Knowing that you’re not alone – body image #5TTT

Hi all,

Body image. It’s not a topic I tend to focus on a lot here on Chase the Red Grape but it’s one I am ready to deal with since it has become more prominent.

So here’s the deal. I’m not going to tell you to stay positive and keep smiling. That a smile will always make you look beautiful. That doing X,Y or Z programme will make you look in the mirror and see whatever it is that you want to see. Or that chanting ‘I’m beautiful’ to yourself over and over works (although kudos to you if it does).

I’m all about health and a healthy body. Whatever you believe a healthy body looks like is up to you – they all differ but yet are all strong and capeable. But there are a few things I really do want you all to take into account when addressing the issue of body image.

So for this weeks 5 top tips, I want to remind you all that you are not alone in this. Body image issues affect us all, and I want you to keep the following in mind.body image - chase the red grape

We all have insecurities

News flash! You are not alone. We all have things about us that we wish were different. Even the most confident and happy people occasionally wish ‘that bit would sit flatter’ or ‘my toes look really odd in these shoes’. Humans are programmed to compare, not by the media, but it’s how our brains function. Never think you are alone in feeling a certain way. Often the way we feel about ourselves is something we don’t talk enough about.

We all look at others and wish we had x,y or z

Another ‘we are all the same’ news flash! It’s normal to look at pictures and want to look like that. It’s normal to look at friends and wish you were the same. But you have to realise that someone is also looking at you and feeling the same way. Sometimes what we hated about ourselves we learn to love as it makes us stand out from the crowd. I hated being tall in school. Now I love it. And I know so many folk who have been flabbergasted that I ever wished to be anything but tall. It’s perception.

Lust but don’t obsess

The media and the blame we lay on it for feeling the way we feel – oh boy where do we begin! The media will always portray unrealistic images, it’s the sad truth, but how we respond to them is a different matter. Imagine it being like having a crush on Brad Pitt. You lust after him but you don’t obess after him. You are so happy and in love with your husband… but that doesn’t mean you can’t swoon at a pic of him occasionally. Same goes for posts on social media (or in real life). Look at that persons body/ hair/ makeup. Lust after it. But don’t let it become an obsession, you already have what you need.

Learning to love your body comes from the mind

If you struggle to love who you are and the body you are in, no amount of dieting or exercise is going to change that. The markers for ‘perfection’ are always going to change and evolve. If you want change it has to start with how you feel about yourself and view yourself.

Remember your strengths

When I am feeling glum about my body I always remember my strengths. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but I’m always willing to give it a try. What can I do? What does my body do for me? What do I love about myself? Why can’t David let me past without giving my bum a little squeeze – is it because it is pretty or ugly? And so on and so forth. Being realistic about yourself doesn’t have to be negative! 

Next weeks podcast (episode 43) will be all about body image, addressing it from both the male and female perspective – yes folks men feel it too! Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher so you don’t miss it.

Do you suffer from body insecurities?

What do you love about the way you look?

What do you think could be done in the media to address this issue? Or do you think it’s the everyday comparisons that really make a dent?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Friday Favourites + Episode 41 of the Chase the Red Grape Podcast

Hi all,

Have you ever watched a TV series all the way through, from beginning to end, in one go?

I’m talking every season was available to you when you started watching and you just went for it?

That’s what I did every lunchtime for the past 4 months… I went through the entire collection of Gilmore Girls – including the ‘year in the life’ recent addition.

I never had the chance to watch Gilmore Girls originally as it wasn’t shown in the UK. But after months of seeing everyone and their left arm talking about it, I thought I would give it a go.

Now it’s over I feel this sense of loss. Crazy I know! But if I am honest I think it’s probably to do with the end leading to a disruption in my lunchtime routine… which I had down to an art. I hate disruptions but I guess they only show me where I am comfortable, leading me on to the question ‘now change has to happen, what do I want to do’? I feel like once we move in 2 weeks time to another apartment and my routine is displaced again, I will find out.

This disruption will be good. I’m not going to let that nervous niggle of change stop me. So long Gilmore Girls, you were good but now I’m choosing change!

(On another note… what the hell was with that ending? Surely it has to come back…?).Friday - chase the red grape

But now time for some Friday Favourites!

