Friday Favourites – Sept 30

Hi all,

Happy Friday to you!

Got much planned for the weekend? I could…. but I don’t want to. Ever have that feeling?

So here’s the thing, David and I need a holiday. Like now. We both have just enough energy to get by, but definitely need a break away. Our last holiday was Melbourne back in June and even that was only for 3 days… excluding the weekend.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am still motivated, excited by what each day brings here but boy oh boy do we both need a chance to switch our brains off! A chance to think about adventure, rather than work. To sit and watch the world go by and know that’s the only thing we have planned. And that’s exactly what we are going to do… in two weeks time.

So until then we have planned to treat our evenings and weekends as major chill out zones. Making life completely easy for ourselves. And knowing I have a weekend of that ahead is utter bliss.Friday - chase the red grape

So to kick off the weekend lets begin with some Friday Favourites!

Favourite… Moment – Beach Coffeecoffee - chase the red grape

Every Sunday David and I head to our favourite beach for coffee at our favourite cafe. Here we just sit, chill and chat while people watching and doggy spotting! Any frown can be turned upside down spending time here. Above is a selfie from last Sunday of us goofing around – love it!

Favourite… Feeling – Bicycle! Bicycle!bicycle - chase the red grape

‘I want to ride my bicycle…’ (Queen will be in your head all day now, you’re welcome!)

Monday was a public holiday here (The Queen’s birthday… well not actually her ‘birth date’ just the day Western Australia celebrates it on…) so David and I had the perfect opportunity to get out on our bikes. I love the feeling of cycling away without a care in the world. We have fantastic bike paths here that run alongside the river and we simply took our time and enjoyed the view!

Favourite… Purchase – Strawberriesstrawberries - chase the red grape

Strawberry season here at last! And they are plump, juicy and oh so sweet. Such a bargain too but well worth paying that little extra to get them direct from the farmer at the market. We had hoped to go picking again but so far no luck with the weather – coldest spring here so far since 1944!

Favourite… Food/Drink – Gelato!gelato - chase the red grape

From the cold to… well… gelato!

After cycling around on Monday we were in need of a holiday treat so headed to our favourite and very authentic gelateria here in Perth, Gusto. I went for a scoop of marscapone/ cocoa and pistachio – my favourite! Oh it was good!

Favourite… Link – What does a Health Coach do?health coach - chase the red grape

I loved writing this weeks #5TTT post and your comments were really fantastic too – so much support! Check out the article HERE if you missed it, oh and don’t forget to share!

Favourite…Workout – Mobility Class

Every Saturday David and I are taking a mobility class at our CrossFit box. Although ‘mobility’ is not really accurate, more a strength and movement class. It is amazing how much strength you can build up through simple movement patterns and bodyweight. There is no huff and puff but always we leave hot and sweaty! I have noticed a major improvement in my training too – my body just seems to move better with a lot less restriction. Cool beans!

Weekend Plans – Minimal… Saturday – Farmers market, mobility class, weekly shop and maybe a trip to Aldi (those in the know realise how exciting that is…). Sunday – Pancakes and papers, beach coffee and whatever else we fancy!

Have a fab weekend folks!

Do you ever plan to do nothing?

Favourite gelato flavour?

What produce are you most looking forward to coming into season? (Stone fruit are just a mere few months away for me!)

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What does a Health Coach do? #5TTT

Hi all,

Have you ever wondered exactly what a Health Coach does?

Recently I have noticed that many people have the wrong idea when it comes to Health Coaching or they simply just don’t understand how having a Coach in their world could enrich their lives.

Where does the confusion/ negativity come from? The comparison. Nutritionist, Dietician, Personal Trainer, Doctor – all these people can play important roles in your life. No one is better than the other. It simply depends on your needs and what you are looking for.

There is room for all of the professionals listed above in this world and their ability to help others. You know as well as I do that we all vary as individuals and therefore where we may need support must vary also. There will be over spill within all of them – for example all could help in some shape or form with your diet – but you need to look at the details to know where you may ‘fit’.

