How to battle jetlag #5TTT

Hi all,

I write this as I still recover from one of the modern worlds hidden gems… jetlag.

Ever flown East before? Dramatically changed time zones? Then you will know and understand what I am on about. And after our 21 hour trip back from the UK, we are shattered.

Brain fog, lethargy, muscle aches, sore heads, the desire to sleep every moment of the day apart from when you should actually be asleep… yep I could go on and on with the side effects.

So I thought this week I would bring you 5 top tips on how to battle jetlag- both before, during and after your flight. Some of these tips I know and love. Some of these tips are recommendations I have been given and some, well, some are simply things I wish I could go back one week and do myself as I just know I would be feeling so much better if I did! You know me, always open and honest with you!

So let’s get to it! jetlag - chase the red grape

Set your clock to the time of your destination

Mentally prepare your body for where it is going. Change the time on your watch so you can work around that. It may seem odd at first but it will help you acclimatise to your destination so much quicker.

Base your sleeping patterns off your destination time

In conjunction with the above, work out when you will be sleeping on the flight before you fly, applicable mostly to long haul. When your destination sleeps, you sleep. When your destination is awake, you stay awake. This can be very tricky to do but it is key to surviving the dreaded jetlag. We slept on the second leg of our journey only to arrive home in Perth, 2am, wide awake…

Bye bye caffeine and alcohol

Especially on the plane! This may sound harsh but let’s face it, airplane coffee tastes dreadful so you ain’t missing much here anyway and unless you are living the high life in first class, the alcohol (even the free stuff) isn’t much to write home about. Let your body work out what is going on naturally – sleep and sunlight are your friends.

If you are trying to recover from jetlag and are struggling to stay awake use caffeine in small amounts and only before midday. That way the caffeine can work it’s way out of your system before you try to go to bed and sleep.

Try and do some exercise when you land/ get out in the sunshine

Movement, and movement in the sunshine at that, will help revive you and keep you going. More so than pills, potions and coffee. Your body will respond to the sunlight, signalling that it is ‘time to be awake’ and the movement will help your blood flow, which will help with any water retention you have from your flight. Don’t jump straight into the gym though, exertion is not the answer! A simple walk will do the trick.

Routine, routine, routine

You may not want to get back into routine (hello sleeping all day…) but routine really will be your friend. Even if you are starting your holiday, rather than returning from, try and find a simple routine to stick to – a wake and bedtime is the best place to start. Help your body to help you by cutting it a little slack and giving it so normalcy to cling on to!

Do you suffer from jetlag when you fly east?

Any tips on recovery?

What was the longest flight you have been on?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Friday Favourites + Ep 20 of the Chase the Red Grape Podcast!

Hi all,

Sometimes you just gotta give yourself a little nudge. Sometimes that’s all you need.

There have been one or two things on the writing side of my life that I have been holding back on. Why? Because the leap was too much? Did I believe in myself? Did it feel right? Did I actually want it? Was I ready? Too many questions.

Then this week, I saw an opportunity. Gave myself a little nudge and boom – I moved forward. Who knows if it will come to anything, but it doesn’t really matter. I was ready to take the next step.

I felt confident. Not in the situation, but in me. I changed my perspective. It wasn’t about the outcome, it was about my journey and moving forward. Talk about empowering!

So now I go into the weekend with a real buzz about myself. Sometimes you just know what you gotta do.

Let’s get this weekend party started! Friday Favourites style!Friday - chase the red grape

Favourite… Moment – MailChimp list

Aka if you check over on the right hand side of the site, you will see a box for you to fill in and subscribe to the blog! I have needed to set this up for a while so I am feeling super proud of getting it done! If you want to get an email whenever I post something new on Chase the Red Grape, please fill it in, await the confirmation email (it may hide in spam) and click to confirm to the mailing list. And for those who had already subscribed I have transferred over your details so, from today, it should now alert you!

Favourite… Feeling – It’s finally over!

skip-jen - chase the red grape

Thanks for the pic Tracey!

Yes the 2017 CrossFit Open is over… and I am so glad! I’m tired, sore and stiff and just looking forward to having my weekends back! It is so taxing both physically and mentally. But it was good fun. Next weeks podcast will be ‘The Open is over, what’s next’ so make sure to check that out if you are a CrossFit nut.

