5 Steps on how to recover from travel!

Hi all,

Well that’s me back from just over a week of travel! We were literally up and down the whole country visiting family and we loved every minute of it – road trips are our favourite!

So many of us will have some form of holiday/ vacation travel coming up over the next few summer months and its super exciting. But more often than not, when we return we are faced with that sluggish, tired feeling that inevitably comes with a lot of travel.

However it doesn’t have to be the case! There are a few steps we can all take when we return from our break away that will keep us feeling fresh, energised and ready to rock again!


Drink Water

Staying hydrated is key while travelling but it is also necessary after travelling too. It will replace the fluids lost over travel, keep your digestion going and helps to detox the body. (anyone else drink alcohol more than normal on holiday…???)

Get Moving and Stretching

Stiff and sore after hours sitting in a car, train or plane? As soon as you can, start moving again. It doesn’t have to be a hardcore gym session as soon as you land but try and get in a gentle walk, some yoga stretches at home or even some squats or mobility on the foam roller. Then you can get your body used to having to expel energy again – without knocking you flat.


Catch up on Sleep

This is so important – especially if your travel has knocked your average sleep pattern out of whack or you have had to travel over time zones. Don’t fear sleep either – just because you have been sitting down for hours, if your body is telling you that you need to sleep then listen to it! Sometimes a good lie in is all you need, others may require a few mid day naps – just listen to your body.

Feed the recovery with nourishing foods – boost immunity

Sluggish is definitely the word I would use describe the post travel feeling I have – travel usually includes treats or lots of snack foods rather than full nourishing meals and as a result your energy levels/ digestion may be out of whack. Try to focus on nourishment when you return – lots of leafy green vegetables and protein sources such as meat, fish or eggs are a good place to start.

Also an inevitable part of travelling is exposure to bugs, colds and viruses! Keep them at bay by upping your vitamin C! Start your day with a cup of hot water and lemon and try to ingest some foods high in vitamin C- citrus, tomatoes, leafy greens, broccoli, pineapple etc.


Get back into your routine.

Ok so we are all a bit bummed that the holiday is over and we have to get back to work/ normality but a great way to feel better is to simply get back into your usual routine. Travelling and our holidays puts our minds and bodies all over the place – it doesn’t know what we are going to put it through next! So help your body out with set bed and rise times, meal times, exercise and that consistency (even if you don’t have to go back to work for a few more days) will help you to feel right as rain!

How do you recover after a holiday?

Do you crave a routine after holiday madness?

What foods make your body feel great again?

CrossFit – Whip it!

Hi all,

Time for a new week and for me, a week of funzies as I am on holiday in London!

As you are reading this I am (hopefully) sunning myself up in the wonderful beach town of Brighton, one of my favourite places in the UK and it was a MUST VISIT before we left!

Spending as much time seeing friends and family is priority over the next couple of months and it’s such a joy because I love seeing them all. Also it’s such a lovely de-stress to get away from all the craziness of packing, sorting and paperwork and just be surrounded by smiles and excitement!

But for now I have my CrossFit recap of last week for you all. I don’t imagine I will get the chance to check in with you all on the blog again this week but head on over to Instagram and follow me for updates on my adventures… and tasty London eats!

Monday Morning (15th)

monday wod

Pendlay rows are getting better and I was able to do these sets at 20kg which I was pleased about. Everyone was moaning about the barbell rows (imagine a sumo deadlift high pull but from the hang postion) as they were difficult! Reps 1-3 fine, 4-7 ok not so good, 7-10 damn why won’t my arms work!

The WOD was a good burner – aim is just to rack through it as fast as you can! I did the swings with a 12kg bell and went for high knees. Completed in 14 minutes 3 seconds.

Wednesday Morning (17th)

wednesday wod

Now I know I am miles away from a muscle up but I really enjoy doing all the drills and transitions – they are some of my favourite things to do (I even had a dream about them last night, very random I know!).  As I get stronger I see progress but I also love how technical everything is. I’m a stickler for form and technique and muscle ups are full of it so it’s always a winner in my book.

