What I ate Wednesday!

Hi all,

Are you ready for some sneaky peaks into my eats?!

My ‘What I ate Wednesday’ this week is a recap of what I ate on Monday – the public holiday we had here in Western Australia and David and I went to the beach!

Linking up with Jenn @PeasandCrayons and Arman over @TheBigMansWorld for all the fun!

Breakfast – Poached eggs, turkey, greens, carrot, red cabbage and strawberries.


Such a good breakfast to start the day! I use ‘poach pods’ to poach my eggs and they are perfect every time as a result. I would have pierced my eggs to make this ‘picture perfect’ but I like to pierce them towards the end and leave the best (the yolk) until last!

We took the bus to the beach as public transport was free all day! It was really good for David as he normally drives so he was finally able to see some of the scenery that I see all the time. We hadn’t been to Cottesloe beach before and weren’t disappointed…

Lunch – Bits and bobs from the Boat Shed Market


Amazing quality produce – think Whole Foods but 3 times the price… however we splurged a little and enjoyed some rare roast beef, zucchini crackers, carrot sticks and the most amazing Mexican salsa – in fact I finished off the salsa with a spoon… #noshame… I pretended it was gazpacho!

We then went for a long walk along the beach… dipping our toes in the Indian Ocean for the first time!


Beach = ice cream… it’s a rule I have! This time I went for some frozen yogurt – it was good, not the best but definitely what I was wanting at the time!


We came home and meal prepped like crazy – but the result was the most amazing lamb, marinated in lemon and garlic served with roasted red cabbage and broccoli and I pinched a little of David’s white rice!


And before I went to bed I had some more strawberries, we have so many after picking them this weekend.


It was a good day!

Do you have any food rules like my ‘beach = ice cream’?

Any ideas for what I can use my strawberries for?

What’s your favourite type of salsa?

5 Top Tips on a Tuesday – How to rest and restore?

Hi all,

Hope your week is going well so far!

David and I had a wonderful long weekend – strawberry picking, wine, cheese and chocolate tasting, watched movies, went to the beach – it really was amazing and so restful.


One thing we have learnt, especially over the past year or so is the power of rest. It is so important for your health to take some time out to let your body restore itself. No stress, no pressure, no rushing – just the commitment you give to yourself to heal inside and out.

In today’s age, this is more often easier said than done. We all have a ‘to do’ list, we all have pressure on our time – it is very precious after all. But for today’s ‘5 top tips on a Tuesday’ I want to share with you some questions you can ask yourself to help you figure out how you spend your time. After asking yourself these questions, think about how you could re-evaluate your time to let stress go and allow restoration in.

rest and restore

  1. 1. Review your workouts

– how are your workouts nourishing you? Do they take up a lot of your free time? Are you losing sleep hours just to fit in a workout? How do you feel during the day – tired? Are you excited by your mode of exercise?

  1. Review your work to play ratio

– do you live to work or work to live? Does your career creep into your free time? How often do you check your emails out with office hours? What does your partner think about your hours?

  1. Review your weekends

– do you find yourself exhausted at the end of a weekend? How do you use this time to relax? Do you feel there are things you ‘have to do’ rather than ‘want to do’? How could you share out tasks to achieve more quality time?

  1. Review your evenings

– how are your evenings spent? Are you able to wind down before bed? If you workout after work how do you feel by 8pm? Do you have enough time to see your loved ones

5.  Review your definition of rest 

  • what is rest to you? How important do you see it? Do you class chores as rest? Do you class working out as rest? Do you allow yourself to rest?

Hopefully the above has given you a few things to think about. We all need a little re-evaluation of our time now and then – after all we only get one shot at this, lets live!

Are you surprised by any of your answers to the above?

Does it make you think twice about anything in your life?

What do you do within you lifestyle to make time for body and mind restoration?

Please comment below!

Friday Favourites!

Hi all,

Hooray its Fri-YAY! I am really excited for this weekend as its a 3 day one! David has Monday off as its the Queens birthday in Western Australia!

(In case you didn’t know, Australia is part of the commonwealth and therefore has the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth as its head of state. She has a variety of official birthdays, one in the UK for the country, her actual birth date and 2 in Australia, one for the east and one for the west… alright for some! Haha!).

So we have 3 days of fun semi planned, semi ‘go with the flow’!

Now it’s time for some Friday Favourites – linking up with Heather over @LifeinLeggings!


I have finally worked on a set format for these posts – how did I choose? I simply asked the questions I look forward to hearing the answers to from my fellow bloggers!

From the week…

Favourite moment


Sitting on the beach with David, our toes in the hot white sand, eating gelato that’s melting from the sun and thinking ‘I can’t believe we live here!’.

Favourite feeling

This week I have felt the most settled… the city is really starting to feel like home and I feel like I ‘fit’ here. The city is my comfort, I know my way around and the way things tick here – yeah it feels good!

Favourite purchase

Nude pressed mineral compact


I needed some new powder – in all honesty I have been using the same powder (foundation) since I was at University… an example of the ‘buying what I have always bought’ routine! Moving abroad I realised that I have to change – I am officially a ‘grown up’ now and can afford something a little better. I love the fact that the Nude range is a natural range of make up with no nasties. I tried this today and am blown away by how good it is – it blended with my skin tone so well and I am so glad I bought the bullet and went for it!

Favourite food/ drink


I am addicted to these apple slices… honestly I could eat the whole bag in one sitting! Simply dried apple slices and nothing more, they are my go to snack – delicious on their own or if you want to be a devil, dunk them in nut butter or even melted chocolate…. mmmm!

Favourite recipe


Go check out my veggie Queen Meghan @CleanEatsFastFeets! I made her southwestern salad the other day and topped it with chicken… yummy! And don’t skip on the cilantro lime dressing – it’s what binds everything together so beautifully! David and I ate this going ‘mmmm’ every 2 seconds… no joke!

Favourite workout

We went to CrossFit twice this week and did 2 quick yoga online videos in the apartment but you know what my favourite workout was this week? Walking. Yup just walking around this city and taking in all it has to offer – love the fact that there is so much going on within walking distance of my apartment!

Plans for the weekend – strawberry picking, a drive through the swan valley vinyards, IKEA (again!) and maybe the beach…!

What are your weekend plans?

Favourite moment of the week?

Favourite purchase?

Why I decided to take 2 months out from CrossFit

Hi all,

Hope you are well this sunny Thursday! The temps are really starting to get up here now… I would be happy if it stayed liked this all summer… but it’s only going to get hotter! Eek!

Before I begin can I just add that due to some net problems I have had to use wifi hotspots around the city – which means my comments on fellow bloggers posts have sometimes been going to spam! Please check your spam box out… there are probably a few from me lurking in there!


Anyhoo, now time to ‘Think Out Loud’ with Amanda over @RunningwithSpoons. I haven’t linked up in a few weeks now and thought it was the perfect way to discuss a post I have wanted to write this past week…

Why I decided to take 2 months out from CrossFit.

Any reader of my blog knows that I love CrossFit – as a sport and also a way to keep healthy. I love what it has given me in terms of mental and physical strength, community, self belief and well, lets face it, muscles!

Leaving our CrossFit box in Glasgow was definitely one of the hardest parts of moving – we had our little Zombie crew community filled with people I would class as true friends. Those who will have seen me in the good times and the bad. But what about the ‘working out’ side of it?


Yes packing, flying and moving- those were going to take time out of going to a box. But in all honesty, we could have signed up at a new box the first week we arrived here. But instead we chose to wait? Why?

First off, moving to the other side of the world is the most stressful thing I have ever done! And everything for us in terms of moving went smoothly! From packing, flying and all the goodbyes, it certainly takes it’s toll on the body and the mind. Exercise, particularly CrossFit was another stressor our bodies did not need. Our ‘workouts’ if you want to give them a label, for the first few weeks was simply walking. We moved to a new city, heck a new country! It was time to walk and explore!

After a few weeks we decided to move on to general movement patterns. We continued our walking but started to add in some mobility, stretching, jogging and gentle yoga. Maintaining ‘muscle mass’ or our ‘gainz’ was not a priority. Keeping our bodies fluid and flexible was. I wanted to keep my basic strength in order to be good at life. It always is and will be my aim.

Throughout these weeks David and I asked each other a lot of questions. Why do we do CrossFit? Do we still love it or is it just routine? We frequently are toyed between what is good for our bodies and what is too much. Are those met cons taking their toll? Do those workouts prevent us from being healthy human beings during our day to day life? Some day’s the answer was clear, other days, not so much. The aim of CrossFit is to be super human… not to mess up our joints and muscles so we can’t live a full and long life.

I knew something was missing when I started craving the gym. I wanted to pick up those dumbbells, I wanted to feel the ‘huff and puff’. So we started introducing weights along with some bodyweight exercises… then the weights became more prominent. I realised that ‘I missed CrossFit’.

David did too.


This week we have been to 2 different CrossFit boxes to try them out. The workouts and coaching style were very different but it felt good that we could be a little bit picky in our next CF home. We think we have found our one though. It just felt right. For both of us the coaching was key – finding a coach who put technique above everything, who didn’t care if you just used a barbell with no weights for a workout if thats what felt good, who would work with you to help you be a stronger version of yourself. Tick, tick, tick! And we can’t wait to go back.

During this break I have learned so much about myself and why I do CrossFit, what I want from CrossFit and its impact in my life. Now that I am ready, rested, have minimal stress and feel confident, I think it’s time to go back. We needed that break. We needed that re-evaluation of it’s impact on our lives. And now I feel stronger than ever before.

What is your sport/ workout of choice?

Have you ever taken a significant break?

Do you think you need to re-evaluate why you do what you do?

5 Top Tips on a Tuesday! How to get a good nights sleep!

Hi all,

How are you doing today?

This week begins the start of normalcy for me around here, a chance, now we are established, to establish some sort of routine. Do you thrive from a routine? I certainly do!

While our routine will be ironed out over the next few weeks, there is certainly one thing I wish to create and establish today – my new tips series!


I am often asked for advice or hints and tips on a variety of health issues and what can be done to help in a simple and easy to understand way. So I am creating a series ‘ 5 top tips on a Tuesday’ – bringing my tips and tricks to you on a variety of issues every Tuesday!

Small bite size nuggets of fun for a healthy life 🙂

Today, I am talking about ‘How to get a good nights sleep’ – something we all need in our lives! Never underestimate the importance of sleep, without it your day will suffer. We need all the energy we can get so check out my tips below!

How to get a good nights sleep

SLEEP PIC1. Set yourself a bed time

– you need at least 8 hours of sleep per night. Look at when you need to get up and work back from there. Then you have your bedtime!

  1. Take the last hour before your bedtime to wind down

– you guessed it, that means no TV, mobile phones or computers! Wind down with a book or magazine, colouring in book or simply chatting to your partner. Something that doesn’t stimulate your mind too much.

  1. Drink a small, non caffeinated drink before bed

– a hot drink is a great tonic for a good nights sleep. Don’t make it too large though otherwise you will find yourself waking early to go to the toilet! Try a peppermint tea, which also aids digestion. Or go for some warm almond milk for comfort. Just avoid the caffeine.

  1. Switch off all unnecessary light

– during your one hour wind down, try and switch off all lights that are unnecessary. If you can dim any of your lights that’s even better. Want to go the next step? Buy some blue blocking glasses (available cheaply on amazon) and wear them during your hour. Its odd and first but stick with it, it makes such a difference!

  1. Be active

– if you have been active during the day then you should inevitably be quite tired. Finding yourself still wired at the end of the day though? Try the wind down hour before bed, taking a short walk around the neighbourhood or just sit outside for 10 minutes to get some air and try to relax.

And there we have it! Why not try giving one of them a go? Or more if you feel like it. Remember living a healthy life isn’t all or nothing – sometimes taking one or two small steps in the right direction can make all the difference!

Check back next Tuesday for some more tips!

What does your bedtime look like?

Do you sleep well?

Favourite pre bed drink?

Friday Favourites!

Hi all,

The sun is shining, I have time to write and it’s Friday! What more could a girl want!? Ok maybe a nice wee glass of crisp white at the side but its only 11.45am! 😉 So coffee will have to do for now!

I’m really enjoying my Friday favourites posts at the moment so I thought I would bring another one to you now! I am trying to work out a bit of a structure right now for these posts and I have a few ideas in mind. But for now, here is a bunch of random favourites from me this week!

My View


You guys I feel so lucky right now. After all the house madness last week and then finding our ideal apartment, we have certainly been through an emotional roller-coaster. But when I can sit outside on my balcony and look at this view I just feel so calm. For some its the countryside or mountain tops that makes them feel at ease – I get it from the city. There is something just so warm about it. This view has also taken my breath away so many times ‘I can’t believe we are finally here’…



One of my major tasks this week was to unpack our 20 boxes. I’m doing pretty well with only a couple left! Out of everything we had packed I just wanted to find my French press so badly! As soon as I did, I grabbed the coffee I roasted at the weekend, ground it up (luckily my grinder was packed beside the press!) and made a brew. Best coffee I have ever had!

New bag


To celebrate my graduation I got a new rucksack from Lululemon! I have needed a new rucksack for a while and this one is amazing! So many pockets, section for my laptop and a mesh section inside for my water bottle which got me the most excited! Haha – anyone who has suffered from a bottle rolling around in their bag will know what I mean.

Also due to us not having a Lululemon in Scotland this was my first ever Lulu purchase – and everyone was super friendly!

Christmas Decorations


Out of everything we brought with us, the biggest sections belonged to kitchenware and Christmas decorations! Yup that’s right, not clothes or books but Christmas decs! Total #priorities moment here – we have spent all of our married life collating decorations from everywhere we have travelled in the world, they are so precious to me and it means our tree is always full of love and memories. So pleased they could come with us.

Workout of the week

Because of last weeks madness, CrossFit was put on hold. Buuuut we have 2 trials at different boxes signed up for next week! Yay!

In the mean time we have been using our apartment gym to get in some strength work and a little cardio. This was our favourite from the week…



You know I don’t like to spend money, but I am so glad that David encouraged us to go ahead and book tickets this week to see Robbie Williams in October and ACDC in November! I grew up with Robbie and his songs are amazing sing a longs. We are seeing ACDC for David’s birthday (David got his ticket as a 30th birthday pressie from my parents x) and I know the atmosphere will be amazing!

Hope you have a great weekend planned! Our plans include dinner out tonight, the farmers market and IKEA (!!!) tomorrow and a walk along the beach on Sunday! Yay!

If you could have any view would you have a city, beach or mountain view?

What’s the one thing you would always pack with you if you moved?

Any gigs/ concerts coming up?

What I ate Wednesday!

Hi all,

Thought I would take a wee break from the mountain of boxes I am trying to unpack (well that’s a bit overkill, we only shipped 20 boxes) and bring to you a delightful ‘What I ate Wednesday’!

These are my eats from Saturday – an action packed day where we went out for breakfast, went to a coffee roasting workshop, did the weekly shop and moved over into a new apartment! Haha!

Linking up with Jenn over @PeasandCrayons for all the love – many thanks too for whoever is hosting today’s link 🙂

Breakfast – Little Shop of Plenty – Almond, vanilla bean and honey living buckwheat granola with fresh almond milk and coconut yoghurt. Coconut tea at the side.

IMG_1538 (1)

I have a funny feeling that this amazing cafe will become a favourite for David and I – outstanding food and drink, great ethos behind it and fab staff.

Mid morning – lots and lots of coffee! Caffissimo West End


This workshop was fantastic, we learned the differences between beans and roasting temperatures and even got to roast our own beans. A few espressos later we were buzzing!

Lunchtime – Chicken and avocado sushi

IMG_1542 (1)

Supermarket sushi is made fresh here and is incredible. I needed this after all that coffee!

Post supermarket shop – Quest peanut butter cups

IMG_1544 (1)

David and I had one of these each as we knew we needed some energy before moving a chunk of our things over. I grabbed these from a health shop next door. I did not hate them…. damn you quest for making great tasting, sustaining snacks!

Pre dinner – Sparkles to celebrate moving into our apartment, me graduating from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and generally feeling very happy!


Dinner – Steak, my roasted sweet potatoes and brussels along with some fresh local corn!

IMG_1547 (1)

When I asked David what he wanted for our first meal in our new place he said steak! I wasn’t complaining!

And there we have my day of eats! I was a very happy camper!

Now off to sort out some boxes… and maybe make a little fort…!

Do you have a favourite local cafe?

Favourite sushi filling?

Quest bars, yay or nay?

Starting afresh!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and had a good weekend!

Well what a difference a week makes! I couldn’t wait to get on to the laptop today and type a wee post to you all letting you know how things are going.

First off I must say a massive thank you to everyone who left a comment, messaged and contacted me over the past few days regarding my last post. You all showed great kindness at a time I really needed it.

Thankfully things have really changed for the better and our situation is so different!


We were released from our contract to the house and knew we would be able to leave anytime we wanted. The relief when this news came through was unimaginable – we knew then we could search for a perfect home.

I stumbled upon a letting agency close to where we lived when we first came to the city and popped inside to see if they had any apartments to rent… luckily one had just come available and was within our budget… I was so excited. I viewed it and it was PERFECT! I didn’t want to get my hopes up as others had viewed the apartment with me and after filling in an application, the decision as to who got the apartment was in the hands of the owner.

BUT WE GOT THE APARTMENT! And on Saturday we moved in!


We could not be happier! The apartment felt like home straight away. David is a 10 minute walk from work (and luckily he loves it too as I was the only one to view it), it has a great kitchen, access to a gym, pool and tennis court and is completely and utterly ‘us’.

I never want to go through the fear and unknown that we went through last week. But we addressed it head on and was determined not to let it bring us down. We worked as a team and now we can finally get our adventure going from a place of safety, security and feeling truly like we belong here.

Everything happens for a reason. Maybe we had to go through what we did to find our perfect Perth home.

And it will feel good, after 5 weeks to finally unpack!

Happy Monday everyone!

An Update…

Hi all,

Wow, where do I start. Well first off I am sorry for going MIA these past few days, well almost a week! Things have been a bit… well… not so good.

I hate being negative and I hate complaining and going on about ‘all the bad things’ but I think this post might have to be a release/ rant for me just to get everything out!


First off I got poorly last week and I’m still not feeling great. The glands in my neck are swollen and my eyes feel all puffy. Not a happy Jen.

We left our temporary accommodation on Saturday to move into the place we thought we would be calling home for the next year. But when we arrived it was not what we expected. I’m not going to go into to much detail but all I will say is we spent the weekend solidly cleaning, and its only the tip of the iceberg. We are desperate to leave but don’t know if we can. Both of us have cried a lot, we feel really let down and we feel so lost. All of this being thousands of miles away from home.

I don’t think I have ever felt so stressed before. Whenever you feel unwell, anxious, upset or lonely you normally can gain some sort of comfort from being at home in a safe space. I feel like I am missing that right now. The only thing that keeps me going is knowing I have David here with me. I have even been spending the past two days in the park just to avoid being alone in the house.

Right now we are in limbo and don’t know what is going on. We are surrounded by our boxes living out of our suitcases. I hate not knowing what is going on and others being in control of my happiness.


So for now, we are just doing what we can and trying to keep each other smiling. It’s all we can do.

On the plus side, the past few days it has been beautiful weather in Perth. So although I have been taking solace in the central park here – there is really no other place I would rather be. I just wish you could all join me – bring a picnic!

Have you ever had rental troubles?

What helps you when you are stressed?

What would you bring to our picnic?

What I ate Wednesday!

Hi all,

Happy ‘What I ate Wednesday’!

These are my eats and deets from Saturday, which certainly was a day off two halves!

The day started off early. I wanted to get to the farmers market before we headed over to the other side of town to look at cars. It’s a nice walk to the market, we get to go through the park, but it does take about 35 minutes (in David and I’s fast, both over 6 foot, long legs, pace!). So breakfast had to be a grab and go. So I dug out the grab and go stash, aka quest bars, from the cupboard and paired them with a banana. But you all know what that looks like right? So instead I will post up a picture of the second part of our grab and go from the market – fresh, raw, organic, chilled almond milk.


Oh boy was this good. Imagine the best milkshake of your life – with such a mild soothing taste of almonds. Makes you want to try making your own… maybe!

So we got the bus back from the market with our massive hall of fruit and veg and headed straight on out to buy a car…

And that we did, don’t have a picture just yet but you can check out my opinion on purchasing a car on my ‘currently’ post from Monday… this girl dont like spending money!

So after all that was over David and I felt we deserved a good lunch! We were both starving, otherwise I think I would have gone to a bar for a stiff drink!

We stumbled upon this Malaysian restaurant called Pappa Rich in Northbridge, close to Chinatown and decided to give it a go. David has family ties to Malaysia and he has always wanted to find an awesome local restaurant, I think this might be it!

The staff were friendly and gave us a list of all their meals that did and did not contain gluten – which made choosing from the menu so much easier and relaxing! We decided to get a few dishes to share…

Red chicken with eggplant sambal and biriyani (also in picture our side order of dhal)


Mixed satay (chicken and beef)


Oh my word these dishes were amazing! The red chicken in particular had my heart – so tender, juicy and everything had a fantastic heat to them. Will be back!

My blood pressure had definitely calmed after that relaxing lunch so we decided to take a wonder around the Western Australian Museum and Art Gallery. Not too massive but enough fun for a couple of hours!


After that we had a hankering for some froyo! I think this may become a weekly tradition…

Vanilla and green tea froyo with dark choc chips and chopped nuts.


We ate, the sun set and we headed home after almost 10 hours on our feet!

Dinner was an easy fix – we defrosted a gluten free pizza base, topped it with a tomato and herb sauce and layered on mushroom, bacon and edam cheese and served it with salad. Yum!


Big thanks to Jenn @PeasandCrayons for the awesome link up!

Tell me something you ate this weekend?

Ever tried Malaysian food?

Do you have any family ties to another country?