Favourite… Purchase – Fresh, local, sourdoughsourdough - chase the red grape

Ah. Picked up this morning at 7.30am… ready for the weekend. I don’t eat a lot of bread but when I do it has to be fresh, made with the best ingredients and a sourdough. These loaves ain’t cheap but are 100% worth it. Chewy with just a hint of a sourdough tang… perfect.

Favourite… Food/Drink – Kona Joes Acai Bowlacai bowl - chase the red grape

Just like I said we would, we headed to the Food Truck Rumble on Sunday and I got my favourite Acai Bowl from Kona Joes. It was just as wonderful as I remembered.

Updates – 5TTT + Episode 20 of the Chase the Red Grape Podcastintentionally - chase the red grape

This weeks 5 top tips looked at ‘Why we intentionally hold ourselves back’ – a fresh and honest look at moving the red grape podcast

And episode 20 of the podcast is ready to download! This episode focuses on sleep and all the benefits we will gain from making it a priority in our lives. Get talking and empower yourself with the knowledge as to why you need that shut eye in your life!

Favourite…Moment of training – Being back in the swing of things…

Yup this week was great. Still tough but great to know that we didn’t have an Open workout waiting for us at the end of a week of training. Over the next few weeks I don’t want to put any additional pressure on myself. For the next few weeks it’s not about PR’s, it’s about moving and having fun.

Weekend Plans – Saturday – We have our Saturdays back again! Going to go on a nice drive into the Swan Valley, off for lunch, maybe a winery, maybe the chocolate factory and the coffee roasters… Oh who am I kidding, all of them! Sunday – Pancakes and newspapers, out for a coffee, podcasting and chill!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend folks!

Have you ever, when the time was right, only needed a wee nudge in order to do something?

Do you ever get excited for something but then are glad when it’s over?

Do you like a good sourdough?

5 simple tips on making life easier #5TTT

Hi all,

Some days are just tough, right? Some days we just feel like the rest of the world owns us and there is nothing we can do about it. Some days we just want things to be a little easier, whether we be tired, stressed, emotional, overwhelmed or even just bored.

Making life easier on yourself isn’t up to the Gods, it really is in your control.

I’m not talking about big massive changes (they do have a time and place). Today, I am talking about small, daily, even hourly changes you can make to how you are approaching your present life. Living in a moment that’s easy and fun!

Let’s make life easy and we can do it, together, right now, simply and without planning. 5 top tips on making life easier – let’s get to it!easier - chase the red grape


Look at the day ahead of you. Write down 5 things you MUST do. Put them in order of priority and get to it. If you finish the list then ask yourself the same thing again. If new tasks come up at work reassess your priority list but in order to make room for this, something else has to go. Remember also to add other important factors to your list like taking time out for lunch and leaving the office on time – they are always some of my priorities.

Knowing you are focussing on what needs to be done rather than a whole spiral of tasks allows you to accept your priorities. It may be hard to decipher at first but once you get into a routine it becomes easier.

Social media/ app purge

I’m not telling you to get off Facebook or Instagram, instead I am telling you to use some of that time to do a group/ friend/ like purge. Check out everyone and every business you follow. Do you really want to see all that information still? Delete those who you no longer wish to see stories/ updates from. Do the same with your apps. Do you actually use all those apps you have downloaded? Are they a bad distraction? You know what to do.

Get into nature/ move

Taking time out in nature, or simply moving may sound like another stress to add on to your day, especially if you are time poor. But just going out for a lunchtime walk or even moving about the office allows your body to relax, your brain to switch off, even if it is for 5 minutes. It allows you to come back and focus, to be clear in your mind. Chances are when you feel like a break is out of the question that is when you need it the most.

Focus on what you want

This is very similar to prioritising but this is the section where we take out the NEED and the MUST (words we often associate with work) and replace it with want. What do I want to get out of my day? Knowing you are hitting some of your wants allows you to feel more in control, more optimistic. It doesn’t have to be big, simply knowing you are coming home to a dinner that you want to eat or making time because you want to go to drawing class can make the whole day feel a little easier.

Sleep is your main goal today

You heard me. Sleep is your main goal today. Decide now when your bedtime will be and stick to it. Put an alarm on your phone 15 mins prior so you can get yourself ready for sleep. Sleep allows your body to fully rest and restore. Your body cannot thrive without it. The day you make sleep a priority in your life is the day you will instantly start to feel better and more energised. A good nights sleep really can make the rest of your day so much easier.

