Friday Favourites – Jan 29

Hi all,

Happy Friday!

First off I must thank you all for your lovely comments on my post yesterday. It really does mean the world to know that I have you all beside me, cheering me on! Diet can be such a touchy subject but I am glad that all of you are on the same page as me when it comes down to listening to what your body needs and taking action!Friday Favourites - Chase the Red Grape

For now and today’s post though, we are going light, easy and fun with a good ol’ Friday Favourites!

Sit back, grab a cup of coffee (or wine depending on the time of day) and read about my highs from the week!

Favourite… moment – Australia Day Fireworks!fireworks - chase the red grape

The best fireworks I have ever seen in real life! And over the Swan River too – just perfect.

Favourite… feeling – Beach walking…beach - chase the red grape

Sunday David and I went for a walk along the beach at Trigg – sun shining, sea breeze, feet in sand with the waves crashing into our legs… feeling so blessed to be living in this part of the world. One lucky lucky girl.

Favourite… purchase – Iced coffeeiced coffee - chase the red grape

This bad boy after today’s WOD was needed so badly! The best iced coffee in Perth at Lord Street Coffee!

Favourite… food/ drink – Oatsoats - chase the red grape

Bringing oats back into my diet, and I seem to be ok with it – no bloating etc! I used to eat them once a week but am going to bring them back into rotation more because they keep me sa-tis-fied! In the bowl here – oats, egg whites, chia seeds, blueberries and peanut butter!

Favourite… recipe – Thai Omelettebreakfast - chase the red grape

3 eggs, 1tbsp tapioca flour and 1 tbsp of fish sauce – whisked and then poured into some sizzling ghee in a pan, cook then flip – around 30 seconds each side. Topped with whatever you fancy! I went for Brussels, rice and sriracha. The breakfast of champions! Could be brunch, lunch, dinner…

Favourite…workout – Gallagher and McDonald – Australia Day WODWOD - chase the red grape

This hero WOD was so much fun – the movements were challenging and also the fact that I got to do it with David as my partner was awesome too. He is my best cheerleader 🙂

Weekend plans – Going to the opening of Elizabeth Quay tonight- a massive waterfront project for Perth (will be snapchattin’ chaseredgrape). Then tomorrow we are going for a trampoline session (one of my Christmas pressies from David), out for lunch and then the weekly shop. Sunday is for reading the papers, beach walking and coffee!

I also want to give a shout out to the host of Friday Favourites, Heather @LifeinLeggings – You and Scott have been in my thoughts and prayers all week. X

Are you an oat lover?

What would you top a Thai omelette with?

Have you ever been to a trampoline centre?

Why I am changing my diet

Please note that this post relates to David and my personal choices regarding our diet and it reflects our very active lifestyle. I am not advocating any particular diet or way of eating over another.

Hi all,

For a wee while now, I have known things would have to change. I adore Crossfit and love training 4 times a week, like clockwork, every week. Its my sport. But it was only recently I realised that while we (and I say ‘we’ as David and I are in the same boat) were training like athletes, we were by no means fuelling our bodies like athletes. And it was taking its toll.

David and I ate a great diet that I was super proud of – there was not an ounce of restriction in sight and we always tended to gravitate towards whole food choices and a gluten free lifestyle (after eliminating gluten we both felt so much better). Yet my body was sending me signs that something wasn’t right. David always wanted more food and I tried to down play what my body was telling - chase the red grape

After tracking what I ate on a training day I realised that I was a lifetime away from actually eating what I needed. It was a big shock to me for sure – I always thought I was pretty close to eating what my body required.

Being gluten free and sticking to real food ingredients meant I was significantly low in carbohydrates – essential for fuelling my workouts! Also I was no where near eating enough protein – a problem for muscle growth. I had a beautiful diet… just not for my lifestyle.crossfit - chase the red grape

So I had to decide where to go from here. Some of you may know, others not, but I am 3 years into recovery from a very severe eating disorder and although in some ways I feel recovered, in other ways I feel like it will always surround me in some shape or form. I am stronger than I have ever been though, both in mind and body, so I knew I had to make the changes. I owed it to myself to fully give my body what it needs to live the lifestyle I want to live.

Both David and I are now following the Eat to Perform framework. I will spare you the details (unless you really want to know, then email me) but to put it simply I now have some daily targets to aim for, focussing on protein, carbohydrates and fat. It’s not about restriction, in fact for both of us it means eating a lot more! I’m bringing in foods that I haven’t had in ages like rice and corn chips and David is loving the opportunity to eat lots more nut butter and dates! Haha!

