It’s easy being green! #5TTT

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The environment is a topic that is more prominent than ever. We see what’s happening with regards climate change and it just adds to the level of fear that surrounds our lives. We look to those in power, people of authority and ask them (but lets face it we should demand them) to make changes to help protect our world.

But being green doesn’t begin and end with the policy makers. It starts with us at home and our everyday lives. The things that make us smile. The occurrences of everyday life.

I get it though. You recycle, you bring reusable bags to the store, you click the eco cycle on your washing machine etc… what else can we do?

Well for this weeks 5 top tips I bring to you 5 new and interesting ways it’s easy being green. Many of which you probably didn’t even realise helped the environment!chase the red grape


I saw a group of teen girls walking down the street the other day. I swear they could have been me and my friends when were in the late nineties. It literally stopped me in my tracks! But fashions come round and round… how many ‘vintage’ pieces do you now have? You can also check out local vintage stores, charity/ thrift shops for so many good quality pieces of clothing at such good prices. I once saw a store devoted to vintage denim. Who wouldn’t want already worn in levis?!

Walk the walk

We all know that walking more is better for us and it’s better for the environment. But are you actually walking the walk? Look at your week, when could you fit in some extra walking or just leave the car at home? Could you walk the kids to school? Could you walk to get your lunch? How about combining a weekend date or coffee meet up with a walk?


So many of us need a holiday right now. But jumping on a plane and dealing with airports is not a great idea when you can only fit in a short weekend getaway. Or, let’s face it, even if you have a week to spare who wants to go to an airport?! Why not try a staycation instead? You can visit local attractions and be a tourist in your own backyard if you want to come home to your own bed every night. Or travel a short distance in the car/ train/ bus to a neighbouring city/ state etc. and do something local but new to you. Most of us live near so many cool things we have never even visited. Where do folk flock to when they come to your neck of the woods? Looks like fun, right?!

Make do and mend

Ah, this quote always makes me smile. Partly because it appeared on a British World War Two poster in my History classroom, but also because it’s an awesome mantra to live by. And it has never been more relevant in my opinion! When you go clothes shopping, what do you really need? Another pair of jeans? Shoes that you don’t know if you will wear? What do you have at home that is perfectly fine? Have you even checked out your wardrobe/ closet recently to see what you have? I have a good sewing kit and have stitched up everything from training shoes to phone cases! Clothing is just an example but it can apply to everything from furniture (why not start a wee project?) to electronics if you can find someone who is handy with that type of thing.


To quote another British World War Two poster ‘Waste not. Want not’! Take a look each week at what food you throw away – cooked, uncooked, fruit, veg, things you didn’t eat off your plate and write them down. Instead of this food (that you paid for I must add!) going into your tummy, it goes to landfill… and you buy more. Why do you throw away this food? Do you need to buy less? Should you freeze what you know you wont eat? Could leftovers from meals be used to make another meal/ be used partly to make another meal? Look at what you have before you buy more.

And just a heads up, the next episode (46) of the Chase the Red Grape Podcast will be released tomorrow. David and I talk about coming together with all the madness that is going on in the world. Whether it be getting involved in your community or writing to your local representative, we can all make an impact on this world to help quash the sense of fear and helplessness. Be the person you want to be. Make an impact. Available on iTunes and Stitcher as of 11th October.

Do you find it easy being green?

What is your favourite way to be green?

What local attraction do you have near you that you have never been to?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

8 thoughts on “It’s easy being green! #5TTT

  1. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table says:

    Yes to all of this! I’ve been so much more conscious of being green in the past couple of years. I walk everywhere I can, rarely use paper when I can use glass, and will make some weird shit just to use up all the food in the fridge. Why be wasteful? Plus, it saves money!

  2. Cora says:

    I try really hard to “live green” and I think a lot of what I do has just become part of normal life now that I don’t think about it. I have to remind myself that I do bike 90% of the time, I compost and recycle, I HATE wasting ANYTHING (so my freezer is overflowing as a result). That being said I know there is always more that I can and want to do. As I’ve been packing to move I have, once again, been humbled and flabbergasted at the amount of “stuff” we can collect. It’s just too much! I feel good throwing and giving away a lot of things, but also feel guilty for the amount of “waste” I am also creating in the process. With help from the book I am reading, and the knowledge of moving into a place where my space will be shared with someone else, I am really striving to live more simply and with less. Oh – and definitely buying second hand furniture.
    Cora recently posted…Finding Moments To Stop and Do Nothing: Necessities in a Busy Week (Week In Review)My Profile

    • Jen says:

      I am exactly like you, I feel like being more green has just become part of my everyday life – especially when it comes to walking, recycling and eating everything I buy (thank goodness for freezers am I right!?).
      David and I are renting furnished apartments right now but I know when we move somewhere more permanently I will definitely scour out second hand furniture. If anything I love the look of mis-matched pieces! Also it has such a hygge feel to it 🙂

    • Jen says:

      Holy underwear? Totes vintage.
      It always makes me smile when I have to take out my recycle bin more often than my regular bin… I love how recycling is just now a part of our regular lives.
      And those little plastic produce bags always annoy me. If I have to get one I always make sure I reuse it again for something else.

    • Jen says:

      I love the regulations in Germany that make recycling law. I don’t understand why they can be implemented elsewhere. And you guys have had that for a long time haven’t you?
      Because I don’t know how to drive I have to walk everywhere if I am on my own. Yes it can be annoying but I think it’s actually a blessing in disguise!

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