Boo running. The best part of this was the ring dips (which I did with the lightest band) and that was about it. Running was a chore and those air squats equated to stiff quads – have you ever tried running after doing 100 air squats? Take a tip, don’t try it! Haha! I finished in 19 minutes 10 seconds.

Thursday Morning (18th)

thursday wod

Finally, the first chance since my double under break through last week to try them out again! This was what I was waiting for, a good 5 minutes to go all out and see how I could do. I was nervous, I had the wrong nanos on (I much prefer the 4’s for DU’s than the 2’s) and I was afraid of failing but after warming up I cracked them out. From a girl who had never done more than a one last week I knocked out 94! I am beyond happy!

The rowing was fun but wished we had been given a third try – I was just getting into it! I got 22.7 seconds for the first and 22.2 seconds for the second.

The AMRAP was a shoulder burner for sure. You know that quad burn feeling you get after masses of squats? Yeah I had that, just on my shoulder joints! Eeek! But in 7 minutes you could really go all out which made it a great time frame. I got 2 rounds plus 5 push press at 20kg.

(And came home to see my arms COVERED in double under whip marks! Ouch!)

Friday Morning (19th)

friday wod

Another great WOD today – that warm up was really good fun!

The box dips were great, tough but great. I can certainly see my strength growing when I pair these with the gym ring rows. Within the 10 minutes I managed to do 86 rows in my remaining time, not too shabby!

Running 500m x3 carrying a wall ball, down one of the main streets in Glasgow… at 7am? Lets just say we got some funny looks! After the dips, ring rows and then the HSPU (which I did from the box) my arms were smoke for the wall balls. Funnily enough it got easier, not harder as it went on! The final 9 HSPU’s and wall balls I knocked out unbroken! I completed in 19 minutes on the dot!

What is your favourite holiday food or drink?

Do double unders give you whip marks?

AMRAP’s, EMOM’s or for time?

Thinking Out Loud!

Hi all,

Wow, what a week this has been! I am so glad it’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’ Thursday because I really feel like a need a good chat with you all, it’s my therapy and my release from all the Aussie moving madness that surrounds my day! I’m still pinching myself though! Haha!


1) So speaking of Aussie madness…

An update on how everything is going is in order! So we have now received our Visas and are all set on the paperwork front. Feels crazy that I am now legally allowed to live in another country already! We have started putting a lot of our furniture on Gumtree to sell and although it’s sad to see some of my belongings go (bye bye bike!), it’s exciting to think of what we can get when we are setting up a home in Perth. We are now looking at the rest of our things, decided what to give to charity and what to put in the crate for shipping over there. I reckon we will have a few weeks of literally living in a shell with 2 suitcases and a blow up mattress! Haha!



( David celebrating after we received the Visas through!)

2) Holiday time!

With moving abroad so soon we knew we needed to fit in as much family and friend time as possible. As my parents were heading down to London for a family holiday next week, we decided to join them to see everyone and also spend some time with them. On Thursday we will then head a wee bit further up to the north of England to spend some time with David’s family. It’s going to be a busy week but I am so super excited. One last London road trip with the hubby in our wee car!

3) What do we want to do?

So with moving, you have to think to yourself ‘what is a ‘must do’ before we leave’. We have a few things for Glasgow like favourite restaurants etc but most of it involves time with family seeing some of our favourite sights. Brighton was at the top of my list and I am glad to say we will be hitting up the shores of the south of England on Monday. We will also be doing a London city day, visiting all our favourite London joints (hello Cookies and Scream cookie, I am coming to get you!) on Tuesday. But as for the rest, will just see how much we can fit in!

4) Thai Salad


Oh holy guacamole guys, I have found my go to salad for the summer. It is amazing! Melissa Joulwan from @theclothesmakethegirl has created this simply easy to make, delicious to eat salad that will literally pair with anything – chicken, pork, beef, salmon, tuna, halloumi… you name it. Or just eat ridiculous amounts of it on its own… you will want to, believe me!

