5 Top Tips on a Tuesday – 5 signs that you are already pretty awesome

Hi all,

Hope you are well and had a very Happy Easter!

When I was studying to become a Health Coach, one of the tasks we were asked to do was to write down a list of things we liked about ourselves. Anything from our features, to our traits, habits and personalities. I, of course, began with ‘I don’t know’ but then once I got over my modesty, I realised there are quite a few things about myself that I like.

You see so many articles out there on ‘How to be a better version of yourself’ and for so long I was reading them and even writing my own posts on them! I read one the other day and whilst the tips were helpful, it reminded me of doing the assignment above.

We are all programmed in this day and age to want more, give more, succeed more and be more. But what if in the question of ‘am I good enough’ we realised that we are already pretty awesome?

For this weeks ‘5 Top Tips on a Tuesday’ I bring to you ‘5 signs that you are already pretty awesome’awesome- chase the red grape

You give a damn

With regards to the life you live, you give a big damn. Whether that be in your career, your relationships, world issues, banking, your hobbies or all of the above, you care. If you decide to commit to something, you give it your best shot. Sometimes we fail, sometimes we succeed but you know you did your best.

You know your own voice

Whatever you speak, write, message etc is your own. You own your own voice. You create your own opinions and you are not afraid to stand up for what you believe in.

You no longer seek perfection

We all want to change things about ourselves. Heck I am constantly striving to be a better writer and CrossFitter! But there is a big difference between trying to be better at something and seeking perfection. No one is perfect and realising and embracing this fact can be a real eye opener in life.

You are confident

Confidence is a tricky one. We can all show it, but not feel it and vice versa. Confidence often comes with age and knowing and trusting ones self a little more. But knowing your pretty awesome doesn’t mean having to be confident in everything you do, it just means you are confident in the choices you make. It may be the right or wrong choice, only time will tell, but it feels right at the time so roll with it!

You are fair and equal to all

Awesome people are fair. They make great bosses, colleagues, teachers and sportspeople. They know that everyone in this world, regardless of gender, race or social standing are equal. No one is better than the other, no opinion greater than another. Everyone matters.

I hope that you can all see a little bit, or a lot, of yourself in the above. Not quite there yet? Don’t worry, all of this is within you. You just need to allow it to shine!5 TOP TIPS ON A TUESDAY

Tell me something about yourself that makes you pretty awesome?

Do you find that you see more of the above within you as you age?

How are you with being confident?

Friday Favourites March 25

Hi all,

Happy Easter! Hope everyone has a fun packed weekend ahead of them – time to chill out with friends and family and spread lots of cheer!

Hopefully, like us, you will have the long weekend off work. It has come around so fast this year, always sneaky when it hits March instead of April, that we are trying to remember all the things we had wanted to do!

But I know your time is precious, so I will just get to it! Time for some ‘Friday Favourites’ action this Good Friday!Friday Favourites - Chase the Red Grape

Favourite… Moment – Date Nightdate night - chase the red grape

On Saturday night David and I went out from dinner and gelato in a really cool part of town. It was so perfect and I had such a great time, I only managed these two snaps! But hey, that massive sweet potato fry deserves to be acknowledged. And the gelato below – I have never found anything this good outside of Florence!gelato - chase the red grape

Favourite… Feeling – Holiday weekend

It’s always nice when you know you have a 4 day weekend ahead of you!

Favourite… Purchase – Lululemonlululemon - chase the red grape

So we finally went to Lulu. David got 2 pairs of shorts and I got these two pairs of tights. The patterned ones are for out and about (far too thick for training in) and the black ones for CrossFit. It may or may not still fill me with anxiety about how much they cost…. but I know they will last so that’s a major winner in my book.

Favourite… Food/drink – Srirachasriracha - chase the red grape

I think I am becoming addicted. What first started as a few drops on my eggs has now become lashings! The more you have it the stronger you want the spice! I really do think ‘heat’ is a craving and this is such an indicator of it!

Favourite… Recipe – Simple stir frystir fry - chase the red grape

I don’t know if I would even call this a recipe but it’s one of my favourite lunches. Take leftover meat, veg, rice and toss in a pan. Add 2 tsps of garlic powder, 2 tsps of fish sauce and 2 tsps of tamari, stir and cook for 2 minutes. Serve and enjoy some delish Asian inspired food!

