Friday Favourites! Feb 26

Hi all,

You guys I am so excited about the CrossFit Open. 16.1 has just been announced and looks like 20 mins of crazy – I love it. For those out there who CrossFit, you know exactly what I am on about! And for those who don’t, lets just say I am going to need my engine tomorrow! Phew!

Are you one of those people who get excited about things that scare you? In this instance I definitely am, but I sure aint one of those folks who get a rush from jumping off the side of a building or out of a plane. Maybe I just have a ‘safety scare’ limit – the things that scare you but deep down you know will be ok and can therefore get excited about.Friday Favourites - Chase the Red Grape

You know what else excites me? Writing my ‘Friday Favourites’ post! It always cheers me up with good positive vibes for the weekend and I hope it does for you too!

Without further ado…

Favourite… Moment – Summer Salt Marketsummer salt - chase the red grape

Feeling the sea breeze, the summer sun, listening to great live music whilst sitting beside and chatting to your hubby – it was such a delight!

Favourite… Feeling – Excitement

See above re – the CrossFit Open! I think after writing and posting my piece yesterday ‘Let your passion be your guide’ I have a whole new mind set going into this. And it makes everything a whole lot more fun.

Favourite… Purchase – Tomato Ketchupketchup - chase the red grape

Ah I have missed my favourite condiment! With all the nasties in the regular one I have stayed away… but then I found this beauty in our local supermarket. No sugar, no nasties, simple whole ingredients – perfect! And right now, to make up for lost time, it’s going on everything!

Favourite… Food/Drink – Strawberry Jamjam - chase the red grape

Speaking of old favourites… I love jam… but avoided it due to the sugar and nasties etc etc. How on earth did I forget about the range of St Dalfour jams!? I had these jams growing up but completely forgot about them. Ingredients – strawberries, grape and date juice, fruit pectin and lemon juice. Amazing! And they have the full range of flavours in Australia! Winning!

Favourite… Recipe – Anything… with cottage cheese on topchili cold - chase the red grape

Another food addiction of mine right now is cottage cheese – and I’m adding it to anything and everything. I eat it savoury predominately and just take whatever meal I am having a lump a chunk on top. So good and also adds a chunk of protein to my meals – win win!

Favourite… Workout – New 3RM Back Squat

This week was tough, and the addition of tomorrow makes it a 5 WOD week – eeep!

But the best part of my training this week was a new 3RM back squat at 47.5kg. I wasn’t aiming to PR but it felt good. I definitely think I have 50kg in me though for sure.

Weekend Plans – The Open tomorrow morning along with recovery, the weekly shop and froyo. Sunday we are meeting with friends for breakfast and a beach walk! Funzies!

Have a wonderful weekend folks! And good luck if you are doing 16.1!

Linking up with Heather over @LifeInLeggings for a whole host of Friday fun!

Do you have a ‘safety scare’ limit?

What is your favourite toast topper?

Do you have an item, like cottage cheese, that you literally add to everything?

Let your passion be your guide #CrossFitOpen

This post is to all my CrossFit lovers out there. But also to those who try, day in and day out, to show strength in so many forms. You are my heroes.

In a matter of hours the CrossFit Open 2016 begins. It is the one time each year that everyone has a chance. Wherever level you are at – pro, amateur, enthusiast, dreamer… right now at this point we are all in the same boat. Waiting for the announcement of 16.1…Passion - chase the red grape - CrossFit

I have been a CrossFitter for almost 3 years now. It has changed my life. It brought sport into my life. It made me see myself as a different person. Yet this will be the first time I have actually signed up for the Open.

Last year was a game changer for me. Scaled was an option. I no longer had to be of ‘elite’ strength to take part. Yet I still had doubt – was I even good enough for scaled? Surely my ‘strong’ and their ‘strong’ are two different concepts. Surely…? I doubted myself enough to pass on signing up. And what happened? I did the WOD’s anyway… and was ‘strong’ enough for to participate in every single one.

