Currently – September!

Hi all,

Hope you are all well and had a fab weekend!

Today I thought I would do my first ‘Currently’ post. I always thought these posts were a fab thing to do at the beginning of a month but yet in my 2 plus years blogging I have yet to do one. Well that’s all change now and I think I will do them from now on around the beginning of each month! Means I can check in with you all, keep everyone from home updated on our goings on but also I like it as something to reflect on for me! Win win!

Current… Book


Wild by Cheryl Strayed – I bought it for the plane journey but never ended up reading it. Now I am determined to finish it by this time next month. I love reading, I just feel guilty whenever I pick up my book rather than doing something else. Crazy I know!


Hmm a tough one as I haven’t really listened to much since I have been here. Catching up on podcasts mostly. But after reading Lauren’s post over @Ihadabiglunch I think I might whack on a bit of Billy Joel later on – such a classic!


IMG_1388 (1)

Kombucha! Every time I go to the store, I pick one up! I spent 2 years in Glasgow only being able to get it from Whole Foods and paying double the price that it is here so no shame! But once we move out of our temporary accommodation we are going to start brewing our own! Let the experiment commence!

Current…Guilty Pleasure

You tube videos – whenever I need to laugh or smile I whip out my phone and pop on a video or two. David and I couldn’t stop last night – this one was our favourite – I love Terry Crews!



Dates – in particular these ones. I want to eat them all the time. Always. Even now….


So many things! Ok so we sent some of our belongings over from Scotland by air freight. These will be coming to us this week! Yay! But there was so much that we didn’t bring over and sold that we really do need now. Mostly kitchen electronics as we didn’t want to bring our UK ones and have to use adapters all the time – major fire hazard! Some would be excited about all this shopping… not me…


IMG_1470 (1)

Apart from dates the food I am currently enjoying the most are the abundant fruit and veg we get from our farmers market – the best thing about switching from summer to winter? Citrus is in season! These mandarins are so amazing, sweet, juicy and fresh and ridiculously cheap!



Mostly H20 but am so looking forward to getting our french press out from our shipping boxes – instant decaf is basically unheard of here and I am drinking the nasty stuff. Spent the first week here on caffeine and it was not good (ok it was more like 2 weeks but I blame the nespresso machine and the sample pod pack that came with it!) even getting off one weeks worth of caffeine was hard!


IMG_1468 (1)

Standing at the window watching the rain/ hail outside. Looks horrible! But first off, it is winter and secondly it will probably only last half an hour max!

(see the white lines on the pic? That’s the hail!)


Living in Australia. I feel very blessed and lucky to have this adventure.



That spring is here and that means summer is coming! Bring on the heat!

Current…Bane of existence

Having to buy a car. Yes we got one on Saturday like we had hoped. Yes it was technically a good deal. Yes I still squirm that we spent a chunk of money – I am soo not your ‘stereotypical woman’ who likes spending money! Save save save, that’s me! However as much of a ‘bane’ as it is, it will still be brilliant to have a car!

Current…TV show

Ok you know what I said above about not being a stereotypical woman… scrap that… I’m addicted to the Australian version of The Bachelor! David is too (sorry for outing you there!). It’s awful, but that’s what makes it so great! Isn’t that the same with all cheesy TV!


Completing my Health Coach certification – still over the moon about my year at IIN.


IMG_4594 (1)

I must admit, writing this has made me feel like a pretty lucky girl. Also feeling a bit sleepy… an early start and dark clouds outside will do that to ya!

Do you feel guilty when you take time out to read?

Anyone want to come and do all my appliance shopping for me? One condition, you had better get a bargain! Haha!

Do you like cheesy TV shows?

Friday Favourites!

Hi all,

Yay it’s Friday! And I am pretty happy! Even though the forecast is for thunderstorms this weekend I still get to spend 2 whole days with my David so that’s pretty awesome!

IMG_1444 (1)

(Hmmm, the clouds just now suggest it could go either way!)