For this weeks 5 Top Tips on a Tuesday, I want to give you more information on what a Health Coach actually looks at when working with a client. This of course is a broad generalisation so please keep this in mind. No two processes are the same – everyone needs different types of help in different areas of their life. health coach - chase the red grape

Accountability for goals

One of the first things a Health Coach will discuss with you will be your goals. What do you want to get out of your sessions? What do you want to achieve within yourself? Then we can break them down – why do you want this? How would you view yourself differently if you achieved these goals?

Goals are broken down to make them achievable. To make them accessible and no longer overwhelming. Your Health Coach will be your guide, your mentor, your own personal cheerleader. They will help you figure out the why and how, challenge and motivate you to gain success, whatever those goals may be.

Perception – how you view you

A Health Coach will go deep. They want to know the why’s and the reasons behind the choices you have made in life and the choices you continue to make on a daily basis. Why? So that you can understand yourself better. Cracking into your inner self and realising why you make certain choices is key to developing as a person and achieving your goals. Positivity achieves and if you are not kind and generous to yourself then we have some work to do.

Being heard

Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘I just want someone to listen to me’? No judgements, no ‘tips and advice’ given, just silence and a time to release. Your Health Coach is there to listen. Talking is such a gift in life but only when you know there is someone else on the other side listening to you. We will listen, ask questions in order for you to delve a little deeper but ultimately you will figure out your own path. Trust me, you often don’t need me to tell you what to do, you just need me to listen.

Health is so much more than diet and exercise…

Want to be a healthier person? Well a Health Coach is going to go way beyond the realms of food and exercise. Yes both are a component, and we can help you with that, but there are other massive pieces of the puzzle that must be taken into account. Sleep, stress and your relationships all have an equal impact within your life and are areas to which we will dive.

You know what is best for you

And this final one is key. No one knows more about you, what works and what doesn’t than you. Nothing a Health Coach does will be imposed upon you – in fact most of your action steps will be set by yourself. We will be there for support and guidance but will not be there to do the work for you – that is all in your hands… but it also what makes it so rewarding when you succeed.

You are out there running on the track – but you are by no means alone. Your Health Coach will be your biggest supporter!

(If your issues are medical, please seek out your Doctor in the first instance. A Health Coach can be a great support network along with medical help but they must be your first port of call.)

Please send me an email if you would like any more information on Health Coaching.

Have you ever worked with a Health Coach?

Do you have a Coach in any area of your life?

Shoot me any more questions/ comments you may have!5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Currently September 2016… with a twist!

Hi all,

Today marks the day for Septembers edition of ‘Currently’. Now I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t know where September has gone to – most of my ‘Currently’s’ still apply from last month because a big chunk of my mind still thinks that was only last week. Gosh I think that’s going to be the caption to sum up 2016 – ‘The year everyone thought went really fast’…currently - chase the red grape

Anyhoo I spotted this survey/quiz on a few blogs and thought it looked like super fun. I love reading these on other blogs about various different writers/ healthy living folks and thought you might like to get to know me a bit better!

So here we have some random questions and my answers!

  1. Do you like blue cheese?

Yes. And I miss real blue cheese so badly. The UK has the best cheese on the planet…!

  1. Have you ever smoked?

Nope. Not even tried it and never want to.

  1. Do you own a gun?

No way. I have never even lived in a country where I could go and buy a gun!!

  1. What is your favourite flavour ice cream?gelato - chase the red grape

Pistachio, with hazelnut as a close second. But it must be real gelato otherwise I wont bother!

  1. Do you get nervous before Doctors visits?

Sadly I do. I have an actual phobia of the doctors, dentists, anything medical… I literally am in pieces when I have to go.

  1. What do you think of hot dogs?

I am neither here nor there when it comes to hot dogs. But they do have a time and place…

  1. Favourite movie?

Too hard! Probably either The Blues Brothers or The Birdcage.

  1. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?

I wake up every morning and have a hot water and lemon.

  1. Do you do push ups?crossfit - chase the red grape

Haha yes I do. And I am also a stickler for making sure push ups are done correctly – your chest should touch the floor people! If you struggle, go from the knees.

  1. What is your favourite piece of jewellery?necklace - chase the red grape

My necklace with my name in Arabic. Wear it every day.

  1. Favourite hobby?

I know CrossFit is beyond a hobby for me but I am going to put it as my answer!

