What has social media done to you? #5TTT

Hi all,

Remember back in the day when the internet started being something we could have in our homes? If you were lucky, you had a massive ‘piece of equipment’ PC and you spent your evenings talking to friends on MSN messenger about the same things you had also spent the past 8 hours of school talking about.

Fast forward a few years and I was off to university. At this point Facebook was only available to people attending select universities, and it never really fussed me. Until a few years in and my university was accepted. Of course we signed up! This looked so cool! Still, it was only something you looked at when and if you were connected to the internet… and even then it was about posting when you were having a party… and revealing said pictures from party!

Fast forward 13 years and social media has just exploded. Everyone has constant access to the internet. Everyone is on Facebook, your mum, your auntie, all of your friends. And then there is Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and so on and so forth. Has the way we communicate as a society really changed so much in the space of 13 years? I don’t think anyone could argue that the answer to that has to be ‘yes’. 

What has social media done to you?

For this weeks 5 top tips, I dug deep to look at the relationship I have with social media and what it has done to me. What does social media reveal about the world around me? What has it brought to my attention? These are my thoughts. Maybe you agree, maybe you don’t, maybe social media means something very different to you. Let me know below what you think.chase the red grape


Social media will always be worth it’s weight in gold to me, simply because of connection. Being on the other side of the world from my family and friends has been tough but social media allows me to be a part of life over there still. It allows me to keep connected with my old communities and friends. I cannot imagine how hard it would be to have to disconnect from all these important people and places – thankfully I don’t have to.


Social media has enabled me to desire more than I ever could have dreamed of. Maybe for you this desire is a good thing, you see something you want and you figure out a way to get it. It pushes you, it drives you, you can see an end. For me, desire can lead to pressure, confusion and often unhappiness. Most of the time it’s about things or opportunities I never even considered or was aware of. Social media can make me feel bad for not wanting it or not having it.

Why not me?

Yes the comparison game. Why don’t I have this? Why do they have it and not me? What have I done wrong? Do I not deserve the same opportunities? Am I no good? We glance at something, take one look and that’s all we need to bring ourselves down and tear ourselves to shreds. We no longer live in our bubble. We can see every single bubble in the world. We feel judged, we judge others, it feels like there is no escape. (Unless we disconnect… but then face being left out!).

People can be cruel… but cruel people are not worthy of your attention

The ability to be cruel, cause hurt to others and bully has exploded throughout the evolution of social media. I see good people everyday being torn down by comments online. It’s horrible. However through trolling we have learned that both online and in real life we cannot tolerate people who are cruel, people who bring us down, strangers, as well as those we know, who believe it is ok to cause hurt with their words. As much as I wish no one has to ‘learn how to deal with trolls’, it has become part of our world. What counts is that we stand up to it and realise that trolls are not worthy of our attention.

We are stronger together

Finally, I believe that social media has made me realise that we truly are stronger together. We feel with others on the other side of the world. We can be a part of helping afflict change in areas where we used to feel helpless. We can be more informed, have a strong basis of knowledge, share because we care. Yes there is a lot of ‘fake news’ out there and so much nonsense but the more time we spend with social media as part of our lives the more we realise its worth, its power and its ability to help us do good.

Be the good, promote the good, share the good and all will be well.

Have you always had social media in your life?

What does social media enable you to do?

What has social media done to you, both positive and negative?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

F**k keeping up with the Joneses! #5TTT

Hi all,

Keeping up with the Joneses. Since the start of social media I think we all can agree that the Joneses are no longer just our neighbours. They are our Facebook friends, bloggers, celebrities, anyone that hashtags the same as us on Instagram. Yes you guess it, it’s the old comparison chestnut again!

But rather than write yet another blog post about how we are unique and we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others online, I’m going to get you rethinking the entire concept so it pretty much becomes obsolete.

You are a Jones. I am a Jones. Everyone wants to be a Jones but don’t you realise in some shape or form you already are.

