5 habits and how you can implement them in your life #5TTT

Hi all,

We all have good habits and bad habits, right? We talk about our bad habits a little too often, allowing them to beat us down, feeling like we have no control. But what about our good habits? The ones that have become a part of us, the big and small, that we are surprisingly secretive about?

How did these habits come to be in our lives? How did we manage to train ourselves to do these things, both good and bad, day in and day out?


Yep that one word rules all when it comes to our habits – all of them are set in place (or indeed broken) by our routine.

We weren’t born with the desire to clean our teeth before bed every night – it simply became a habit because we made it a part of our daily routine. Many folks think that to instil their desired habits in their lives they require a certain degree of willpower – but I am here to tell you that willpower is a minute detail in the creation of habits, all you need is the desire and action to make it a part of your routine.

We are, after all, ‘creatures of habit’, so I thought today I would bring to you 5 habits that I have in my life that I am pleased and proud of. Now I am not saying that all of you out there would want or need these habits in your own life, more that you can learn from how I implement these habits into my daily routine and use the tips to decipher and action what you want (or want to grow) in your life. Easy peasy!HABITS - chase the red grape

Going to bed

Like clockwork, I am in bed, lights out, by 9pm each night. I get 8 hours sleep every night and wake up, often just before my alarm, at 5am. Setting yourself a bed time is key to ensuring you get the required amount of sleep each night. Your body will thrive from gaining a set amount of hours each night and reward you with more energy during the day. Work out when you need to get up in the morning and minus 8 hours – there is your bed time. Try to stick to this every day, winding down about half an hour before hand to get changed, clean teeth etc. Even if you aren’t sleepy for the first few days your body will soon get used to the fact that you wish for it to go to sleep at this time every day. It will recognise patterns in the routine.

Exercise/ Training

I train 4 times a week (plus one mobility session on a Saturday). I am ready to rock and roll for every session at 6am – thanks in a large part to my set bed time. But the main reason I am able to jump straight to it is because I have set training days – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. I don’t think about ‘do I want to train’ or look at the WOD to see if it’s something I fancy doing. If its one of my training days I train, regardless.

Choosing whole foods

This is the one that most folks associate with ‘willpower’ but honestly, once choosing whole foods becomes a habit, you wont look back. Make it easy for yourself – shop at your local farmers market where all the seasonal fruit and veg is just too tempting to resist. If you have to go to the supermarket, make a shopping list and only buy what is on the list. Not only will you eat well, you will save both time and money!

Breaking the bond with my phone

I have made a deal with myself – I don’t pick up my iPhone after 6pm. Yes there are exceptions and I am not going to deny that (a message from my Mum in the UK for example) but as a whole, this is what I do. Why? Because I was tired of spending the whole evening looking at a screen, after a day of looking at a screen. Nothing is happening on Facebook or Instagram that can’t wait until morning. If something is urgent, they will call.

It was super hard at first but I feel such a release for doing it. I am calmer in the evening, I feel more tired and ready for bed and I also sleep better. Feeling the rewards of instilling a habit makes it easier to keep up the routine.


I will put my hand up with this one and say that this may come easier for me because I don’t drive… but I do walk everywhere, and love it! Walking is so cathartic and allows us to move, stretch and help us digest – both physically and mentally! If you want to bring more walking into your life try picking a few locations that you could easily walk to – the library for example. Make a routine that every time you go to the library you do so by foot. Or do you have a favourite podcast? Make a routine of only listening to it if you are walking –  a mini deal with yourself.

Tell me a habit you are proud to have!

Do you have a good working relationship with your phone?

Have you ever had to make a deal with yourself to commit to a routine?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Currently – August 16

Hi all,

Phew. Sorry for going M.I.A on you all this past week – that cold I told you about on Friday? Yeah that just got worse and worse.

I will spare you all the snot filled details, but suffice to say that by Tuesday I was spending the day with my duvet on the sofa, sleeping and feeling truly sorry for myself…

But the great news is that I am finally feeling better! Some good nights sleep paired with lots of hot drinks and TLC and I am, fingers crossed, on the mend.currently - chase the red grape

I was pretty pleased when I checked in with my diary this morning and found that today’s post is this months edition of ‘Currently‘ – a fun read for all you guys and a fun write for me to get back into the swing of things!