Meeting him after work to head to a (undercover thank goodness) international food market in town where we hope to pick up some delicious eats from the many food stalls and trucks! It only happens once a month during the ‘winter’ but is on every week during the summer outdoors! I can feel a Friday night tradition in the making!

But for now, I just want to do a wee check in with some of my Friday Favourites!

Yesterdays Post

I want to thank you all for your love on yesterdays post – Blogging – Changing Someone’s Day – I love to read that so many of you feel the same way about writing/ reading blogs and the impact they have had on your lives!

Big news


Folks, that’s me officially completed my Health Coach qualification and I am now fully certified! Feeling really proud and this past year learning has just been amazing. Still at the planning and brainstorming stages just now regarding the next step but I will definitely keep you all in the loop. Need to factor in some celebration time though!

Chai Tea

IMG_1442 (1)

For years now I have heard people rave about chai lattes but I was always a little hesitant, everywhere in the UK that served them or where I could buy them had it in powder form – and that ingredient list was not a pretty sight! Well I was super happy when I came across it in actual tea leaf form in a supermarket over here!

My verdict? Well it tastes like Christmas in a cup! I love it! Served with some honey almond milk, I am in heaven!

Sweet Potato Noodles

IMG_1438 (1)

I instagrammed these bad boys just before I was away to cook them up last night for the first time. I’m not a massive noodle fan, aka I don’t crave them or miss them, but thought I would give them a try!

They are fab! Easy to cook and they soak up the flavour of a sauce (in my case a Thai red curry) brilliantly. Would definitely recommend if you spot them in a store – just check the ingredients, mine were 100% sweet potato starch.

IMG_1439 (1)


Spotted this picture in a local cafe here and just loved it. As a massive kale fan (and someone who will be long after the craze is over) I really want this for my house!


Weekend plans

Tonight as mentioned above is the food market. Then tomorrow morning we are off to the farmers market and then car shopping! Not my favourite thing, would be different if someone said ‘pick which one you want, they are all free’ but then again I’m pretty tight and hate spending money! Haha! #blessingandacurse

Sunday will be finishing off our food shopping and speaking to my parents on skype! Love it!

What are you up to this weekend?

Love noodles? What’s your favourite dish?

Do you like to spend money?

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Blogging – Changing someone’s day!

Hi all,

Hope you are well this sunny fine Thursday! Who am I kidding – I am writing this as most of you are still asleep! Haha!

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I have been thinking about all the aspects of my future, my career and what feeds my soul. One aspect of that has to be writing and blogging. I love writing blogs, I love reading blogs and connecting with you all. So I started to think about what blogging is really all about and for me, it comes down to one factor

Changing someone’s day

Through my writing, I hope to impact someone’s day, just like in reading others blogs they impact my day. Here’s how…


I always hope to inspire others with my writing – whether that be with food tips, healthy living advice, starting a blog or just what to go, see and do! Other bloggers have inspired me so much and I know I would have never been so experimental in the kitchen, nor would I have pursued my health coach qualification if it hadn’t been for other bloggers.

loch ard


For this I can only comment on the admiration I have for so many bloggers out there. Whether you be a stay at home mum, working full time, taking an adventure abroad, going through a health concern or working your way through university – you all give your heart to what you write and commit to sharing your life with us all. Through admiring someone else’s strengths and triumphs, honesty and passion – it certainly affects my day and thoughts throughout.



Through being honest on my blog I hope that it may lead to some ‘aha’ moments for others. ‘what, doing food prep really could be that easy?’, ‘I can make that for my family’, ‘Maybe it is time to slow down a bit’, ‘what do I really want in life?’.

On the personal side, my sense of realisation has come in the form of support – ‘Yes I can overcome this ED’, ‘Yes I can reach for my dreams’, ‘Yes I need to allow myself to relax’. Through reading blogs we can realise and see things within ourself that we may never have even known existed.



Through all of the above comes vision. I hope that I can help others to view their path ahead – on both the big and the small. Through reading, comparing and contrasting comes a vision of what you can do. Ever viewed yourself tucking into a tasty recipe just from reading it on the page and looking at the pictures? Or seen yourself going on an adventure holiday because someone has blogged about it?