  1. Do you have A.D.D?

Nope. I tend to remember and focus on everything…

  1. What is one thing you love about yourself?

As much as I complain about it I do love being tall and wouldn’t have it any other way #6ft

  1. What is your middle name?

I have two! Margaret and Audrey – my grandmothers names.

  1. Name 3 thoughts at this moment

This is a good podcast. Yummy apple. Mmmm coffee.

  1. Name 3 drinks you drink regularly

Water, coffee and kombucha… actually add tea to the mix and that is literally it!

  1. Current annoyance?

That it’s not warming up fast enough!

  1. Favourite place to be?david - chase the red grape

Wherever David is. I know that’s sappy but it’s true!

  1. How do you ring in the New Year?

It has always been slightly different but always with David, usually going out for a meal before hand and then staying up ‘for the bells’ as we say in Scotland.

  1. Where would you like to go?

Right now? A trip back to Scotland for a couple of weeks would be nice.

  1. Do you own slippers?

Yes but I don’t wear them…

  1. Can you whistle?

Yup – just with my mouth though, I can’t do it with my fingers.

  1. What are your favourite colours?

Red and pink.

  1. Would you be a pirate?

Eh yes! Who wouldn’t want to be a pirate? #teamhonestbraveandfree

  1. What songs do you sing in the shower?

Normally whatever is in my head that day. And it’s usually something random.

  1. What is in your pocket right now?

Nothing. I don’t put anything in my pocket. I do however have a tissue up my sleeve…

  1. Last thing that made you laugh?

Random GIF’s that David sends me… damn that IOS update… just making phones more addictive!

  1. Best toy as a child?playmobile - chase the red grape

Playmobile Victorian House – I was so lucky to have this and I adored it!

  1. Worst injury you have ever had?

I tore the ligaments on the side of my ankle… it was so painful. Did it by prancing around the room whilst listening to music – not a glamorous injury at all.

  1. Where would you love to live?perth - chase the red grape

I am living in my dream location right now! It’s amazing!

  1. How many TV’s do you have?

Just the one and that’s enough!

  1. What book are you reading right now?

Still on the final Harry Potter and it’s frustrating me – did it annoy me that much when I read it first time around? Actually probably not, I read it originally in 6 hours… after buying it at midnight…

  1. What is your favourite candy?chocolate - chase the red grape

Chocolate liqueurs and Lindt dark chocolate with hazelnut (that I can only buy from the Lindt store here in Australia… and my nearest one is in Melbourne!)

  1. Who is your favourite sport team?

Atlanta Falcons! Wooo!

  1. What is your favourite month?Goals - chase the red grape

December – Christmas makes everyone happy 🙂

Now it’s your turn to tell me something!

What was the last thing that made you laugh?

What is your favourite candy?

How do you ring in the New Year?

Linking up with the lovely Amanda @RunningWithSpoons for Thinking Out Loud!

5 ‘excuses’ you should be listening to #5TTT

Hi all,

Ever feel like you are running your life on excuses?

Or should I rephrase  that as – Are you ever made to feel like you are running your life on excuses?

I really want to but….

I can’t do that because…

How do you feel about using this kind of language? Guilty?

There is a massive push nowadays to do more and be more. I cannot tell you how many motivational articles I have read to try and push you away from these common excuses. As always, there is a time and place for them. But what if the reason why you aren’t doing something goes beyond simply words? Sometimes the reason we do or don’t do things stretches far beyond our lack of motivation or our fear of stepping out of our comfort zone.

Sometimes our ‘excuses’ are our safety barrier and it’s our body, rather than our mind that is saying no.

Below are 5 common ‘excuses’ that you shouldn’t ignore. If any of these apply to you then trust your gut, listen to your body and stop the guilt. Sometimes ‘No I can’t’ is perfectly ok.excuses - chase the red grape

I’m tired

You know the kind of tired I mean. You have dragged yourself around all day, you have had little sleep, you feel a cold coming on, you find yourself zoning in and out of conversations etc. You need to stop. Sleep should always be a priority in your life and if you find it coming further and further down your list now is the time to address it head on. Besides, get a good nights sleep = more energy for the next day.

