Friday Favourites – April 29

Hi all,

If you could pick, where would you rather go? The beach, mountains, desert, forest or the city?

I feel like I am so lucky to live where I do – Perth is incredible. I am literally a 30 minute drive from them all (well, I live in the city) and the landscape is just breath taking. The only one we are missing is the mountains – Western Australia doesn’t have any, but they do over East. But I have lived most of my life in Scotland, surrounded by mountains, so I think I am good with that!forest - chase the red grape

Sometimes one of the above just sings to us, we feel at peace when we are there. Like we belong. For me, I love a mixture. I need the warmth of the city day to day, that buzz it just omits, even if I don’t go outside. I have found a new love at the beach, somewhere I thought I wasn’t fussed about but now adore – turns out I just needed WA’s golden sands. And I just love the forest, being surrounded by trees and the fresh air they exude. I loved it back home and I love it here. Then again I never came across any snakes or spiders… I may change my mind when I eventually spot one!Friday - chase the red grape

So it will come as no surprise that my ‘Friday Favourites’ this week features the forest, when we went walking on the trails of Serpentine Falls on Sunday. So different to the forests of Scotland, but still so beautiful.

So lets get to it – my favourites from the week!

Favourite… Moment – Forestselfie - chase the red grape

As mentioned above, we went trail walking in the forest on Sunday and it was awesome. Great views, lots of chat with David and some of the freshest air – perfect!

Favourite… Feeling – ANZAC DayANZAC - chase the red grape

So it was ANZAC day here in Australia on Monday – a day where we celebrate and commemorate all who have served this country. We live right next to Kings Park where the dawn commemoration service was taking place and awoke to the sound of bagpipes playing. We then went out on to our balcony and listened to the service as it echoed throughout the city as the sun came up. It gave me goosebumps.

Favourite… Purchase – Lavazza Coffeecoffee - chase the red grape

This is my favourite coffee, strong, bold and so flavourful. So you can imagine how happy I was to find this 1kg bag on sale at half price! Winning!

Favourite… Food/Drink – Citruscitrus - chase the red grape

‘Guess whose back…. back again…’ Yup the biggest plus about Winter coming is citrus coming into season again! We cannot resist these beautiful mandarins from the farmers market right now – so juicy!

Favourite… Recipe – Greek Chicken Gyros

My girl Juli knows her marinades… and loves her meat, just like me! Head on over and check out this amazing EASY recipe that will have you dreaming about being in Greece… just need some Ouzo!

Favourite… Workout – Wood

So we did the Australian hero WOD ‘Wood’ on ANZAC day and it was a doozy but such an honour to do.

5 rounds for time

400m run (we did 500m)

10 burpee box jumps

10 sumo deadlift high pulls

10 thrusters

1 minute rest.

The heavens opened whilst we did the WOD… but I guess the service personnel we are doing this WOD in honour of can’t chose the weather so neither can we. Great community atmosphere.

Weekend Plans – Saturday – farmers market, weekly shop and then off to see The Jungle Book. Sunday – the usual awesome pancakes, papers and beach walk before chilling out!

Linking up with Heather @LifeinLeggings

So which do you prefer, the mountains, forest, desert, beach or city?

What fruit are you looking forward to coming into season?

What was the last film you saw at the cinema?

How to be inspired when you mind is blank #5TTT

Hi all,

Last night I realised that I didn’t have a clue what my 5 top tips were going to be today. I turned to David and told him of my dilemma.

“Maybe I should go for something different” I stated, looking around the room for ideas. I spotted our beautiful ceramic pineapple on the table. “Ah ha!, I have it! 5 top tips on how to become a pineapple!”.

“Tip number one, buy a pineapple. Tip number two, eat said pineapple. Tip number three, buy another pineapple. Tip number four, eat that too. And tip number 5, repeat tips one through four until you have in fact turned into a pineapple”…

David just looked at me laughing…

I then thought about what I actually do when my mind is blank. I simply don’t stress about it – instead making jokes like the above.

In doing that, I actually was pretty quickly inspired by my dilemma – I decided to make this weeks 5 top tips on a Tuesday post all above ‘how to be inspired when your mind is blank’. This applies to writing/ blogging yes, but also work, home life, date plans, goals… the list can go on and on!inspired - chase the red grape

What do you know?

