Friday Feelings!

Hi all,

I feel like such a bad blogger this week! Yes I am still alive and kicking, things have just been so manic and busy that real life has had to come first!

Mid week I was up to the north of Scotland to see my parents for a flying visit and to meet one of my fellow coursemates in Aberdeen. And the rest of the time I have been studying, of which I still have so much more to do so this will just be a quick update on what I like to call ‘Friday Feelings’ haha!

First off I must announce my competition winner! Congratulations Paige C! You have won a free entry for a US Spartan Race of your choice! Email me at so I can send you the race code!

I just have to let you know about the lunch out that David and I had last weekend at Juice Garden in Glasgow, so good! They do a variety of juices, focusing on quality and nutrient density and follow through with a selection of lunch items.


I had the ‘Supreme Greens’ juice and the salmon salad – grilled salmon with greens, butternut squash, fennel, pomegranate seeds and almonds. Amazing! Such a find, will be back soon for sure!

This weekend, the plan is just to relax! We have both had such a hectic week that we are just crying out for a bit of chill out time. Will do a bit of shopping Saturday morning (aka Costco) and then come home to enjoy a leisurely lunch, followed by, you guessed it, binge watching the new season of House of Cards. Is there a better way to spend a chill out weekend? Good eats, wine, your BFF/ love and a Netflix marathon. I think not.







Another reason why we are both shattered? The CrossFit Open began today!






We were both down at the box, 6.30am to tackle 15.1 (& 15.1a!) and it wasn’t as bad as expected. Then again we didn’t know what to expect! More details on the WOD on Monday (or for those CrossFitters, I know for sure you already know the details!). But I was happy to do the WOD at the prescribed scaled weight – but still am happy I didn’t ‘officially’ sign up. 15.1a was a struggle!

I know I will do all the WOD’s, hopefully at scaled and not lower, every Friday and can track my progress from that.

Now that 15.1 is over for us (David did amazing by the way- those snatches were heavy!) we can’t help but ask, ‘what do you think 15.2 will be’?! Argh this Open really does get obsessive! Haha!

Anyhoo, I need to head off now and get back to studying. Hope you all have a great weekend and see you Monday!

What are your plans for the weekend?

Have you done or are doing 15.1 in the next few days?


CrossFit – Never Give Up

Hi all,

Hope you had a fab weekend!

Have you ever had something where you have tried and tried and tried and never succeeded? That you have strived for a really long time, researched and tried new ways and it still hasn’t worked? You have gone for so long, watching others succeed and giving it your all, and nothing in return for yourself? That you actually think there is something wrong with you rather than what you are trying to do? Did you give up or did you keep trying?

For me and double unders, I kept trying. I must have watched every double under how to video in the websphere but to no avail. Even though I watched my fellow CrossFitters in detail to work out exactly ‘how’ they did it. Even though sometimes I just wanted to give up and throw in the towel. Even though every time Coached asked me ‘So how many did you get Jen?’ and I wanted to burst into tears every time I said ‘zero’.

I kept trying.

For 18 months I kept trying. And last week I did it. I got my first double under… and then 3 more.

Never give up. Never lose hope. One day it will come.

CrossFit recap

Monday Morning (16th)

monday wod

After our mobility and serious core session it was time for the WOD. My abs were already on fire. 150 ab mat sit ups to come… bring on the burn!

And burn it did. This was one heck of a WOD and there was nothing to do but to keep going and work my way through it. I completed in 22 minutes 35 seconds. But the WOD itself wasn’t the worst part. It was the intense ab DOMS for the next few days. Woah!

Tuesday Morning (17th)

tuesday wod

And here is where I got my 4 double unders!

I continued my winning streak with the box pull ups and ring dips. My pull ups are getting stronger every day and I am down to the lightest band for the dips. Unassisted next? Who knows!

It was a good job I was on a high otherwise a big chunk of my brain would have gone crazy over 25kg thrusters! But I took my time and got through them. I may have been the last to finish but boy did finishing them at 25kg feel good!

