Hi all,

2018 is one big question mark.

I thought long and hard about what I wanted my first post of the new year to be. Did I want it to be a review of the year just gone? Did I want to lay down goals for the year ahead. Did I want to give advice or tips on how to do the above for yourself?

I dismissed all of those post ideas as quickly as they came into my head. They just didn’t feel right.

I have always viewed the start of the year, not as a place to make resolutions, but more the time to think about what you want. What do you want the year to behold upon you? What do you want to achieve? It’s a refection inwards that I know a lot of us out there find hard. Some even find it impossible – how can I view what I want without taking the needs of others into account?

2017 held so many twists and turns for me. I had some major highs and some pretty bum lows. The emotions from both of these I carry with me into 2018. It would be too easy to make wild assumptions and wishes for everything to be wonderful, sunny and cheery in 2018. If only that could be the case!2018

So should I break down areas of my life and pick them apart to see where I go from here? Do I need to dissect in order to reflect and grow? Career, home, family, money, fitness etc? Do those boxes even exist?

As you can see, the start of 2018 has left me with a lot of questions. Questions about how to go forward, questions about how to build personal growth, questions about what I want. Questions upon questions. But let me know, are there any of you out there, like me, where the questions do not provide answers? I ask myself these questions but yet I hear nothing in return.

How can I change when I have no direction? Do I even need to change?

Is your head spinning from all of this? I know mine is!

Instead of looking at wants, achievements and pulling apart detail after detail on my life, I am going to look at needs. 2017 started one way and ended so very differently, I can’t even remember my goals. Parts of 2017 I simply needed to just keep swimming, keep chugging along, keep being supported by David, my family and my friends, in the big and the small.

So what do I need? First of all I need freedom and belief. Freedom to take a big deep breath every time I need one. Freedom to write what I want. Freedom to speak all those thoughts I have been hiding and keeping to myself for so long.

I need belief. Yes the usual notions of belief in myself, belief that I am enough, belief that I can do. But more importantly, belief that all will be well. It doesn’t matter what 2018 holds in store for me because all will be well. After every storm there is peace.

In addition, David and I have picked 2 words to carry us through 2018. Joy and health. I need joy, I love feeling joy, I know I can give joy, joy is my hope, joy is my drive. I know 2018 will be full of it if I give and am open to receiving it.

And finally, health. 2017 was hard for me on this front. But I am doing everything I can to focus on my health needs this year. I am listening to what my body tells me and then actually putting actions into motion, not simply acknowledging and moving on. I am taking personal responsibility for the things I can help myself with and opening myself up to allowing others to help me on the aspects that are outwith my control. And that’s new to me.

And there we have it. My first post of 2018. Who knows what the year will bring. Guess we will simply just have to wait and see… and I’m ok with that. 

Does any of the above resonate with you?

Are you a goal setter/ resolution maker?

Do you like to reflect back, only look ahead or a bit of both?

8 thoughts on “2018?

    • Jen says:

      Happy New Year lovely! I love the idea of joy and health spurring me on this year. After all, as you said, what could be better?

  1. Juli says:

    I feel you!
    Also, I think assessing your needs is a good starting point. Oftentimes we’re so stuck in our beliefs about all the shoulds that we forget the needs. And actually focusing on that can lift some of the pressure we put on ourselves.
    Here’s to finding joy, health and hopefully a direction in 2018!
    Juli recently posted…So this was 2017!My Profile

    • Jen says:

      I hate ‘shoulds’. That word should be banned! Focussing on those needs means we will always be well and have our priorities straight. How can we focus on wants or even shoulds if we don’t have needs in check?

  2. Cora says:

    I’ve missed you over these last few weeks, but in a way that made me very happy to know you were taking the time away. Of course, I’ve been looking forward to your first post back.

    And I think this was a perfect when for you to begin. I do not make resolutions, nor do I try to think too much about “goals” at the start of a new year. I do, and I easily turn into an anxious frenzy of worry that the goals will not come true. I think simply asking yourself these questions you are asking yourself is the first, and main step to…anything. Keep asking, keep noticing, and the answers will come.

    Have you ever read anything about The Law of Attraction? I’m reading one of the books now. I think you already live in a way very similar to this mindset, but I’d be curious to know if you’ve read much else about it. Its all about what words, questions and energies you put out into the world in to get what you want in life.
    Cora recently posted…Week In Review: The Newfoundland Edition and Starting A New YearMy Profile

    • Jen says:

      Gah I missed you too! Loved all your Instagram posts though, always getting a little piece of ‘Cora’! 🙂
      I haven’t read that book but I am now very intrigued by it! Will check and see if my local library has a copy – thank you for the recommendation!
      And I agree, let’s not be in a rush for answers all the time. They will come when they come.

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