I was having a moan one day about my work, or lack of it as I was moaning about. I looked at other bloggers and writers and craved for what they had. I looked up to them, then looked down at me. I wanted the status, I wanted the credibility, I wanted the break. But then I read a comment on my blog. Someone had mentioned how lucky I was to live in Perth Australia. To be that close to the beach, to have all the sunshine. She wanted it, she craved it. To her, I was a full blown Jones.

And of course to them, your life is perfect…. even if in reality it’s not.

We are all each others Jones. Everyone has something that another craves, desires, wants or looks up to. Below are simply 5 common ones (blown to the extreme for effect, as we do in our minds), but don’t let the stature of these points fool you, your desire to be like the Joneses can be big or small.chase the red grape

Career Jones

Career Jones seemingly got everything she wanted. Good grades at university, stepped into an excellent job with prospects and is now climbing up the ladder. Maybe she got promoted younger than you or got a ‘job well done’ bonus. Career Jones is also that woman (or man) who left their career behind to go where their passion lay. And guess what, it all worked out and they have made a successful business from it!

Body Jones

Body Jones looks stunning. Perfect hair, makeup (maybe even without makeup), toned, tanned and fabulous, right? Everything is so effortless from their style to how they fix their hair, oh did I mention that they have the time and money to get regular hair cuts, manicures and pedicures? No need for a spray tan, they seem to go from gorgeous to glowing whenever summer comes around. And who cares if someone takes a bikini picture, they will always rock it!

Travel Jones

Travel Jones jumped on a plane with her husband for a new life in one of the most beautiful areas of Australia without a second thought. She lives 10 minutes from the beach, which, is just an endless vision of crystal clear golden beach and sand. Every weekend is new adventures exploring and there are so many countries near by. Every day is wonderful, exciting and picture perfect…. right?

(Sound good? Yeah life is good, but as with everything, perfection it aint!).

Fitness Jones

Fitness Jones, gosh I see so many Fitness Jones that I simply want to be! They are so strong and fast and they make everything look so effortless. How does it come so naturally to them? And let’s face it they often are our Body Jones too. Everyone at the gym looks up to them, and everyone wants to be their friend because they are so cool and can do all these things I wish I could do too. Sigh!

Family Jones

Family Jones is happily married to the most wonderful man/ woman. They love each other deeply, give each other little gifts, especially flowers. They never forget birthdays or anniversaries. And why would they argue? Family Jones often has children, perfect, adorable children. Children that always behave and have their own cute wee style that everyone just coos over. We all want children like theirs.

Sound crazy but also familiar? Extreme maybe but I’m sure you have thought about someone else in this shape or form before.

As I mentioned above, don’t let the nature of the above fool you into thinking that no one sees you as a Jones simply because those 5 things aren’t on your lap. There are people who I want to be like because they can cook better than me, can sing or dance, have belongings I want, are more intellectual, heck sometimes I even want to be like someone because they are busier than me and I crave the buzz of deadlines! So don’t beat yourself up for looking up to someone else and wishing you were like them. Just simply remember than someone else is doing the same thing to you. Aspire to be a Jones by all means… but just as you aren’t ‘on a pedestal’ perfect, remember they aren’t too.

Do you have a Jones that you wish to be like?

What Jones like quality do you have that, if you were honest, you know others would crave?

Do you ever look at someone else’s seemly perfect life and blow it out to the extreme? Aka their whole world is effortless?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Friday Favourites + Episode 48 of the Chase the Red Grape Podcast

 Hi all,

I love the beach. The smells, the sounds, the general atmosphere…

I am super excited that we are heading there tomorrow for a nice long beach walk in the sun… heaven!

As much as I love the beach (or seaside as we call it back in the UK), is it odd that I am not actually that fussed with going in the water? I love to walk along the sand with my feet in the water, feeling the splash as each wave comes across my ankles. And it’s not that I can’t swim….

Maybe it’s the unknown for me that I don’t like. Sometimes you can’t see your feet, you don’t know what the next wave will be like… and don’t even get me started on sharks.Friday - chase the red grape

Actually come to think of it, my dislike of being in the actual water seems to make a lot of sense! Just being smart! 😉

But for today, let’s check out this weeks Friday Favourites!

