Week in Review

Hi all,

The week just gone went by in a flash. Yeah I know it’s a huge cliché to say that, but it did. After David being off for the Super Bowl on Monday, the week just zoomed by. Maybe it’s because it’s summer, it always tends to do that in the summer… do you find that?

Either way, I will finish my rambling and get down to what I came here to do, share my ‘Week in Review’ with you all!chase the red grape

Favourite Moments

Coffee timesCTRG

We have 4 great coffee moments out during the week. Wednesday morning 6.30am (our day off from training) where David and I take a slow walk to one of our favourite coffee shops and start the morning. Friday where we have a coffee post workout to celebrate Friday. Then on Saturday and Sunday, David and I take a stroll mid morning for a coffee. Sometimes somewhere new, sometimes an old favourite. They are 4 times of the week where I know I can just breathe and be in that moment. That makes them very special.

Dad update

My Dad is now home from hospital! Thank you all so much for the well wishes. It will be a long recovery at home but he is committed and so is everyone around him so he will get there! On Wednesday I was able to skype him and my mum and it was a lovely time talking and laughing. Just so good to see his face!

High 5’s and brownie points

Big clean

We had to do the ‘rental inspection’ big clean. Nothing was particularly dirty or messy but it’s always a big thought. But it’s done and now we have everything pristine again!


Saturday morning we went to Ikea. We got pretty much all of the things we needed and a couple more that, well, we did actually need but I needed David there to actually encourage me to buy them. I am such a weirdo. High 5 for Ikea and the purchases, 10 brownie points for wearing a band t-shirt to Ikea. BTW The Faim… you are going to hear BIG things!

I didn’t force a post

I was going to write on Thursday… but I didn’t know what about. Previously I would have hurried through my notes for inspiration, but I didn’t. Write when you feel inspired Jen. 10 points to 2018 Jen.

Meal prep


Who wants some breakfast sausage patties??

Another meal plan, more tweaks, no stress. Followed by a meal prep sesh on Saturday afternoon that was easy and relaxing. The way it should be!


Jen EatsCTRG

Winners this week include 2 seasonal fruits, figs and big bum plums – so juicy and perfect right now.CTRG


Episode 58 of the Chase the Red Grape PodcastCrossFit Open

CrossFit Open season is away to begin. You’ve signed up, now what? One for all Crossfitters out there! Listen on iTunes, Stitcher and here on the website.

The week ahead

One thing I want to do this week is watch more of the Winter Olympic coverage. We are only one hour behind South Korea time zone wise so I should make the most of the live events, right!?

Have a fab week folks!

Do you have regular coffee moments in your week?

Ikea, love or hate?

Are you watching the Winter Olympics?

You’ve signed up for the CrossFit Open, now what? Episode 58

Hi all,

If you are a CrossFitter who is Open mad, trying to figure out whether or not to sign up or are a seasoned veteran, you need to listen to episode 58 of the Chase the Red Grape Podcast! CrossFit Open

What do you do once you have signed up for the Open?

How do you get your mind in check now and for the weeks ahead?

What can you take personal responsibility for to make sure your body is ready?

And as always, remember to calm the fuck down!

Listen now on iTunes, Stitcher or here on the website!  

Let Open season commence! 

Week in Review

Hi all,

The past few days have been the hardest we have experienced since moving over to Australia.

As we have mentioned before, the most difficult part of being on the other side of the world is being apart from your friends and family. But this becomes unbearable when one of them take ill.

This weekend my Dad was rushed into hospital when a nasty kidney infection actually turned out to be renal failure.

As you can imagine, going into the details is quite upsetting and right now so full of uncertainty, but I knew I couldn’t do a Week in Review without mentioning the biggest, most impactful part of my week.chase the red grape

I can’t do much from here. I wish I could be there to support my Dad, Mum and family. But thank goodness for Skype, Face Time and WhatsApp – I can stay in touch and we can all support each other the best we can.

