Week in Review! (Nov 30)

Hi all,

How are you all feeling this Monday morning? Have a good weekend? Enjoy the festivities if you were celebrating?

I cant deny that I currently am feeling a little rough! A day out at our local vineyards on Saturday and then a manic day yesterday followed by the most epic ACDC concert last night – phew I am, as we say in Glasgow, gubbed! You get to an age where you just can’t do these things anymore without the repercussions!

But enough about my self inflicted woes (which incidentally were so worth it!), it’s time for my ‘Week in Review’ and I am asking you all to join in with me.

week in review - chase the red grape

What did you achieve last week? Lets celebrate the big and the small together, those things we do week in week out and the one offs, new habits and ‘must do’s’ that we knocked out of the park!

So join up with Meghan over @CleanEatsFastFeets if you have a blog, to share in your achievements (and view others too), or comment below and let me know some of the things you did last week for your family, friends, home, pets, work and most importantly – for yourself!

The ‘week in, week outs’

I meal planned for the week

Food prepped for the week

Made breakfast, lunch and dinner for David and Idinner - chase the red grape

Did the washing and the ironing

Wrote 3 blog posts

Caught up on all the blogs I follow and responded to comments

Meditated every day during the week – definitely a new habit I am loving!

My other achievements

I have decided that even though I am struggling to feel ‘Christmassy’ due to being so far from home and what I am used to (especially with the weather) I am going to immerse myself into the festive spirit regardless. It may be different but it doesn’t mean it is any less of a ‘Christmas’. So bring on the Buble, Bing and Slade… it’s time for Christmas cheer!

I spend a few days last week trying to get my head around setting up a business in Australia – from tax, legalities, registrations, local government info… my head was swamped! But I am so glad I didn’t let myself get overwhelmed and now I have a pretty good idea of how everything works… well at least the basics!

I found some new mobility videos to hopefully help my shoulders and tried them out twice through – everyday is the aim!

I made homemade mayo…. it is so good!tomatoes - chase the red grape

We harvested 4 tomatoes from our plant on the balcony- I feel so proud! And they were super juicy too!

David and I went along to our CrossFit box’s 1 year birthday celebrations – we only knew the coaches and those who go to the 6am WOD so meeting that many new people is always daunting! But it was great fun and I didn’t stop talking to people all day. Hopefully the start of some new friendships!wine -chase the red grape

I went waaaayyyy out of my comfort zone and spent a good chunk of money on Sunday – but to get so many things that we really needed. Towels, a DVD player, tennis rackets to name but a few and also, most importantly, a Christmas tree and lights!

Another major item of my must do list – last nights stadium concert with ACDC! These guys know how to rock, age clearly just seems to be a number to them – energetic, powerful and just incredible! Amazing!ACDC- chase the red grape

And finally I am going to end on some homework for myself after finishing this post – go and take a nap… seriously you need it, and if it’s in writing you might actually do it! Ha!

Tell me something you achieved this week?

Do you do well with new people?

What was your favourite concert?

Friday Favourites!

Hi all,

Hope you are all well and ready for the end of the week!

I’m sure it has been a crazy but fantastic week so far for all of you celebrating Thanksgiving over in America, and as for the rest of us, well we can only look on and see the kindness and good wishes you are all putting into the world and smile. Giving thanks for all we have and the love that surrounds us should be something we shout about every day and from all over the world 🙂

Friday Favourites - Chase the Red Grape

For me in my little nook of the world, it’s been a busy week and in all honesty, I cant remember where some of the days have gone! But it’s all good and positive from my part and I think I realise now what my priority has to be for the next few weeks – get festive!

Lets share some Friday Favourites now shall we?! And don’t forget to share yours with me in the comments below!

Favourite Moment – Sitting on a secluded beach with David surrounded by so much beauty!Rottnest - chase the red grape

There really are no words to describe this – ‘feeling lucky’ just doesn’t cut it. Rottnest Island on Saturday was everything we imagined and more. I wish we could have stayed in this spot all day.

