5 words that guide your life #5TTT

Hi all,

Over the past year or so I have really been drawn to reading and researching about who we are as individuals. How do we work? What makes us tick?

Not only has it lead to a greater understanding of how other people work but it has also allowed me to dive into who I am as a person. Sometimes it’s in the form of a collective, like my tendency (as per Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies) but often it has me exploring the minutia of my core. What’s in my gut driving me each day, helping me make the choices I do?

Recently, I asked myself the question ‘what are 5 words that guide your life’?

By guide, I mean words that take you by the hand and help you make the choices you do, because they describe who you are. Initially I came out with 5 words that I thought I ‘should’ write. Those things that describe who I feel we should be. But then I looked deep into my core. Those answers were very different.

For this weeks 5 top tips I bring you the 5 words that guide my life. Most importantly though, I want you to think about what 5 words guide your life. What words have deep roots in your core, shaping you in and out each day?chase the red grape


I know from a young age I was brought up to value the importance of kindness. Kindness to others in particular but more recently I have truly appreciated the importance of being kind to myself. My thoughts, feelings and emotions find it easy to pull me apart, to pick upon a perceived flaw and attack it. I know kindness is in my core because I couldn’t fathom doing this to anyone else. I just need to work on applying it to myself.


You all know my pull towards the concept of hygge (check out my post on hygge for more information). I thrive when I am content, happy, cosy, in my own wee nook… however you want to describe hygge. I know that feeling, I adore that feeling, I crave that feeling. It just makes so much sense to me. I feel it’s importance in my life and I strive to have access to it always.


Similar to kindness for sure but for me being generous is the art of giving… and allowing yourself to feel good about how that makes you feel. We all have so much to give whether that be money, time, gifts, donations of clothing or even lending an ear to a friend. Being generous makes me feel good and the more I give the more I want to keep on giving. I feel drawn towards helping others and it’s no surprise to me that I grew up wanting to become a teacher.


Faith can mean so many things to different people. For me, I don’t speak of faith in terms of religion, more that sense of knowing, knowing that things will be ok. I have faith that I will do in life the work I am meant to do. I have faith that David and I will live in the place we were meant to live. I do not meant to say that I have no aims or goals and that hard work doesn’t create what I want. My faith is not in fate. My faith is in myself and the world that guides me.


This last word for some could be seen as a negative but for me couldn’t be further from the truth. I am a very realistic person. Sometimes that makes me a glass is half full person, sometimes that makes me a glass is half empty person. However I take comfort in knowing the realistic outcomes or potentials in any situation, even if that means being classed as negative. But if it makes me happy and is who I am then I am going to embrace it!

Now, what about you?

What words guide you in life?

What do you think those words say about you?

Is there anything you wish you could be but aren’t?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

9 thoughts on “5 words that guide your life #5TTT

  1. Miss Polkadot says:

    This such an interesting idea. While I can’t come up with five words for myself this very minute, I think you’re right about each of us internally being guides by a handful of core values/principles/characteristics. Like you, kindness would be one of mine. Trust or faith in life turning out just right if I just allow it to is one I so very much wish I had. It’s wonderful you do and I imagine something you had to “grow” over the years, too?
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    • Jen says:

      Having faith that life will turn out the way it is meant for me… yup that is one that has only grown over time, and one that tries to test me often! Even when everything is upside down I try and tell myself that it is for a reason… that I needed to go through this. I think only from doing this and realising that every tough time I have had has taught me such valuable lessons inspires me and keeps me going when all goes crazy.
      Oh and I agree, kindness has to be one of your guides! You ooze it! šŸ™‚

    • Jen says:

      Thanks lovely! And I hope you find the words that guide you over time. For me they definitely came over time and required thinking!

    • Jen says:

      Yup it is definitely a deep topic, although I only realised how deep once I had written the post and realised these words/ concepts are me down to my bones!
      Relax is such a good one, and one I know a lot of people would aspire to. Not because it would imply they had more time on their hands but more due to the happiness it would induce.

  2. Juli@1000lovelythings says:

    I think this is a beautiful concept. I have two words that I’d say guide me both in a positive, affermative way but also as kind of a reminder because I struggle with both things at times .
    I am always facinated to figure out more about how people are wired and what drives them. Also I am always shocked at how little most people seem to know about themselves.
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    • Jen says:

      I am the same, the words I wrote guide me but it doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing – they really test me at times, especially faith in myself and the world.
      Isn’t it fascinating finding out about how others are wired and how different we all are?! But I love hearing others little quirks, especially when they are so different to my own.

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