Thinking Out Loud!

Hi all,

Hope you are all snuggled up and warm this chilly Thursday!

I so wish I was snuggled up in my duvet right now for a nice nap… but that’s besides the point, its 12.40pm here and sleepy time is a no no!

What is a –go right now and is so right is a link up with Amanda @RunningwithSpoons for ‘Thinking Out Loud’!

Thinking-Out-Loud2Change of Plans

So I wasn’t planning on doing this post today but I realised the one I was hoping to write needed more planning – it would have been rushed if I had completed it today. Bummer. I hate changing plans but love a good thinking out loud post so a win overall really. And I would rather work on this other post, give it time and thus resulting in a better post. Win!

Sweet sells?

Roasted Sweet Potato and Brussels Sprout Tray Bake

I actually do make a lot of my own food creations but don’t tend to ‘recipe them up’. Why? Because they are savoury. From my blog research sweet recipes seem to ‘sell’ better than savoury – I guess cause they are classed as a treat and everyone wants a treat, right? So I haven’t really branched into it (and there are so many awesome bloggers out there with killer sweet recipes!). But from now on I am hoping to post a lot of my savoury recipes as I have realised, ‘hey they are pretty tasty’ and ‘why not’. Also I got a pretty good reaction to my roasted sweet potato and Brussels sprout recipe a few weeks back.

I’m not saying I will never post a sweet recipe but to be honest, if I want sweet I tend to grab an apple or some dates!

Yoga at home

Yoga at CrossFit is no more – classes had to end due to low turnout. Such a shame. However I have been doing yoga at home thanks to some online classes! Yoga at CrossFit helped me to understand the flow and basic movements and because of this I have taken to the online classes quite well. I use the classes on MSN health and fitness – link HERE.

Bone Broth Machine!


Over the next few weeks it is David and I’s aim to turn into bone broth making machines! We can get free range chicken bones from Whole Foods and plan to get the slow cooker out and brew up a huge amount – keep some, freeze most. This broth can be used as an ingredient or simply sip hot on its own for a dose of incredible nutrients. Bone broth is the best medicine!

(Ps the picture is of our Christmas turkey bones pre crock pot cooking!)

Shout Out to NomNomPaleo!



I just want to do a wee shout out here to Michelle over @NomNomPaleo. I know you have heard me talk about her before but seriously this woman is a culinary god! Currently posting everyday right now with Whole30 compliant recipes, she is a great resource for those wanting to try the challenge. Challenges not your cup of tea, check out her site and recipes anyway – you don’t have to be Paleo to love and enjoy her recipes – you just have to love real food!

Super Bowl!



Sunday is the Super Bowl! Ok so I know a lot of you know that, but any of my UK/ European based readers probably won’t. It really does slip under the radar here.

However, we are very lucky (as American football fans) that one of our TV channels shows the game! So as per the past several years, we will be staying up to watch the game – oh and by staying up I mean it begins at 11pm and ends approx 3.30am – yup, we need the next day off to sleep! But I am so excited – wings, crudities and margaritas in case you are wondering!

Are you bummed if plans change? Even if the change is just as good?

Are you drawn to more sweet or savoury recipes?

Watching the Super Bowl on Sunday? Drink and snack of choice?

Meal Plan and What I ate!

Hi all,

I’m back again with a meal plan – this time around I am focussing on lunches!

Here is our lunch plan for the week…

meal plan

A few pointers…

  • Trust me, the flavours in the mackerel (tinned in olive oil) are amazing, try it!
  • I make my soup by throwing a ham hock into the slow cooker with veggies and water – low for 7 hours, take out meat – remove layer of fat, blitz soup then add shredded meat back in. Easy!
  • The recipe for tuna cakes comes from NomNomPaleo. You can find the recipe HERE. I also eat them for breakfast. See below…
  • I will always have a portion of grapes after these meals. More often than not I will also have a small portion of natural yoghurt too.

And it wouldn’t be ‘What I ate Wednesday’ (Thanks Jenn) if I didnt share some of my foodie pics from the week with you all!

Saturday Dinner – To celebrate Robert Burns Night, we had haggis (stereotypically Scottish I know but it is actually very very tasty and full of such goodness!). Instead of the usual accompaniments of neeps and tatties (turnip/swede and potatoes) we decided to have my roasted sweet potatoes and Brussels (Recipe HERE) – twas a good combo!


