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Time for some ‘Thinking Out Loud’ action with the fantastic fellow date loving Amanda over @RunningwithSpoons!

1) Rising Up! With the Falcons


Yes the time has come! On Saturday, David and I will be heading down to London to see our NFL team, the Atlanta Falcons play at Wembley Stadium against the Detroit Lions. We are beyond excited! We both love the sport, David especially so, and we never thought we would ever see our team play (unless we moved to the states) and to see them play on home ground, wow it will be awesome! Fingers crossed we win!

(Cant wait to see Matt Ryan in the flesh… sorry David!)

2) London Baby!









Getting to see the game means another trip to one of my favourite cities in the world, London! We have a few other bits planned while we are there –Borough Market on Sunday (the best day!), shopping at the Westfield Centre, seeing the poppy display outside the Tower of London and Chipotle to name but a few! I would love to do so much more but we just won’t have time – is there ever enough time to see everything in London? Doubt it!

3) Documentaries

hungry-for-change-oct-2( Source

I have spent some time this week watching health documentaries on Netflix – for pleasure, for extra learning as a health coach, for writing inspiration and to just see where different folk come from on the stance of health. There are 2 that I wish everyone would watch though –

  • Hungry for Change
  • Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Both highlight the problems in today’s society regarding health and both suggest ways to tackle it. Hungry for Change in particular is amazing for breaking down the why’s, what’s, how’s and potential solutions. Would recommend to anyone, especially those who may want to start a healthy lifestyle but are confused on which way to go and why.

4) Artificial Sweeteners






While we are talking about health, I just want to mention one bit of information that I came across in a podcast I listened to this week. Did you know that there is a ‘daily safe recommended limit of artificial sweeteners’? Did you also know that the safe limit is equivalent to 2 diet sodas or 3 sweet and low packets? And that’s it!?

Now I have cut artificial sweeteners out of my diet and feel so much better for it, but I was still shocked at how low the safe daily allowance is. How many of you out there, or know folk out there, who drink more than 2 diet sodas in a day? Or use an abundance of sweetener in their tea or coffee, beyond those 3 little packets?

We have those traffic light diagrams on our food packets here in the UK, indicating foods high in sugar, fat, calories and all the easily manipulated stats, but why doesn’t it indicate high sweetener content? It may be ‘low in sugar’ but it certainly does not make ‘high in sweetener’ safe/ healthy!

5) Persimmons / Fruit

20131103 - Food






Yep these bad boys are back in our stores! I was a bit obsessed about them last year… ate one every day! Bought some this week and although I enjoyed it, I think my ‘sweetness’ level has definitely altered since last year – the ripe ones are now far too sweet, and they used to be my favourites. Now I prefer the harder, crunchier ones. Or maybe an apple instead! Glad to clamp down a bit on sweet foods, even if they are from natural sources. I actually have been going the same way with bananas – maybe the green ones aren’t so bad after all!

And there we have it folks, some of my rambles from the day!

Sorry it’s a short one, but I have an online health conference to attend to! Such a sponge for knowledge, I love it! #Youcanneverknowenough

Do you support a sport team?

Are documentaries your thing?

Have you ever changed your mind on a fruit?

16 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud!

  1. Khushboo says:

    Ahhh so jealous about your London trip- absolutely love Borough market- make sure you to hungry! I used to be an avid artificial sweetener user but decided to give it up cold turkey in 2012- so glad I did!!
    Khushboo recently posted…Workout talkMy Profile

  2. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    Ohhh London! I’ve never been, but it’s definitely on my list of cities that I have to visit. Now if only I could psych myself up for the 8+ hour flight out there 😆 And artificial sweeteners actually scare the crap out of me. My mom constantly told me how bad they were when I was growing up, and I guess that mentality stuck with me — definitely something I’m thankful for!
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud #101 .My Profile

    • Jen says:

      You have to come visit London, it’s so beautiful!
      Thats fantastic that your Mum kept you away from sweeteners – unfortunately my brother is type 1 diabetic so everything in my house growing up was with sweetener 🙁

  3. Chris says:

    Well I hope your team uses the trip across the pond as an excuse to start playing better football! Haha. Does it make you jealous if I tell you I’ve gotten to watch a game from a luxury box at the Georgia Dome? =) Also, do you recall what pod the sweetener info was on? I’m interested in that!
    Chris recently posted…Celebrate The GrindMy Profile

    • Jen says:

      Haha! Wish you could see David’s face as I read this comment out to him!
      The podcast was episode 122 of Latest in Paleo with Angelo Coppola – I love these podcasts and would highly recommend listening to them – less ‘paleo’ more debate over ancestral health.

  4. Lauren @ ihadabiglunch says:

    I still can’t believe the NFL is slowly starting to go over to London – crazy!! Sweeteners killed my stomach for so many years and I wondered why my stomach hurt all the time haha…now I stick with regular sugar and stevia and (surprise!) no issues! I’ve always wanted to watch a documentary like that but I’m so afraid it’ll make me become a vegetarian again and I really don’t want to go thru that again 🙁
    Lauren @ ihadabiglunch recently posted…the wonderful world of unexplored squash: what to do with a delicataMy Profile

    • Jen says:

      Dont worry, both those documentaries wont sway you to become a vegetarian! But they may change your mind on sugar!
      Next thing you know London will have its own NFL team! It is on the cards actually!

  5. Kay @ Kay Bueno says:

    Thanks for the recommendation on Hungry for Change. I loved Fat Sick and Nearly Dead (as much as you can love a documentary called that, I guess).

    I’ve been looking for more things in the same vein, but documentaries are so hit or miss. I’ve watched some that are just… painfully bad.
    Kay @ Kay Bueno recently posted…What’s your motivation?My Profile

    • Jen says:

      So true, I loved the documentary, as much as you can love one!
      You will definitely enjoy Hungry for Change if you enjoyed Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead – they even interview him!

    • Jen says:

      Oh no! Hope they dont adopt it – it really gives the wrong message to folk – apples = amber in calories, red in sugar. Diet Coke = green for everything! But I know which one is healthier…!

    • Jen says:

      I do love the fact that I am less addicted to sugar (even fruit sugars are such an addiction!) – but will I stop eating fruit? NEVER – they play a key role in a balanced diet.

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