Friday Favourites + Episode 26 of the Chase the Red Grape Podcast

Hi all,

Let me set the scene for you…

You guys all know my skill, or lack of, when it comes to gardening. So what did we do? We bought a huge basil plant.

I know, I know….

But this guy was so full, lush and just screamed ‘buy me’! So we did.Friday - chase the red grape

We have been eating the delicious basil and watering it like good boys and girls. But things are starting to turn. I can feel it drifting towards the dark side. One branch has already expired. The others are leaning towards it. What do I do? It appears to get a lot of sunlight. I water it frequently. Basil lovers out there help! I am determined to keep this plant alive!basil - chase the red grape

Will let you know how things go. In the mean time, check out this weeks Friday Favourites!

Favourite… Moment – Naps

The past two days I have taken afternoon naps. I tried to push against one yesterday but my body just went ‘nope, you are going to sleep young lady’! And if I am honest I feel like I needed them. Why does actually listening to our body feel so good? Oh wait…

Favourite… Feeling – All the feelsbig magic - chase the red grape

For my fellow creatives out there I definitely recommend reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s a slow starter but once I got into it I really felt inspired to be proud of what I do and to reflect positively towards my dreams.

Favourite… Purchase – New Nano 7’sreebok - chase the red grape

I couldn’t help but pick up these new Reebok CrossFit nanos when I spotted them on sale this week. First of all the colour is awesome (and I have only seen them in plain colours in Aus) and second of all they were on sale. For those who know me they could have probably guessed that the only reason I would buy myself new shoes is if they were on sale! Only worn them to CrossFit once but so far so good!

Favourite… Food/Drink – All the teatea - chase the red grape

I love coffee but only stick to one cup per day during the week and two at weekends. But sometimes you just need a hot drink, and this is where my tea love comes in! These are two of my favourites right now – chai with vanilla (I add a splash of milk) and green tea with mint. So comforting!

Updates – 5TTT + Episode 26 of the Chase the Red Grape Podcastsuck-awesome - chase the red grape

This weeks 5 top tips was a bit of a laugh looking at the 5 reasons being an adult sucks but at the same time is also pretty the red grape podcast

Episode 26 of the podcast was about living in the present. We all hear that term but do we actually know what on earth it means or how to do it? Check out our conversation now on iTunes, Stitcher or via the website.

Favourite moment of training – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 Power Cleans and Front Squats

We did this metcon on Thursday and don’t ask me how but I suddenly got this massive whoosh of energy through me and dominated this workout! It was tough but fun and left me buzzing afterwards (in a good way!)

Weekend Plans – Saturday – Heading out to an old suburb of Perth to have a wonder around the local stores, drink coffee and have lunch. Then food prep and a movie with dinner. Sunday – Pancakes and newspapers. Coffee with a wonder around a local market. Podcasting then chill.

Have a fab weekend guys!

Do you think I should try and keep my plant alive or start frantically making pesto?

What kind of tea do you like?

Are there certain things that you only buy on sale?

6 thoughts on “Friday Favourites + Episode 26 of the Chase the Red Grape Podcast

  1. Cora says:

    Oh noooo little basil plant! Keep fighting!! I wish I could offer you wisdom for what to do, but we both know I am in the same boat. Ugh. Why do plants hate us?!
    I finished Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic podcast the other week. She did two seasons but ended in 2016). It was the absolute perfect thing that I needed…still need…. to hear. I really want to read the book now. And will probably listen to the podcast all over again. You should check it out.
    Cora recently posted…I’d Rather Be With My Pencil Crayons (Thinking Out Loud)My Profile

    • Jen says:

      From the advice I have been given it is to stop watering the basil! Fingers crossed it works!
      I will definitely check out the big magic podcast! It’s so refreshing, as a creative, to read from someone in this field that’s not just going ‘keep at it’ ‘you will get there’! You know what, we might not, but it’s learning to be at peace with that which is key. You should definitely read the book though, I know you would get so much from it!

    • Jen says:

      I literally had a two way conversation with myself about buying these shoes. On one side ‘you don’t actually need them’, on the other side ‘but they never, repeat, never are on sale. We are talking crazy prices here’. What made it? Knowing David would kill me if I didn’t buy them! He is always telling me to spend more but I never do!

    • Jen says:

      Thank you so much Meg! Followed your advice and it is already looking so much better and perky!

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