Week in Review

Hi all,

Ok so I am changing things up! Mostly because I wanted a change but also because I needed a change!

You may have noticed I am posting on different days. Trying to write when I feel inspired and excited by a subject rather than forcing a post. So that may mean 2 posts a week, 3 or even 1. It makes me laugh because it really isn’t like me at all! I feel like I am breaking the rules… but when they are rules you have set yourself then where’s the problem?

One of the more exciting aspects of this switch up is changing my Friday Favourites to a Week In Review post. Something fun to look forward to on a Monday but also awesome to be able to link up with one of my favourite people Meg!chase the red grape

So let’s kick off the new week with a bang, recapping the week just gone, Jen style!

Favourite moments of the week

Gyroscope gig – damn I love live music. Even better when you know someone in the band. Even better when it’s a small intimate gig. Even better when you are standing near the front, feeling like you are 18 all over again.chase the red grape

Also watching the supporting act and your jaw dropping to the floor because it was literally love at first sound!

Any time I walked into a room with air con…

Biting into a local peach…. I adore this season!

chase the red grape

So good grilled!

High fives and Brownie points

What I love about Week In Review is that everyone always shares both the small and large achievements of the week. So what have I given myself points and high fives for this week?

Training whilst keeping what is best for my body at any given moment, in mind

Cooking up a storm, meal planning and prepping – aka making life easier on ourselves

Buying new headphones when I said I would – and then getting a second pair from my parents!

Breaking routines, writing on Thursdays, podcast edits on Tuesday, hell I even took a nap!

Starting as I mean to go on this year – had my monthly massage

Jen eats

Steak dinner on Saturday night. David grilled whilst I whipped up some veggies. It was melt in your mouth good.chase the red grape

Finding a coconut water that tastes good not chilled (our supermarket doesn’t chill them…). I honestly didn’t think I would ever find one!chase the red grape


What makes you ‘cool’?chase the RG

Looking at the word and what it means to me… but also why we still care about being cool even as an adult. Check it out here. 

Want. Need. Do. Read

Episode 55 of the podcast looked at the year ahead in 4 different areas. A fun way to look at goals for 2018. Find now on iTunes, Stitcher or here on the website.

The week ahead

As mentioned above, I am treating this week as a blank canvas. I am excited but also nervous about the prospect! Lets see how I get on! One thing is for certain though, episode 56 of the podcast will be ready and waiting for you on Wednesday! Also Friday is a public holiday – wahoo! 

Have a great week folks!

What was the last gig you went to?

Are you a coconut water fan?

Do you have a want, need, do or read for 2018?

10 thoughts on “Week in Review

    • Jen says:

      I need a BIG change… but I haven’t got a clue what that entails… so in the meantime, I decided to make small changes and I am loving it so far!

  1. Cora says:

    Wooooo welcome back to the party! Your spot has been saved and is always waiting for you anytime you’d like it.

    I’m loving this Jen rendition of WIR. It’s exciting to see you throwing plans to the wind and testing out what feels good. Scary, I know. Ohhhh I know. Feels like falling off a cliff naked. Maybe this sticks, maybe you do it once and realize, “nope” that doesn’t work. It’s all good! I’m just excited to see the answers that come to you, whenever that may be.

    Hell – a nap! And a massage! Good. For. You. I’ve got another massage booked this week 🙂
    Cora recently posted…Week In Review: Appointments, Movies and Normal Life ThingsMy Profile

    • Jen says:

      Hahaha! Falling off a cliff naked… yup you have it in one! But I am liking it so far. In some ways it feels like my routine is the same as before but then I remember the small but mighty changes I have had so far and it’s kinda empowering!
      Hope your massage is glorious 🙂

  2. Juli says:

    Sometimes it’s just good to switch things up. Maybe you need an intuitive balance instead of a set routine as well. I feel like I lost all my spark these past few weeks. Maybe I should try to start my days differently and get more excited again. Or maybe I should take a nap instead 😛
    Juli recently posted…Week in Review – So this is 2018My Profile

    • Jen says:

      Yep you got it right there Juli, I need a balance and I don’t think that is going to come from routine anymore, it has to be intuitive.
      Changing things up, for me, always seems scary but it definitely gives me a spark back… which encourages me to continue. I can see both this and naps helping you… sometimes a nap really does cure all!

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