Friday Favourites!

Hi all,

‘Friday… Friday, gotta get down on Friday…’ – man I hate that song… mostly because it gets stuck in your head and pings back in there every Friday like clockwork… sigh.

But then you remember it is actually Friday and don’t care about the song because nothing can spoil the thought of the weekend ahead! Hooray!


Time for a little ‘Friday favourites’ action now to help you get into the spirit of Friday love! Linking up with Heather @LifeinLeggings!


Moment – Catching up with fellow IIN students and grads!

Sadly I don’t have a photo but it was amazing on Sunday to relax and chill out with my peers for over 3 hours at brunch. Isn’t it fantastic when you can connect with a group of like minded people to discuss so many of our interests!? I honestly think we could have been there all day!

Feeling – Proud


David and I are so proud as our first batch of kombucha was 100% a success! I’m not going to lie, it was kinda scary the thought of brewing and lets face it, creating life! But the SCOBY did it’s job and produced the most delicious, thirst quenching booch! Just need to pick up some more tea and batch 2 will be on the cards!

Purchase – Birdcage candle holder

Ikea Birdcage

I don’t tend to buy many nick nacks for our house – most of our ornaments as such are from our travels throughout the years – I like to be surrounded by things that have a story. But when we were in Ikea on Tuesday to buy some bottles for our booch I spotted this and knew I had to have it. It’s just so pretty and fits in with our ‘middle eastern’ theme in our apartment. (I didn’t intend on a ‘theme’ it just kind of happened!).

Food/drink – Iced Coffee

iced coffee

The temps are rising here and I must admit I need a little ‘pep’ about mid morning. So I have a deal with myself, one coffee per day! To kill 2 birds I am combining my coffee need and need to cool down by brewing up some iced coffee! My favourite way to have it is with a little chocolate almond milk – hello iced mocha!

Recipe – Cotter Casserole

Cotter Casserole

Ok so it’s actually called ‘sweet potato casserole’ but seen as it is by the beautiful and talented Lindsay Cotter we have dubbed it ‘Cotter Casserole’ in our house!

We subbed chicken sausage for ground kangaroo and it turned out beautifully! Check out Lindsay’s site for the recipe and for more amazing meal and snack ideas!

Workout – Its all about swole

Haha! I am dubbing this mornings CrossFit ‘ It’s all about swole’ as I finished this morning and my biceps were literally throbbing, they were huge! David kept on pointing them out afterwards! Bring on more muscles I say!

Here is the WOD

AMRAP 20 – 7 power cleans, 7 burpees, 200m run

Rest 2 mins

10 mins to achieve 2RM max hang power clean

100 banded pull aparts

100 banded tricep push downs

And now I have Billy Joel in my head…!

Weekend plans – farmers market, weekly shop, Mexican day of the dead celebration in town, skyping my parents and generally chilling out with David!

Happy Halloween if you are celebrating! Check out my tips on ‘How to survive Halloween’ here!

What you up to this weekend?

Do you like buying trinkets for your home?

Have you tried a new recipe this week? Let me know!

What I ate Wednesday!

Hi all,

Guys I wish you could all be here with me right now – the sun is shining (but not too hot), the sky is crisp and blue, I have some iced coffee made that you are all welcome to try and the birds are chirping…Anyone fancy popping over?

Well seen as most of you live thousands of miles away I guess we will just have to chat through this for now. Everyone loves a good ‘What I ate Wednesday’ so I got snapping on Saturday to bring you my day of eats!

Linking up with Jenn @ PeasandCrayons and major love to the host of today’s shindig Meghan @CleanEatsFastFeets

Breakfast – chilling out with banana pancakes, home made (not by me!) coconut yoghurt, strawberries, coffee and all the trimmings!


( borrowed David’s funky lens for this shot!)

Off to Oktoberfest!

Alas no gluten free beers but I did enjoy a nice cider and we got these rather dashing, flattering hats!