I wanted to keep you all in the loop because it’s a big change for me and I always want to be open and honest with you all. I also want to emphasise that David will be here by my side keeping an eye on me… he knows exactly what to look out for in terms of my ED and if it is leading to unhealthy stress.crossfit - chase the red grape

But I am 4 days in so far and am loving it! Eating more real foods, having more energy, learning when things work and when they don’t and simply enjoying the experiment!

I hope you will all join me on my journey – I wont bring it up often but know I could do with all your support.

No questions, just thoughts!

Thanks Amanda for allowing me to ‘Think Out Loud’ today!

What I ate Wednesday – Australia Day!

Hi all,

Well yesterday was a blast! I really enjoyed my first ‘Australia Day’ – mostly because it included a lot of my favourite things – Crossfit, David time, chilling out and fireworks!

So I thought I would bring you a bit of a snapshot of my day yesterday – ‘What I ate Wednesday’ style! Thanks to @peasandcrayons and today’s host for the link up!

We had a special Crossfit hero WOD today – Gallagher and McDonald – so we began a little later at 7.30am. This meant I needed some pre – WOD fuel (I usually WOD fasted).WOD - chase the red grape

I began with my usual hot water and lemon and followed it up with some cottage cheese, beet juice and iced coffee (David had jerky). What a combo eh!pre workout - chase the red grape

We arrived at the box, warmed up and also got some puppy cuddles! Meet Lexi – she is 8 weeks old and I just wanted to take her home with us!puppy - chase the red grape

During the WOD I was drinking some coconut water…coconut water - chase the red grape

We finished in 55 minutes and needed some post WOD fuel action! Water, protein shake and a banana – which David photo bombed…post workout - chase the red grape

David also managed to snag some eggs and bacon off the barbecue…David - chase the red grape

We headed home, showered and then it was time for an early brunch!

Time to refuel to recover! A Thai omelette with rice, Brussels and sriracha!breakfast - chase the red grape

After a little blog reading we decided to finally watch the Rich Froning movie – it was awesome… and I kind of want to watch it again!Rich Froning - chase the red grape

Snacks for the movie, an unpictured apple and some blueberries!blueberries - chase the red grape

Can you tell we were tanked from the WOD? We decided to put on some Man Men – finally watching the last series! To toast Australia Day we decided to have a JD and tonic and I grabbed some beef jerky. I was pretty hungry at this point – should have had more food!snack - chase the red grape

Dinner was pretty simple – ground kangaroo marinara with cauliflower rice, topped with feta.dinner - chase the red grape

Then we headed down for the fireworks! We are so lucky we live about a 15 minute walk from all the action. We watched the sun set over the river… and then came the most amazing display…fireworks - chase the red grape

What a day!

How do you like to refuel?

Sriracha, a fan?

Do you like fireworks?

5 Top Tips on a Tuesday – How to live your bucket list!

Hi all,

Happy Tuesday! Or if you are in my neck of the woods Happy Australia day!

Yup today is a public holiday, everyone has the day off to celebrate all things Australia with friends and family. Our plans? A special CrossFit WOD in the morning followed by a BBQ, then home for a snooze and chill out before heading over to take part in some of the festivities in town and watch the major Skyworks firework and laser show – it lasts 30 minutes! I don’t think I have ever seen a continuous firework display for 30 minutes before! Cannot wait!5 TOP TIPS ON A TUESDAY

If you had told me this time last year that I would have been living in Australia, sunning it up on a January day I would not have believed you. However we always hoped we would be somewhere exciting and new – top of our bucket list was to live abroad – and here we are!

Do you have a bucket list? Want to learn a language? Visit several countries and see the sights? Try authentic foods? Learn how to cook? We all have different plans and hopes for life – but how can you turn those dreams into reality?

For this weeks ‘5 Tops Tips on a Tuesday’ I have some handy tips on ‘How to live your bucket list’!

bucket list - chase the red grape1. Write them down

– We all have our dreams in our heads… lets get them down on paper and take a good look at them. Take a few hours, days, weeks to think about what you want in life. Don’t fear writing anything down – your list is not set in stone and is likely to change as you age/ experience new things.

2. Get your priorities straight

– What is more important to you? Take your list and rearrange them in order of what you would like to do first. Take a look at the other items around them. Can you save for a round the world trip as well as a house? Think deeply about them and find out what is the most vital for you.

3. Plan

– If you really want to achieve these goals/ dreams then you must plan and organise. If you treat them like they will happen then they are more likely to actually happen! Want to learn a language? Find out where locally you can take classes to learn, where will you get the money from to do it? How can you allocate the time? Work out the potential pitfalls and solve them. Don’t focus on problems, create solutions.

4. Share your list with someone

– Keeping this information to yourself also makes it less likely to happen. If you are in a partnership or have a family, talk to them and create a list together – if you are single, talk to family and friends, they may be able to help you out!

5. Stay positive

– Sometimes life happens. Sometimes we cant drop everything and head abroad. Sometimes it takes longer to achieve a dream, learn a task, save the money. But you must stay positive and determined. If you want these things in your life and you are committed then you will achieve them.

Do you have a bucket list? What is at the top of yours?

What have you already achieved that was previously on your list?

Have you ever been scared of a dream/ goal?

Friday Favourites! Jan 22

Hi all,

How has your week been? This week was my first full week back to normality and routine, it has been over a month since my last one! Whaaaat??!

The beginning of the week was odd and it felt so strange to be by myself again… but by the end of the week I was used to it and it felt pretty awesome. Whether it be at the beginning of the month, later on, after a holiday, we all have that ‘getting back into a routine’ slump…. I’m just glad mine only lasted a few days and now I feel ready to rock the year ahead!Friday Favourites - Chase the Red Grape

Let’s all celebrate Friday with some favourites from the week just gone!

Favourite… Moment – Date NightHeirloom - chase the red grape

We had a voucher for our favourite restaurant but couldn’t use it on a Friday or Saturday so we thought why not have a night out on a Tuesday! The food at Heirloom is so delicious and every new thing we try it never disappoints. I had a macadamia nut crusted chicken schnitzel, David had a almond crust pizza with chorizo and cashew cheese and we shared sides of asparagus and sweet potato fries… oh those fries!

Favourite… Feeling – Laughter!pun - chase the red grape


I adore animal and food puns, honestly I am such a sucker for them and they crack me up!

Favourite… Purchase – Magazinesmagazines - chase the red grape

(Sorry for the wonky pic – I need David to update a file on our laptop to rotate!)

I never usually buy magazines but when we were at the mall at the weekend I thought why the heck not! So we picked up WOD Magazine and Men’s Health. Yep I read Men’s Health and never Woman’s Health – why? Because I find the latter focuses too much on the ‘diet’ culture over actual ‘health’. Both were great pick ups! I should do it more often, especially WOD Magazine as it only comes out once every few months.

Favourite… Food/ Drink – Cottage Cheesecottage cheese - chase the red grape

I picked this up from the supermarket today just to give it a try. The last cottage cheese I tried here wasn’t very nice but it was on special offer so I thought why the heck not. It is so good! I will be picking up more for sure as it is the perfect snack… I would have ate it all but I suppose I should leave some for David to try…

Favourite… Recipe – Juli’s Parmesan Marinara Meatballs

I haven’t tried this recipe yet but I can’t wait to! They look amazing and so easy too – check them out!

Favourite… Workout – DT

5 Rounds for time

12 Deadlifts

9 Hang Power Cleans

6 Push Jerk

I did this WOD 2 years ago at 15kg, on Tuesday I did it at 25kg and it only took me 3 mins more! It was tough mentally as well as physically challenging but I did it! Picking a favourite this week was tough as all 4 of my training sessions were fun and pulled me out of my comfort zone!

Weekend Plans – out for drinks tonight, weekly shop and cinema tomorrow (The Big Short) and then hopefully some beach time on Sunday – walking not water!

Thanks as always to Heather @LifeInLeggings for the link up

Do you like a good pun?

Do you see cottage cheese as a sweet or savoury food? I always pair it with savoury things…

What was the last film you saw at the cinema?

5 Top Tips on a Tuesday – How to stay calm when stressed!

Hi all,

Welcome to the first ‘5 Top Tips on a Tuesday’ post of 2016!

It was fantastic to have a few weeks off blogging, popping in now and again for a few more personal posts – it certainly has got the juices flowing for writing again – and so many ideas!

January can be one of those tricky months. In the northern hemisphere – the weather can bring you right down… dark dreary days and nights…. In the southern hemisphere – the weather can also bring you down… beautiful sunny days… but stuck indoors working! Combine that with ‘new year’ goal pressures, possible failing resolutions and feeling a bit overwhelmed with the year ahead, it’s a tough month.

When you feel a bit down, glum and overwhelmed, its so easy to feel stressed. I have seen so many posts about how to stop yourself from getting stressed but what if it’s already there? Brewing inside… or just a big explosion… it’s tough to escape and it happens to us all.

So this weeks ‘5 Top Tips on a Tuesday’ focuses on ‘How to stay calm when stressed’.stress - chase the red grape

1. Breathe and step away

Sometimes the best thing you can do in a stressful situation is to step away and regather your thoughts. Take a few breaths… have a seat and a drink (water! Even if you may want something stronger). Allow yourself to calm down.

  1. Can you change the situation?

I ask myself this question every time I get stressed. Can I do anything about what is stressing me out? If I can, then I do it rather than brewing in stress. If I can’t do anything about it then I don’t allow it to affect me.

  1. Communicate

More often than not, lack of communication leads to stress. Feeling overwhelmed with your workload? Try talking to your boss. A friend posting a comment on Facebook that you find offensive ? Send a private message explaining why. Simply make sure you do tip 1 first – then your thoughts will be clearer and more understandable.

  1. Think about your health

How does being stressed affect your health? Increasing the levels of your stress hormones is not a good thing. It can lead to weight gain, hair loss, increasing/ decreasing appetite, poor digestion, lack of energy, poor sleep and the list can go on and on. Think about how you let stress into your daily life.

  1. Get your priorities in check

After going through tips 1-4 you will soon realise one thing – it’s either worth it or not. You know what your priorities are in life – maybe getting stressed at a family member/ work colleague really isn’t worth it as it will affect the dynamics of the team. Maybe it is worth it! But just keep in mind your priorities in life whether that be family, career, relationships in general, health etc. and use that priority check to move forward.5 TOP TIPS ON A TUESDAY

How do you cope when stressed?

How is January going for you?

Do you often find yourself overwhelmed?

Week in Review – Jan 18th!

Hi all,

Ever had one of those weeks where you have real highs combined with real lows? I’m talking major emotional roller-coaster here…

Last week was one of them. I spent some awesome days with my parents… then had to watch as they packed up and had to leave…

I trained hard at CrossFit… and then had to walk miles throughout the day leaving me so tired and drained…

I wrote, which I love… but resented ‘having’ to find time to do it…

I felt sad as my parents had gone… but adored having some alone time with David, laughing, smiling and enjoying life…

It was certainly a tough week of ups and downs. But on writing this post I have realised that none of my ‘downs’ were lows at all. I got to spend almost 4 weeks with my parents, that’s more than I ever used to see them combined in a year. I got to explore the city I now call home. I prioritised time for me and my writing, which I adore. I got to spend time with my favourite person in the whole world…week in review - chase the red grape

Sometimes in writing, listing, reviewing the week just gone you realise not just how much you have done, but also how lucky you are to have done those things, to have spent that time with the people you love. You learn to see everything in a new light…. try it! #listingismytherapy

So what did I get up to all week? Lets check it out! Major thanks to my gal Meghan @CleanEatsFastFeets for hosting this link up!

Took my parents to the zoo which included 2 x ferry trips across the river!zoo - chase the red grape

  • -relaxed and enjoyed a fab day out, saw lots of animals and enjoyed some more essential time with my parentskangaroo - chase the red grapealso walked almost 17 kilometres!

Had a lunch date with my mum and old friends from home!

-Elise and my Mum were (my Mum still is) brownie leaders back home but Elise moved over to the far east 12 years ago. Now her and her daughter Victoria (who I used to babysit!) live in Perth! Small world indeed. And it was so much fun to catch up… one of my Mums trip highlights I think!

Took a much needed nap (and I hardly ever allow myself to do that!)

Did even more walking over the next few days so that my Mum and Dad could pick up all the bits and bobs that they wished to bring home with them.

Met up with David for lunch – was so nice to see him midday! Must do this again – especially if it involves food like this…zoo food - chase the red grape

Helped my Mum pack… well I don’t know if ‘helped’ is correct… but I brought her much needed coffee!

Celebrated the past few weeks with a lovely dinner out and drinksparents - chase the red grape

Trained at CrossFit x4 (in a row… always a killer)

Said goodbye to my Mum and Dad… you can imagine how hard that was….

Attended the Perth Yelp Botanical Party!botanical party - chase the red grape

-So much fun – Perth concert hall balcony, sun setting, Perth’s finest food and drink suppliers keeping us topped up with goodies… I could get used to more events like this! Also I adore Aperol Spritz – where have you been all my life!

Wrote 2 blog posts – getting back into it all now!

Did the weekly shop

Meal planned and food prepped for the week (also wore the ‘chef’ hat for the entirety of my parents stay! Cooking for 4 adults every day is tough – but my parents did treat us to a few tasty lunches and dinners out which was lovely)

Caught up with my entire bloglovin feed! Get in!

Did the banking for the month, paid bills etc etc

Had a cinema trip and lunch date with David – went to see Sisters… totally a laugh a minute! And nom nom Bibimbap!bibimbap - chase the red grape

Did several loads of clothes washing…. and need to do more… damn all those towels and bedding when you have guests!

Spent yesterday chilling out, relaxing with David... mostly binge watching season 6 of Downton Abbey which my parents brought over with them from the UK. Can’t believe it’s the last season!Downton Abbey - chase the red grape

Tell me something you did last week?

Do you often find your ‘low’ moments turn out to be not so bad after all?

Downton – yay or nay?

Friday Favourites – Jan 15

Hi all,

It’s all so quiet…. It’s all so still….It’s all so quiet and so peaceful until…. nope, still quiet.

Yup that’s right, I’m back to being home alone. David is at work, my parents left very early this morning (major tears!) and now it’s just me again. In some ways it’s nice to get back into a routine again but I will also miss having my family around me too.

How can 4 weeks have flown by so fast!? We sure did fit a lot into those 4 weeks though and I really feel like we have shown my parents the best of Perth, the sights, sounds and tastes!Friday Favourites - Chase the Red Grape

So for this weeks ‘Friday Favourites’ I thought I would twist it up and bring to you my favourite moments from the past 4 weeks!

Beach time!christmas - chase the red grape

We went to the beach several times with my parents, including on Christmas Day which was just fantastic and so very surreal! We also enjoyed beach front cafes, snorkelling and just chilling out in our little beach shelter!

Perth Zoozoo - chase the red grape

David and I went to the zoo when we first arrived here and I knew we had to take my parents there too. It was amazing, such a well kept zoo, massive enclosures and just an all round fun day out! The best moment was within the open Kangaroo section, when one hopped up to see what my Dad was up to… he was in awe!kangaroo - chase the red grape


Yup throughout all this David and I still kept training and went to CrossFit. Why? Because we love it. It feels so freeing to finally do sport and exercise where you chose to do it because you WANT to instead of HAVE to. And because David was off work we could hang around afterwards, getting in some mobility, practising (hello pull ups!) and just having a general chat rather than having to dash away. I never thought I would say it but Murph was definitely a highlight!crossfit - chase the red grape

Swan Valley

The vineyards of the Swan Valley are stunning. I know someday soon we will head down south to the bigger vineyards of Margaret River but for now the 30 minute drive out to the valley is heaven. My Dad isn’t a big wine fan but as I always say, he just hadn’t found ‘his’ wine yet. And boy did he find it, in fact he found several he liked!family - chase the red grape

And we didn’t just stop at wine! We also went to the local chocolate factory and a coffee roaster where you can have your own bespoke coffee tasting (at no extra cost I must add!). It was a wonderful day.chocolate - chase the red grape

The food!

It wouldn’t be an exploration if it didn’t include visits to some of Perth’s finest eating establishments! We had a mix of everything, found new places and visited some old favourites. One thing is for sure my parents have definitely expanded their culinary tastes and absolutely adored the choice on offer in - chase the red grape

And there were so many more highlights! Fremantle Prison, the new Star Wars movie on Christmas Eve, farmers markets, the Aquarium of Western Australia, a steam train ride around Whiteman Park… I could go on and on.

I just feel like one lucky girl, to live in such an amazing place with my husband and that my parents were able to fly over and experience it with us.

Have a fantastic weekend folks!

Linking up with Heather @LifeinLeggings

Do you explore your local area?

Christmas Day on the beach – would you be up for it?

Best thing you have ate this week?

Currently… January 2016!