I’m stressed

Chronic stress has now become a symbol of a successful life… but I guarantee if you are living with chronic stress you feel anything but successful. Our bodies can deal with one stressor at a time but not 24/7 or multiple stressors at once. If you feel in stressful situation right now let that be your focus. Take a step back from other potential stresses in your life (including high intensity exercise and alcohol) and focus on addressing the issue. This is when you need as much time to rest and restore as possible. We are not multitaskers nor should you feel the pressure to be one.

I have no time

Why do you have no time to do things? Look at what is going on in your life right now – what pulls at your time the most? Are you happy with that? If you find yourself using time as an excuse not to do things then now is the prime opportunity to address those constraints. Are you making the best use of the hours in your day? Are your priorities in order?

I need this to get through the day

Coffee? Alcohol? Chocolate? Do you need a stimulant to get you through the day? Sometimes using an excuse is about saying yes as much as it is saying no. Why do you need those things in your life? The emphasis is on the word NEED. Do you allow yourself to have something because you feel you NEED it? Listen to that excuse and take a second look at your relationship with those needs.

If I don’t I will feel too guilty

Another ‘yes’ excuse. Why do you say yes to something? Is it because you will feel guilty if you don’t? I’m looking at you exercise and food. It all comes back to the WANT vs NEED theory. Did you WANT to do that workout this morning? We all need a kick up the bum sometimes to drag ourselves out of bed but did you do it because the guilt would be too hard to bare if you didn’t go?

In relation to food, do you choose what you want or do you go for something because you don’t want to feel guilty? Guilt is a terrible emotion to feel when it comes to food. Make a choice and own it. If you decide that today is the day to have a doughnut or ice cream on the way home from work then own it. If you decide to skip it this time then own it. Just don’t make a choice based on guilt.

Now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you!

Remember, anyone can comment on here. You don’t need to be another blogger…

So tell me,

Do you feel guilty over using an excuse?

If you are tired or stressed do you have a hard time saying no?

Do you ever feel torn over the NEED to do something over the WANT?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Friday Favourites – Sept 16

Hi all,

Yes I am going to go ahead and say it. I’m going to be the first to bring up the C word…


Do you know that it’s only 100 days until Christmas Day? (Actually 99…) That’s only 13 more Fridays… wow!

Do you feel that as soon as September comes people start to bring up Christmas? The shops start filling with Christmas goodies and decorations to sell – which, of course, people either love or hate. I for one am very excited about Christmas this year. Because Christmas equals this….beach - chase the red grape

And who wouldn’t look forward to this kind of weather (actually it looks like this all year round but December = heat!). Santa for sure must love coming to this neck of the woods every December. Big woolly suit off. Hawaiian shirt and bathers for the win. Oh and don’t forget the sunnies!

But until then we have a few Friday Favourites coming at you in order to get pumped up for the weekend – let’s hit it!Friday - chase the red grape

Favourite…Moment – Wildlifecockatoos - chase the red grape

Spring is officially in swing and as a result all the birds are migrating down here for the summer. All over I can see birds nests and the most amazing birds going to and fro – I love it! These Galahs are my favourite – they are members of the cockatoo family and have such an awesome personality.

Favourite…Feeling – Being a kid againslide - chase the red grape

For those who checked out my ‘Week In Review’ on Monday you will have seen that on Sunday David and I had some fun at our park across the road from us. The slide and swings are always so much fun and you can’t help but smile. Feels like such a release to laugh and giggle like that. Go do it this weekend!

Favourite…Purchase – Postcode Honeypostcode honey - chase the red grape

I love this concept! In order to promote local hives, Postcode Honey have the aim of having hives in every postcode in the city. Each honey from the individual postcodes have such a unique taste dependant on the flora, fauna and environment of the area. This is our second jar from a different postcode and I love noticing the differences in taste, texture and colour. Fantastic!

Favourite…Food/Drink – La Tortilleria Corn Tortillasla tortilleria - chase the red grape

Finding authentic corn wraps is so difficult. So when we spotted these we had to snap them up! And oh boy they do not disappoint. They are the right texture and flavour, hold up when eating and heat up without falling apart or getting soggy. Taco Mondays are back on in our household!

