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What is the podcast all about? Well the Chase the Red Grape podcast covers a range of topics from health, wellness, food, fitness and everything in between. Join myself, Jen and David in gaining both the male and female perspective as we delve into talking about our life and yours and how we can all be healthier happier people!

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Episode Twenty Three – Are you fit… for purpose?

Episode Twenty Two – Meal/Food Prep

Episode Twenty One – The Open is over, what’s next?

Episode Twenty – Sleep as a priority

Episode Nineteen – Bucket Lists

Episode Eighteen – Meal Planning

Episode Seventeen – Sorry Not Sorry

Episode Sixteen – Work Life Balance

Episode Fifteen – The CrossFit Open 2017

Episode Fourteen – What we’re loving lately

Episode Thirteen – Health food vs Healthy Food

Episode Twelve – Mental Illness – Relationships and Recovery

Episode Eleven – What are your reasons for working out?

Episode Ten – How to set goals for 2017

Episode Nine – Celebrate Christmas with a Q&A

Episode Eight – Living Life as an Expat

Episode Seven – Why we CrossFit

Episode Six – Healthy Holidays

Episode Five – Mental Illness – What to do when you think there is something wrong…

Episode Four – Competition

Episode Three – Simple Swaps for Healthy Habits

Episode Two – Be Human

Episode One – Welcome

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