CrossFit – Testing and Feedback!

Hi all,

Hope you had a great weekend and are back into the swing of things!

I love bringing you my CrossFit recaps from the week – they are one of my favourite posts to write! Therefore I would love some feedback from you on what you like/ don’t like, want more of etc when it comes to reading these posts. Please leave in comments below, tweet me @ChasetheRG or even email me at

But for now, my usual recap! We were back on Athletic Level testing last week so the WOD’s were structured around this. Let’s see how I got on…

Monday Morning (5th)

monday wod












Air Squats = 65 (+2 from last AL), Burpees = 14 (Same)

Back Squats I took it easy and went for 37.5kg. I had a nasty accident the week before Christmas and it shook me up a bit with back squats so wanted to take it easy. The felt good.

Grace I did with 25kg and I shaved just over 30 seconds off my time, pleased with that!

Tuesday Morning (6th)

tuesday wod












As mentioned on Fridays post, the inability to box jump is back…urgh… so this was a bust.

The deadlifts went well and I achieved a new 3RM of 65kg and hut the AL.

Helen… sorry Helen no one likes you. On the negative, Helen sucks (and it was raining!) On the positive, I shaved just under 30 seconds off my time – winning! (12kg KB and jumping pull ups)

Thursday Morning (8th)

thursday wod












The rows went well, I stuck to my technique all the way and although that made me slower that someone who just cranks the chain, I know it will benefit me in the long term. I made the level too – first row 2 mins 3 seconds, second row 2 minutes.

Box HS holds for me – first one at 56 seconds and the second at 1 minute 3 seconds. My legs were jelly after the row!

For Elizabeth I went with 20kg and did the ring dips with a green band – my first dips in a WOD! I love ring dips and was excited to WOD with them! Next time will use a blue band… dare I say the green one was too easy??!! Finished in 9 minutes 49 seconds.

Friday Morning (9th)

friday wod












Oh boy, when David told me this was the WOD I was petrified! First off it was howling with wind and rain outside – the whole of Scotland was on weather watch! Secondly I have been fighting off a nasty chest/cough/infection thing for the past few weeks, did I want to risk it getting worse?

But I did the Jen thing – I had planned to do the WOD today, so I was going to do it, no matter what it was!

The run was windy, we were down by the River Clyde which was very choppy, it was dark and I was so nervous. But I just got on with it and ran. And it really wasn’t as bad as I thought. Ok I didn’t love it but I did it and did it in 17 minutes 35 seconds which I am so pleased about. And I made the athletic level too – woop woop!

We were all so tired for the thrusters but low and behold I got a new 3RM of 28.5kg – another win! (Didn’t hit the athletic level (30kg) but a personal achievement for me)

And there we have it! Another action packed week!

So my CrossFit posts, what do you want to know/ want more or less of?

2 thoughts on “CrossFit – Testing and Feedback!

  1. Lauren @ ihadabiglunch says:

    I would love to see more of your food 🙂 I know you’re creative in the kitchen and I wanna see it!

    I love ring rows and box jumps — not being able to do box jumps must be rough 🙁 they’re so good for overall fitness ability!
    Lauren @ ihadabiglunch recently posted…Sundays at SundaMy Profile

    • Jen says:

      Food posts, yep I can do that!
      For me, box jumps are all a mental problem – physically I can do them and have done them no problem in the past. Then the fear comes and I freeze! Something to work on though!

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