Favourite…Link – Let’s get bored again!bored - chase the red grape

I felt such a need to write this post in the hope that folks can get inspired to let themselves be bored again! Put down the phone and allow yourself to feel bored – then find something to entertain yourself that doesn’t involve a screen!

Favourite…Workout – Anything bar Thursday’s WOD…

On Thursday we did ‘Kalsu‘. For those in the CrossFit world you will be screwing up your face right now in disgust. 100 thrusters for time with 5 burpees every minute on the minute (and full crossfit chest to floor burpees). I have done it twice before and once as deadlift Kalsu and the memories are bad. But I did it. Let’s hope it doesn’t rear it’s ugly face again anytime soon!

Weekend Plans – Saturday – Farmers market, mobility class, weekly shop and then off to see Secret Life of Pets (it was only released here a week or so ago!). Sunday – Pancakes, newspapers, beach time coffee and then hopefully putting together my bike!

Have a fab weekend folks! Maybe start your Christmas shopping… haha!

100 days until Christmas – does that scare or excite you?

Do you try and find local honey?

Favourite Mexican dish?

Linking up with Heather @LifeInLeggings

What I ate Wednesday – Sept 14

Hi all,

Gosh you are getting a lot of me this week! And I love it!

This week I have been able to link up with two of my favourites. The first was ‘Week In Review’ which I posted on Monday – I love looking at the big and small achievements of the week and inspiring you all out there to do the same. You will be amazed just how much you get done in a week if you acknowledge it. And I give extra bonus points out there to all of you who count one of their achievements as taking some time out to chill and relax!

The second link up of the week will be today with a long overdue ‘What I ate Wednesday’! Why do I like to share my whole eats from one day? Honesty and transparency. I want you to see what a ‘health coach’ eats. What someone who is ‘training’ eats. What a chick in her 30’s who lives in Perth eats. And I love joining up with some of my fellow bloggers to share in some good old food love!WIAW- chase the red grape

So let’s get to it! Here are my eats from Saturday 10th of September… and all the action that went with it!

6am – Unpictured lemon water

7.45am – Breakfast – Eggs with turkey, rocket and ketchup. Local sourdough toast – both with butter, one with marmalade and one with jam! Coffee and a glass of water.breakfast - chase the red grape

After a trip downstairs due to a fire alarm I was starving for my breakfast! This is my breakfast pretty much every Saturday and I love how it keeps me going all morning.

8.30am – Unpictured various farmers market fruit samples. I just cant pass the plates of sliced apples, pears and oranges sitting there asking to be nibbled!

11am – Water and a pear, post mobility class aka sweat festpear - chase the red grape

1pm – Lunch – Takeaway from The Red Chair Cafe – Bun Bo Xao and prawn rice paper rolls.bun bo xao - chase the red grape

David and I split this (as we were having an early dinner) but I could have easily ate it all to myself! Bun Bo Xao is braised beef cooked with lemongrass, rice noodles, veggies and the most delicious pickled veg on top. It was so flavourful! The rice paper rolls were so good too – lots of thai herbs included which is a must in my book.

4pm – Much needed post nap coffee. Yes I napped for 2 hours… it was going to be a long night! (unpictured cause, well, I gulped it down…)

5pm – Dinner at Angel Falls Grill (Venezuelan)

David and I love Venezuelan food so when this popped up in town we knew we had to go! First of all how awesome is it that, by default, everything in the restaurant is gluten free. Just by nature that’s how Venezuelan food is! So what did we go for?

Shared to start – Halloumi and plantain skewers and Yucca fries.angel falls grill - chase the red grape

Halloumi and plantain are a match made in heaven. And the yucca fries were tasty but more like croquets.

For main – Arepas!arepas - chase the red grape

My one (nearest) was Asado – Venezuelan black stew with round beef roast cooked in red wine and broth. David went for Canaima – Smoked beef tenderloin with roasted capsicum, grilled zucchini and avocado. Both were grilled arepas. They were outstanding! Full of the most delicious, tender beef and such a pleasure to eat. We will be back!

Dessert – Honey Crème soft serve with honeycombhoney creme - chase the red grape

Honey Crème had literally just opened that day and we wanted to check it out. The first of it’s kind in Australia, Honey Crème is a Korean soft serve made with fresh organic milk and cream and served with real comb of honey for sweetness. We shared one but they are so dinky you could easily eat one of your own. The ideal sweet treat to end our meal.