Monday Dinner – Ground beef in a marinara sauce with mushrooms served on top of zoodles.


Tuesday Breakfast – Tuna Cakes with Kale. Not pictured – some cottage cheese and salsa.


Tuesday Lunch – Sweet potato with tahini and lettuce


Tuesday Dinner – Haggis Fritatta with salad – The most amazing dish to use up leftover haggis. Haggis + eggs (and cheese) = heaven.


And there we have it folks! Once again ‘What I ate Wednesday’ has got me hungry again! Luckily it is time for lunch and my already prepped soup is ready to heat up! Win!

Do you meal plan your lunches or just dinners?

Haggis – ever tried it? Ever will try it?

If you are hungry right now and could eat anything, what would it be?

CrossFit – Dip up and down!

Hi all!

Hope you are fantastic this Monday and had a great weekend! For me, it just went too fast! But got to spend some good quality time with my David so all was well in the world of Jen!

Back on to Monday and CrossFit – our focus over the next few weeks will be on core skills and revisiting many of the previous CrossFit Open workouts of the past. This means we should be fully prepared for all the open throws at us! I’m not going to sign up (still not at the RX level, but that’s ok by me, my strength is growing every day!) but David will be and I will still be doing the WOD’s, just at a scaled level!

So on to my recap of last week’s WOD’s! (Only 3 since we were recovering from our late night return from Manchester on Monday!) – please note that my WOD list below does not include many other elements within my session including warm up, stretching and mobility work – I condense it down to the gory details for you folks in the blogsphere!

Tuesday Morning (20th)

tuesday wod

Although I am nowhere near a muscle up yet, you do have to go through a variety of stages to get to that point – and I am making my way through them.  I have mastered false grip and feel pretty confident in this. Using this grip while doing ring rows, again, pretty happy with that. Now I use a band to pull myself up to my chest while using the grip – feel great with it but the next step is ‘pushing myself through the gap’ and right now I don’t have the strength for it – progress though!

(And I apologise to non CrossFitters out there, that paragraph may not have made much sense!)

The AMRAP was a burner but capped at 15 minutes meant you could go all out. The deadlifts were prescribed light (35kg) and I did the push ups on my knees (getting there!). The box jumps were prescribed at 16 inches which I did using stacked plates. So 16 inches on a jump – a-ok – lets see if I can get back to the 20 inch ones! In 15 minutes I did 4 rounds plus 7 push ups.

Wednesday Morning (21st)

wednesday wod

So handstand shoulder taps – pretty much what it sounds like! Whilst in a handstand (against the wall or on a box), you release one arm, touch that shoulder and place back down, repeat with other side. Sound easy? Try one!

I did mine from a box and managed 12 in one round and 16 in another.

After the heavy tekkers, we were feeling smoked, but even more so after the WOD – phew! I know my 1RM squat clean and jerk is 27.5kg so I went with 25kg and nailed each one. Should I have gone heavier and risked it? Maybe, but I was happy to stay strong at each one – get good depth in the squat and get 12 in total.

Friday Morning (23rd)

friday wod

Ring dips – woop woop! I love them! Still doing them banded but I went from a blue band (medium) to a red band (light) and managed, 5 in a row! Keep going strong with them and I should be able to knock out at least 1 unassisted soon!

This WOD made me nervous. I did it at 25kg – no probs for the power cleans but the back squats….I know I could jerk the bar over my head and bring it down my back to do the squats…but a ‘from behind the neck’ jerk to bring it over again, now that’s tough! But hey, I surprised myself and managed to do it every time. It was a tiring WOD (I was doing the squats at 50% 1RM for high reps so no wonder!) but left on a high! 4 rounds plus 10 high knees in total.

How were your workouts from last week?

Can you do a handstand, either unassisted or on a wall?

Have a good weekend?

Top 5 – Manchester!

Hi all,

I was trying to think of the best way to recap my time at the ‘Athlete Games’ in Manchester last weekend. So I thought I would do it top 5 style!


Counting down from 5…

5) The Atmosphere


Ok I know this sounds a bit corny but the atmosphere in the arena was awesome! That’s the fab thing about CrossFit, everyone cheers everyone and it doesn’t matter if you are first or last, you are still respected. Everyone was talking, smiling to one and other and all present for the love of the sport. It was also fab that once the athletes had competed, they came and sat right beside the spectators and watched the action. Totally proving that CrossFit is so much more that competing – its community.