Hi all,

Yay I’m back! I feel like I have been away from you all for so long and oh boy do I miss writing – a very good sign I guess!

My parents head back to Scotland early tomorrow morning so while they pack up their bits and bobs I thought I would take the opportunity to get the laptop on and crack on with my post!

Almost half way through the month, seems fitting to finally do my ‘Currently’ post for January! Haha! Love these posts though, especially when I can look back on each month and see what I have been up to. I also love reading them written by others – link below in the comments if you have done one this month and I will check it out.

Linking up with Amanda over @RunningwithSpoons for ‘Thinking Out Loud’ this Thursday!

Current… book – The Adventures of Sherlock Holmessherlock - chase the red grape

After watching the BBC TV special New Year episode of ‘Sherlock’ at the cinema (free to air in the UK… $25 a ticket in Australia… but on the big screen it was pretty amazing!) I have been itching to read the originals. I have already read ‘Hound of the Baskerville’ years ago and loved it so picked up this beautiful version of the short story adventures from the library. Cant put it down!

Current… music – podcasts

Back on the podcast train! And as soon as my parents leave I will be catching up on all my favourites that have been building on my phone, including a new episode of the NomNomPaleo podcast which I am really looking forward to.

Current…obsession – catching up with blogs

So many to read, so little time. I must admit I have had to pick and choose my way through my bloglovin feed and mostly read rather than comment on posts – so chances are I know what’s going on, you just might not have heard from me. And if you got a comment you are special (haha!).

Current… guilty pleasure – Rules of Engagementjeff - chase the red grape


Repeats are on at the moment, I swear I have seen every episode, just in the wrong order. But I love it – I’m basically the female version of ‘Jeff’ (no seriously, it’s scary and makes David laugh so much!) and I think I’m ok with that, he’s a pretty switched on guy 😉

Current… craving – all the veggies!

My parents like veg, but like their meat more. Therefore so many of our meals over the past few weeks have been heavily meat dominated. I now am craving all the veggies like nobodies business! I think next week will be just one big major veg fest and I am so looking forward to it!

Current… food – spinach and chicken crepes from Zoo Foodzoo food - chase the red grape

Can this be a craving too? Cause I want another one so badly! Zoo Food is currently a pop up in the CBD of Perth and makes the most amazing gluten free delicious food. This crepe was choc full of chicken, roasted peppers and mozzarella and toasted so the cheese just gooed out. So David, em, when can we meet for lunch to check out the rest of the delights?!?

Current… drink – coffeecoffee - chase the red grape

I have drank more variations of coffee on this break than ever before! Almond milk iced lattes, cappuccinos, long blacks, espressos, cold brew, cold drip… you name it! 3 weeks of trekking a city and you need the caffeine for sure! But oh how I enjoyed savouring the most amazing coffees ever – Australia knows coffee, trust me!

Current… procrastination – huh?!?

Procrastination is not even a word on my radar right now… whenever I am not moving around from place to place sightseeing, I’m at CrossFit, catching up with blogs or fitting in some blog prep… I need a vacation from my vacation!

Current… blessing – 3 weeks with my parentsfamily - chase the red grape

I am so lucky that both my parents were able to fly over from the other side of the world to spend Christmas with us. It was a fantastic time filled with so many wonderful memories.

Current… excitement – Yelp Botanical Party

Tomorrow night David and I have been invited to the Perth Yelp Botanical Party – basically a great summer shin dig full of delightful local suppliers willing to share their drinks and eats with the Yelp crew. Really looking forward to ending the week this way, hopefully meeting some more people and trying some tasty delights! (will be snap chatting and instagramming through it so follow me on chaseredgrape for snapchat and chasetheredgrape on instagram!)

Current… bane of my existence – heat

For the next wee while it will probably be the same – the heat. Perth is hot, even hotter than the east coast, and at night it doesn’t cool down. Sleeping is an issue!

Current… TV show – Downtown Abbey

My parents gave us the DVD of the current series for Christmas. We are going to binge on it like mad over the weekend!

Current… mood – tired but content

With being tour guide, b&b lady and chef (combined with still training at CrossFit 4 times per week) for almost 4 weeks now I am, as we would say in Glasgow, gubbed. Next week will be chilling, writing, meditating and getting back into a routine – much needed! But I am also super content at the fact that my parents had a wonderful time and that we made the most of every day they were here with - chase the red grape

Now time to go and make the most of the last few hours with mum and dad 🙂

Do you manage to keep up with your blog reading or are you quite selective?