And then off to our CrossFit box’s party! Wine. Need I say more…wine - chase the red grape

(Actually I only had 2 glasses all night and lots of water. Go me! #rockstar…)

Linking up with @PeasandCrayons and today’s host Arman @TheBigMansWorld

Tell me something tasty you had on Saturday?

Finish this sentence – I love toast smothered in …

Have you ever tried Venezuelan food?

Let’s get bored again! #5TTT

Hi all,

‘Muuuuuummm, I’m bored!‘ – sound familiar?

How many times did we say these words when we were young, especially during the holidays. I don’t know about you but my Mum and Dad’s answer was always ‘go play outside’. They didn’t entertain me, I had to make my own entertainment. I did go outside to play, played with my toys or met up with my friends at the park. Imagination trumped boredom.

Fast forward a few years into our teens. Just as bored. So what did we do then? We met up with friends, maybe even still played (just didn’t tell anyone about it), read or, at worst, did our homework.

Then we are off to university. Boredom still exists. So what did we do then? Uni work, library time (forced!), reading but most often chilling out with friends, talking, playing games (not always of the drinking variety) and meeting new people.

And now into adulthood. Do we still get bored? You bet. But what has replaced our boredom? Our phones.

Now I’m not anti phone/ social media by any means – heck I am a blogger! But I realised the other day that boredom is starting to be replaced by phone time. Waiting for someone – take out the phone. Got some time to kill – check Facebook. Not 100% engaged with the TV show you are watching – oh hello instagram. Slowly but surely we are killing off boredom. One app at a time. Even walking is now a game – yeah I’m talking to you Pokemon.

So what do we do? Here are 5 tips below to get you thinking about how you want to address your boredom time in the modern world.bored - chase the red grape

Allow yourself to be bored

To begin, you have to allow yourself to feel bored. If you keep jumping from one thing to the next (and there will always be ‘something’) you will never feel that sense. What would happen if you just sat the next time you had to wait for something. Don’t see it as an opportunity to ‘catch up’, see it as a time to allow yourself to feel bored. And know it’s ok!

Sit and be in the present

First things first – simply sit and be in the present. What is going on around you? Who are the other people sitting beside you? What are you thinking about? What are you feeling – excited, worried, disengaged? Eventually you can ponder on these thoughts and address them – aka meditation!


Feeling bored and know it’s more than a 5-10 minute thing? Then go for a walk. No earbuds, just the sights and sounds of your surroundings. My favourite thing to do as I walk through the city is look up – you can often miss so much by not seeing the bigger picture of buildings, trees and other architecture. Focus on the sounds, smells and sights.


Boredom is a great time to reflect. Many of our emotions as a result of our actions are now brushed under the carpet, but it soon piles up. Take time to digest your emotions, feelings and thoughts. Even the simple question of ‘why am I bored’ is effective – especially if you are in a scenario such as work or with friends and technically ‘shouldn’t’ feel this way.

Engage in a non-screen based hobby

Remember hobbies? Those little things we all did simply for pleasure. What do you do right now that is just for pleasure, only because it’s fun? I had to ask myself this exact question. I find CrossFit so much fun but I am so invested in it that I know, for me, it’s more than just a hobby. I love to cook but it has been a long time since I have made something simply because I wanted to, like baking for example. But I do enjoy reading. That one is just for me! And I also love going for a walk and having no where to go or be – except for a detour to the park – I love to play!

And now I want to hear from you!

How do you address boredom?

What hobby do you like to do just for fun?

Do you walk anymore without entertainment?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Week in Review – Sept 12

Hi all,

Hello and welcome to Monday – a day that we always associate with the word ‘urgh‘. True story…

But I want to kick my Monday off with a killer dose of positivity and energy and there is nothing that makes me go ‘yeah!’ more than writing a ‘Week in Review’ post – linking up with Meg @CleanEatsFastFeets.week in review - chase the red grape

Here’s the deal though – I want you to join me in this. Take the next week or look back at the week just gone, write down everything you do, the big and the small. Then reflect on how much you have ACHIEVED. This ain’t about what you didn’t do or what is still smiling back at you on your ‘to do’ list. Nope this is all about giving yourself a big pat on the back for everything you did get done. Use my list below from the week just passed as inspiration!