Linking up with Amanda over @RunningWithSpoons for Thinking Out Loud!


Book – Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Soon to be Deathly Hallows… Don’t know what I will do when I finish reading the series (again). Ok will probably go on to read the new one, but I need a new series in my life. Any suggestions?

Obsession – Wildlife Spottingducks - chase the red grape

It’s the time of year again when animals and birds start popping out from the wood works (spiders and snakes you can stay put!). I’m loving seeing them all, whether it be the bandicoot we spotted the other week or the ducklings I found on my walk yesterday. So cute!

Food – Balsamic Vinegarbalsamic vinegar - chase the red grape

A good balsamic is a cupboard staple! I marinade chicken in it, add it to my shepherds pie mix, use it in stir fries – you name it, it can pack a major flavour punch to it!

Drink – Hot Chocolatehot chocolate - chase the red grape

Nothing beats a good hot choc when it’s cold but it is hard to find an easy mix in that’s good to go and not full of nasties. This fairtrade one by Oxfam is outstanding. Organic raw cane sugar, cocoa and a bit of salt and that is it. Believe it or not, it even tastes great mixed into hot water if you can’t be bothered to heat up some milk.

(I never would have even tried that but when I sampled it at the store I was super shocked when she said it was made with water over milk!)

Procrastination – Social Media

Snap Chat, Facebook, Instagram oh my! These past few days of being sick have meant that when I wasn’t sleeping I was usually on my phone ‘scrolling’. Not good. But I like to think I do, as a whole, have a good relationship with my phone. Not picking it up after 6pm (apart from turning my alarm on) as an example.

Blessing – Living in Perthperth - chase the red grape

Had another one of those ‘oh my goodness I live here’ moments yesterday when I took myself out for a walk. The sky was clear blue, the river a beautiful turquoise, palm trees are springing into life again and around every corner was something to smile about. Life is good.

Excitement – Springspring - chase the red grape

How can anyone not be excited when Spring is around the corner!? Temperatures are creeping up, flowers are blooming all over and plans are starting to be made for the next few months. In fact if this time next month I am complaining again about the heat you have my permission to call me up on it!

Bane of my existence – Feeling sick

An easy one there. Specifically, not being able to breathe through your nose…. yuck!

TV Show – Modern Family

We cancelled Netflix and Stan and have signed up with Presto here in Australia (don’t know what the US equivalent is but it has all the HBO stuff…). Anyhoo we realised we were 2 seasons behind catching up with Modern Family. It’s good to be back with Phil Dunphy again… I swear we have the same humour…

Mood – Tired

As you can imagine, recovering is tiring. But I’m sure I will be back to 100% soon!

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday folks and a fun fab weekend when it comes!

What are you reading right now?

Apart from a salad dressing what do you use balsamic vinegar for?

Are the seasons starting to change with you?

Friday Favourites – Aug 19

Hi all,

Happy Friday!

I’m having one of those moments right now when I just wished I had listened to my body….

My nose won’t stop running, although my cold cleared up 2 weeks ago.

I’ve been feeling crazy tired.

Been hot then cold then hot then cold.

And my training this week hasn’t exactly been where I wanted it to be (even though my sleep and nutrition are on point)

My body said, ‘slow down Jen’ – but did I? Heck no. And as a result, you guessed it, I’m sick. Boo!

I woke up this morning feeling like a zombie and my throat was killing me, so what did I do? Went to crossfit. Sometimes it’s good to sweat it out when you’re not well, I don’t think today was one of those days…

So what do I do now? I listen to my own advice, which I am notoriously bad for not doing. Rest. Naps. Hot drinks (hot lemon and ginger for the win). Take the pace down a notch. Continue to eat healing foods. Get fresh air. Watch Disney films (anyone else think that Disney films are a magic pill when unwell?). Do this and I should be right as rain by Monday – fingers crossed!Friday - chase the red grape

There is nothing I can do about being sick, but what I have control over is my reaction to it. So to cheer myself up a bit I bring to you my weekly ‘Friday Favourites’!

