CrossFit – It all ended on a high!

Hi all,

Yes I am on holiday right now, but I was an eager beaver and got this post all ready to rock before I left – love the feeling of being organised!

It may be short and sweet but I wanted to recap last weeks CrossFit with you all – certainly a week of ups and downs but ending on a massive high that was 15.5!

So let’s get to work!

Monday Morning (23rd)

monday wod

We haven’t done strict press for a while so I looked back at my book and saw my last 5RM was 20kg and went for that. So glad I did, this soon became a burner, especially going into round two.

My arms were smoked and this WOD was not going to let them up. 20kg was a new PR for me a few weeks back during 15.2 but WOD’ing with it when my arms were already toasted was extremely hard work. I completed 35 reps but it took everything out of me to do that.

Tuesday Morning (24th)

tuesday wod

I was shattered – my body was so sore. Even the mobility at the beginning just tired me out.

The front squat I did at 31kg, yes only going up 1kg from last time but as any CrossFitter, 1kg can feel like the weight of the world.

By the time the WOD came I just knew I had to go slow and steady otherwise who knows what would happen. The 25kg bear complexes felt heavy and the pull ups and ring dips (banded) just felt like a chore. I completed 27 reps and felt like crying. Thank goodness the next day was a rest day…

Thursday Morning (26th)

thursday wod

This was so much fun! And after the past two WOD’s I needed something fun.

David and I were the only two there so we teamed up and cracked on! I did the box jumps ‘step up, turn around, and step back’ style and the power snatches at 20kg. We completed 3 rounds plus up to 6 snatches… David was so close to finishing that round!

And the row, which floored you as we had to do it immediately after, I completed 3.14.7.

Friday Morning (27th)

friday wod

We all were dreading the release of this workout! 14.5 was insane and there was no reason to believe that 15.5 would be any easier. Fortunately the WODs were in my favour with this one!

I like rowing. Yes I am tall and it definitely helps but I think this is one of the only aspects of CrossFit where being tall is an asset! Haha!

I was so pleased with the thruster weight for scaled (20kg) – it is a good thruster WOD weight for me.

My tactic for this one? Don’t tank yourself on the row. Simple as that. The row could seriously floor you on this WOD if you went out all guns blaring.

I completed it in 16 minutes 31 seconds and I am very happy with that! I may not be the fastest at this workout but I really really enjoyed it, and I never thought I would say that about thrusters! And after all, isn’t that why we do CrossFit/ the Open – to have fun and enjoy ourselves! Thanks Castro for ending it on a high!

If you did the Open, how did you find it/ how did you find 15.5?

Like rowing?

Time for some rest! Hints and Tips!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and excited because it’s finally FRIDAY!!!

The thought of Friday brought a lot of emotions for me – excitement but also fear, dread, nerves and that sinking feeling…. oh yes because today was the last day of the CrossFit 2015 Open!

I knew Castro would throw out a doozy for this year’s last hurrah and he didn’t disappoint! I will go into it more on my post on Monday but for now, yep it was hard, yes I did it scaled (woop!) and yes I friggin loved every moment!

And now… time for rest!

Yes David and I are now going to have a period of much needed rest. Our bodies are just screaming for it! We will take 5 full days off from CrossFit, fill our bodies will all kinds of nutritional goodness (as we always do), have a few treats (it would be unhealthy not to) and simply relax.


Sometimes we all need to stop and listen to our bodies. Whether you are a CrossFit addict like us, a runner, gym bunny or tennis ace – we all need a period of rest. As I mentioned on Monday, David and I have been training at CrossFit constantly for the past 3 months – and finally our bodies went enough is enough.  So we listened.

We are joining my parents at a small lodge in gorgeous Perthshire for a few nights (Sunday to Tuesday) and I cannot wait. Bring on the laughs, loves and smiles!