The week just gone however was full of lots of happiness too, and in true Week in Review style, we must take joy in highlighting them!

Favourite moments

I won a competition! A local coffee roaster here had a Instagram competition to win some beans and an Aeropress. I had bought David an Aeropress for Christmas (which he uses at work) and knew it made amazing coffee so entered with glee! And I won! These guys know their beans too.CTRG

Friday was a public holiday here for Australia Day. We spent the evening with friends on their wonderful rooftop overlooking the entire city. The view became even more magical when the fireworks began (a 30 minute display Perth pride themselves on). It felt like we had front row seats to the biggest show in town!CTRG

High 5’s and Brownie points

We trained, including an insanely difficult hero WOD on Friday for Australia Day. We do Gallagher and McDonald each year and it never gets any easier.

Meal planning and food prepping was crazy this week. Our routine is changing big style… more details on that in this weeks podcast (out Wednesday). In the mean time, check out our food prep fridge.CTRG

I have taken a nap (a huge nap) every day for the past 4 days including today. I might have picked up a bug, it might be the stress but whatever it is my body is tired and I am listening to it!

Jen Eats

We made bone broth from our Christmas turkey bones (they had been put in the freezer, don’t worry) and made pesto and mayo from scratch. Look at the colour on that mayo… #eattheyolksCTRG

Acai bowls for Saturday lunch. These are all I want to eat when it’s hot!CTRG


Scotland to Australia – Breaking the bond with your belongings. This post looked the journey of looking at all of our belongings and working out what to take and not to take with us to Australia. Decisions that needed to be made very quickly. Read here. CTRG

Episode 56 of the podcast looked at defining success. What does the word success mean to you and what role does it play in your life both positively and negatively? And, most importantly, why you shouldn’t measure your worth in the world by your successes. Download now on iTunes, Stitcher or here on the website. success

The week ahead

To be honest I think this week is going to be a quiet one. I feel exhausted. We are, however, going to see American Idiot at the theatre on Sunday which I have been looking forward to for months! And then of course there is the Super Bowl (Monday here) which we always enjoy over breakfast!

Do you like fireworks?

What does success mean to you?

Are you watching the Super Bowl?

Week in Review

Hi all,

Ok so I am changing things up! Mostly because I wanted a change but also because I needed a change!

You may have noticed I am posting on different days. Trying to write when I feel inspired and excited by a subject rather than forcing a post. So that may mean 2 posts a week, 3 or even 1. It makes me laugh because it really isn’t like me at all! I feel like I am breaking the rules… but when they are rules you have set yourself then where’s the problem?

One of the more exciting aspects of this switch up is changing my Friday Favourites to a Week In Review post. Something fun to look forward to on a Monday but also awesome to be able to link up with one of my favourite people Meg!chase the red grape

So let’s kick off the new week with a bang, recapping the week just gone, Jen style!

Favourite moments of the week

Gyroscope gig – damn I love live music. Even better when you know someone in the band. Even better when it’s a small intimate gig. Even better when you are standing near the front, feeling like you are 18 all over again.chase the red grape

Also watching the supporting act and your jaw dropping to the floor because it was literally love at first sound!

Any time I walked into a room with air con…

Biting into a local peach…. I adore this season!

chase the red grape

So good grilled!

High fives and Brownie points

What I love about Week In Review is that everyone always shares both the small and large achievements of the week. So what have I given myself points and high fives for this week?

Training whilst keeping what is best for my body at any given moment, in mind

Cooking up a storm, meal planning and prepping – aka making life easier on ourselves

Buying new headphones when I said I would – and then getting a second pair from my parents!

Breaking routines, writing on Thursdays, podcast edits on Tuesday, hell I even took a nap!