What do you do that helps make life easier?

Do you prioritise your day?

How often do you do a social media purge?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Friday Favourites + Episode 13 of the CTRG Podcast!

Hi all,

Phew today is going past in a blur! But I can officially state that our flights back to the UK for our holiday in June are booked! Yay!

This will be our first time back home since leaving for Australia, almost 2 years will have passed!

I could not be more excited and I am sure June will be here in no time at all.

I know you all have limited time on a funday Friday so I will cut to the chase and bring you my ‘Friday Favourites!’Friday - chase the red grape

Favourite… Moment – See above! Friends and family here we come!

Favourite…Feeling – Doing the right thingsore- chase the red grape

If you read my post on Tuesday you will have seen that I gave myself some stern advice… and I have been following it! I pulled a muscle in my rib and as hard as it was to stop, rest, sleep and take anti-inflammatories, it worked. I really should listen to myself more often!

Favourite… Purchase – Signing up to the CrossFit Opencrossfit 2017 - chase the red grape

Yup it’s that time of year again and I am all set and ready to ‘compete’. I say compete, but for me it’s more of a fun community event each week and as long as I do my best that’s all I can ask for! Oh and to keep it FUN!

Favourite… Food/Drink – Noodmuffin - chase the red grape

On Saturday we went for lunch at a local place called Nood. I have always lusted after savoury muffins but have never found a GF one… until I went to Nood! This was delicious, warmed up and topped with cashew cheese… will be back!

Weekly Update – 5TTT and Episode 13 of the podcast5-top-tips-for-me - chase the red grape

In this weeks 5 top tips on a Tuesday I gave MYSELF 5 pieces of advice to follow. It was amazing to do this self reflective exercise and I encourage you to do the same. health-vs-healthy - chase the red grape

This weeks episode of the podcast focuses on the difference between health foods and healthy foods. Are they the same? Why do we (and the media) have such a fascination with them? Great discussion! Find it on iTunes and Stitcher!

Favourite… Workout – Letting sleep be my training

This week I napped more than I ever have. Sleep is the best form of recovery you can give your body and if you are stick or injured, getting some extra zzzz’s in does wonders. My pulled muscle always felt better each time I slept. It’s like a wonder drug!

Weekend Plans – Saturday – Bit of shopping in the AM, out for lunch and then volunteering at this years Luminocity event (a 60km night time bike ride). We will be helping to register everyone! Sunday – Well we finish at 2am so sleep, podcasting, a farewell lunch with some of my IIN buddies and an early night I imagine!

Have a fab weekend folks!

What are you up to this weekend?

Do you sleep more when you are unwell?

Do you prefer a sweet or savoury muffin?

Friday Favourites – Nov 11

Hi all,

It’s finally Friday and I want to say a big massive Happy Birthday to my husband David!

I hope he has such a wonderful day as he deserves it so much. Yes he has to work but there will be lots of fun in between – CrossFit and post WOD coffee in the morning, checking out a new pizza joint after work and a couple of cheeky ciders we picked up from the BeauVine festival sitting waiting in the fridge for when we come home.David - chase the red grape

Enjoy your day lovely!

But now it is time to crack on with this weeks ‘Friday Favourites’. It has been a tough week for so many but lets take today to reset our mind and commit to the fun this weekend!Friday - chase the red grape

Favourite… Moment – Watching David competecrossfit - chase the red grape

I loved watching all the athletes from our box compete at the competition last weekend but there is just something special about cheering on your own husband. Is there anything better than seeing those you love having fun, pursing their passions and just generally giving their all?

Favourite… Feeling – Sleep

Sleep this week has been golden. A busy week followed by a busy weekend followed by a busy week has resulted in one tired Jen. But making a solid 8 hours of sleep each night my priority has been my saviour.

Favourite… Purchase – Chocolate chipschocolate - chase the red grape

Our favourite bulk store Kakluas has these amazing dark chocolate chips, fantastic in things like pancakes or simply to eat on their own! I picked up a whole chunk of them on Tuesday to do some birthday baking for David and had to sneak a few in as I went… you know, just to test them…

Favourite… Food/Drink – Meghan’s Magic Barsmagic bars - chase the red grape

I cannot stop raving about these bars… Meg must be like ‘enough already woman!’! But seriously, when it comes to baking, we all want something we know is going to taste good, doesn’t require fancy ingredients and is full proof. Follow Meg’s directions and you will have the most delicious treat waiting for you.