So how do you rest? It sounds like a silly question but I know for some of us out there we actually struggle to stop and allow our bodies to recover. Here are my top 5 tips for your rest period.

  • Switch off


So you have listened to your body and come to the conclusion that you need a rest. If you can (i.e. you don’t have to work/ have other commitments) try to switch off from the world, resting your body but also, equally as important, resting your mind. Take a break from twitter or facebook, pop on that Netflix series you have been dying to watch, pick up that book that has been sitting on your bookshelf unread for the past few months. Allow every part of you to de-stress and get into ‘chill out’ mode.

  • So you feel like moving?


So you have been chilling for a while but now have the urge to move a little – you know what? That’s ok too! Why not use this time to work on some much needed mobility, stretching or foam rolling. Go for a walk in the park with your partner, friends or even yourself to connect back to nature. Try a ‘gentle’ yoga class or go for a short bike ride. Anything that makes you feel refreshed.

  • Fuel yourself right


During this period of rest your body will require just as much fuel to keep on repairing and restoring. I know with the week (few months!) I have had my muscles need all the help they can get! Keep up with the proteins and healthy fats, why not try making your first (or 8th!) batch of bone broth? Try some new vegetables with every meal or blitz them into a berry or green juice? Just remember to nourish. Also keep up with the fluids, especially water.

  • Treat yourself


Just because you aren’t working out doesn’t mean you haven’t ‘earned a treat’. Do you not remember all that you have done these past few days, weeks, months? How do you define a treat? Anyway you want! It could be a much needed trip to the cinema with your partner, a girly or guys night out with friends, a scoop or two of your favourite ice cream that you normally never buy, savouring a bottle of wine or a few margaritas, going shopping. Just remember to enjoy it and let it make you happy!

  • Sleep


This is last but by no means least! Sleep is so important and we all know that, even if it is deep down! If you don’t manage the recommended 8 hours per night normally, really try to find time to do this during your rest period. You really will feel refreshed, I promise! Your body also does most of its repairing and healing during this time – just give your body the support it needs to get the job done!

And then before you know it, you will be a fresher, happier, healthier you to get back into training!

Have a fab weekend everyone!

Do you take rest days/ weeks?

What is your favourite way to treat yourself?

Favourite recovery fuel?

What I Ate Wednesday!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and it’s as nice and sunny with you as it is here in Glasgow!

Ok, it may not be warm, but the sunshine is so good to see – long may it last!

It’s been quite a while since I have done a ‘What I ate Wednesday’ post and I thought I should rectify that! So on Saturday I snapped my full day of eats to share with you all – and oh boy it was tasty!

Linking up with Jenn @PeasandCrayons and Laura over @Sprint2thetable – our lovely host for this week!

Saturday was an awesome day – the sun was shining and David and I had a whole day of fun planned – popping into town to buy gifts for some of our favourite people, picking up a few necessities of our own and going out for a nice relaxing lunch. Win win!


Eggs, Kale and Tahini – decaf coffee, OJ and water to drink


A Saturday staple- if you have never tried the egg, kale, tahini combo before you must! Amazing flavour and a good combo of protein, veggies and fat!



As we were walking around town we needed something to keep us going! Actually who am I kidding, we bought these in TK Maxx and couldn’t wait to try them – tasty but not as good as the pear ones.


Margarita, Chicken Tinga Bare Burrito and Chips and Guac to share


IMG_0721This was amazing! We headed to one of our favourite restaurants in Glasgow – Topolabamba and savoured every mouthful. They have so many gluten free options but we decided it was burrito time – just minus the wrap! Chicken, salsa, rice, beans and just the right amount of cheese… paired with chips and guac = essential! Not pictured is the stuffed squid we shared… it did not photograph well… but boy it tasted good.

And who can resist a margarita on a sunny day!


Afternoon snack


Shopping done and back home to put our feet up! Our weekend delight of banana soft serve with dates, coconut and almond butter. This is my nice perfectly proportioned one… you should see Davids… all the nut butter and dates!


