5 Top Tips For ME! #5TTT

Hi all,

‘What would you say Jen if this was someone else you were watching?’

David asked me that exact question this morning. I couldn’t brush it off or make a joke. I knew exactly what he meant and where he was coming from.

I am a Health Coach and Writer. I love to encourage you to ask yourself questions to reflect on your life and your position in it. My aim is to get you to acknowledge what is in your gut. I want you to do the best for you.

So why oh why is it so difficult to follow my own advice? Why is it so tricky to focus on what I need to ask myself? How can I see the warning signs easy in others but not myself?

I always want to be 100% honest with you all on here. I believe in everything I write. I believe that I write for you and me both. But I also believe that we are all individuals with different needs at any given time.

That is why for this weeks ‘5 Top Tips on a Tuesday’ I am writing for me. The 5 tips I need to listen to right now and questions I need to ask myself. I’m sure some of these points will also apply to you too, but more so than that, I hope it reflects that we all have our own niggles we need to work on!5-top-tips-for-me - chase the red grape

Listen to your body

This is the biggest one for me. This past week some of my muscles have been really sore… yet I push through. Your body gives you warning signals to stop and rest. We all know what they are and what it feels like. Listen to them. In order to stay healthy and do the things we want to do we have to listen when it says stop. I was miserable today at training but I still persevered .. time to say STOP.

Realise you don’t have to do it all

I want to do so much in a day. In fact I feel guilty if I haven’t achieved what I thought I SHOULD have achieved in a day. It’s the tough part about writing and working from home… I am left to be my own boss and to set my own targets. Sometimes it’s too much, I don’t complete them and I am left feeling annoyed with myself or guilty.

Then I turn it on it’s head. I am my own boss, I make the rules, I can say no. Sometimes life happens, sometimes I need to have a nap, sometimes making dinner so I can sit and relax with David in the evening is more of a priority. I am lucky. I don’t have to do it all. Pick a priority for the day and make sure that one task is complete. The rest is simply a bonus.

Done is better than perfect

I read this sentence in a book I just finished and it sums up exactly what I need to hear right now. Often I don’t start writing a piece because I worry it won’t be perfect or exactly what I wanted to come across. But done is always better than perfect. Done means you can edit. Done means you can change the title if you went down a different route. Done means you can rest or focus on other tasks. Done means it’s done.

Break the routine

I told myself early in the new year that I would change up my routine a bit. Spend some more of my day at the library and bring my lunch along so I could spend more time there and not feel rushed. Well it’s the last day in January and I haven’t done it… why?

Holding on to the comfort of an old routine means I am not experiencing anything new. New experiences lead to new challenges and new opportunities. I want both… so I need to go grab them! You are in charge of you. If you want to do it, go do it!

Listen but also engage!

Since I trained as a Health Coach I have been much more of a listener. I don’t like to speak when others are talking and my brain goes into ‘assess the situation’ mode. For certain situations this is great but it has started to creep into my every day conversations…. and as a result I can stand in a group, listen to a conversation and never engage or give my opinion. So I know a lot about various people… but they must know next to nothing about me!

Talking and communicating is your gift. More often than not I am telling folks to ‘use it, don’t abuse it’ but in my case I don’t use it at all which is just as sad. If you want the world to engage with you, you must engage with the world!

Hopefully this has given you all some food for thought, as I like to do every Tuesday! But even just writing these down and sharing them with you all, for me, has made things a lot more clear and I feel inspired! Try it!

What top tips would you give yourself right now?

Do you find it hard to listen to your body?

Are you a routine keeper or breaker?

Friday Favourites + Episode 12 of the CTRG Podcast!

Hi all,

I don’t really want to be ‘that person’… but I’m afraid I’m going to have to be….


Every day is around 35C (just over 100F) and the humidity is insane. Thank goodness it will cool down eventually but not until Sunday… Realities of Aussie life… it gets too HOT to go to the beach….