4) WOD 6

wod 6

This was the best WOD, bar the final. It had so much to it but I know from a CrossFitters perspective, having so many aspects to it kept you on your toes! But those dumbbell squat cleans… everyone seemed to struggle with them – it is not something I would have liked to have tried, they were so heavy!

3) Finding The Birdcage


Yes there is an actual club in Manchester that replicates ‘The Birdcage’ (please tell me you have seen that movie, it is one of my favourites and I have seen it a million times). I was just in shock! Not able to visit this time around but next time I am in Manchester this will definitely be a part of the itinerary!

2) The Final WOD


This was the only WOD unannounced – we all waited with baited breath to find out what it would be- no doubt the most difficult and challenging of the weekend. And it did not disappoint – it was awesome to watch, feeling every emotion with the athletes!

1) Dinner with David


Yep this was my favourite moment of the whole weekend! Finding the most amazing restaurant with friendly staff and delicious eats – David couldn’t wait to get stuck in when I took this photo – he was so happy! Enjoying such fantastic food, chatting about CrossFit and doing it all with your best friend – what more could you ask for!

Want more info on the eats in Manchester? Check out yesterdays post HERE.

Linking up with Amanda over @RunningwithSpoons for the awesome ‘Thinking Out Loud’!

Have you been to an event where the atmosphere was incredible?

Do you feel emotional when you watch a sport that you participate in?

The Birdcage – best movie of all time?

What I ate in Manchester!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and dandy! (Did I just use the word ‘dandy’, geez sometimes I’m so British!)

Anyhoo, today I am linking up with Jen over @PeasandCrayons for ‘What I Ate Wednesday’ – I want to show you some of the delicious eats I had over the weekend when I attended ‘The Athlete Games’ in Manchester!


It was awesome! We had such a good time – 2 full days of CrossFit spectating, heck yes! The WOD’s were so good to watch and kept us on the edge of our seat constantly! But more on the WOD’s and other bits tomorrow. Today is for the food. And we all love food!

We arrived in Manchester around 10am and were looking for a good snack. We had a wonder around some of the stands at the games and found one selling Rawnola – I have wanted to try this for so long so grabbed a bag and got munching! So good – full of cashews, seeds, cranberries, walnuts, coconut, almonds tossed in spices with honey and maple syrup. You know it’s good!

IMG_0518 (1)

Eat is a UK chain that I have never really taken much notice of, mostly expecting sandwiches etc but recently my mum had a tasty salad from there – so thought, when passing and looking for a lunch stop, we would check it out. And I am so glad I did. King Prawn Pho – full of veggies, an amazing broth and glass noodles (GF for the win!).


It was so tasty I went back again and had the Chicken Pho for lunch on Sunday! Nothing beats a warm broth on a cold snowy day!

Dinner on Saturday night was amazing. I googled gluten free Manchester before I left and the same restaurant kept coming up – Dough. Dough makes pizza, pasta, appetisers etc, of which all, with the expectation of maybe 5 things, can be made gluten free too!

After such a long day, we definitely had a hankering for some pizza. And boy this did not disappoint – the best pizza ever (some of the chefs are gluten free so they designed the menu with folk like them in mind – and you can tell, the quality was outstanding!).


David and I shared a Rustica GF pizza (tomatoes, mozzarella, rocket, parmesan, topped with prosciutto), pickled veggies, roasted beets and had a side salad each (this deserves a gold star itself, crisp leaves, full of olives, sundried tomatoes and red onion). So good!

Sunday began with one of the best hotel breakfasts I have found – eggs, bacon, salami, tomatoes and mushrooms – all really fresh and tasty. Oh and add another scoop of scrambled eggs, another tomato half and some fruit to this picture! Ha!


For my snack on Sunday I tried a new paleo bar called Wild Thing – I was really impressed. It had a more ‘grown up’ flavour to it than most bars – a delicious hint of bourbon vanilla through it all. Will buy again for sure!


And dinner on Sunday – well this was a mix we put together when we grabbed a few bits from the local supermarket – spinach, tomatoes, roast beef and there is a wee bit of David’s mackerel under there too! Oh and like a billion grapes!


What did you eat this weekend?

Favourite pizza topping?

Do you like Pho?

Thinking Out Loud!