Baked herbed salmon with salad


This dish was so flavourful, yet so easy to make! I cooked the salmon on cedar planks (thanks again Lindsay!) after tossing them in a herb mix (inc coriander, parsley, dill, fennel, garlic…) and placing a knob of butter on each fillet. Cover the tray the planks are on in foil, bake for 25 mins and boom! Done!


The salad was a star in itself – leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, apple and olives… paired with the salmon beautifully.

We then binge watched ‘The Good Wife’ with wine and one of these little beauties my parents gifted us with – strawberry daiquiri dark chocolate liqueur… there need be no words!


Annnd as per usual with revisiting my eats, I am now hungry again! Haha! Is it acceptable to have a liqueur chocolate at 1pm…???

What’s your go to Mexican favourite?

How do you like to cook your salmon?

Do you like the alcohol chocolate mix?

CrossFit – The WOD I was dreading!

Hi all,

Welcome Monday and a new week ahead! But for now, it’s time to look back to last week and my CrossFit recap.

Last week was another tough one to be honest. I didn’t feel as exhausted or drained as the previous week, which is great, but I still wasn’t achieving what I wanted to achieve, even though I truly was giving my all to everything.

I am looking forward to next week when I have a few days off on holiday. The open will be over and we can let our bodies relax for a few days. After all, we have been doing 3 months of solid CrossFit without a real rest period – and I really do think this is why I am struggling. I need a rest.

But for now I will keep going! Friday brings the end to the Open and marks the start of our holiday! Let’s just hope Castro doesn’t throw a doozy at us for 15.5… #wishfulthinking…

Monday Morning (16th)

monday wod

For my front squats, and seeing how last week went, I decided to stick with 30kg for my reps. And I’m glad because they felt so much better and more solid.

Very few finished this within the time cap – those clean and jerks just felt really heavy. I did try with 27.5kg to begin with but had to drop down to 25kg – I hate when I have to do that…

Tuesday Morning (17th)

tuesday wod

Same issues as last week with the pendlay rows but I’m getting there and felt a bit stronger. Still not able to touch my chest with the bar but once again that’s mobility issues and I know I am working on it.

I really liked this WOD as you were able to go at your own pace and compete against yourself each minute. I also liked the fact that the deadlifts, heavy at 60kg, could be done at your own pace and therefore I could focus on technique, rather than trying to rack out reps. I knew I could do 5 solid deadlifts each minute safely – so that’s what I continued to do each round. The step ups I did between 20-24 each round.

Thursday Morning (19th)

thursday wod

This was fun! And oh boy did I need a good solid fun WOD.

The mobility WOD was a killer on the hands but it was good to focus on opening up the shoulders and working on our grip. Definitely needed.

The partner WOD was a great workout. I used a 10kg plate and yep, you guess it, it could never be dropped (unless doing the plate burpees) – I dropped it once to take off my jumper… 5 burpee penalty – sigh! We completed 3 rounds plus 9 burpees in the 20 mins.

Friday Morning (20th)

friday wod

15.4 – my first open WOD this year where I couldn’t do scaled. This was the kind of WOD I was dreading – lots of barbell work. My 1RM push press stands at 27.5kg and my clean, on a very good day, 30kg. The scaled weights were 30kg for push press and 35kg for clean. I had to be realistic. It wasn’t going to happen. So I still challenged myself… 25kg for the push press and 30kg for the clean. I managed the 10 push press unbroken but then went on to the cleans… not one. I pulled and pulled that bar but just couldn’t get under it fast enough. Seriously the bar was so high up on my chest but I just couldn’t whip those arms under quick enough. I was gutted. Even though I had ‘scaled down the scaled level’ I still couldn’t get more than 10 reps…

But after a good cry in the car and a chat with David I realised that it was ok. First off I have a new 10RM push press! Ha! And second of all sometimes you just can’t get there. We are all feeling pretty shattered and as long as I gave it everything I could then how could I do any more than that. More work needs to be done on stopping being my own worst critic!