Achievements from the week…


I wrote 2 blog posts. Facing the truth when it comes to your health for 5 Top Tips on a Tuesday and a good old Friday Favouriteshealth - chase the red grape

Completed another module on my IIN Immersion Course

Edited 2 posts for article submissions

Finally watched That Sugar Film – awesome stuff and great inspiration for future posts!

Replied to all my blog comments and emails

Caught up with my blog reader and all social media in relation to the site.instagram - chase the red grape


Looked after David when he was off sick last Monday. Bought him a coffee when I came back from a walk to make him smile.

Meal planned and food prepped

Made breakfast, lunch and dinner for all bar 2 of our meals.

Did the washing and the ironing – including the bed sheets and towels – always a task!

Stayed in for a bike delivery… and tried not to stress out when I didn’t know when it was coming!bike - chase the red grape

Also managed to stay calm when my laptop decided to do an hour long update when I wanted to work.

Did various grocery trips including the weekly shop and farmers market


Trained at CrossFit 4 days – plus extra mobility/ strength session on Saturday

Listened to all of my podcasts including 2 in the bath!

Skyped my Mum and had a joint call with David and his Mum and Sisterphone - chase the red grape

Did as much of my ’30 days of Yoga’ as I could fit it in. Loved it and so did my mind and body!

Went out for dinner with David (pictures to come via ‘What I ate Wednesday’!).

Attended our CrossFit box’s ‘150 member’ party – was good fun!crossfit - chase the red grape

Went for a walk around our local park (literally across the road) – saw lots of beautiful birds including black swans. Went down the massive slide multiple times!slide - chase the red grape

And now I want to hear all about your achievements, tell me about them below. Nothing is too big or too small! Start Monday on a positive note!

Are you a ‘weekly shop’ type person or multiple trips throughout the week?

Do you use Skype?

You have an empty playground to yourself. What do you go on first?

Friday Favourites – Sept 09

Hi all,

Happy Friday! The weekend is so close I can just about smell it’s sweetness… oh no wait that’s coffee 😉

Have you ever had one of those moments where you had to stop and tell yourself to stop sweating the small stuff? I had one today and it often comes as a result of something breaking my daily routine.

In the morning I like to watch NBC Today with breakfast. Now why they show it at all in Australia is beyond me but it’s a routine I enjoy. Over the past few days they have drawn it back until 11am, and even then only showing 45 minutes worth. By that time I am well on with my day – I was not a happy Jen at all.

So after my internal rants and moans, a pouty face for a couple of hours and a stern tweet to channel 7, I realised that I could not believe how much I was letting this affect my day. I know my type A personality hates ‘go with the flow’ but sometimes I need a big reminder that I shouldn’t stress about what I can’t control. But hey, I shouldn’t be too hard on myself, we all have those moments, right? It’s just how we deal with them that counts!Friday - chase the red grape

But time for smiles and fun now! Let’s kick off with this weeks Friday Favourites!

Favourite… Moment – Fremantlefremantle - chase the red grape

On Saturday afternoon David and I popped over to Fremantle for a coffee, wonder around the market and to check out some new street installations. It was just so nice to have a wonder around, no time restrictions, just pottering in and out of shops and the market – and of course checking out this beauty above! It’s made from shipping containers to highlight Fremantle’s history as a port!

Favourite… Feeling – Yoga

Currently working on a 30 days of Yoga challenge. Just a small video tutorial each day and although I am way behind (the first week was the week I was sick) I am enjoying every one I do. It’s nothing crazy, just simple moves, guided meditations etc. So nice to just be still and relax.

Favourite… Purchase – Bikebike - chase the red grape

Hooray I have a new bike! Downside is we have to put it together… Borrowing some tools from a friend (thank goodness, all it stated on the website was light assembly required… the tool list does not indicate that!) and hopefully I will be on the road (aka bike path!) in no time.

Favourite… Food/Drink – Pickles… Dill Picklespickles - chase the red grape

Trying to find good pickles here is tough. Heck it was tough in the UK and we are so close to Europe. For some strange reason rather than being traditional they want to douse them in sugar water. Not these bad boys though – crunchy, tasty and tangy – just how I like them!