What should you write about? Write about what you know, first and foremost. This could be your hobby, sport, passion but could also be your achievements, day to day, hopes, wishes etc. Not a writer but unsure on what to do in life? Passion. This one word covers everything. What fires you? What sparks you up from inside and gives you that excited feeling. That there is your answer.

Go for a walk

The world around you can bring so much calm into your life, especially on foot. In order to relax and clear your mind for inspiration, take a walk and look at the world around you. It doesn’t have to be in a park or quiet area, in fact I love walking in the hustle and bustle of the city centre and doing a spot of people watching! Take your mind off finding an answer and the answer/ solution will often come to you when you least expect it.

Read/ listen/ learn

Let others inspire you. Read a book or magazine. Listen to a podcast, watch the news or your favourite current affairs programme. Allow your mind to grow. Many a podcast has inspired me and often a topic on the news has kicked off a train of thought in my head. Let all manner of information inspire you.

Revisit old ideas

We all have that list right? The one that we add ideas to, only to discount them days or weeks later. But have you ever gone back to that list? What once sparked off an idea could soon spark again now you are older and wiser. Maybe you look at the topic differently, maybe you take the opposite view now or maybe reading that list might trigger something else in your mind. Don’t throw those discounted ideas away – keep them for a rainy day.

Take a break

My biggest tip when looking for inspiration is to simply take a break. Have a puzzle at work that needs solving? Go for a coffee or come back the next day after having slept on it. Really struggling with the motivation to write? Maybe it’s just not the right time. Step away from the computer and go do one of the above. Sometimes our minds are too full and we don’t know which direction to take. This is when we stop and take a much needed break. Continuing only leads to stress = not good!5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

How do you find inspiration?

Do you prefer reading or listening in order to learn?

Have you ever gone back to old ideas only to be inspired by them?

Currently – April 2016

Hi all,

It’s a good job that I have a semi schedule for my blog. I was reviewing my work for the week ahead and I noticed that Thursday was time for Aprils edition of ‘Currently‘… seriously!? Where on earth did April go!?

I feel like its such a cliché to write a blog post and either talk about a) how quickly time is passing or b) the weather. But then I think about the fact that there is a reason why we talk about it so often – it really affects us and our everyday lives!currently - chase the red grape

I have always said that time passing quickly is a good thing – it means you are having a good time! I remember when the only time weeks would pass this fast would be during my holidays. And regards the weather, well, how many of you are feeling so much better now the sun is providing some warmth again? I read so many blogs and know exactly how much peoples moods and activities are changing now spring has fully sprung! (And for us in Australia, yeah it’s getting colder, but I shouldn’t complain as it’s really not that ‘cold’).

So a message to my readers, please feel free to talk about time passing and the weather whenever you want and feel no shame!

However, as mentioned, here comes April’s ‘Currently’ – linking up with Amanda @Runningwithspoons for Thinking out loud!

Current… Book – Harry Potterharry potter - chase the red grape

Yep still going through the series! Just finished the Chamber of Secrets and now on to The Prisoner of Azkaban. Can I just reflect back on how brilliant the Chamber of Secrets is? How come I always forget how good that one is?!

Current… Obsession – Beach Walksbeach - chase the red grape

I don’t know whether or not it’s the beautiful water, soft sand or the brilliant company of my husband but I just adore my beach walks every Sunday. There is something so peaceful about the water lapping on your legs, toes pushing through the sand and the sound waves crashing – gah I just love it!

Current… Craving – Chia Podschia pod - chase the red grape

I love these little snack pots! Very tasty, not too sweet and full of flavour. If your a texture freak I would heed a lot of caution but definitely give them a try if you spot them in your store.

Current… Food – Medjool Datesdates - chase the red grape

You guys know I love dates, but this week we went a different route and bought some of the medjool variety – fudgy, caramel goodness! I pit each one and then store in the freezer, as per Amanda’s genius suggestion. I eat them every day after training so we go through a lot in our house!

Current… Drink – Sparkling waterwater - chase the red grape

Not just any sparkling water, fancy mineral sparkling water – yes there is a big difference in taste! I pick one of these up every time I visit my favourite store Kakluas (did you catch my trip on snapchat? Chaseredgrape) and it has the most amazing clean, fresh flavour. Didn’t think anything could beat San Pellegrino but this does!