And finally faith. You change someone’s day because they have faith in you. Faith that you are being honest, faith that you mean something to them, faith that even though we have never met we feel like friends. Faith that even in this world of modern madness we can all connect together to help each other.

Thanks Amanda  @Runningwithspoons for allowing me to ‘Think Out Loud’ today – you certainly have changed my day many a time! 🙂


Has reading a blog ever given you an ‘aha’ moment in your own life?

Which blogger really inspires you?

What was the most recent thing you have viewed yourself doing after reading it in a blog?

Do what feeds your soul!

Hi all,

Hope you all had a great weekend and a fab Monday!

David and I were chatting over the weekend about my future and our future ahead – moving to new country certainly means you evaluate everything!

I am certainly feeling quite overwhelmed at the moment about the potential for my future but then David said something to me that really made me think – ‘Do what feeds your soul’.

So what do I want to do? Sometimes you have the answer direct. Sometimes you need to go backwards and ask yourself – what do I not want to do. The main thing however to be to honest, look at what nourishes you and take that in order to build your path forward.

So what nourishes and feeds you inside and out?

For me its –

The sunshine and warmth


Being with friends


Self Belief

My favourite foods and the emotions they make me feel



Others happiness (not at the expense of my own)

Feeding is growth, growth of happiness and contentment. Feeding our souls is what gives us purpose and drive. It’s what makes our lives magical.


What feeds us is our own unique formula.

So, what do I want to do to feed my soul? More like what will feed my growth for happiness? It may take me a while to answer this question fully – but at least I am being brave and asking it. And that feels pretty good.

What feeds your soul?

Have you found it or still searching?

Friday Favourites from a Foodie!

Hi all,

Are you glad it’s Friday? Who am I kidding, unless you have to work weekends I think everyone is pleased to see today!

And for me, I’m just glad for the weekend to spend 2 whole days with David seeing more of Perth! Along with doing some more boring bits like getting mobile phone contracts sorted – yawn!

For today, I would love to show you some of my Friday favourites! Finding hidden food gems since being here has definitely got me very excited – what can I say, my name is Jen and I am a foodie through and through!

So my favourites this week all revolve around food! Hope you don’t mind 😉


IMG_1388 (1)

In Scotland, I could only find ‘booch in Whole Foods – here in Aus it’s a lot more common, some places even have it on tap! Our nearest supermarket has a health food store right by it which sells this brand – it’s delicious! I have tried the ginger and pear, coconut and pomegranate and apple and they are all so good!

(Eventually I will start brewing my own, I want this everyday and brewing is the only way!)

Citrus Fruit


Because it’s winter here, citrus is in season. So although I miss my berries, the sweetest oranges and mandarins more than make up for it. And the best part? They are local, even the supermarket stocks fruit from my state. All about the local produce!

Rice Paper Rolls

IMG_1389 (1)


For the first time ever we made rice paper rolls! I couldn’t find the wrappers anywhere in Glasgow so when I spotted them here I snapped them up! It was so much fun being in the kitchen with David making these. Mine may not look great but you should have seen Davids…!!! Poor guy, maybe he will get the hang of folding them eventually! (Sorry button!). Inside we had avocado, carrots, peppers, alfalfa sprouts, spinach and leftover pork – they tasted great!

Gold Kiwi Fruit


They had samples of these fruits in our supermarket – so I picked a piece up, thinking ‘oh ok I’m not really a fan of kiwi but hey it’s free…’ but then once I tried it I quickly backtracked! Guys these taste so different to regular kiwi’s – they are sweeter, fresher, juicier and golden inside! If you ever spot them pick one up and try – my new favourite fruit!

Nespresso Machine


We opened up the door to our temporary accommodation apartment, glanced around and then my eyes spotted it – ‘ahhh we have an nespresso machine!!’. They even gave us a sampler pack of the capsules! So I left Glasgow having only regular coffee at the weekend and now I am having it every day! I have tried to hunt down decaf here but I’m not joking when I say Australia and decaf don’t really go hand in hand. So for now, while we are still in this apartment, I am embracing the caffeine and enjoying this machine… and trying not to think about coming off it! Haha!