Favourite… Moment – Feeling the heat from the sunchase the red grape

Well folks this week really has been the start of the sunshine here. The sweatshirts are being left at home, the shorts are coming out of the wardrobe pair by pair and slowly the duvet is being pushed off the bed every night. This weekend the temps are going to be in the 30’s (Celsius) and it looks like winter is finally behind us!

Favourite… Feeling – Nourishedchase the red grape

On Saturday David and I headed over to Victoria Park in the hunt for some street art. We found a few really cool pieces but the best score of the day was finding the most amazing Vegan café, The Loving Hut. We ate lunch there and it was just the epitome of good food. I love eating tofu on occasion and this combo of GF tofu spring rolls and turmeric veggies just made my tummy smile!

Favourite… Purchase – Wool dusterchase the red grape

Some of you may have seen me document my venture to Bunnings (the DIY store) on Instagram stories. For those who missed it, I was in the hunt for a good duster! I was tempted by the ostrich feather one but instead went for the lambs wool one and it works a treat. Honestly it makes dusting the house easy peasy. Why did it take me so long to get one!

Favourite… Food/Drink – Chocolate soft servechase the red grape

So after that delicious lunch, we saw that the café did Vegan soft serve (made with almond and coconut milk). I adore soft serve and knew we had to try it. Oh. My. Goodness. There are no words to describe how good this was!

Updates – 5TTT + Episode 48 of the Chase the Red Grape Podcast5 words that guide your life - chase the red grape

This weeks 5 top tips looked at 5 words that guide your life. 5 words that you feel deep down in your core describe the way you live your life. I share mine and encourage you to start thinking about yours.chase the red grape podcast

Episode 48 of the podcast got us thinking about our ideal dinner party. Who would we invite and why? And most interestingly, what do we think this dinner party says about us? Download now on iTunes and Stitcher or listen here on the website.

Weekend Plans – Beach walk tomorrow with coffee and lunch out! Sunday – Pancakes and newspapers, coffee walk to a local festival, podcasting and chilling out whilst watching the CrossFit Invitational!

Have a fab weekend guys!

Do you like going in the water at the beach?

Have you ever been to a Vegan café?

Who would you invite to your dinner party?

5 words that guide your life #5TTT

Hi all,

Over the past year or so I have really been drawn to reading and researching about who we are as individuals. How do we work? What makes us tick?

Not only has it lead to a greater understanding of how other people work but it has also allowed me to dive into who I am as a person. Sometimes it’s in the form of a collective, like my tendency (as per Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies) but often it has me exploring the minutia of my core. What’s in my gut driving me each day, helping me make the choices I do?

Recently, I asked myself the question ‘what are 5 words that guide your life’?

By guide, I mean words that take you by the hand and help you make the choices you do, because they describe who you are. Initially I came out with 5 words that I thought I ‘should’ write. Those things that describe who I feel we should be. But then I looked deep into my core. Those answers were very different.

For this weeks 5 top tips I bring you the 5 words that guide my life. Most importantly though, I want you to think about what 5 words guide your life. What words have deep roots in your core, shaping you in and out each day?chase the red grape


I know from a young age I was brought up to value the importance of kindness. Kindness to others in particular but more recently I have truly appreciated the importance of being kind to myself. My thoughts, feelings and emotions find it easy to pull me apart, to pick upon a perceived flaw and attack it. I know kindness is in my core because I couldn’t fathom doing this to anyone else. I just need to work on applying it to myself.


You all know my pull towards the concept of hygge (check out my post on hygge for more information). I thrive when I am content, happy, cosy, in my own wee nook… however you want to describe hygge. I know that feeling, I adore that feeling, I crave that feeling. It just makes so much sense to me. I feel it’s importance in my life and I strive to have access to it always.


Similar to kindness for sure but for me being generous is the art of giving… and allowing yourself to feel good about how that makes you feel. We all have so much to give whether that be money, time, gifts, donations of clothing or even lending an ear to a friend. Being generous makes me feel good and the more I give the more I want to keep on giving. I feel drawn towards helping others and it’s no surprise to me that I grew up wanting to become a teacher.


Faith can mean so many things to different people. For me, I don’t speak of faith in terms of religion, more that sense of knowing, knowing that things will be ok. I have faith that I will do in life the work I am meant to do. I have faith that David and I will live in the place we were meant to live. I do not meant to say that I have no aims or goals and that hard work doesn’t create what I want. My faith is not in fate. My faith is in myself and the world that guides me.


This last word for some could be seen as a negative but for me couldn’t be further from the truth. I am a very realistic person. Sometimes that makes me a glass is half full person, sometimes that makes me a glass is half empty person. However I take comfort in knowing the realistic outcomes or potentials in any situation, even if that means being classed as negative. But if it makes me happy and is who I am then I am going to embrace it!

Now, what about you?

What words guide you in life?

What do you think those words say about you?

Is there anything you wish you could be but aren’t?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Jen, you’re a loser #5TTT

Hi all,

This has been a post that I have wanted to write for a while now. It may sound really abrupt, hard on myself, actually it’s downright bullying (me on me).

I’m a loser.

In my core I’m a very competitive person. I want to win. I want to be the best. I want to come out on top. I take pride and value on working hard and winning. I thrive from it.

But to tell you the truth, I very rarely win. I did well in school and university, but was by no means the best and never got the top grades. I moved into a job where I strived a lot more than I should have just to feel the sense of doing more and being more… but it never led to more. I created this blog and I fell into an even bigger hole of feeling like I was constantly losing.

Then I started CrossFit.

I realised that I was never going to win at this sport. I was never going to come first in the class, I was never going to lift the heaviest or pull a skilled move out of the bag that others couldn’t. I can’t ever win at this one – my body just isn’t able. But I love the sport. Something had to change. I needed to quit or really look at how I view myself in terms of winning, losing and competing. Otherwise I was never going to be happy. And I ain’t no quitter.

So what has happened in the past four years since I placed that ultimatum upon myself? I’m still doing the sport, but I am a lot happier in how I view myself – both inside and outside of the gym. I worked out ways on how to change my mind set around feeling like a loser if I didn’t win. And today I want to share them all with you. No one should feel this way.chase the red grape

Defining what a winner is

This was the biggest question for me – what is the definition of a winner? Coming first/ on top every time? Really?

Winning is so much more than getting that gold star. Winning means learning lessons. Winning means trying something new. Winning means doing what you can when you can. Winning sometimes means having a shower and getting dressed when you feel like all you want to do is curl back into bed and hide from the world. We win every day, we just don’t always have to compete against others to do so.

Defining what a loser is.

Someone who didn’t win right? But as discussed above, you probably already have won at being you today. So where is the loss? I understand, maybe you went for a job and didn’t get it. You feel like a massive loser. But often we feel the loss for something we never had to begin with. Mourning for that is one thing. Tying your personal worth into the loss however is not. You may have lost but you are not a loser. They are two different things.

My best has to be enough.

As I mentioned above, winning is doing what you can and doing your best. I give my all to everything in life, I can’t help but do otherwise. My relationships, my writing, CrossFit… So how can I ask anymore of myself? Your best (and that can vary dependant on days and circumstance) is all you can and should ask of yourself. Sometimes that may mean you come out on top but when you don’t it simply means that another persons best was enough for the prize that day. Don’t ask any more of yourself when you know you can’t give it.

Winning doesn’t make me a good person.

Getting the role, winning the trophy, getting an A plus… these things are great. But it doesn’t make you a good person. Yes you may get the glory, but people don’t want to be around you because you win, they are around you because you are a good person. A good person is kind, generous, friendly, welcoming. You don’t define a good person as a winner. They win in life because they are good.

Remembering what your priorities in life are.