IMG_5130Lunch – Bratwurst, sauerkraut, onions and pickles


Forgive the mid eating shot, I almost forgot. I skipped on the bun and instead asked for extra ‘kraut and pickles – I was very happy with my portion size… never enough ‘kraut, especially when it is made properly!

On the way home… we tasted some coffee samples from a local roaster Yahava – can’t wait to go back and try some more of their coffee!


Dinner – Grilling time! Grilled chicken, new season asparagus and sweet potato hummus courtesy of Erin @TheAlmondEater


There is nothing better than new season asparagus… and done on the grill… the flavours just pop! Definitely would recommend making the hummus – so easy and would be perfect to bring along to a gathering with some chips or veg sticks!

We were shattered by this point! So a glass of local wine along with some Star Wars on the TV was the ideal solution… soon followed by bed!


Are you a pancake person?

What vegetable season do you most look forward to?

Star Wars fan?

5 Top Tips on a Tuesday – How to survive Halloween!

Hi all,

Can you really believe that this is Halloween week? Maybe it’s because instead of getting cold and crisp and being surrounded by multicoloured coloured leaf confetti, I am drinking iced coffee, moaning about how I need to buy more pairs of shorts and watching the temps go up and up… Halloween and sunshine don’t tend to go hand in hand. And in all fairness, it really doesn’t seem to be that big a deal in Australia – us Brits definitely embrace it more!


So for me this year, I think Halloween may consist of watching Hocus Pocus in my PJ’s, sending my brother memorable quotes from the movie (‘Billy! You’ve lost your head again!’) but for the majority of you, I know there is a lot more going on!

So this weeks ‘5 Top Tips on a Tuesday’ is on How to survive Halloween! And I don’t just mean from a zombie attack!


  • *  Eat the Candy!

– I bet you didn’t expect to see this tip from a Health Coach! Well you read it correctly! There is no point in denying yourself a Halloween treat if you want it – just figure out what it is you really WANT and stick to that. Pick one treat and enjoy – love a Reeces Peanut Butter Cup? A handful of M&M’s? A goolish cupcake? Go for it. Enjoy it. Then move on.

  • Organise your own party

    – Really want to stay healthy but worry if you go to a Halloween party you will be tempted by all that is on offer? Why not host a gathering yourself? Then you can be in charge of the food and drinks. Or offer to organise a party for your kids rather than them going trick or treating. There are so many delicious healthy Halloween inspired treats out there – check on Pinterest for some awesome inspiration – and stick to party games like bobbing for apples over other more ‘indulgent’ games.

  • Drinks between drinks

    – Going to a spooky celebration? Then make a deal with yourself – you can drink all you want to, just as long as in between every alcoholic drink, you have a big glass of water. Hate hangovers? Believe me this makes a difference!

  • Do something spooky!

    – Halloween doesn’t always have to be about candy and sweet treats – why not do something different? Go and see a spooky movie if you dare (!), check out some seasonal autumnal activities like apple picking (you can ‘bob’ for them afterwards!) or find a haunted house nearby (not a real one…!!!).

  • Realise it is only one day of the year…

    – This is my number one tip for any holiday event. Remember it is only one day of the year. Eat too much sweet treats? Drink to much alcohol? Start off with a handful of M&M’s at the movies and end up eating the whole bag as the stress of the horror film was too much? Remember it was just one day, skip the guilt and remember the good!

Got any more tips for a healthy Halloween?

How do you like to celebrate?

What is your spooky treat of choice?

Friday Favourites!

Hi all,

Can I get a ‘hell yeah’ for Friday! Geez this week has felt long – but I think that had something to do with thinking that the wifi in the apartment was being sorted… and then we ran into some issues… gahhh!

But as I type, I am, finally connected to wifi at home! I feel like I cant shout that too loud… don’t want to jinx it... and quickly updating all my apps just in case it suddenly disappears!


So apart from getting wifi and having my first day in weeks without having to haul myself and my laptop to the library – I have some great ‘Friday Favouites’ to share with you all this week!


Moment – Kangaroos!


On Saturday I saw a kangaroo in the wild for the first time when we went walking in the bush. Then we saw a collection of them – you guys the ones in the wild are HUGE! I was a bit intimidated to be honest.