You come to Australia, you buy kangaroo from the shop, you know, just to try for the novelty but I did not expect to LOVE it! So much flavour, very gamey so you have to like stronger flavoured meats (which I do) and it’s a lot cheaper because it’s in abundance! I have had it in steak form, mince and now as burgers – lunch today was one chopped up in a salad with some salsa and sweet potato! Yum!

Date Rolls


And finally, I knew I belonged in Australia when I found these! I have always confessed my love for dates and just when you think they couldn’t get any better they compress them in a log and coat in coconut! But it doesn’t end there, oh no, they also have pistachio covered and almond covered! I have tried the pistachio and they were divine! Next up will be the almond!

Have you tried a new fruit/ been drawn to something different recently?

Ever tried kangaroo?

Your opinion on dates?

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Thinking Out Loud!

Hi all,

I am really loving blogging to you all this week – from having weeks and weeks of one, at max, two posts per week, it’s really nice to just sit and write every day. No rushing around, no planning x,y or z in my head, just connecting with you all. It really is proof that when life is going crazy and everything seems to be on top of you that it will eventually get better, those crazy times will pass and there is another side! Stay strong if things are getting on top of you, it will pass.


Anyhoo, I am bringing to you my first ‘Thinking Out Loud’ from the land of Oz – basically bringing to you all my random thoughts over the past week or so since I have been here! Thanks to Amanda over @RunningwithSpoons for bringing this link up to us all.

Changing time zones

Never underestimate the power of a time zone change on your body. Jet lag is one thing, and yes it sucks. We definitely experienced that – major amount of sleep one day, then struggled to sleep the next. But then your body goes through a weird process during a major time zone change (plus 7 hours from the UK) when the adrenaline fades – brain fog, lethargy, feeling upset, hormones up and down – wow it’s intense and like nothing I have ever experienced before. Starting to come out of it now – exercise and good food really does help but boy oh boy!

(Please don’t let that deter any of you from coming to visit! Haha!)

IMG_4367 (1)

These little ‘twinkle constellation lights’ on the plane were cute but did nothing to make you feel like it was night-time!  

Winter in Perth

So of course it is winter here in Australia. Or really it’s more like a UK summer – colder, the odd warm day and some rain. But it’s really odd when it’s nice and sunny, a temp you are used to, but all the trees around you are leafless, brown and everyone is wearing a winter coat!

When we left we expected it to be much warmer over here, I mean it is Australia, but I really cant complain when all you need on a winters day is a jumper or hoodie. And you can still train outside in your tank top.

And the feeling knowing that it is only going to get warmer and sunnier is amazing!

IMG_4501 (1)

It gets dark here quick!

Perth is a funny one – by 6pm it’s dark, like really dark. And the sun doesn’t fully rise until 7am. In Scotland at this time of year, it never really gets dark, maybe for a few hours between midnight and 3am. And it’s not just the winter – even in the summer the sun fully sets by 8pm. Maybe this is another factor which has led to my body struggling with the time zone change!

American TV!

I think we were really spoilt in the UK with TV – I mean the BBC does actually rock and ITV (Downton Abbey and Mr Selfridge) comes up with some pretty good stuff too. In terms of Aussie TV I have pretty much stuck to the news and The Bachelor (hey, we dont have it in the UK, no judgement!) because other shows have caught my eye – American ones! For the first time I am watching The Late Show, Ellen and NBC today! I finally know who Kathy Lee is! Haha!