So where was my actual weakness? My belief in myself.wallballs - chase the red grape

Fast forward to 2016. I train at a new box, I have moved to a different country, heck a different hemisphere! And when my coach asked me if I was going to sign up for the Open this year I replied with no hesitation – ‘Yes’.

Is this because I know I can do it, know I can ‘lift the weight’? Partly. But in reality we don’t know what to expect – it is Castro after all!

So why the sudden confidence? Because I have realised – I don’t have to be the best to love it. I don’t have to be perfect, lift the most or be number one. There is just one thing I need and that I have in abundance. Passion. It’s what we all have – and that is why we are strong.

It really is what CrossFitters all have in common, our passion for the sport. Whether you train 4 times a week, pop in now and again or are a pro – we are all athletes who strive to be stronger.weight plates - chase the red grape

When you start CrossFit, you look at the weight on the bar, the number of pull ups, the sprint times and see those numbers as a measure of your strength. Yes they exist, yes they are important but they are only half of the package. A big chunk of our strength comes from our passion. It’s why we keep going, keep running, keep picking up the bar… our mental strength matters. And it is why I feel so strong – strong enough to compete in the Open.

I am determined. I am driven. I am committed. And that is why I will succeed. I don’t need to prove this to anyone – except myself.

For me, my mental strength shines while I CrossFit. For others it may be a different sport, hobby, their career, within their relationships… let your passion be enough. Let your passion be your strength. It will take you far if you let it.barbells  - chase the red grape

For all you passionate, driven, confident CrossFitters (and individuals) out there, you are my heroes. You inspire me to let my passion be my strength, to believe in myself. To know that no matter what the outcome, if I love what I am doing then that will be enough.

Heroes try. Heroes give their all. Heroes never give up. Be your own hero. Be a hero to your peers.

Whatever comes up on February 26th and whatever we face in the weeks after, just remember to go ‘head first’ into it. Let your passion be your guide. Let it be enough.

Linking up with Amanda @RunningWithSpoons for ‘Thinking Out Loud’.

Have you ever let your passion lead the way?

Do you have a hobby, sport or interest that you love but aren’t necessarily the ‘best’ at?

Who inspires you?

5 Top Tips on a Tuesday – How to be more kind to yourself

Hi I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jen and I am a bully. A real nasty piece of work.

Oh but don’t worry, I only say horrible, nasty things about one person in this world. Myself.

Hands up who else out there is in the same boat as me. Who can be full of kindness, compassion, trust, devotion, honesty, happiness for so many other people but struggle to be anything but harsh, critical and straight up mean towards themselves.

I am getting better, but still have a long way to go in appreciating myself and realising that I am enough in so many areas of my life. Everything can be great and then all it takes is one moment and I’m the bully again.

So I write this ‘5 Top Tips on a Tuesday’ post to you as a friend, to many as a Health Coach but also to myself as a reminder every day on ‘How to be more kind to yourself’.how to be more kind to yourself - chase the red grape

Positive out of negative

This tip often features in many of my posts and I cannot stress enough how important this change in mindset can be. There will always be tough times, struggles, down days and bashing thoughts – how we react to them is another matter. Address those negative thoughts head on, don’t wallow in them. How can we turn this around? What have I learned? How can I move on? Allow yourself to see the positive.

Freedom of time

You can give yourself time whenever you wish. You own your time – you can choose what you do with it. Give yourself the time to rest and relax. Give yourself the time to spend with friends, family or even alone. Give yourself permission to recharge and do so without the guilt. Remember you are in charge of you.

Release that sense of expectation

We all put great expectations on ourselves, more so than we do on others. Yes we have goals, yes we have dreams and desires but do we need to be so harsh when we do not reach them? Big or small? Next time you don’t meet your own expectations ask yourself how you would react if a friend was coming to you with this problem. Would you show compassion? Would you try and help them solve the issue or reveal to them how much they have actually achieved? You bet. Do the same for the most important person in your life – YOU.