Current… Procrastination – People watching

I love working/ studying in the library but I also end up people watching… oh gosh I hope people don’t mistake me for one of those creepy people who stare!!! Eeeek!

Current… Blessing – Learning

I feel so lucky to be able to take more time out to learn – education really is something I think we often take for granted growing up but as an adult I definitely savour it more and cherish it. The Eat to Perform lectures are incredible and heavily science based – not usually my forte. But as David said to me, it’s amazing how much you can understand and enjoy something when it’s your passion.

Current… Excitement – The history of the world in 100 objects

Perth Museum has this exhibition on at the moment, on loan from The British Museum, and we are going to check it out this weekend! It sounds so fascinating and I cant wait to see what objects they pick to highlight the worlds history – 100 really is a small amount!

Current… TV show – The West Wing

Our friend Pip has been telling us to watch The West Wing for years, yet I have always put it off. We needed a new series to watch recently and thought we would give it a shot – woah this stuff is good! We are addicted, on season 2 already and I would and could sit and binge watch it for days if you let me.

Current… Mood – Happysmiling - chase the red grape

When I think about how I feel right now this word literally sums it all up. Good times!

Day off on Monday as it’s ANZAC day here in Australia but back with another 5 Top Tips on Tuesday so don’t forget to check them out!

Have a fab weekend!

Has April gone fast for you?

Have you ever watched The West Wing?

What are you currently eating that makes you go ‘holy yum’!?

How to maintain strong and healthy relationships #5TTT

Hi all,

Relationships, where would we be without them in our life? Our day to day, week to week interaction with the people around us help us to become who we are and how we act – they are one of the key pillars of a healthy life.

But do we nourish relationships the way we do other matters regarding our health such as diet and exercise? Do you give your partner, boss, colleagues, friends and family the same attention to detail?

This week on ‘5 top tips on a Tuesday’ I am bringing you some key points and questions to ask yourself regarding the relationships you have in your life. And how, with some small tweaks, you can make them strong and healthy for years to come.relationships - chase the red grape


The ability to listen and simply hear what is being said is one of life’s true gifts. Listening means being invested in what others are saying and keeping quiet, not giving advice or opinions unless asked for. We all can listen but are we really focusing on the words and their meaning?

It takes time to be a good listener and the first step is simply taking into account what you do in a conversation. Do you let others talk or are you always trying to be the one that speaks? Do you allow for silences to let others speak when they may feel hesitant? (For example in a business meeting).

Being a listener allows you to fully commit to understanding other people better.


Communication – it truly is a buzz word right now and for good reason! Has your boss ever told you that your team needs to communicate more or have you been frustrated by being put in a awkward situation as your partner never revealed their true feelings to you?

Your feelings and opinions matter. Let them count. How can others support you if they do not understand how you feel? Sometimes we need to be reminded to be the listener, and sometimes we need to do the talking in a relationship.

Be flexible

Relationships in life work when you apply a bit of give and take. Be prepared to be open. If you are listening and you don’t like what you are hearing, ask yourself ‘how will this affect me?’ ‘does it even relate to me?’ and ‘is this even worth a debate?’.

I, for example, know how much of a game changer it can be in a relationship when you put yourself in another’s shoes – ‘how do you think it would feel?’.

Tell the truth

Relationships are built on the truth and this solid foundation can steer them through even the toughest times. Telling the truth can hurt, hearing the truth can hurt but hiding it hurts even more. Keeping something inside can lead to so much stress – affecting the relationship in question but also other relationships around you. Whether big or small, honesty really is the best policy.

Realise the importance of the relationship

Is this relationship important to me? What is it’s role in my life? And does it nourish my own?

Those 3 questions are very important. It allows you to focus on how much time and effort should be given. Your partner – are they your main priority? Do you treat them as such? Your boss – do you need to communicate more? Do you understand one and other? Friendships – what do you gain from having these people in your life? Do you need to see each other more often?

Question your relationships – I have spent far too long trying to focus on friendships that I felt I ‘should’ maintain rather than ‘want’ to maintain. Life is too short for toxic friends. In doing this though I have also realised which ones nourish my world and I always make time for them.