Favourite…Moment – Book Sale!books - chase the red grape

On Saturday David and I went to a charity second hand book sale. I was in reading heaven! Every type of book you could think of, I didn’t know where to start! We spent almost 2 hours looking through them all, reading, laughing, reminiscing (I LOVED the children’s section), so much happiness!

Favourite… Feeling – Sunshine Walkchase the red grape perth

Sundays are for coffee walks in the sun and now Spring is approaching we are able to do just that. We had a walk down by the river, sun beaming on our faces… it was a lovely calm time.

Favourite… Purchase – Books of course!books - chase the red grape

I bought a few history books, Christmas books (I adore Christmas and it’s traditions), classics and even a couple of Famous Five books. I will be kept busy for sure.

Favourite… Food/Drink – Nitro Cold Brew from DiMattinanitro cold brew - chase the red grape

We had to go get our windscreen replaced (boo) so while we waited we went for a wonder to grab a coffee. Holy smokes I did not expect to find the most amazing coffee shop with the best on tap nitro cold brew. It was so smooth with the perfect head on it…. looked exactly like a Guinness – it even had the same velvety texture!

Updates – 5TTT + Episode 41 of the Chase the Red Grape Podcastchase the red grape podcast

All things podcast this week with my 5 top tips being 5 podcast episodes you should have listened the red grape podcast

And then when you are finished with those, check out the latest episode of the podcast all about the best and worst pieces of health advice we have heard. If you like a rant you’ll love this! Download on iTunes, Stitcher or listen on the website here. 

Favourite… Moment of training – Taking ownership

I am tired right now and my body is showing it. The beginning of the week was rough but then, the past two days, I decided to take ownership, back off on certain things and chose when and when not to push. I may still feel tired but my head feels in control and that makes a huge difference.

Weekend Plans – Saturday – Massage (yes!), lunch out and then start to pack. Sunday – Pancakes, newspapers, coffee walk and podcasting!

Have a fab weekend folks!

Are you a Gilmore Girls fan?

Have any recent changes made you rethink your routine?

Do you buy second hand books?

5 Chase the Red Grape Podcast episodes you should have listened to #5TTT

Hi all,

Last week David and I released the 40th episode of the Chase the Red Grape Podcast!

40 gone and here’s to the next 40!

It may seem like there are so many podcasts out there right now vying for your attention, and don’t get me wrong, I know our competition is awesome.

So why do we still record in this ever expanding market? Because we love it. It is my favourite platform to engage with you all and I love being able to truly express how I feel. Any writer will tell you that to do the same thing in words is extremely difficult!

So discussions turn heated and passionate, ideas are thrown, rants are ranted and raves are enlightened. Our goals, hidden talents, desires, flaws and true thoughts are revealed. We tell stories, relive moments that are key to us as individuals but also as a married couple and never edit out the awkward or confused. It’s just me Jen, joined by David, trying to help us all to be healthier, happier people.

So for this weeks 5 top tips on a Tuesday, I thought I would share with you all the 5 Chase the Red Grape Podcast episodes you should have listened to. Come find out what you have been missing!

(Find the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher or here on where you can listen though the web!)chase the red grape podcast

Episode 40 – Realities of your personality

I had to begin with the most recent one as it was incredible to record and brought up a lot of common issues. Knowing your personality and working with both the positive and negative traits of it can be rewarding in so many ways. Don’t let said ‘realities’ of who you are dictate which path you should proceed down

Episode 24 – Being a Brit living abroad

Many of you have joined us here as we made the big move from Scotland to Perth Australia. But what is it really like being an expat living abroad? In this hilarious episode we pick out the good, bad and the ugly of British culture and apply that to life here in Aus.

Episode 21 – The Open is over, what’s next

This may originally have been recorded in response to the CrossFit Open ending but it delivers an important message for any athlete looking at setting and achieving goals for the following year. Being honest with where you are at is hard but sometimes very necessary.

Episode 12 – Mental Illness – Relationships and recovery

This was a tough one to record but so wonderful to put out into the world. Many of us will be affected by mental illness either personally or regarding a friend or family member at some point in our lives. It’s good to know how you can help the process and talk about matters that need to be addressed.

Episode 35 – Comfort Zones – Are you happy in yours?

Rather than push you to break free from your comfort zone, we instead discuss how comfort zones can be bloody wonderful in this day and age. Going on the theory, if it makes you happy then do it, we show you how they can actually represent all what you want in life. On the other hand, if it doesn’t make you happy, we show you how you can break free from your zone to experience something new.