The kettle bell swings (12kg) were a breeze in comparison! I finished in 8 minutes 40 seconds (inc. 2 min break)

Thursday Morning (19th)

thursday wod

Running! Grr! But I was pleased with my times. Bear in mind that we have to run on British pavements in the city centre of Glasgow… there is a lot to duck, dodge and avoid while running! Ha!

My times came in a 2.21, 2.11 and 2.12.

On my 25kg high, I went for that weight for the squat cleans. They burned! I had to use everything in me to get through it. I did step ups for the box jumps, my head was already working so hard on the cleans that I couldn’t ask it to push on doing box jumps too. I finished in 17.07.

Friday Morning (20th)

Friday wod

Partner WOD! Not done one in a while so it was great to see on the board.

Everything was great and we worked well together. Until it came to the snatch. Coach wanted me to try 25kg. Looking back on it now I know it was wrong… 17.5kg is my 1RM (although probably closer to 20kg now but still a huge gap!). I did 3 but they were nasty and for someone who preaches on technique, I won’t be doing that again anytime soon. In the 25 minutes we got up to 1 wall ball! Yes we reached the wall ball stage (as you can imagine, attempting the snatches ate up most of our time).

Phew what a week! The Open begins on Friday though….!!!!

Have you ever thought there was anything you couldn’t do and thrown in the towel?

Or do you have something that you have never given up on? Did it succeed or are you still trying?

Thinking Out Loud!

Hi all,

Hope you are ready for some ‘Thinking Out Loud’! Linking up with Amanda the great over @RunningwithSpoons!


Let’s get on it!

Caffeine Update

Almost 3 weeks in now and all is well with the world. No withdrawal symptoms anymore and feeling pretty great to be honest. I don’t crave the caffeine and my sleep has definitely improved – still dreaming but less vivid and a less disrupted sleep – totally worth it for that. Would I recommend it? Heck yes, even if it simply shows you how much dependence your body has on the caffeine stimuli (based on your withdrawal symptoms). But also, it does not mean I will never have caffeine again and I don’t by any means think it is the worst thing in the world to be drinking.

Happy Chinese New Year!

new year


Or ‘Gong Hey Fat Choy’ in Cantonese! This year is the year of the Sheep/Goat/Ram – ‘yang’ which translates to both sheep and goat hence the confusion!

I don’t really do anything specific for this, but I do like to read up on the traditions and find it fascinating learning about the customs and Chinese culture. I also like to use it as an excuse to cook up some yummy Chinese food! This year David and I are waiting until Saturday and are going to cook a whole Honey Roasted Duck! Mum and Dad gave us one from a local farm when they came to visit last week and I can’t wait to cook it up. We are also going to pop to the local Chinese supermarket so that we can get some rice paper rolls and some bits to make a dipping sauce. So excited to be cooking up something new and I simply love duck!

Spartan Up!











Did you guys see my post from yesterday and my competition to win a free race entry to a US Spartan race? Check it out HERE and enter! Put your new year fitness to the test!



So who had pancakes on Tuesday for Shrove Tuesday aka pancake day? We did! We made pumpkin pancakes, a well loved recipe in our household by Diane Sanfilippo over at and topped them with some bacon and of course, maple syrup. So good!

Does everyone around the world celebrate Shrove Tuesday by eating pancakes or is it just a British/ Commonwealth thing?

My book


A few days ago I was ‘complaining’ to David that I never have any time to read. I love reading, I just never get around to it – most of my reading time is spent reading the newspaper and I am such a sponge for news that I didn’t want to give that time up. So I decided that it was time to dedicate another part of the day to reading, some point in the afternoon, in order to get my reading fix!

My book of choice right now is Onward by Howard Schultz – the man who brought Starbucks into being the brand we know and love today. So far I am really enjoying it and finding it very inspirational. As someone who hopes to create and run her own business in the not too distant future, it certainly gives me a lot of motivation, drive and the odd few tips!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Did you celebrate Shrove Tuesday with pancakes?

What are you reading right now?

Does Chinese New Year make you crave Chinese food? If so, what?