5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

I really hope that this post just pops those few questions into your head whilst reviewing the relationships in your life. They, after all, what make life worth living 🙂

Who is the biggest relationship in your life?

Is ‘communication’ a buzzword in your line of work?

Have you ever had to let go of a ‘toxic’ friendship?

Week in Review – April 18

Hi all,

Hope you are well this Monday morning and had a fab weekend!

It’s been a while since I have posted on a Monday – but something keeps drawing me back to the wonderful therapy that is ‘Week in Review’ hosted by the vanilla gorilla Mummy Meghan!

When I was thinking about today’s post and the week just passed, I began to wonder how do we all measure a ‘successful week’? What would success entail – how much we managed to achieve, how busy we are, assessing how happy we were? Would it take into account what you did or didn’t do at work or would it just be all about those extra bits you managed to fit into your day?week in review - chase the red grape

Reviewing a week just passed on it’s ‘success’ really does lie in the eyes of the beholder. I read many reviews and think ‘gosh they did some amazing things this week’ only to find at the bottom of the post that they are disappointed they didn’t fit in X or don’t really see that there ‘every day’ tasks are just beyond belief for others.

We can measure our success by deciding it for ourselves. By realising that our actions are enough. For me, I just ask myself – ‘did you do what you could with what you had’? Did I make the most of the week by living in the present, taking in all that is around me and making the most of each daily situation? Yes Jen, I rather think you did 🙂

So let’s get listing! (By the way, a couple of these ‘I’s’ are actually ‘we’s’ – got to give David some credit!)

I did all the banking, paid the bills and budgeted for the month

I did the washing and the ironing

I wrote and published 3 blog postssocial media - chase the red grape

I meal planned for the week

I food prepped for our lunches and other meals – including making a batch of slow cooker oatmeal which I snapchatted whilst making – sorry if you missed it, follow me! (chaseredgrape)

I made breakfast, lunch and dinner each day this week! Phew!pancakes - chase the red grape

I made a new batch of kombucha and bottled the last batch

I went to the library twice to study for my ETP coach certification – the lectures are AMAZING!

I went to the farmers market to get our fruit and veg for the weekfarmers market - chase the red grape

I did a mid week shop as well as the main weekly shop

I trained at CrossFit 4 times – including PR’ing my ‘Elizabeth’ time and doing a crazy long running WOD which I did not enjoy!running - chase the red grape

As a result of the training above I was tired and a bit sore all week – so I made sure I rested when required, meditated and even took a nap!

I was published again on the Green Goodness Blog – check it out here!

I skyped my Mum and caught up with the weeks goings on – always one of my favourite highlights of the week

David and I finally explored more of Kings Park – so beautiful and literally on our doorstep!kings park - chase the red grape

We went for a Sunday beach walk and iced coffee – taking the time each week, without distraction, to listen to one and other.

Oh and I got ice cream on Friday night – all was definitely well with the world!

Tell me something awesome you did last week!

How do you measure a successful week?

Did you have ice cream last week? What flavour?

Friday Favourites – April 15

Hi all,

I think I spent most of this week like a zombie. I wasn’t poorly or anything, just pooped! We also had a few days where it rained, yup we do get rain here, although very rarely!

So with a combo of tough training, rain, grey skies and just that wee chill in the air, that was the exact recipe for being a zombie. Thank goodness for coffee that’s all I will say!

But now it is Friday, the sun has come out, it’s a bit warmer and the weekend is around the corner = zombie-ness has gone away! And I am meeting David for ice cream after work – how can that not be a winner!

So let’s kick off the weekend with a fun post filled with this weeks Friday Favourites!Friday - chase the red grape

Favourite… moment – Bedtime

I can honestly say that my favourite part of the day these past few days has been bedtime! Heading upstairs at 8.45 and in bed by 9pm. A good night time routine, including bed time, is my top tip for being able to get a good nights sleep.

Favourite… feeling – Iced coffee post WODcoffee - chase the red grape

Every Friday after training David and I pick up an iced coffee after the WOD – a Friday treat! As mentioned above, I really needed the caffeine, and after all the rowing I had just done it picked me up a treat! Isn’t this ‘hole in the wall’ amazing!