Favourite… Workout – 16.5

Yeah I haven’t done this yet. Oh actually I am writing this in advance so when you guys read this I will have done it! I hope I survived… it’s notorious for being the toughest of the five…

Yep its the final instalment of the CrossFit Open and, because it is a holiday, we are all watching the announcement together and then doing the WOD straight after. Means I cant stress about it in advance, always good!

Weekend Plans Friday – 16.5, chill out, maybe the beach. Saturday – Mall and cinema to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. Sunday – Hopefully a trip down south! Monday – Walk around Kings Park. As per usual, check out snapchat (chaseredgrape) for pictures!

Also can I add a massive ‘Happy Birthday’ to my baby brother Paul – 27 today! Wahoo!bro - chase the red grape

What is your top spice level?

Do you enjoy simple food or like creating something a bit more complex?

Tell me about your last date night?

What I ate Wednesday March 23

Hi all,

Welcome to Wednesday – I hope yours will be filled with some mid week joy!

Every time I schedule in a ‘What I ate Wednesday’ post I panic in the days leading up to it. This post was supposed to document my eats from Sunday… but I forgot. Then it was Monday… but I forgot… then, finally, yesterday I drummed into myself ‘food = photos’ and I got there! There was a few dodgy moments, I’m not going to lie. I almost bit into many of my meals and snacks, but I feel proud that I eventually got there!what I ate wednesday - chase the red grape

So, be impressed, as I bring to you my eats from yesterday (Tuesday 22nd) – and delight in my culinary choices of the day!

Thanks to Jenn @PeasandCrayons for the link up and today’s host of the party!

Post workout – protein shake, water and datespost workout - chase the red grape

I train fasted, it works so well for me, but I know I need to refuel asap afterwards. I would definitely recommend dates to anyone looking for a post workout carb source – so good and works like a charm!

Breakfast – Scrambled eggs and ketchup – Oats with PB, jam and un-pictured almond milkeggs and oats - chase the red grape

I love a breakfast in two halves. I need my eggs, I honestly can’t imagine a morning without them. So after I tuck into them, I eat my oats with lashings of almond milk on top, never mixed in. It’s the Scottish way of eating oats (porridge).

Snack – 2 x rice cakes with jam, pistachios and iced coffeesnack - chase the red grape

Yes I know, this is a pitiful amount of jam on these cakes – I can read your mind! Totally on a pistachio kick at the moment – they are my favourite nut!

Lunch – Stir fry! 2 kangaroo burgers, cauliflower rice, regular rice, squash, peas and green beans in the mix.stir fry - chase the red grape

Snack – Kombucha, 2 coconut date bites and 2 figskombucha - chase the red grape

Week in week out we brew a batch of homemade kombucha – gosh it does wonders for my health and keeps my hair, skin, nails and gut strong!

Dinner – Crispy skin salmon, squash and broccolisalmon - chase the red grape

As you can tell, sun has gone down therefore no natural light – but you get the idea! I like my salmon skin super crispy – and alongside a good dose of veggies!

Pre bed snack – 2 slices of GF raisin toast and lashings of butterraisin toast - chase the red grape

I love this bread! Just the right amount of spice and lots of raisins = crucial! And it sets me up a treat before I head to bed. Eaten while reading Harry Potter and drinking peppermint tea.

Complete the sentence – ‘I can’t imagine a morning without…’

What are your essentials in a stir fry mix?

What is your go to pre bed snack?

5 Top Tips on a Tuesday – How to be a respectful blogger

Hi all,

Blogging has become such a big part of my life. What started almost 3 years ago as recovery therapy, has now become my outlet to the world – allowing anyone who wants to see, a glimpse into my life. I always maintain that I will be honest and open with you all. As a Health Coach, as a friend, I want to be someone you can depend on for advice, laughs and support. Blogging allows me to do this no matter where you are.

Every day people are taking their first steps into the world of blogging. Some may have businesses, others may have been following other blogs for months and have decided to take the plunge themselves. No matter what the reason may be, I love reading and hearing about other peoples passions, lives and just getting to know them and their part of the world.

Putting yourself out there is to be admired, so it makes me sad when I see other bloggers being put down – more often than not by their own blogging peers.