Spartan Up Podcast and Giveaway!

Hi all,

Hope you are all well this fine hump day.

Fitness, development and podcasts = 3 of my favourite things. What do you get if you combine all 3 of them? The Spartan Up Podcast!











I first came across the possibility of listening to the Spartan Up podcast when I listened to (what would actually be podcast number 1) a joint podcast with Joe Desena (Spartan founder) and the Barbell Shrugged crew (BB Shrugged being a podcast I frequently listen to and would also highly recommend).

They talked about the new Spartan Up podcast and it sounded really interesting. A few months later, with 18 episodes in the bag, they are well established.

I have listened quite a few episodes now and am making my way through them – picking based on which guest I fancy listening to at the time!

The presenters of the show are passionate and are very open to what their guests are discussing and asking the right questions from the stories they tell. And the guests themselves? Well that’s what’s truly awesome about these podcasts, they are so varied! Both male and female with the only connection being their ‘success’ – however they wish to define it.

Guests include authors, athletes and adventurers  – something for everyone!

Inspirational is a word that I would definitely use to describe most of these guest interviews, they really make you feel that we too, like them, can achieve success. And isn’t that what we all want in our day, a bit of motivation and buzz!

The podcasts vary between 20 and 35 minutes on average and are perfect if you have a daily commute or for when out walking. I was actually looking for a podcast around this time frame, most of mine are 1 hour plus, and these are perfect!

Check out the podcast HERE – I know you will love it!

Oh and before you head on over, to celebrate the release of the podcast, Spartan Up have given me a free race code to giveaway right here at Chase the Red Grape! Fancy doing a Spartan race yourself? Or done one before and dying to try another one out?

spartan race

The prize is for any open heat in any Spartan race in the CONTINENTAL USA. Sorry guys and gals in the rest of the world – but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I may have one for you soon!

How to enter? Simply comment below on what your favourite podcast is and why or the reason why you would like to run a Spartan race!

You can also enter on twitter tagging me in @ChasetheRG!

Good luck!

Spartan Up were kind enough to supply me with a free race code to giveaway. All opinions expressed above are my own.

Competition closes Thursday 26th February.

CrossFit – Keep Strong Throughout!

Hi all,

Hope you had a fab weekend and a lovely Valentine’s Day if you were celebrating! David and I spent our Saturday night eating steak and kale and drinking champagne, while watching House of Cards – simply heaven!

But now back to Monday, another week ahead and another week of CrossFit training! If this week is anything like last week we are in for one heck of a workout. Last week was another beast of a week, full of ups and downs, highs and lows but doing my best to keep strong throughout!

Let’s take a look…!

Monday Morning (9th)

monday wod

Squat therapy session again, aka intense mob on your squats and all the intertwined muscles.

As nasty as working on your core is, our core is key to everything we do in CrossFit so a strong one is crucial. The conditioning came as a tabata – hollow rocks, arch rocks, side plank twists left and right. Feel the burn!

The AMRAP was good. I did the hang power cleans and front squats at 22.5kg and felt this was about right. Although I read the board wrong and did 30 front squats in my first round…doh! In the 15 minutes I completed 1 round (with 30 squats) plus up to 30 hang power cleans.

Tuesday Morning (10th)

tuesday wod

Ooh I do love my gymnastic strength work! This was fun, we could go and work on our own to get through the rounds and I enjoyed every moment! The box pull ups, which I haven’t done in a while, were great as I felt a lot stronger than when I did them a few months ago. The ring dips, as you know, a favourite! I did them all with a red band, which is the lightest one – whoop!

This WOD was so tiring but awesome at the same time. I did my box jumps at 16 inches and my overhead squats at 15kg – but was able to do them all unbroken apart from the last set which I did at 11 and 10. I completed in 15.09 – and wanted to crawl under the duvet and fall asleep!

Thursday Morning (12th)

thursday wod

Row, row, row your boat! Sorry, can’t help it!

