups. Within the 45 minute time cap I got 5 rounds (the 50’s) plus up to 3 jumping pull ups in the 60’s.

Friday Morning (5th)

fri wod












The reactive box jumps were a new one for me – this is where you cannot rest at the bottom, you must spring back automatically on to the box – resting at the top on the box if necessary. Box jumps and me have their history and doing it this way is more difficult than normal. But I got up to 17.5 inches so I am happy with that.

The clusters were a doozy (cluster = squat clean to thruster)

I began with 20kg and went up 2.5kg each time – I reached my max of 27.5kg pretty quickly, 4th round – so I had the rest of the reps to do every minute at my maximum. That’s tough people.   I was shattered by the end. I did attempt 30kg but it just wasn’t happening today. It will soon though, I just know it! #staypositive

And that was the WOD’s that were!

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