Favourite Feeling – Cooling!

My favourite feeling right now is feeling cool! The temps are rising daily, it gets really hot inside, outside, at 5am, at 10pm… all crazy hot. So when a nice cooling breeze comes or the fans get turned on at CrossFit I am a happy bunny!

Favourite Purchase – Advent calendar mini stockings!advent calendar - chase the red grape

Ok so I am fibbing a bit here, this wasn’t a purchase but rather a lovely gift from my mother in law to us both. (Apart from the weekly food shop we literally haven’t spent one penny this week!).

I love the tartan stockings, prime and ready to be filled! We are going to do a ’24 days of togetherness’ advent again so each one will be filled with a small activity, game or task that David and I must do together.

Now just to finalise my 12 ideas!

Favourite Food/ Drink – Watermelon!watermelon - chase the red grape

Cannot. Get. Enough. It’s in season, cheap, full of juicy flavour and so satisfying on these hot spring days – I am literally having a bit bowl each day! No complaints here though, it’s one of my favourite fruits that was so difficult to get in the UK. Making up for it now though!

Favourite Recipe – Pesto Zoodlespesto - chase the red grape

We didn’t try a new recipe this week but this was definitely one of my favourite meals that came together in a shot. Zoodles, home made basil and walnut pesto – tossed together and topped with a fried egg and grated pecorino cheese. Sorry there is no pic of the dish but above is my luscious green goddess pesto – good on and with everything!

Favourite Workout – Monday met con

This week at CrossFit was tough and right now everything hurts – especially my poor hamstrings. But out of all the suck, this one was my favourite –

Every 4 mins for 20 mins

Run 400m

12 kettle bell swings

12 push ups

Weekend Plans – Saturday we have our first CrossFit box outing! Off to the vineyards for some shenanigans! Then on Sunday, after the food shop etc, we are off to see ACDC in concert – woop woop!

Linking up with Heather over @LifeinLeggings for all the Friday fun!

Are you feeling festive?

What are your plans for the weekend?

Favourite thing to make with pesto?

What I ate Wednesday! (Nov 26)

Hi all,

Gosh it has been ages since I have done a ‘What I ate Wednesday’ post! So I thought I would combine a post showing you my delicious eats from Saturday with highlights from the day!

what I ate wednesday - chase the red grape

Saturday was such a beautiful day – we packed some backpacks and headed off to Rottnest Island, just off the coast of Perth – I knew this island was a dream but I had no idea just how much!

We caught the ferry at 8.30am and it took us just under a couple of hours to get to the island. So we took breakfast with us and grabbed a coffee from the Saturday market on the way.

Breakfast – Cappuccino with almond milk, quest bar and banana

breakfast - chase the red grape

We disembarked from the lovely air conditioned ferry and the heat just smacked us! Luckily we had a wee while to get used to it as we collected our bikes and helmets we had hired and adjusted them to our needs.

bike - chase the red grape

We cycled the complete loop of the island (17 km) and stopped half way around for lunch. Actually we stopped quite a lot, there was so much beauty to see!

Rottnest - Chase the red grape

Lunch – Picnic! Chicken drumsticks, carrot sticks, sweet potato dip, rice crackers, dolmades, apples and lots and lots of water!

lunch - chase the red grape

So much beauty!

Rottnest - chase the red grape

And yes, we saw Quokkas! Lots of them! Quokkas are known as the happiest animals on the planet due to their cheeky smile and are actually native to the island – you can only see them in the wild here. Adorable doesn’t even cover it!

quokka -chase the red grape

We headed back probably a little earlier than we would have liked but we were running out of water and there is no access to water outside of the harbour so we needed to be careful. After checking out the small harbour village (and drinking 2 litres of water!) we headed to a coffee shop for a pick me up. Hot coffee on a roasting day… yes I’m crazy but I know I needed the caffeine!coffee - chase the red grape

5pm we caught the ferry home and were pretty much zombies! We snacked on leftover lunch bits and chatted about how fantastic our day had been!

Dinner – Quick and easy! Kangaroo burger, sweet potato fries, tomato and guacamoledinner - chase the red grape

A very chilled out evening with dinner, Hotel Transylvania and then wine and a little chocolate (Lindt salted caramel)… I wish there had been more chocolate but we were out!wine and chocolate - chase the red grape

Not surprisingly we headed to bed very early – sea air does that to you! But what a fantastic day!

And because I know you want to see them again… the Quokka! 🙂quokka - chase the red grape

Linking up with @PeasandCrayons and today’s host  Arman for all the foodie love!

Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating tomorrow! Want some tips on how to survive the holiday? Check out my post from yesterday HERE.

What was the last island you went to?

Do you enjoy the sea air?

Any local animals that you love to see?

5 Top Tips on a Tuesday- How to survive a holiday party!

Hi all,

Hope your week is going well. Things are certainly starting to get festive around these parts. I’m still struggling with the whole summer/ Christmas thing but I’m hoping once the Michael Buble Christmas album comes out and I have watched Muppet Christmas Carol at least once then I will feel that festive spirit!

Holiday parties are a great way to start feeling festive – whether that be Thanksgiving, your work’s office party, children’s parties or even the big day itself – we all have a celebration or gathering in the next month to really enjoy.

But we all could do with a few hints and tips, reminders even, on how to get the best out of these gatherings, without the added stress, anxiety, panic or worry that can become an inevitable party of the holiday season.

So for this weeks ‘5 Top Tips on a Tuesday’ I break it down for you and give you all you need to know on ‘How to survive a holiday party’!

Survive a holiday party - chase the red grape1. Have an food allergies/ intolerances/ issues?

  • Do you have any issues when it comes to what you can and cannot eat? Never fear, the key is communication. Contact whoever is hosting the party and let them know what the situation is – offer to bring a dish that suits your needs or let them know exactly what you are allergic to so that they don’t include it in the dishes (or can let you know if it does).

    Actually communicating our issues with gluten to party hosts BEFORE the event has been a lifesaver for us and every time the hosts have been so accommodating! It means you know there will be food you can enjoy but also the host can feel satisfied knowing everyone is happy and content (and can prepare!).

  1. Healthy eating vs ‘going to town’

  • Like to eat a healthy diet but know you can’t resist those delicious holiday eats? Think beforehand on how you are going to approach the season. Here are some ideas;

    What are your favourites? Make them your focus and ditch the items you can get all year round.

    – Fill half your plate with salad and veggies then use the other half for the other goodies.

    – Decide whether or not it’s worth the splurge – maybe Thanksgiving and Christmas are the times to go for it but go easy on the office shindigs where the food ain’t so hot.

    – Or realise it is just one/ two days of the year and simply enjoy the food that is on offer. Realise that you don’t eat this way all of the time and allow yourself to indulge!

  1. Think about your alcohol

  • This is a previous top tip but definitely worth reiterating. Try having a glass of water after every alcoholic drink. This keeps you hydrated and makes the morning after a whole lot more enjoyable! Also ask yourself ‘is drinking alcohol something I really must do at this party’? – maybe more often than not the answer is ‘YES’! But sometimes, when you know you have to get up early the following day or you have several parties that week then maybe a few non booze nights might be a good option.

  1. Keep the bigger picture in mind when stressed

  • Family parties… office gatherings… some folk love them and for some, it’s just a bundle of stress. The little niggles that frustrate you pile up and up and the next thing you know your exploding, not enjoying yourself, upset etc. If I’m ever feeling stressed (usually it’s about the cooking rather than people!) I try to simply remember the bigger picture. No one will remember if the brussel sprouts were perfect or not, but they will remember your smile and the joy you brought to the table. Keep thinking to yourself ‘what is this really all about? – family, celebration, happiness, friendship.

  1. Remember to have FUN!

  • To continue on from the last tip… remember to have fun! Those dishes can wait… stick with a pair of comfy dancing shoes over heels… savour that gingerbread man cookie with his cheeky buttons and let yourself be immersed by the cheer that surrounds you!


Hope you enjoy these 5 top tips and that you get the most out of any holiday party you are attending this year.

Are you feeling festive?

What holiday party/ gathering are you most looking forward to?

Favourite holiday eats/ drinks?

Friday Favourites! (20th Nov)

Hi all,

Boy am I ready for the end of the week and a bit of ‘Fri-yay’ action! Ever have one of those weeks where you constantly seem to be ‘in your head’? Meditation has been my saviour this week and stopped me from getting really bogged down in my mind and those little niggles… But sending out lots of positive vibes into the world, especially to those too who have had a crazy/ manic or tough week.

Friday Favourites - Chase the Red Grape

What makes me really happy is to show you all my ‘Friday Favourites’ – And I love reading yours too – what could be better than recapping those awesome moments from the week?

So lets get to it!


Moment – Watching David surf

surfing - chase the red grape

Sitting on the most beautiful beach, not a cloud in the sky, a gentle sea breeze, reading a great book, watching my husband try something new with the biggest smile on his face… yep it was a fantastic moment!

Feeling – Clarity

As I mentioned above I have been doing a lot of meditation this week and my inspiration came from finishing ‘10% Happier’ by Dan Harris. For the first time I truly realised what meditation should be and it’s process… truly a mind blowing moment… all thanks to this book. Read it!

10% Happier - Chase the Red Grape

Purchase – Dress and socks

For the first time ever I am invited to David’s Christmas party! So I needed a dress. Urgh shopping…

Since moving to Australia and starting a whole new CrossFit programme my body is definitely changing (hello biceps and back muscles I didn’t even know existed!) so trying to figure out my size was tricky and I don’t like clothes shopping much either so it wasn’t much fun. But then I went out another day to try again and went into my old favourite from home, Zara. And low and behold, found the perfect dress for me that makes me feel awesome. Hooray!

Since I will keep the details of the dress secret until the party, here is a picture of something else I picked up whilst shopping – ‘Tree Rex’ Christmas socks for David! David is the sock king and loves dinosaurs… I just had to pick them up!

socks - Chase the Red Grape

Food/ Drink – Raw ‘sandwich’ and Coco Whip!

On Saturday we decided to go to The Raw Kitchen in Fremantle after surfing. I remember the last time we went seeing this raw ‘sandwich’ being brought out and eyeing it up. So this time it was a must and it didn’t disappoint. Yes it was messy to eat but it included so much goodness including avocado and cashew cheese – bags of flavour.

The Raw Kitchen - Chase the Red Grape

Then after a wonder round the market we stopped past our favourite ‘Whip it Good’ stall for some Coco Whip and a raw slice. The whip is made from coconut water and was heaven on a hot day. The raw slice flavour was chocolate brownie 🙂 Need I say more?

coco whip - Chase the Red Grape

Recipe – Thai omelette (Kai Jiao)

I spotted this recipe in my NomNomPaleo cookbook months ago but never got around to making it. Then when I was looking for something different with eggs I came across it again! This is amazing – seriously – I adore eggs and I just want to eat them like this all the time. Maybe its the umami in it that has me hooked. I topped this simply with some sautéed brussels in coconut oil… but it could do with a big squirt of sriracha! (sorry the recipe isn’t on her website, just the cook book but it’s the one cook book I would recommend to all, paleo or not).

Kai Jiao - Chase the Red Grape

Workout – Front rack lunges

We did a lot of front rack lunges this week at CrossFit – they are one of my ‘love to hate, hate to love’ moves. They suck whilst doing them… yet you kind of feel like a badass. The DOMS for days afterwards knows no boundaries (I struggled to get off the sofa Wednesday) yet you know the wonders it is doing for your glutes/ derrière…

Weekend Plans – We are off to Rottnest Island tomorrow (or as everyone calls it here ‘Rotto’). It looks stunning from the pictures, I cant wait to share it with you all! Getting a bit of sea air on the ferry then biking around the ‘car free’ island… perfection! Then on Sunday we are heading to a market and then doing the weekly shop!

Linking up with beautiful Heather over @LifeinLeggings for all the action!

Ever had those weeks/ days where you are ‘in your head’?

Did you purchase anything good this week?

What are you up to this weekend?

5 Top Tips on a Tuesday – How to food prep efficiently!

Hi all,

Last week I got you all thinking about meal planning. So you are all set to go! But how else can we all be a bit more, dare I say, organised, with our food in order to get the most out of our precious time?

The answer is food prep! We don’t want to have to spend more time in the kitchen than we have to, especially on a week day when you have had a tiring day at work and all you want is some good grub on the table. This weeks ‘5 Top Tips on a Tuesday’ involves some handy advice in order to get the most out of your time in the kitchen – getting ‘food prep’ done efficiently as part of your weekly routine.

food prep - chase the red grape

  1. Keep it simple

I mentioned this last week with regards to meal planning but it really does deserve a second mention. Do what you know you can actually achieve with your prep – will simply taking 10 mins out to spiral a heap of vegetables ready to whip up your lunches for the week help you out? You bet. Will spending 4 hours in the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon, when you have lots of other things you would rather be doing, help? Probably not and you would soon resent it.

  1. Be realistic

Figure out exactly what you need to do rather than think you should do within the time you have. If you prep a whole lettuce and store it in the fridge will you and your family eat the whole thing in a few days? But if you spend your time making a batch of home made granola or snack bars will that keep your family going for quick grab and go breakfasts throughout the week – is that not a better use of your time? As mentioned above, one or two things will make all the difference but get overwhelmed and you will end up with a lot of waste and one frustrated chef!

  1. Focus on the simple ‘bulkers’

‘Bulkers’ are the simple foods that you can make a batch of and eat at several meals – the real food prep star! Cook a whole chicken, joint of beef, ground meat or other protein and eat within a variety of meals ranging from curries and salads to tacos and stir fries. If meat isn’t your thing soak and cook up a batch of lentils or beans and have them ready to use when you need them. I also cook up a big batch of white rice at the beginning of the week – very handy to add to leftovers to bulk up a lunch for David!

  1. Store correctly

Tupperware (or equivalent) is your friend! Make sure all foods are completely cooled before storing in the fridge and if you are ever unsure as to whether or not you will eat something before it turns just pop it in the freezer and its ready waiting for you when you need it.

I use my senses when it comes to knowing whether or not something is still ok to eat – trust your sense of smell and taste, it will hardly ever steer you wrong

  1. Make it fun!

You may not believe me but food prep can be so much fun if you let it be! Invite the family in, give everyone a task and all contribute to your food for the week. Pop on some music and have a dance whilst doing it, even a cheeky glass of wine. You never know, there may be a budding chef inside of you ready to be let out if you let it! And if not, well at least you know when you are in your car driving home from work at 5pm there is part of, if not all, of your dinner ready there waiting for you.

Missed any of my ‘5 Top Tips on a Tuesday’? Check out the header above for a link to them all!


Do you like to food prep?

Do you whip up a couple of things or get stuck in?

Favourite ‘bulker’ to prep?

Week in Review! (16 Nov)

Hi all,

Ever feel like you don’t do enough? Like you aren’t enough? Like your time has drifted away from you with nothing to show for it?

If we are honest, I think we all feel this at least sometimes, if not all of the time.

That is why, every 2nd week, I link up with Meghan @CleanEatsFastFeets for ‘Week in Review’. As the week passes, note down everything you have achieved, both the big and the small, then take a look at your long list. Show it to someone else (in my case, you my readers!) and see what they think.

week in review - chase the red grape

Have you changed your opinion of yourself and your week? I guarantee you will think differently about your week and it’s worth. Let yourself be present in what you have achieved and be proud!

My week in review…

The week in week out bits and bobs…

  • Meal planned and food prepped for the week

  • Did the weekly shop – including going to 4 different stores to find our newspaper! Oi!

  • Cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner for the 2 of us for the week

kale - chase the red grape

  • Did the washing and the ironing
  • Wrote 3 blog posts
  • Caught up with all the blogs I follow
  • Did 4 CrossFit training sessions… its getting so hot in there even at 6am!

The other joys!

    • I know it was over a week ago I did this but I think the blog revamp deserves another holler! Love that all my research paid off and really happy with the overall outcome!
    • Did some ‘behind the scenes’ blog work – learning SEO a bit more and using what I learned in every post.
    • Tried a new recipe – Erin @TheAlmondEater and her amazing idea to whip up avocado to use as a sauce with noodles

zoodles - chase the red grape

  • Completed more chapters in my business workbook
  • Pay day – did the banking, budgeting and paying the bills for the month
  • Sorted out our UK banking – the joys of banks in different countries…

  • Celebrated David’s birthday – I really wanted to make it special because a) It was his 30th and b) We are away from all our friends and family so it was going to be an odd one… except it wasn’t – he had a great time!

    birthday - chase the red grape

    – I baked chocolate chip bars for him to take into work and share with his colleagues

    -I bought a birthday banner and gave him a bag of all of his favourite treats!

    -We enjoyed a fantastic meal at Heirloom, especially this dessert

    -and I arrange for a surf lesson, which he took on Saturday and loved! (No sharks, yay!)

surfing - chase the red grape

Felt like a pretty good wife even if I say so myself! And may I add to the ‘good wife’ card – there is a chicken currently in the slow cooker, which although is adding to the insane heat in the apartment, means that he will have a delicious meal ready for when he comes home from work!

  • Went clothes shopping and got a few bits for me – I hate spending money so this is a triumph! And we found what we needed to find for David – always good in a new mall where you don’t know where anything is!

  • Had a good talk with David about self worth, personal goals, thoughts etc – always feel so lucky to have a husband that I can communicate fully with.

  • Also discussed new paths and plans for the blog and worked out how I can achieve it.

  • Stuck with my book even though I was unsure where it was going and now I am so glad!

Phew! It was a pretty active week!

Why not give this a go? You will surprise yourself I guarantee it!

Tell me something you achieved this week that makes you smile?

What do you want to do for your next birthday?

Are you a talker or do you like to figure things out yourself?

Dining Out Perth – Heirloom!

Hi all,

On redesigning the blog, I realised there are a few different types of posts that I have always wanted to write but haven’t. Reviews were definitely one of them – in particular food reviews!

With moving to Perth Australia I knew there were plenty out there worth covering – therefore from now on, on occasion, my ‘Friday Favourites’ post will be a ‘Dining Out in Perth’ edition! After all, dining out in Perth is one of my favourite things to do!

Dining Out Perth - Chase the Red Grape

I want to bring attention to some foodie gems in Perth that locals may not be aware of but also to let you guys know in the wider world exactly what Perth has to offer! And yep, lets face it, oggle and coo over delicious food! The best bit!

To celebrate David’s birthday on Wednesday, we headed over to Heirloom at Fraser Suites. The menu was created in consultation with chef Pete Evans (aka the ‘Paleo Chef’) and focuses on seasonal, organic, local produce = exactly what we look for in a restaurant!

