CrossFit – 3 or 4?

Hi all,

It’s Friday! Party – WOD style, with a CrossFit recap! Woop Woop!

Monday Morning (11th)

monday wod

Second week in the box of athletic testing… and today was a rowing kind of day! Yay!

After some rowing tekkers we had the opportunity to row 500m for athletic levels – I was 1 second slower that last time but 1 second?? I’m not going to get all wound up about that!

Push Press on the other hand, that wasn’t so great. For the first athletic level, we have to achieve 30kg for 5 reps, my 1RM is 27.5kg. I attempted 30 a few times but it just wasn’t happening. I really feel like I have to work on my ‘drive’ technique, really struggling to get that power once the weights go up.

Jackie, phew! I have done running  Jackie before and found this so different. Even though your arms aren’t (or shouldn’t be!) the major factor in rowing, you still use them, especially when you get tired. Running gave your arms a complete break before the thrusters.

Thrusters were going to be tricky. The weight on the board was 20kg for everyone. I decided to go for it too (1RM being 27.5kg…). Wow, this was so tough for me but I kept going and everyone was cheering me on (David being my wee coach at the side once he had finished) – I may not have been as fast as the others, but for the first time I was doing the same weight as people who are a heck of a lot stronger than me… and I knew I had it in me to do it too.

I have to laugh though, you finish the thrusters, feel like you want to collapse/ be sick and then its jumping pull up time! But you just get those bad boys done as quick as possible!

Tuesday Morning (12th)

tuesday wod

Pistols, don’t think I have found anyone that likes them! But with pistols, practice will always make perfect.

They frustrate me; I have great mobility in my ankle and a good sense of balance – which are most people’s issues. My problem, no power from my knees – but if I work on them, using a box/ bench behind me, those knees will get stronger. No pain which is good.

Back Squats were good – my 1RM is 45kg so I went with 30, 32.5 and then 35kg for my reps. We were to use a particular method to do them – for my level it was 2 seconds ‘down’, no pause and then an explosive 1 second ‘up’. Great to promote that explosion for coming up and I was pleased on how I did.

We had a 15 minute time cap for the WOD – I dont think coach expected anyone to complete it, simply see how far we could go. Most of the folk in our session were on the 20 rep section when time was called. I did 2 rounds plus up to 20 AMSU.

Holy abs the next day though – still sore today (Friday) – those darn ab mat sit ups!

Thursday Morning (14th)

thursday wod

Had no idea how ring dips were going to go – only having done them once previous. But you know what, I aint bad!

Ok so I can’t do them without a band, but with the medium band I managed to knock out 10 unbroken reps – and probably had a few more in me! Looking forward to more practice on them, going to use the lightest band next time!

Overhead squats.…ahhhhhhhh!

Ok, so after some practice, trying to get the right arm positioning, getting deep enough in my squat and making sure I was fully locked out, I tried the first level for overhead squats. 15kg for 5 reps (I failed this last time). This time? I did it! And it felt good!

The thought of Nancy did not feel good – running AND overhead squats – geez, could it be worse?!

If my max for 5 reps was 15kg, I knew I needed to lower my weight – so I went for 10kg.

It was a beast of a WOD but I really enjoyed it! I think having that confidence and strength in my overhead squats really did help – I always managed my 15 reps unbroken – sign I needed to go up in weight? Maybe, will try 12.5kg next time!

I completed Nancy in 23 minutes 52 seconds.

3 or 4?

Currently David and I’s dilemma. Do we stick with 3 WOD’s a week or go up to 4? Hmmm, lots of talk over this in our household at the moment!

I think though, we are edging towards 4! Getting an unlimited membership at our box also means that we can attend open gym, do battle royal comps at the weekend when they are on (and not pay extra) – technically can WOD every day! (that aint going to happen, we all need rest days!)

So will probably test it out in September and see how we go from there! Looking forward to it!

Have a good weekend folks! 

4 thoughts on “CrossFit – 3 or 4?

  1. Chris @ ifailedfran says:

    Go for the 4 times a week. I think all the added bonus things you get with unlimited will be worth it. For me, I try and get some sort of workout in 4-5 times a week. It fits my schedule and helps me feel my best. If you think four will fit yours, definitely do it.
    Chris @ ifailedfran recently posted…I Am An AthleteMy Profile

    • Jen says:

      I think we definitely will trial 4 times a week in September – really excited about it! I always crave another WOD after 3 anyway!

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