One massive question I asked myself at the beginning was, why do you do CrossFit Jen? The answer, for my health. Health is my priority. Four years ago I was weak, I had lost all muscle on my body, I was skin and bone. I wanted to be healthy again. I wanted to feel strong. I wanted to feel human again. That was my why. Did I do that? YES 100%. Am I still doing that? YES 100%

I’ll never see my name at the top of the leader board at my box. But I truly believe that I am finally at the top of my own leader board now. So call me a winner, call me a loser, who cares. I’m doing a great job at being me right now and that’s all that matters.

Do you ever feel like you are a loser?

Do you place a lot of merit on winning?

Have you ever had to place an ultimatum on yourself?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Is it too early to start thinking about the holidays? #5TTT

Hi all,

‘Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Jack Frost nipping at your nose’. Well, not in Australia but you catch my drift! The holiday season is coming!

Maybe you are like me. Maybe you are already thinking about the holiday season – from both the excitement and organisational point of view.

Or maybe you aren’t like me. Maybe the thought of the holidays isn’t even on your radar… and seeing the decorations etc hitting the shelves of the stores doesn’t really put you up nor down.

Either way, today I want to bring you 5 reasons why right now is the perfect time to start thinking about the holidays. Trust me, if you want a stress free season, start thinking about the holidays now.

Family plans and commitments

This is the biggest one right here. Who is hosting Christmas/ New Year/ Thanksgiving? Do you want to join your family or have a simple celebration in your own home?

After a couple of years of marriage, David and I decided we wanted to do Christmas alone. We talked to our parents far in advance, letting them know what we wanted to do and suggested having a mini Christmas with them both earlier on in December. As much as they wanted us with them, both sets were happy and we managed to arrange mini visits. These mini visits actually turned into new traditions on their own. But my main reason for mentioning this was that this was a big shake up in our family celebrations. However, it had less of an impact as we made it known in advance and set up new plans to always make sure we had time together in the season. Know your plans and commitments. Get them in the diary ASAP!

Want to host a party? Book a date now!

Email already gone around about your office Christmas party? Not only is it because they need to book the venue in advance but, more importantly, they need to lock in the date with you! Weekends in December are precious, so if you want to host a party, lock in a date now and let everyone you want to invite know.

Present buying

You can easily work out two things right now. Who are you buying gifts for this year and how much do you want to spend. Even if that is all you do right now it will save time and money later. You probably only have two more pay checks left before the big day, maybe time to put some money aside? And if you want to go one step further, start looking for these gifts in the shops. Or at least brainstorming some ideas.


What are you, your family and your friends expectations of the season? Are you expected to attend your spouses Christmas party? Do you and your friends want to meet up in between Christmas and New Year? Are you gifting with a spending limit? Do you actually want to go out for Christmas lunch this year? Have a chat with your family and friends and see what they are thinking. Usually a chat about this now leads to some revelations! But also it often means that the conversation can be had with less stress and emotion involved as the holidays aren’t imminent.

Needs vs wants

What is a need vs a want during the holiday season this year? This can be from the big to the small and often gives clarity to priority planning. Here are some of my examples. Need a turkey – Want to see the new Star Wars on Christmas Eve. Need a skype call with my parents on Christmas Day – Want to visit a Christmas market. Try sitting down with your partner/spouse/kids and listing three needs and wants each. Then make sure the needs are met and plans put in place and the wants are on another list for the second stage of priorities.

Keep the holiday season this year for simply having fun! Make all your plans and have all your discussions now so you can be mentally and physically ready for anything the season may throw at you!

Have you thought about the holidays yet?

Do you like to host?

What is a major holiday stumbling block for you/ your family?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

It’s easy being green! #5TTT

Hi all,

The environment is a topic that is more prominent than ever. We see what’s happening with regards climate change and it just adds to the level of fear that surrounds our lives. We look to those in power, people of authority and ask them (but lets face it we should demand them) to make changes to help protect our world.

But being green doesn’t begin and end with the policy makers. It starts with us at home and our everyday lives. The things that make us smile. The occurrences of everyday life.

I get it though. You recycle, you bring reusable bags to the store, you click the eco cycle on your washing machine etc… what else can we do?

Well for this weeks 5 top tips I bring to you 5 new and interesting ways it’s easy being green. Many of which you probably didn’t even realise helped the environment!chase the red grape


I saw a group of teen girls walking down the street the other day. I swear they could have been me and my friends when were in the late nineties. It literally stopped me in my tracks! But fashions come round and round… how many ‘vintage’ pieces do you now have? You can also check out local vintage stores, charity/ thrift shops for so many good quality pieces of clothing at such good prices. I once saw a store devoted to vintage denim. Who wouldn’t want already worn in levis?!

Walk the walk

We all know that walking more is better for us and it’s better for the environment. But are you actually walking the walk? Look at your week, when could you fit in some extra walking or just leave the car at home? Could you walk the kids to school? Could you walk to get your lunch? How about combining a weekend date or coffee meet up with a walk?


So many of us need a holiday right now. But jumping on a plane and dealing with airports is not a great idea when you can only fit in a short weekend getaway. Or, let’s face it, even if you have a week to spare who wants to go to an airport?! Why not try a staycation instead? You can visit local attractions and be a tourist in your own backyard if you want to come home to your own bed every night. Or travel a short distance in the car/ train/ bus to a neighbouring city/ state etc. and do something local but new to you. Most of us live near so many cool things we have never even visited. Where do folk flock to when they come to your neck of the woods? Looks like fun, right?!

Make do and mend

Ah, this quote always makes me smile. Partly because it appeared on a British World War Two poster in my History classroom, but also because it’s an awesome mantra to live by. And it has never been more relevant in my opinion! When you go clothes shopping, what do you really need? Another pair of jeans? Shoes that you don’t know if you will wear? What do you have at home that is perfectly fine? Have you even checked out your wardrobe/ closet recently to see what you have? I have a good sewing kit and have stitched up everything from training shoes to phone cases! Clothing is just an example but it can apply to everything from furniture (why not start a wee project?) to electronics if you can find someone who is handy with that type of thing.


To quote another British World War Two poster ‘Waste not. Want not’! Take a look each week at what food you throw away – cooked, uncooked, fruit, veg, things you didn’t eat off your plate and write them down. Instead of this food (that you paid for I must add!) going into your tummy, it goes to landfill… and you buy more. Why do you throw away this food? Do you need to buy less? Should you freeze what you know you wont eat? Could leftovers from meals be used to make another meal/ be used partly to make another meal? Look at what you have before you buy more.

And just a heads up, the next episode (46) of the Chase the Red Grape Podcast will be released tomorrow. David and I talk about coming together with all the madness that is going on in the world. Whether it be getting involved in your community or writing to your local representative, we can all make an impact on this world to help quash the sense of fear and helplessness. Be the person you want to be. Make an impact. Available on iTunes and Stitcher as of 11th October.

Do you find it easy being green?

What is your favourite way to be green?

What local attraction do you have near you that you have never been to?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Friday Favourites + Episode 45 of the Chase the Red Grape Podcast

Hi all,

Oh I am so excited because next week we are off to ‘PARADISE’!

Yep we are heading down south to Dunsborogh (aka paradise) for some sea air, wineries, coffee, cheese and just one great big massive chill out.beach - chase the red grape

It’s been a long time coming, heck we needed a holiday as soon as we got back from the UK! But we are going to make this most of this break away in our favourite place, doing the things we love to do… aka eat and drink!

In particular I cannot wait to do another wine tour, the last one was a blast! As will the road trip down in general, you guys know I love a road trip! Will keep you all posted on Instagram though 🙂Friday - chase the red grape

But now it’s time for some Friday Favourites!

Favourite… Moment – Strawberry Pickingchase the red grape

We missed out last year and I was determined not to miss the season this year! What better way to spend an hour than picking (and eating!) loads of strawberries in the sun. So relaxing!

Favourite… Feeling – Drinking a chilled glass of Bee Meadchase the red grape

I have found my drink for the summer! I have been wanting to try mead again (having not had it in years) and this bee mead with manuka honey is amazing. We also tried the honey and ginger one and oh boy was that good too.

Favourite… Purchase – Diffuserchase the red grape

We have been looking around for a diffuser for a while and when we spotted this one on sale we knew we had to buy it! It’s perfect, small and fills the whole room with gorgeous essential oils. It also changes colour if we fancy. (It’s buy Oil Garden Aromatherapy)

Favourite… Food/Drink – Frittata and salad from the Swan Valley Caféchase the red grape

After picking strawberries in the valley we headed to our favourite little café. The frittata just jumped out at me that day and I’m so glad I did. Full of roasted veggies and served with 4, yes 4 different salads… so good! And it has inspired me to getting cooking frittatas again.

Updates – 5TTT + Episode 45 of the Chase the Red Grape PodcastBe a pineapple - chase the red grape

This weeks 5 top tips was inspired by my big yellow pineapple. The news this week has been sad, shocking and led to so much frustration – but my advice, be a pineapple. Did you know of it’s symbolic nature?chase the red grape

Episode 45 of the podcast looked at how we emotionally and physically respond to the changing climate. The world is changing faster than we are evolving… and it’s taking it’s toll on us too. Download now on iTunes and Stitcher or listen here on the website

Favourite… Moment of training – Scaling right

This week I focused on scaling right. What was the aim of the workout? How could I complete it whilst keeping intensity high? Where could I push myself but not to the extreme? And I am glad to say that it worked… which has inspired me to continue. Taking responsibility for my training… check!

Weekend Plans – Saturday – Weekly shop, clean the car, food prep and chill. Sunday – Pancakes and newspapers, off for the opening of a new store Growers Lane (has a Whole Foods kinda vibe but all local) and podcasting!

Have a fab weekend folks!

Where are you going on your next holiday?

Do you like to go fruit picking?

How does the weather right now take it’s toll on you? (If we have a cold day here I feel rough!)

Be a pineapple #5TTT

Hi all,

In all honesty, I didn’t know what to write today.

I was talking to David about it and I felt so frustrated. How could I be so positive and write about health and happiness when so much sadness is surrounding us? Watching the news about the situation in Puerto Rico pulled at my heart strings but when it goes beyond an act of God and becomes a man made tragedy… then I get angry, upset and scared.

(The solution lies in the hands of the policy makers… but that does not mean we are helpless. Make your voice heard… and spread kindness and faith in humanity with your actions).

Today, I want to help bring a smile, help us see we are not in a big bad world full of fear, even if events try and dictate otherwise.

Sitting in front of me right now is a big yellow pineapple. I adore pineapples. Their look, their taste but most importantly for me, their symbolism. Pineapples have been an important symbol in society for hundreds of years and appear all over the world from Asia to the Caribbean. With the events going on in the world right now I want to bring my great big yellow pineapple to you all. I want to place it in all of your homes and right on the doorstep of my own. I want to be a pineapple and promote what they symbolise… let’s check it out!Be a pineapple - chase the red grape


The symbolism of pineapples were first noted when the European explorers headed over to the America’s and Caribbean and they noticed that if a pineapple was spotted at the entrance of a village it meant that all were welcome. They took this information back home with them and you can still spot pineapples carved into the entrances of buildings, columns and furniture to this day. Open your arms to the world and welcome it in. Be a part of your community, spread a smile and happiness to others, it’s infectious you know. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone new or say hello to a stranger.


The locals that the explorers came across went beyond a simple welcome, they took their guests and made them feel at home. They extended their kindness to strangers and put faith and trust in others. We cannot let these times stop us from caring for others, even if they are strangers.


A welcome, a hospitable experience, friendship. We celebrate with our friends and families at special events and occasions (ever wondered why pineapples were often at your Christmas table, maybe even adorning your Christmas ham?), we allow these times to bring us joy and it radiates on our faces and in our actions. We will never be friends with everyone we meet, it’s impossible! But what we can do is act like good friends, kind friends, compassionate friends and ones that bring a cheer, as much as we can, to others…. beyond the Christmas table.