15.5 predictions…???

Training breaks/ rest periods, love em or hate em?

Are you ever hard on yourself for not being able to do something?

Friday Favourites! Smile!

Hi all,

Phew, it’s 5pm on Friday afternoon and I don’t know where the day has gone! Heck where has the week gone!

For me, it was school, school and more school but that’s ok because I absolutely LOVE it! So yes, I’m afraid blogging went on the back burner this week – just think of me, swatting up, slaving over my computer, with a huge smile on my face!

Smiles are going to be the theme today, as I link up, for the first time with Heather over @LifeinLeggings for ‘Friday Favourites’!

  1. International Happiness Day!


Well, you have to smile when it’s Friday and happiness day! I was trying to think of all the things today that make me happy and it’s a good task to give yourself when you need a bit of a perk up! So I have decided on my top three – David, sunshine and warmth and wine! Preferably all together at the same time! #wishIwasonabeach

  1. Spring!


I do believe spring has sprung in Glasgow! Definitely quite far away from summer but we have a good few more degrees on the temperature and the sun is out! It’s amazing how just a few more hours of sunshine can make you feel so much better! We went for a lovely walk in the park on Sunday and met this little guy – ok so just a common pigeon, but what a character!

  1. It’s the weekend!


And the main reason to smile is that it’s the weekend! Our plans consist of going into town tomorrow and doing some present shopping and then having some lunch out… but what to have… half of me wants Mexican, the other wants Pho! I guess I will just have to see what I fancy when it’s time… but I do know if we go down the Mexican route then I will want a margarita to go with it #justsayin

  1. The eclipse!

To end on a quick one (did I not mention it was 5pm already!) – Today we experienced a solar eclipse! Not a full one but a good 90% of the way there! We were really lucky as it was quite cloudy in Glasgow but I did eventually get a peak. Quite haunting when it goes really dark all of a sudden and then lights up again. Feel very lucky to have experienced it though! (No pics, didn’t want to do more than a wee glance = eye damage :-S) 

So a quick hi and bye from me! Hope you have an awesome weekend!

What makes you happy?

Mexican or pho?

Have you ever seen an eclipse?

CrossFit – You win some you lose some!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and had a great weekend. The aim of our weekend was to chill out and relax – and I think we did that to a certain extent. We certainly had a good one together though so that’s the main thing!

Last week wasn’t great for me and CrossFit. I felt burned out and exhausted and I hate that feeling. It certainly took its toll and by Friday I was completely ‘gubbed’ (as we say here in Glasgow!).

You get the weeks that you love and are full of energy and beans, you get the weeks were you surprise yourself and you get the weeks were you have progress after progress. So it makes sense that you also get the weeks were you don’t – and you feel it emotionally and physically.

So below is last week’s recap. I don’t want to be harsh on myself but there aren’t any PB’s or high fives this time. Just a lot of tough, rough, hard work. As always, I know I must listen to my body and respond to what it is telling me – hence the chilled out weekend. Going into this week though I know I must be careful and listen. Nobody wants to burn out!

Monday Morning (9th)

monday wod

After our quick tekkers on banded pull ups we moved on to the front squat. Time was ticking and alas we didn’t have long to work on warming up (bar our initial WOD warm up) – and oh boy did I feel it. My weight was 30kg and I only managed 1 round plus up to the 4 reps within the time. It felt heavy.

The WOD was very difficult – not being able to put down the bar in between the complex was so tricky. The hang power cleans and front squats were bad enough but then to go straight into the push jerks? Well at 25kg my body found this very difficult. Mentally it was difficult. I completed 2 rounds plus up to 1 push jerk within the 10 minutes and definitely felt deflated.

Tuesday Morning (10th)

tuesday wod

Came back in on Tuesday hoping for a better boost! And it wasn’t too bad.