Favourite… Workout – Hero WOD ‘Bradley’

10 rounds for time

100m sprint

10 pull ups

100m sprint

10 burpees

Rest 30 seconds

This wasn’t my favourite because I enjoyed the movements, I mean 100 burpees overall? Yuck. But why I chose it as this weeks favourite was because it showed me what I was capable of. It was 6am, I was tired from a busy weekend, but I focused, lived in the present and cracked on with it. I was still sprinting at the end, my burpees were consistent and I lived to tell the tale. Could do with less burpee WOD’s though thanks coach…

Weekly catch upChase the Red Grape podcast

EPISODE 3 of the podcast is NOW READY TO DOWNLOAD! Check out iTunes or Stitcher for all the info and to join in on the conversation with David and I. This weeks topic is all about making simple swaps.

Also check out this weeks 5 Top Tips on a Tuesday post titled ‘Don’t compete with me, compete with you’ for a cracking look at how we view competition in our lives.COMPETE - chase the red grape

Weekend Plans – Saturday – Farmers market, mobility class, weekly shop and then a well deserved afternoon of nothing! Sunday – Pancakes and newspapers followed by an afternoon at the mall… urgh I hate clothes shopping…

Have a fab weekend folks! Hope you don’t have to go shopping…

Ever been addicted to chocolate chips?

Do you like clothes shopping?

Have you checked out the podcast yet?

Linking up with Heather @LifeinLeggings

Does knowing your data make you healthier? #5TTT

Hi all,

Fitbits, Garmins, jawbones, pedometers, anything and everything apps for your phone, it’s amazing how much data we can now correlate on ourselves.

Whether or not these mobile devices you can wear actually result in a healthier lifestyle is certainly to be debated – and a recent study highlighted last week in the media has shown them to have little effect overall. Regardless, they are only becoming more and more popular as people seek out data on themselves and their lifestyle.

But what do you do with the data once you have it? Does it lead to change? Does it make you healthier? Happier? More stressed? More aware?

For this weeks 5 top tips on a Tuesday I am going to show you how you can take the data you have from various aspects of your lifestyle and turn it into a positive action step. If you want to seek this kind of information out you have to be prepared for whatever it may show!Data - chase the red grape

Your weight

Do you weigh yourself regularly? A little too often perhaps?

Knowing where you stand roughly is a good starting point, but daily weigh ins can lead to stress and anxiety. You will naturally fluctuate in weight – based on a variety of factors and the sooner you accept that fact the sooner you will have a better relationship with your scale. Try weighing yourself once a week at the same time, say first thing on a Sunday morning. Your weight may change throughout the week but you will have a ball park to work with.

Just remember, the number does not define you, instead let it guide you. And if you don’t want to weigh yourself then don’t! I find the best way to feel if you are gaining or losing weight is how you feel in your clothes.

Your steps

The most popular form of data folk are collecting on themselves! If your step counter is making you move more throughout the day then great. Movement is key to a healthy lifestyle and even apps like Pokemon Go are tracking how much you are walking, encouraging you to do more.

Just remember, the golden ‘10,000 steps’ was a number created by the device companies… it is not the definition of a ‘healthy active lifestyle’. Meaning, don’t sweat it if you don’t hit that number! Just try to get a bit more movement in. If you only walk 3,000 steps, try getting in 4/5,000. There is no pressure, just enjoy moving.

Your calorie intake

First off, ask yourself why you need to track your calories? Do you know you eat too much? Are you not eating enough? Does tracking calories give you all the information you need?

A low calorie diet is not the answer to any issues you may have. A calorie is a calorie… but not when you put that calorie within a human body – that is when it reacts differently. You need nutrients – protein, carbs and fat along with those much needed micronutrients. Eat real food, listen to your body and the hunger/ full signals it gives you and try to get as much veggie goodness in there. If you must track then look into tracking your macro nutrients to make sure you get the combination your body needs.

Just remember, what everyone needs in terms of calories or even macros is very very different. As a 6ft, crossfitting female in her 30’s, I need a much different diet to you. Look into what you are basing your numbers on.

