CrossFit – Test Time!

Hi all,

It’s Friday! Soon it will be time to relax, chill out and spend some time with the people you love doing something you love! Even if that means doing nothing = the ideal chill out!


Time for a bit of CrossFit recappin’ from the week – enjoy!

Monday Morning (4th)

monday wod

Today was a toughie – mentally and physically. We are back to athletic testing within our box.

Pull ups and wall walks were still a no go (but I do see some strength progress). Air squats up 3 to 63 and burpees still the same as before at 14.

Those thrusters.… the first level for athletic testing is for 5 x 30kg. My first challenge was to clean 30kg! I tried, over and over and over and nothing. It took its toll and I felt so defeated. It’s so hard sometimes to not be affected by these things, especially when you are trying so hard. David thinks I have it, just need to persevere. And looking back on it now I won’t let it affect me, I have to stay strong and believe – if I don’t believe I can do it I won’t.

I had never done Turkish Get Ups before (well in a random kettle bell class years ago!) and they definitely suck! Haha – yes I would take burpees over them and you all know how much I hate burpees!

Elizabeth was my saviour during this WOD and made me feel positive again. I upped my weight from last time (17.5kg) to 20kg and only added seconds on to my time. Win!

Tuesday Morning (5th)

tuesday wod

I came back on Tuesday, fresh faced and ready to challenge myself with a positive head. Still didn’t get any double unders BUT I felt so much stronger and confident with them (thanks David for the awesome ropes for my birthday!). I even got half an under (one leg through!) – I’m taking that as progress!

The WOD was a chipper but good fun! A definite huffer and puffer!

I did the KBS at 12kg and broke them down into 25, 15 then 10. The box jumps I did scaled at 16 inches and definitely getting more confident jumping. The pull ups were done with the box and barbell and by this point your arms were shot! The most enjoyable part – the block run at the end! Our new box gets so warm so it was nice to get out and get some air (and know once we came in it was done! Ha!).

Thursday Morning (7th)

thursday wod

Burpees as a warm up!? What, we weren’t late, that’s not fair! (Rant over…)

Pull ups and push ups – 0. But, again, getting closer and stronger, one day!

I managed the first level for deadlifts – 5 x 50kg and was pleased with that. I attempted the next level, 80kg but it was nasty – not there yet!

Shoulder press, I reached the first level for that too! Yay! 5 x 20kg and it felt good. Next level is 30kg, now that’s a jump – will work up to it though!

Helen – nothing really to say apart from you just gotta do it! Our new block run is longer which meant we were all, naturally, going to see an increase in our time. I did the level 1 weight which is 12kg for the kettle bells and did the scaled jumping pull ups. Completed it in 13 minutes 12 seconds and I was SO pleased with this time. When I did Helen back in June I used a 10kg kettle bell and finished in 13 minutes 1 second – so I have a longer block run (by, in total, 180 metres), more weight on my bell and only an 11 second increase! That my friends, is what we call progress.

Must remember that testing shows our weaknesses yes, HOWEVER it also shows us our progress in strength. Keep giving 100% and you can only get stronger.

Happy weekend folks!


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