I was really pleased at my timings for the row and I am happy with my technique. Yes I could probably do it faster, but my technique would be poor so that’s a no go! My times came in at 1.006, 1.009 and 58.1 seconds  – got better and zoomed at the end!

This WOD was tough as we haven’t done back squats in about 7 or 8 weeks. So I went for a do-able weight, 25kg, and definitely made the right choice, this weight was tough. I also know that when we have a ‘forced rest’ within a WOD then it’s going to be a tough one! Am I right?!

Friday Morning (13th)

Friday WOD

Hand release over bar burpees are so different! So when you’re down, chest to floor, in the burpee, you have to touch your head with both hands. Then get up, step or jump over the bar, and go again. Good to do something different though. I got 72 reps.

The next one required warming up and a lot of thinking. You only have one chance with this 15 rep max so you had to know you could do it. I went with 15kg, as I knew I had managed to do that unbroken on Tuesday. And yep I managed it again! The double unders were a no go (again) but good practice (silver lining and all that jazz).

The final section wasn’t great for me. ¾ of my bodyweight is simply an impossible clean for me right now but Coach wanted me to go for a very heavy weight and try. So we decided on 35kg. Now remember, I have only recently managed at 30kg clean but I gave it my all and tried so hard during the 6 minutes. No go with the cleans. I am in two minds with this one. Half of me thinks it was good to try, the other half is angry as I just wanted to WOD, not have no rep after no rep. But it is what it is… I’m sure I will be there one day!

Do you do a lot of core work?

Any double under tips?

How many ‘no reps’ can you take before you get upset/ angry?

Thinking Out Loud!

Hi all,

What a crazy day for me so far – been all zoom zoom zoom! These past few days have flown by – mostly focussing on school work which is awesome (haven’t mentioned in a while but still loving working my way through my qualification to be a Health Coach!). But finally things have calmed down and I can write – yay! Seems fitting to do some ‘Thinking Out Loud!’ – linking up with Amanda over @RunningwithSpoons


1) Caffeine Update

Remember last week when I revealed to you all that I had given up caffeine? Well things are still going well over here and I am certain I have made the right decision. Withdrawal symptoms, dare I say it, seem to have disappeared which is fantastic and I am definitely sleeping better. Still dreaming but less vivid and my sleep seems to be a lot deeper which is great!

2) Parents


I am so excited as my parents are coming to visit tomorrow! I haven’t seen them since Christmas and I just can’t wait to give them both a big hug and catch up – our plans? Catch up and dinner on Friday night and then we are going to Whole Foods on Saturday – they want to stock up! They adore Whole Foods and the principals they stand by – actually I hope they are coming to see David and I first and foremost but it could be Whole Foods?? Haha!

3) House of Cardshoc


Folks, David and I are obsessed. We started season 1 last week and are away to start season 2 already. Oh boy do I love when you can get completely sucked into a series you just can’t wait for the next episode. I also love American Politics so this really is right up my street! Kevin Spacey = genius.

4) Instagram

I am totally into Instagram right now and I love posting! My favourite person to follow is @dianesanfilippo – the genius behind Balanced Bites who gives me so much inspiration in terms of health, fitness, business and lifestyle! Why not head over to Instagram and follow me and all my healthy lifestyle shenanigans!

5) Valentines


Are you looking forward to Valentines Day? I am lucky to be spending the day with the two main men in my life – David and my Dad! It is also my Dad’s birthday on Valentines so we can have a lovely morning/ lunch with him and Mum and then in the evening David and I are alone to spend together. A night in is on the cards – got a great deal from Marks and Spencer with a lovely steak dinner, champers, veggies, antipasti, chocs and strawberries (see above) – their offer? The whole lot for £20! ($30)

And you dont even need to ask…. yes our evening will include many episodes of House of Cards!

6) Sweet Potato Skin Chips

sweet pot skin chips

I cannot stop making these chips! They are so easy and taste amazing! Did you see my recipe? If not check it out HERE!

And there we have it! Hope you have a wonderful Valentines, whatever you decide to do and whoever you spend it with!

How much time do you go without seeing your parents?

Are you a House of Cards lover?