Your training

Keeping a track of your training is a fantastic data set to have. How will you know if you have improved or gotten stronger if you don’t? Of course for me, keeping track of my lifting weights or WOD times seems like an obvious winner, but it can be great even if you don’t train as often or in the same way. A runner can track their times, a tennis player their wins. A walker can even make note of lengths and times taken, especially if they hit the same routes. Gym bunny? Then try keeping a note of your weights and see if you can slowly increase them over time. Keep track of how each form of exercise makes you feel.

Just remember, this relates to your training and the competition you have within yourself to be a stronger and healthier version of you. Don’t use it to fall into the comparison trap.

Your sleep

Tracking sleep is a new concept but is the data set that most folk find the results to be quite revealing. Do you feel like you get enough sleep at night? Tracking helps you identify the hours of restful sleep you have had, any breaks of that during the night, keeps a note of your bedtimes as well as your rise time each morning. With this data you can see if you are developing a good routine, getting enough sleep and where changes can be made. Are you sticking to a set bed and rise time? Do you need to make sleep more of a priority? How is your environment affecting your sleep – temperature, natural light etc.

Just remember, the hours a person needs to sleep vary. 8 hours is a good starting point but can go from 7- 10 depending on the person. Try going to bed at the weekend and seeing what time your body naturally wakes up at. Trust that it knows what it needs.

Do you have a tracking device? How do you use the data?

Ever tracked calories? How did it serve you?

To weigh or not to weigh?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

5 ‘excuses’ you should be listening to #5TTT

Hi all,

Ever feel like you are running your life on excuses?

Or should I rephrase  that as – Are you ever made to feel like you are running your life on excuses?

I really want to but….

I can’t do that because…

How do you feel about using this kind of language? Guilty?

There is a massive push nowadays to do more and be more. I cannot tell you how many motivational articles I have read to try and push you away from these common excuses. As always, there is a time and place for them. But what if the reason why you aren’t doing something goes beyond simply words? Sometimes the reason we do or don’t do things stretches far beyond our lack of motivation or our fear of stepping out of our comfort zone.

Sometimes our ‘excuses’ are our safety barrier and it’s our body, rather than our mind that is saying no.

Below are 5 common ‘excuses’ that you shouldn’t ignore. If any of these apply to you then trust your gut, listen to your body and stop the guilt. Sometimes ‘No I can’t’ is perfectly ok.excuses - chase the red grape

I’m tired

You know the kind of tired I mean. You have dragged yourself around all day, you have had little sleep, you feel a cold coming on, you find yourself zoning in and out of conversations etc. You need to stop. Sleep should always be a priority in your life and if you find it coming further and further down your list now is the time to address it head on. Besides, get a good nights sleep = more energy for the next day.

I’m stressed

Chronic stress has now become a symbol of a successful life… but I guarantee if you are living with chronic stress you feel anything but successful. Our bodies can deal with one stressor at a time but not 24/7 or multiple stressors at once. If you feel in stressful situation right now let that be your focus. Take a step back from other potential stresses in your life (including high intensity exercise and alcohol) and focus on addressing the issue. This is when you need as much time to rest and restore as possible. We are not multitaskers nor should you feel the pressure to be one.

I have no time

Why do you have no time to do things? Look at what is going on in your life right now – what pulls at your time the most? Are you happy with that? If you find yourself using time as an excuse not to do things then now is the prime opportunity to address those constraints. Are you making the best use of the hours in your day? Are your priorities in order?

I need this to get through the day

Coffee? Alcohol? Chocolate? Do you need a stimulant to get you through the day? Sometimes using an excuse is about saying yes as much as it is saying no. Why do you need those things in your life? The emphasis is on the word NEED. Do you allow yourself to have something because you feel you NEED it? Listen to that excuse and take a second look at your relationship with those needs.

If I don’t I will feel too guilty

Another ‘yes’ excuse. Why do you say yes to something? Is it because you will feel guilty if you don’t? I’m looking at you exercise and food. It all comes back to the WANT vs NEED theory. Did you WANT to do that workout this morning? We all need a kick up the bum sometimes to drag ourselves out of bed but did you do it because the guilt would be too hard to bare if you didn’t go?

In relation to food, do you choose what you want or do you go for something because you don’t want to feel guilty? Guilt is a terrible emotion to feel when it comes to food. Make a choice and own it. If you decide that today is the day to have a doughnut or ice cream on the way home from work then own it. If you decide to skip it this time then own it. Just don’t make a choice based on guilt.

Now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you!

Remember, anyone can comment on here. You don’t need to be another blogger…

So tell me,

Do you feel guilty over using an excuse?

If you are tired or stressed do you have a hard time saying no?

Do you ever feel torn over the NEED to do something over the WANT?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

5 habits and how you can implement them in your life #5TTT

Hi all,

We all have good habits and bad habits, right? We talk about our bad habits a little too often, allowing them to beat us down, feeling like we have no control. But what about our good habits? The ones that have become a part of us, the big and small, that we are surprisingly secretive about?

How did these habits come to be in our lives? How did we manage to train ourselves to do these things, both good and bad, day in and day out?


Yep that one word rules all when it comes to our habits – all of them are set in place (or indeed broken) by our routine.

We weren’t born with the desire to clean our teeth before bed every night – it simply became a habit because we made it a part of our daily routine. Many folks think that to instil their desired habits in their lives they require a certain degree of willpower – but I am here to tell you that willpower is a minute detail in the creation of habits, all you need is the desire and action to make it a part of your routine.

We are, after all, ‘creatures of habit’, so I thought today I would bring to you 5 habits that I have in my life that I am pleased and proud of. Now I am not saying that all of you out there would want or need these habits in your own life, more that you can learn from how I implement these habits into my daily routine and use the tips to decipher and action what you want (or want to grow) in your life. Easy peasy!HABITS - chase the red grape

Going to bed

Like clockwork, I am in bed, lights out, by 9pm each night. I get 8 hours sleep every night and wake up, often just before my alarm, at 5am. Setting yourself a bed time is key to ensuring you get the required amount of sleep each night. Your body will thrive from gaining a set amount of hours each night and reward you with more energy during the day. Work out when you need to get up in the morning and minus 8 hours – there is your bed time. Try to stick to this every day, winding down about half an hour before hand to get changed, clean teeth etc. Even if you aren’t sleepy for the first few days your body will soon get used to the fact that you wish for it to go to sleep at this time every day. It will recognise patterns in the routine.

Exercise/ Training

I train 4 times a week (plus one mobility session on a Saturday). I am ready to rock and roll for every session at 6am – thanks in a large part to my set bed time. But the main reason I am able to jump straight to it is because I have set training days – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. I don’t think about ‘do I want to train’ or look at the WOD to see if it’s something I fancy doing. If its one of my training days I train, regardless.

Choosing whole foods

This is the one that most folks associate with ‘willpower’ but honestly, once choosing whole foods becomes a habit, you wont look back. Make it easy for yourself – shop at your local farmers market where all the seasonal fruit and veg is just too tempting to resist. If you have to go to the supermarket, make a shopping list and only buy what is on the list. Not only will you eat well, you will save both time and money!

Breaking the bond with my phone

I have made a deal with myself – I don’t pick up my iPhone after 6pm. Yes there are exceptions and I am not going to deny that (a message from my Mum in the UK for example) but as a whole, this is what I do. Why? Because I was tired of spending the whole evening looking at a screen, after a day of looking at a screen. Nothing is happening on Facebook or Instagram that can’t wait until morning. If something is urgent, they will call.

It was super hard at first but I feel such a release for doing it. I am calmer in the evening, I feel more tired and ready for bed and I also sleep better. Feeling the rewards of instilling a habit makes it easier to keep up the routine.


I will put my hand up with this one and say that this may come easier for me because I don’t drive… but I do walk everywhere, and love it! Walking is so cathartic and allows us to move, stretch and help us digest – both physically and mentally! If you want to bring more walking into your life try picking a few locations that you could easily walk to – the library for example. Make a routine that every time you go to the library you do so by foot. Or do you have a favourite podcast? Make a routine of only listening to it if you are walking –  a mini deal with yourself.

Tell me a habit you are proud to have!

Do you have a good working relationship with your phone?

Have you ever had to make a deal with yourself to commit to a routine?5 top tips on a tuesday - chase the red grape

Friday Favourites – April 15

Hi all,

I think I spent most of this week like a zombie. I wasn’t poorly or anything, just pooped! We also had a few days where it rained, yup we do get rain here, although very rarely!

So with a combo of tough training, rain, grey skies and just that wee chill in the air, that was the exact recipe for being a zombie. Thank goodness for coffee that’s all I will say!

But now it is Friday, the sun has come out, it’s a bit warmer and the weekend is around the corner = zombie-ness has gone away! And I am meeting David for ice cream after work – how can that not be a winner!

So let’s kick off the weekend with a fun post filled with this weeks Friday Favourites!Friday - chase the red grape

Favourite… moment – Bedtime

I can honestly say that my favourite part of the day these past few days has been bedtime! Heading upstairs at 8.45 and in bed by 9pm. A good night time routine, including bed time, is my top tip for being able to get a good nights sleep.

Favourite… feeling – Iced coffee post WODcoffee - chase the red grape

Every Friday after training David and I pick up an iced coffee after the WOD – a Friday treat! As mentioned above, I really needed the caffeine, and after all the rowing I had just done it picked me up a treat! Isn’t this ‘hole in the wall’ amazing!

Favourite… purchase – TRESemme shampoo and conditionershampoo - chase the red grape

I have been using this combo for a couple of weeks now and I can definitely say I am in love! It really brings out the natural highlights in your hair and leaves it really soft. Also after blow drying it gives you just the right amount of volume – and normally that’s an issue for me as I have really thick hair. Definitely recommend.

Favourite… food/drink – Free range eggs from the farmers marketeggs- chase the red grape

We made it back to the farmers market last week after having been away for a while (due to the CF open being on). Oh boy did I miss my eggs direct from the farmer – they just taste so much better! Back to the market tomorrow for our fruit, veg and eggs – will snap it so check it out (chaseredgrape)!

Favourite… recipe – combosavocado - chase the red grape

You guys, we eat A LOT of the same things, our weekly food plan each week is very similar and it’s full of foods we love but just not a lot of recipes. Cora over @MyLittleTablespoon spoke this week about winning food combos and I realised that is pretty much what most of my eats are, winning combinations! Favourite combos right now include avocado and cottage cheese (as mentioned on Wednesday), oats with PB&J, salmon with sweet potato mash and broccoli and grilled veal and eggplant with tahini!

Favourite… workout – ‘Elizabeth’

Programmed this week was the CrossFit benchmark WOD Elizabeth – 21-15-9 – squat cleans and ring dips.

This time last year, I did Elizabeth with 20kg bar and banded dips. This week I did it at 25kg and a lighter band – 25% increase in weight and it only took me 1 minute longer – 10.54. Very happy with my progress!

Weekend Plans – Ice cream tonight! Saturday – farmers market, weekly shop and then an afternoon walk around Kings Park (Perth’s city park, the biggest in the world!). Sunday – the glorious usual – pancakes and papers, walk along the beach and chill!

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Happy weekend folks!

Do you have a bedtime?

Do you like to change up your shampoo or stick to a tried and tested favourite?

Name one of your go to food combos right now?

Promoting health #worldhealthday2016

Hi all,

Today is World Health Day, created by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to emphasise the importance of health across the globe.

The word ‘health’ to me is so important. It defines how I live, how I act and my choices everyday. It’s the theme behind my writing, my blog and a lot of my relationships. It’s important to me and it should be important to us all in order to live a long and substantial chasetheredgrape

So what is ‘health’ and what does it entail?

For me, health encompasses these major factors – diet (what you eat, not restriction), movement, sleep, stress management, community and family and mental strength. It is so much more than the ‘medical’ ‘clinical’ meaning that so many of us associate with the word.

In order to celebrate World Health Day and to work alongside WHO in promoting health, I am rounding up some of my favourite 5 Top Tips on a Tuesday posts which are filled with information on how to live a full, healthy life – which of course is the aim of these posts!

Check them out and enjoy reading!

How to get a good nights sleepsleep - chase the red grape

How to promote a positive mindset around foodmindset - chase the red grape

How to be the woman you know you areIWD2016 - chase the red grape

How to drink more waterwater - chase the red grape

Why you should take rest daysrest - chase the red grape

Wishing you all the best of health, as always.

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What does the word ‘health’ mean to you?

Are there any aspects of health that you would like more info on – for future 5 top tip posts?

Tell me one thing you do to stay healthy?