Friday Favourites! (Dec 4)

Hi all,

Another Friday and another week closer to Christmas! Update on the ‘Christmassy-ness’? Still not there yet, but I am super excited for Christmas as it means I get to see my parents!

You know I think it’s because we used to have an early Christmas (or Christmas number one) with David’s family each year around this time – so I would have to be prepped with gifts and goodies, would already have the wrapping paper out and festive jumpers would be worn. But this year, obviously, we are missing that. I think that’s why it’s maybe taking a bit longer to feel festive… the tree is going up tomorrow so that should do the trick!Friday Favourites - Chase the Red Grape

In the meantime, shall we check out some ‘Friday Favourites’!?


Moment – Rocking out to ACDCACDC - Chase the Red Grape

Ah that ringing in your ears, that feeling of whooping and singing so loudly you think you might lose your voice… gotta love a good gig! Doing it all in Australia with David as the sun goes down and suddenly it’s pitch black – priceless!

Feeling – Community

I think one of the pillars of happiness has to be having a sense of community around you. Moving to the other side of the world and knowing no one has been tough. But joining our CrossFit box has been amazing and it’s so brilliant to see everyone day in and out. It was particularly fantastic on Saturday when we all had a wee jaunt to the vineyards together – meeting more people that we don’t usually WOD with at 6am. Sometimes a sport can be so much more than just the fitness.

Purchase – Advent Calendarsadvent - chase the red grape

I had given up hope of finding a good advent calendar here. They are very hard to find and the ones I did find…well… let’s just say I would rather be without one than with one!

However on the 2nd I spotted these ones in Target! Yes they are vegan and in all honesty a small amount of dairy does me no harm, but they also had really good honest ingredients! Yay! And I tell you, don’t snub dairy free chocolate… it’s damn tasty!

(And yes this is David’s one… and it says ‘keep off’! Haha!)

Food/ drink – Artichokesartichokes - chase the red grape

Artichokes aren’t really a staple in the UK, and I don’t get the impression that they are here in Australia either, although at least you see the fresh ones in the supermarket! But for me, my favourite is having them all ready to rock in a jar! I love adding these little nuggets to salads but I would love to make a dip sometime… any ideas?

Recipe – Cotter Chili aka Sweet Potato Chipotle Chilicotter chili - chase the red grape

Another winner from Lindsay! It immediately jumped out at me when I read ‘slow cooker’! I subbed sweet potatoes for butternut squash and cauliflower for cabbage as that is what I had to be used up but the flavours worked so well, and it was even better the next day!

Next time I think I will just cut back a bit on the liquid… but I drained some of that out and now I have a tub of the most amazing flavoured broth in the freezer!

Workout- The WOD of deathCrossFit - Chase the red grape

Ok so this isn’t my favourite workout but definitely the most memorable… any CrossFitters out there will understand why. Oh and RX was 80kg for men and 60kg for women... yeah I know!

Every 2 minutes for 16 minutes

5 squat cleans

10 burpees over the bar

30 double unders

Weekend Plans – weekly shop and putting up the tree tomorrow then in the evening we have David’s works Christmas Party (at the yacht club!!). Sunday we are off to a Christmas market! It’s supposed to rain all weekend here but I am sticking to what everyone keeps telling me ‘Oh but it never rains in Perth’! Haha!

Are you going to a Christmas party this year? Looking forward to it?

Know any good artichoke dip recipes?

Do you feel that sense of community?

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Week in Review! (Nov 30)

Hi all,

How are you all feeling this Monday morning? Have a good weekend? Enjoy the festivities if you were celebrating?

I cant deny that I currently am feeling a little rough! A day out at our local vineyards on Saturday and then a manic day yesterday followed by the most epic ACDC concert last night – phew I am, as we say in Glasgow, gubbed! You get to an age where you just can’t do these things anymore without the repercussions!

But enough about my self inflicted woes (which incidentally were so worth it!), it’s time for my ‘Week in Review’ and I am asking you all to join in with me.

week in review - chase the red grape

What did you achieve last week? Lets celebrate the big and the small together, those things we do week in week out and the one offs, new habits and ‘must do’s’ that we knocked out of the park!

So join up with Meghan over @CleanEatsFastFeets if you have a blog, to share in your achievements (and view others too), or comment below and let me know some of the things you did last week for your family, friends, home, pets, work and most importantly – for yourself!

The ‘week in, week outs’

I meal planned for the week

Food prepped for the week

Made breakfast, lunch and dinner for David and Idinner - chase the red grape

Did the washing and the ironing

Wrote 3 blog posts

Caught up on all the blogs I follow and responded to comments

Meditated every day during the week – definitely a new habit I am loving!