Starting as I mean to go on this year – had my monthly massage

Jen eats

Steak dinner on Saturday night. David grilled whilst I whipped up some veggies. It was melt in your mouth good.chase the red grape

Finding a coconut water that tastes good not chilled (our supermarket doesn’t chill them…). I honestly didn’t think I would ever find one!chase the red grape


What makes you ‘cool’?chase the RG

Looking at the word and what it means to me… but also why we still care about being cool even as an adult. Check it out here. 

Want. Need. Do. Read

Episode 55 of the podcast looked at the year ahead in 4 different areas. A fun way to look at goals for 2018. Find now on iTunes, Stitcher or here on the website.

The week ahead

As mentioned above, I am treating this week as a blank canvas. I am excited but also nervous about the prospect! Lets see how I get on! One thing is for certain though, episode 56 of the podcast will be ready and waiting for you on Wednesday! Also Friday is a public holiday – wahoo! 

Have a great week folks!

What was the last gig you went to?

Are you a coconut water fan?

Do you have a want, need, do or read for 2018?

Jen, you’re a loser #5TTT

Hi all,

This has been a post that I have wanted to write for a while now. It may sound really abrupt, hard on myself, actually it’s downright bullying (me on me).

I’m a loser.

In my core I’m a very competitive person. I want to win. I want to be the best. I want to come out on top. I take pride and value on working hard and winning. I thrive from it.

But to tell you the truth, I very rarely win. I did well in school and university, but was by no means the best and never got the top grades. I moved into a job where I strived a lot more than I should have just to feel the sense of doing more and being more… but it never led to more. I created this blog and I fell into an even bigger hole of feeling like I was constantly losing.

Then I started CrossFit.

I realised that I was never going to win at this sport. I was never going to come first in the class, I was never going to lift the heaviest or pull a skilled move out of the bag that others couldn’t. I can’t ever win at this one – my body just isn’t able. But I love the sport. Something had to change. I needed to quit or really look at how I view myself in terms of winning, losing and competing. Otherwise I was never going to be happy. And I ain’t no quitter.

So what has happened in the past four years since I placed that ultimatum upon myself? I’m still doing the sport, but I am a lot happier in how I view myself – both inside and outside of the gym. I worked out ways on how to change my mind set around feeling like a loser if I didn’t win. And today I want to share them all with you. No one should feel this way.chase the red grape

Defining what a winner is

This was the biggest question for me – what is the definition of a winner? Coming first/ on top every time? Really?

Winning is so much more than getting that gold star. Winning means learning lessons. Winning means trying something new. Winning means doing what you can when you can. Winning sometimes means having a shower and getting dressed when you feel like all you want to do is curl back into bed and hide from the world. We win every day, we just don’t always have to compete against others to do so.

Defining what a loser is.

Someone who didn’t win right? But as discussed above, you probably already have won at being you today. So where is the loss? I understand, maybe you went for a job and didn’t get it. You feel like a massive loser. But often we feel the loss for something we never had to begin with. Mourning for that is one thing. Tying your personal worth into the loss however is not. You may have lost but you are not a loser. They are two different things.

My best has to be enough.

As I mentioned above, winning is doing what you can and doing your best. I give my all to everything in life, I can’t help but do otherwise. My relationships, my writing, CrossFit… So how can I ask anymore of myself? Your best (and that can vary dependant on days and circumstance) is all you can and should ask of yourself. Sometimes that may mean you come out on top but when you don’t it simply means that another persons best was enough for the prize that day. Don’t ask any more of yourself when you know you can’t give it.

Winning doesn’t make me a good person.

Getting the role, winning the trophy, getting an A plus… these things are great. But it doesn’t make you a good person. Yes you may get the glory, but people don’t want to be around you because you win, they are around you because you are a good person. A good person is kind, generous, friendly, welcoming. You don’t define a good person as a winner. They win in life because they are good.

Remembering what your priorities in life are.