So head on over and give the podcast a listen! Please also share and tell your friends. And a big thank you to those who have been with us since the beginning – it makes us very happy!

The latest episode of the podcast will be released on Wednesday – Episode 41 – The best and worst pieces of advice we have been given – don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss it.


Have you listened to the podcast yet?

What do you like to hear people talking about on podcasts – more personal or professional?

Has a podcast ever made an impact on your life?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Friday Favourites + Episode 40 of the Chase the Red Grape Podcast

Hi all,

How has your week been?Friday - chase the red grape

Mine has been one tough cookie. Nothing big or annoying happened, it just rained a lot and I felt a bit pants. Hopefully I’m not coming down with something.

But enough of being on a downer. I can tell you what was one of the highlights of my week – meeting this little lady over Skype.

My Mum fosters guide dog puppies when their trainers need a break or go on holiday (so she can, therefore, continue their training). As a result I end up having many awesome skype dates with my beautiful mum and some adorable poochies!chase the red grape podcast

This is Kiki. She is a year old, loves mud and eating slippers. Look at those ears!

And on that note let’s kick off Friday Favourites!

Favourite… Moment – Bed time

Yup my favourite moment this week has been bed time. No shame in that. Lights out by 9pm always in order to achieve my needed 8 hours!

Favourite… Feeling – Satisfaction from my puzzlepuzzle - chase the red grape

Nope we haven’t finished it yet… this puzzle (no shame) is going to cost me to lose many hairs. But we did finish the outer rim which brought much satisfaction considering how hard it is going to be! (Note, David picked this puzzle… not me…)

Favourite… Purchase – The perfect flat white…coffee - chase the red grape

Yes I like coffee, you all know that. But I adore the flavours and textures of coffee so so much. Enter this beauty from Wednesday. A 2 shot flat white gives the perfect milk to coffee ratio. I literally savoured every sip!

Favourite… Food/Drink – Roll’dRolld - chase the red grape

Roll’d is a Vietnamese food chain here in Perth and it’s bloody brilliant. It never disappoints me whether I’m in the mood for pho or this tasty Vietnamese salad I had above. Love me some crunchy veg and pork!

Updates – 5TTT + Episode 30 of the Chase the Red Grape Podcasthealth and wellness BS - chase the red grape

This weeks 5 top tips was an epic look at how to navigate through all the health and wellness BS out there -hint… not everything works for the red grape podcast

The podcast this week looked at the realities of your personality – how to take another look at those negative traits we all see within ourselves and how knowing your personality better can help you be happier. Listen on iTunes, Stitcher or here on the website

Favourite… Moment of training – I survived…

I guess that says it all! Ha! It wasn’t all bad… just maybe not what I was expecting (or hoping) from deload week.

Weekend Plans – Saturday – Heading to get our windscreen replaced (damn chip), podcasting in between food prep and then out for drinks for a friends birthday. Sunday – Pancakes and papers, a walk with coffee and chill.

Have a fab weekend everyone!

Would you have a dog if you could?

How do you know when you are coming down with a bug/cold/flu?

Do you enjoy a puzzle?

How to navigate through all the health and wellness BS #5TTT

Hi all,

On a daily basis, I receive newsletters and update emails from many health and wellness websites and publications. For most of them, I simply hit ‘delete’. Why you may ask? Because of headlines such as these…

‘How to trick your body into feeling full’

‘One exercise for a perfect beach body’

‘Fruit is not your friend’

‘Eat this to look like X’.

Urgh… and some of these headlines come from HUGE publications… 

No wonder people out there are confused, scared, stumped, critical and so on and so forth. Everything seems to point to one way of thinking and then another… and then another.

So what do we do? We learn to navigate through all the BS. For this weeks 5 top tips I want to help you all break down the advice and tips we are all bombarded with on a daily basis, enabling you to truly figure out what works for you in terms of your health and and wellness BS - chase the red grape

You are you

You are you, the only you, no one else is like you. What is right for one will always be wrong for another and vice versa. Your body is unique and you must treat it as much. Be inspired by tips and advice, let them get you thinking. But as for what is right for you? Only you know that.