If you believe you will achieve

In order to fully treat yourself with kindness you have to believe in yourself. When others come to me with their goals I encourage them in every way possible, helping them to plan their journey and support them along the way. But when I establish a goal for myself, do I follow with the same encouragement? I wish I did. Sometimes our own failures stem from not believing that we could. Believe in yourself to achieve.

Review and grow

You know I like to review. As I mentioned last week, reviewing helps us to see how awesome we actually are. Stay on the positive – what have you done this week? In the past 5 years? Since you graduated? How many positive relationships do you have in your life? What fears have you conquered? You have survived and thrived in so many ways. Use your skills, talents, journeys, stories and experiences to grow and develop, not to beat yourself down. No one is perfect and there is always room to grow. You just need the right mental ‘feed’.

So lets band together, try and instil some of these practices in our lives in order to be a kind and compassionate friend to ourselves!5 TOP TIPS ON A TUESDAY

Are you your own bully?

Do you find it hard to be compassionate to yourself?

Tell me something awesome about yourself that you are proud of.

Week In Review – Feb 22

Hi all,

How are you? How was your weekend?

I had such a lovely weekend, it was a bit cooler and we simply decided to relax. Everything was done at a natural pace – you know, that pace you try and tell yourself is far too slow to get anything ‘productive’ done but the pace you know is the best for your health. Yep that one.

Can you imagine how the working week would go if we all worked at our natural pace? Would it take longer to get things done, yes probably. Would we all be happier, less stressed, alert and more ‘with it’ – I think so. Would we in turn be better ‘workers’…. hey, maybe I’m going a little deep now, so I’ll let you decide on that one 😉week in review - chase the red grape

Now it’s time for today’s star attraction, my ‘Week in Review’! Linking up with Meghan over @CleanEastFastFeets who encourages us to shout from the rooftops and toot our own horns over the weeks triumphs, big and small, new and routine and to give ourselves one big pat on the back for a job well done.

Lets hit it!

The usual suspects….

I meal planned, food prepped, shopped and cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner (bar 1 meal) for David and I last week. And I enjoyed it! (there was literally no light when I took this pic…!)dinner - chase the red grape

I did the monthly banking bits and bobs – made sure all the bills were paid and everything was in tip top shape.

I did the washing and ironing – bar ironing David’s work shirts and trousers, he does his own (horn toots for him!)

I wrote 2 blog posts for Chase the Red Grape and another post for the Green Goodness Co – will let you know when it’s up!pep talk - chase the red grape

I caught up on my blog reading and responded to all my comments.

I went to my favourite store and stocked up on all the store cupboard essentials. It also happens to be where they sell my favourite coconut water…market - chase the red grape

I meditated 5 times last week – mon – fri – same time, same place = routine works!

Brewed and bottled a batch of kombucha.

Other triumphs…

I learned how to cook steel cut oats in the slow cooker! Life changer!coffee beach - chase the red grape

I went on a beach walk – with coffee and David

I visited the Summer Salt market and just sat in the shade with David for almost an hour listening to live music – we hardly ever ‘allow’ ourselves to do that! It was bliss.summer salt - chase the red grape

We went to our favourite restaurant Heirloom where chef Pete Evans cooked and served us an amazing 6 course seafood dinner.heirloom - chase the red grape

I sat and watched a film (fair enough it was over 2 days but the film was over 3 hours long!) – JFK – such a classic and can’t believe I hadn’t seen it already. If you haven’t, watch it!

Took time to sit, write and let the words flow. No limits, no ‘writing rules’, simply whatever flowed… and loved every minute of it. ‘Allowing’ myself the time to do this has been an eye opener.

Finally finished Downton Abbey – the entire series. Was anxiously awaiting the finale which my mum was lovely enough to buy the DVD and post to us in Australia! It ended very well, I am content.

Had a chat with David about my writing, plans for the future (career wise) and passions. We usually talk quite often about these things but always good to review and give each other some advice.

