The mental challenges of moving home #5TTT

Hi all,

This weekend I am moving apartments. Phew.

It’s such a demanding time, stressful and everything just seems like it’s never going to come together.

We all know how physically demanding moving can be. Packing, lifting, sorting, up and down stairs, cleaning, lack of sleep etc. But have you ever thought about the mental challenges of moving home?

For this weeks 5 top tips I want to share 5 ways in which moving can affect your mental game. Take care and don’t let it stress you out. (I am telling myself this right now!).moving home - chase the red grape

Letting go of a safe space

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you feel safe and calm. Moving, no matter what the circumstances, means that you have to break free from this space – it’s why most of us take so long to make the big leap of moving in the first place. Embrace what this space has given you – a home, cosiness, memories and let go. Holding on makes it very difficult for your new home to provide this sense of comfort.

Reviewing your belongings

Moving means packing. Packing means arranging and sorting, viewing and making decisions on all the belongings you have of old and new. Do I need this? Do I want this? What memory does this evoke? So many questions for what is already a stressful time. My go to question is ‘would someone else get more use out of this?’ – donating always makes me feel good. For more sentimental belongings I ask myself ‘would future Jen potentially regret letting go of this?’ If the answer is yes or there is a doubt I keep it.

Overwhelm of cost

For some of us, like me, moving becomes a source of anxiety because of the financial cost. Never mind the general cost of paying different rents, deposits, transferring letting agencies and the like, it’s the hidden/ forgetful costs that pile up for me. Transferring utilities and internet, van hire, cost of packing materials, mail redirection, even down to the endless coffees and take out meals that are inevitable over moving days. Big deep breath. For most of us, this is not a frequent occurrence. Sure your savings are going to take a hit, but make the best choices, source out the best deals and be happy in the notion that although inevitable, you did the best you could money wise.

Creating a new home

You’re in a blank space. Your whole world surrounds you in boxes and bags. What do you do now? How do you create that safe space? Oh, did you notice that when we first took a look around? I don’t know if I like that. Why didn’t I notice that? Sound familiar?

Another big breath. Safe, cosy, calm spaces come over time. They come when you find a home for all your little nick naks. Don’t rush it, let it develop.

Big changes and how they affect the rest of your world

Moving home is a big deal, whether it be moving down the road, to another city or to the other side of the world. When one big change happens you start to look at other aspects of your life in a different way. One big change spurs another. We become more confident, more pensive, more ambitious. Now whether or not other changes come to fruition or these thoughts just come and go, that’s up to you. But if you can move house, what else can you do if you want to?

And for me, all that is left is to move!

Due to this I will be taking some time off and will be back to let you know how we got on with a Friday Favourites on the 15th! Keep up to date with the move etc over on Instagram – yep I will be that person who insta-stories rather than packing!

And don’t forget to check out this weeks podcast which is released tomorrow (Wed 6th). The topic is body image and it’s one heck of a podcast episode. We both speak open and honestly about our experience and it’s definitely worth a listen if you want to feel great about who you are and how you can control how you view yourself. Or subscribe over on iTunes or Stitcher and you definitely won’t miss it!

When was the last time you moved home?

Do you find it easy to create a new safe space?

Have you ever made a change in another area of your life after moving home?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Thinking Out Loud!

Hi all,

It’s so nice to be at the laptop writing again! Yup it has been well over a week since my last post but at the moment, real life here has to come first. I have decided that for the next few weeks, until we are settled in Australia, that I will post once a week, on a Thursday, sharing some ‘Thinking Out Loud’ action with you all – a great way to keep you all up to date on the moving shenanigans!

This way I can sort, pack, arrange and do school work without my head exploding! Moving to a new country on the other side of the world is hard work!

But for now, let’s get back to some ‘TOL’, linking up with my girl Amanda over @RunningWithSpoons!


So, where to I begin with my Aussie update? Visas are in, flights are being finalised, temporary accommodation for when we arrive in Perth is booked and we are setting up things like bank accounts etc as we speak!

Our flat is full of boxes and stuff, all placed into 3 categories – ship, sell or charity. I think it’s pretty well organised but my ‘logistics obsessed’ mind kicks into panic mode occasionally telling me I have so much to do and so little time! Exactly one month today I will be in Perth – wow! How am I feeling? Still excited, a little nervous and definitely overwhelmed but it’s all good and I know will be worth it.

  • Saying goodbye…


We had friends over this past weekend for a bit of a shindig at our place – was so much fun and loved every minute of it! Rum and Vodka flowed, we cooked up a delicious feast or chermoula marinated chicken with roasted veggies and salad and played games. I am going to miss these guys so much – we have grown up together over the past 10 plus years into pretty darn happy and amazing adults and I am so honoured to call them my friends. Please visit!


We also have been saying goodbye to a lot of our furniture! Very sad when you have built up a collection of pieces over the years – some things you believed you would have for decades and now need to sell. I think the biggest, gut wrenching sale will be our table and chairs which were a wedding present from David’s parents, so beautiful (and still available if anyone wants to buy!).

  • CrossFit

thursday wod

Yup with only doing one post a week that means my weekly CrossFit update has to go! But I will always let you know how I am doing! My favourite WOD so far this week has to be the one we did this morning – I got a new 3RM on my cleans (27.5kg and got 30kg for 2 but just couldn’t get that 3rd!), worked on negatives on my deadlifts to try and strengthen my upper back and completed my 2K run with a 10kg plate in 13 minutes 28 seconds! Have you ever tried running with a massive 10kg (or any weight for that matter) plate – awkward to carry and run at the same time!

  • Iced Coffee and Tea


It has been warmer in these parts these past couple of weeks and I have been so thankful for that! Windows open all day, fresh air (well as fresh as you can get living next to a motorway!) and being able to walk around the house in shorts – win win! As a result I have been brewing a little extra coffee in the morning, allowing it to cool and serving it with almond milk and ice for a refreshing iced coffee (decaf) – totally hits the spot!

I have also been brewing some iced tea – simply brewing 5 green tea bags in 1.5L jug for 6 hours – taking the bags out and serving chilled. Yummy!

  • I want sushi!


I always crave sushi yet very rarely have it as we don’t really have any good sushi joints near us… well, that’s what I kept telling myself until this came through the door! I totally forgot about Cailin’s Sushi! We had it a couple of years back when we first arrived in Glasgow and haven’t had it since! I don’t know why not, it was so good! So that’s now on the ‘must do before we leave Glasgow list’!.

  • Twin Peaks Finale!


Yes tonight we watch the very last episode of Twin Peaks. You guys I am so confused, everything has to be tied up in this one episode and I am freaking out over what is going to happen! Don’t you just love it when a series does this to you! Luckily David and I are quite strict over our bedtime otherwise we would have watched it last night but I just hope to goodness that I am satisfied with the outcome, I hate those ‘leave it up to your imagination’ endings!

If you have watched it, don’t tell me the ending!

Have a fab week folks – I will be keeping up to date with all of you in the mean time, reading your blogs and posting on Instagram! Follow me!

Do you have any furniture you are sentimental over?

Do you have a good local sushi place?

What is your favourite TV series right now?