One massive question I asked myself at the beginning was, why do you do CrossFit Jen? The answer, for my health. Health is my priority. Four years ago I was weak, I had lost all muscle on my body, I was skin and bone. I wanted to be healthy again. I wanted to feel strong. I wanted to feel human again. That was my why. Did I do that? YES 100%. Am I still doing that? YES 100%

I’ll never see my name at the top of the leader board at my box. But I truly believe that I am finally at the top of my own leader board now. So call me a winner, call me a loser, who cares. I’m doing a great job at being me right now and that’s all that matters.

Do you ever feel like you are a loser?

Do you place a lot of merit on winning?

Have you ever had to place an ultimatum on yourself?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Friday Favourites + Episode 45 of the Chase the Red Grape Podcast

Hi all,

Oh I am so excited because next week we are off to ‘PARADISE’!

Yep we are heading down south to Dunsborogh (aka paradise) for some sea air, wineries, coffee, cheese and just one great big massive chill out.beach - chase the red grape

It’s been a long time coming, heck we needed a holiday as soon as we got back from the UK! But we are going to make this most of this break away in our favourite place, doing the things we love to do… aka eat and drink!

In particular I cannot wait to do another wine tour, the last one was a blast! As will the road trip down in general, you guys know I love a road trip! Will keep you all posted on Instagram though 🙂Friday - chase the red grape

But now it’s time for some Friday Favourites!

Favourite… Moment – Strawberry Pickingchase the red grape

We missed out last year and I was determined not to miss the season this year! What better way to spend an hour than picking (and eating!) loads of strawberries in the sun. So relaxing!

Favourite… Feeling – Drinking a chilled glass of Bee Meadchase the red grape

I have found my drink for the summer! I have been wanting to try mead again (having not had it in years) and this bee mead with manuka honey is amazing. We also tried the honey and ginger one and oh boy was that good too.

Favourite… Purchase – Diffuserchase the red grape

We have been looking around for a diffuser for a while and when we spotted this one on sale we knew we had to buy it! It’s perfect, small and fills the whole room with gorgeous essential oils. It also changes colour if we fancy. (It’s buy Oil Garden Aromatherapy)

Favourite… Food/Drink – Frittata and salad from the Swan Valley Caféchase the red grape

After picking strawberries in the valley we headed to our favourite little café. The frittata just jumped out at me that day and I’m so glad I did. Full of roasted veggies and served with 4, yes 4 different salads… so good! And it has inspired me to getting cooking frittatas again.

Updates – 5TTT + Episode 45 of the Chase the Red Grape PodcastBe a pineapple - chase the red grape

This weeks 5 top tips was inspired by my big yellow pineapple. The news this week has been sad, shocking and led to so much frustration – but my advice, be a pineapple. Did you know of it’s symbolic nature?chase the red grape

Episode 45 of the podcast looked at how we emotionally and physically respond to the changing climate. The world is changing faster than we are evolving… and it’s taking it’s toll on us too. Download now on iTunes and Stitcher or listen here on the website

Favourite… Moment of training – Scaling right

This week I focused on scaling right. What was the aim of the workout? How could I complete it whilst keeping intensity high? Where could I push myself but not to the extreme? And I am glad to say that it worked… which has inspired me to continue. Taking responsibility for my training… check!

Weekend Plans – Saturday – Weekly shop, clean the car, food prep and chill. Sunday – Pancakes and newspapers, off for the opening of a new store Growers Lane (has a Whole Foods kinda vibe but all local) and podcasting!

Have a fab weekend folks!

Where are you going on your next holiday?

Do you like to go fruit picking?

How does the weather right now take it’s toll on you? (If we have a cold day here I feel rough!)

Friday Favourites + Episode 44 of the Chase the Red Grape Podcast

Hi all,

How has your week been?

If I had to use 3 words to describe this week it would be cold, damp and dark. Yup Perth is definitely making the most out of those ‘Spring showers’!

Yesterday was crazy though. I did a little Instagram story rant about how dark and cold it was at 11am… honestly you would have thought it was bedtime. Thunder rolling outside and I was snuggled up with a blanket permanently attached to me all day. It’s hard to be your cheery self when you are dealing with this kind of atmosphere.

Isn’t it amazing how the weather and the change of season can affect us on such a personal level? It really intrigues me and I’m fascinated on how my whole personality can change based on this one output. Going to chat about it on the podcast next week… should be a good topic to delve into!Friday - chase the red grape

But for now let’s check out this weeks Friday Favourites!

Favourite… Moment – Public holidaychase the red grape

Monday was a public holiday here in Perth and it was great to spend an extra day with David chilling out. We went for a short stroll to one of our local coffee shops, sat, chatted, read the papers and came home to an afternoon of napping and puzzles. It was super relaxing and just what we needed!

Favourite… Feeling – Puzzle timechase the red grape

So we started this 1000 piece puzzle on Sunday and finished it yesterday! We were totally into it and this whole week when David came home from work we cracked back into it. There was lots going on which made it a really do-able puzzle and I learnt all about The Wild West along the way 😉

Favourite… Purchase – Alter Eco Salted Almond Dark Chocolatechase the red grape

I don’t usually tend to go for almonds in chocolate. 1 – because hazelnuts and chocolate will always be my true love and 2 – because you never seem to taste the nut. But in this bar the almond shines, I think because of the ‘salted’ aspect. It’s a very welcomed punch of salt which makes the bar shine. Would definitely recommend.

Favourite… Food/ Drink – Greek food at Zeus!chase the red grape

I have wanted to try Zeus Street Greek ever since I found out they did GF pita… and oh boy was it incredible. This pita had lamb souvla, baba ghanoush, caramelised onions and crunchy red cabbage and my taste buds were alive. We also split some halloumi too which they cooked very well. (I am a bit of a halloumi snob… I have been eating it since I was a toddler as my parents lived in Cyprus years ago and I know how it is meant to be cooked and taste!)chase the red grape

Updates – 5TTT + Episode 44 of the Chase the Red Grape Podcastless best - chase the red grape

This weeks 5 top tips looked at 5 areas of your life where less often best. Stop the more more more, go go go mentality see how less in life can be so much more rewarding.chase the red grape

Episode 44 of the podcast was a mixed bag, catching you all up with the details of our move, how we feel in our new apartment and community, the bloody long walk and taking responsibility for ourselves during training. Download now on iTunes and Stitcher or listen right here on the website

Favourite… Moment of training – Doing something different.

Can I tell you what it wasn’t? Doing Karen (150 wall balls). I have never enjoyed it but then again I don’t know who would. But today we did a lot of overhead work which was great because my legs hurt from Karen and we haven’t done a lot of overhead work recently so it was good to awaken my shoulders a bit!

Weekend Plans – Saturday – It’s that time of year again, off strawberry picking! Sunday – Pancakes, newspapers, coffee walk, podcasting and chill!

Have a fab weekend everyone!

Are you affected dramatically by the weather outside?

What do you like to do on a public holiday?

Do you go fruit/ berry picking during the season?

Friday Favourites!

Hi all,

How has your week been?

We are slowly starting to get into the swing of things at the new apartment. Slightly new routines but in the best possible way.

I think the area of Perth we have moved to is perfect for us. A small community, lots going on, has it’s own personality, a mix of ages, oh and a vast array of wonderful coffee shops!

Have you ever had the experience where you only realised you were missing something in your life when you actually gained it? This definitely happened to us. We never realised how much we needed a local ‘buzz’ and to feel a part of a community where we live. I can honestly say this is the first time, since my hometown, where I have felt this… and it feels good.Friday - chase the red grape

So let’s check out this weeks Friday Favourites!

Favourite… Moment – Finishing The Bloody Long WalkThe bloody long walk - chase the red grape

Everything hurt. I was so tired… but I was still smiling! We had done it! 37.5km in the bag!