5) Road trip snackage


Road trippin’ – apart from petrol, snacks are the next most required item! Seen as we need to eat everything in our cupboards by the beginning of August, I have raided them for our road snacks.

We have Nakd bars, pork scratching, dried fruit, chocolate apple rings, sweet potato crisps, snacking salami, dark chocolate, quest bars, apple chips, Primal Kitchen bars… ok how long is this journey?? #OTT #dontcare

6) Twin Peaks


My brother gave David and I the Twin Peaks box set for our Christmas. We have only just gotten around to watching it now (what with House of Cards and The Good Wife) and we are hooked. I had always heard it was a good series to watch but I wasn’t expecting this. It’s so random, so frustrating, annoying, complex yet, absolute genius at the same time. We have about 10 episodes left and have no idea where it is going to go. But aren’t they the best types of shows!

Enjoy your weekend folks!


Does writing feel like a release to you?

If you were leaving your country what sights would you want to see/ experiences you would like to have before you left?

Your favourite road trip snack?

Head on over, after commenting of course ;-), to our TOL hostess with the mostess Amanda @Runningwithspoons for more random chats!

CrossFit – Double Under Ninja!

Hi all,

Hope you had a great weekend!

We had one of two sorts – Saturday was manic! We started to sort out all of our things for moving, what will go to charity, what will we try and sell on Gumtree (I think the American version is Craigslist?) and we managed to get a good chunk through. 12 items currently on Gumtree and we have already sold both of our bikes – a good start!

Sunday was lovely though. We had a relaxing breakfast reading the newspapers, a stroll over to the west end for lunch at Juice Garden, a look around the shops and then home late afternoon. More chill time… yeah it was great and much needed!

Tonight we have another treat in store. Going to see Jurassic World – IMAX, 3D, the works! David is like a little kid again, the original was his childhood favourite and I must admit I was a big fan too. Looking forward to chilling out again with a movie… chill out time is going to be a necessity (even more so than normal) with the all craziness that the next few months are going to bring!

But for now, its CrossFit recap time – another week of good WODding!

Monday Morning (8th)

monday wod

Ring work is always tricky. There is arm strength to take into consideration for sure but also balance and the strength of your core. Arm strength is my weakness but balance and core strength I seem to do pretty well with so these holds were tough but ok. 12 rounds though… phew!

Think 15 seconds on, 45 seconds off is easy? Think again! I went for 25kg on the bar and averaged 4 reps per round (46 reps in total). Thruster sprints are nasty and by the end we were huffing and puffing and ready to finish!

Wednesday Morning (10th)

wednesday wod

I mixed it up with my pendlay rows. As mentioned before I have a lack of movement in my back (working on fixing it) which means heavy isn’t really an option. But 17.5kg was perfect with great form so went with that.

So I have mastered a single double under. Due to the low reps in this WOD coach said to try simply going for 10 reps as double unders rather than going for skips. I was up for trying. I knocked a few singles out, 3 fails for every single, and was getting a bit frustrated – I do all the cues, the reps like textbook but it still didn’t work successfully. Then Coach asked me to try something new, bring my forearms forward (still elbows in) – I have long limbs (hello 6ft 1!) so it made sense to try and shorten the distance the rope travelled…

You guys, I got 8 in a row…IN A ROW! But it was the last round! I wanted to try more! Fingers crossed for more in programming!

(I used a 12kg KB and finished in 11.13 (what with all the DU testing!), a fun WOD for sure!)

Thursday Morning (11th)

thursday wod

The 5 rounder… holy abs!

The floor press (20kg) and hollow body… holy bleeping abs!

Good fun but the burn is crazy! (seriously, the burn is only just fading today!)

The WOD was a good one but after the floor press our arms were toasted! Not so great for doing wall walks (1/2 walks for me). But I enjoyed it and completed in 17 mins 18 seconds.

Friday Morning (12th)

friday wod

Back on those rings but this time for 15 seconds instead of 10. Amazing how much you can improve when you test yourself again! I love when we revisit things quickly, am often amazed by the progress.