How often do you see your parents?

How do you like your coffee the best?

Murph and Me!

Hi all,

At 8am on the 31st of December, I participated in one of the most difficult and demanding CrossFit WOD’s – Murph.

Murph is a ‘hero’ WOD created in memory of Navy Seal Lt. Michael Murphy – it was one of his favourite workouts. It is renowned in the CrossFit world as being tough on the mind and body and extremely challenging.

By sheer fluke I have never had the chance to experience ‘Murph’ in my 2 and a half years of CrossFit – so both David and I were keen to take part.Murph CrossFit - Chase the Red Grape

(Photo courtesy of Tracey Incau @Grandstand CrossFit)

Inspired by Chris over @IfailedFran – I wanted to recap my experience of ‘Murph’ in the hopes of helping anyone who dares try the WOD themselves – thinking in terms of tactics, conditions, fuel etc.

Firstly – The WOD itselfmurph - chase the red grape

My tactics

After reading so many Murph recaps over the years I knew there were so many ways I could attempt the WOD. I decided to go with what would be best for my body and my mind… 10 rounds of 10 pull ups, 20 push ups and 30 air squats. And, most importantly, easy on the run.

My modifications would entail banded pull ups, push ups from the knees and no body vest (that stuff is for the insane!). I also brought my wrist wraps to wear to help my wrists during the push ups.

My fuel

With doing the WOD at 8am, I knew it was too late to do it fasted like I normally do for 6am WODs. So I went for my morning hot lemon water, then followed by my usual pre WOD shot of beet juice aside an iced coffee and a small bowl of nut and seed granola and almond milk.murph fuel - chase the red grape

I brought a litre of water with me (I never drink during a WOD, only before and after) and a banana for a quick hit of glucose afterwards. My aim was to come home for a large brunch and refuel.

(I will also add here that to prepare both David and I had a dinner with protein and carbs the night before, drank a lot of water and had no alcohol).

My experience

We pre fuelled as expected and headed off. It was a hot day but not as bad as it could have been – 28C/ 82F – so I made sure to drink more water before we left.

The first mile run was hard as it was so warm – I had warmed up my shoulders and lats (my issue areas) but my legs were a bit heavy. But I got it done, at a good time, without being too tired.

I achieved my aim of 10 rounds and believe that this was perfect for me – counting down from 10 (rather than 20 shorter rounds as others did) seemed more do-able, shorter and actually was the perfect mind trick!

Banded pull ups flowed and I was lucky to have no issues with my shoulders. The push ups I broke into 2 sets of 10, trying to count to 5 as a rest before moving on to the next set. With regards to the air squats I was on fire! Blasting through them!

The final run is mentally and physically draining – legs are like jelly, head is mush and it’s all too easy to focus on the negative (and ever increasing heat!). I just kept running – that’s all you can do really.

I finished in 51 minutes and 30 seconds and was super proud of my time. It was just as tough as I had imagined but very enjoyable at the same time – it required concentration and focus and I like that!

I downed a litre of water in about 5 minutes afterwards and went back to get more. Our box provided bacon and eggs as refuel but to be honest I had to force down my banana. Food was not super appealing!murph banana - chase the red grape

We hung out for a while at the box so I didn’t get home for a while. As you can imagine, by then I was famished! I munched on a chunk of fudge as I had a shower and then tucked into eggs and brussel sprouts.

For next time

  • Roll out my calves beforehand – prepare my legs for the run.
  • Stick with the same rep scheme.
  • Try to do it in a cooler month – although this may not be possible.
  • David had real issues with his hands – he would have filed down his callouses and moisturised his hands the week leading up to it if he could again.
  • Pre fuel and even the post fuel banana worked well. I think I would have also added a protein shake to the mix in the event again that food didn’t appeal.
  • However my main change I would make for next time would be fuelling for the rest of the day. My brunch should have been heavier on the carbs and I would have included a smaller meal at about 3.30/4pm to tide me over until dinner time as my body was screaming for food by the time we had dinner and snacking just didn’t cut it.

Most of all I look forward to doing it again as I now know what to expect! I anticipation and nerves of doing ‘Murph’ is the worst part! Ha!

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Have you ever done Murph? Would you?

What goes through your mind when you run?

Do you prefer WODs like this or with barbells?