What I ate Wednesday – Sept 14

Hi all,

Gosh you are getting a lot of me this week! And I love it!

This week I have been able to link up with two of my favourites. The first was ‘Week In Review’ which I posted on Monday – I love looking at the big and small achievements of the week and inspiring you all out there to do the same. You will be amazed just how much you get done in a week if you acknowledge it. And I give extra bonus points out there to all of you who count one of their achievements as taking some time out to chill and relax!

The second link up of the week will be today with a long overdue ‘What I ate Wednesday’! Why do I like to share my whole eats from one day? Honesty and transparency. I want you to see what a ‘health coach’ eats. What someone who is ‘training’ eats. What a chick in her 30’s who lives in Perth eats. And I love joining up with some of my fellow bloggers to share in some good old food love!WIAW- chase the red grape

So let’s get to it! Here are my eats from Saturday 10th of September… and all the action that went with it!

6am – Unpictured lemon water

7.45am – Breakfast – Eggs with turkey, rocket and ketchup. Local sourdough toast – both with butter, one with marmalade and one with jam! Coffee and a glass of water.breakfast - chase the red grape

After a trip downstairs due to a fire alarm I was starving for my breakfast! This is my breakfast pretty much every Saturday and I love how it keeps me going all morning.

8.30am – Unpictured various farmers market fruit samples. I just cant pass the plates of sliced apples, pears and oranges sitting there asking to be nibbled!

11am – Water and a pear, post mobility class aka sweat festpear - chase the red grape

1pm – Lunch – Takeaway from The Red Chair Cafe – Bun Bo Xao and prawn rice paper rolls.bun bo xao - chase the red grape

David and I split this (as we were having an early dinner) but I could have easily ate it all to myself! Bun Bo Xao is braised beef cooked with lemongrass, rice noodles, veggies and the most delicious pickled veg on top. It was so flavourful! The rice paper rolls were so good too – lots of thai herbs included which is a must in my book.

4pm – Much needed post nap coffee. Yes I napped for 2 hours… it was going to be a long night! (unpictured cause, well, I gulped it down…)

5pm – Dinner at Angel Falls Grill (Venezuelan)

David and I love Venezuelan food so when this popped up in town we knew we had to go! First of all how awesome is it that, by default, everything in the restaurant is gluten free. Just by nature that’s how Venezuelan food is! So what did we go for?

Shared to start – Halloumi and plantain skewers and Yucca fries.angel falls grill - chase the red grape

Halloumi and plantain are a match made in heaven. And the yucca fries were tasty but more like croquets.

For main – Arepas!arepas - chase the red grape

My one (nearest) was Asado – Venezuelan black stew with round beef roast cooked in red wine and broth. David went for Canaima – Smoked beef tenderloin with roasted capsicum, grilled zucchini and avocado. Both were grilled arepas. They were outstanding! Full of the most delicious, tender beef and such a pleasure to eat. We will be back!

Dessert – Honey Crème soft serve with honeycombhoney creme - chase the red grape

Honey Crème had literally just opened that day and we wanted to check it out. The first of it’s kind in Australia, Honey Crème is a Korean soft serve made with fresh organic milk and cream and served with real comb of honey for sweetness. We shared one but they are so dinky you could easily eat one of your own. The ideal sweet treat to end our meal.

And then off to our CrossFit box’s party! Wine. Need I say more…wine - chase the red grape

(Actually I only had 2 glasses all night and lots of water. Go me! #rockstar…)

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Tell me something tasty you had on Saturday?

Finish this sentence – I love toast smothered in …

Have you ever tried Venezuelan food?

16 thoughts on “What I ate Wednesday – Sept 14

    • Jen says:

      Ooooh almond butter and honey is great! Avocado is a winner too – I especially like it mashed up and mixed with cottage cheese on toast 🙂

    • Jen says:

      I think you would LOVE Venezuelan food Cora! It’s fantastic living in Perth – because Australia is full of so many ethnicities we have such a diverse range of traditional, home cooked style, ethnic foods. Especially Asian food, so much choice!

    • Jen says:

      Oh you definitely need to look into Venezuelan food – I just love that everything is GF by default! And delicious too! 🙂

    • Jen says:

      Oh yeah you would love them! In fact they have quite a lot of amazing veggie options there. I adore vegetarian food but just could not get passed the beef on this occasion!

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