It was a long 20 mins… dare I say I got a little bored? I did step ups at 24 inches, enjoyed the rows and then, well, burpees always suck. But on the plus side it was a good all over met con and got us all pumped for the weekend! Woop! Oh no wait… its Monday again… 🙁 

How was your weekend?

Are you a fan of Jurassic Park?

Double unders, love or hate?

Thinking Out Loud!

Hi all,

Hope you are all well this sunny day! And that it is sunny with you too!

Right, let’s sit down and have a chat. I hope you are ready as I have something to tell you all…

Today for ‘Thinking Out Loud’ I have some news. Gosh even typing this seems so surreal… I am beaming with smiles but also have the biggest butterflies in my tummy! Let’s see if I can put this into actual words…


David has accepted a new job.

It is his dream job, literally the description could have been written for him. His hard work, effort and commitment in all he does has certainly paid off and I am so proud of him.

But the job isn’t in Glasgow or even Scotland… Or even in the UK… Or even in Europe… Or even in the Northern Hemisphere.

Folks, we are moving to Perth Australia!

Blue skies, sandy beaches, more CrossFit boxes than you know what to do with – oh holy guacamole!

And it’s happening FAST! They want him to start as soon as possible so we are making the 20 hour journey in less than 2 months!

I am so excited. For David, for me, for us – this is truly a once in a lifetime adventure. I feel so lucky! David gets to go to work each day and do the job of his dreams. I finish school in September and get to start my new career as a Health Coach in a truly inspirational place. Together we can explore a part of the world we could have only dreamed of and hopefully create memories to treasure forever.


Right now, I am just one massive buzzing to do list! Luckily we rent at the moment so don’t have a house to sell. But we do have a car and an apartment full of furniture and other items we have to sell. I have such a funny feeling that these next few months are going to fly by so alongside packing and selling we are making it a priority to see and spend time with all of our friends and family – starting with a trip down to London a week on Saturday.

Leaving family and friends will be difficult. I am trying not to think about saying goodbye to my parents, saying goodbye to all of our friends at CrossFit who have helped me recover, become stronger and be the girl I am today. Leaving the only country I have ever called home…

However both David and I were built for adventure (we are a hybrid of Indiana Jones, Dr Alan Grant and Tintin #seriously) and this will certainly be exciting, thrilling and one heck of a ride!


I am just so happy to finally share this news with you all; it has been killing me keeping it from you. Do you know how many times I have almost slipped and mentioned it in a blog comment?! But I wanted to keep it quiet until everything was signed and official.

But there it is, it’s now online! I hope you will all follow along in this adventure with me! Your support means the world.

Head on over to Running with Spoons for more crazy random talk this Thursday!

Where would you like to live in the world?

What would be your dream job?

Does the thought of moving to the other side of the world scare you?

CrossFit – Leave that ego at the door!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and had a fab weekend!

I am currently heading up north to visit my parents for the night and spend the following day shopping with my mum, godmother and her daughter (who was one of my bridesmaids). It’s exactly what I need right now – a bit of girly TLC – everything here is so manic right now, but in a good way!

Sometimes I really do feel that sense of escape from all the crazies when I go to CrossFit. It’s a chance to focus on you and what your body can do. Pushing your body and mind to its limits and allowing yourself to reveal your full potential. Thoughts and goings on about things outside the box cannot enter… unless you are running… running always makes me think about everything in the world and I get so frustrated!

But luckily, apart from warming up, there was no running in last week’s WOD’s! Hooray! So as you can imagine, Jen was one happy camper!

CrossFit Recap

Monday Morning (1st)

monday wod

I do love a good EMOM (every minute on the minute) and this one was a real tester! The aim was to go up in weight each round so I took my spilt jerk max and worked back from that to reveal my starting weight.

