5 simple tips on making life easier #5TTT

Hi all,

Some days are just tough, right? Some days we just feel like the rest of the world owns us and there is nothing we can do about it. Some days we just want things to be a little easier, whether we be tired, stressed, emotional, overwhelmed or even just bored.

Making life easier on yourself isn’t up to the Gods, it really is in your control.

I’m not talking about big massive changes (they do have a time and place). Today, I am talking about small, daily, even hourly changes you can make to how you are approaching your present life. Living in a moment that’s easy and fun!

Let’s make life easy and we can do it, together, right now, simply and without planning. 5 top tips on making life easier – let’s get to it!easier - chase the red grape


Look at the day ahead of you. Write down 5 things you MUST do. Put them in order of priority and get to it. If you finish the list then ask yourself the same thing again. If new tasks come up at work reassess your priority list but in order to make room for this, something else has to go. Remember also to add other important factors to your list like taking time out for lunch and leaving the office on time – they are always some of my priorities.

Knowing you are focussing on what needs to be done rather than a whole spiral of tasks allows you to accept your priorities. It may be hard to decipher at first but once you get into a routine it becomes easier.

Social media/ app purge

I’m not telling you to get off Facebook or Instagram, instead I am telling you to use some of that time to do a group/ friend/ like purge. Check out everyone and every business you follow. Do you really want to see all that information still? Delete those who you no longer wish to see stories/ updates from. Do the same with your apps. Do you actually use all those apps you have downloaded? Are they a bad distraction? You know what to do.

Get into nature/ move

Taking time out in nature, or simply moving may sound like another stress to add on to your day, especially if you are time poor. But just going out for a lunchtime walk or even moving about the office allows your body to relax, your brain to switch off, even if it is for 5 minutes. It allows you to come back and focus, to be clear in your mind. Chances are when you feel like a break is out of the question that is when you need it the most.

Focus on what you want

This is very similar to prioritising but this is the section where we take out the NEED and the MUST (words we often associate with work) and replace it with want. What do I want to get out of my day? Knowing you are hitting some of your wants allows you to feel more in control, more optimistic. It doesn’t have to be big, simply knowing you are coming home to a dinner that you want to eat or making time because you want to go to drawing class can make the whole day feel a little easier.

Sleep is your main goal today

You heard me. Sleep is your main goal today. Decide now when your bedtime will be and stick to it. Put an alarm on your phone 15 mins prior so you can get yourself ready for sleep. Sleep allows your body to fully rest and restore. Your body cannot thrive without it. The day you make sleep a priority in your life is the day you will instantly start to feel better and more energised. A good nights sleep really can make the rest of your day so much easier.

What do you do that helps make life easier?

Do you prioritise your day?

How often do you do a social media purge?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

13 thoughts on “5 simple tips on making life easier #5TTT

    • Jen says:

      Ha yes sleep is a major one and it sucks when you just can’t sleep. I went through a period of bad insomnia and it’s not a fun time at all. Hope you eventually got a good nights sleep 🙂

    • Jen says:

      Honesty is such a good word that truly is the backbone of everything I have written in this post. If you are living your honest life then everything becomes easier as standard! 🙂

  1. Khushboo says:

    I love that you mentioned sleep, Jen! I feel like so many of us tend to compromise sleep as a time to get more done in the day. When you make sleep a priority, you don’t have to compromise your productivity- if anything, use it as motivation to be more efficient and make every working minute count…which all ties into the social media purge. Lord knows I love it but man, what a time sucker!
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    • Jen says:

      The day I made sleep a priority in my life was one of the best decisions I ever made. Now I have a set bed time and wake time I feel so much more energised throughout the day!
      You are right about social media being a time sucker – I am always scared to look at the details on my phone of exactly how much time I spend online!

  2. Cora says:

    What’s been helping me lately – especially when it comes to anxiety OR sadness due to boredom – has been combining your first and fourth points. In the morning I decide and set on a simple 2 things… Goals.. That I want to get done that day. They become my priorities, so I then have something to focus on – which alleviates anxiety and gives me a plan . But they aren’t always work oriented. Often it is to just read at least a few pages of my book, or bake that “thing.” Having a focus helps me get through those really tough days 🙁
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    • Jen says:

      That focus is an amazing tool and it helps me so much – even if I am having a good head day! I think the main aspect for me was realising that my priorities for the day don’t have to revolve around work – that making time for me doing the things I love to do/ relaxing are allowed to be a priority in my life!

    • Jen says:

      I would love to say things will get better in the sleep department but being a mum is a 24/7 role… I still remember waking my mum up in the middle of the night when I was a teenager after having a bad dream!
      Love a good purge too.

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