My other achievements

I have decided that even though I am struggling to feel ‘Christmassy’ due to being so far from home and what I am used to (especially with the weather) I am going to immerse myself into the festive spirit regardless. It may be different but it doesn’t mean it is any less of a ‘Christmas’. So bring on the Buble, Bing and Slade… it’s time for Christmas cheer!

I spend a few days last week trying to get my head around setting up a business in Australia – from tax, legalities, registrations, local government info… my head was swamped! But I am so glad I didn’t let myself get overwhelmed and now I have a pretty good idea of how everything works… well at least the basics!

I found some new mobility videos to hopefully help my shoulders and tried them out twice through – everyday is the aim!

I made homemade mayo…. it is so good!tomatoes - chase the red grape

We harvested 4 tomatoes from our plant on the balcony- I feel so proud! And they were super juicy too!

David and I went along to our CrossFit box’s 1 year birthday celebrations – we only knew the coaches and those who go to the 6am WOD so meeting that many new people is always daunting! But it was great fun and I didn’t stop talking to people all day. Hopefully the start of some new friendships!wine -chase the red grape

I went waaaayyyy out of my comfort zone and spent a good chunk of money on Sunday – but to get so many things that we really needed. Towels, a DVD player, tennis rackets to name but a few and also, most importantly, a Christmas tree and lights!

Another major item of my must do list – last nights stadium concert with ACDC! These guys know how to rock, age clearly just seems to be a number to them – energetic, powerful and just incredible! Amazing!ACDC- chase the red grape

And finally I am going to end on some homework for myself after finishing this post – go and take a nap… seriously you need it, and if it’s in writing you might actually do it! Ha!

Tell me something you achieved this week?

Do you do well with new people?

What was your favourite concert?

Friday Favourites!

Hi all,

The sun is shining, I have time to write and it’s Friday! What more could a girl want!? Ok maybe a nice wee glass of crisp white at the side but its only 11.45am! 😉 So coffee will have to do for now!

I’m really enjoying my Friday favourites posts at the moment so I thought I would bring another one to you now! I am trying to work out a bit of a structure right now for these posts and I have a few ideas in mind. But for now, here is a bunch of random favourites from me this week!

My View


You guys I feel so lucky right now. After all the house madness last week and then finding our ideal apartment, we have certainly been through an emotional roller-coaster. But when I can sit outside on my balcony and look at this view I just feel so calm. For some its the countryside or mountain tops that makes them feel at ease – I get it from the city. There is something just so warm about it. This view has also taken my breath away so many times ‘I can’t believe we are finally here’…



One of my major tasks this week was to unpack our 20 boxes. I’m doing pretty well with only a couple left! Out of everything we had packed I just wanted to find my French press so badly! As soon as I did, I grabbed the coffee I roasted at the weekend, ground it up (luckily my grinder was packed beside the press!) and made a brew. Best coffee I have ever had!

New bag


To celebrate my graduation I got a new rucksack from Lululemon! I have needed a new rucksack for a while and this one is amazing! So many pockets, section for my laptop and a mesh section inside for my water bottle which got me the most excited! Haha – anyone who has suffered from a bottle rolling around in their bag will know what I mean.

Also due to us not having a Lululemon in Scotland this was my first ever Lulu purchase – and everyone was super friendly!

Christmas Decorations


Out of everything we brought with us, the biggest sections belonged to kitchenware and Christmas decorations! Yup that’s right, not clothes or books but Christmas decs! Total #priorities moment here – we have spent all of our married life collating decorations from everywhere we have travelled in the world, they are so precious to me and it means our tree is always full of love and memories. So pleased they could come with us.

Workout of the week

Because of last weeks madness, CrossFit was put on hold. Buuuut we have 2 trials at different boxes signed up for next week! Yay!

In the mean time we have been using our apartment gym to get in some strength work and a little cardio. This was our favourite from the week…



You know I don’t like to spend money, but I am so glad that David encouraged us to go ahead and book tickets this week to see Robbie Williams in October and ACDC in November! I grew up with Robbie and his songs are amazing sing a longs. We are seeing ACDC for David’s birthday (David got his ticket as a 30th birthday pressie from my parents x) and I know the atmosphere will be amazing!

Hope you have a great weekend planned! Our plans include dinner out tonight, the farmers market and IKEA (!!!) tomorrow and a walk along the beach on Sunday! Yay!

If you could have any view would you have a city, beach or mountain view?

What’s the one thing you would always pack with you if you moved?

Any gigs/ concerts coming up?