Favourite… Feeling – Cider, burger and sweet potato fry time!chase the red grape

After our walk (and gelato, see below) we headed to our favourite burger restaurant (now conveniently located around the corner from our house) to refuel and recover. This cool, crisp cider was music to my lips and made all those aches disappear.

Favourite… Purchase – New Bodum Cafetierechase the red grape

Bodum make the best French presses and they are the only ones I will buy – always worth the investment. So we got a new steel and racing car green one this week and I am in love. Note our wonderful fridge in the background – we buy a magnet from everywhere we visit!

Favourite… Food/Drink – Gelatochase the red grape

Finish line. Cross the road. Gelato. My only regret? Not getting a 3rd scoop!

Updates – 5TTT

This weeks 5 top tips was how to survive a bloody long walk! Whether that be a 37km walk, a hike, beach stroll or country ramble, be prepared!The bloody long walk - chase the red grape

No new podcast this week but remember we have 43 episodes ready and waiting for you on iTunes, Stitcher or here on the website.

Favourite… Moment of training – Partner WOD!

Love a good partner WOD! David and I teamed up for a killer on Thursday but that’s the great thing about teaming up with your husband for a WOD – you can tell them to move their butt (to put it nicely) throughout without having to be polite.

Weekend Plans – Saturday – little bit of shopping, little bit of lunch, lots of Saturday chill. Sunday – pancakes and newspapers, coffee walk, podcasting and chill. Monday – public holiday! Wahoo!

How do you make your coffee?

Last time you got ice cream – what did you get?

Do you like training/ working out with your partner?

Friday Favourites + Episode 42 of the Chase the Red Grape Podcast

Hi all,

Happy first day of Spring to those in my hemisphere!

This past week I have just felt something in the air. A little more warmth, start of some balmy nights, the flowers starting to peak out from their hiding places… and I definitely think it’s time. I have had enough of winter!

Spring always brings a sense of new beginnings. I guess for David and I this will be in the form of moving to a new apartment – we get the keys on Thursday!

I’m not going to lie, I do feel a slight sense of anxiety that always comes with change. However we have been so lucky to get the apartment we have, in the area of town that we want, so I am thinking it was meant to be. Also we have nicknamed it ‘The Treehouse’ – small, but cosy and surrounded by trees and greens. And a lovely wooden balcony to sit on. Mmmm I can already feel myself relaxing.Friday - chase the red grape

But enough of Spring as I’m sure the majority of you are actually going the opposite way and I’m probably not your favourite person right now! Time for Friday Favourites!

Favourite… Moment – Puppies and Coffeepuppy - chase the red grape

This is Rufus. We met him on Sunday whilst having coffee. I have no words. He is as cute, as small and as well behaved as you can imagine. Heaven.

Favourite… Feeling – Beach air. Deep breath.beach - chase the red grape

We went for lunch near the beach on Saturday and the clouds in the sky were doing amazing things. It was so peaceful, the air felt so clear and fresh… it was just a lovely sensation.

Favourite… Purchase – Nothing.

Yup that’s right, nothing. Moving house is one big money hole, even more so here in Aus (the amount of ‘hidden fees’ companies charge you is insane), so we ain’t buying anything other than the necessities right now. Casing point – last thing I bought? Packing tape.

Favourite… Food/Drink – Pizzapizza - chase the red grape

So our lunch on Saturday was at our favourite stone baked pizza joint right by the beach. They do a fab GF pizza which we split along with a rocket and pear salad. Just what I needed.

Updates – 5TTT + Episode 42 of the Chase the Red Grape Podcastbody image - chase the red grape

This weeks 5 top tips looked at body image. Not a topic I hit here often but one that I have so many things that I want you to know. More on this subject on next weeks podcast! (And no, I don’t blame the media)burnout - chase the red grape

Episode 42 of the podcast looked at burnout. Both David and I feel so exhausted right now but how do we know it’s burnout? And more importantly, what are we doing about it. Download on iTunes and Stitcher or here on the website. 