If in doubt, experiment! Don’t know if it will work for you? Give it a try. Allow at least 3 months for any experiment on yourself and know that if you don’t or can’t go in with a scientific mind set (all methods executed correctly and a ‘let’s just see what the results read’ attitude) then it probably isn’t healthy for you to experiment just yet. Aka if you ‘need’ the results to be one way or the other. Experiment, learn, move on, adapt.

Trust yourself

Don’t know if you should experiment or confused by something? Trust your gut. You know when something feels or sounds right or wrong for you. Don’t allow yourself to be swayed by fancy titles or qualifications – unless they have met or spoken to you, how do they know it is the right advice for you? And one major tip on how to trust your gut? If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

Listen to the signs

Learn to read your body. What are your hunger signals telling you? What do your hair, skin and nails tell you about your health? How well do you sleep? Take time to pay attention to what your body is already telling you that you need. If you do decide to experiment with some of the advice you have read/ heard then make sure you track your progress. What does my body tell me? How am I feeling both physically and mentally? Know when your body is craving more or asking you to stop/ slow down.

Educate yourself

Read the small print, look at sample sizes, look at who was funding the studies whose results are laid before you. Find out the aftermath of those who partook in the study – was there any follow up? If you really want to know how much you can trust the information you are being given or whether or not it even applies to you, you have to dig. Will eating sweet potatoes like the Okinawans really lead to a longer healthier life for you when the rest of your diet and lifestyle doesn’t resemble theirs at all? Question. Educate. Experiment. Learn. 

Take responsibility for finding out what is right for your health and wellbeing. After all, you know you best.

Do you tend to follow the health advice you read/ listen to/ watch?

What is one thing you do for your health that is deemed to be ‘wrong’?

Does your body give you warning signs of what it needs/ wants?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Friday Favourites + Episode 39 of the Chase the Red Grape Podcast

Hi all,

I’m coming to the end of the book I’m reading right now…. and it’s making me sad.

Not that the book is making me sad, no, the fact that I am coming to the end of it. It doesn’t happen very often, I normally love the sense of satisfaction I get from completing a book, but sometimes I just want to eeek out every last drop.

But tonight I know will be the night it is all over. I have 2 books waiting to be read but I just don’t know if they are really what I want to dive into next.

So my key question today is – anyone got any good book recommendations? Apart from maybe horror (I hate being spooked) I literally read and enjoy pretty much everything, fact and fiction, so would love to know if you have any must reads. It doesn’t have to be recent either, I love a good old classic too!Friday - chase the red grape

But for now, here are my Friday Favourites!

Favourite… Moment – Roo time!kangaroo - chase the red grape

We went for a crazy walk on Saturday (listen to the podcast below for more details) but on our (mis)travels we came across at least a dozen kangaroos! This one with its joey in its pouch was so cute!

Favourite… Feeling – Fresh airchase the red grape

Walking in the Perth hills, surrounded by trees, just priceless. It makes me miss the mountains and forest walks at home! The surroundings may be different but the air is just as pure.

Favourite… Purchase – Cheese!cheese - chase the red grape

David and I headed to our favourite deli on Saturday to pull together an epic picnic. Some musts for me are serrano ham (freshly sliced), olives and of course cheese! They have an excellent selection here and it was easy to pick an English blue, baked ricotta and my favourite the Campagnier!

Favourite… Food/Drink – Cruel Mistress Pinot Noirwine - chase the red grape

Gosh I love a Pinot Noir and this local one from Western Australia was simply divine. You could never want for good wine around here that’s for sure!

Updates – 5TTT + Episode 39 of the Chase the Red Grape Podcastabroad - chase the red grape

This weeks 5 top tips centred around 2 years of living abroad – lessons, tips and the red grape podcast

Episode 39 of the podcast looked at mastering the basics. In the crazy world of social media, have we all forgotten that in order to achieve we have to master the basics first? From sport to your career, where has the patience for hard work gone and why do we forget to acknowledge that in others? Listen now on iTunes, Stitcher or here on the website

Favourite… Moment of training – you know what?

…it’s been a tough end to the week. I really didn’t enjoy my training today and it really affected me emotionally. It’s so draining when that happens. But that’s training sometimes. Will be back at it Monday morning and fingers crossed, after a nice relaxing weekend, I wont feel quite so beaten up, physically and mentally.

