Be a pineapple #5TTT

Hi all,

In all honesty, I didn’t know what to write today.

I was talking to David about it and I felt so frustrated. How could I be so positive and write about health and happiness when so much sadness is surrounding us? Watching the news about the situation in Puerto Rico pulled at my heart strings but when it goes beyond an act of God and becomes a man made tragedy… then I get angry, upset and scared.

(The solution lies in the hands of the policy makers… but that does not mean we are helpless. Make your voice heard… and spread kindness and faith in humanity with your actions).

Today, I want to help bring a smile, help us see we are not in a big bad world full of fear, even if events try and dictate otherwise.

Sitting in front of me right now is a big yellow pineapple. I adore pineapples. Their look, their taste but most importantly for me, their symbolism. Pineapples have been an important symbol in society for hundreds of years and appear all over the world from Asia to the Caribbean. With the events going on in the world right now I want to bring my great big yellow pineapple to you all. I want to place it in all of your homes and right on the doorstep of my own. I want to be a pineapple and promote what they symbolise… let’s check it out!Be a pineapple - chase the red grape


The symbolism of pineapples were first noted when the European explorers headed over to the America’s and Caribbean and they noticed that if a pineapple was spotted at the entrance of a village it meant that all were welcome. They took this information back home with them and you can still spot pineapples carved into the entrances of buildings, columns and furniture to this day. Open your arms to the world and welcome it in. Be a part of your community, spread a smile and happiness to others, it’s infectious you know. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone new or say hello to a stranger.


The locals that the explorers came across went beyond a simple welcome, they took their guests and made them feel at home. They extended their kindness to strangers and put faith and trust in others. We cannot let these times stop us from caring for others, even if they are strangers.


A welcome, a hospitable experience, friendship. We celebrate with our friends and families at special events and occasions (ever wondered why pineapples were often at your Christmas table, maybe even adorning your Christmas ham?), we allow these times to bring us joy and it radiates on our faces and in our actions. We will never be friends with everyone we meet, it’s impossible! But what we can do is act like good friends, kind friends, compassionate friends and ones that bring a cheer, as much as we can, to others…. beyond the Christmas table.

Good Fortune

In South East Asia the pineapple is a symbol of good fortune. Good fortune can imply that life is inevitable and that luck or serendipity is what brings us to our destination. However I like to think of it in terms of the fact that we cannot control everything, as much as we would like to. Sending out good fortune allows us to enjoy, embrace and truly identify our blessings in this world. In order to continue being happy throughout this crazy world we have to believe that good fortune will be bestowed upon us… and to continue wishing it upon others.

Tough on the outside but inside we are sweet…

Stay tough or we will crumble, right? That’s how we feel we have to be right now in order to survive. Ever vigilant, always prepared, safety measures in place and our ability to trust others safely behind our armour…

Our outer protection may be a product of the times and in many cases much needed. However we mustn’t forget our sweet interior… and the interior of others. Be a pineapple. Stand tall, wear your crown and be a symbol for kindness.

Did you know about the symbolism of pineapples?

Have you ever spotted one on a building?

Do you find it hard to be open to people in today’s world?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

6 thoughts on “Be a pineapple #5TTT

    • Jen says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it and I swear you will never look at a pineapple the same way again. Oh and you will now see pineapples on so many buildings!
      Keep remembering your juiciness… even if you feel you have to stay tough 🙂

    • Jen says:

      It really is just the perfect symbol for all the craziness right now – bringing us back down to our roots and sense of humanity 🙂

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