Favourite… purchase – TRESemme shampoo and conditionershampoo - chase the red grape

I have been using this combo for a couple of weeks now and I can definitely say I am in love! It really brings out the natural highlights in your hair and leaves it really soft. Also after blow drying it gives you just the right amount of volume – and normally that’s an issue for me as I have really thick hair. Definitely recommend.

Favourite… food/drink – Free range eggs from the farmers marketeggs- chase the red grape

We made it back to the farmers market last week after having been away for a while (due to the CF open being on). Oh boy did I miss my eggs direct from the farmer – they just taste so much better! Back to the market tomorrow for our fruit, veg and eggs – will snap it so check it out (chaseredgrape)!

Favourite… recipe – combosavocado - chase the red grape

You guys, we eat A LOT of the same things, our weekly food plan each week is very similar and it’s full of foods we love but just not a lot of recipes. Cora over @MyLittleTablespoon spoke this week about winning food combos and I realised that is pretty much what most of my eats are, winning combinations! Favourite combos right now include avocado and cottage cheese (as mentioned on Wednesday), oats with PB&J, salmon with sweet potato mash and broccoli and grilled veal and eggplant with tahini!

Favourite… workout – ‘Elizabeth’

Programmed this week was the CrossFit benchmark WOD Elizabeth – 21-15-9 – squat cleans and ring dips.

This time last year, I did Elizabeth with 20kg bar and banded dips. This week I did it at 25kg and a lighter band – 25% increase in weight and it only took me 1 minute longer – 10.54. Very happy with my progress!

Weekend Plans – Ice cream tonight! Saturday – farmers market, weekly shop and then an afternoon walk around Kings Park (Perth’s city park, the biggest in the world!). Sunday – the glorious usual – pancakes and papers, walk along the beach and chill!

Linking up with Heather @LifeInLeggings

Happy weekend folks!

Do you have a bedtime?

Do you like to change up your shampoo or stick to a tried and tested favourite?

Name one of your go to food combos right now?

What I ate Wednesday – April 13

Hi all,

I love looking back at all my what I ate Wednesday posts. When I look back years (!!) I notice how little I ate. I don’t allow myself to dwell on this, instead I celebrate the fact that I am now no longer in that mindset, instead eating a variety of foods that nourish my body and soul, keep me strong during training and allowing me to recover well afterwards. Hooray!

But we do not find this ideal balance without trial and error. Heck I was convinced I was eating the best for me up until the beginning of this year, until I made changes and realised that I was not eating enough for the training I am doing. David was in the same boat.

For me, food is fuel but food is also happiness. I am excited by food and flavours. Yolk and cheese porn gets me every time. I definitely class myself as a foodie and I love breakfast, lunch and dinner… oh and snack time… snack time is good.WIAW- chase the red grape

Unlike the past few WIAW’s I have done, this week my eats are from a Sunday, which is a rest day (no CrossFit) in the Fotheringham household (yeah I have a long name…). Enjoy!

Breakfast – Pancakes, the newspaper and coffee!pancakes - chase the red grape

Our Sunday ritual and I look forward to it every week! Pancakes with chocolate chips inside (recipe listed on Fridays favourites) and my toppings of yoghurt, strawberries, PB and honey – those bowls are all my toppings by the way… apart from the honey of course! I like to mix and match my toppings as I go, hence why you are not seeing a ‘completed’ picture!

Mid morning iced coffee and beach walkcoffee - chase the red grape

An iced long black (americano) and a long chat with my David before heading back out to the beach. It may be autumn here but can you blame me for wanting to get back outside to views like this…beach - chase the red grape

Lunch – Squash, leftover grilled veal, salad and tahiniLUNCH - chase the red grape

Basically ‘what needs using up in the fridge’ meal… with salad and tahini!

Snack – Dark cacao chia podchia - chase the red grape

I confessed my love for these on Friday. The banana one rocked and I was dying to try another flavour so picked this up. This flavour is amazing too – a rich cacao flavour with just enough sweetness to take away the bitter. You still need to love cacao though!

Snack 2 – Pistachiospistachios - chase the red grape

My nut of choice right now!