Valentines plans?

CrossFit – Shattered!

Hi all,

Hope you had a great weekend and are ready to hit this new week with a bang!

CrossFit last week was tough! As per the past few weeks, we were focussing on previous open WODs in order to prep for the open. These WODs are meant to challenge you, they are not meant to be easy and doing 4 of them in one week – woah!

I think we were all prepared that it was going to be physically tough but everyone forgets the mental challenge that these WODs bring. My mind and body were toast by the end of Friday. Thank goodness for the weekend – we really needed to chill out our bodies and recover!

On to the WODs! (once again, the info below does not include warm ups, mobility or other stretching we may do during a session)

Tuesday Morning (3rd)

tuesday wod

Hand stand push ups – wall still a no go so I did it from a box. We placed an ab mat on the floor for our head to land on and I raised mine with a 10kg plate underneath so it was reachable! I only managed 4 but I’m making progress. Slow but still progress.

14.3 – oh geez…

I did this RX and managed up to 3 deadlifts in the 70kg set (so 58 reps). This was so hard. My back was sore for days afterwards and still is tender now almost a week later. I have massively improved since last year and can lift heavier but it did not make it any easier! 72.5kg is my 1RM afterall!

Wednesday Morning (4th)

wed wod

I love all the gymnastic work we are doing right now and really rocking the ‘false grip’! Practicing kip swings from the rings is also a great way to progress my kips, not only for muscle ups but also for pull ups etc.

I did the OHS WOD at 15kg (my ‘heavy’ for OHS) and managed 29 reps. Maybe could try 20kg next time, was feeling quite confident with my OHS – or more so than normal! Never know until I try!

Thursday Morning (5th)

Thurs WOD

After warming up we went straight into this – we only have 1 rower so we had to stagger the start and take it in turns. Going from the row to the rig your legs feel like jelly and then trying to do toes to bar/ high knees is tough – if you did this WOD last year, you remember! Within the 14 minutes, I got up to 8 wall balls (118 reps) but a few of us decided to continue on past the time cap with the WOD until everyone was finished. I completed my wall balls and moved on to the cleans. Coach wanted me to try 30kg again…. eeek! I wasn’t expecting to be able to clean this bar – but I did… 10 times! Maybe because it wasn’t technically part of the WOD and therefore there was no pressure, who knows but I guess often I am stronger than I think.

Friday Morning (6th)

Friday WOD

More kip swing practice which was great, again done from rings. We also used this technique to ‘pull up’ – again gaining strength to pull up on the bar.

Coach will now be scheduling some of his own prep WODs based on his predictions. This first one was a doozy. I did it scaled starting with 7.5kg bar and putting on 2.5kg each time. I completed 143 reps within the time cap (2 burpees into the ‘9- 17.5kg’ rep set). Shattered and exhausted are the only words that come close. But yet, I do feel like I should have started at 10kg… yep heavier… next time!

Do you ever feel mentally challenged in a workout?

If you did the open last year, what was, for you, the most difficult WOD?

Do you try to predict things in life? WOD’s, exams, experiences etc

Going Caffeine Free!

Hi all,

Yes that’s right, you read the title correctly – I have decided to experiment going caffeine free!

Some may call me crazy, and to be fair, it is pretty crazy – but I wanted to see how my body coped without caffeine.

coffee 1


My main caffeine intake comes from 1 large coffee in the morning, 1 large cup of English breakfast tea and usually another tea in the afternoon. Doesn’t seem like much? I didn’t think so either, until I quit it!

Why you ask? Well my sleep has always been pretty bad – I sleep for 8 hours per night, wind down before bed and wear blue light blocking glasses but I still can’t stop dreaming heavily throughout the night – leaving me very tired the next day. So that’s one reason. Others include simple intrigue, seeing if it affected my stress levels and also to see whether or not I was actually ‘dependant’ on the caffeine or just wanted the coffee.

coffee 2











I love the taste of coffee so decided to drink a high quality decaffeinated version in the morning, along with caffeine free tea and herbal teas in the afternoon.