Favourite… Moment – Improv comedy at Lazy Susanscomedy - chase the red grape

Tuesday night we were treated to a free evening of comedy via Yelp – Elite status for the win! You know it was so good just to sit and laugh out loud for an hour – we will be back to watch it again for sure.

Favourite… Feeling – Sunshine and Bandicootssunshine - chase the red grape

Saturday David and I headed up to Kings Park for a walk, it was beautiful out! So good to feel the warmth on your skin and the flowers starting to pop – spring is coming people!

We also spotted a bandicoot on our walk… for those playstation lovers out there they look nothing like Crash – ha!bandicoot - chase the red grape

Favourite…Purchase – La Zuppa SoupLa Zuppa - Chase the red grape

Normally I stay away from ‘just add water’ soups. They are powder based and have no nutrition to their name. I was pleasantly surprised when I checked out the ingredients here and saw REAL food! Liquid based – real chicken stock, corn, rice, chicken, herbs and spices… that’s it. Just made one up to have now and it was exactly what the doctor ordered! Not a meal by any means but as a snack or alternative to a tea or coffee – perfect!

Favourite… Food/Drink – GF Gingerbread Ladygingerbread - chase the red grape

I love our gluten free bakery stall at the market and these gems are delish whether you are GF or not. You can either get a bikini babe (to give her official title) or surfer dude. We always go for bikini as you get more sprinkles…!

Favourite…Link – Curiouser and Curiousercurious - chase the red grape

Have we lost the art of being curious? I loved writing this post on Tuesday and if you haven’t checked it out yet you should, really makes you think!

Favourite…Workout – eh?

As I mentioned above, training this week hasn’t exactly been stellar. But what I have done is show up, try my best and give my all. You know it can’t be all sunshine, rainbows and PR’s each week!

Weekend Plans – (All based around how I am feeling…) Saturday – Farmers market and weekly shop, hopefully a mobility class and then an afternoon of nothing! Sunday – Pancakes and newspapers, some sea air and a coffee, then an afternoon of DISNEY!

Hope you have a fab weekend folks!

Do you like improv comedy or going to stand up shows?

Ever wished you had listened to your body’s warning signals?

Is that what you expected a bandicoot to look like?

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Curiouser and Curiouser – Have we lost the art of being curious? #5TTT

Hi all,

On Sunday I watched a classic Disney movie that I haven’t seen for a long time – Alice in Wonderland. I loved this movie when I was growing up – did I understand what was going on and what things meant? No. Do I understand it now? Nope!

It was the perfect story, whether in book or film form that just doesn’t make sense. Nor does it have to. Instead, we let each adventure unfold in front of our eyes and we watch with bated breath. We adopt Alice’s major trait of curiosity.

Things don’t often make sense if you are curious, that’s why we are drawn to them. It’s different, new, unusual, odd, unknown…

I then started to wonder where the art of curiosity has gone. Would you describe yourself as a curious person? I don’t think I naturally would. But then, without curiosity, how would we have discovered all those amazing things that exist in the world?

Are our warning bells simply too loud in this day and age to be curious anymore? And are these bells protecting us or stopping us from seeking out something new? Do we simply leave the art of being curious to ‘others’ and watch from the protection of our screens?

Maybe we should all make time to be curious. Realise that the feeling of curiosity, although sometimes unnerving, doesn’t always mean it is wrong. This weeks ‘5 Top Tips on a Tuesday’ delves into your inner Alice – be curious!curious - chase the red grape

Reason your curiosity

We have all heard of the phrase ‘curiosity killed the cat’, right? So ask yourself why are you feeling curious about something? Reason with that feeling – does it make sense? What is at stake if I follow this? Maybe if Alice had reasoned with her curiosity she would have never followed a rabbit into a hole… but then if she hadn’t what would she have missed out on?