We were driving out of the country park and then right in front of the car about 30 kangaroos all jumped and hopped across the road directly in front of us… it literally took my breath away – I only managed to grab a short video/ this screen shot of the video towards the end of them jumping (hence why you can only see a couple here). It was the most ‘Aussie’ moment I have experienced yet and am still in awe when I think of it!

Feeling – Sense of adventure.


I cannot stress enough how much there is to do here at the weekends – bush walking, the beach, swimming in our pool, farmers markets, wildlife spotting… I could go on and on! But what I love the most is just exploring this amazing place – it really feels like one massive adventure! The above picture is of me at the Museum of Transport – I was very excited to be sitting at the helm of this vintage car twisting all the knobs and buttons! I love hands on exhibits and this museum was full of them – such a kid at heart!

Purchase – Liquid nitrogen ice cream


I have always wanted to try this so when we spotted it at the food market I knew we had to get it! I had my doubts, thinking it may just be a novelty but this was delicious! Like small nuggets of ice cold, creamy goodness! It actually reminded me of a creamy, not filled with rubbish, Calippo shots (anyone else remember those?!). This ice cream was made with ghee and flavoured simply with a hint of vanilla… cant wait to get it again and it cost the same as regular ice cream so win win!

Food/drink – Pupusas


Our meal of choice from the food market – pupusas! A Salvadoran thick corn pancake stuffed with all manner of tasties! David got 2 cheese, pulled pork and bean ones and I got 2 cheese and spinach – we then had one of each. I actually liked the simplicity of the cheese and spinach one the best and paired with the spicy jalapeños salsa at the side it was just perfect.

I am definitely going to be working out how I can make these at home.

Recipe – Bahn Xeo


If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen me profess my love for Bahn Xeo – my new true foodie love! I spotted this recipe in Yotam Ottolenghi’s classic cookbook ‘Plenty’ and knew I had to try it out. A crispy Vietnamese pancake stuffed with raw crunchy vegetables and herbs with a spicy chilli sauce and I added a few prawns… not that it needed it, I would go all veggie next time!

This was a picture of my leftovers… it makes fantastic leftovers… which makes me love them even more!

Workout – Double Unders

Out of my 4 CrossFit workouts this week – 3 heavily involved double unders, so it really was a test on my skill level. I could attempt the DU’s or do double the amount of skips. I have been dying to see how I would do in a WOD with them so I went all in. I did Annie RX for the first time on Monday (50,40,30,20,10 DU’s and ab mat sit ups), I did 15.3 again yesterday (scaled) and did DU’s instead of single skips (beating my score from earlier on this year, even though I did single skips then = wall ball progress!) and today I had to do 120 of them in the WOD.

I may not have been the fastest but I had to have been the happiest there! They are just on point and the more I do them the better I get. If I had a tip for anyone it would be to relax while doing them… as soon as you tense up they go.

Weekend Plans – Going to an Oktoberfest celebration tomorrow (yeah ok I know its odd for someone who doesn’t drink beer to go to a beer festival but its a good opportunity to get to know some folk from David’s work and also hello bratwurst and sauerkraut!). And then on Sunday I have a breakfast meet up with some of my fellow IIN Health Coach students here in Perth- good times!

What are you up to this weekend?

Ever been to an Oktoberfest celebration?

Do you like to try different types of food or stick to tried and tested?

Linking up with Heather over @LifeInLeggings for all the Friday love!

5 Top Tips on a Tuesday – How to let veggies shine!

Hi all,

Eat Yo Veggies

How do you feel when you read this sentence?

Are you excited by it? Intrigued? Guilt ridden? Hungry?

Whether you are a veggie lover or not you know that a diet that involves vegetables in abundance is a healthy one. We all have our favourites, maybe you are stuck in a bit of a rut? Or want to get more flavour out of them? Well have no fear as today’s ‘5 Top Tips on a Tuesday’ on how to let veggies shine is a must read!