I did the front squats and push jerks at 20kg and they felt pretty good. A light weight and could get through the 6 reps each minute quite easily. The back squats and thrusters (22.5kg) were trickier. Cleaning and getting the bar behind your neck took time, as did bringing it back round to go into the thruster. Quads were burning by this point. I ended on the deadlift and spilt jerks at 25kg. The aim of the deadlifts was to rack them out as quick as you could, it was a very light weight after all and then take time on the spilt jerk. We were all feeling it by this point but I certainly felt the best I have done in a while with the split jerk… maybe it’s finally clicking!

Tuesday Morning (2nd)

tuesday wod

After warming up and a good mobility session it was great to get on to some American kettle bell swings (where the bell goes above your head in full lock out) tekkers. I think it’s great to revisit tekkers for movements like this every now and again as it’s so easy to get into your groove with them and forget exactly how to swing correctly with good form.  A cheeky wee EMOM afterwards was great fun (12kg)!

Normally I do jumping pull ups in WODs with pull ups but this time I used the thick band. Tough and challenging, the pull ups took forever but I can really feel the correct muscles now being utilized. Dare I say it, jumping pull ups were just getting a little too easy… I completed in 11 minutes 44 seconds.

Thursday Morning (4th)

thursday wod

Really really enjoyed this workout – 1 strict press, push press, push jerk and then split jerk = 1 rep. I worked on hand position and drive with the main focus being good, quality reps. The decisive factor in terms of weight with this is how much you can strict press, so I again worked back from my 1RM to figure out where to begin and work from. I worked up to 25kg (this being my 1RM SP).

Heavy deadlifts – love em or hate em they are always a feature! I went with 60kg for this WOD and it was tough as nails! 3 rounds may not sound a lot but a combo of heavy plus tuck jumps sure jars up your body! Completed in 9 minutes 38 seconds.

Friday Morning (5th)

friday wod

So good to work on our snatches. Never thought I would say that but I think I really am getting there with them. Top tip if you struggle? Bring the weight RIGHT DOWN and work on your technique. Coach’s programming was great for allowing us to progress into achieving a snatch that didn’t bounce of our hips and that travelled upwards rather than outwards – making for a studier more solid snatch.

For the intervals I went super light (12.5kg) in order to hit them all and that I did! It felt awesome – who cares about ego, go light and do it right!

Does working out/ training give you a sense of freedom from the craziness of the day?

What pops into your head while running?

Heavy deadlifts – yay or nay?

Restore Your Factory Settings – 5 top tips for being more human!

Hi all,

Tired, stressed, sore, diet out of whack? We all have those days, weeks, months… years even? Don’t you just wish you could press a button on your body to restore your human factory settings and bring your body back to the way nature intended? 


It may not be as easy as a button or a switch but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Here are 5 top tips to help you get back to the way your body was programmed you to allow it to work like a charm! 

Get outside in the fresh air – Connecting with nature may sound kooky but it is one of the best ways to feel more human. Get out into the country, walk in the forest, hills or mountains, spend some time on the beach – listen to the sounds, take deep breaths of the fresh, cool, crisp air. Feel the roots beneath your feet, the sand through your hands, the wind blowing through your hair. Let your mind focus on your surroundings. Just be human.


Retune your body by connecting with your food. Go back to basics – food that doesn’t need a label is normally a sign that it’s a good healing nutritious food. Trust your body to guide it to the foods you need to nourish your system at that time. You know the answers of what is right to fuel your body – but just in case you need a starting point, aim for fresh veggies, meat, fish and a little fruit, nuts and seeds. It will make you beam inside and out!

Sleep – make it your number one priority– your body needs it to repair itself and heal. I cannot stress enough how important sleep is to us all. Sleep is the key to staying healthy, keeping those stress levels at bay and even helping you to lose weight/ maintain a healthy weight. It’s that hidden gem, that gift you can give yourself every day. Aim for 7-10 hours per night, try to keep to set bedtimes and rise times (even at the weekend) and let your body respond to that rhythm.


Try some mindful meditation – connect with your mind and body through meditation. It sounds complicated and difficult but couldn’t be more easy! There are many apps out there to help you – my favourite to use is the ‘Breathe’ app (It’s FREE!) and it allows me to express how I feel that day and giving me a selection of meditations to choose from. There is always time for meditation, many of mine have only been 3 minutes long but have given maximum impact in terms of lowering stress levels and focussing my thoughts.