And enjoyed a lovely lunch date – because you can never have enough time 🙂Health Freak - chase the red grape

Do you think you would flourish from working at your natural pace?

Have you watched JFK?

If you came to Australia and we went for a lunch date what would you like to eat?

Currently – February

Hi all,

First off can I just say how much I loved your feedback on my ‘How to give yourself a pep talk’ post from Tuesday – it so great to hear that there are many of you out there who believe in themselves and know that they have the courage and determination to succeed in anything they put their minds to!

Even David sent me a message from work saying he had read my post and finished going ‘YES I can do this!’ – gotta love that buzz when you are nearing the end of a work day!Currently - Chase the Red Grape

Today is the day of the month where I get to share all the details of what’s going on in my world right now – my highlights, if you will!

Thinking out loud with my fellow date lover Amanda over @RunningWithSpoons (who has just posted an amazing recipe for almond fudge protein bars by the way) for the February edition of ‘Currently’!

Current… book – Still on Sherlock!sherlock - chase the red grape

I don’t get much reading time, probably about 20 minutes per day so it’s taking me a while to get through this book – but I am loving it though! And I already know what my next book will be – it’s time to revisit Harry Potter!

Current… music/ podcast – ETP Podcast

So I am changing this one to music/ podcast now seen as I hardly ever listen to music!

My fav podcast right now is the Eat to Perform one – awesome for learning more behind the science of metabolism, eating for athletes and just general interesting information on training.

Current… obsession – Snapchatsnapchat - chase the red grape

I adore snapchat and love posting throughout the day! No editing, just real snaps from my life – mostly food if I am honest! Ha! Come follow me on chaseredgrape (website name just minus ‘the’).

Current… craving – Frozen cherries

Actually I am craving all the food right now. Finally eating to support my training = change in metabolism = more hunger!cherries - chase the red grape

But these little beauties are just awesome for helping cool me down, along with keeping the snack monster at bay!

Current… food – Byron Bay Mueslimuesli - chase the red grape

This is an example of one of the gems I am enjoying at night with almond milk before bed. Very delicious with chunks of macadamias! Looking forward to trying the other flavours.

Current… drink – Coconut watercoconut - chase the red grape

Another winner in the cooling department! There are so many different coconut waters out there and they all taste so different. Just take a peek at the ingredients to make sure it’s 100% coconut and enjoy trying to find one to fit your tastes. I often find I prefer the ones in a can over a carton – they tend to be sweeter.

Current… procrastination – See obsession…

Current… blessing – Living beside the beachbeach - chase the red grape

Every time we head to the beach I feel so lucky and blessed. I will never get tired of the white sand and turquoise water. I know how lucky I am and promise I will never take it for granted. Simply stunning.

Current… excitement – The CrossFit Opencrossfit open - chase the red grape

Yup it’s that time of year again, only 1 week to go. First time I have signed up (even though I did the WOD’s for the past 2 years anyway…) and I can’t wait to get stuck in. All the speculation is starting on what the WOD’s will be… all I know is that they will be HARD!

Current… bane of my existence – Needing hot water to be clean!

Showers. I hate them anyway (yes I am one of those weirdos…) but I hate them even more right now. It’s hot and all I want to do is stand in the cold water – but I know you need some heat in order to get clean! So I go cold – warm – hot and scrub up – warm to rinse – cold to cool down again. And I barely need a towel to dry… #aussielife

Current… TV show – My Kitchen Rules

Do you have this show where you are? It’s new to me but I am loving it! Also chef Pete Evans is one of the judges and I love his food. Had to laugh when I went to an exclusive 6 course tasting menu last night with Pete himself. Went from a judge on MKR to cooking (and serving) me my dinner! I could get used to that!

Current… mood – Pretty darn happy! 🙂David and Jen - chase the red grape

Happy Thursday folks!

If you could eat anything right now what would it be?

Do you like showers and baths?

What are you excited about?

5 Top Tips on a Tuesday – How to give yourself a pep talk!

Hi all,

I read that yesterday was the day, on average, that most people give up on their goals/ ambitions/ dreams/ resolutions for the year ahead. And I wonder why?

Too hard? Too time consuming? Not seeing results? Never got started in the first place? Don’t enjoy it?

It seems such a shame to go to such efforts to start something and not finish it or to not give it enough time. How many of us adored our jobs the first month in and didn’t have any doubts over it? Did you quit? I bet not.

So what made us stick with it? The potential? The reward (salary)? Because someone else depended on you?

Now I am not one to advocate sticking with something you dislike or even hate. But giving up because you can’t be bothered or don’t believe in yourself – that’s not good.

For this weeks ‘5 Top Tips on a Tuesday’ I bring to you tips on ‘How to give yourself a pep talk’ – whether you need it to re-start a goal, give you some drive or just that little push you need in life, we all have it within us to be our own mentor and cheerleader!pep talk - chase the red grape

It’s all about you

This is your life, your path and your future. You must put you first. If there is something out there that you want YOU have to go and find it and catch it. There are no ‘do overs’ in life and it certainly is too short for regrets. Make this year the year of YOU.

Help yourself to help them

Feeling selfish after reading the above? I know I feel it sometimes when I put me first. But more often than not, putting YOU first is actually what is best for everyone. Feeling guilty about going out for a workout rather than spending time at home, for example? How will a healthy, fit role model of a parent affect your child growing up? Probably in a very positive light I bet!

Choose positivity

In every situation we always have a choice – to act positively or negatively. Next time you find yourself down heartened at work, home or during training decide to chose positivity. There are some situations for example, burning your toast, that this may be difficult but on the whole it can work if you let it. Didn’t make a PR today – maybe you needed that failed lift to find your weaknesses and improve on technique. Missed out on a promotion – maybe that wasn’t your perfect role and something more suited will be on its way.

Ask why?

Have your goals gone belly up? Ask yourself why and go deeper into the issue. Did you really set enough time aside to achieve it? Did you commit enough? If not how could you be more invested? It’s too easy to blame a multitude of external factors. Sometimes when something isn’t working we are to blame but it also means that we know the answer on how to fix it – however scary that might be!

Toot your own horn

Toot it loud and toot it proud! I hate to say it but sometimes if you don’t toot your own horn, no one will toot it for you. Harsh but nevertheless a reality. And I know everyone has plenty of talents, achievements and successes within them, they just need to be vocal about it. Finding it tricky to think of some? Why not try jotting down a daily achievement and looking back on them each week to see what you have accomplished. Or join Meghan @CleanEastsFastFeets for her ‘Week in Review’ link up to see the everyday things people are proud to have achieved.

So lets take responsibility for our actions and results. Look in the mirror and give yourself that pep talk – I’m pretty sure the refection wont bite!5 TOP TIPS ON A TUESDAY

How are you with self discipline?

Can you easily choose positivity in a situation?

Have you ever given up on a goal? Why and what happened next?

Friday Favourites – Feb 12

Hi all,

And welcome to Friday! The best day of the week, in my opinion, as you know you have the whole weekend ahead of you!

I am super excited because I get to go to the beach tomorrow! Throughout this whole heatwave I have been day dreaming about the sea… I swear the amount of time I have lost this week, away in my thoughts… good thoughts to be having though!

I never thought I was a fan of the sea and swimming in it (or treading water, splashing, wave jumping as I tend to do!). I actually wasn’t that fussed about the beach side of things when we first moved here. But all that changed once I finally got into the crisp blue water… and was completely taken out by a wave!

I was shocked, couldn’t speak, was completely drenched and gasping for breath… but once I realised I was ok I then realised how much fun it actually had been. It took ‘being thrown in the deep end’ to realise that the water was nothing to fear… and now I adore it. (And I just forget about the whole Australia/ shark part of things :-S )Friday Favourites - Chase the Red Grape

To continue on the theme of things I love and adore, lets check out my Friday Favourites this week!

Favourite… Moment – Zoolander 2blue steel - chase the red grape

David and I won tickets to see the special screening of Zoolander 2 in Perth on Wednesday and it was everything I had hoped it would be and more. If you were a fan of the first, go see it! We spent the whole day practising our ‘Blue Steel’ and took this snap on the way home! Haha!

Favourite… Feeling – Cold

Yup I don’t feel no shame in saying that my favourite feeling this week was on the rare occasion when I felt cold. The only way to achieve this was to stand in a cold shower. And I did.

Favourite… Purchase – My desk fanfan - chase the red grape

David bought this for me as a present on Wednesday – I love him! Who knew such a little USB fan could provide everything in terms of my cooling needs! And it’s a pretty pink colour too!

Favourite… Food/ Drink – Frozen Cherriescherries - chase the red grape

I bought these for the first time last week and I am hooked. I eat them frozen as you can easily chew them – like little mini fruit ice pops! If it’s not too chilly where you are I seriously recommend going to the frozen section of your supermarket and picking them up – next on my list is to make them into a smoothie!

Favourite… Recipe – Chilichili cold - chase the red grape

So I was cooing over this chili on Monday in my week in review post and I am still loving all the leftovers now. I remembered Juli saying in her recipe post to try it cold – so I did, with butternut squash, salad and cottage cheese… I think it’s my favourite way of eating it!

Favourite… Workout – This little doozy…

Against a 3 min clock

10 deadlifts

10 hang power cleans

10 front squats

max effort double unders in remaining time

rest 1 minute

Repeat for 4 rounds in total (score is total double unders)

It was not easy but I loved it. I went with a weight that was heavy and 2/3 weeks ago I would have been scared of… but I nailed it!

Weekend Plans – Meeting David after work for some drinkies with his colleagues. Beach tomorrow and then the weekly shop. Sunday we are having a Valentines Day out to Fremantle – breakfast followed by a wonder around the market – will snapchat it so check me out! (chaseredgrape)

Happy weekend everyone!

Linking up with Heather over @LifeinLeggings

Do you like swimming in the sea?

Are there any foods you eat cold that technically should be eaten hot?

What are you doing for Valentines Day?

What I ate Wednesday – Feb 10

Hi all,

I have become one of ‘those people’. The people that only talk about the weather. And it gets worse…

I’m one of ‘those annoying people’ who complain about how hot it is! I am so sorry but I cant help it!perth - chase the red grape

It’s crazy here right now. Perth was THE HOTTEST PLACE ON EARTH yesterday = mind blown. We are going into our third day of temps over 42 degrees (108F)… this is how crazy Western Australia is. Still want to come visit? Haha – no worries we have air con!

Speaking of air con, that plus ice are my new best friends right now – I don’t know what I would do without them. Melt probably…

But for now, lets take a look at ‘What I Ate’ on Monday – day one of the heat- fest. Linking up with the ever fabulous Jenn @PeasandCrayons and today’s host!

Monday Eats

Pre CrossFit 5am – cup of hot water and lemon (unpictured). Train fasted.

Post WOD refuel 7am– Protein shake and 3 dates in the car… car = air con!post workout - chase the red grape

Rushed back home to make it in time for the Super Bowl kick off! Showered first though, no one likes sitting around as a sweaty betty!

Breakfast – Super Bowl breakfast tacos!tacos - chase the red grape

2 corn tortillas, beans, salsa, Brussels sprouts, scrambled eggs and cheese. And some salad… yummy! Definitely did not miss out on super bowl delicious eats with that one!

After all the football fun was over, David headed to work and I grabbed a snack whilst writing…

Snack 5pm – iced coffee, much needed water and a mix of macadamia and pistachio nuts.snack - chase the red grape

(can I just express my confusion as to why my spell check dictionary doesn’t recognise macadamia??!!)

Lunch – Chinese stir fried rice/ cauli rice with pork, mushrooms and peasstir fry - chase the red grape

Easy to whip up and so satisfying!

Snack – Home made kombucha and a rice cake with PB.PB - chase the red grape

For when you want to eat but can’t be bothered to make anything fancy… PB to the rescue!

Dinner – Slow cooker kangaroo chilichili - chase the red grape

I adore this recipe! I have been lusting over this recipe from Juli over @1000lovelythings for too long – now was the time to make it! I simple adjusted it by using kangaroo and popping it in the slow cooker on low for 7 hours. Perfect – and so amazing on top of a sweet potato with feta!

And one more before I went to bed…

Some natural yoghurt with a couple of figs and a peppermint tea. Perfection!figs - chase the red grape

And now, once this is posted, I will be going to grab another portion of that chili for lunch (which by the way becomes even nicer the following day!), topping it with lashings of cottage cheese and seeing what carb wants to join the party!

Happy eats everyone!

What is the hottest place you have been to?

If you watched the Super Bowl what was the best thing you ate?

Do you like a spicy, smoky or mild chili?

5 Top Tips on a Tuesday – 5 reasons why you should take rest days!

Hi all,

Whether you have been with me for a while, or just a short period, you will know that I love CrossFit. It’s my sport, hobby, major interest and I love participating, watching, reading all about it.

I get up 4 times a week at 5am to train and literally jump out of bed looking forward to it.

I could do this everyday. I could extend my membership to unlimited and have a choice of going to open gym as well as training sessions. I could. But I don’t.

Why? Because I fully understand the importance of rest days. Day being plural. As much as I love my sport I love and need my body more. Part of the reason I do sports in general is to be a healthier person – this would not be the case if it was not for rest days.

For this weeks ‘5 Top Tips on a Tuesday’ I will be talking about why we all should take rest days. Even though I relate this to sport, quite a lot of this could be applied to a rest from ‘life in general’ – work, school - chase the red grape

To build and repair muscle

You train, workout, walk, run etc to be fit and healthy and to build a healthy layer of muscle. But the exercise itself is only one part of the puzzle. Training, especially weight training actually makes small tears in your muscle that then, afterwards, repairs itself bigger and stronger. But your body cant do this without 2 other things – adequate rest and fuel. If you do not allow yourself to rest then these tears, over time, can lead to injury and pain. Resting actually allows you to get stronger!

Relax your cortisol rate

Cortisol is our stress hormone. We all can feel it rise within us when we are manic at work or when family tensions are on the rise but this is the exact same hormone that increases when we exercise. High cortisol levels can lead to poor sleep, a weak immune system and poor bone and collagen development (muscle growth) – but wait, don’t we do exercise to prevent those things?! Giving your body time to lower your cortisol levels are key and rest days are very helpful in doing just that. They are even more in need if you have a stressful job for example, or any other factors which may be contributing to stress in general. Do sport to be healthy but it is not the best medicine to de-stress your body.

Rest your mind

This one relates to so many things, not just sport. It really is important to take some time to rest your mind. I can tell myself for days that CrossFit allows me to ‘be in the present’ but today, when I had this post going through my mind I realised that I just don’t stop thinking – stats, numbers, reps, even my to do list! This is why I love taking rest days at the weekend. Spending time with family, friends or even on your own, resting your mind. And you know the best way I have found to rest my mind? – the TV. Yep I am a Health Coach advocating the use of chilling out with the TV!

Indulge in other interests

I love CrossFit, but it cant be my everything. It already holds such a big part of my life and I love it for that – but I also want to be more than ‘that girl who does CrossFit’. I’m sure there are many of you out there who can relate if I remove CrossFit and add ‘running, swimming, cycling etc’. Taking a rest day pushes us to do other things – for me it gives me time to go to the famers market on a Saturday morning or hit up the beach. Catch up on my blog reading or enjoy making a more complicated breakfast rather than whipping something up quickly to hit my refuelling window.


Sleep is the most important way we can rest – after all it is when our body does most of its repairing and healing. For me, my rest days really do allow me to gain that much needed extra bit of sleep. Sometimes I still wake up at 5am after sleeping 8 hours but knowing that the alarm has not been set/ set for a few hours later gives my body the freedom to sleep as much as it needs. Listen to your body with regards to sleep. If it’s the weekend and your body is screaming out for a nap, try to indulge in one. Along with good fuel it really is the best medicine we can give our precious bodies.5 TOP TIPS ON A TUESDAY

So let’s all try and get a few rest days in this week. I guarantee your body will thank you for it!

Do you take a rest day?

If you are a sporty person, what other interests do you like to indulge in?

Does TV help you rest your mind?

Week In Review – Feb 8

Hi all,

Just finished watching the Super Bowl – good game this year! I must admit it was pretty odd to be watching it at 8am in the sweltering heat (seriously, it’s the heat today is insane!). But hey it meant we got to go to CrossFit beforehand, David had a late start to work, and we came home and made breakfast tacos! Definitely a winning morning in my book!

week in review - chase the red grape

So as most of you go to bed right now after watching the game, I hit early afternoon – time for a much needed iced coffee and some writing – week in review style – which I guess cant really include the Super Bowl as it’s Monday here and technically the start of a new week! Ha!

Hey ho, I know my gal Meghan @CleanEatsFastFeets wont mind – no rules for the week in review – unless you are too harsh on yourself, and then she might come find you! 😉

So what did I get up to last week?

The usual suspects

I meal planned and food prepped for the week

Currently rethinking all our food combos to make sure we get all we need in our meals throughout the day – tough and a lot of work but had some of the best meals this past week with ingredients I absolutely adore! So all worth itoats - chase the red grape

Speaking of food logging and work being worth it, it has been the most evident at CrossFit. We did our usual 4 training sessions last week but I kept on getting PR after PR and even hut another one today! More of the right food = more muscle building + more strength = a happy CrossFitter with a happy tummy!

And to continue on from CrossFit – I signed up for the Open…!crossfit open - chase the red grape

We did the weekly shop including a visit to our local farmers market for some in season stone fruit (nectarines are my favourite) and freshly made gluten free bread!

I cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner for David and I all week – except when we had sushi on Saturday… and I wish I had cooked…dinner - chase the red grape

I managed to meditate 3 days last week – good but could be better

I wrote and published 2 blog posts and replied to all my lovely comments

I did the washing and ironing – including the sheets… hate when it’s time to wash the sheets but love the feeling of getting into a fresh sheet bed…

The extras

I went to my favourite store in Perth to stock up on pantry staples – tapioca flour, sultanas, oats etc… but also bought these beauties – so good!tortillas - chase the red grape

We went to the beach yesterday and had a lovely walk with some iced coffees – sunny Sunday beach walks will never get old.

We had drinks in a new area of town – lovely to spend some more time with the CrossFit crew but also to find that Perth has another hidden gem full of amazing bars and restaurants… and a gelato shop…!Leederville - chase the red grape

I wrote my first article for another website! I applied to be a writer for the Green Goodness Co and was accepted, very exciting times. Handed in my first piece last week but will let you know when it’s on the site.

I unfortunately witnessed the aftermath a rather horrific accident (or we hope it was an accident) early Thursday morning. But I know I did everything I could and have met with the police to give a statement. One of those moments that shakes you to your core – but emphasises how you should always live life to the full.

I wrote a work plan for the month ahead. I am always organised but lately I have been feeling that my work is a little week to week…. so I made a plan and it makes me feel super happy. Plans and lists make my day!weather - chase the red grape

And I survived the heat for another week – but with temps over 40 degrees (105F) all this week who knows how that will work out! Hot summers are great, apart from when its simply madness to even go outside!

How has your week been? Tell me your triumphs!

What is your favourite stone fruit?

Did you watch the Super Bowl?