How I got on…

Day one – the morning was ok, enjoyed my decaf! By the afternoon I had a slight headache and was quite tired. By the time the Super Bowl came around (11pm), the tiredness had gone but the headache was intense – I put a heat pad on my neck, wore my light blocking glasses and lay down on the sofa to combat it.

Day two – tired but was that due to the Super Bowl late night? Lingering dull headache and runny nose all day!

Day three – this was the worst day for withdrawal symptoms – major headaches, lethargy and fatigue, no energy, poor mood (teary and upset). Felt so out of sorts. David (who is also doing this with me) felt nauseous.

coffee 3(source) 

Day four – Woke with a dull headache. Tired but the headache eventually went- win! By the afternoon I felt better, more like me again!

Day five (today) – Going well so far, no headache! Quite tired still but it is Friday and we have had quite an intense week of CrossFit so it can’t all be  related to no caffeine!

So that’s what happened in terms of symptoms. In terms of sleep – we both seem to be getting to sleep a lot easier – literally drop straight off! I’m still dreaming vividly but they do seem shorter, lighter and less intense. I also wake up less during the night.

I will carry on with my wee experiment and update you all next week. Overall I just cannot believe the impact caffeine appears to have on my body – the withdrawal symptoms have been insane! It must have been very stimulating. But it certainly does show the impact certain foods have on our body, and I only had at max 3 cups a day! Fingers crossed the withdrawal like symptoms fully disappear soon!

Have you ever considered giving up caffeine?

Do you worry about the withdrawal?

Have you ever given anything up?

Recipe! Sweet Potato Skin Chips and Super Bowl Eats!

Hi all,

Coming to you today with a quick recap of my Super Bowl Sunday/ Monday morning – ok ok, so what I ate! And also a new recipe! Wahoo!

I begin with the Super Bowl, which was in fact amazing! The football was nail biting to the end, the half time show was incredible and it was brilliant being able to share it with my husband, at ‘ridiculous o’ clock’ in the morning! Ha!


So what did we eat? Well it was simply snackage – hey we already had a full Sunday of breakfast, lunch and dinner! But seen as we were going to be staying up another 5-6 hours later than normal, we needed another eating occasion. So in came crudities (carrots and cucumber sticks) with salsa and guacamole and wings – honey and mustard style! Will share my recipe with you soon!


And as for drinks, well it was a special occasion, so it required a special drink – tequila! We limed up and made ‘Nor Cal Margaritas’ – tequila, lime and topped up with soda water. Served with ice – so good! (Pic taken earlier in the day hence the light!)


Monday was tiring to say the least! But a trip to Whole Foods and a green juice sorted me out a treat!

And now on to my recipe! Sweet Potato Skin Chips!

So you’ve made a batch of sweet potato mash or you need the inner puree for an ingredient in many a dish from pancakes to meatballs to tuna cakes. And you are left with a bunch of sweet potato skins. Never fear! I have a recipe for you that makes these skins the star of any show!

The salty crunch on these….heaven!

Sweet Potato Skin Chips
Serves 2
A crunchy snack that makes use of leftovers in a delicious way!
Write a review
Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
30 min
Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
30 min
  1. Batch of cooked sweet potato skins - can make a small or larger portion
  2. 1 tbsp of Olive Oil - If using approx 4 medium sized skins
  3. Salt
  1. Take your skins and remove most of the inner puree. The less flesh the crispier they will be.
  2. Slice into chip size pieces.
  3. Place on baking tray and cover with olive oil. Toss. Spread out so they all have room to breathe and aren't touching.
  4. Bake for 15 mins. Remove tray and turn skins (lightly toss and spread out again). Bake for another 15 mins.
  5. Remove when crisp to touch and allow to cool. The skins will keep crisping up as they cool.
  6. Toss with salt - at your own taste.
  7. Eat and enjoy!
  1. Best eaten straight away. If eating the next day, the chips will have softened -but you can crispen them up again by placing on a kitchen towel in a single layer on the microwave. Cook for 30 seconds. Turn then another 30 seconds. Crispy chips once more!
  2. Feel free to mix it up! Add your favourite herbs, flavoured salts or even sprinkle afterwards with cinnamon for a sweet treat!
Chase the Red Grape!
Hope you enjoy!

Linking up with Jenn over @PeasandCrayons for What I ate Wednesday!

What did you eat when watching the Super Bowl? (If you did)

Do you like chips? Or crisps as we call them in the UK!

Tequlia? Yay or Nay?

CrossFit – Phew!

Hi all,

Phew! That is the word that comes to mind when I think of my WOD’s last week.

As I mentioned last Monday, over the next few weeks we are focusing on previous open workouts to help prepare us for the 2015 open in February. It will certainly do that! This week we did 4 open workouts (in conjunction with the rest of our CrossFit training) and ‘phew’ it was physically and mentally tough! But hey, when’s it not! It’s CrossFit after all!

Let’s get down to the recap!

Monday Morning (26th)

monday wod

Squat therapy  = intense mobility. And I thank my lucky stars every day that I have a flexible squat… put it that way!

Coach put a band around our rig for those doing high knees (me) to make sure our knees reached this marker every time. This EMOM was hard – I only managed the prescribed 20 each round in the first round, the rest I just did the best I could. Even the folk doing toes to bar struggled!

Snatches! Ack you and I don’t have a good relationship. Yet as one of the most popular open workout moves, I had better get to know you better! My 1RM for snatch is low 17.5kg – so I began with 10kg for the first round and 15kg in the second. Completed the first 2 rounds within the time cap, didn’t get on to the third. And it was ok… I think heavier next time… I think my ‘issue’ with snatches (shoulder problems aside) was that I just hadn’t done enough of them. See how I go…!

Tuesday Morning (27th)

tuesday wod

Holy smokes these moves were a burner! But even though I’m not great at it, I actually love doing the gymnastic side of things. Maybe it’s because I see so much improvement. Or because it includes ring dips! Haha!

I did my box jumps on plates (slightly under 20 inches but not by much) – still don’t understand how I can do them on plates easy as pie but on a box no way. The push presses were done at 25kg and I did high knees instead of T2B. This WOD is actually a blur to me now, no joke! But I know I completed 3 rounds plus 5 push press!

Thursday Morning (29th)

thursday wod

Death by gym ring rows! Sounds like a great way to start a Thursday…

EMOM we do our rows. Starting with 6 and adding on one more rep each time. You burn out fast! I managed 10 rows plus 8 reps within the 6th minute. Then I was toast!

More snatches… and burpees!!??!!! WTF!!! Gotta love these open workouts…

Actually I have been working on my burpee technique so I have noticed improvements in my speed and ability so that’s always good – still hate them though.

As for the snatches, after Monday I was determined to go heavier. I began with 15kg and moved on to 17.5kg (my 1RM) for the second round. And I got to the end of the second round of snatches! Yes! I love when I prove my strength to myself – turning a 1RM into a round of 30, maxing around 5 reps per time – yes!

Friday Morning (30th)

friday wod

We arrived 2 mins late – 40 burpees. Not a good way to start! Then after a tabata and some intense, exhausting mobility we moved on to the first part of the WOD.

Ring dips – yay! Push Ups – nay! The sequence went 10 dips, 1 push up, 9 dips, 2 push ups, 8 dips…. and so on and so forth.

I began with the lightest band for my dips – knocking out 10 but knowing that to be in it for the rest I was going to have to go up to the medium band. No biggie – love my dips!

But after the mobility session, my issues with my shoulder completely affected my push ups I found them so draining. In the 20 mins I got down to 4 dips, 8 push ups. And was spent!

The WOD was hard on us all. I went for 25kg for the shoulder to overhead (same weight was to be used to deadlifts). I also did step ups as per open regulations. In the 10 minutes I managed 4 rounds plus 2 STOH.

What a week… what will the week ahead entail!!!???!!!

Do you ever dread what your coach will programme?

If you are late for a class do you have a punishment?

Does mobility work tire you out or get you pumped up?