To start – Nut and seed loaf with cashew cheese

Heirloom - Chase the Red Grape

If you haven’t tried cashew cheese before you must! And this was an excellent version of it – nutty, salty and creamy. The bread was gluten and dairy free (as is 90% of the menu!) so perfect for us, but even if you don’t follow that particular lifestyle you would still enjoy its moist, light and nutty texture.

Mains – Jen – Crispy salmon, celeriac remoulade, cauliflower puree and artichoke salsa

Heirloom - Chase the Red Grape

Such a beautiful piece of fish, crispy skin with juicy flesh as it should be. But the real star was the celeriac remoulade – an underused vegetable that really shone in this dish. The perfect creamy addition to the fish.

David – Ginger braised short rib of beef with Asian greens and miso dressing

Heirloom - Chase the Red Grape

Tender beef with a sticky sweet dressing and crunchy vegetables- a classic combo. A little too sinew-y than he was expecting but delicious nonetheless.

Sides – Sweet potato fries and fermented vegetables (cabbage)

Heirloom - Chase the Red Grape

One of the best sweet potato fries in Perth and the fermented cabbage was sour and tart just as it should be.

Dessert – Baked chocolate mousse, coconut cream and sour cherry

Heirloom - Chase the Red Grape

Dessert had to be in order – and this was perfect to share. The concept of a baked mousse was new to me – think part mousse, part brownie – with hazelnuts. What really made the flavours pop was the combination of the coconut, cherry and the rich dark chocolate.Sublime

We had the perfect evening with amazing food, excellent service and warm atmosphere. Whether you are paleo, gluten free, dairy free or label free, you will enjoy the food here. Taste and quality is what stands out here.

I can’t wait to return!

Do you tend to order fish or meat?

Ever tried cashew cheese?

What is the main factor you look for in a good restaurant/ café?

Linking up with Heather over @LifeinLeggings for Friday Favourites!

Currently – November!

Hi all,

Geez we are well into November now! A little late to the party but hey, better late than never right?

Currently - Chase the Red Grape

Lets get right to it! Time for Novembers edition of ‘Currently’ – the goings on and updates of me and my world!


Book – 10% Happier by Dan Harris

10% Happier - Chase the Red Grape

Recommended by Tina over @CarrotsnCake, her glowing review just made me want to read it so much! Half way through and it’s pretty great so far, intrigued on how its going to go.

Music – Podcasts

Yup still on the podcast wagon! I hardly listen to the radio here in Australia, I really should do it more but there are adverts on the stations here and I get so bored of hearing them! Maybe I was just so spoilt with the BBC in the UK!

Obsession – The Level

The Level - Chase the Red Grape

The guys over at Fluidstance sent me a ‘Level’ to try out with my standing desk (I was sent the stance free of charge but it is not a sponsored post). Guys I am hooked! It’s helping my balance, my posture and it keeps me moving and grooving whilst I am working away. It’s a beautiful piece of kit too and fits in to our apartment perfectly. Standing will never be the same again!

Craving – More grapes!

grapes - chase the red grape

After moving to Australia, we decided grapes were a no go due to them being so expensive. But last week I spotted a bag reduced down to $2! We got them home and David and I were like kids with a bag of candy! Savouring every bite! And now they are gone… I want more!

Food – Grilled eggplant/ aubergine

Grilling - chase the red grape

I just can’t get enough! The eggplants here are beautiful, in season and so cheap – a little EVOO, salt and pepper and then grilled… it’s just amazing. Then when you think it can’t get any better you drizzle on some tahini!

Drink – Home brewed kombucha

Kombucha - chase the red grape

The most refreshing drink to have ice cold on a hot day. And its getting really hot here now!