Believe in your ability

Most of the time the reason you are curious about something is because you know you can. Feeling like applying for that job opening…. taking a peak at the job spec… just about think that you may be able to do it…. and then suddenly with one fail swoop you have managed to talk yourself out of it. You have to believe in your ability, believe that you can do anything you set your mind to. If you truly believe in yourself then the art of being curious may not seem so scary after all.

Open your eyes

There is a massive world out there. Where do you see yourself in it? Curiosity is all about putting one step in front of the other and keeping your eyes open. You don’t have to leap, heck you can just dip your toe into the pool but keep asking, searching, exploring and soon you will be on your adventure.

Know your own personal limits

Deep down we all know how far we can push. Am I curious to know how it feels to jump out of a plane and soar through the clouds? Yes. Do I know that my personal limit will stop me from even getting on that plane? Yes. So I don’t dwell on it and move on. If you know that your personal limit will stop you from doing something then don’t let it bring you down. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Find another curiosity. Or find a different path to your goal.

If you never try, ask or explore you will never know…

If Alice had never tried the biscuit, she would never have shrunk. Then again if she had never tried that biscuit she would never have heard the flowers sing. Sometimes our curiosities lead us to our triumphs and achieving our dreams. Sometimes they lead us to our mistakes and failures. But if we had never experienced the downs would we ever experience the ups? Let your mistakes and failures lead you to your triumphs. Learn, grow and allow that to inspire you to keep being curious in life. You never try and you will never know.

Are you a curious person?

Do you tend to live your curiosities through others?

Tell me about a curiosity in your life that has lead to a triumph? (My blog was one for sure!)5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Friday Favourites – Aug 12

Hi all,

I cannot stop watching the video I posted yesterday. What can I say, it makes me really really happy!

Not only was it a fantastic project that David compiled but it will be something that we can watch together for so many years to come, remembering our first year on the other side of the world!Friday - chase the red grape

It’s also another example of hard work and commitment paying off. Gosh there were days when David almost forgot to take a video or nothing ‘interesting’ was happening. There were times when the video edits were piling up and up and he questioned it’s worth. But he stuck with it and can be super proud of the video but also his drive to complete it.

And you can tell my man has his priorities straight. The number of foodie videos in there is brilliant! Haha!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check yesterdays post out here. But first, let’s get the Friday party started with my favourites from the week!

Favourite… Moment – Bedtime

We are big followers here of a bedtime routine and getting enough shut eye from the night. This weeks training has been pretty tough so it’s no surprise that my favourite moment has often being snuggling down in our comfy bed to go to sleep. It’s like my muscles speak to me and whisper ‘finally…’.

Favourite…Feeling – Olympic Fever!

I seriously cannot get enough! I’m even starting to love the swimming – then again it is one of the few sports we can actually watch live here in Australia!

I just love the spirit of it all. Everyone is talking about it and sharing videos on Facebook and instagram of awesome must see moments. It even inspired my ‘5 Top Tips on a Tuesday’ post this week!OLYMPIC - chase the red grape

Favourite…Purchase – Sundowner applesapple - chase the red grape

I love seasonal produce. Why? Because it always tastes so good! We have apples all year round here in Aus but right now the sundowners are particularly good. Crisp on the outside but slightly soft inside… like the perfect combo! Citrus is also in bloom right now and the flavours are out of this world!

Favourite… Food/Drink – Chocolate Koala Crispcereal - chase the red grape

I have declared my love for Envirokidz cereal on here before but this is the first time we have tried the Koala Crisp. This cereal legit turns the milk chocolately…. without all the nasties! We end up putting in extra milk just for a good chocolate slurp at the end of it!

(We eat cereal as a pre bed snack)

Favourite…Link – Because you all need a smile and a giggle…

I love this post on BuzzFeed (27 Pictures Make You Way Happier Than They Should) it truly made me smile. That black lab with the bananas though… really got me!