For this weeks ‘5 Top Tips on a Tuesday’ I am calling all fellow bloggers out there, both new and old, to read on and take heed. How to be a respectful blogger – something we could all do with a reminder on…blogger - chase the red grape

Realise that everyone is different

You have your own views and opinions. You know how you like to eat, what you like to watch, how you like to dress etc. But others may not have the same view. AND THAT IS OK. Please do not put another blogger down because you disagree with them. In order to stay sane in this world you have to be open to differing perspectives on life.

Comment because you want to, not because you think you should

A lot of advice out there for new bloggers is to comment on as many blogs as possible. They in turn will check out your site, comment back and your stats go up. While I certainly advocate commenting and I love when I get to know a reader by reading their comments on my blog, I can always tell when someone has commented just for the sake of commenting. It is quite obvious. Comment when you have something you want to say to the blogger.

Share because you actually care

Isn’t it fantastic how we can share posts with a click? Up pops the post on Facebook or Twitter, more often than not with a direct link back to the blogger. But it can follow a similar pattern to commenting. Share when you want your readers to see a fantastic post that you loved to read, not in order to get something in return.

Don’t copy content

Bloggers, both big and small, put a lot of hard work into their content. Whether you are developing ideas, recipes or advice, working on photography layouts, a lot of time and effort has gone into it. Copying work is not flattering, it is stealing. If you struggle with ideas, back off blogging for a while and let the world inspire you. It really does hurt when you find your work on another site – jumbling the paragraphs around is still stealing.

If you do want to share something on your blog, contact the blogger behind it and ask permission.

Build a community based on friendship.

The best thing about blogging is the community behind it. I speak to a lot of bloggers who have a massive readership and others who have a smaller readership than myself. For me, their stats do not matter, friendship does. Build your community based on those bloggers you connect with on a personal level, not because you think being friends with them will help your stats.

I hear many of you, I’m sure there is a community out there where you would just LOVE to be a part of their special ‘gang’. Instead take a look around – who reads and comments on your blog week in and out? Who engages with you on other forms of social media? Who do you talk about to your friends and family? They are the ones you want in your community.5 TOP TIPS ON A TUESDAY

How has blogging made an impact on your life?

Do you count bloggers as friends?

Do you comment on blogs often?

Currently – March 2016

Hi all,

Well here we are, over the mid week hump and over half way through March. I don’t envision the rest of March being any slower either, especially with Easter being next weekend! (I know!)

We have some brief ideas of what we may want to do over the long weekend but to be honest, next Saturday marks 16.5 and the end of the CrossFit Open. Final WOD usually means ‘time to make you suffer’ (as if it hasn’t already) and our movement may be pretty limited!

One thing is for certain though, I am pretty happy with these fast pace months – I always say time flies when you are having fun… although that also brings winter in… and as much as I want a break from the heat I also fear the cold again! Ha!Currently - Chase the Red Grape

For now though, let’s hit up this months edition of ‘Currently’ – linking up with the lovely Amanda at @RunningWithSpoons!

Current… Book – Harry PotterHarry Potter - Chase the Red Grape

Yes I am back on the series again for the 100th time and once again hooked! Don’t know why our libraries copy is the American version though… never understood how they could switch the word ‘Philosopher’ with ‘Sorcerer’ anyway, such different meanings!

Current… Music/ podcast – This video

Could take or leave the song itself to be honest, but paired with Elmo dancing, now I could watch it forever!

Current… Obsession – The hunt for perfect shorts

Complete #tallgirlproblems over here. I need shorts for CrossFit, it’s too hot for leggings, and my old shorts are looking a bit tired. But every pair I try on are either far too short in the leg or in the body. Let’s face it though, I just need to go to Lululemon. I will have to give them all my money but at least I will come out with shorts that work. But it pains soooo much to spend that money!!

Current… Craving – More reading time!George - Chase the Red Grape

All I want to do right now is read – HP has me sucked in. But before I started on HP I picked up this beauty from the library – it’s my favourite book in the whole world. And the story never gets old – I laughed my little heart out!

