Week in Review

Hi all,

The week just gone went by in a flash. Yeah I know it’s a huge cliché to say that, but it did. After David being off for the Super Bowl on Monday, the week just zoomed by. Maybe it’s because it’s summer, it always tends to do that in the summer… do you find that?

Either way, I will finish my rambling and get down to what I came here to do, share my ‘Week in Review’ with you all!chase the red grape

Favourite Moments

Coffee timesCTRG

We have 4 great coffee moments out during the week. Wednesday morning 6.30am (our day off from training) where David and I take a slow walk to one of our favourite coffee shops and start the morning. Friday where we have a coffee post workout to celebrate Friday. Then on Saturday and Sunday, David and I take a stroll mid morning for a coffee. Sometimes somewhere new, sometimes an old favourite. They are 4 times of the week where I know I can just breathe and be in that moment. That makes them very special.

Dad update

My Dad is now home from hospital! Thank you all so much for the well wishes. It will be a long recovery at home but he is committed and so is everyone around him so he will get there! On Wednesday I was able to skype him and my mum and it was a lovely time talking and laughing. Just so good to see his face!

High 5’s and brownie points

Big clean

We had to do the ‘rental inspection’ big clean. Nothing was particularly dirty or messy but it’s always a big thought. But it’s done and now we have everything pristine again!


Saturday morning we went to Ikea. We got pretty much all of the things we needed and a couple more that, well, we did actually need but I needed David there to actually encourage me to buy them. I am such a weirdo. High 5 for Ikea and the purchases, 10 brownie points for wearing a band t-shirt to Ikea. BTW The Faim… you are going to hear BIG things!

I didn’t force a post

I was going to write on Thursday… but I didn’t know what about. Previously I would have hurried through my notes for inspiration, but I didn’t. Write when you feel inspired Jen. 10 points to 2018 Jen.

Meal prep


Who wants some breakfast sausage patties??

Another meal plan, more tweaks, no stress. Followed by a meal prep sesh on Saturday afternoon that was easy and relaxing. The way it should be!


Jen EatsCTRG

Winners this week include 2 seasonal fruits, figs and big bum plums – so juicy and perfect right now.CTRG


Episode 58 of the Chase the Red Grape PodcastCrossFit Open

CrossFit Open season is away to begin. You’ve signed up, now what? One for all Crossfitters out there! Listen on iTunes, Stitcher and here on the website.

The week ahead

One thing I want to do this week is watch more of the Winter Olympic coverage. We are only one hour behind South Korea time zone wise so I should make the most of the live events, right!?

Have a fab week folks!

Do you have regular coffee moments in your week?

Ikea, love or hate?

Are you watching the Winter Olympics?

4 thoughts on “Week in Review

  1. Cora says:

    I like any Jen, but 2018 Jen is realllllyyyy kicking ass. Not forcing yourself to stick with a pre existent routine and….buying things!! Go 2018 Jen go.

    Coffee dates we both know are the little pieces of magic in our week. The coffee, the window seat….it is also, for me, that time where I can just sit and be and not worry about doing a million things.

    I want a plum bum!!
    Cora recently posted…Highlights From The Week (Week In Review)My Profile

    • Jen says:

      I know, who am I right?! But I tell you, 2018 Jen is a lot happier. Anxious by the thought of change but always a happier person with the result.
      Wish I could send you a whole package of plum bums!

  2. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    I love your regular coffee moments and how the two of you make them special. Do you shower and get all dressed up for the Wednesday 6:30 a.m. session? I’m curious or do you stumble out in PJ’s?

    Go you for buying unneeded items at Ikea. That’s huge for you; I guess it was good David was there to urge you on.

    We’re on a big kiwi kick thanks to you (and that sale at the grocery store). Ave loves them. Go figure.

    I love seeing you in the Week in Review again. Blows kiss.
    Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets recently posted…Week in Review: Colds, Cookies and Carousing (#119)My Profile

    • Jen says:

      No dressing up required for our Wednesday coffee session. I literally get out of bed, grab whatever clothes are on my dresser (normally gym shorts and a baggy tshirt) and head on out the door with David. You are lucky if I even put a brush through my hair! And I think that’s what makes that coffee moment even more special!
      And yay for kiwis! I saw them on your insta story as part of the yummies on your table. They are just so good right now!

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