Move and groove – we are all programmed to move whether that be walking or running, lifting heavy things or just squatting at home to pick something up. Get back in tune with how amazing your body is, how it can move, twist and feel. Try some yoga at home with a free online video, go for a walk or even go to the local play park and have a go on the swings, climbing frame or slide! That always makes me laugh and smile! Keep moving!


Start small and work on a few areas at a time. Don’t let it overwhelm you, just let your body be your guide – it’s a clever cookie and knows what is best for you! Do this and you will soon feel human once more!

Linking up with Amanda over @RunningwithSpoons for ‘Thinking Out Loud’ – head on over to read of some more humans being human!

What makes you feel the most human?

Do you wish you could push a button to restore your settings?

What food feels the most nourishing to you? 

CrossFit – Aces High!

Hi all,

Hope you are all well and had a fab weekend!

Yes I am going to say it… I cannot believe we are in June! Where on earth did May go? I think with having two public holidays plus our trip to London everything has gone by in a flash. But I never complain about time going fast, I think it’s awesome because it means you are having fun (usually!). It does mean that I will probably stop having ‘It’s gonna be May’ in my head every time I read the word May… seriously its been a nightmare! Damn those NSYNC boys and Justin’s mis-heard lyrics… yup it’s in my head again... doh!

So as I try to think of every song under the sun just to get that one out of my head, I give you my CrossFit recap from last week! 3 sessions as on Monday, with David being off work, we went for a hike… so relaxing and peaceful!

loch ard

CrossFit Recap

Tuesday Morning (26th)

tuesday wod

Alas it was time for another deck of cards WOD in our box.  These suck!

As you can see above each suit is related to a particular movement and the WOD ends after we have been though each card in the deck. Aces are high =14 reps

I wanted to curl into a ball after this WOD. The ‘dark place’ killed your quads along with the goblet squats (10kg) and everyone was doing step ups instead of the box jumps by the end. The joker came in half way and at the very end which, although our legs were like jelly, was perfectly timed to get some air and some relief!

If your coach ever programmes this, stay in bed. If you think this sounds like ‘fun’ and want to try it, think again. Honestly!

Thursday Morning (28th)

thursday wod

So we had a major mobility session this morning for about half an hour. It was needed, most of us had spent the last 2 days unable to walk from the deck of cards WOD! We spent a lot of time on our shoulders and back too – where I need the most work. The pain cave was definitely entered.

Then came this intense WOD – could it have been any worse when your quads, hips and hammies were still on fire? I don’t think so. I did the WOD at 20kg and completed 120 reps (5 reps into the set of 25 thrusters). It would be interesting to see how I could have done had I not been so sore from the 2 days previous though…

Friday Morning (29th)

friday wod

I’m not going to lie, this week was tough, very tough – both physically and mentally. And we only did 3 sessions. The last thing I needed was a PR day but there it was and I just had to try my best.

The session itself went quite well actually. I got a new PR 1RM deadlift (75kg), I made awesome progress in my muscle up transitions and I got a new PR for my 1 mile run (6.59 mins). So far so good. After the run we were all beat…

Then came, what was labelled as, ‘the mystery WOD’. I can see why coach kept that to himself. It was insane, and so much work to do in 1 min. I rarely completed the last clean and jerks but this also meant I had no rest. I have no words on how I felt after this WOD. Apart from being so grateful it was over… focussing now on the gains made above rather than how peeved I was after this WOD. In case you are wondering, ‘peeved’ is me being very conservative here! Haha!

Lots of rest was needed over the weekend but luckily we were able to do just that! Chilling out, good recovery fuel and enough sleep = a David and Jen ready to take on a new week… and June!

It’s gonna be May…. dammit!!!

Have you ever done a deck of cards WOD?

What do you think is the worst combo in a WOD? Pull ups and push ups take quite a beating!

Tell me a new PR you have gained? Or a new skill you have learned?