Dinner – GF toast with avocado/cottage cheese mix, roast turkey, eggs and BBQ sauce… and saladavocado - chase the red grape

Ok confession time, I never used to ‘get’ the big deal about avocado toast… then I actually tried it! Never knock anything until you try it! Also next time you whip up some, try mixing cottage cheese into it – game changer! It makes your mix creamy, light and stretches it out even further. Top with eggs and hunks of turkey (there is loads hiding under the eggs) and we have a winner dinner!

Pre bed snack – A bowl of gorilla munch and almond milk plus an unpictured peppermint teagorilla munch - chase the red grape

Leaving my tummy satisfied and ready for bed!

Big thanks to Jenn @PeasandCrayons and Arman @thebigmansworld for the WIAW link up!

What is your go to Sunday breakfast?

We are having coffee, what’s your order?

How do you feel about avocado toast?

5 ways in which social media can enrich your life #5TTT

Hi all,

Social media. It’s a hot topic right now and not always for the better. More and more, I feel I am being bombarded with opinions that ‘social media is bad for you’, ‘people spend too much time on social media’, ‘we need to switch off’.

Of course, it is certainly a factor that people are spending more and more time on electronic devices instead of ‘looking up’ but is social media really the problem that many are making it out to be?

What if I said social media can be fantastic, to the point where I believe it can enrich the lives of all of us?

For today’s 5 top tips on a Tuesday, I will reveal to you 5 ways in which social media can enrich your life. It can certainly be a healthy, positive part of your everyday routine and something to feel happy to have in our current media - chase the red grape


I begin with the biggest reason as to why social media enriches our lives – the development, strengthening and maintenance of relationships. Social media enables me to, on the other side of the world to my family and friends, be a part of their everyday lives – keeps me laughing, smiling and crying with the big and the small. It means we can keep in contact with those we went to school or university with, even though we have different lives in different places. There is simply no reason anymore not to keep in contact.

Social media has also enabled me to develop upon friendships made through blogging. So many people I have gotten to know, and who have gotten to know me through social media posts and comments. Friendships I know would not have existed without SM.


Social media can inspire us – everything from motivational quotes on Instagram, arts and crafts projects on Pinterest to cooking videos on Periscope… it helps us to believe that we can, because others did. Use the hints and tips, step by step guides, videos and pictures to expand your desire and know how. Know that you are never alone anymore because someone else is going through the same thing.

See the world

Through social media, we can see the world. The difference is that SM allows us to see the world through the eyes of the people. We like, share, regram all kinds of wonderful pictures and information from all over the world. I love snap chatting the beaches and hidden gems of Australia and adore watching others post from their home town. When we post, it’s every day life. But to the watcher or reader, it’s exciting and adventurous!


Do you watch the news every day or read a newspaper? If something big happened how would you find out? I’m certain that for most, it may be Facebook or Twitter. Stories can be shared quickly and fast via social media, keeping us all informed and updated. Social media also enables us to read the smaller stories that spread through likes and shares, meaning we are not dependant on big media and their overall choice of story.

I also have learned a great deal through the likes and shares of articles, videos etc on topics of various interest. I read 2 today – one on Disney films and the other on nutrition!

Keep up to date with technology

And last but not least, social media keeps us up to date with technology and how to use it. Remember back to when you first logged on to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? It was tricky to understand, right? But now you could navigate it with your eyes closed! Social media means that we keep developing our technology skills –  learning new skills in life is such a bonus and a key to long term mental health! Age is no longer an excuse – social media is not just for the ‘young ones’! My Mum is a proficient Facebook user and has even met an online community for ex female RAF nurses! They support each other through everything and I know my Mum feels lucky to have those additional cheerleaders in her life!5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

So next time you hear a grumble about social media and it’s ‘negative’ effects on society, have a few of these up your sleeve!

Do you enjoy social media?

Do you feel it has a positive effect within the relationships in your life?

What is your favourite form of social media?

Friday Favourites April 08

Hi all,

Hooray for Friday! Right now I have had far too much coffee annnd have just made another iced coffee but hey, it’s Friday right, so allowed?!?