Procrastination – Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed - chase the red grape

Need I say more? It’s like you tube, once you start you cant stop! And now I have wifi again I find myself reading the most random things. And then I remember they have a food specific page and I check that out, you know, for research…

Blessing – Summer

summer- chase the red grape

I am so excited for summer – yes its hotter than I could imagine but having the sun shine every day just makes you so happy to get up and go every single day. Even if my body right now is totally confused – honestly I want to go out in the sunshine but also start to hibernate? After 30 years of the seasons being one way is it any surprise that my body doesn’t really know what’s going on!

Excitement – Rottnest Island



We are heading over to Rottnest next weekend and I cannot wait! Rottnest is a small island, with no cars, full of Quokka’s (above) and from the pictures looks simply stunning. I mean breathtakingly stunning.

Bane of existence – Mozzie bites

Sigh… they are back. With vengeance. The downsides of summer – wore a dress last night, have 2 nasty bites now on my leg… Must. Stop. Itching.

TV Show – Everybody Loves Raymond

I know I mentioned this last month but I am really getting into it! Yeah I watched the odd episode back in the UK but I think it’s one of those series that just gets better and better the more you watch, probably because you get all the ‘in jokes’!

Mood – Enthusiastic

For my adventure, for my career, for my writing and as cheesy as it sounds – for life!

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5 Top Tips on a Tuesday – How to meal plan!

Hi all,

Meal planning – love it or hate it you know it works wonders. We have been meal planning week in week out for well over 2 years now and I can’t say enough good things about it! But if I had to state exactly why I think you should meal plan too, my answer would be as follows…

  1. You never have to ‘decide what to have for dinner… or lunch’ – it’s just there, sitting in your refrigerator waiting to be made or eat – and with the holiday season coming up, who has time to figure that out, every, single, day.

  2. You save money. This is my favourite – I love saving money and buying more groceries than you need and seeing them go to waste is never fun. And we all could do with saving a little money, am I right?!

meal plan

So today’s ‘5 Top Tips on a Tuesday’ breaks down exactly how to meal plan, with my little hints and tips that will make it a breeze. Trust me!

  1. Lists

  • You will need to write 2 lists – one being your actual ‘plan’, the other a shopping list of what you need to buy. Write one after the other so its all done and ready to go shopping (oh and your shopping time cuts dramatically once you know exactly what you are going in for).
  1. Keep to what you know

  • So you need to plan breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the week, but you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Stick to what you know and love. We often have very simple meals on our plan week in week out (hello ground meat marinara and zoodles) and our breakfasts are very similar day in and out – eggs + veg/ meat.
  1. Leftovers are your friend

  • Cook once eat twice (at least!) is my motto. Make more at dinner time and use these leftovers for your breakfasts or lunches the next day. Even just a little leftover meat or veg makes a brilliant salad the next day. We tend to buy and cook a whole chicken or joint of meat to cook at the beginning of the week and use that for our meals throughout. Plan for having leftovers and those blank spaces on your meal plan soon fill up.
  1. 1 new meal a week + a wing it meal

  • Ok so you already meal plan or want something different? Try making 1 new recipe per week. Note that my recommendation is only for 1, more than that can become frustrating, especially when you want a quick meal on the table. And allocate that new recipe for a day you have time to follow it – maybe a Saturday night or Sunday lunchtime.

  • Also factor in that you might want a meal out! Every Friday dinner I write ‘wing it’ in the box. That way if something specific takes our fancy or we have heaps of leftovers that need using up it can slot in then.

  1. Make it a habit – do what’s doable

  • The key to successful meal planning is to make it a habit. Stick with the plan even if your head goes ‘hmm do I really fancy that for dinner tonight’ – once you do it for a few weeks it just becomes second nature to cook what you have planned. Also just do what’s do-able – have a hectic schedule that means you often have to eat out/ are away in meetings etc? Then just do basic planning – stick with your main meal and wing it with regards to breakfast and lunch. Tailor it to fit YOUR and YOUR FAMILYS needs!

So lets whip out that pen and paper and get planning for next week! Your future self will thank you!

Do you meal plan?

What foods do you eat week in week out?