How to navigate through all the health and wellness BS #5TTT

Hi all,

On a daily basis, I receive newsletters and update emails from many health and wellness websites and publications. For most of them, I simply hit ‘delete’. Why you may ask? Because of headlines such as these…

‘How to trick your body into feeling full’

‘One exercise for a perfect beach body’

‘Fruit is not your friend’

‘Eat this to look like X’.

Urgh… and some of these headlines come from HUGE publications… 

No wonder people out there are confused, scared, stumped, critical and so on and so forth. Everything seems to point to one way of thinking and then another… and then another.

So what do we do? We learn to navigate through all the BS. For this weeks 5 top tips I want to help you all break down the advice and tips we are all bombarded with on a daily basis, enabling you to truly figure out what works for you in terms of your health and and wellness BS - chase the red grape

You are you

You are you, the only you, no one else is like you. What is right for one will always be wrong for another and vice versa. Your body is unique and you must treat it as much. Be inspired by tips and advice, let them get you thinking. But as for what is right for you? Only you know that.


If in doubt, experiment! Don’t know if it will work for you? Give it a try. Allow at least 3 months for any experiment on yourself and know that if you don’t or can’t go in with a scientific mind set (all methods executed correctly and a ‘let’s just see what the results read’ attitude) then it probably isn’t healthy for you to experiment just yet. Aka if you ‘need’ the results to be one way or the other. Experiment, learn, move on, adapt.

Trust yourself

Don’t know if you should experiment or confused by something? Trust your gut. You know when something feels or sounds right or wrong for you. Don’t allow yourself to be swayed by fancy titles or qualifications – unless they have met or spoken to you, how do they know it is the right advice for you? And one major tip on how to trust your gut? If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

Listen to the signs

Learn to read your body. What are your hunger signals telling you? What do your hair, skin and nails tell you about your health? How well do you sleep? Take time to pay attention to what your body is already telling you that you need. If you do decide to experiment with some of the advice you have read/ heard then make sure you track your progress. What does my body tell me? How am I feeling both physically and mentally? Know when your body is craving more or asking you to stop/ slow down.

Educate yourself

Read the small print, look at sample sizes, look at who was funding the studies whose results are laid before you. Find out the aftermath of those who partook in the study – was there any follow up? If you really want to know how much you can trust the information you are being given or whether or not it even applies to you, you have to dig. Will eating sweet potatoes like the Okinawans really lead to a longer healthier life for you when the rest of your diet and lifestyle doesn’t resemble theirs at all? Question. Educate. Experiment. Learn. 

Take responsibility for finding out what is right for your health and wellbeing. After all, you know you best.

Do you tend to follow the health advice you read/ listen to/ watch?

What is one thing you do for your health that is deemed to be ‘wrong’?

Does your body give you warning signs of what it needs/ wants?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

8 thoughts on “How to navigate through all the health and wellness BS #5TTT

  1. Kit Jones says:

    i am guilty of over-riding what my body is trying to tell me. Good advice Jen. I will try to tune in and start listening to it again. When I was doing my finals and was a single parent I had little time but decided I would eat baked potatoes tuna and salad as it made me feel so clear headed. It’s still one of my most successful combinations food wise for optimal thinking, beating lethargy and sleeping well.

    • Jen says:

      And sometimes just the simple fact that you took away the decision of what to eat would have made life easier and less stressful. We have to make so many decisions each day, and for me, having a weekly meal plan helps so much as I just have food there waiting for me to eat. Keeps my head clear for other tasks!
      Ps – I’m so glad your comments are now coming through 🙂

    • Jen says:

      It makes me sad when folk can’t use their common sense anymore because it’s been lost amongst all the BS they have read and taken in. Just gotta tune it all back in to the fact that we know what is best for us!

    • Jen says:

      Yes to everything you said. Oh it gets me so angry… why do so many folk out there want to make health so complicated?!

  2. Cora says:

    Such a good, important post that bears repeating.

    “Be inspired by tips and advice, let them get you thinking.” —> I think this is a really important point. Many people who have a tendency toward black and white thinking, I think, find it hard to read an article and not feel like – now because they’ve read it – they can simply let it go. Its continual work, but has also been a huge enlightenment for me to realize that I can read or hear something, ponder it for a little bit and be curious about it, but then NOT do anything about it! I also tend to be someone who constantly looks for answers from elsewhere, but I am learning – especially with all my recent health stuff – that the real answer only ever lies with trusting yourself and listening to your own body. No article or scientific study can tell you what YOU need. Only you can.

    Meg’s comment about the rise of diet industry as well as obesity?…… Bam. Snap.
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    • Jen says:

      It only comes from time and learning that you truly feel like you can trust what your own body is telling you. Sadly it’s a product of the age we live in… however we should feel happy and very proud that we have ‘seen the light’ as it were and are on the path to trusting our own self.
      Oh and Meg was spot on. I just wish more people would see the link… and as soon as possible!

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