I made enough iced coffee for 2 so anyone want to come and join me? Granted when most of you read this it will probably be night time here but that’s ok, can just open a bottle of wine instead 😉Friday - chase the red grape

Ever have those days where you are just really happy but it isn’t for any particular reason? That’s me right now, yeah it could be the fact that I have coffee, or the fact that it is Friday but I just love this feeling. It seems the perfect emotion to have when revealing my Friday Favourites from the week!

Favourite… Moment – Beach walkin’, coffee and talkin’coffee - chase the red grape

David and I have developed a Sunday routine now that I just adore. Pancakes and coffee in PJ’s while reading the newspaper – then we get washed a dressed and head off to the beach. Sand in our toes, wind in our hair… then we chill out at one of our favourite coffee joints, sipping and looking at the sea… and then have a walk back. All the time chatting away. In fact we never run out of things to talk about!

Favourite… Feeling – Learning

I adore learning, in fact if I could just study for the rest of my life I would be super happy. So I am back on the learning train, delving deeper into my interest in sport and exercise nutrition and becoming an Eat to Perform Coach. Going back to the ‘science’ side of things is a big change for me (my degree is in History after all!) but I am soaking it all up like a sponge and loving every minute of it!

Favourite… Purchase – Melbourne accommodationmelbourne- chase the red grape

This week we made our final purchase for our trip to Melbourne in June. We booked via Airbnb for the first time and I am really excited about the apartment we have rented out. Now I’m not one to wish the time away but I am sooo excited about this trip! Started researching what we want to do while we are there already… oh what the heck, my research so far is entirely food related 😛

Favourite… Food/Drink – Chia Podchia pod - chase the red grape

I remember having one of these back in the UK a while ago… I don’t even remember what I thought about it at the time. But they were on offer here this week so I decided to pop one in my basket and give it a go… and I am so glad I did! 3 ingredients – chia, banana purée and coconut milk – those simple flavours work so well together and I can’t wait to try some more of the range!

Favourite… Recipe – Pancakes (don’t ask me why I don’t have any pics of this… I have just spent 30 mins in my archives looking for one… to no avail…)

Have I ever shared my Sunday pancake recipe with you all? Probably not as it is so simple! Per person – 1 egg, 1 banana and 1 scoop of protein powder – mash, mix and cook in ¼ cup measurements… it’s that easy. I top mine each week with yoghurt, PB, honey and whatever berries are on sale. Fantastic!

Favourite… Workout – Snatches and rowing

Sometimes it doesn’t have to be a PR or a killer time to have been great. Sometimes it is as simple as making progress that makes it wonderful. Snatches are not my best friend and I really struggle upping the weight on them, but this week I felt the best I have ever felt with them, proving that either I am getting stronger or my movement patterns are developing well, or both!

I have always been pretty good at rowing but after watching some WOD Doc videos and trying out a few different types of techniques over the past week or two, I have really been able to find the way to move that works perfectly for me. Really pleased!

Weekend Plans – Saturday plans right now are a bit up in the air! Weekly shop for sure but hopefully the farmers market and bulk food store too. Then Sunday, our usual as above, plus some much needed chillax netflix time 🙂

Hope you have a fab weekend!

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How are you feeling right now?

Where are you going on holiday this year?

Do you have a Sunday routine?

Promoting health #worldhealthday2016

Hi all,

Today is World Health Day, created by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to emphasise the importance of health across the globe.

The word ‘health’ to me is so important. It defines how I live, how I act and my choices everyday. It’s the theme behind my writing, my blog and a lot of my relationships. It’s important to me and it should be important to us all in order to live a long and substantial chasetheredgrape

So what is ‘health’ and what does it entail?

For me, health encompasses these major factors – diet (what you eat, not restriction), movement, sleep, stress management, community and family and mental strength. It is so much more than the ‘medical’ ‘clinical’ meaning that so many of us associate with the word.

In order to celebrate World Health Day and to work alongside WHO in promoting health, I am rounding up some of my favourite 5 Top Tips on a Tuesday posts which are filled with information on how to live a full, healthy life – which of course is the aim of these posts!

Check them out and enjoy reading!

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Wishing you all the best of health, as always.

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What does the word ‘health’ mean to you?

Are there any aspects of health that you would like more info on – for future 5 top tip posts?

Tell me one thing you do to stay healthy?