In the mean time, the fan is my best friend and I am chugging on iced water like it’s going out of fashion. Today I swear I must have released at least a bucket of sweat at CrossFit… it was so gross.

So rather than allowing you to enter my mind, which currently is seriously debating whether or not walking around the apartment naked is actually a viable option, I will crack on with this weeks ‘Friday Favourites’!Friday - chase the red grape

Favourite… Moment – Australia Day

What’s not to love. CrossFit AM followed by coffee. Then chilling out in front of the fan all day long, only escaping for food and toilet. That, my friends, is how you spend a public holiday!

Favourite… Feeling – Anytime I can get my normal temperature back!

Meet my favourite places – cold showers, the fridge and freezer, smack bang in front of the fan or the general hallway of my apartment – the joyous place where all the apartment air cons meet…. bliss!

Favourite… Purchase – Bob Mills GF Pizza Crustpizza - chase the red grape

What could make a public holiday better? Pizza for dinner! This mix isn’t cheap, but it is pretty damn tasty and makes the perfect yeast risen crust. See below for after… we always do half tomato base and half tapenade base, so good!pizza - chase the red grape

Favourite… Food/ Drink – Cold Drip Coffeecold drip - chase the red grape

I think… I think I have found my favourite cold drip coffee in Perth. Behold Spring Espresso! Today’s blend was just perfection, served with ice and still water (would have sparkling if I was sitting in rather than take out) I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Updates… 5TTT plus Episode 12 of the Chase the Red Grape Podcast!

This weeks 5 top tips was titled ‘When living your life with a purpose means you forget to live your life’ and it certainly struck a cord with so many of you. Check it out if you haven’t already, it’s certainly one to make you think.purpose - chase the red grape

Mental Illness – Relationships and Recovery was the topic of this weeks podcast, answering a listener question, which had us diving into how you connect with others whilst in recovery but also for those who are passengers on their journey. Check it out on iTunes and Stitcher, or via the website.podcast - chase the red grape

Favourite… Workout – New 5RM deadlift

Pushed myself today and realised I was a lot stronger than I think I am. I don’t tend to write my weights on here, because who needs to compare themselves to me? Nor I them. But I am a happy camper today because the gain train is working it’s magic!

Weekend Plans – Saturday – Movement class, lunch, then off to the only comfortable place right now, the cinema! (La La Land in case you wondered). Sunday – Pancakes and newspapers, coffee, record episode 13 of the podcast and then chill.

Happy weekend folks!

What is the max temp you can stand? Do you prefer a humid or dry heat?

Do you ever make home made pizza? What do you top it with?

What do you usually do on a public holiday?

When living your life with a purpose means you forget to live your life #5TTT

Hi all,

Live your life with a purpose.

I see that statement everywhere right now. There is so much power behind it and merit as to why it can make such an impact on us all. Make sure you LIVE your LIFE and do so with PURPOSE.

How does that statement make you feel? Empowered and alive. Or maybe you are like me and it makes me feel somewhat stressed and anxious. The entire movement towards happiness and stress free living is incredible and it is fantastic at spurring cravings within us all. But how much attention do we give to these thoughts? More so than any other generation I can imagine. And without a clear road/ path, what do we actually want?

For this weeks 5 Top Tips on a Tuesday I want to break this down and look at what we are all facing /is being asked of us in this day and age. When living your life with a purpose (or attempting to) means you forget to live your life.purpose - chase the red grape

Millennial talk – finding and reaching our dreams

From Generation Y to the Millennial, we are constantly being bombarded with messages to ‘find and reach our dreams’. Teens are feeling even more pressure now on the decisions they make at school and how this will affect their eventual adulthood. In our careers we are starting to ask ourselves ‘is this really it?’ and ‘is this enough’. Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. We see pictures on social media of everyone all over the world doing different things, prompting us to ask ‘do I want that too’?. PRESSURE!

Sometimes, however, it is perfectly acceptable to simply say we just DON’T KNOW! In constantly looking towards future dreams we forget about the journey and living in the present moment. If you truly have a dream, break it down into small chunks so you can achieve it step by step and have fun along the way. But if you don’t know your dreams or your purpose right now, that is no problem at all – just focus on the now and what makes you happy right this second.

Not being stuck in jobs or tied down

Living life with a purpose means not being stuck in a job you aren’t 100% happy with or being tied down, right? Well maybe yes and maybe no.

We all have done jobs we didn’t want to do. That is a fact of growing up. But what did those jobs teach us? Experience. We learnt what we liked and didn’t like, what we wanted and didn’t want. Sometimes we have to go through this period to figure things out. Don’t worry if you aren’t happy in your job right now, maybe your purpose is to learn through this job to find your passion.

Feel tied down in a relationship or situation? Ask yourself, ‘do I want this’. For some folk, being tied down is a comfort, a bond, a happiness that they are perfectly content with. It may not be what society is telling us to do but if it makes you happy then do not feel a pressure to change. Happiness IS a purpose.

Pressure to be everything we hope and desire

Do you remember when you were younger and you knew exactly what you wanted to be when you grew up? How many times did that change? Are you actually in that role/ working towards it right now? If yes then great! If not, like I imagine most of us are, do you put pressure on yourself to still be that Vet/ Archaeologist/ Dolphin trainer? I don’t think so.

We allow ourselves to accept that what we wanted for our lives when we were 10 isn’t what we want now. So why do we feel pressure to still follow those dreams we had in our twenties when we are now mid thirties?

Your hopes and desires can change and will change. Your purpose, your overall aim in life will change over time. Keep re-evaluating how you feel and if you don’t feel the same way as you did, go down a different path. It’s your journey, you dictate the road.

To be more than the generation before

I can hear so many people stating that they don’t want to be like the generation before. I get it, I truly do. I don’t want to live my life around my work. I don’t want to bring stress home. I don’t want my health to suffer because of x,y,z. But please remember that we can also learn a lot from the previous generation on how to LIVE.

Hard working, dedicated, family orientated, compassionate, living without comparison, content are just a few of the positive words I would use to describe those I know in the generation above me. They are all aspects which I would love to have in my life.

Not having any regrets

Not having any regrets in life is not a new term but it’s context has definitely changed. FOMO (fear of missing out) is a term which wraps the whole world of social media and is leading so many people to have a sense of regret that they never had before. Ok so seeing this picture, place, event etc on the internet makes you crave it, but in not going there or doing that, is it a life regret?

Since the internet has opened up the world so have our bucket lists increased. Listen to your gut, what do you really want to do right now? Maybe saying no to an opportunity now will open something else up later or vice versa. It’s the risk of life. Is it FOMO or do you fear regret?

Keep reflecting on your life and your true goals – a regret right now many not necessarily be a regret later. Try not to be swayed by FOMO or allowing it to bring you down.

A big thought for today but one I hope has got you feeling a little less stressed out about living your life with a purpose. Instead let’s remember to actually LIVE LIFE, keep the present happy and remember you are in control of your journey and it’s purpose, whether you know what that is or not. We are all different, we all want different things and let’s keep it that way! Respect other folks journey just as you respect your own.

How do you feel when asked about living life with a purpose?

Do you still have the same dreams as 5, 10, 15 years ago?

What would you love to have in your life that you have seen within the previous generation?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Currently – January 2017

Hi all,

I cant stop listening to podcasts. Seriously. Walking, working, cooking, cleaning, even in the bath I’m listening to something…

Why? I think it’s because I love to learn. And I am learning several new things every day. I also love discussion and debate and often a lot of my podcasts contradict themselves, which I find super interesting. It allows me to develop my own opinion because of it.

One of the side benefits of listening to podcasts though is that sense of community. There are podcasts I have listened to for over 3 years, naturally, I feel like I know them! And I definitely think this is something I want to have folk see as a plus of the Chase the Red Grape Podcast. Yes I want you to learn and take away something from an episode, but I also want you to feel involved, feel a part of the discussion and get to know us a little better.currently - chase the red grape

Speaking of getting to know us a little better… I bring to you January’s edition of ‘Currently’ – linking up with Amanda @RunningWithSpoons

Current… Book – Does Santa Exist? Eric Kaplansanta - chase the red grape

I have just finished this book and OMG. Ever read a book where it just has a massive impact on how you look at life? This is it for me.

The question ‘Does Santa Exist?’ is more of an example which he uses throughout to define and describe the philosophy and concept of beliefs, how and why we believe in what we do.

It’s not an easy read and it’s one that’s going to constantly make you think, but it’s also going to make you laugh and annoy your partner for hours afterwards discussing the purpose of life! Ha!

Current… Obsession – Girls Gone WOD

Podcast obsessed. My favourite right now is Girls Gone WOD. Joy and Claire are amazing hosts and keep me laughing and entertained the whole way. Lots of CrossFit, nutrition and general health talk which I love!

Current… Craving – Muffinsmuffins - chase the red grape

I borrowed some magazines from the library over the holidays and found a pretty straightforward banana muffin recipe in one so gave it a go. Guys these muffins are pure genius! Easy to make, bake, GF and technically paleo too (although I only just realised that) and light as a feather. Keep them in the fridge and they last forever too. Wish I knew where the recipe was from and I would share with you (so I could seek permission!)

Current… Food – Acai Bowlacai bowl - chase the red grape

Now I am not going to be one of those Health Coaches that tell you about the magical health benefits of acai. But what I will tell you is acai bowls are yummy and I am addicted – especially in this heat. I had this one on Saturday for lunch and it was so fresh and just what I needed.

Current… Drink – Iced Coffeecoffee - chase the red grape

Iced coffee, cold brew, cold drip… cold and coffee, that’s all I need!

Current… Procrastination – New Diary!diary - chase the red grape

Yes I finally bought a new diary! I didn’t find any last month that were perfect and I kept waiting for the more expensive ones to go on sale… but they weren’t. So I stopped struggling without one, bit the bullet and bought one. Which has equated to one happy Jen!

Current… Blessing – PodcastChase the Red Grape podcast

I love how the podcast allows me to be me. So does writing but when you write, you edit. With the podcast I say exactly how I feel, it’s such a release and I know both David and I feel so pumped after recording an episode. By the way episode 11 was just released on Wednesday… find it on iTunes and Stitcher!

Current… Excitement – Booking flights

Right now we are a couple of weeks away from booking flights back to the UK for a visit in June! It will be our first visit back since moving to Australia in August 2015 and I am so excited to see everyone and just spend some time back in the comfort of home.

Current… TV Show – Sherlock/ Seinfeld

Just finished watching the latest series of Sherlock. Good but… (for those who have watched you know what follows the but…)

And now we are on to Seinfeld… for the first time! Yup I was too young when this first came out and reruns were never shown in the UK so I didn’t get the opportunity to watch it. Two seasons in and loving it so far!

Current…Mood – Overwhelmed!

Yeah I am a little bit overwhelmed right now. I have many things I want to do but trying to figure out where to start is tricky, plus it’s pretty hot here right now which can leave you sleepy and I’m trying to get into a 2017 routine but it’s just not clicking…. but it will soon enough. And I am happy overall so no real worries! 🙂

Have you ever read a book which changed your outlook on life?

What do you like to eat/ drink when the weather gets hot?

Are you a diary person?

The BEST thing you can do right now to prep for the CrossFit Open #5TTT

Hi all,

Yes it’s that time of year again, The CrossFit Open 2017 is a mere 39 days away!

We have all been working hard over the past year – some for this precise moment in order to compete, others simply to stay fit and healthy and take part in the games with the rest of the community.

Right now, with the time we have left, I can’t help you get your first muscle up or dominate double unders. But what I can do is help you with the one thing we can do to help us prepare for the Open… NUTRITION!

Yup, looking at what you are eating over the next few weeks truly is the one thing you can do that I guarantee will help you with your Open performance. Think more energy, speed, excellent recovery, muscle repair, that extra little bit of strength you didn’t know existed… Sound good?

Well I am here to keep it simple. No plans, no counting, no rules… just small tips to help tweak your nutrition over the next few weeks to help you GAIN the most out of your performance, 5 top tips style!CrossFit Open 2017 - Chase the Red Grape

1. What foods?

You have all heard of macros right? Protein, carbohydrates and fat. Protein will build and help repair muscle, Carbohydrates are best for fuelling high intensity exercise and fat for low intensity exercise/ being at rest (Now this is all very simplistic but trying to keep it easy as possible here…). Protein is a poor fuel source so you are going to want to make sure you have enough of the other two for fuel. Where protein comes in best is recovery aka repair. As CrossFitters you will benefit from having more of your calories come from carbohydrates than as fat (but you do need both in your diet, remember that). YOU WILL NOT GET FAR WITHOUT CARBS!

  1. How much?

I cannot emphasise this enough – you need to eat… and eat well! If you want to have the energy for the Open plus regular training and the ability to recover amongst all of this you need to EAT! Now I cannot state how many macros you need specifically, everyone is different. But you need to make sure you are getting a decent amount of protein and carbohydrates during each meal plus a fat source. Here is an example of what I would eat on a training day…

Post workout – protein shake and dates

Breakfast – scrambled eggs plus bowl of oatmeal with jam and PB

Snack – apple

Lunch – leftovers from meal the night before – usually meat, with veggies and potatoes over salad

Snack – 2 rice cakes with PB and honey

Dinner – chicken, broccoli and sweet potatoes

Pre bed – small bowl of cereal.

  1. When?

We have all heard about macro timing, the ‘refuelling window’ aka ‘window of gains’ but when is best to fuel and refuel for a workout?

If you are working out first thing and feel fine doing it fasted, keep going. Don’t change this for an AM Open workout, your body wont be used to digesting whilst training. Just make sure you have a carb-y snack before bed (a small bowl of cereal works wonders for me).

If you work out during the day or later in the AM, try aiming for 40g carbs and 20g of protein about an hour before. What does this look like? An example would be a protein shake and a large banana. You want easy to digest carbs – spotted bananas or dates.

With regards to ‘the window of gains’, you don’t need to worry about immediately downing a shake and eating as soon as you have finished your workout. If you only train once a day, replacing your glycogen stores within a 24 hour window is perfectly fine aka at your next meal (providing you are eating enough). Personally, I like eating some dates and drinking a protein shake post workout… but I do train fasted in the AM.

  1. Preparation

Think ahead and be ready! Eating to fuel and refuel can be so easy if you prepare. Cook up a big batch of protein like chicken or ground beef at the weekend to make sure you have access to easy protein when you need it. Be prepared with easy carb sources by cooking batches of rice, oats, roasted veggies and potatoes (both sweet and regular). Make sure you have snacks to grab at hand and try bringing at packed lunch to work to make sure you get what you need. Focus on the QUALITY of your protein, carbs and fat. Sure you can refuel with pizza and that’s great for a one off, but will it really give your body the nutrients it needs to fully recover?

  1. The aim is performance

Do this for you. Do this for your performance. Do this because you want to feel great during the Open and not burned out. Do this to help your body recover. It is not a diet. There are no rules on what you can and cannot eat. Heck if anything I know most of you athletes (yes you are athletes) don’t eat enough! This is the time when your body really needs you.

You may even gain some more muscle in the process!

And please remember guys, it’s not about perfection, it’s just about being that little bit better, little bit sharper and knowing you are giving your body what it needs to fuel and recover before, during and after the Open. Learn from your body’s reactions, learn from when you feel great and when you don’t and move onwards and upwards. Maybe just take a couple of points and work on them if you can!

