Friday Favourites!

Hi all,

How has your week been?

We are slowly starting to get into the swing of things at the new apartment. Slightly new routines but in the best possible way.

I think the area of Perth we have moved to is perfect for us. A small community, lots going on, has it’s own personality, a mix of ages, oh and a vast array of wonderful coffee shops!

Have you ever had the experience where you only realised you were missing something in your life when you actually gained it? This definitely happened to us. We never realised how much we needed a local ‘buzz’ and to feel a part of a community where we live. I can honestly say this is the first time, since my hometown, where I have felt this… and it feels good.Friday - chase the red grape

So let’s check out this weeks Friday Favourites!

Favourite… Moment – Finishing The Bloody Long WalkThe bloody long walk - chase the red grape

Everything hurt. I was so tired… but I was still smiling! We had done it! 37.5km in the bag!

Favourite… Feeling – Cider, burger and sweet potato fry time!chase the red grape

After our walk (and gelato, see below) we headed to our favourite burger restaurant (now conveniently located around the corner from our house) to refuel and recover. This cool, crisp cider was music to my lips and made all those aches disappear.

Favourite… Purchase – New Bodum Cafetierechase the red grape

Bodum make the best French presses and they are the only ones I will buy – always worth the investment. So we got a new steel and racing car green one this week and I am in love. Note our wonderful fridge in the background – we buy a magnet from everywhere we visit!

Favourite… Food/Drink – Gelatochase the red grape

Finish line. Cross the road. Gelato. My only regret? Not getting a 3rd scoop!

Updates – 5TTT

This weeks 5 top tips was how to survive a bloody long walk! Whether that be a 37km walk, a hike, beach stroll or country ramble, be prepared!The bloody long walk - chase the red grape

No new podcast this week but remember we have 43 episodes ready and waiting for you on iTunes, Stitcher or here on the website.

Favourite… Moment of training – Partner WOD!

Love a good partner WOD! David and I teamed up for a killer on Thursday but that’s the great thing about teaming up with your husband for a WOD – you can tell them to move their butt (to put it nicely) throughout without having to be polite.

Weekend Plans – Saturday – little bit of shopping, little bit of lunch, lots of Saturday chill. Sunday – pancakes and newspapers, coffee walk, podcasting and chill. Monday – public holiday! Wahoo!

How do you make your coffee?

Last time you got ice cream – what did you get?

Do you like training/ working out with your partner?

6 thoughts on “Friday Favourites!

  1. Cora says:

    If I haven’t said it yet – bloody CONGRATULATIONS on finishing that bloody LONG walk! That is so impressive. Geez. Haha.. I can’t even really imagine.

    I will only make my coffee in a french press. Right now I just have a little guy so I’m waiting to move before getting a nice big one (when Dan is here we have to make two and that’s just annoying). Bodum is really the best. Can’t wait for that little gift to myself.

    My mom also gets a fridge magnet for everywhere she’s been. I LOVE that idea.

    I’m so excited hearing about how you feel in your new location. Its absolutely true that sometimes we don’t realize what we were missing until we gain it. Your area sounds wonderful. I mean, steps away from that burger spot…. I can see why it called to you!! Have a lovely weekend <3
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    • Jen says:

      Thanks lovely!
      I hope you do gift yourself a nice big bodum coffee press when you move – the perfect housewarming gift to yourself!
      And I am so glad your mum and I have the same idea with souvenirs – every time I look at them it makes me smile!

    • Jen says:

      I haven’t even been a month in this area and I know I will miss it so much when we have to leave. I hope that your new home and area makes you smile though 🙂

    • Jen says:

      You would love it around here. Within walking distance to 2 fruit and veg markets and so many amazing coffee shops… I am enjoying trying a new one each week!

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