  1. 1. Use herbs and spices

  •  There are a multitude of herbs and spices out there that can enhance the flavour of any veggie. But I understand, it can get quite daunting! Why not start by buying a spice blend? Just check the ingredients and make sure they are all herbs and spices and there isn’t any cheeky sugar in there! Combine gardening and cooking and get your kids to grow some herbs – all you need is a small pot and you can pick up the plants pretty cheaply from the supermarket or garden centre. Want to try something specific but don’t know in what way to use it? Google is your friend! Simply ask ‘which herb goes best with carrots’ for example and all will be well.
  1. Try a new vegetable

  • It’s fun honest! Have a look next time you are in the supermarket. What jumps out that you have never cooked before – fennel? Cabbage? Eggplant? Chard? Then do a quick google search and you will find out how to cook it! Make it a weekly family experiment and bring in the fun along with the tasty delights!


  1. 3. Swap veggies for snacks

  •  Make your afternoon snack your special veggie time! Take carrot, celery, pepper sticks and dip in salsa, hummus or tzatziki. Or try something really special like baba ghanoush!
  1. Don’t eat anything you don’t like

  • This may sound like silly advice but seriously, if you don’t like it don’t force it – just try something new! This advice does not apply to picky children… and potentially picky husbands! (I am so lucky David eats everything!)


  1. 5. Visit a farmers market

  • You want veggies to taste the best they can? Eat local and eat fresh! Find a local farmers market where you can connect with the producers of what you are eating. Veggies that have been freshly picked will always yield the highest flavour.


I adore my farmers market here in Australia and it always indicates to me what veggies are going to taste the best as they will be in abundance and in season. Eggplant grilled with EVOO, salt and pepper is my favourite at the moment but I know asparagus is on it’s way!

What do you do to let veggies shine?

What is your favourite vegetable?

My ‘Week in Review’!

Hi all,

How has your week just gone been? What did you get up to? How much did you achieve?

If you are anything like me, everything would be pretty positive until the final question. Achievement – it’s not often a word I allow myself to be associated with, at least not on a frequent, every day scale.

I know I am my own worst enemy and can be pretty harsh on myself quite often. I often use the sentence ‘I feel bad that I didn’t really do anything today’ – especially being the one in my marriage who, right now, doesn’t bring in the pennies/ cents each month. When David asks me exactly what I did however, I can always reel off a mountain of things, to which his reply will often be ‘wow’ or ‘no wonder you are tired’ or ‘sounds like you had a very busy, packed day to me’.

I don’t allow myself to relish in the small accomplishments, the ones that pile up and up and become a major part of your life. So when Meghan over @CleanEatsFastFeets revealed that she was starting her link up ‘A Week In Review’ again, I just knew I had to join.


So this past week I have been noting all my accomplishments, big and small. It’s been quite a revelation for me actually and has definitely made me feel better about myself and my week!

So lets take a look at some of my achievements from last week! (these are the ones I remembered to write down!)

– I went to bed at a good time every night last week (pre 9.30pm) in order to be refreshed and ready to rock for CrossFit at 6am.

-I finally invested in a spiralizer (after at least a year of putting it off) and mastered how to use it.


image1– I meal planned for the entire week.

– I, along with David, planted a herb garden and tomato plant

image1– I wrote 3 blog posts, replied to all my comments and caught up with all the bloggers I follow.

– I went to the library to work every day and kept my cool every time the library wifi kicked me out, maintaining happy thoughts!

-I put sun cream on everyday to develop it as a habit (something that was not required in Scotland!)

– I set up the new printer and shredder in our apartment.

– I food prepped for the week – pulled pork, chicken drumsticks, roasted veggies, rice and salad.


– In terms of CrossFit – I tried to keep my head up high and not bash myself for not being stronger or faster. I worked on my split jerk technique over the weight on the bar. I PR’d my ‘Helen’ time by over 2 minutes and today I RX’d Annie for the first time! I was so happy!

– I made some food staples – basil pesto from our farmers market haul and home-made mayonnaise that turned out beautifully!

– Thursday was pay day so I did all of our monthly finances, allocated funds into the correct accounts and devised our budget for the month ahead.

– Cleaned, dusted and hoovered the apartment

– Done all the washing and ironing (bar David’s shirts, he does those!)

– Survived my first experience in the Australian bushland


– Did the food shop for the week ahead

– Topped up our pantry with staples needed.

– Kept adding to my lists – business ideas, website development, general Health Coaching info.

– Allowed myself time to rest, meditate and relax.


– I cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner every day for both David and I bar 2 meals when we went out.

– I caught up with all my podcasts.

Thanks once again to Meghan and I hope to link up again soon. Not only has this been a fab post to write but it has actually done wonders for how I view myself in a more positive way.

Toot Toot – let me hear you blow your own horn!

Tell me something you are proud to have done this week?

Do you have the ability to toot your own horn?

Friday Favourites!

Hi all,

Lets get ready for some Friday fun! I am so ready for a few days of rest, relaxation and fun times with David!

Got a few hours left and then I am off to meet him after work for the ‘Hawkers Market’ – a food and produce market that is on every Friday from now throughout the summer. Imagine food trucks and stands galore! It’s going to take me forever to decide what to have for dinner…


Anyhoo, while I dream about the foodie delights that await me, here are my ‘Friday Favourites’ from this week!

Favourite moment – planting our herb garden!


Last Sunday we went to the garden centre and bought some planters and herbs for our balcony! Really pleased with how they turned out and they are already blooming! We got parsley, chives, basil, dill, coriander, rosemary, oregano, thyme, mint and a tomato plant. Think I covered all the bases!

Favourite feeling – cooking food on a grill


I didn’t imagine grilling to feel so good! Standing there watching the flames caramelise the meat and veg, the gentle sizzle of the juices dripping down the grate… hovering over with your tongs waiting for the exact perfect moment to turn… such fun!

Favourite purchase – Spiralizer!


I have wanted one for a good few years now and we finally found one that does exactly what we want at a good price. Only made zoodles so far and they were so tasty! Easy to make, quick to clean… yeah we should have bought one long ago!

Favourite food/ drink – new protein powder


Ok I know this isn’t very exciting but finding a good protein in this country that doesn’t cost the earth is hard! We bought one before this and the ingredients were great, no nasties and looked too good to be true… it was… it tasted nasty! I had to mask my shakes with really ripe bananas to cover it! (well I wasn’t wasting it!)

Then we stumbled upon Bulk Nutrients – grass fed whey protein with only natural flavourings and stevia added. Win! It definitely tastes and blends so much better but I think the taste of stevia is going to take some getting used to… its SO sweet!

Favourite recipe – My chia pudding

Banana Chia Pudding

I wanted to make a cold breakfast for David and I with the temps getting hotter – bring in chia pudding! I went with my recipe and swapped the protein powder for coconut flour. Topped with berries, chopped nuts and seeds and boom! The perfect breakfast – this is definitely going to be on a weekly rotation!

Favourite workout – ‘Helen’

‘Helen’ is a CrossFit girl WOD (3 rounds of 400m run, 21 kettle bell swings, 12 pull ups). On Thursday our box programmed Helen for the usual 3 rounds then a 3 minute rest, an additional 2 rounds of Helen, 3 minutes rest then a final 1 round.

I loved it! I just got stuck in with it and for the first time at my new box didn’t put pressure on myself to be perfect, just enjoy. I actually ended up PR’ing my 3 round Helen time by 2 minutes! Really chuffed!

Weekend plans… farmers market, supermarket shop, a hike in one of our national parks, grilling and chilling!

What have you got planned for the weekend?

What’s your go to protein powder?

Do you use herbs? What’s your favourite?

Linking up with Heather over @LifeinLeggings! Thanks honey!

What I ate Wednesday!

Hi all,

Thank goodness today is Wednesday, in fact thank goodness it’s just a day closer to Monday. Now I’m not one to wish time away, especially when it includes weekend time – but Monday marks the day which, hopefully after a successful visit from the engineer, I will have wifi at home!