Favourite… Moment of training – DU’s

After a really bad double under week (and we did a lot of them), I got 30 in a row today. After the week I had this felt really good.

Weekend Plans -Saturday – Back to get our windscreen replaced again (they installed one that was scratched), then pack, pack, clean, pack. Sunday – Pancakes and newspapers for the last time in this apartment (!), podcasting and more cleaning/ packing. Urgh the thought… but I know it will be worth it.

Have a fab weekend guys!

Do you feel the change of season in the air?

Pizza time – what you having on yours?

Do you like it when cafes and coffee shops allow dogs in?

Friday Favourites + Episode 41 of the Chase the Red Grape Podcast

Hi all,

Have you ever watched a TV series all the way through, from beginning to end, in one go?

I’m talking every season was available to you when you started watching and you just went for it?

That’s what I did every lunchtime for the past 4 months… I went through the entire collection of Gilmore Girls – including the ‘year in the life’ recent addition.

I never had the chance to watch Gilmore Girls originally as it wasn’t shown in the UK. But after months of seeing everyone and their left arm talking about it, I thought I would give it a go.

Now it’s over I feel this sense of loss. Crazy I know! But if I am honest I think it’s probably to do with the end leading to a disruption in my lunchtime routine… which I had down to an art. I hate disruptions but I guess they only show me where I am comfortable, leading me on to the question ‘now change has to happen, what do I want to do’? I feel like once we move in 2 weeks time to another apartment and my routine is displaced again, I will find out.

This disruption will be good. I’m not going to let that nervous niggle of change stop me. So long Gilmore Girls, you were good but now I’m choosing change!

(On another note… what the hell was with that ending? Surely it has to come back…?).Friday - chase the red grape

But now time for some Friday Favourites!

Favourite…Moment – Book Sale!books - chase the red grape

On Saturday David and I went to a charity second hand book sale. I was in reading heaven! Every type of book you could think of, I didn’t know where to start! We spent almost 2 hours looking through them all, reading, laughing, reminiscing (I LOVED the children’s section), so much happiness!

Favourite… Feeling – Sunshine Walkchase the red grape perth

Sundays are for coffee walks in the sun and now Spring is approaching we are able to do just that. We had a walk down by the river, sun beaming on our faces… it was a lovely calm time.

Favourite… Purchase – Books of course!books - chase the red grape

I bought a few history books, Christmas books (I adore Christmas and it’s traditions), classics and even a couple of Famous Five books. I will be kept busy for sure.

Favourite… Food/Drink – Nitro Cold Brew from DiMattinanitro cold brew - chase the red grape

We had to go get our windscreen replaced (boo) so while we waited we went for a wonder to grab a coffee. Holy smokes I did not expect to find the most amazing coffee shop with the best on tap nitro cold brew. It was so smooth with the perfect head on it…. looked exactly like a Guinness – it even had the same velvety texture!

Updates – 5TTT + Episode 41 of the Chase the Red Grape Podcastchase the red grape podcast

All things podcast this week with my 5 top tips being 5 podcast episodes you should have listened to.chase the red grape podcast

And then when you are finished with those, check out the latest episode of the podcast all about the best and worst pieces of health advice we have heard. If you like a rant you’ll love this! Download on iTunes, Stitcher or listen on the website here. 

Favourite… Moment of training – Taking ownership

I am tired right now and my body is showing it. The beginning of the week was rough but then, the past two days, I decided to take ownership, back off on certain things and chose when and when not to push. I may still feel tired but my head feels in control and that makes a huge difference.

Weekend Plans – Saturday – Massage (yes!), lunch out and then start to pack. Sunday – Pancakes, newspapers, coffee walk and podcasting!

Have a fab weekend folks!

Are you a Gilmore Girls fan?

Have any recent changes made you rethink your routine?

Do you buy second hand books?