Current… Food – Cerealcereal - chase the red grape

When it has been out of your life for so long, it makes such an impact when you bring it back in! I enjoy a small bowl of either of these ‘great ingredient’ beauties before I go to bed with lashings of almond milk. Makes my tummy do a little happy dance!

Current… Drink – Iced Coffee

Every. Single. Day. The only way I can take coffee right now.

Current… Procrastination – Still snapchat…snapchat - chase the red grape

I was trying to think of something different but if I am being honest I still procrastinate to the max with snapchat – follow me @ ChaseRedGrape!

Current… Blessing – Sunrise/ Sunsetsunset - chase the red grape.

When we drive to CrossFit in the morning, we are witnessing the most beautiful sunrises, the sky is just a blast with the most unusual colour. And on Tuesday night we headed to the ocean to watch the sun set. It was so beautiful.

Current… Excitement – Melbourne!

David and I have decided our wee holiday this year will be to Melbourne! We have booked our flights, now just need to find some accommodation. Still can’t believe Melbourne is 4 ½ hours flight away – Australia is BIG people!

Current… Bane of my existence – Darkness

Ok so I love the sunrises, but my body is so out of whack now that it is dark when I get up. I don’t have a problem getting up when it’s dark, my issue lies with the fact that dark mornings = winter. In my 30 year history, winter = Christmas is coming. But Christmas has been! What good is winter when you don’t have a big celebration in the middle of it?!? This is going to be a mind bender for sure.

Current… TV show – House of Cards

Ok so we have finished the latest series, but it needed to be mentioned as it was some incredibly awesome TV.

An example of bad TV – the finale of The Bachelor… No one should tell someone they love them, that they are best friends… and then break their heart by choosing someone else. That man is no gentleman. End of rant.

Current… Mood – Tired

Yeah just a little tired at the moment. 4 training days plus another day for the CrossFit Open really takes it out of you. But we only have 2 more weeks left and then bring on an extra day of chill… although I know once it’s gone I will miss it! Ha!

No ‘Friday Favourites’ tomorrow (as today is basically an extended version!) but I hope you all have a fab weekend! See ya next week!

What is your relationship with Harry Potter?

Do you prefer a sunrise or sunset?

Have you ever had to hunt a piece of clothing down?

5 Top Tips on a Tuesday – How to leave your ego at the door

Hi all,

Have you ever felt like you were ‘too good’ for something? Or that something was ‘beneath you’?

I’m sure you have, heck we all have. I always tell you to be a bit selfish and put yourself first – but when does that become a problem? When you think you are better than another? When you rate yourself higher than the task?

‘Leave your ego at the door’

This is a phrase that is synonymous with CrossFit but I really do feel like it’s an awesome mantra for life. The Open has brought out a few ego’s from the woodwork… and left behind what CrossFit is really about – community, strength and health.

I see it in the workplace too – bloggers who will no longer comment on other blogs as they have become too successful, managers who see paperwork as something they have ‘earned the right not to do’. Or even worse, blanking other colleagues as they are not on ‘your level’.

Now these are big, bold examples and I’m sure most out there do not inflate their egos to this level. However I think we all, if we are honest, entertain this monster from time to time – and that is why this weeks ‘5 Top Tips on a Tuesday’ is all about ‘How to leave your ego at the door’.ego - chase the red grape

Realise nothing is above or beneath you

I would tell anyone to reach for their dreams. Everything is achievable if you really want it – nothing is ‘too good’ for you. But at the same time, we all need a wee reminder sometimes that nothing is ‘beneath us’. Equality means that no one is too good for anything. Sometimes, for example, us CrossFitters can get a bit big headed when it comes to our sport and comparing it to other forms of exercise. You love spinning? In my eyes that’s great and I know fine well you would probably kick my butt on the bike! But others… well they can see it as being ‘too easy for them’. Don’t be that person that brings themselves up by putting others, and their abilities/ choices, down.

Being proud vs bragging/gloating

I want you to be proud of your achievements in this world and shout about them from the roof tops! But there is a difference between taking pleasure at your achievement and gloating about it. Tell all, but try to avoid being smug. Are you inadvertently putting another down by parading your achievement? Think twice on how your assets or achievements could affect others.

