Top Ten Foodie Festival Tips!

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Hope you had a fab weekend and are already kicking booty on another Marvellous Monday!

This weekend, David and I headed over to meet our friends in Edinburgh for the ‘Edinburgh Foodie Festival’ at Inverleith Park.

I have been to many a foodie fest/ event/ exhibition etc over the years and thought it would be a fun idea to share with you my top ten foodie festival tips! How to make the most of your time and how to get the most out of your experience.

Most of these tips can apply to farmers markets and the like too!

Ten Foodie Festival Tips

1)      Prepare for the weather


(Sunshine and sun glasses for us!)

–          If your festival is inside, great! Just make sure that you have a couple of layers on so you can wrap up/ take layers off dependant on temperature (I found that big exhibitions centres are cold to begin with but soon warm up when people pack in!)

–          If your festival is outside just bear a couple of things in mind. Shoes – is it on grass? Has it been raining and likely to be muddy? Does it look like it will rain? Jacket or umbrella? Could it get warm? Take a small tube of sunscreen.

2)      Read the website

–          Check out the events webpage before attending. That way you will know exactly what to expect and know you won’t miss out on anything – especially demonstrations etc.

3)      Know your prices


(Best bargain of the fest – seaweed!)

–          Bargains can be had at these events as sellers are desperate to promote their product to you and get you hooked! They also know you have probably paid an entrance fee so will reward you with a bargain. Sometimes, however, consumers can be taken advantage of – caught up in the hype of the event and pay well over the odds. Just buy with this in mind.

4)      Take a bottle of water

–          Speaking of prices, sometimes the essentials at these events are way overpriced. For example at this fest, we could get a carton of coconut water cheaper than a bottle of water! Just pop one in your bag when you head out – you will be pleased it is there later!

5)      Connect with producers/ brands


–          Here is your opportunity to talk to the farmers and producers, to ask those questions you have always wanted to know the answers to and most importantly, give feedback. For example, we mentioned to the Go Coco producers that we were avid coconut water drinkers, so they were keen to know how their product compared to others. Also as a blogger its great to do a bit of networking!

6)      Try something new!


–          So you can ask the questions, find out everything you want to know about a product, so why not use this as an opportunity to try something new. Fellow blogger Arman over @thebigmansworld has always mentioned about kangaroo meat. So when I saw these GF burgers I knew I had to give them a try – and they were delicious!

7)      Free Samples


–          Free samples are fab but just make sure you know what you are trying before you pick it up and eat it – I heard a few people on Saturday asking what something was half way through chewing it down! One woman was trying 24 month aged parma ham, the nicest I have ever tasted – I almost cried when I heard her speak (as I savoured every moment it graced my mouth!). Also some people have been caught out with spices!

–          I tend to only try things I am genuinely interested in, keeping it fair to the producers!

8)      Leaflets


–          I know most of us do anything to avoid leaflets but if its a brand/ producer you love, pick it up! Often you can find out info to twitter/ facebook pages where you can keep up to date with the producers and new products. Or in some cases, there may be a coupon attached to the leaflet – Like at the Lavazza Coffee stand – £1 off any of their products in supermarkets! Win!

9)      Lunch


(Suckling pig with crackling?? Yes please!)

–          Whether you are there around lunch or dinner time, there are going to be a lot of stands/ outlets that make your tastebuds drool! Just make sure you check everything out before making your decision. You dont want to pick something, head around the corner and then find something better!

10)   Alcohol


–          Often, like at this festival, there will be many alcohol tents –yay! Just take this tip with you, and make sure you eat before you drink! (Haha – use this tip for life in general!)

And there you have it! Hope it helps you make the most out of your next foodie event!

Have you been to any foodie festivals or similar events?

Any tips for fellow readers?

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