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Hi all,

If you have read the title, then there is really no shock in me telling you that David and I have started a Whole30!

We have recorded a podcast on the subject which went live yesterday all about why we are doing it and what we hope to achieve from it. (Find now on iTunes, Stitcher or here on the website) But I thought it deserved it’s own blog post too!

From reading my posts over the past few weeks it is pretty evident that I am trying to change up my routine. From writing when I feel inspired to write, posting on random days and just having a general overhaul of things, I knew what was next.CTRG

David and I had been speaking about doing a Whole30 since the end of December, No, not because we ate too much over the season. No, not because we feel we don’t support our bodies through food. No, not because we have bad habits with alcohol, chocolate or other treat. Simply because we wanted to shake things up.

The Whole30 for us is not about saying no. It’s about saying yes more.

Yes to change.

Yes to new things.

Yes to growing.

Yes to more, not less.

Yes to listening to what my BODY tells me it needs, not my HEAD.

We have had the same weekly meal plan for well over a year. Same shop, same food prep and even though we never got tired of the food we ate, I was getting bored of making it all…Well if I’m changing everything else up we might as well change up our eats too!

This way of eating (check out for all the information) is not uncharted territory for us. Some of you may remember that David and I ate Paleo for almost 3 years. It was awesome, it helped so much in my recovery and we really enjoyed it. And talk about being able to listen to your body and what it needs! So we know how to cook this way, what flavours we like, what can be done quick, easy and fast – it really seemed an ideal way to get back to basics, figure out what we craved and didn’t crave, what we needed and didn’t need and most importantly, get the ability to listen to our bodies back.

In the podcast we talk more about the aftermath of counting macros, how it affected our weekly meals and mind set and getting out of our comfort zone. We needed to start from scratch again. It’s a great episode even if you never ever have any intention of doing a Whole30.

It’s just 30 days. We are only on day 4 and I already feel excited again about what I am eating. Every new recipe I try has always been followed by ‘oh my this is so good!’. (I made tostones for crying out loud!!) And as for when it’s over, well, we will see if there is anything we have felt we missed, try bringing it back in and see how we feel. Simple.

I want you to follow along with us! From today until the end of the Whole30 I will be putting on Instagram and Instagram stories pictures and videos of what we are eating, what recipes we are making, what food we are prepping and generally how we are feeling. So come on over and check it out, even if it just gives you some inspo on what to make for dinner tonight! (chasetheredgrape).

Would you ever want to do a Whole30?

Do you tend to eat the same foods week in and out?

Is food a part of your routine?

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8 thoughts on “The Whole30

  1. Juli says:

    You are on a major mission to change everything, aren’t you? I like it! I can relate to the excitement of trying new things and shaking things up. I am doing the same lately just in a way less healthy way. I go out a lot, meet friends and try new things at old restaurants as well as an awful lot of new places. It’s fantastic and exciting.
    I am looking forward to seeing how this all goes for you guys and hope that you get from it what you want!
    Juli recently posted…Week in Review – So this is 2018My Profile

    • Jen says:

      Going out a lot, trying new things…. that seems really healthy to me! Actually I really envy your social life right now! That’s definitely something I want to shake up too but sadly it’s kinda limited here… but am going to try and do what I can!

    • Jen says:

      It’s funny because it’s actually really easy for David and I. We just keep on saying ‘why aren’t we eating these meals more often? There’re delicious!’. And yesterday I actually got a proper hunger signal from my body… usually it’s a ‘uh oh, I feel woozy I should have ate an hour ago’ but this was just a gentle grumble from my tummy going ‘food would be nice now, please’. 🙂

  2. Miss Polkadot says:

    While I’d never do the Whole30 myself – pretty rare options for vegans 😉 – I think you’re reasons for doing it are great. Also that you and David are in it together which I’m sure makes it more fun and figuring things out [though I guess there’s not a lot to figure out for you two] or planning meals easier. I’m curious to see how it goes for you and especially what your verdict will be.
    So no Whole30 for me but I will say following some kind of challenge would probably be good for me since yes, I do eat a lot of the same foods and find shaking up my routine hard at the moment.

    • Jen says:

      Yes I can imagine doing this as a vegan would be very hard! But this is definitely not the right way to go for everyone. it just seemed to fit at the right time for David and I and what we needed. A shake up of foods is always a scary thought and seems like so much effort! But I am finding it to be so rewarding. Maybe try buying one or two new ingredients each week and see how it goes. Small changes can make big impacts too.

    • Jen says:

      Oh I would be signing up for a CSA in a heartbeat if I could find one… and I have looked. I love going to our local supermarket though. They only stock fruit and veg from local farmers and seasonal produce so I really don’t know half of the time what I am going to find! They had golden passionfruits today!

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