Be humble

So you managed to win that competition – your essay was the best. Congratulations! But please remember all of those other entries. Those people who also put their heart and soul into winning, who have dreams of being at that level. Remember the areas in your life where you are not on top – everyone has a talent, others can be better, they can be worse, but it doesn’t mean they don’t try or might not get there eventually. Avoid arrogance.

Thank others for compliments but give honest compliments too

Getting compliments from others is lovely and too often in this modern world we actually downplay them. But they are an excellent way of showing a job well done. Try and stay humble, thank them for their compliment and use them to drive you on to other achievements, rather than inflating the ego monster.

Giving honest compliments to others is another way to bring you back down to earth. Seeing someone’s face light up when they realise you have noticed their hard work is priceless. Be a taker and a giver.

The whole world is bigger than your world

You are doing well. Your strong, intelligent and impressive. You have worked hard/ achieved/ been brave/ challenged yourself… but so have many others. Your world is important, but don’t forget your place in the bigger picture.5 TOP TIPS ON A TUESDAY

So next time you are feeling a little self important, or realise you are a little too big for your boots – remember these tips and bring yourself back down to earth!

Do you suffer from an inflated ego?

How do you deal with those with a high self esteem?

What can make your ego soar, even slightly?

Week in Review – March 14

Hi all,

Hope you are well and had a fun fab weekend!

I just wanted to pop in today to do a little ‘Week In Review’ with you all – sharing all my big and small achievements and successes from the past week or so and encouraging you to do the same.week in review - chase the red grape

In all honesty, I had a little funk on Friday – you know, those moments where you feel like you just don’t seem to be going anywhere, doing anything and you just feel a bit glum. After chatting it through with David, he actually encouraged me to do a ‘Week In Review’ post because he knew how surprised I would be when I actually had down on paper all the wonderful things I had done and achieved. And you know what, he was right!

Once again, thanks to our host Meghan @CleanEatsFastFeets for providing us with the ability to relish in the big and small and realise things ‘ain’t so bad after all! (Gotta love a bit of rhyme!).

The usual, but still fantastic, triumphs –

I meal planned, did the weekly shop and food prepped for the week.dinner - chase the red grape

I cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner for David and I – bar 2 lunches.

I bottled our kombucha and brewed a new batch

I did our international banking – remembering is the hardest part! Ha!

I meditated 3 times last week

I went to the library to write and didn’t allow myself to be distracted!library- chase the red grape

I wrote 3 blog posts, including one for International Women’s Day

I wrote another article for the Green Goodness Co.

I cleared my inbox, sent emails and replied to all my blog comments.

I did the washing and the ironing.

And the not so usual –

I competed in the CrossFit Open – going above what I thought I could achieve. Especially on Saturday when I arrived, tried out jumping chest to bar pull ups and couldn’t do one! I was surprised as I thought it would be quite simple to do but many of the girls struggled. But after an initial panic I calmed down, focussed on technique, took my time with them and boom! Did it!crossfit - chase the red grape

We finished House of Cards in 4 days – I consider this a real triumph!

I actually took some weekend time to rest, relax and recover. Especially last Monday which was Labour Day here in Western Australia – no training, just chilling out.

In conjunction with chill out time, we went to the cinema to see Hail Caesar. I love the cinema and will make sure we do it more often.

And ending on a small but nonetheless major high – I finally allowed myself to buy a loaf of GF cinnamon raisin bread. I’m a real stickler for necessity when it comes to money but realised the need for a treat like this. And will definitely buy more often for sure – it’s not even that pricey! Ha!pure bred - chase the red grape

And now it’s your turn!

Please do the same – jot down throughout the week your big and small achievements, then on a Sunday night, read them aloud to yourself. I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised! Go get ’em!

Name one of your ‘week in week out’ triumphs

Do you like kombucha?

Do you have a ‘rest and recover’ day?

Friday Favourites – March 11

Hi all,

Here we are at Friday again!

It’s been quite a short week for me, what with Monday being Labour Day and I’m kinda thankful for that. I took a much needed rest day, chilled out and gave my body the chance to have some extra sleep – which it needed. Nine times out of ten when I don’t set my alarm I wake up at the usual time anyway, ready to rock the day. Monday on the other hand, I slept in until 8 – my body needed it… and I listened.