I have 2 issues with pendlay rows – 1. My rotator cuff issues. 2. My leg length (I am 6ft1 with a inside leg of 38 inches…yep I know!). So the fact that I can’t really pull up the bar without my knees getting in the way is a problem. So we lifted the bar up on plates to try and that did help. But in comes the other problem – I have problems reaching my chest with the bar due to my shoulders. But I did my best- just a bit disappointed I couldn’t work on it fully as I don’t have full range on motion…

The WOD was fun and I enjoyed the combo of wall balls and bar over burpees. I managed a score of 18,15,15,16 on the wall balls and 10,10,10,11 on the burpees.

Thursday Morning (12th)

thursday wod

6 block runs… 300 air squats… ahhhh!

I completed it in 26.32 but was just done in afterwards. My hips and knees aching from the squats. Once again another mental challenge – as I find with every running WOD – I just get in my own thoughts too much. Doing this WOD at 6.30am when you then have to go about a full day afterwards is not a good idea.

Friday Morning (13th)

Friday wod

Yep Open time again 15.3!

I’m not going to go into detail on the big outrage that was muscle ups being at the start of the RX option. Instead I will focus on the scaled as that was what I was undertaking.

You guys I was in bits. My hips and knees were still sore from the day before and I was feeling so tired and drained. I couldn’t string the wall balls together so was mostly doing singles and my arms seized up during the skips. I got 297 reps in total (1 round plus 47 wall balls) and I was not a happy camper. I know I can do more than that but on Friday my body was just not playing ball. Part of me wanted to go back on Sunday and try it again but as I said above – I chose to listen to my body and instead rested. It was the right thing to do.

Back on the positive train! – Tell me something awesome about your workouts last week?

How good are you at listening to your body?

Thinking Out Loud!

Hi all,

How are you doing today? Feeling good?

Had another crazy week over here but I am so pleased that I have another opportunity to check in with you all again!

So what do you do when you have lots going on and need an outlet to talk? Well you ‘Think Out Loud’ of course – linking up with Amanda over @RunningwithSpoons for all the fun!

  • New Favourite Podcast

simply human





Folks, I have a new favourite podcast! And I am quite picky with my podcasts! The Simply Human podcast with Mark and Rick is fantastic, combining intense humour with information on all things health and being human. I seriously am laughing so hard with these guys but also learning a great deal from them and their guests who have included Jason Seib, Kelly Starrett, John and Sarah Fragoso and Jimmy Moore to name but a few. You bet I will be working my way through the back catalogue of this one – oh and David is hooked too!

  • CrossFit Judges Course


Last week I passed my CrossFit judges course so I can be a registered judge for the CrossFit Open (and technically regional’s and the Games but that aint gonna happen!). It’s an online course with tests at the end of each module (6 in total) and oh boy was I glad to get to the end of it. This year’s one was a lot trickier than last year! But am I happy to do it – both for being a registered judge for our CrossFit box but also just in general to be a better CrossFitter – you understand more of what constitutes a rep and why.

  • Free-Style


This book is amazing! The book focuses on attaining peak sport and lifestyle performances through strengthening 4 basic key movements – the pistol, handstand push up, muscle up and burpee. Now I know what you are thinking, they are killer moves! But the book details everything with regards to movement patterns – from how to stand, posture, stability and balance right the way through the progressions of the movement. Now I may not be able to do a muscle up for example, but I now understand and can practice the progressions that may one day get me there. And my burpees, woah they have totally improved and my technique is spot on.

  • Compliment Post

Did you read my post yesterday on accepting and giving compliments? If not check it out, I really want to spread the word that if people have something nice to say then they should say it! And if you receive a compliment that you should say ‘thank you’ and realise you deserve it rather than denying it! We need to accept, believe and promote each other’s self worth! LINK

  • Exam!