Favourite…Workout – 3RM Overhead Squat

I aint a fan of the overhead squat. It’s a tough moment that is VERY prone to injury. We don’t do it very often (thank goodness) but it was ready to be dealt with on Thursday and I really didn’t know where my 3RM would lie. Well I blew my expectations out of the water and ended up with adding 5kg onto my current PR! This means the world to me as I wasn’t strong enough to do this move with a PVC pipe 3 years ago. Hard work paying off!

Weekend Plans – Saturday – Farmers market, mobility class, weekly shop and then a walk around Kings Park. Sunday – Pancakes and newspapers, beach walk and coffee and then chill…. with Modern Family!

Hope you have a fab weekend folks!

Have you got Olympic fever? What sport are you addicted to/ can’t wait for?

What produce is in season with you right now?

Are you excited for the weekend?

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My first year in Australia – including video!

Hi all,

Can you believe it, Tuesday marked our one year anniversary of being in Perth Australia!

And what a year it has been! We have both been through an incredible journey and continue everyday to live our Aussie adventure. I love that I have been able to share this with you all, the ups and downs, the strange moments and the celebrations – there were times where I felt like writing my post was like writing a postcard to a friend back home.

Although the decision to leave for Australia felt 100% right for us, this does not mean it was easy. Saying goodbye to our friends and family felt strange – almost as if we couldn’t fully comprehend the fact that it was a BIG goodbye. I will always remember the day we left, travelling down from my home town to the airport in Glasgow (a 4 hour journey). The sunshine was glorious. The hills stood proud and the sea glistened as we drove past. Scotland couldn’t have looked any more beautiful. The feeling in my stomach was like no other I had felt before. I beamed with excitement, the adrenaline of adventure flowed through my veins. But there was a small hole there in my stomach – I was leaving my comfort. My home, my family, my friends for the unknown.flying - chase the red grape

And not just any unknown. The unknown on the other side of the world.

But it helps when you are with your partner. Your husband and best friend. The person you would follow to the moon and back. And he always keeps the adventure alive.in air - chase the red grape

So we set up home. Explored our area. Saw as much as we could and said yes to every invitation. We found the ‘must see and dos’, ‘hidden gems’, ‘local treasures’ and good eats. We found our favourite cafes, restaurants, beaches and walks. Knew where we liked to get our groceries from, where we could indulge in cold drip coffee and where we could feel at peace.coffee - chase the red grape

We found our community – an amazing CrossFit box who welcomed us with both arms.grandstand - chase the red grape

We had our first guests from home, my parents over Christmas and to share this wonderful place with them meant the world to me. Although I dare say that I will never ever get used to Christmas in the summer!parents - chase the red grape

We survived our first Aussie summer, just, and realised that yes it is crazy hot here 75% of the year. I love it!botanical party - chase the red grape

Travelling east in June was incredible and really brought home just how large Australia actually is! Melbourne was beautiful and so very different to Perth. It reminded me of central Europe and had a constant buzz to it.hozier lane - chase the red grape

July was our coldest month and yet we still managed to have our beach walks in glorious sunshine. I will never take the beach here for granted. Hundreds of miles of pure white sandy beaches, crystal blue water and silence…. it is my happy place.beach - chase the red grape

And we have celebrated both my birthday and wedding anniversary Perth style – it was different but since when has different been a bad thing eh?anniversary - chase the red grape

David started a special project the day we left for Australia – a one second a day video. Each day he filmed a one second video and linked them all together. Now we have the most amazing short video as a reminder of our first year here. And I want to share it all with you!

And to end, I just want to thank you all for being there. It was the biggest transition of my life but knowing you were all there behind me, wishing me well on my journey and encouraging my adventure meant the world.

Who knows what year two will hold, but I know it will be awesome!

Linking up with Amanda @RunningWithSpoons for Thinking Out Loud.

Have you ever left your comfort zone?

You move somewhere new, what would be the first place you would check out?

Where is your happy place?

5 ways Olympic athletes can help motivate your life #5TTT

Hi all,

Normally I think we would all agree that a television addiction is bad, right? But there is one exception to this rule – when the Olympic Games are on.

There is something so incredibly inspiring watching athletes from a variety of sports, compete on the worlds stage. From huge countries, to those you didn’t know existed until you saw them parade with pride at the Opening Ceremony, they stand side by side in the name of sport.