And I will need to listen to my body again with 16.3 taking place tomorrow – only 7 minutes of action, but by the time you have warmed up, practised, done the actual WOD and warmed down, your looking at close to an hour. If it’s anything like the past 2 weeks I will also have a deadly dose of nerves and adrenaline running through me (who knows why, I do similar WODs all the time) and that always knocks me for six afterwards. Probably because people are watching me… and I hate that! Ha!

But enough of all that CrossFit chat – time for more interesting things, like what are my favourites this Friday!Friday Favourites - Chase the Red Grape

Favourite… Moment – Going out for brekkie on Sunday

First off is ‘brekkie’ an Aussie thing? Does anyone out there call it that??health freak cafe - chase the red grape

We headed out for breakfast on Sunday and it was fab! Sun, sea air and a delicious cooked breakfast at Health Freak Cafe – GF toast, poached eggs, homemade beans, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, spinach and a sweet potato cake (which was the star of the show!). If your going out for brekkie I say do it right!

Favourite… Feeling – Shocked

We have finished House of Cards season 4. Actually we finished all 13 episodes by Tuesday – total binge session on Monday helped! It was brilliant, as usual, and kept me on my toes the whole time. But now I am left with my mouth open… desperate for the next season! Why do they do this to me!

Favourite… Purchase – Vanilla Yoghurtyoghurt - chase the red grape

Now I don’t usually buy flavoured yoghurt – it’s usually filled with goodness knows what and a tonne of sugar/ sweetener. But I always check the labels when I see a new one, just in case.

This one is natural yoghurt, vanilla and sweetened with fruit juice and is simply heaven. Good job Jalna!

Favourite… Food/ Drink – Raisin Toastpure bred - chase the red grape

I used to adore cinnamon raisin bagels but with ditching gluten, they also had to go. And then I stumbled across this. I picked it up with no expectations, toasted a slice, topped it with butter… and had a taste explosion in my mouth! Full of juicy plump raisins, spiced just right and paired with the melting oozy butter – I couldn’t of asked for it to be any better. Another keeper there!

Favourite… Recipe – Crockpot Oatsoats - chase the red grape

I know I have mentioned this a few times now but it is worthy of a recipe mention! One cup of steel cut oats. 4 cups of water. Low for 3 hours. Stir occasionally. Done!

Divide into containers – keeps beautifully for a week in the fridge. Creamy oats every time without the hassle!

Favourite… Workout – Deadlifts

I didn’t PR, nor was I trying. And it wasn’t a particular WOD or anything ‘for time’. It was just nice to deadlift again today. I haven’t deadlifted in quite a few weeks now and it was so nice just to do those movements, building up to a moderate 3 reps for 3 sets.

Weekend Plans – CrossFit Open tomorrow along with the weekly shop and down time. Sunday we are meeting with folks from all over Perth who also studied/ are studying to become a Health Coach with IIN for lunch – always great to have a big chat with like minded people!

Linking up with Heather over @LifeInLeggings

Have a fab weekend folks!

Do you like to sleep in?

Thoughts on cinnamon raisin?

Anyone else binged House of Cards?

What you may not know…

Hi all,

Time for a little bit of fun I think!

Being a blogger means that you put so much of yourself ‘out there’. You share with the world your world – the ins and outs, the ups and downs, the whys and what nots. Granted you can withhold and reveal as much as you want – but I have always been honest with you guys and want to keep you up to date with all my goings-on, as dull or as lively as they might be! Keeping the secret of moving to Australia from you all was probably the hardest thing I have had to do – thank goodness I don’t see you all face to face every day otherwise I probably would have spilled the beans!

But today, I thought it would be fun to share some things with you all that you may not know about me – those little details that I know I love finding out about other people that make them unique!may not know - chase the red grape

Thanks to Tina @CarrotsNCake for inspiring this post today – I sure loved hearing all her little quirks and facts! And Amanda over @RunningWithSpoons for the Thinking Out Loud link up!

Lets begin!

I carry a tissue and lip balm with me everywhere I go – both with and out with the house. You will always find it next to me.

My favourite place in the world is Oman. I love its peace.oman - chase the red grape

When I was around 3 years old my favourite foods were brie, asparagus soup and porridge.

My favourite Disney film is threefold – Hercules, Peter Pan and the Aristocats – I can never ever pick between the three of them to put one top.