I cannot wait! As much as I like the library, I am dependant on a touch and go wifi connection that unfortunately kicks me out a lot. I know they do the best they can so I’m not annoyed with the library, more that it takes forever to get set up here! In the UK they definitely put the connection of broadband as a high priority! Ha!

Everything I want to do going forward depends on a solid connection, so keep all your fingers and toes crossed for me that all will go to plan and from Monday I will be one happy camper!

But for now, lets check out some food! Bringing you my ‘What I ate Wednesday’ from the delight that was Saturdays eats! Thanks @PeasandCrayons for the link up!

Breakfast – eggs, kale and tahini


A lot of our routines have changed since moving to Australia, but this one I wasn’t letting go of! It’s my favourite breakfast and I love it on a Saturday with a massive mug of coffee!

Lunch – Grilling – lemon and herb chicken with grilled eggplant and salad


Our first meal on our new barbecue! And it did not disappoint! The chicken was so moist and juicy, the eggplant/ aubergine I could eat for days and we paired it with goodies from the farmers market for a perfect lunch – stuffed vine leaves, cherry tomatoes, olives, feta… a Mediterranean feast!


image4Snack – Green and Blacks 70% dark chocolate

I always forget how good Green and Blacks chocolate is – I don’t feel like I truly utilised it’s wonder when I was back in Scotland and had access to all the flavours. But I was pleased to find the simple but good 70% in our local supermarket. We had a few squares with an, unpictured, glass of white wine.


Dinner – Grill’d

Our first time visiting Grill’d – we had the perfect seat, with a bar nearby playing live music, it was warm but not too hot – the perfect setting for a date night!

The food was a tale of two halves – first up the burger – WOW! On a Paleo bun (well they call it a ‘low carb’ bun but I hate that term… basically a bun made with coconut and almond flour that was full of good stuff and wouldn’t hurt my tummy!) I had a mustard and dill pickle burger that every bite was a grass fed meaty delight! David had the lamb burger with goats cheese and he was very happy too!


The second part wasn’t so good – the sides. The zucchini chips were not good – quite greasy and you just basically tasted the batter. Grateful for another GF side but it just doesn’t work with a veg like zucchini. And the sweet potato fries were limp and quite greasy too. Boo! You need good sides with your burger!

Whether we go back or not we will see. The burger was so amazingly good that we were by no means disappointed with our meal.

And then we were off to see Robbie Williams in concert who was everything I imagined he would be and more – such an entertainer! And Perth arena is wonderful for gigs!


What is your favourite item to grill?

What is your perfect date night meal?

Favourite type of chocolate?

5 Top Tips on a Tuesday – How to drink more water!

Hi all,

Wow it really is starting to get hot here in Australia. After a few weeks of it feeling a lot cooler than I had expected, we are now being faced with really hot (well to me!) temperatures… and we have only just entered spring! Goodness knows what December, January and the hottest month of February will be like!


The one thing I have found that I really need to focus on is drinking more water. My body is not used to these temperatures, bar a couple of weeks of holidays now and then, so I need to make sure I keep hydrated to help my body with this transition.

But I also remember what its like on the other side of the world too – it’s getting cooler and you don’t crave as much water or liquids as you did before, in fact it’s so easy to just forget to drink, excluding coffee breaks!

So to help those coming into summer, but also those heading into autumn/ fall I have some tips for this weeks ‘5 Top Tips on a Tuesday’ to help you drink more water!


1. Buy a funky new water bottle

  • there are loads of awesome water bottles out there – different colours, mouth pieces, sizes etc. Find one that makes you smile and view it as your ‘revitalisation!’. Ever bought new workout gear and all you want to do is get to the gym? Same principal except easier and cheaper!

2. Place that bottle beside you at your workplace or carry it with you if not at home

  • if you can view it and have it to hand at all times then you are more likely to use it.

3. Only drink water with meals

  • ditch the soda, alcohol and juice with meals and focus on just drinking a glass of water. Not only upping your water intake for the day but also helping you digest your meals better!

