Why you don’t have to be like me #5TTT

Hi all,

All day, everyday, I am flooded with emails, articles, news reports and mutterings of ‘you should do this’ and ‘you should do that’. You know the ones I mean, and to be honest, I could write them too

‘I am a Health Coach, this is what you should eat’

‘Copy a CrossFitters diet to improve your muscle gain’

‘These top 3 tips to guarantee toned shoulders for the summer’….

They all imply that what is good/ right for one is good/ right for another. Yes there are many pieces of general advice that I wholly believe are applicable to everyone – the benefits of a good nights sleep being one. But as a whole, I fully stand beside the statement that what is right for me may not be right for you. Why copy what I do when you can find out for yourself what is right for you, your body and your mind? And not just for the health of your body, but with regards happiness too.

So for this weeks 5 top tips on a Tuesday, I am going to give you all the tools you need to prove to yourself that you don’t need to be me. You don’t need to be your best friend and you certainly don’t need to be that celebrity trainer/ nutritionist you are glued to on the TV. There is a reason why you are you and why something is right for you at any given time.like-me - chase the red grape


Your personality is what makes you unique. It’s why we love you! And you have to let it shine. The only thing anyone ever expects from you is to be real – at home, at work, at play. Don’t be shrouded behind what others expect you to be like or how you feel you should be. I know the ability to embrace ones personality definitely comes with age but it is so easy to slip into another persona that you ‘think’ others will like. For example, I am really cautious with new people. I take quite a while to trust someone. For a good time I thought I should force myself to be outgoing and peppy with new people but then I realised it actually makes me unhappy. And I need to take my time with new people, it’s just who I am. Others may be really outgoing and good for them. I need to be me.


Preference is what really comes to home with regards diet and exercise. I know some people who love to run. They look super healthy, can run fast and for long distances and others look up to them in high regard. I do too, but for their enthusiasm, not because they are a runner. Do you see running a marathon as the peak of health? If you enjoy running go for it, but if you don’t, find something else to bring you joy. I hate running and will always prefer rowing over it. Your body has a preference in everything – work out what it is!


In life you need to know what your priorities are. What are you working towards right now? What do you want the most in the world? Do you read about others hiking the great wall of China or having children? Do you believe that is a priority for you?

Don’t be swayed by others priorities. Maybe for you right now your career is on top, but for others the same age as you it’s marriage and children. That’s perfectly ok, just follow your own path.


Our circumstances and surroundings are so different, it would be impossible to truly be like someone else. Some may be able to access organic fruits and vegetables all the time because they live next to a farm and can buy them cheap. For others in the city, weekly organic groceries are just not an option because it would cost far too much. I can stop and nap during the day because I work from home, but maybe you are in an office all day so it is out of the question. What you are reading/ watching may be the ideal but it doesn’t have to be your realitiy, nor should you feel bad if it isn’t.


So you have read an article. You have taken some good pointers from it that you think would enhance your life. What next? You have a choice. Does it sit with your personality? Would it be a preference of yours? Do you view it as a priority in your life? And finally, can your current circumstances allow for it? If all the answers to the above are positive then try them out! The only way you will know if they work for you is to do an experiment on yourself – and that’s always exciting! Just remember, if it doesn’t work out with you and your body then don’t see it as a failure or bring yourself down. It just means it’s perfect for them and not for you.

So be inspired and be motivated by others. But don’t forget, why be like them when you can be like you. Figure out what you want and need to be healthy and happy and let it be all the drive you need!

Do you feel swayed by articles you read/ programmes you watch?

Have you ever tried to change a piece of your personality?

What would you like to do but circumstances dictate otherwise?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

16 thoughts on “Why you don’t have to be like me #5TTT

    • Jen says:

      I think as long as we are aware that its a ‘thing’ and to try and stop ourselves from doing it that is the key. It’s when I see so many others oblivious to the fact that they are constantly trying to be someone else that makes me sad.

  1. Miss Polkadot says:

    Preach! This is spot on and something that bothers me about pretty much all advice posts out there. There are few pieces of advice that are truly applicable to every single person in the world. And that’s okay. Sometimes we might wish somebody else could tell us exactly what to do to reach x goal/life destination/whatever. Trial and error really is the only way to find our personal jive.
    Miss Polkadot recently posted…Mental vs. physical restMy Profile

    • Jen says:

      I always like to ask people questions rather than give advice. Most of the time we all know what is best for us and what to do in a situation but we lack focus. Asking the right questions often is the key way to allow someone to find a solution. And we should never be afraid of trial and error! 🙂

    • Jen says:

      It truly is the best thing about aging. Realising who you really are and what you want and not caring what anyone else thinks. I am glad I have aged this way but it is crazy when I see others older than me still trying to be someone they aren’t. But we are here to help! 🙂

  2. Cora says:

    As much as I would like to be like you… or others who I find awesome and inspiring (:))… I do have to know that I am me and only me. I think I’ve spent a lot of my life trying to take on different traits and passions – ones which I thought looked so sparkly and glamorous and that would “improve” my life. But then I would try these things and they would stay with me for less than a week, so obviously they did not naturally fit with who I am. I think we have to accept this. Nothing wrong with experimenting or trying out something new, but if we learn that something is not as “glamorous” feeling to us, we need to let it go, and rather focus our energy on what things DO click with us. It’s hard, and something I struggle wIth as I continue to learn about myself and discover who “cora” is.

    • Jen says:

      You know they say every cloud has a silver lining? Well I really do believe that the ‘silver lining’ of recovery, for me, has been finding out who I really am, what I really want from life and just a general lifestyle perspective. It truly has been so enlightening. I think recovery means diving so deep into our subconscious and as a result we, hopefully, gain clarity, often more so than our peers.
      Just keep listening, learning and be Cora – always 🙂

    • Jen says:

      Thanks Meg, I’m glad you liked the post. I really hope one day everyone realises that our differences are what makes us unique and special and we should feel proud of them!

  3. Juli@1000lovelythings says:

    I am not one to compare myself in a competitive way so I feel like this is a trap I don’t really fall into. Still I love the message of this post! I think it’s a healthy way of seeing the world. And if you can’t embrace that it’s really hard to be kind to yourself.
    This post reminded me a bit of the one you have written on talent. So aptitude is another thing that sets us apart.
    Love your advice post as always!
    Juli@1000lovelythings recently posted…Week in Review – The Bouncy and Happy OneMy Profile

    • Jen says:

      Thanks Juli – it’s good to know that even though the post I write may not actually apply to a person specifically, they can still enjoy reading it!
      Loved that post on talent… actually might be a good subject to revisit on the podcast! 🙂

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