I am exactly half way through my Health Coach qualification now (6 months left) and this week I had my second and final exam… which I passed with 97%! Yay! Glad to get that over and done with, I hate exams – but now I can focus on everything else – my modules, course work and reading  – the best bits!

  • Wine Tasting


And finally I can’t wait for tomorrow evening! David and I received a wine tasting voucher from my parents at Christmas and have finally got around to arranging a date. We have the tasting in the comfort of our own home, with a wine expert, who will guide us through a selection of ten different wines. I love learning about wine and I can’t wait to absorb more knowledge on the subject – will report back to you all next week!

Have any plans for the weekend?

What was the last exam you did?

Favourite wine?

If you have something nice to say then say it!

Hi all,

Let’s take a look at compliments.

One thing I that has become really clear to me recently is that we Brits are not good at taking compliments. And I’m pretty certain it’s not just us. Nine times out of ten, a complement is followed by negative thoughts in response

‘You look so pretty today!’… ‘Yeah? But I didn’t put any make up on’…

‘Your photo is amazing’… ‘Oh but the lighting was terrible’…

‘That dress looks stunning on you’… ‘Oh, but it was just a cheap one and really old’…

‘You are looking really strong’… ‘But I don’t think my technique was great’

Or, it is followed by the worst response… the one our head tells us…

‘They had to say it’ / ‘they were just saying that to be nice’.

Does this ring any bells? My hand is certainly up there in the air!

comp 3

How do you feel when someone says something nice or good about you? Do you believe them? Trust them?

Now look at it from the other perspective. What about when you GIVE a compliment. Do you mean it? I bet you do. Would you be disappointed if someone came back with a response like the above? Or if they didn’t trust or believe you?

Recently I was given a very nice compliment from another blogger. To begin with, I blushed and went a bit red (Brit response!) but instead of my usual response ‘well, maybe she was just being nice’ I looked again at the photo she commented on and smiled. I had never thought about myself that way before and maybe I did look ok. Maybe she was being honest. Maybe it’s true. Maybe, just maybe, I could respond with ‘Thank you’ rather than putting myself down. And that’s what I did… what a boost it gave me for the rest of the day!

And I realised what a compliment can bring. Happiness. Maybe we are too shy, maybe you don’t think the other person will believe us but let me tell you, if you have something nice to say then say it!

comp 2

Embrace, share and give words to friends, family, fellow bloggers and strangers. You never know whose day you will make.

Oh and if you receive one yourself, listen to it and remember, you deserve it!

Are you good at receiving compliments?

What is the nicest compliment you have received?

Does it hurt when the person you compliment doesn’t believe you?

CrossFit – Another one in the bag – 15.2!

Hi all,

Hope you are all well; I really am missing you guys! But school has got to come first at the moment so alas maybe a few posts per week will be all I can manage. You can always keep up to date with me on Instagram though…!! LINK

But I am here today, ready to rock my CrossFit recap post and bring you all the details including how I got on with 15.2 aka 14.2!

Monday Morning (2nd)

monday wod

Definitely a lot to work on this morning. Spilt jerks have never been my forte, I always prefer a push jerk, I’m odd I know…! But I was glad to equal my split jerk to my push jerk at 27.5kg.

We have barely done work on front and back squats for the past few months so working on this left me a little uneasy but it actually turned out to be ok. I worked up to a 4RM at 32.5kg and did my 80% max effort at 30kg and managed 10 reps.

The WOD was heavy! But I managed the scaled weight – 60kg for the deadlifts and 25kg for the push press and completed 2 rounds plus 5 push press.

Tuesday Morning (3rd)

tuesday wod

Snatches… oh how I detest thee! Power/ muscle snatches I am getting to grips with, a full squat snatch on the other hand is very tough. I managed 15kg but even this was a bit touch and go (power – squat).

Anything in CrossFit that mentions the word ‘death’ you know is never good. Basically every minute on the minute you do one thruster and push press and then add 2.5kg on to the bar until you cannot lift. I began at 20kg and got up to 27.5kg. I did clean and front squat 30kg but just couldn’t get it above my head!

I beasted through the WOD – doing it scaled with skips and jumping pull ups – completed in 5 minutes 25 seconds! Boom!

Thursday Morning (5th)

thursday wod

Yep – I know what you are thinking. Yep it was just as bad as you think it would be.

I did it scaled (20kg) and every rep felt tough. The weights were meant to be light but 20kg for snatches, they are heavy for me and it took me the majority of my time to get through them. The back squats I tried to beast through as I knew I could make up some time here. I did the 75 reps without putting the bar down – yes my traps punished me afterwards.

And within the 25 minutes I completed up to 28 hang power cleans. It was not a WOD for the fainthearted and to be honest, something I didn’t really want to see the day before 15.2.

Friday Morning (6th)

friday wod

So, on to 15.2! And just like last week, I managed to complete it scaled! So pleased!

The OHS were really the key part here. Last year when we did 14.2 (the same workout) I struggled with completing full reps at 10kg. My usual OHS WOD weight now is 15kg. And for this I had to do 20kg. I was nervous…

But it showed me what I actually was capable of! 6 reps, no rest, all unbroken! Boom! The pull ups, well quite a few of us don’t have unassisted pull ups in the bag yet so we spent the remainder of our time just trying everything in our power to get one! I didn’t manage it but didn’t mind – the OHS weight was the real win for me. Yes it was a bummer that they didn’t make scaled jumping pull ups but I completely understand if RX was chest to bar then scaled had to be pull ups. Cest la vie! 

Predictions for 15.3?

Pull ups – love or hate?

Do you prefer long less stressful workouts or short and intense ones?

A Photo an Hour!

Hi all,

Realised I haven’t done one of these ‘Photo an Hour’ posts for quite a while now and they are always so much fun to do!

So here we have it – my day yesterday recapped with a photo every hour! Hope you enjoy!

5.30 – 6.30 – Wake up and get ready for CrossFit – start with a cup of hot water with honey and lemon, a small glass of beet juice and 2 dates for the drive (great pre- workout energy boost!)


6.30 – 7.30 – Time to WOD!


7.30 – 8.30 – David getting some practice in after the WOD – pull ups for the win!


8.30 – 9.30 – Home and make breakfast for David – gotta let a man salt his own eggs!


9.30 – 10.30 – My breakfast after a shower! Tuna cakes with kale (yes I like them crispy!)


10.30 – 11.30 – Reading blogs and catching up – over a cup of black decaf tea!


11.30 – 12.30 – School time, watching a lecture on my standing desk (aka on top of the microwave in the kitchen)


12.30- 13.30 – Coaching conference call with my tutorial school group – need a cup of tea – liquorice!


13.30 – 14.30 – Signing up and starting my 2015 CrossFit Open judges course – always a toughie!


14.30 – 15.30 – Lunch time – sweet potato with tahini and all the salad!


15.30 – 16.30 – Catch up on blogs, comments etc while watching a few episodes of Always Sunny in Philadelphia


16.30 – 17.30 – Time for my daily mobility – the corner of our living room and the torture, I mean mobility, tools.


17.30 – 18.30 – Bath time! Epsom salts baths essential when you are a CrossFitter or any athlete in general – salts and rubber ducky for the win!


18.30 – 19.30 – Dinner! Broccoli and sausage fritata with salad


19.30 – 20.30 – Chilling out watching the latest episode of Mr Selfridge (aka catching up with the missed programmes after watching House of Cards season 3 for 3 days straight!)


20.30 – 21.30 – Bed time! Both sleepy sleepy Fotheringhams! (By the way I am wearing my yellow ‘blue light blocking’ glasses in the pic!)


How did your day go yesterday?

What is your ‘get up time’ and ‘bed time’?

Like baths?