Every 4 years sport unites us, and not just the athletes. We are all glued to our television sets and laptops, mobiles and tablets in order to see the outstanding achievements of others. We feel pride and share in their tears and jubilations.

These athletes are out there living their dreams. But their actions are also sending so many messages to us all back home. For this weeks ‘5 Top Tips on a Tuesday’ I want to share with you 5 ways the actions of these incredible athletes in Rio can help motivate us all in our everyday lives.OLYMPIC - chase the red grape


These guys have found their ‘thing’. Their talent, their dream goal. If you have found your passion in life, big or small, your career or not, take pride in it and give it the gift of your time. Many of these athletes have full time jobs elsewhere, but they make time for their passion. And it certainly pays off.


Sometimes it is hard to be committed to something. Other things come up and life happens. But in order for you to reach for the stars and achieve your dreams you have to be committed. Show up, work hard and do this for however long it takes.


Why do these guys want an Olympic medal? Oh for so many different reasons that range far beyond ‘being the best at the sport’. And it’s the same for us in everyday life. Why do we do what we do? What drives you? Think about it and jot your answer or answers down. Read this whenever you feel a lack of motivation. Your drive will take you far.


If you want something, you have to focus. For many years now we have been told that multitasking is a good thing (topic for another day) when the reality is that if we focus on what we want/ want to do we have a greater chance of it actually happening. Look at the milestones in your life when you have truly focused – your exams perhaps or planning an event.

Focusing on your priority in life doesn’t make you selfish or incapable, it makes you aware of your desires.

Positive Mental Attitude

When we were growing up ‘PMA’ was a TV ad slogan. Did I really know what it meant? Nope. Do I understand the concept behind it now – heck yes!

No matter what is going on around them, the Olympic athletes know that if they wish to succeed (and remember success is relative, for some that simply means getting to the final or even being able to compete in itself) they must maintain a positive mental attitude. You have to want it and truly believe you can do it. Be true and be realistic by all means, but also believe in yourself. Do not depend on others to define your self worth. You are incredible if you truly believe you are.

I really hope you all enjoy the rest of the games and continue to be inspired by the athletes achievements. Remember the next time you are watching though, the message they are sending to us all back home.

Are you watching the Olympic games right now?

How do the athletes motivate you?

Have you developed a PMA?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Friday Favourites – August 5

Hi all,

How has your week been?

Mine started with a bang as on Monday we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary! We always try and do something nice on the day/ evening of the actual day and this year was pretty special to us. Mostly because it was our first one in Australia but also because we spent our last one packing bags and cleaning… so we vowed that this year was going to be good.

I think going out for dinner on Monday nights should be more of a ‘thing’. It really does set you up for the week with smiles and good memories. Granted we weren’t training the following day which always helps but it certainly made the week go even faster!Friday - chase the red grape

So as you can expect, you will see more details of our anniversary in this weeks ‘Friday Favourites’ below! Let’s get to it – because I know your time on a Friday is precious!

Favourite…Moment – Anniversary night outanniversary - chase the red grape

I met David after work and we headed for pre meal drinks. Lovely to catch up on our day over a nice glass of local Pinot Noir. Then we headed downstairs and had a meal at the beautiful Long Chim restaurant. Amazing food! (see below). It was the perfect way to celebrate.

Favourite… Feeling – Love and being loved

Ok yes I know it’s a bit soppy but it is always wonderful to spend time with the one you love celebrating your life together. We do this every day and never take each other for granted. Loving and receiving love in return is the ultimate form of happiness.

Favourite… Purchase – Matilda tickets

Oh I am so excited! Matilda, the West End/ Broadway musical is coming to Perth in March and we managed to purchase some early bird tickets! Awesome seats too (which is a must for me and shows). I have wanted to see this for so long!