Favourite… Link – Alt Shift Podcast – Episode 54

This podcast on attraction and body image was incredible. Stripping it back to basics I certainly learned a lot. A must listen for both men and women.

‘How do you get people to look at you? A big ass smile and confidence’!

Favourite… Workout – Coach time

Lately I have been feeling a bit down about my training and progress etc. Well today one of my coaches spent some one on one time with me and my clean technique. It just felt so nice to have someone care about my progress and want to see me get better. I may have only made some small improvements but I definitely know where I need to work on and my goals for the next few months. It actually made my day…

Weekend Plans – Saturday – Farmers market, mobility class, weekly shop, dinner out (yaaasss!) and our CrossFit box is having a party to celebrate reaching 150 members! Sunday – Recovery…. haha! Pancakes, newspapers, coffee, sleep and hopefully putting together a bike!

Have a great weekend folks!

When was the last time you sweat over something small?

Pickles – yes or no?

Do you get excited about going out to dinner?

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When is enough enough when it comes to your health? #5TTT

Hi all,

Now this post may not apply to you – or you may think it doesn’t until you read it. Or you might read it and know of a loved one, friend, colleague or family member who it would apply to. Share, email, tweet and spread the word – because enough is enough.

We are surrounded by ill health. Sadly this applies to so many of the ones we care about. Poor health is often seen as an inevitability now – how many people have you heard say things like ‘well, I’m older now, these aches and pains come with the territory’. It’s not ‘ok’ to be broken – not at least without putting up a good fight first or ideally, preventing it in the first place.

Your body sends you warning signals all of the time. There are many that we listen to (‘don’t touch that, it’s hot, don’t jump, it’s too high etc) but there are others that we have stopped listening to altogether.

Below are 5 questions to ask yourself in regards to ‘when is enough enough with regards to your health?’ and subsequent questions on each one. Will it take one, or all five for you to take notice and make changes?health - chase the red grape

Is enough enough…

When you put on/ lose weight?

Our clothes are the best indicator of weight gain/ weight loss. Use your jeans rather than the scale to figure out if you have put on/ lost weight. How does it make you feel? Do you feel confident in the choices you make with regards your food? How does general movement fit into your day? Remember stress levels and lack of sleep can also affect your weight.

When the doctor says you are sick/ need to change?

Have your recent tests shown something you’re not happy about, for example your blood pressure levels? How do you think stress has played into this revelation? Do you agree with what the doctor has told you? How could you make lifestyle changes in order to prevent having to take medication/ in addition to taking the medication?

When you run out of energy?

Nowadays, it’s quite easy to be ‘go go go’ all of the time. In fact some pride themselves on how busy they are. But what if you run out of energy to do all the fun things you want to do? Does a bedtime routine seem as trivial now? What about eating nourishing foods that will enhance your drive? Slowly but surely, if you ignore the ‘tired’ signals your body is sending you, you will eventually have to stop – but at what cost?

When others notice a change in you?

Remember, if someone has the courage to tell you that they see a change in you it’s generally because they really do care. So many are afraid to speak out when they see a change in those they love, especially in regards to mental health – so listen, talk and try and figure out why they are worried. Chances are that everything they say you will feel – so don’t dismiss or brush under the carpet.

When you no longer feel in control?

Have you given up? Do you expect the doctor to tell you another health bomb when you go for a check up? Do you just eat ‘whatever’ because you don’t see the point in changing now? Well let me tell you, it’s never too late. You can feel better, you can have more energy and vitality. You can bring more positivity into your life. You just have to take ownership of your body. Every small step is a step forward, even if it is simply taking the stairs instead of the elevator or making a point to give one compliment to yourself every day. Own your health.

Sometimes it really does come down to the cold hard truth. How do you feel when you think about your health? What would it take to change the status quo – any of the above?

It’s time to put your lifestyle at the top of your priority list. Don’t go into your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and beyond feeling broken. Listen to those warning signals and make the change!

Do you relate to any of those warning signals?

Do you have a friend or family member who you are worried about?

What aspect of change would you like more info on? Diet, movement, mindset?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape