CrossFit – Run, Run as fast as you can!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and had a fab weekend! I seriously don’t know where the last two days have gone… actually where is the month going! Time is flowing fast around this household! Not necessarily bad, just finding it hard to actually stop and catch my breath!

Catching my breath sure was not an option this past week at CrossFit – you will see that below! But the week ended with a ‘zombie’ CrossFit crew night out so that more than made up for it!

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Monday Morning (13th)

monday wod

I was nervous to go back on to back squat after having a ‘near miss’ (to put it lightly) a few months ago. So I went with 35kg and completed 7 sets of 5 reps. It felt heavy but good. I have certainly gained a bit of confidence back!

Then we went on to the max effort. So I took 80% of the above and went with 27.5kg… and did 50 reps! Yep that’s right 50. I just kept going and going and going. So it probably means my 1RM is way off… I shouldn’t have been able to do this at that percentage. But yet when I get close to my 1RM it’s so heavy it hurts… something to work on.

The WOD was good – heavy deadlifts at 60kg and step ups at 24 inches. I completed 6 rounds in the 10 mins.

Tuesday Morning (14th)

tuesday wod

To be honest, after the AMRAP we were toast! But we moved on to the gymnastic element and enjoyed trying something new. As much as I so badly want to be able to do skin the cat, I just hate going upside down! David managed but to be honest he is a bit of a ninja! I did the ‘end hold’ of the skin the cat as a shoulder stretch and doubled the time held. The others went well and I was able to hold fine.

I have never done ‘Josh’ before as a hero WOD and wouldn’t like to again anytime soon! I went with 17.5kg for the OHS and jumping pull ups. This was like every other hero WOD… TOUGH! When I started I wasn’t even sure I would finish but I did – 11 mins 47 second and felt pretty good with those OHS.

Thursday Morning (16th)

thursday wod

The 5 rounds for quality… holy abs! They were burning by the end! Everyone just want to curl up and shut the world away… those v – sits to hollows are not to be messed with!

After the L-sits and the American press my arms were toast and this WOD was beating us all with a stick. We had a 7 minute time cap and I completed 67 reps in that time… who knows how… it was a bit of a blur!

Friday Morning (17th)

friday wod

Speaking of blurs…

The front squats were ok. I went with 30kg for the first part and completed 6 sets of 5 reps. I went down to 25kg for the second part and completed 20 reps. Now that’s more like it.

This WOD… should it even be dignified with a description!? It was long. It was hard. Every part of you hurt. I completed it in 35 minutes 14 seconds. Never attempt this – seriously!

And after all that we needed a drink! Even if we had to wait until 8pm – The Zombie Crew!


Has a workout ever taken you to the next level?

Do you like ab work?

Do you spend time with the people you work out with outside the gym?

8 thoughts on “CrossFit – Run, Run as fast as you can!

    • Jen says:

      You should google skin the cat – it’s a gymnastic move when you flip upside down whilst hanging from the rings… Even just the thought of it makes my stomach turn!

  1. Juli @1000lovelythings says:

    Oh congrats on your improving back squats! Sometimes all you need is a little faith in yourself and you rock it!
    Josh is really a tough one! The OHS are not such a big deal but so.many.pull-ups!!!!!
    And this last running/skipping/burpee wod of punishment would be looking pretty cool if it wasn#t for the burpees. Seriously 50 burpees after 1500m? Only reading this i can feel my legs tremble 😮
    You really are a though cookie! I totally second Lauren!
    Juli @1000lovelythings recently posted…Thinking Out Loud #59 – CurrentlyMy Profile

    • Jen says:

      Thanks Juli!
      Haha loving the title WOD of punishment! It was the burpees in that WOD that made it such a killer – I actually didn’t notice the burpees written down until coach yelled out the rep scheme before the WOD… My face was a picture!

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