So far Perth has been pretty awesome. But in the back of my mind I am still waiting for my first experience of an Australian bug – spiders, snakes etc. Now I’m not normally phased by bugs – I don’t like them in my house but I can tolerate it… but these bugs mean business! I am leaving this particular paragraph photoless (I know so many are thanking me for this) because I have yet to google ‘redback spiders’ (very common and yes will bite), ‘hunterback spiders’ (again common and the size of your hand) and I saw enough of the Western Australian species of snakes at the zoo…

In our temporary accommodation, an apartment, I think I might be safe. But in 2 weeks we move to a house, with a garden, nooks and crannies… trying not to freak out…

IMG_4393Pretty, but what is lurking around there…!!!

Sorry for leaving you with that final thought of bugs! Hopefully most of you are quite blasé about that kind of thing! Now, after severe jetlag, darkness and bugs, who wants to come visit? 😉

Back tomorrow for my ‘Friday Favourites!‘ – the first Aussie edition!

How do you cope with a time zone change?

When does the sun set with you?

How do you feel about bugs?

What I ate Wednesday! Airplane Edition!

Hi all,

Today I wanted to bring you a ‘What I ate Wednesday’ with a twist – What I ate on the plane!

Flying can be tricky if you have a certain yays and nays with food. Obviously paleo is my go-to. I am by no means 100% strict paleo and will state that to everyone. There are foods that my body seems to be ok with (dairy and white rice for example) and there are some things I will be a bit easy over – small amounts of sugar in items for example.


So when you are away to venture on a 20 hour plus flight, you kinda have to put your faith in your airline and the food they offer! Both David and I selected gluten free meals and took some snacks with us – quest bars, nuts, chocolate, trail mix etc.

As we travelled over 20 hours, over several time zones, please see below what was literally a full days eats GF on our 2 Emirates Flights. (Economy Class!)

Flight 1 – Glasgow to Dubai

Meal – Chicken with a tomato sauce, white rice, steamed veggies. A rice salad, fresh fruit, a nakd bar and water.


Don’t be fooled by its appearance, this was really nice! Everything was really fresh – I ate my chicken and veggies but skipped on the rice and the rice salad (I wasn’t too hungry after saying goodbye to my parents at the airport…). The fruit was fresh and juicy and the nakd bar was a real surprise! We love these back in Scotland (simply fruit and nuts inside) and put them in our bags for later.

Snack was some ice cream and after looking at the ingredients (loads of sugar, dextrose and some nasties) we decided to pass. Went for an OJ and some chocolate from our stash instead!

Flight 2 – Dubai to Perth

Meal 1 (breakfast) – Eggs in a tomato sauce with spinach, mushrooms and potato wedges. Fresh fruit, a GF roll, jam and spread, water.


Once again, please go beyond its appearance! This was really good! You cut into those eggs and the yolks were perfect and runny! The spinach and mushrooms were seasoned so well. I gave my potatoes to David as I’m not a big fan in general but he really liked them. Again lovely fresh fruit. I skipped on the roll as it was pretty tasteless but then again I’m not really used to eating GF bread, maybe if you were it would be ok. Also couldn’t understand why the GF meals got a nasty low fat spread when the regular meals got butter. Give us butter too!

Meal 2 (lunch) – Fish with a tomato sauce, veggies and pilaf. Salmon salad, GF roll, almond cake and water.


Ok so you really have to like tomatoes to enjoy these meals! Luckily we do! This was another really delicious meal – the fish was flaky, veggies cooked beautifully (carrot and turnip) and that pilaf! Beautifully spiced, I could have ate another portion! The salmon salad was lovely and fresh too. Once again skipped on the roll…

But what deserves its own photo – that almond cake!


Moist, light, chock full of dark chocolate chips… I did not expect to eat something this good on a plane!

Overall I was very happy with the standard of our meals – they really have upped their game to make sure that the GF option does not equal tasteless or boring! Well done Emirates! Also another point to add – ordering a speciality meal? You get them served first! Always a win not having to wait for them to get to your row!

We did also eat most of our snacks too but I would definitely recommend taking some snacks on a plane journey regardless of eating preferences. We were delayed on the runway for 2 hours in Duabi – we needed snacks!

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What is your experience of airline food?

Any airlines you would recommend or avoid?

Do you take snacks?

Australia Survey Style!

Hi all,

I was wondering how I could best recap the past week or so. I mean so much has happened and I’m pretty sure if I tried to write about it normally I would just explode with words and all that would be left would be an emotional firework on the page!

So, I have decided to do a recap survey style! Great for those wanting to know the details but also for those new readers to my blog who may not know all the crazies that have gone on these past few weeks!

Where did you move to and from?

– We lived in Glasgow Scotland and have moved to Perth Australia! All 9,156 miles!


How long did it take?

– In total it should have been a little over 20 hours but with delays around 22.

Why did you move?

– My husband David accepted a new role within his company. A promotion to do his dream job!

What made you choose this place?

– See above. His dream job simply happened to be in Perth. However both David and I were looking to live abroad. We just presumed it would probably be America!

What were your first impressions?

– We arrived in Perth at 6.30pm so it was dark outside. But if you take our impression from the first 24 hours then it was clean, tidy, friendly, cold (!) and beautiful.


How are the people?

– Fantastic! So friendly, kind and welcoming. Also everyone chats to everyone… so unbritish! But I love it!

Any surprises?

– That it wasn’t glorious sunshine all the time! Haha! Well it is winter! Also I didn’t expect that I would need to be brave – I didn’t realise that I would feel quite so far from home as I have done.

Missing anything from before?

– My CrossFit box! I miss working out with my Zombie crew every morning!

Favourite new place/ area/ site?

– I have been to some pretty amazing places this past week but my favourite has to be the Subiaco Farmers Market – literally everything I could have dreamed of in a market!


Favourite food so far?

– Now this is a toughie as I have eaten so many flavour bombs since I have arrived but I think it would have to be Coco Whip – a soft serve made from coconut water topped with a raw matcha tea slice… there are no words!


Any other questions for me? Just ask away in the comments!

Back tomorrow with ‘What I ate Wednesday’ with a twist!

Ever moved away? Why did you leave?

Do you like to travel or live in a new area/ country?

Ideal country you would move to?

Hello Perth Australia!

Hi all,

Wow, where do I even begin?

I have officially spent one whole week in my new home, in a new city, a new country, a new continent, a new hemisphere! Even writing that sentence makes me stop and pause on how incredibly amazing and scary that is!

So how has it all gone? Well I will get to the in’s and outs later on in the week but for now I just wanted to bring you some snaps from our past week of exploration.

There is so much to see and do in this amazing city – it truly has overwhelmed me in such a positive and exciting way.

Everyone, welcome to Perth!

IMG_4399IMG_4386 (1)IMG_1335 (1)IMG_4466IMG_4447IMG_4475 (1)IMG_1352IMG_1355IMG_1357



These are just a few snaps from the past week in Perth that I thought you might all like to see. I hope to post quite frequently over the next week and go a bit more into detail about moving, Perth, Australia as a whole, the flight and the food!

Oh and especially on food, check out my Instagram page for all the highlights! @chasetheredgrape

Have you ever done a big move?

Do you like being out of your comfort zone?

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Bye bye Scotland!

Hi all!

Hope you are well and feeling fine – I just wanted to check in with you all right now, as I sit waiting to board my flight to Dubai – then on to Perth. Australia here we come! And it’s come around so fast. 

 I am definitely excited! David and I have a week together over there before he starts work so we have decided to play tourist and get to know the city that will be our home for the next 4 years. Cannot wait to show you all the pictures and stories!

This past week back home in Inverurie has been brilliant though. We left Glasgow on Sunday and headed up to the north of Scotland to spend time with my parents in my childhood home. Talk about being able to relax, laugh and smile. Isn’t it amazing how going home can sometimes just be all you need to ground yourself? And spending time with them has been brilliant (they are both coming out to Australia for Christmas!)

So for now, I say a wee goodbye to you all. The last time as a UK blogger! Next post will be all things down under!

See you on the other side! J x

Do you feel like you know the people behind the blogs you read just as much as your friends?

Any tips for a 20 hour flight?

Do you travel back to your childhood home? How does it feel?