Good Fortune

In South East Asia the pineapple is a symbol of good fortune. Good fortune can imply that life is inevitable and that luck or serendipity is what brings us to our destination. However I like to think of it in terms of the fact that we cannot control everything, as much as we would like to. Sending out good fortune allows us to enjoy, embrace and truly identify our blessings in this world. In order to continue being happy throughout this crazy world we have to believe that good fortune will be bestowed upon us… and to continue wishing it upon others.

Tough on the outside but inside we are sweet…

Stay tough or we will crumble, right? That’s how we feel we have to be right now in order to survive. Ever vigilant, always prepared, safety measures in place and our ability to trust others safely behind our armour…

Our outer protection may be a product of the times and in many cases much needed. However we mustn’t forget our sweet interior… and the interior of others. Be a pineapple. Stand tall, wear your crown and be a symbol for kindness.

Did you know about the symbolism of pineapples?

Have you ever spotted one on a building?

Do you find it hard to be open to people in today’s world?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Less is often best #5TTT

Hi all,

I have often talked about the less is more approach. How backing down can actually be a good thing. How we no longer need to define our worth in life by how busy we are.

But what I see more and more often is stress becoming a major player in our life and how we live it. And we wear it like a badge of honour.

Stressor upon stressor upon stressor.

And the scary thing is folk out there believe this leads to becoming stronger and stronger as a person.

Yes stress can lead to strength (take for example certain situations during exercise) but push it too far and it leads to fatigue – burnout – shut down – injury/ sickness. I’ve seen it, you’ve seen it but we have to protect ourselves so that we cannot allow it to happen to us (or if it has, lessen the impact).

Below are 5 areas of our lives where, if we aren’t careful, the more more more approach will ultimately lead to our bodies and minds burning out. 5 top tips on where less is often best.less best - chase the red grape

At work

Taking on more or doing more equals a promotion, right? Push push push, go go go is evidence of hard work, right? Not always. Trying too hard and struggling will always lead to bad work done by a fragile and exhausted employee. Want to do a good job? Be healthy and energised (both mentally and physically) to do it! Being a workaholic once upon a time was seen as a good thing… nowadays, not so much, not for you or the employer. Do your job, do it well, but not at the sacrifice of your health.

At home

What is your role at home and within your family? Do you always take on others problems and responsibilities? Do you like how much others ‘need’ you? Your family and your home life should be your sanctuary. It should be the place you can be yourself, surrounded by those who love you and want the best for you. Remember there is only so much time in the day – you need to make time for you. Protect and care but make sure you are also doing that for yourself also.

Training/ at the gym

Your body gains its strength at rest. So when do you plan to rest? When do you factor in time to restore? Fitness is one thing. Being faster, stronger and having workout times to brag about are great. But do you want health along with your fitness? Give your body time to do what it needs to do. Work it, nourish it, rest it.


More dieting? More challenges? More punishments? Your body can’t take it. Yes changes to your diet will initially evoke a response (remember the guy who lost weight only eating MacDonald’s for 2 weeks?) but this will creep back with a vengeance when your metabolism cannot cope anymore with this stressor. Find a balance. Find a way of eating that is right for you. Treat your body like you love it, not hate it. Stop punishing yourself.

Hobbies/ interests/ going out

You have to be an interesting person. Well, that’s what we are told in this day and age. That’s why kids are sent to every after school club going, they simply have to develop a varied skill set with lots of interests and lots of friends… You can see how crazy that is can’t you? You can see how kids will eventually burn out, get tired, bored and want to (need to) stop. So why do we do that to ourselves as adults? Why do we say yes to every invitation going? Why must we always be involved?

Say no once in a while. Miss out. Take a pass. Have a schedule where barely having plans is a good thing.

Less is often best.

Are you a more more more type of person?

Can you see where your life could do with a little less activity?

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