Feel free to shoot me any questions though if you have them, either below or email chasetheredgrape.com

Happy to answer any questions you may have on the who’s, what’s, where’s, whys and how’s!

5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Friday Favourites + New Episode of the CTRG Podcast!

Hi all,

It’s finally Friday! How did your week go? Did you survive?

That’s how I feel about this week… I survived. Our hob broke followed by our washing machine a few days later. My sleep has been a bit all over the place and half of the week has been so hot that I didn’t know what to do with myself!

But I did survive. I ate yummy seasonal food and kept training. I did 4 yoga sessions to keep my body and mind in check (aka relaxed). I worked on my pause journal that David gave me for Christmas to take some time out. I wrote, which always makes me happy. Basically I took my own advice for once… and it worked!

So now I head into the weekend with my head held high and looking forward to what it brings!Friday - chase the red grape

Let’s check out the first Friday Favourites of the year!

Favourite… Moment – Recording episode 10 of the Chase the Red Grape Podcastpodcast - chase the red grape

It was awesome getting back into the swing of things this week with recording the podcast. I really missed it! I know we are getting better each week and bringing more and more questions and thoughts to you all. If you haven’t checked it out yet then please do! It’s where the cool kids hang!

Favourite… Feeling – Relaxed and Calm

I remember a time when I used to hate the shavasana part of yoga. Lying there, still, thoughts running through my head, waiting for it to be over. Now I relish it, I crave it. I love the feeling it brings after stretching and moving. I no longer have thoughts. Just stillness. Perfect.

Favourite… Purchase – Coffee…coffee - chase the red grape

Can that count? See above for the reason. Hey at least it was coffee and not anything stronger!

Favourite…Food/Drink – Doughnut/ Flat Peachespeaches - chase the red grape

This is my favourite time in Australia for fruit. Right now peaches, nectarines, cherries and grapes are all in season. These flat peaches are just beautiful, I could eat many in one go. Cherries also deserve a big mention as they are my favourite fruit and I cannot get enough right now!

Updates – How to be true to yourself in 2017 + Episode 10 of the CTRG podcast – How to set goals.true-2017 - chase the red grape

I loved writing this weeks #5TTT post and it seemed to really hit home with a lot of you. Maybe this year could be the year you focus on you, on the inside, being 100% true to who you are.

Episode 10 focuses on how to set goals this year. But not necessarily the way you may think. We break it down, offer some sound advice and get you thinking about what you really want. Even do you want it at all? Find on iTunes and Stitcher now.

Favourite… Workout – Yoga

As I mentioned above, in addition to training this week I have been doing Yoga. I’m actually doing the 30 day Fightmaster Yoga challenge on You Tube and it’s amazing. Yes it helps my muscles and stretching, but to be honest, it’s what it is doing for my mind and breathing that really makes me go back for more.

Weekend Plans – Saturday – Movement class, weekly shop, then off to lunch. The afternoon will be spent chilling, watching the recent series of Sherlock and sitting in front of our fan on full blast. Sunday – Pancakes, newspapers, coffee and a walk to our favourite bulk store to stock up on oats, ghee and green tea!

Have a great weekend folks!

Have you ever given something a second chance and found that you now love it? (aka me and Yoga)

Did you survive this week?

What was your favourite purchase?

Linking up with Heather @LifeInLeggings

How to be true to yourself in 2017 #5TTT

Hi all,

How is your week going so far?

For most of you, this will be your first full week back after the holidays and for me this is no exception. It’s always tough to get back into the swing of things but that is exactly why I am here! Each week I want to bring you 5 top tips on a Tuesday. It might sometimes be advice, action steps or questions to ask yourself. But the main motivation behind it is to make you think differently about how you approach health, mindset and lifestyle in general.

I want to begin the New Year by brining to you an idea for a goal that you may not have thought of pursuing – How to be true to yourself in 2017.true-2017 - chase the red grape

True. Is it corny to look into the meaning of that word? Who cares, lets take a look. It means actual, real, genuine or truthful – do you see those characteristics within yourself?

I would like to think I do, but if I am honest, maybe I do sometimes lack the ability to be able to be true to who I am, what I think and what I do, 100% of the time.

So how can we achieve this in 2017 and for life? Let’s get stuck into my 5 top tips!

Be fair

Go into 2017 with your head held high – the world is your oyster! But remember also to be fair to yourself. Don’t put immense pressure on your own shoulders to perform and achieve huge and daunting tasks and goals. Break them down into smaller chunks and go step by step. Ask yourself, ‘would you expect another to perform to such a high standard, the way you are asking yourself to’?

Be kind

Kindness is one of the best qualities a person can bestow. I love seeing kindness in others and feeling the effects of their kindness. But are you kind to yourself? Do you give yourself credit where it is due and compassion when needed? Try being as kind to yourself as you are to others – even this one small change can affect your world and how you view yourself in it.

Don’t compromise

Are you a passionate person? Do you feel motivated, strong willed and determined about something in particular? Then don’t compromise. This is your life. These are your goals, dreams and ambitions. In order to be true you have to allow yourself to be important. You are your own number one! Don’t compromise on life. Maybe you have to change direction or make a side step along the way, but if you know what you want, go for it!

Don’t be a bully

Treat yourself the way you would like to be treated in life. Don’t beat yourself down, pick yourself up. Brush yourself off and walk tall. Bullies struggle with confident people with confident thoughts and your own inner bully is no exception. Try not to entertain those thoughts, the ones that make you feel like you are useless and not worthy. The bully never wins. Remember that.

Be honest

This stems from being fair to yourself. Be honest with yourself about everything. Know your strengths and acknowledge them. Know your weaknesses and limitations so that you can work on them (if you so desire). Be honest about your time – maybe you can fit x,y,z into your schedule. Maybe, if you are honest, you can’t. Build a stable route for yourself with honesty at the core.

How do you feel you can be true to yourself this year?

Can you stand up to your inner bully?

What is something you would not compromise on in your life?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Week In Review – All the festivities!

Hi all,

Happy 2017 everyone!

How have your holidays been so far? Hopefully full of fun, joy and most importantly relaxing!

I just wanted to have a quick check in with you all today and link up with Meghan for ‘Week In Review’ to give you a snap shot of the last week or so, Christmas and all.

I know my experience of Christmas and December in general is so different to what you are all used to, heck even for me it’s still mind boggling. But I thought you would all like to see the holidays – Aussie Fotheringham style!

We celebrated Christmas Daybubbles - chase the red grape

Went on a beach walk Christmas Day and New Years daybeach-us - chase the red grape

Started some new traditions and kept some old ones going strong

Ate lots of yummy food including a whole turkey… 5.6kg to be precise… just two people… in 5 days…turkey - chase the red grapebreakfast - chase the red grape

Had many skype and facetime calls with family

Kept training and moving throughout – because we wanted to.

Did Murph murph - chase the red grape

Went to the zoogiraffe - chase the red grapetiger - chase the red grape

Explored Subiaco – an area of Perth we lovesubi street art - chase the red grape

Dined out many times – which we don’t do very oftenpoke - chase the red grapecafe - chase the red grape

Bought new clothes and shoes in the sales – something else I don’t do very often!

Cooked and baked!sweet potato - chase the red grape

Went swimming in our apartment pool – first thing in the morning, so peaceful and quietpool - chase the red grape

Went hiking #explorewhatsonyourdoorhiking - chase the red grape

Saw in 2017 in style!dining out - chase the red grape

And now today we are off to see Moana at the cinema… it’s too hot today to be outdoors!

How was your Christmas?

Tell me something you did over the holidays?

What was the favourite thing you ate?