Hi all,

I was trying to decide what to write about today and had a few ideas flowing about. Then I realised all I actually wanted to do was to link up with Amanda over @RunningwithSpoons for some ‘Thinking Out Loud’ action. We all keep telling ourselves to go with our gut and do what makes us happy so there we have it, lets ‘Think Out Loud’!

  • Tea!


Normally I am all about coffee (and don’t get me wrong, I still adore the stuff!), but recently I have been all about tea! It started with yogi teas and then my parents gave David and I this set for Christmas – oh boy are they good! All organic and natural, the flavours are immense! I love the savoury blend, Rooibos Candy Cane and Chocolate Cherry and Coconut the best. A few are also caffeine free so perfect before bed.

  • Athlete Games










This weekend David and I are off to Manchester for the Athlete Games – the UK’s main CrossFit competition with competitors from all over Europe. I cannot wait to sit and watch some good CrossFit action, meet CrossFit suppliers and generally be surrounded by CrossFit nutters such as ourselves!

It takes place over the entire weekend so we will be leaving 6am Saturday morning to travel down… early start! Never been to Manchester before, it’s supposed to be a fab city with lots of spirit! Can’t wait to recap with you all next week!

  • The Nano scandal


Ah yes, the scandal, marketing ploy, nanogate, whatever you like to call it! Here in the UK, Nano 4’s were listed on the Reebok website for £18.56 ($28.30) a pair. Yep, that’s like 80% off RRP. The CrossFit FaceBook page went mental, letting everyone know – and they were up there at that price for quite some time (several hours).

Now this has happened before as a ‘glitch’ on their system, however the glitch never lasted more than an hour and orders were automatically cancelled. This ‘glitch’ lasted several hours and Reebok announced on their Twitter page they would be honouring orders! Woah! Luckily we took the chance and ordered a pair each.

Since then some orders have been cancelled due to no stock and some have been honoured (like ours, received them yesterday). But the main thought on everyone’s minds is was this a ‘glitch’?? Nikes version of nanos are coming out, was this a way to get everyone in brand new nanos with no need for Nikes? Who knows. I am just feeling very lucky to get such an expensive bit of kit at such a low price!

  • Raw Chocolate Mulberries


Guys, I am addicted. These mulberries are coated in raw chocolate (head and shoulders above regular chocolate) and are the most delicious nibble going! Luckily with them being raw chocolate and very dark (74%) I am content at just a few at a time. But boy am I impressed with these  – I bought this pack from Whole Foods in Glasgow but I have seen them in other health stores around the country. If you see them, try them!

  • Revenge is back!







Not much else to say on this but yes the TV show Revenge is back on our screens for a new series – yep its good but there are a few things that are starting to niggle on me now… I am excited for each episode but is it wrong for me to want Emily/Amanda to change…??

  • And finally…

To end I just want to wish you all a happy weekend when it comes. I will be back next week, probably Wednesday due to me being away for the weekend, with some super fun recaps!

Have you tried raw chocolate before?

Fan of Revenge? (The TV show, not the sin! Ha!)

Have you ever stumbled upon an amazing fitness bargain?

Meal Plan and Sweet Potato and Brussels Sprout Tray Bake Recipe!

Hi all,

Happy hump day!

Over the next few weeks I want to trial out a few new things on the blog – one of which is sharing some of my meal plans with you all and recipes.

Today I bring you my dinner plan for the week! Followed by a simple, easy but delicious recipe!

David and I do a lot of food prep over the weekend – it doesn’t take long, maybe 2 hours max and I really enjoy the time in the kitchen together, laughing, enjoying some good music and a cheeky glass of wine!

So if anything below seems like too much effort for a week night, know we have probably done most of the prep before.

Here is our plan for the week…

Meal Plan

Monday’s dinner… (it was so tasty by the way…!)


Now recipe time! I love sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts – put those two together in a tray bake and what do you have? Perfection! Make a big batch and serve with dinners and lunches throughout the week – heck with a couple of eggs it makes the perfect breakfast too!


Roasted Sweet Potato and Brussels Sprout Tray Bake!
Serves 4
The perfect side dish to any meal, a topping for a salad or with eggs for breakfast!
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
55 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
55 min
  1. 2 large Sweet Potatoes
  2. 400g Brussels Sprouts
  3. 1 Tsp Smoked Paprika
  4. 1 TBSP Olive Oil
  5. Salt as desired (I used chilli salt which I would highly recommend if you like a bit of spice!)
  1. Chop sweet potatoes into small chunks. Place in roasting dish, sprinkle with paprika and toss through with olive oil. Add salt as desired.
  2. Place in oven for 25 mins.
  3. Chop sprouts in half. Add to sweet potatoes and toss. Place back in oven for last 30 mins. Remove from oven and sprinkle with more salt (if required).
  4. Serve and enjoy!
  1. The paprika adds a lovely smoky-ness to the dish - it pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the potatoes and earthyness of the sprouts.
  2. I have found olive oil is the best for cooking the potatoes, it gives it a nice crust and gives an additional roasted flavour.
Chase the Red Grape!
Linking up with Jen @PeasandCrayons for ‘What I Ate Wednesday!’.

Do you meal plan for the week?

Brussels sprouts – love or hate? (hate? Try them roasted, so different)

Do you prep food in advance?

CrossFit – Testing and Feedback!

Hi all,

Hope you had a great weekend and are back into the swing of things!

I love bringing you my CrossFit recaps from the week – they are one of my favourite posts to write! Therefore I would love some feedback from you on what you like/ don’t like, want more of etc when it comes to reading these posts. Please leave in comments below, tweet me @ChasetheRG or even email me at

But for now, my usual recap! We were back on Athletic Level testing last week so the WOD’s were structured around this. Let’s see how I got on…

Monday Morning (5th)

monday wod












Air Squats = 65 (+2 from last AL), Burpees = 14 (Same)

Back Squats I took it easy and went for 37.5kg. I had a nasty accident the week before Christmas and it shook me up a bit with back squats so wanted to take it easy. The felt good.

Grace I did with 25kg and I shaved just over 30 seconds off my time, pleased with that!

Tuesday Morning (6th)

tuesday wod












As mentioned on Fridays post, the inability to box jump is back…urgh… so this was a bust.

The deadlifts went well and I achieved a new 3RM of 65kg and hut the AL.

Helen… sorry Helen no one likes you. On the negative, Helen sucks (and it was raining!) On the positive, I shaved just under 30 seconds off my time – winning! (12kg KB and jumping pull ups)

Thursday Morning (8th)

thursday wod












The rows went well, I stuck to my technique all the way and although that made me slower that someone who just cranks the chain, I know it will benefit me in the long term. I made the level too – first row 2 mins 3 seconds, second row 2 minutes.

Box HS holds for me – first one at 56 seconds and the second at 1 minute 3 seconds. My legs were jelly after the row!

For Elizabeth I went with 20kg and did the ring dips with a green band – my first dips in a WOD! I love ring dips and was excited to WOD with them! Next time will use a blue band… dare I say the green one was too easy??!! Finished in 9 minutes 49 seconds.

Friday Morning (9th)

friday wod












Oh boy, when David told me this was the WOD I was petrified! First off it was howling with wind and rain outside – the whole of Scotland was on weather watch! Secondly I have been fighting off a nasty chest/cough/infection thing for the past few weeks, did I want to risk it getting worse?

But I did the Jen thing – I had planned to do the WOD today, so I was going to do it, no matter what it was!

The run was windy, we were down by the River Clyde which was very choppy, it was dark and I was so nervous. But I just got on with it and ran. And it really wasn’t as bad as I thought. Ok I didn’t love it but I did it and did it in 17 minutes 35 seconds which I am so pleased about. And I made the athletic level too – woop woop!

We were all so tired for the thrusters but low and behold I got a new 3RM of 28.5kg – another win! (Didn’t hit the athletic level (30kg) but a personal achievement for me)

And there we have it! Another action packed week!

So my CrossFit posts, what do you want to know/ want more or less of?

CrossFit 2014 – aka – PROGRESS!

Hi all,


Progress. Progress rocks!

And that’s exactly what I did this past year in CrossFit . Let’s have a look at some of my stats…



I don’t tend to place too much focus on 1RM’s but it certainly is a great tool for looking at your progress in strength. This to me, shows that all my hard work has paid off – creating a stronger, healthier Jen. I know my body had to start with nothing –heck at 6 ft 1 and 45kg I literally was nothing! I had no muscle, no energy and no drive. I am so proud of what I have built, proud of my strength, my new confidence and determination. Strength and health (both physical and mental) feels great!

(and I must add in here that my increase in strength and health was also equally due to my paleo lifestyle…)

So what now!?

Well I want to continue to get stronger! I know I have some posture/ mobility issues that are hindering me on this regard (especially in lifting) so I want to focus on that – therefore not giving myself any ‘lifting’ goals – they will be what they will be as my mobility improves.

However I also want to focus on certain gymnastic/ core CrossFit moves…

  • Double Unders – my DU’s need to be looked at, it’s crazy that I still don’t have one.
  • Pull Ups
  • Handstand

(Box jumps – yep my issues are back but hopefully not for long. I had these box jumps and did many WOD’s with them, then one day…nothing…I couldn’t work out ‘how’ to jump! Sounds odd but the mental games that box jumps can play on you…!)

Overall, I am so proud of my achievements – where will I be at next year!? Cant wait to find out!

Bring on the new CrossFit year!

Tell me…

How was your 2014 fitness wise?

What was your biggest achievement?

Any fitness goals for the new year?

Nutrient Dense Snacks!

Hi all,

Hope you are well!

Today I bring to you some ideas for natural nutritional snacks – snacks that bring one heck of a bang for their buck!

snacks pic

We all snack; it’s a natural part of our day. But why do we do it??? ENERGY!

More often than not our body is craving something yummy to eat, something that will provide us with some oomph, get us through to our next meal and that will satisfy our tummies.

So why waste that snack time on something that won’t satisfy or last! Instead opt for one of the following below for a tasty treat that will provide you with the energy your body requires and desires!

1) Avocado’s (Providing 20 essential vitamins and minerals!)

IMG_0484 – Half, sprinkle with some salt and pepper and dig in!

 – Chop up and eat with some sweet potato slices

 – Make into guacamole and eat with some veg sticks or rice cakes.

2) Nuts/ Seeds (Healthy Fats alert!)







 – Macadamia, Brazil, Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios, Pecans oh my!

 – Sunflower, pumpkin, sesame seeds

 – Put em all together with some dried fruit and what have you got? Trail Mix! Easy grab and go and so satisfying!

 – Or go down the nut/ seed butter route (almond, cashew, hazelnut, pumpkin, sunflower) and eat with a sliced apple, veg sticks, banana or rice cakes.

3) Jerky/Biltong (Protein Power)


– This can be the ideal snack – just read your ingredients – you are looking for ones that simply contain meat and spices.

4) Hard Boiled Eggs (Another protein puncher!)



– We always have HB eggs on hand and they are portable, easy to eat and store well. Combine with some nuts for a great pre-workout snack!

5) 70% (or above) Dark Chocolate (Antioxidants)


 – Alas not the full bar, but a couple of squares will be enough to keep you going, whist keeping that ‘I must have chocolate now’ part of your brain happy.

– Add chunks to your trail mix or use the chunks in your yoghurt for something bigger.

6) Fruit (Dried or Fresh)


 – I have used the ANDI (Aggregate Nutritional Density Index) to figure out the best fruits and vegetables to have for snacks. Try these for size…

 – Berries (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries etc), grapes, oranges, plums, watermelon.

 – (Other fruits are available (obviously) but the above will give the biggest nutritional punch)

7) Veggies


 – Cut me up into sticks or chunks and eat raw with guacamole, nut butter, salsa, pate etc.

 – According to the ANDI scale, the big winners are – carrots, bell pepper, cauliflower and kale(make me into kale chips!).

8) Full Fat Greek or Natural Yoghurt (Probiotics for happy tummies!)


 – Keep with natural or Greek (stay away from sugar/ sweetener laden varieties) and you will have an amazing snack full of healthy fats, protein and calcium.

 – Want more flavour? Add some berries or other fruit (I love dates and raisins in mine), nuts or nut butter or as mentioned above, some dark chocolate chunks!

– PS – I get these big tubs (above) from Costco and they are such good value! 

So there we have it, some of my favourite snacks that pack a punch in terms of nutrition, energy and satiety. Yes there are bars etc available that folk like to grab and go as a snack and these can be great. But what I love most about the above is the fact that these are cheap, affordable snacks that we can all find, that give a massive bang for their monetary and nutritional buck!

 Linking up with Jenn @PeasandCrayons for the awesome ‘What I Ate Wednesday’!

What are some of your favourite snacks?

What snack makes your tummy the most happy and keeps you going?