4. Start your day with a hot water and lemon

  • when you first get up, head to the kitchen and pour some boiling hot water over a slice of lemon – then carry it around with you as you get ready. I guarantee that by the time you get out of the shower it will be cool enough to drink and that your body will thank you for it – preparing your stomach for the day ahead.

5. When you crave caffeine…

  • drink a glass of water first. If still craving then go ahead and have the coffee. But chances are you are just thirsty.

Do you feel like you get enough water to drink in a day?

Any tips you use for drinking enough?

Do you find it harder to drink water when it gets colder?


Hi all,

Yep I’m sure you are all well aware now of what month it is… can you also believe I have been in Australia now for 2 months! Talk about time flying past – I cannot believe what David and I have achieved in the past few months!

Today I wanted to link up with Amanda over @RunningwithSpoons for some ‘Thinking Out Loud’… how better to do this than share with you my Currently – October post! What’s currently going on in my world right now, this month…


Book- The Blue Zones by Dan Buettner


Well I achieved my goal of finishing ‘Wild’ last month and I really enjoyed it! What I enjoyed even more was taking time out each night to sit and relax and indulge in a chapter or two. I recently joined the library here and as soon as I noticed this book I jumped on it! I had a lecture from Dan Buettner on Blue Zones when I was studying for my Health Coach qualification and cannot wait to go into more detail! (Blue Zones are the areas of the world where people live to be over 100 and maintain healthy, illness free lives – Dan studies why this is the case and how we can adopt some of their practices).

Music – Podcasts
















Yup listening to very little music right now, instead absorbing the knowledge bombs from podcasts! Current favourites, as per usual, are Jassa Fit, Simply Human and the Nom Nom Paleo podcast. Check them out on iTunes!

Obsession – Planning the summer


There is so much to do here and we have a whole summer ahead of us! Festivals, events, concerts, markets and so much more! And then there is the beach! What we do on the weekends will have to be very much thought out. And the best part is you can depend on the weather!

Guilty pleasure – The Bachelorette

Last month it was The Bachelor, this month its The Bachelorette! Ugh I know its awful television and more often than not I am actually shocked that they are allowed to do some of the things they do but guys, I am hooked!

Craving – Matcha Frappe from The Little Bird Café


Not only have I found another amazing cafe here but I have found gold in terms of a summer cooler – made from matcha green tea and almond milk, all blitzed up with coconut… this drink is heaven and I keep on thinking about it!

Food – Nut Butter and Coconut Chips


This nut butter by Mayvers is incredible! Especially the super spread with 4 types of nuts, chia and sesame seeds (that’s why it’s almost empty..). And we are testing to see how we do with peanut butter, so far so good!


These dark chocolate coconut chips also have to be mentioned – simply coconut, cacao and coconut nectar they are crispy, rich and so tasty! I got them at the Chinese supermarket of all places and they were a bargain too! Win win!

Drink – Iced Coffee


Making my own at home and either having it black or with some vanilla almond milk!

Procrastination – Good TV

It’s so difficult when there is good TV on late in the afternoon… I mean Cheers, then Everyone Loves Raymond and then double Fraiser… how can I NOT watch!!

Blessing – The sunshine!


After a lifetime of Scottish summers need I say more?!

Excitement – Robbie Williams

So excited to see Robbie Williams in concert this weekend! In all honesty my music tends to favour more rock/ metal genre but I have grown up with this guys music and I hand on heart admit that I am a fan!

Bane of existence – No wifi


Everyday I have to go to the library to get wifi to work… it’s getting pretty tedious now. We are currently in progress with getting our apartment hooked up but it’s going to take time. And my mobile data wont stretch to being a 24/7 hotspot!

TV show – As above!

Mood – Settled

This month I have definitely felt more settled in Perth for sure. My apartment feels like home, I know my way around, the names of main streets, what’s happening around us etc. We have had 2 weeks now at our new CrossFit box and feel back into the swing of things with a routine. It’s pretty great 🙂

Do you feel dependant on wifi?

What’s your ideal TV afternoon of reruns?

Do you get the chance to listen to a lot of music?