Weekend Plans – Saturday – Brekkie, off for coffee and to buy the weekend newspaper. Then out for lunch, an afternoon of cooking, wine drinking, puzzle making and chilling out! Sunday – Pancakes and newspapers, coffee and podcasting!

Have a fab weekend folks!

So tell me, what should I read?

What is your go to wine region/ country?

What native wild animal do you see most often?

After two years living abroad… #5TTT

Hi all,

Can you believe that it is two years to the day that David and I moved from Scotland to Perth Australia?

In some ways it feels like only yesterday but in others it feels like we have been here forever.

I remember writing the post to tell you all the good news. I remember confiding in you how excited and nervous I was at the same time. I remember the flight, our first Christmas here, my first birthday here and our first trip over east and down south. Lots of firsts, seconds and now normalities.

For this weeks five top tips, I thought I would share with you five things that have stood out the most to me after living abroad for two years – lessons, tips, advice etc. It’s a massive change to move to the other side of the world… and continues to be so, more than you may expect.abroad - chase the red grape

It never gets easier being away from your homeland

You may be able to deal with it better… but it never gets any easier. Being away from friends and family is very hard and not for the fainthearted. You miss birthdays, weddings, births and other major events that you previously would never have dreamed of missing. You figure out how to ‘cope’ rather than it being ok. Visits are very extra special though.

But home is also where you hang your hat

I have also realised that home can be whatever and wherever you want it to be. For me, home will always be where David and my favourite blanket is – as long as I am snuggled up with the two of them I am happy. What feels like home doesn’t always have to be the same as before or what you have always known. Change can feel like home too if you let it, embrace it and allow yourself to feel the warmth of your new surroundings.

You pick up the lingo

Yes no matter how much you try, you will pick up the lingo of where you live. I was happy simply understanding words and phrases for a while but now they are fully a part of my everyday language. You just can’t stop it! Culture is another aspect that you easily pick up and one I have been more accepting of. Christmas at the beach, weekend winery tours, watching the footie, walking around in your bare feet. Oh with the exception of one, avo toast. Why would you pay someone good money for a mashed avocado on toast when you could make 8 of them at home for the same cost? #thrifty.

You start to notice more, not less of the differences

So what has been the biggest impact between years one and two for me? Noticing more of the differences. The way people act and communicate. The politics and laws. Healthcare and food. They are starting to stand out more, rather than become the norm. Sometimes not always for the better.

You still need to seek adventure

When you move abroad you have this image of it being life’s adventure! For a while it is… and then it isn’t. When you feel settled and at ease it’s great but it also means that adventure spark slowly fades. Both David and I still need to seek our adventures, it is after all what we love to do! Whether that be at the weekend, trips away or bigger travel, we always want to have adventure on the agenda. As with anything in life, if you want it, go get it!

Would you like to live abroad? If so where would you go?

Are you good with picking up other cultures when you travel?

When was the first time you really felt away from home?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Friday Favourites + Episode 38 of the Chase the Red Grape Podcast

Hi all,

I am really really excited for the CrossFit Games!

It started on Thursday in the US… which was early morning in Australia… and finishes on Sunday… which is early Monday morning. Not exactly ideal for watching live.

Will be doing the best we can though watching replays, recaps and analysis videos… yup I completely geek out over this type of thing. (Check out episode 37 of the podcast for more thoughts!) One thing is for sure though, I will find out who wins before I can watch the final WODs. Damn time zones… why do they always make life complicated!Friday - chase the red grape

But that’s another rant for another day! Ha! Time for Friday Favourites!

Favourite…Moment – My 8th wedding anniversaryanniversary - chase the red grape

David and I met from drinks after work and then headed to our favourite restaurant in Perth, Long Chim. Food was amazing, as always but the company is my favourite part. No matter where I am with this dude I am able to smile, laugh and be completely relaxed.

Favourite… Feeling – Intense!

On Saturday I went to see Dunkirk. I know the story, I know the outcome but boy oh boy did it keep me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The hype for this movie is real folks, go and see it!

Favourite… Purchase – Vasevase - chase the red grape

The store that produces my favourite planner of all time, Kikki K, sent me a $10 off voucher for my birthday! So I bought this cute little hygge inspired vase and I can’t wait to use it in my new apartment. I love simple and very rarely buy homegoods but this just caught my eye!

Favourite… Food/Drink – Whisky and Bacon Flightwhisky bacon - chase the red grape

You guys the whisky and bacon flight that I had on my birthday last Friday was absolute perfection. Four fantastic whiskies paired perfectly with various styles of bacon. I was literally in birthday heaven!

Updates – 5TTT + Episode 38 of the Chase the Red Grape Podcastmarriage - chase the red grape

This weeks 5 top tips looked at 5 things I have learned about marriage. It was fun to take a different look at what, deep down, I have really taken from the red grape podcast

Episode 38 of the podcast was a fun update episode – looking at my birthday week, moving apartments, our favourite things and so much more! Listen on iTunes, Stitcher or here on the website. 

Favourite… Moment of training – Quiet classes

Is it bad that I always prefer when our CrossFit classes are no more than 8-10 of us? Ok we have a cap at 16 but I much prefer a smaller class. More room to move, breath, be able to speak to the coaches and I just feel more relaxed. We had a couple of them this week and it was lovely,

Weekend Plans – Saturday – Getting my nails done (OMG 3 times in a row, who am I!?), picking up a picnic lunch and then off to the hills for a walk. Sunday – Pancakes and newspapers, coffee, podcasting and cleaning… boo! But lots of CrossFit… yay!

Have a great weekend folks!

How do you pronounce it – vase like bra’s or vase like rays? (Always always vase like bras’!)

Do you like quiet vibes or a buzz when doing classes?

Where did you go the last time you went for a long walk?

5 things I have learned about marriage #5TTT

Hi all,

Today David and I celebrate our eighth wedding anniversary!

These past eight years have been filled to the brim with so much – buying and selling our first home, travelling, getting through a serious illness and oh yeah, moving to the other side of the world!

Every little experience we have had together make us the partnership we are today. The team we are today… and I love that.

So for this weeks 5 top tips I thought I would bring to you the 5 things I have learned about marriage from over the past eight years. Some of this may resonate with you, others maybe not. After all, each partnership is different. But as so many of you know David pretty much as well as you know me, I thought it fitting that I focus on the core of what makes us who we are, our marriage.marriage - chase the red grape

Communicate everything

Nothing is too big or too small to talk about. If it’s in your head then chances are your partner wants to know about it. I 100% believe in the principal of ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ and your partner is the ideal choice to confide in. They have chosen you, flaws and all and sometimes those little secrets you keep hidden are things they deserve to know. Treat your partner how you want to be treated. If you want to know what’s in their head you have to be an open book too.

You need laughter

Being married is serious business… but it is also the most fun you will ever have. Laughter, fun and smiles needs to be at the core of what you are all about, after all what first attracted you to them? Yes you need to make time for adulting but you also need to factor in specific time for fun. Make plans for a date night or a funny movie session. Go out for dinner or a big long walk every weekend. Make time to enjoy each others company and smile.

Find out who you are

Recently David and I have undertaken a few personality tests. The two that have been the most helpful are Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies and The Five Love Languages. The first focuses on why you make the choices you make, the habits you create and the way you think. The latter focuses on the type of love you give and the type of love you like to receive. Understanding ourselves via the Four Tendencies have enabled us to explore why we do what we do and react to the other person. The Five Love Languages helped us to have a conversation about what we need from the other, how we would like them to show their love – actions, presents, physical touch etc. Both definitely helped me understand myself more and as a result our relationship more.

Be open to growing together

You will change over time. I could tell you a million and one reasons why I am not the girl I was when I got married eight years ago. I have grown so much as a person but a lot of my growth has been as a result of David, impacted by David or instigated by David and vice versa. Many could say we are lucky that we have grown together, with the same goals, mindset and dreams, but I honestly think it was because we were always honest and open to changing our stance or view dependant on what the other needed. You may want or need different things to your partner but don’t be afraid to bring down your barrier.

Seek adventure

Marriage is one big adventure with lots of ups and downs and side to sides. Be open to this adventure and it can take you places you never dreamed of. You have someone by your side to help guide you, comfort you, drive you and support you. Let the love and trust you have for one and other be the only confidence you need. Whatever you want to do you can do it – because they always have your back.

If you are married, what are some of the things you have learned?

If you aren’t married, what would you want in a partner?

Has finding out about your personality helped any relationships in your life?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape