Thinking Out Loud!

Hi all,

How are ya this Thursday? Ready for some Thinking Out Loud action?


Linking up with Amanda over @Runningwithspoons – if you haven’t visited Spoons yet, what are you waiting for? You are in for a treat!

Anyhoo, please stick with me for now and my randomness!

1)      Dreaming


I am and have always been an avid dreamer whilst I sleep. But recently i.e. the past few months, it has become quite extreme – not in its content but in its ability to completely knock me! I will sleep all night (exception of a few loo visits!), go to bed early, stay away from media devices an hour before I sleep, avoid caffeine after 12 noon, keep the lights as dimmed as possible before bed etc etc – all the things that are said to promote good sleep. But then I dream all night, my mind in overdrive and I wake up sometimes more tired than when I went to bed! Often having to spend the first 10 mins of waking just deciphering what was dream world and what is reality – it can be that vivid.

Anyone gone/ going through this? Any tips that could help me dream less and rest more?

2)      Paleo Mayo


I have been saying for so long now that I am going to try making paleo mayonnaise and I have still yet to do it! It’s not hard and I have all the ingredients – just need to do it! So my thinking is if I write it down here then I have to do it, hopefully tomorrow, if not this weekend. Planning on using the recipe in NomNom Paleo using avocado oil. But have it on good authority that the recipe by Mellisa Joulwan is also very good.

3)      Scottish Fitness and Nutrition Expo


Finally bought tickets this week to attend the Scottish Fitness Expo on the 31st of August, can’t wait! Be great to meet lots of people from various backgrounds in the fitness and nutrition world, connect with brands and learn some new things! It’s the first one ever in Scotland! Check out the website here for more info – and to vote for my box, Omnipotent CrossFit to win best CrossFit Box at the Scottish Fitness Awards!

4)      Flies



(Poor lonely avocado…!)

Is anyone elses house, in particular Kitchen, full of tiny fruit flies at the moment? I am getting so frustrated! I have had to cover up my fruit with a tea towel to stop them getting to it – and it’s making my bananas ripen quicker than I can eat them! They get into my cupboards, now love it in the bathroom, urgh, I can’t seem to escape them! Where do they come from!

I have tried a cup of ACV at the side to tempt them but no luck. Do I just have to live with them while the warmer weather is still around?

5)      Mad Men


Yep back on the Mad Men train! We are on season 6 now and loving it so far – I know I am a bit behind but had to wait until it was available to rent – don’t tend to buy DVD’S or box sets nowadays – can’t be done with all those boxes lying around!

Don Draper still annoys me so much! And to be honest, it’s some of the secondary characters that intrigue me the most – I keep coming back to watch them! Then again, are we ever supposed to like Don?

6)      Mushroom Melts

20140813 - burgers

Had these for dinner last night and last week – oh my goodness they are amazing! Portobello mushrooms, stuffed with guac and tuna, topped with tomato, a little cheese and served with salad! I used to find tuna so boring, but pair it with avocado and we are on to a winner!

7)      5 second rule


Do you live by the 5 second rule? That if food lands on the floor then you have 5 seconds to pick it up before it gets contaminated by germs? Turns out it is true, according to this study! They do say at the end of the Women’s Health article though that better to be safe than sorry and bin it anyway – I don’t know about anyone else but in my house, it’s more like the 30 second rule!

Over and Out!

Are you a Don Draper fan?

5 second rule, yay or nay?

8 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud!

  1. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    My 5 second rule totally depends on where it lands. There’s no way in hell that I’d do it out in public, but at home? I’m usually okay with it. And that sucks about the flies! I had the biggest problem with them at the beginning of the summer, but ACV totally knocked them out for me! Did you add a few drops of dish soap to the ACV? And I found that it usually takes a few days for it to start working, so you gotta be patient!
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud #91 .My Profile

    • Jen says:

      Yes totally! 5 second rule ONLY applies to at home!
      Trying ACV now with some dish soap, just had it on it’s own before. Fingers crossed! 🙂

  2. ranchcookie says:

    Ahh let me know if you try the paleo mayo! I have been wanting to try it out too because nothing is better than egg and potato salad but like you I keep saying I will and it still hasn’t happened haha
    ranchcookie recently posted…25 ThingsMy Profile

    • Jen says:

      I used to hate tuna and cheese! But combine tuna, cheese and avocado, somehow I love that!
      Will totally be recapping the expo 🙂

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