Favourite…Food/Drink – Dinner at Long Chimlong chim - chase the red grape

This is ultimate Thai food guys. The head chef is sought after all over the world and he has created this wee gem of a restaurant here in Perth. The picture may not be great but you must believe me when I say this was outstanding. David and I shared 3 dishes – pad Thai, roast duck curry and the green papaya salad.ice cream - chase the red grape

And of course we had to have a desert! We shared the Thai coffee ice cream and it was just incredible! The perfect ending!

Favourite…Link – Why women’s clothing sizes don’t make sense

Check out this short video that I shared over on my Facebook page. It really does highlight why that size label in your clothes should not matter to you…

Favourite…Workout – Push Press

We worked on our 5RM push press on Wednesday and it’s about the only overhead move that I like! I didn’t PR but I matched my current one which was fine by me! We then did a 5 minute EMOM of 5 push press at 80% of that weight. I loved getting in some extra volume. Volume work is my favourite!

Weekend Plans – Saturday – 6am here is the opening ceremony of the Olympics so plan to watch that over brekkie. Farmers market and weekly shop and then off to the cinema to see Ab Fab the movie! Sunday – Pancakes, newspapers, beach for coffee and chill!

Hope you have a fab weekend folks!

Have you ever gone out for dinner on a Monday night or is it always a ‘quiet night in’?

Do you like Thai food?

What is your favourite musical?

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5 traits I am drawn to in others #5TTT

Hi all,

When you move somewhere new and don’t know anyone, you suddenly become very aware of the personality traits you omit out. You want to seem friendly, but not overly. Interested but not obsessive. Engaging but not over the top. After a while you simply realise that trying to make a good impression with everyone you meet is really hard. Rather quickly I worked out that all I could be was myself and that took no additional effort at all. It was important for me to be me.

Instead I found that I gravitated towards others and their certain personalities – as we all do. The kind of traits that make us who we are as individuals. They say that you tend to engage with others of similar traits to yourself and I rather hope that to be the case. For what I respond to in others are traits that I truly hope I am blessed with myself.

What traits do you look for in others? Whether you like to think so or not, these traits, combined with experiences of course, are what turn acquaintances into friends and partners. The traits may even differ, depending on the type of person you were when you met them.

For this weeks ‘5 Top Tips on a Tuesday’ I am sharing with you the 5 traits that I am drawn to in others. Let it make you think about the people in your life and the traits they all share. In doing so, it will allow you to understand yourself a little better and explain why certain people appear in your life.traits - chase the red grape

Honesty and truth

I always look for honesty and truth in all my friends and family. If I ask a question I expect truthful answers – ranging from big issues right down to me asking my coach if my rep was solid, to use an example. Some people automatically trust until proven otherwise (like David), others, like myself, take a long time to trust someone. I truly believe this is the reason why my friendship group is so small but so precious to me. If I know you are always honest with me, I am more likely to trust you.


I don’t need anyone to be my cheerleader but I do love when people can motivate me to try new things, break away from my comfort zone or inspire me. For example, I love the folk who I do CrossFit with at 6am. Their motivation to be up at the crack of dawn training with me speaks wonders in my book.


As with honesty and truth, I need my friends to be real with me. Support is great but I am not a fan of ‘sugar coating’ situations or making things seem bigger or smaller than they actually are. Sometimes I may come across as brash or abrupt but I have a hard time being anything but real with someone. I see it as a positive though, you will always know where you are with me!

Kindness and Compassion

My heart melts when I see others being kind to one and other. Kindness and compassion takes nothing, we can all give it freely and we have an endless supply of it. There is no excuse for being devoid of either. I find that simply by listening to others, letting them speak, truly hearing the words they are saying and not responding with opinions unless asked is the greatest form of kindness anyone can give. It allows others to feel they are being heard – this is so powerful and so lost in this day and age.


I love when you can make me laugh! I would like to think I am a funny person but I know most of the time I am funny when I try not to be! I am always specifically drawn to people with a dry wit (I think it’s the Brit in me), add in a dose of clever sarcasm and you have me sold. Then again I am also a sucker for simple humour. Those ‘Christmas Cracker’ jokes have me laughing for days.

So, what springs into your mind after reading this?

Do all your friends share similar or different traits?

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