I have seen two regular season NFL games. Neither were in America.falcons - chase the red grape

I have lived in 6 cities but have never lived in my favourite city – London.

My parents were in the RAF (Royal Air Force) and I am so proud of them for this. They left when I was 8 months old.mum - chase the red grape

I don’t like getting my face wet – I swim with my head above water and I hate putting my head under the shower.

For most of my life I didn’t eat chocolate. From ages 10-18 no chocolate at all, 18-26 just white chocolate… and then I tried dark chocolate again… and have never looked back!

I was a dancer from the age of 3 through to 16 – tap, modern dance and highland dancing. I have always wished to take it up again. (smile Jen… geez!)highland - chase the red grape

I don’t like answering the phone, unless it’s David or my mum.

I was a home owner… and home seller by the age of 27. I adored that house, just not that area of the world. The only thing I miss deeply is the kitchen – it was heaven!kitchen - chase the red grape

 I have a set routine on how I check my phone – Facebook, emails, news and weather when I wake up and then snapchat and instagram with breakfast.

I remember the night my brother was born – my Dad left me with my Nanna and told me he would be back in 5 minutes. I waited up all night… and didn’t think he was coming back!

I have dined at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi and had drinks on their private beach – one of the best nights of my life. And yes they have gold bar ATMs…emirates palace - chase the red grape

And finally…

I get defensively Scottish when I talk to others with different accents. So in moving to Australia I have actually enhanced my accent rather than lose it! Ha!

Now I want to know some of your quirks and interesting facts!

Where is your favourite place in the world?

Do you have any strict routines?

What was your hobby as a kid?

5 Top Tips on a Tuesday – How to be the woman you know you are

Hi all,

Did you know that today is International Women’s Day?

I have heard of this day before and seen it come and go each year, but today, it really made me stop and think. Now, I’m not sure why, maybe it’s turning 30, maybe it’s because of the responsibility and courage I have gained from moving to Australia. Or maybe, it’s because I finally feel like I know where I belong in this world – places, people and my ability to make an impact.

I feel like this day is a day for women all over the world to stand up and feel proud. Proud of their achievements and proud of their potential for the future yet to come. A day where women can unite in this world and share their stories, their paths, hopes and dreams. To know that we are enough.

Today on ‘5 Top Tips on a Tuesday’, I want to share my own personal experience and opinion with some advice on ‘How to be the woman you know you are’.IWD2016 - chase the red grape

Focus on health and well being

Your priority in life should always be you. If you want to make a difference, affect change or help others you must put yourself and your health first. Be as kind to yourself as you would to others – rest and recover, constantly assess your stress levels, sleep and energy. Make time for your health and it will reward you with a future.

Allow yourself to just be you

As I said above, you are enough. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Sometimes others will stand in our way, sometimes people will tell you that you need to change. Trust your gut – you will know the difference between personal development and being forced to be a person your not. Also sometimes you have to realise that the only person blocking your way in life is yourself. Don’t be your own bully.

No goal too big or too small

We have always been told we can reach for the stars and achieve anything we want to in life. This is true – reach for those stars. If you want it, find a way, one step at a time. But also realise that our goals in life are so different. Right now there are women in this world who want to be doctors, lawyers, leaders and Olympic athletes. And some women have dreams of being mothers, artists, volunteers, care givers or to be able to run 1 mile without stopping. No matter what your dream, it matters. Believe in your goals and respect the goals that others have.

Be a role model

Did you have a role model growing up? Do you have one now? What qualities do they ooze?

Do you realise that you can also BE a role model? In your career, your home life, to friends – we all admire other women. If you are ever scared or afraid, just think of yourself as that role model, let that courage stem from the notion that others are watching with awe. You just don’t know who you are inspiring.

My role models are both older and younger than me. Some are entrepreneurs, some are writers, some are stay at home mothers, others are still students. But they all feed my ambition.

Be your own voice

Last but certainly not least. We all are lucky to be in a position now to have our voices heard. Just make sure that your voice is your own. Create your own opinions in this world – read and research, don’t let others sway you. Be the boss of your own mind.5 TOP TIPS ON A TUESDAY

Happy International Women’s Day folks – And remember, be kind, be ambitious, be inspiring.

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